February 12, 2024

A 1,700% population increase in the cactus-arrayed desert called Arizona & Nevada. And news reporters wonder where the man-made lake water went.

      Take note of the illustration below: The Y-axis is in millimeters, and not very many of them.

We start the conversation with the largest desert on Planet Earth

Concerning the illustration above, take note that East Antarctica's contribution to sea level rise was negative digits until at least 2016 or 2017.  In 2015, Antarctica had its highest amount of sea ice extent.  So, that accomplished the opposite of sea level rise.

Meanwhile, the sea level rise contribution from elsewhere in the Antarctic was embarrassingly minuscule, since 1995.  The end-of-the-world claim that the oceans are rising at catastrophic rates has been all hype, all the time, since the release into classrooms everywhere in America the sophomoric and non-factual Al Gore movie of 2006.

Keep in mind that scientists are salesmen, looking to get funding from the US Congress, the UN, a corporate NGO here, a 501(c) NGO there, and even grassroots fund-raising.  They think that, in order for them to make a sale, they need to create a sense of urgency in the minds of the holders of the largest of purses.  Thus, all of the end-of-the-world, sea-level rising, world-catching-on-fire hype has been nothing more than a money-grab game.  He who lies the most gets the most money.

In this game of obscenely high national debt, the Youth of America loses.  Look and see how much debt was accumulated in such a short amount of time by people who claimed to care about "the children."  They have given American children Instant Bankruptcy.  In addition, the graph below is more steep than the co2 graph that Al Gore paraded around various TV studios ... during the Global Warming Pause which necessitated East Anglia scientists to change the name of their sales pitch to "Climate Change."

Wow!  The US National Debt Graph looks like Michael Mann's Hockey Stick Graph

Proof that politicians & scientists didn't take their "climate crises" monologues seriously consists in the fact that multiple celebrities purchased beachfront property, despite ranting that sea level rise is soon to be catastrophic. 

Sea level rise?  What sea level rise?  It was reported as having been 8 to 9 inches in the past 140 years.
Barrack Obama, himself, purchased a multi-million dollar Martha's Vineyard mansion on the Atlantic Coastline, a mere 3 ft above sea level.  You can easily walk from the front door to the shoreline.  Thus, Obama didn't believe that the oceans' water levels were rising in any catastrophic pace.  He invested millions of dollars next to an ocean.  That Martha's Vineyard mansion, incidentally, constitutes Hypocrisy Central.

All in all, a 1.5C increase throughout a 100 year period which occurred directly after 500 consecutive years of Global Cooling, in a phase of time called, the Little Ice Age, isn't the end of the world.  After all, crops grow in warm weather ... not in fields of ice.

The years of my ancestors' Roman Empire was found ... through Mediterranean proxy evidence ... to have transpired at an average temperature of 2C higher than today.  Things didn't collapse in the Western sector of that empire until the 470s.  So, there were approximately 500 years of Global Warming during the days when no combustible engine existed ... and when co2 levels were 138 parts per million lower than today. 

Ancient Arch in Rome, by Jahoo Clouseau

We now proceed to inland water levels in a vast desert that contains cacti that remind us of its natural drought features.

Here's a quick update on the Lake Mead water level which was showcased by the commercial media in 2022 as one of the five signs of the End of the World (unless we hand over 1/3 of our yearly income and all of society's behavioral control to Michael the Decline-Hider Mann and Jim the Air-Conditioning-Repairman Hansen, as well as to Bill Thermohaline Nye.)

First, we need to be reminded of the much belated news dating back to the 1930s.  It's history, but to today's 10 second sound-byte fed public, it's news to them:  {1} Lake Mead was put into operation around 1936.  Yet, it was still filling-up in 1937.  None the less, the 1940 US census marked Nevada as having had a population of 113,000.  That was literally the stadium attendance of the October 11, 2014 football game between Penn State and Michigan.  

As of the 2020 census, Nevada was marked as having a population of 3,114,000.  This means that there are 27 times MORE people in need of water in Nevada today than during the first years of Lake Mead's operation.  For those in the American public school system, this translates into 27 times more demand and usage of water ... in a desert filled with various types of cactus.  Add to the equation the water needs of cattle, horses, and house pets.

See:  Census Graph for Nevada

In like fashion, the 1940 population count for Arizona was 499,000.  As of the 2020 census, the Arizona population was 7,100,000.  This means that 14 times MORE people are in Arizona in need of water today than in the first years of Lake Mead's operation.   

This also means that there are 9,600,000 more people in need of water in Nevada and Arizona today than in 1940.  Do you think that co2 was drinking all of that Lake Mead water?  Well, the human population of Nevada and Arizona today is 10,214,000 vs the 613,000 which existed in 1940.

See for yourself and know that you are repeatedly being conned by politicians and the commercial media, as if you are too stupid to catch the Multi-Billion Dollar Climate Con:   

Go ahead.  Lookie see:  Arizona Population Graph

There is also the matter of Colorado River water being delivered to the Morelos Dam, in Mexico, (as a result of a 1944 treaty).  

The treaty designated 1.5 million acre-feet per annum from the United States to sovereign Mexican territory where within are people in need of water.  It's the amount of water needed to cover one acre of land 12 inches deep, one and a half million times within one year's time.

The human expansion into Arizona and Las Vegas was a gamble.  (Pun not intended.) Lessening the amount of co2 molecules in the air isn't going to get water to the 25 million desert people dependent on Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam.  Increasing Yankee Ingenuity will do so. Take note that Al Gore is a Southerner, and NOT a Yankee.  He's out of his league.  

Also take note that Al Gore is a politician and NOT a scientist.  After all, he was the one who said in front of Conan O'Brien that the center of the Earth is millions of degrees Fahrenheit, when it's between 9,800F and 10,800F.

Remember the Cacti and you will remember the fraud of the Climate Change Profiteers

It's absolute fraud to claim that the lack of water in a cactus-filled desert is the sign of catastrophic Global Warming (Climate Change).  The lack of water in Arizona is a sign that it actually is a cactus-filled desert.  Period.  So, remember the cacti, my students, and you will be reminded of the fraudulent dishonesty of the Climate Hysteria Profiteers.  And of course, Flagstaff & the Coconino Forest, Prescott National, and the lane of land called the Santa Rita Mountains are exceptions to the general Arizona landscape ... cactus-scape.

Lake Mead Update

Water has been returning to Lake Mead to the point where crews had to adjust a dock's boat ramps to a higher level.  So, the water level has increased at Lake Mead (Northern Arizona.)   The media is not reporting this with any air of hopefulness.  The media message is that we are using "fossil fuels" and we're all gonna die.  Yet, 90% of all greenhouse gases (by volume) have ZERO CARBON footprint.

See the Lake Mead update:   Lake Mead water level rise & boat ramp rise 

Being that London was claimed to be on fire, on account of co2:

Newsflash:  Fires in the London Area did NOT suddenly start in the Summer of 2022.  Concerning the 2010s, it was in 2014 when the London Fire Brigade announced that the number of Greater London Area fires had been cut to almost half since the 1980s & 1990s.  Three years later, 2017 would be the year of the least number of London Area fires --- 17,993.  

There were years from 1966 to present when the Greater London Area had 50,000+ fires, 40,000+ fires in a single year each year.   Yes, fires are that common in Greater London and many other places throughout Planet Earth.  Meanwhile, co2 remains rare in the atmosphere, at less than one-half of 1% of the Troposphere and Stratosphere.  Here: Lookie see how deceptive the 2022 commercial media is.  This official graph is opposite of the "London-on-fire-due-to-co2" assertion of charlatans.

Greater London, incidentally, comprises 610 square miles.

Penguins waiting in line, to see the new Al Gore movie, Money to THE Bank.

We now adjourn to Greenhouse Gases

Here's an irony or two about greenhouse gases (GHGs), in relation to today's blatant and sophomoric propaganda:

Firstly, the most abundant GHG is water vapor.  Secondly, the most powerful one is something known as Sulfur Hexaflouride.  It's 2,200 times more powerful than co2.  The irony is that it has ZERO CARBON footprint.  In addition, it only exists in the Troposphere at 10.5 parts per TRILLION.  It increases one part per trillion every three years.

In addition to sulfur hexaflouride, there is nitrous oxide which also has ZERO CARBON footprint, even though it's 330 times more powerful than co2.  Yet, it only exists at 1 part per three million, in the air.  Needless to say, water vapor has ZERO CARBON footprint, also.

We have been observing Grand Larceny via Theft by Deception since 2006.  The fraud became blatant in 2009, with the Climategate Emails.  Yet, the brainwashed youth of today ... or those who want to cash-in on Climate Crisis hysteria ... defend the emails to the death.  They don't realize that the US Congress put the American youth into an obscenely high & life-long national debt ... in the name of going green.  

The greatest irony is that, if you want to go green, you must increase the catalyst of photosynthesis.  Ever-so-coincidentally, the catalyst of photosynthesis is CO2.  Politicians want to kill off the one thing that causes everything to go green.

Have you been snapped out of the hypnotic trance, yet?

After these 22 Blue Marble Album climate articles (with 4 additional ones on the way)  --- and with the aid of numerous government docs, newspaper archives & history chronicles  --- do you see a pattern of deceit transpiring throughout the United States?  Do you see how much of a sophomoric con job this "climate crisis" hysteria is?  

After all, the etched hunger stones of the Elbe River show that severe droughts existed repeatedly, during years when co2 levels were 108 to 138 parts per million LESS than today.  The years of severe heatwave and drought included 1417, 1473, 1616, 1666, 1681, 1707, 1746, 1778, 1790, 1800, 1811, 1830, 1840, 1842, 1847, 1850, 1857, 1858, 1859, 1862, etc.  There was also the famous Tudor Drought of 1540-41 in the history of Europe.

BTW, did you know that the American Civil War was fought during a drought?  Actually, it was known as the North American Drought of 1856-1865.  And quite frankly 1856 and 1864 were the driest years over-all, with a few years almost exclusively hitting Texas and the Oklahoma Territory hard, with average drought condition elsewhere in other years. None the less, co2 levels were much lower in the 1860s than they are today.  Yet, there was a drought in the midst of all that hatred and hunger and marching and terror and canon fire and surgery and the incendiary March to the Sea, aka the Atlantic Coastline.

In addition, the worst flood experienced by Oregon, Nevada, and Northern California also occurred in 1862.  After all, in a round planet, one man's year of drought is another man's year of flooding. And of course, co2 levels were just as low on the West Coast in 1862 as they were elsewhere; far lower than today.  So, according to the "carbon footprint activists," there shouldn't have been any long-term drought or any major flood anywhere in the 1800s, including 1862.

The Oceans and the claim that they are soon to boil-over.

Concerning the oceans, a certain "peer reviewed" paper that was retracted due to decisive mathematical errors claimed the following:

It was claimed that the oceans were heating 60% faster than originally thought.  There are two reasons why this is instantaneously understood to be a falsehood.  No one had to wait for the faulty "peer-reviewed" paper to be math-checked.  One of those reasons was mentioned on the Blue Marble Album a dozen or so articles ago.  The other one is this:

Above the ocean surface is ====> latent heat.  It's heat that is released by the ocean water, itself.  Thus, the ocean isn't hoarding heat.  It's launching heat into the air, thereby making vapor which gets transferred via wind, eventually becoming cloud masses and ultimately making its way to the colder latitudes of Planet Earth.  Case closed.  Some scientists are such incredible liars.

See:  Latent Heat of Vaporization (and Fusion) tutorial for beginners

Also see: Additional tutorial for beginners on Latent Heat

Let us review:

The oceans are NOT storage vaults of CO2-captured-heat.  They're launching pads of LATENT heat which gets carried away by the wind and which ends up in cooler latitudes

And concerning the amount of co2 in the oceans:  Where there is no infrared heat, there is no greenhouse gas capturing the heat that's not there, in the first place.  Below 656 feet, there is no sunlight in the oceans and no photosynthesis.  At that point, things go from 55 degrees Fahrenheit to 39F, all the way to the bottom, where occasional volcanoes restricted by the massive weight of a massive water basin release some heat and black smoke in a narrowed and organized way.

And of course, co2 is very finicky (selective) about the IR that it does "capture-retain."  Plus, in one of its three "dipole moments", (aka vibration modes --- aka resonance effects), co2 is incapable of capturing infrared radiation, being that it's overstretched to the limit, in that dipole-vibration position.  This was illustrated at the Blue Marble Album already, with pertinent links to brief educational videos having been posted.  Two are posted here.

One is only 45 seconds in length, and it's contents are worth memorizing.  The other one is only 1:10, and it is slightly more detailed, giving an extra section of needed information that can relieve the stress in beginners' minds caused by the end-of-the-world hype spread by the commercial media and the American Public School System.

View the following videos and receive a healthy measure of peace.  After all, propaganda is deadly ... and very bad for your health.  Plus, fear is the #1 impediment to learning.  It's a roadblock to learning ... and to the state of understanding.  So, remember the cacti and enjoy getting unblocked ... and to be bullied by Michael Mann and Al Gore no more.

See:  CO2 Vibration Modes, aka Dipole Moments, aka Resonance Effect

See:  Resonance Effect of Capturing or Not Capturing Infrared Light.