May 3, 2024

The most coral cover in 36 years ... in two-thirds of the Great Barrier Reef

(The Southern sector became the buffet table of lots of hungry crown-of-thorn starfish.)

A few dozen news releases in the Summer of 2022 reported that two of the three sectors of the Great Barrier Reef had the most coral cover in it in 36 years.  This disproves doomsayer predictions about the reef being irreparably consigned to the extinction chapter of history books.  That reef is regenerating itself.

Clown Fish near Coral Reef, by Tom Fisk

And then comes the Climate Nazi nearest to a video camera, refusing to allow open debate, all the while telling us that the world will end "in 12 years" (from the Year 2019) if we don't make obsolete every gasoline powered vehicle.  Well, the truth is that the climate doomsayers' individual worlds ... and your world ... as well as the world of everyone you know ... will come to an end long before the world of the Great Barrier Reef does.  In fact, your world and my world will come to an end long before the arrival of THE epic & apocalyptic End of the World. 

None the less, all throughout history, there have been tragic events that served as dress rehearsals for THE apocalyptic End of the World. These events transpired when co2 levels were 98, 118, and 138 parts per million LESS than they are today.  So, when you think about it, the world has been repeatedly coming to an end, over and over and over again, century after century after century.  Scientific Newsflash:  Planet Earth is a Phoenix Bird.

Feel free to read or view or peruse or browse through the following:

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At this point, keep in mind that the commercial media repeatedly predicted the demise of the 1,429 mile-long Great Barrier Reef of Northern Australia.  Its newscasters predicted equal doom for the other coral reefs, as well.  Now, when it comes to Australia, Dr Michael "Hockey Stick" Mann, assigned doom to the entire continent of Australia, in his vague, inarticulate, and noncommittal way, in January of 2020:

It is conceivable that much of Australia simply becomes too hot and dry for human habitation."   ...   “In that case, yes, unfortunately we could well see Australians join the ranks of the world’s climate refugees.“

This statement was made by Mann in Australia TWO MONTHS after Australia had its WETTEST November on record.  So, it's correct to say that Mann was wrong.  But it's more correct to say that Mann was so vague that he didn't say anything.  It's even more correct to state that Mann is an insufferable jackass, in light of the fact that Northern Australia gets yearly Monsoons.

Concerning Mann playing the role of Grim Reaper, in insinuating that Australia was in line to be a recipient of extinction, it was in 2021 when Australia enjoyed its record high wheat crop harvest.  In 2022, Australia underwent record "cold persistence," meaning that it had its longest duration of cold spells.  Such a thing is perceived by the reasonable registered voter as the opposite of  "dry & uninhabitable" Global Warming.   

This is yet another case which proves that Michael Mann doesn't think when he talks.  He simply announces disturbing insinuations of climate doom, all the while claiming that he cries for the children, despite the fact that he imposed suffering on an elderly Air Force veteran and doctorate holder who was and is advancing in years.  That was equivalent to mugging a senior citizen on the streets.  Mann is a pathetic communicator.   

More on Mann is elsewhere.  For now, it suffices for you to know that Michael Mann was NEVER the winner or co-winner of any type of Nobel Prize, ever.  The guy is a liar in an era where it appears that he who lies the most gets the most air time ... and the most money.

As an added note, Australia is almost the size of the United States.  It's a huge continent.

Yellow Fish Swimming Beside the Coral Reef, by Kevin C. Charpentier

The commercial media spent the Summer of 2022 ranting about cyclical droughts, as if such things never happened before.  It also ranted on one heat anomaly wave in Antarctica that went fast and was rare.  Those weather events were "Gotcha Moments" for people who want you to be stranded at the bus stop and in parking lots ... as they dismantle all common means of transportation, in the name of reducing co2, so that we can all go green.  They fail to realize that it takes co2 to make the greenery.

The media also reported on Lake Mead without mentioning that the population which uses its water has significantly increased, and that Lake Mead started filling-up again ... and that river water meant for Mead is sometimes diverted to the other man-made lakes in the US Southwest and even Mexico, including Lake Powell.  

Well, in August of 2022, CNN did report on the finding that the northern and central sector of the Great Barrier Reef had more coral in it than it has had in the past 36 years.  So, the Australian end of the world has been postponed.  

Coral comprises 1/4 of all marine life in the ocean.  So, the Michael Manns of this world have to go elsewhere, to cry-out that the sky is falling.  Well, Mann can run around and amplify that the southern sector of the reef is decreasing in cover, while hiding the fact that the other two sectors of the reef presently have the most reef cover in 36 years.  That's how the Climate Crisis propaganda works.  It works by having people like Michael Mann suppress the most important and pivotal facts on an issue; to hide a lot of evidence.  After all, Mann did hide the decline.  Guess what other truths Mann hid.

Great Barrier Reef South

Concerning the Southern portion of the reef, it was gaining coral in 2021.  Then came an infestation of hungry crown-of-thorn starfish who reportedly find the coral to be their delicacy of choice.  So, it was starfish, and NOT CO2, eating the Southern region of the coral reef.

Now, this coral cover increase is a huge issue, in light of all the doom-saying about the reef that transpired ... and in light of what was defined as the cause of coral bleaching and the eventual loss of all coral.  Concerning the alleged cause, the personnel paid through political dollars ... such as congressional or parliamentary funding ... claim that "global warming due to the burning of fossil fuels" causes it.  

Actually, those people were referring to "alleged" increased water temperatures as the cause of the bleaching of coral and the disappearance of coral.   This brings us to the obvious observation which gives cause to change the websites that claim warming waters causes the loss of coral reefs.  The observation is simple:

The "warming waters" are still there.  Yet, coral is regenerating.  Therefore, warming water per se is obviously not the cause of coral bleaching and/or coral loss.  It's not the water temperature per se that matters.  It's the behavior of water that matters, in relation to the much more unstable atmosphere above, with its changes in air pressure which is actually predictable per season.

A heat stress event is different than a relatively static water temperature which depends on the season, especially in mid-latitudes and upper-latitudes.  Now, warmer waters of the Tropical Latitudes can enrich and reinforce a low pressure system to the point of having it become headline news, in the form of a cyclone and even a hurricane.  But, any low pressure system comes from the air ... from the atmosphere, often created above land, as is often observed during the annual Cape Verdi Hurricane Season.  That yearly season was well known to the French Empire even before the birth of Napoleon Bonaparte ... and before the birth of the combustible engine.

The general rule is that ======> Planet Earth and its oceans are designed to proliferate the TRANSFER OF HEAT; and not to hoard heat.

The reality is that the oceans are NOT vaults of co2-captured-heat or any other kind of heat coming from the atmosphere.  The oceans are liquid spring boards that create LATENT HEAT that turns into a vapor, while simultaneously rising out of the oceans, getting caught in a wind, and then traveling to the colder latitudes of Planet Earth, thereby accomplishing its mission of Heat Transfer.   Latent Heat involves the RELEASE of heat ... not the absorption of it.   Obama was such a liar.  YOu remember him, perhaps; President Goldman-Sachs Obama, the Drone Strike President who owns a mansion at the Atlantic Coastline, within walking distance of the shoreline, three feet above sea level.

Remember, the atmosphere is always trying to achieve equilibrium, and that is what often causes turbulence and epic weather events to occur.  The attempt to balance-out the Earth's weather conditions, counter-intuitively enough, caused epics weather events.

I repeatedly stated that the vast majority of ocean water is 39 degrees Fahrenheit, all the way to the bottom, where an occasional volcano exists under the massive weight of a massive water basin.  Furthermore, the majority of the ocean is dark.  This is known as the APHOTIC ZONE.  

The depth of the Aphotic Zone in the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans is 9,000+ feet.  The depth of the Southern Ocean's Aphotic Zone is 7,400 feet.  And finally, the depth of the Arctic Ocean's Aphotic Zone is 653 feet.  None of that part of the oceans is hoarding any increasing atmospheric heat, and that happens to be a massive amount of cubic area.  The oceans are not big tea pots.  They are only able to absorb and transport throughout its water basins the heat that comes from the Earth's mantle, via sliding tectonic plates.  

Incidentally, recent scientific discoveries concluded that the heat which ended the Major Ice Age, aka the last Glacial Maximum, came from the bottom of the ocean and eventually made its way into the Earth's Atmosphere.  The length of time that it took for this allocation of heat to occur was said ... by the research crew ... to have taken 1,300 years.

In summation, any heat stress endured by coral would be due to ocean water releasing calories during the creation of Latent Heat. Now, such a thing can be habitual.  But, do not think of the existence of a permanent & static temperature (sensible heat) rise permeating through any ocean below the surface level thereof.  Do not think of oceans as storing co2-captured heat in any stiff & static fashion. We are dealing with dynamics, and not statics in this science.  Dynamics deal with staging . . .with changing states ... phases.

Once vaporization has occurred, the temperature of the vaporized substance does NOT increase, even if heat continues to be applied.  So, this will NOT result in a major heat increase at the oceans' surfaces.  The claim that the oceans are warming has shown itself to be nothing more than a predictable con game played by those caught in the middle of the 1999-2016 Global Warming Pause.

The real bottom line is that CO2 did not eat up the Great Barrier Reef ... it did not boil the reef ... and it did not trigger hurricanes/typhoons that reek havoc on coral reefs.  After all, the law of Pressure Gradient Forcing shows that warm periods have less air turbulence, and therefore create less low pressure systems that turn into things called hurricanes. 

The hue of the coldest January in 40 years, by Patrick Anthony Pontillo

All in all, other things trigger hurricanes ... not the molecular compound which inhabits less than 1/2 of 1% of the Earth's Atmosphere and which has a night-light's radiative forcing of 3.7 watts per meter squared.  CO2 does NOT drive the other 99.95% of Planet Earth's atmosphere.  

Now, if you insist that greenhouse gases trigger turbulent weather, then you must concede that the only greenhouse gas that has any power do to such a thing is WATER VAPOR only.   CO2 is NOT the Big Bad Wolf.  It's Plant Nectar ... plant food ... plant fertilizer.  CO2 is Pygmalion giving life to a sculpture, on a molecular scale.

Neither atmospheric science nor oceanography is as simplex as American politicians make the two sciences out to be.  American politicians live by the assumption that the average American voter is a dimwit, and even an idiot who can't comprehend anything more than a ten second sound byte.

Also concerning the Great Barrier Reef ... and coral in general:  There is marine life which sees coral as a salad ... as dinner.  It's NOT co2 eating it up.  It's flatworms, starfish, and small red crustaceans doing so.   Therefore, if you want to be a good Climate Nazi, you have to kill all of the starfish and small red crustaceans.  Sieg Heil, baby.


When a reef turns white, it's because a bacteria formerly within it is no longer there.  It's known as zooxanthellae, and the coral is said to expel (or consume) the tan zooxanthellae.  Sometimes there is a colored form of bleaching also, as in the blue and light pink variety.  Some type of stress event is said to trigger the expelling thereof.  A hurricane/typhoon is one such stress event.

None the less, the most important issue is that, if American scientists want to get payed, they have to jump through a political operative's hoop, and cry out that the "burning of fossil fuels" and co2 are causing the Earth to warm to the point of an extinction event.  Perhaps they do realize how ridiculously stupid they sound.  If they do, then they perhaps think that you're too stupid to notice it.  However, there is a difference between a common citizen being stupid and one being deprived of information.

And of course, Michael Mann is the con artist who very falsely claimed that he was a Nobel Prize Laureate.  He also denies the past existence of the Medieval Warm Period (800 - 1300 AD) and the heavily documented Mini Ice Age (1300 - 1840 AD).  He stated that the world's climate was stable and mild throughout the past 1,000 years.  Thus, he denies the Great Southwest American Drought that started in 1279 or so.  

He also denies the dreaded 1313 drought, the Great FAMINE of 1315 - 1317,  the Drought of 1417 that shrunk the Elbe River, the Tudor Drought of 1540-41, the drought of 1616 and a number of other ones which occurred long before the invention of the gasoline engine and the establishment of the coal delivery truck route.  Mann, Climate Nazi that he is, also denies the documented existence of numerous cold weather events that were of the crisis stage caliber, during the Mini Ice Age of 1300 to 1840.  

Mann failed to realize that the historic chronicles of the past, along with thousands of newspaper reports of decades and centuries past, in addition to magazine articles of the same past constitute the TRUE CLIMATE RECORD, along with newly analyzed proxy evidence which gained new discoveries.  Michael Mann's assertions do NOT match the true Climate Record.   Period.