April 26, 2024

The Roman Warm Period & the Justinian Era Antique Little Ice Age

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Opening Note:  Do not confuse the Justinian Era Antique Little Ice Age that started in 536AD with the Mini Ice Age (sometimes called the Little Ice Age) which started with a 1313 drought and then the Black Death in 1348 .... and which was actually ushered-in by the 1280 Wolf Solar Minimum.  It was during the 1280s when two different ... yet equally disastrous sea storms ... which destroyed two entirely different invasion fleets of the Kubla Khan who never succeeded in conquering Japan.  Okay then.  We begin.

Concerning Global Warming History, science researchers recently found that it was TWO degrees Celsius WARMER during the Roman Warm Period than it is today.  Therefore, according to Bill Nye, it was impossible for there to have ever been a Roman Empire, in that the 2C degree heat increase would have resulted in a climate so hostile that no one could organize government and society.  Well, that warm-weather empire did exist and it flourished for centuries, even in hot-hot Africa.

For the sake of time orientation purposes, know that the Roman Warm Period is more concisely understood to have begun at the time of Julius Caesar or Caesar Augustus, and it is understood to have ended at the start of the dreadful Justinian Plague.  In fact, 536 AD was regarded as the most disastrous year in human history ... not 2022.  None the less, there was an Iron Age cooling period before the Roman Warming came into play.

 See ::: The Roman Warm Period was 2 degrees Celsius warmer than today. 

The cooling period that started during the reign of Justinian is known as the Late Antique Little Ice Age.  It was described by scientists as "an abrupt 124 year freeze," and it was marked by aridity and famine.  It left continents of people weakened and vulnerable to the invasions of a newly formed religion which imposed death or a tax called the Jizya upon those who did not adhere to the newly formed religion.  The abrupt cooling period is conjectured to have been triggered by three major volcanic eruptions in an eleven year period, the first one erupting in 536AD and the most massive one erupting in 540AD.

 Notice the pattern ::: A couple mini-ice-ages each start at the beginning of a plague.  Think.

During a volcanic eruption, a lot of co2 and a lot of sulfur dioxide is released into the atmosphere.  Now, with the tremendous amount of co2 being thrust into the Troposphere, one would think that the weather after a volcano would be warm.  The truth is, after a volcanic eruption, cold weather ensues.  An example is the 1815 eruption of Mt Tambora.  It resulted in the 1816 "Summer that Never Was."  

The truth is that the sulfur dioxide thrust into the atmosphere by volcanoes supersedes co2 and causes drastic cooling.  This is because sulfur dioxide molecules are like mirrors that reflect solar radiation back into outer space.  Such cooling is known as "the aerosol effect."

None the less, before the Roman Warm Period, there was a cooling period marked by glacier advances on Earth.  In fact, the existence of the Copper Age Warming Period occurred circa 2913 B.C.E.   This began the gradual aridification process of Egypt.   There was also a Bronze Age Warm Period, circa 2040 BCE.  This was a time marked by aridity and famine, too.  It also marked the start of the Egyptian Middle Kingdom.

When speaking of Cooling Phases being more likely to accompany disastrous weather events, take the common tornado as an example.  That which is required for a tornado to form and to activate is  ====> "a downdraft of COLD air."  Without the cold making an appearance, there are no tornadoes.

Incidentally, Global Warming was first mentioned on air in 1983, on the NBC Nightly News, by the late Jessica Savitch.  Tragically, Jessica died in late October of that same year, in an automobile accident.  She and a New York Post manager were found under five feet of water, in the Delaware Canal, 30 miles from Philly.  She was only 35. 

The True Textbook-Defined Signature of Global Warming 

 If there is no temperature rise in the middle of the Troposphere, then there is no global warming.  There was no Tropospheric temperature rise between 1999 and 2016.  This was called the Hiatus (the resting --- the "Global Warming Pause").