April 21, 2024

The Poles and Greenland

Schoolchildren of America, you do not have to fear that which Albert Gore predicted 16 years ago and which never materialized even slightly, other than an occasional heat wave in a world which has had multiple heat waves throughout its recorded history, along with droughts, famines, and floods.  And of course, this is the atmospheric equivalent to Lions and Tigers and Bears.  On my!   

Below is a graph that serves as a supplement to the Old World Drought Atlas.  That map covers the late Medieval Era.  That era is actually the Renaissance.  The graph below shows that there was a severe drought transpiring in Central Europe when Augustinian friar, Father Martin Luther, submitted his 95 Theses for public discourse.  The drought was pronounced east of Austria, however.

In addition, there was a European drought of note in 1506-07, as well as in the 1470s & 1480s.  In fact, 1616 & 1741 were historic drought years for Europe, as were the years 1893 & 1921.  History has droughts all over the place, from time to time, taking turns with floods, pestilence, major land storms, humid heat waves, dry heat waves, ice stacking, cold spells, snow storms, sea storms, and even algae blooms in what is modern Florida, etc.  

Tornadoes are a bit different, being that the first one ever reported in England was in 1091, and that is relatively late.  Yet, ancient Greece has writings on the occasional presence of tornadoes in the Mediterranean.  All in all, David Attenborough and Michael Mann lied when they said on different occasions that the weather of the past 1,000 years was stable & mild until the invention of the gasoline engine.  Turbulence is an integral part of weather history, even 200, 400, and 600 years before the invention of the diesel engine, the lawn mower engine, the rocket engine, etc.

Now, PDSI means Palmer Drought Severity Index.  The JJA means June-July-August.

This mostly refers to Hungary, Slovenia, etc.  It is simply a small puzzle piece showing the larger picture.  The larger picture is that the weather was NOT mild & stable for a thousand years, until the Industrial Revolution.  Michael Mann & David Attenborough are liars.

Plus, you do NOT need to fear the doom-ridden 1988 predictions of the former director of NASA's NYC branch, Jim Hansen, in his 35 year old predictions which never came true, at all.  After all, the Maldives did NOT go underwater, lower Manhattan did not go underwater, and the Arctic's closest event to an ice-free August was in 2012, when 1.32 MILLION square miles of ice remained on top of the Arctic Ocean during the hottest time of the year.  

Covering the perimeter of that distance of ice was equivalent to flying 1,148 east to west and then 1,148 miles north to south.  That's close to flying from Boston to Milwaukee, and then from Milwaukee to Houston, followed by flying from Houston to Miami, and then going from Miami back up to Boston again.  That sheet of Arctic ice was 6 times LARGER than the size of France, and it was the lowest amount of Summertime Arctic ice in modern history.  Yet, it was a lot of remaining ice.

BTW, if the Arctic Ocean ever becomes ice-free, there will be no rise in sea level.  It will be the same effect as the ice cubes in your glass of cola melting on a Summer day.  Cola does NOT flow over the top of your glass, after the ice in it melts.  

Actually, there will be a slight decrease in sea level, if the Arctic Ocean entirely melts.  This is the same phenomenon as was seen by those of us who worked on ranches, in rain-water-supplied complexes, and on farms.  When it snows, the troughs' water & snow levels increase in height.  Then, when the snow melts, the water level of the troughs and containers drops significantly.  There will be no flooding from the Arctic Ocean part of the Arctic Region, if the Arctic Ocean entirely becomes ice-free.  

In 1907, morning heat was much like that of the Summer of 2023.  Yet, the co2 count was very low in 1907.  None the less, in the Arctic Circl, at 8 am, it was 70 degrees FAHRENHEIT.  This is one of numerous proofs that the co2 count does NOT effect outdoor, atmospheric temps on such a grand scale.  It also shows that co2 does NOT drive the climate.  NASA has long since said that "the SUN drives the climate."
BTW, the Arctic is the second largest desert range on Earth, meaning very little rain and/or snow.  Atacoma in Chile is the second driest desert on Earth, with the McMurdo Valley of Antarctica being the driest.    Greenland is a part of the second largest desert on Earth.  Plus, it has 35 mountain tops higher than 5,000 feet, and two higher than 10,000.  That  amounts to 10C & 20C colder than ground level.Plus, the are coastlines there that have no ice sheet.  This translates into no ice melting and instantly draining into the Arctic Ocean.

Plus, there is a large canyon with v-shaped walls in the center of Greenland.  This means its walls were shaped by water and not ice.  This additionally means that Greenland was once ice-free.  

Now, global warming and global cooling are uniform throughout the circumference of the Earth, especially in the middle of the Troposphere.  The difference in temperature occurs at the elevation phase, from sea level to the Tropopause, with temps decreasing with elevation.  

CO2 levels are uniform throughout the atmosphere.  In as much, if Greenland is warming faster that it has in the past 1,000 years, 2,000 years, 11,000 years, or even 130,000 years, then every place on Earth would be experiencing the exact same rate of temperature increase, concerning elevation above sea level.  It's obvious that this is not happening, especially with intervals of record cold that occasionally appear.  And as far as goes heat waves, this site repeatedly showed those era.  

In quick review, heat wave years ... while co2 levels were still quite low ... included 1871, 1878, 1895 & 96, 1901, 1903, 1905, 1910 & 11, 1913, 1921 & 22, 1934, 1936, and 1958.  The csme the decline that Michael Mann hid from his ridiculously fraudulent hockey stick graph, by means of a "math trick."  This was mentioned in the 2009 Climategate Emails.

The temperature decline did occur from 1940 to 1979.  After all, a few of the most historic WWII battles occurred in torturously cold weather.  I can testify from personal experience that the 1960s were brutally cold during winter, also.  The middle 1970s to 1979 were just plain cold ... cooler than desired ... throughout the time span.  Sometimes it was all too cold.  I was there.  I felt it.  You activist youth ... You Generation Y, Millenials ... who act like you know everything, when you hardly know anything, were NOT there to know what it felt like.  Case Closed.  

BTW, you Gen Y's do come off as idiots.  But, it's not  because you don't have the correct facts.  It's because you refuse to search for the answer and to first weigh the facts.  You arrogantly act as if you know everything and that debate is forbidden.  

However, it's the great minds who question.  It's the great minds who allow questions, along with Point & Counterpoint debates.  You and your generation were taught to be censoring Nazi Gestapo agents & propaganda peddlars.  You were taught to be Pompous Little Twits, with very little minds ... and even littler tolerance.  

There is nothing liberal about you.  You are self-seeking misers, dedicated to instant gratification ... and dominance over others.  The concept of teamwork doesn't exist with you, until it comes time to do physical violence to others ... or to statues ... or to churches, etc.


That which matters is surface mass balance.  There were recent occasions of notable increase.  But, the trend over the years was a decrease of surface mass balance.  HOWEVER, the notable thing about this is that, while the Arctic was losing ice mass, Antarctica was gaining it.  This is called "an inverse relationship."  What mechanism was causing this?  

None the less, if the Arctic Ocean were to completely melt instantly, the result would be a "0" inch rise in sea level.  I've already addressed Greenland, in several climate discourses.  There's a search box to the righthand corner of this website.

Antarctica was gaining while the Arctic was losing . . . ice.  Yet, Antarctica is arrayed with volcanoes which are very effective ice-melting-machines.  The bottom line is that reducing all consideration of climate & weather to live-giving-co2 ... while accusing the photosynthesis activator the angel of death ... is the act of being an easily deceived & asinine buffoon.  I thought that you were better than that, dear average American.