July 12, 2024

Peer Reviewed Paper/Article: The Extreme Antarctic Cold of Late Winter 2023

NOTE: The link to the new 2024 Article/Paper co-authored by ten individuals appears at the very bottom of this post.  This particular post was written for those who have no previous familiarization with Weather Theory and/or Atmospheric Science and/or Oceanography.  Then again, every post at the Blue Marble Album is written for those who are novices in the subjects presented.  Each Blue Marble Album post is written pursuant to the axiom that "every citizen has the right to know."

The point to this post, as well as many others at the Blue Marble Album, is to show you that those who have center stage & influence are lying to humanity "big-time."  This indicates that they obviously think that you are exceptionally stupid, and this arrogance of theirs is their fatal error.  They don't understand that the common man has something that they do NOT have .... namely, common sense.

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Let us return to the scene of a media crime ... the crime of lying ridiculously, in an out of control fashion ... to the American People.  In the middle of the Antarctic winter of 2023, the mainstream media & scientists who see you as a taxpaying piggy bank, claimed that the August Antarctic sea ice extent was so melted and small that Antarctica had its least amount of sea ice in the past 7.5 million years.  It was called a 7 Sigma event, and it was said to be the tipping point of Planet Earth.  It was a complete lie ... falsehood ... fraud ... farce ... prevarication ... dissimulation ... deception ...  and distortion.

For starters, the year of the least ... the lowest ... Antarctic wintertime sea ice extent was in 1966.  This knowledge came compliments of the Nimbus II Satellite whose tour of duty spanned from May 15, 1966 to January 17, 1969.  

Secondly, the time of the year in focus ... during the alleged Antarctic sea ice meltdown of 2023 ... was in the middle of the Antarctic winter.  Thus, this involved the coldest time of the year ... in the coldest region on Earth ... when sunlight was sparse to nonexistent ... due to the six-months-of-darkness there.  That time of year is the time for the sea ice extent MAXIMUM.  The maximum usually occurs in the first week of September.   Be it the most amount or the least amount of sea ice extent maximum, it's always a large amount of square mileage which is covered by the wintertime sea ice extent.

Moreover, in July & August of 2023, there were four notable cold spells.  

Observe below:  It's a product of the United States government; of the National Snow & Ice Data Center and the NASA Earth Observatory.  It's the September 2023 sea ice extent index image.  A month prior was said to have been the month of the greatest Antarctic sea ice loss in 7.5 million years.  Yet, September 2023 had almost a full-boat of sea ice, compared to the statistical mean of 1981 to 2010.   

In fact, it was found that Antarctica had four notable cold spells in July and August of 2023.  It was obvious that there was no "global boiling" climate crisis in Antarctica, in any capacity, in 2023.  Someone lied, and the media picked-up the lie and ran with it.

Furthermore, when you have lower than usual wintertime polar sea ice, it's only because not as much ice formed, from the end of the most recent summer to the start of the new winter.  It has nothing to do with ice melt ... during the coldest time of the year ... at the coldest place on Earth ...where sunlight is sparse to nonexistent ... due to Polar wintertime's six months of darkness.  I've already addressed this topic in detail, in other posts.

For those entirely new to Atmospheric Science & Oceanography, it's during the Antarctic Summertime when at least 85%  of Antarctica's sea ice melts and disappears.  Moreover, if you see an article with the photo of "severe Antarctic ice loss" and it's a daylight photo, then it's NOT a photo of Antarctica in the winter.  That "six months of darkness" is very real at the polar caps. 


The MOST IMPORTANT 2024 Atmospheric Science News

There was more of an atmospheric CO2 increase in the past two years than during any known two-year period in record-keeping history.  Thus, Michael Mann, John Kerry, and Joe Biden are accomplished failures who wasted lots of US taxpayer dollars.

As far as goes the annual co2 increase, 2023 was the fifth highest year of co2 gain in the atmosphere, in a 365 day period.  And of course, this rise is attributed to the increase of coal-fired power plants in Eastern & Southern Asia.


A tree is known by its fruits ... and its fruitlessness

CO2 has been on an unabridged upward climb throughout Michael Mann's time of influence and even tenure.  And of course, this is synonymous with "John Kerry's time of influence."  Both Mann & Kerry were unable to lower the atmospheric CO2 Count of Planet Earth by even 1 ppm, in any 365 day time span measurement.  The natural drop of CO2 between Summer and harvest season doesn't count.  

Below is the copy of an US government press release, illustrating that the arrogant Michael Mann, for all practical purposes, is worthless.  Under Michael Mann, John Kerry, & Joe Biden, CO2 became a race horse.  It then became a helium balloon.  Add Obama to the list failures, being that $424 BILLION dollars were appropriated by Congress, during the final two years of the Obama Administration ... for what is known as climate "adaptation & research." 


Above is evidence that "all of those climate change summits" were a waste of time and  a waste of American taxpayer dollars.  If there were no climate conferences at all, the CO2 level would be the same, anyway.  Even at that, mammalian life actually can easily take a CO2 level four times higher than  today's 422-424 ppm.  Under high CO2 atmospheres, the mammals simply grow larger, as archeology has shown.


At the very best, this unabridged rise in CO2, amidst "climate warrior campaigns," is extreme incompetency.  At the worst, this is a case of long-term Theft-by-Deception.  The deception involved hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars being appropriated and then wasted under the the guise of ...  climate "adaptation" & "research."

Con Game City

The Climate Warriors  have been so ineffective that the reasonable person can suspect that this Climate Crisis Alarm was an intentional money-grabbing swindle, where the Climate Warriors knew that they would be entirely ineffective.  These people were selling a product that they knew they could never deliver.  Such a thing is known as fraud ... and theft-by-deception ...as well as grifting.  

Moreover, the supreme asininity in Michael Mann telling "Democracy Now" that the American taxpayer still needs to toss trillions of dollars into the "climate kitty" is that the US National Debt approaches $35 trillion, and this translates into a debt of $103,000+ per American citizen.  This actually translates into a debt of $266,000+  per American taxpayer.  Yet, the CO2 Count continues to rise.  Under the great climate warrior, Joe Biden, CO2 recently rose at a record-breaking pace.  Joe Biden's incompetency is uncanny.

Of course, mammalian life is able to live unaffectedly in co2 levels three & four times higher than today's present level.  Thus, where you have Chicken Little "Extinction-Event" Hype, you have climate fraud.  

Plus, if you are viewing a chart, table, or graph that does not contains absolute temperatures ... aka raw data ... then you are viewing a "smoothed-out graph" which intentionally omits the temperature anomalies.  And of course, temperature anomalies include record low temperatures that you don't get to see ... and that the public doesn't get to know existed.. Such a thing is sleight-of-hand deception.

The media and certain money-motivated scientists repeatedly lied about the weather in 2022 and in 2023, claiming it to constitute a climate crisis.  Thus, wherever such conversations omitted the fact that those where EL NINO years, you have a con artist speaking.  Moreover, there is a great irony in the fact that Antarctica had its coldest winter in recorded history, in 2021 ... along with four record-breaking cold spells in July & August 2023.

Massachusetts in the Year 2023.  Looks like New England has fully gone green,  No Climate Crisis here, folks.  It's simply that the UN lied to you.  The Biden Administration lied to you.  And CNN lied to you.
In this particular June 2024 post, there is yet another example of a big lie perpetuated by fraudulent scientists & corporate media personnel.  It is countered (refuted) by a peer reviewed paper that undoes the very false claim that the Winter of 2023 was a catastrophic ice-melt year for Antarctica.  This was the same time when it was very falsely reported that Vicuna, Coquimbe, Chile reached 99F in the middle of Winter, on August 2nd, 2023.  The true temperature of Vicuna was 63F, instead.  The media was off by 36 degrees Fahrenheit.

Go see for yourself:  

Numerous lies came out of the UN.  And of course, the UN's original mission was a complete failure throughout the decades.  That mission was to bring world peace.  Take a look at the list of wars which transpired on Planet Earth since October of 1945.  It numbers in the hundreds ... hundreds of military confrontations consisting of deadly combat.  That list shows the UN to be an absolutely worthless failure.

The 2023 Extreme Cold of Antarctica Paper ... aka article. 

The paper is the product of educated & certified, experts.  Al Gore is no such expert, and Greta is no such expert, either.  Neither is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  The title, "Insult to our Intelligence" is more fitting for those aforementioned TV personalities who really don't have much to offer the human mind, in as far as goes wisdom, reason, facts, and enlightenment.  The Italian Renaissance they are not.

NASA declared the Sun as the driver of Earth's Climate.  Gore was wrong to state that it's co2.

Now, keep in mind that co2 is at a higher than usual level, concerning the most recent 14 to 20 million years.  Well, if the Al Gore & Michael Mann CO2 Climate-Driver Theory were true, then, in 2023, Antarctica would not have had the extreme cold it had.  

If the CO2 Climate-Driver Theory were not the fraud that it statistically turned out to be, in numerous historic cases, then Antarctica would not have had it coldest winter in known history, as recently as in 2021.  Plus, Antarctica would not have had its most square mileage of sea ice extent as recently as in 2014.  There would have been a warming trend in effect since the early 1990s which would have blocked-out cold phases.

At this point, keep in mind that CO2 has three different vibrational modes.  When in one of those modes ... the symmetric stretch mode ... CO2 is incapable of capturing infrared heat.  Moreover, 90% of all greenhouse gases is water vapor, and the sign of a fraud is a person who does not bring water vapor into the greenhouse gas conversation.  Do not waste your time with such a person.

For now, take a look at the recent paper linked below.  It's regarded by its authors as an article, and it was published in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, in 2024.  This is pertinent, being that the conditions in Antarctica were falsely reported in 2023.  It was claimed that Antarctica was undergoing its biggest amount of sea ice extent loss in 7.5 million years.  Actually, the lowest amount of Antarctic sea ice extent ever observed was in 1966, compliments of the Nimbus II Satellite which collected data from May 15, 1966 to January 18, 1969.  Therefore, 2023 had the lowest wintertime sea ice in only 57 years ... not in 7.5 million years.  

None the less, the media made 2023 look like a year where temperatures were rising throughout Antarctica, causing a catastrophic collapse.  We now see that this claim was one big lie.  In 2023, Antarctica was visited with new record low temperatures.  Read all about it.  Read about how the present media, certain career politicians, and certain money-grabbing scientists lie to humanity, over and over and over again.  The paper has TEN Co-Authors.

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