July 21, 2024

I left the Democratic Party 12 days prior to the Butler PA shootings ...

... because it's a violence-mongering,  greed-stricken,  lust-ridden, & defamatory political party
that markets fear & terrifies youth, in it assuming that "fear sells" and gains votes.
I'm here in Pittsburgh ... Steeler Country ... 29 to 33 miles south of Butler PA, where Donald Trump ended up in someone's "bullseye," on Saturday, July 13, 2024.  Of course, 5 days prior, Joe Biden ALLEGEDLY said that it's time to "put Trump in the bullseye."  

For numerous prior days, Sick Joke Joe called Donald Trump an existential threat to existence itself, despite the Trump Era's mercifully low fuel prices, despite black colleges receiving more taxpayer dollars under Trump than under any other president, despite Trump putting out of operation certain terrorists, and despite Trump's TWO Nobel Peace Prize nominations.  

Biden and the rest of the democrats demonized Trump without the needed physical evidence ... the same way in which the Nazis demonized the Jews ... simply to amass power.  All that CNN, MSNBC, democrat party politicians, and leftist activists have been doing has been the committing of calumny.  Calumny has resulted in lynchings.  

And of course, they're arrogant enough to believe that, just because they say something on TV, you & I will be gullible enough to believe it.  They do not believe that you have a mind of your own.  In fact, they believe that they own your mind.

Let it be reminded that certain "witnesses" against Trump were caught "contradicting themselves," in pivotal moments.  Such persons are usually ... and for the most part ... called "liars."

Below:  Keep in mind that Joe Biden said that he's not going anywhere.  Well, some of us formerly registered democrats ARE going somewhere.  We are going as far away from Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, and company as an American can go.  And take note that we do NOT burn our voter's registration cards like rioters do.  There is something called civility which the democrats should learn.  Keeping records, instead of burning records, is preferable, unless your name is Hillary Clinton. 
ABOVE:   If you cannot figure out what day it was when I left the Democratic Party, from the two voter registration cards above, then you're a product of the American public school system ... fer sure.  As a tip, look at the enrollment date on the lower card.  The higher card is the old card, it has has my ex-address on it.  If you want to do me harm, don't waste your time going there.
Twelve days later, from 5:52 to 6:12 PM:  
          Donald Trump was literally in the bullseye ... crosshair ... reticle ... scope

In re:  Thomas Matthew Crooks.  The weapon found near the failed assassin was an "AR-15 style" rifle.  It proved to be a deadly weapon, being that the failed assassin was an accomplished murderer of an Italian-American who recently retired from fire fighting duties.  Two other gents were severely wounded as well, and Donald Trump's right ear was pierced by high speed ordnance.  

Donald Trump came a centimeter or so from death ... or at least a lifelong incapacity which would have forced him to drop out of the 2024 presidential race.  The failed assassin's rooftop was attached to a privately owned storage building.  It was and is the American Glass Research building.  It's extremely close to a collection of similar metal rooftop buildings.  Adjacent to that array of storage & administrative buildings was a spacious asphalt parking lot.  

And of course, the Secret Service officially stated that none of its agents performed any kind of sweep on the building where the attempted assassin was perched.   However, that building was used as a "staging area" for local police.  While the assassin was on the roof, police department employees were in the building.  It was said that two counter-snipers were in the building also, where one photographed the attempted assassin and sent the photo out to fellow security personnel.

The local police were in charge of traffic detail only ... not security.  Thus, the shooter's building apparently was no one's responsibility.  This is evidenced by the fact that he had no problem getting on the roof with a rifle in hand.  

The question of the moment is, "How was he able to walk through the grounds with a rifle unnoticed?"  Or did he plant the rifle the day before?  Today's mainstream media misses the pivotal points in the stories it presents.  It has become a very sophomoric & unprofessional media.  It also has become a very biased media that does NOT present reports, but rather airs propaganda 24/7.  In as much, where was Crooks' car parked, in relation to the Butler Farm Show grounds?

No guard of any kind was posted on any roof top, on that summer day.  After all, metal and summer don't mix very well.  If you want to use a rooftop during daylight Summer hours, for whatever reason, you have to be fully dressed, to prevent burns.  Even at that, you're gonna feel the heat of the roof.  In as much, was Crooks on any kind of a drug?  He looked clear-minded ... and even determined.  So, he didn't appear to be drugged.

Ironically, the amount of time that Gunman Thomas Crooks spent on the roof, from the time he walked on to it, to the time he fired his rifle, was 26 minutes.  He was on that roof for 20 minutes before Trump began to speak.  In all that time, no one chased him off of it.  In fact, at 5:10 pm, Crooks was first identified as a person of interest, by law enforcement, while he was still at ground level.

Meanwhile, at 5:40 PM

A police officer noticed a man at the entrance of the Trump rally, holding a range finder.  It has the technology to give you the distance between you and a designated place.  It can let you know how far away is your target.   The holder of that range finder, of course, was Thomas Crooks.

The man with the range finder did NOT go through any metal detector, into the rally stands.  He was reported as pacing-around outside.  A police officer did put out a message over the radio network, about this individual.  The message made its way to the Secret Service agents.  Then, officers lost sight of Range Finder Man, in the crowd.  Police kept looking for him.

Eventually two officers found him ... on the metal roof.  One officer was said to have gotten on the other's shoulders ... or at least climbed to the roof edge in some fashion ... to peek over the roof.  The gunman pointed his rifle at the officer, and the officer immediately jumped to the ground, to protect himself.  

Shortly thereafter, Thomas Crooks fired away.  This meant that Crooks knew that he was discovered and was soon to be hit with government security guard ordnance and die.  What was the "cause" that Crooks stood-for, enough to die for it?  Did he think that he was saving the world from a man whom Joe Biden, MSNBC, & CNN said was the most evil man in the world?

The Final Summary

The entire Butler case of July 13, 2024 is easily summarized as follows:  There was the need to have some kind of guards on the rooftops, be it Secret Service or State Police or Local Police or private bodyguards ... or even firemen and boy scouts.  Concerning this, while in Tampa in 1963, JFK literally walked through two indoor sections which were literally guarded by firemen and boy scouts.  This occurred four days before he was assassinated in Dallas.

Concerning mention of a ladder, Crooks did buy a ladder that weekend, at a Home Depot.  But, he did not take it with him to the Butler Farm Show complex.  Yet, he was seen climbing toward the American Glass Research roof with weapon in hand.

Colors Worn by the Shooter

In addition, the shooter wore a greenish gray shirt, somewhat close to the color of the nearby summertime tree leaves.  He also wore whitish pants, the color of the metal roof.  This was premeditated.  Trump was not a mere "target of opportunity."  However, what was the motive of the shooter?  Was it the same motive as Mark David Chapman who killed John Lennon for the sake of killing someone famous?

The officer who saw the shooter should have had an emergency comms channel and called out, "Shooter on the roof.  Shooter on the roof." ... followed by the secret Service agents immediately taking Trump off the stage, instead of waiting and waiting and waiting for the shots to ring-out and kill a 50 year old retired fireman, as well as severely wounding two other gentleman, and grazing Donald Trump.

At the least, the secret service agents near Trump should have instantly pulled him off stage, thereby giving a security guard or counter-sniper time to perceive if Crooks were an actual threat.  Instead, the Secret Service let Trump stand at the podium and give his speech, when he was moments away from an assassination attempt.

Rooftop Fairy Tale

The present head of the Secret Service claimed that the attempted assassin's roof was "sloped," and a guard was not put on that roof, because it would have endangered any guard there.  Firstly, I AM in construction, and started in 1992.  I did roofing work as recently as this year and last year ... in 2023 & 2024.  The Secret Service director sounded embarrassingly asinine, in claiming this. 

Firstly, it's called a "ridged roof" or a "pitched roof."  The attempted assassin's roof looked to be a 2/12 roof which means it's almost flat.  It translates into a 12 unit run and a 2 unit rise.  It means that the roof goes horizontally 6 inches before rising 1 inch.    Such a roof is on a 9 and a half degree angle.  You could easily dance on such a roof.

Even a 4/12 roof is easy to walk-on.  That comprises an 18.4 degree angle.  In construction, anything less than 22 and a half degrees is a slight angle.  Any pitched roof that you can walk-on without sliding off of it is a safe roof.

In conclusion, the Secret Service director lied to America about the roof.  When you lie to the public as a public official, you need to be fired.  But of course, the Biden Administration is an administration of liars.  Once again, that particular Butler roof ... of July 13, 2024 ... was practically flat.  The Secret Service director is an insult to our intelligences.

Above:  One of my 2023 roofing & siding jobs, in the City of Pittsburgh.  On this job, I only did the higher levels of siding work.  None the less, I personally know roofing, and I know when a roof is dangerous.  The metal roofs at Butler didn't come close to hazardous.  The Secret Service director appointed by pathological liar Joe Biden lied to America, just like Biden does on a regular basis.

Plus, the nearby water tower in or near the Butler Farm Show grounds was also another suitable shooting platform, for an assassin.  It was neglected, too.

Distance from Target

The shooter fired at Donald Trump from 148 yards away.  One report was that it was 130 yards away.  The shooter had a clear & direct view to Donald Trump.  However, hitting a target 390 to 444 feet away, while on a metal roof in summertime, is not an easy task, unless you were an army marksman or a gun club member.  When you are a gun club practitioner, it becomes a chip shot.  Yet, the shooter did make high speed contact with Trump and a few audience members.  He was at a deadly enough distance.

In fact, the longest rifle shot ever made was 7,774 yards ... 4.4 miles.  A 390 to 444 yard shot doesn't compare.  So, there was a security breakdown.  Those campaign stage floors need a trap door ... like in a magician's act.  Some campaign stages already do have bulletproof podiums.

Guards were on Rooftops, during the previous Butler Rally.

The difference between the 2024 Butler rally and the previous Butler rally hosted by Donald Trump was that, at the previous rally, there were guards on each roof.  At the 2024 rally, there was no one standing on any roof.  Thus, Mayorkas, in denying the Trump Campaign its requested extra guards, was setting Donald Trump up for a possible kill.  At the least, this was negligence on the part of Mayorkas. 

The shooter was 20 year old Thomas Matthew Crooks, of Bethel Park, a rustic and slightly rural Pittsburgh suburb.  He is counted as one of the dead.  One former classmate alleged that Crooks was bullied in high school.  However, Crooks' senior-year guidance counselor said that no mention of Crooks being bullied was on any record.  Yet, that high school actively addressed bullying, to the point of seeking to end it, as a matter of record-keeping policy.  The counselor said that he did not notice any bullying of Crooks ... which is different than being teased.

A fellow classmate of Crooks spoke on camera, also.  She said that she didn't see Crooks get bullied.  She also said that Crooks wasn't a loner.  He was simply in a smaller than average clique.  He would have a small number of companions, aka buddies.  So, the idea of him being a bullied loner was not true.  However, he would show up on school grounds in military garb ... or hunting clothing.

My Experience with Bethel Park

Now, I did perform extended construction work in Bethel Park and know it to be a town of very nice and well mannered people.  In fact, it has a charming tram track & terminal in the center of town.  So apparently, Thomas Crooks was a well mannered man who was deceived into thinking that he was doing humanity a favor, by killing Donald Trump.  

Or else he was silently filled with animosity over his past.   If not that, then he would have had a motive similar to the Mark David Chapman who killed John Lennon, only for the sake of killing someone famous.

None the less, Crooks obviously became disappointed with Biden, in 2022.  That was when he registered as a Republican.  Prior to that, he made a poor man's donation to a Biden support group.   However, he might possibly have registered Republican, to enable him to vote against Trump, in the 2024 Pennsylvania primary election.

In addition, Crooks did appear in a Blackrock commercial, in 2022.  So, the concept of Manchurian Candidate will probably need to be scrutinized by someone professional, being that there was no manifesto left behind, by Crooks.  He simply mentioned once that his "debut" will begin (will have begun) on Saturday the 13th.

For those not American, at the voter's both, you can vote for whomever you please, no matter what be your party affiliation.  And of course, in America, many people do not belong to any political party.  So, it still remains a mystery as to the motive of Crooks' attempted assassination upon Trump.  Thomas Crooks' thought processes still remain undetermined.

Thomas Matthew Crooks:  Butler, PA, shortly after 6:00 pm, Saturday, July 13, 2024
Assisted Care Facility

Crooks worked at an assisted care facility, as a nutrition expert of sorts.  He did ask for Saturday (July 13) off ... as a vacation day.  Plus, Crooks was going to attend a nearby college this coming Autumn season.  So, the idea of him being suicidal was not evident.  

The question is how often did Crooks watch CNN & MSNBC.  All that those two networks did for years was defame Donald Trump and incite hatred towards him.  The constant demonizing of Trump is why I believe that CNN & MSNBC should have each one's FCC licensing revoked ... for starters.   Such a thing is the act of inciting rioting or inciting assassination.  It's called calumny.

Plus, proof that Trump's television defamers did not believe the nightmare scenarios they told of Trump is that none of those people ever invited Trump on their TV shows, to debate ... or to defend himself.  If you believe that a politician is evil, you are going to prove it to your audience.  You are going to bring him on your show and then examine him ... and then cross-examine him.  But, the television condemners of Donald Trump did not do this.  This is called cowardice.

Statistics, alone, proved no Russian Collusion  

As far as goes the claim of "Russian Collusion" in the 2016 election, Trump got as many votes as did the most recent winning Republican presidential candidate, namely George Bush II, in 2004.  In fact, Trump was within the vote count range of the two Republican candidates who lost to Barack Obama.  

Being that Trump's vote count was in the general trend of the three recent Republican candidates who preceded him, there was no collusion of any kind.  He generally scored the same vote count as did the Republican candidates of 2012, 2008, and 2004.  If there were collusion, Trump's vote count would have been drastically different.  Democrats lie, and now you see why I left the democratic party.   And always remember, the slave owners were democrats.  The Jim Crowe People were democrats.  Abe Lincoln was a Republican.  And Bill O'Reilly is an Independent.

Concerning the policy of demonizing Trump, the trick in such a TV network policy is to make people mad enough at Trump to want to kill him.  Then, you add directors such as Mayorkas, to provide the openings and clearways to get Trump killed ... by an easily deceived CNN viewer who has access to a rifle.

The clear view was made possible, in Butler, PA.  It happened.  Trump got grazed.  Another one got killed.  Two others  got critically wounded.  Trump was one centimeter from death.  Thus, we have fact and not mere conspiracy theory.  Yet, what was Crooks' motive?

CNN & MSNBC only incite hatred and violence.   They performed the incitement of violence in 2020.  That was criminal of them, and they must pay for the violence that they incited.  This is why Nuremberg-type trials arise, from time to time ... after a major war.

Keystone Cops ... the Fumbling Fumbelinas ... Bumbling Buffoons

It was stated that it took what seems to have been a lifetime to get Donald Trump off the stage.  Well, things appeared under control, being that it was clearly heard that the shooter "was neutralized."  Plus, there was no message of any second shooter.  None the less, the stage security agents looked like the Keystone Cops.  One question is, Why didn't "they" provide a bulletproof podium?   Why do those stages not have trap doors, as magician stages do?

Incidentally, the female Secret Service director of Joe Biden previously worked for Pepsi Cola.  Before that, she was a secret service agent, on Vice President Dick Cheney's detail.  Cheney's daughter publicly declared that Trump was/is the most evil man in the world ... without evidence to prove it.  Thus, the reasonable man regards her defamatory words as BS, spoken in order to prevent Trump from being elected.  

After all, Cheney is embedded in the Military Industrial Complex, and Donald Trump prefers peace and no more 20 year wars. How much of an anti-Trump influence did the Liz Cheney have on today's secret service director?  The secret service incompetency on July 13 was literally deadly.

An Unusual Outcome ... came from what is supposed to be "an elite secret service."

Concerning target practice, an anti-white, hate-filled black racist staff member of the hate-filled, anti-white, black racist Rep Bennie Thompson of Mississippi wrote and posted the following:

Apparently, the hate-filled black racist didn't know that the shooter is now too dead to take "shooting lessons" and get "a next time," to kill Trump.  When you kill the killer, the killing stops.

Plus, that anti-white black racist needs to remember that it was white men in blue ... from Michigan and Maine, from Wisconsin and West Virginia, as well as Indiana, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey ... who freed the black slaves.  Blacks in America did NOT free themselves.  So, blacks owe Northern whites gratitude.  Where is it?

Being that Donald Trump did get a bullet through his right ear ... and being that he came within a centimeter or two from death ... the US came one or two centimeters away from Civil War.  After all, the working man and the common man do get tired of political bullies terrorizing a nation.  They do have the population numbers to put it to a stop.

If the working man gets pushed into a corner by riotous bullies & anti-white black racists, you will see for yourself what the working man can do in tandem with other working men.  So, you don't need to read about it from me or anyone else.  

BTW, the "working man" is of any race, any color, and any ethnicity.  The working man does not want to see the riotous thugs burn down his work.  So, there will be confrontations if and when the street bully faction crosses a certain line.  History will be made.  Enough is enough is enough is enough.

Rep Mike Waltz

Concerning the suspicion that Mayorkas was trying to set up Trump for a possible gunman attack, it was House Rep Mike Waltz who confirmed that Homeland Security Head Mayorkas denied extra secret service protection for the Donald Trump campaign.  It were as if ... ALLEGEDLY ... Mayorkas was deliberately setting Trump up for assassination, even if only on a low probability.  

And of course, the blatantly hate-filled anti-white racist Rep Bennie Thompson of Mississippi introduced a bill, on April 19, 2024, which would take away from Donald Trump his secret service protection.  Seven co-sponsors seeking to set Donald Trump up for assassination included Reps Barbara Lee of California,  Troy A Carter Sr of Louisiana,  Frederica Wilson of Florida,  Bonnie Watson Coleman,  Jasmine Crockett,  Joyce Beatty, and Steve Cohen.  Such a thing is how you set a political opponent up for the kill.  

This is why, from time to time, there are Nuremberg type trials and Andersonville type trials that hang people who were formerly in political power.  Those eight people must be held accountable ... in true legal courts of law ... as opposed to those fraudulent democrat party kangaroo courts of lawlessness.  But of course, after civil wars and after world wars, such courts do arise and prevail.  It's important to get haters out of government.

Lack of Attention on the Part of Security

It's curious as to how this happened directly before the Republican National Convention, as if to intimidate Trump and to disturb his mind's ability to think clearly.  It were as if to give Trump a warning.  

Or else it was the desperate attempt to kill Trump before the convention started.  Yet, the Mark David Chapman type of motive has not been ruled-out.  Whatever be the case, it was very close to a "kill shot" that did graze Donald Trump's ear.  The present Secret Service director should have the character to resign.  But she, instead, is doing a Joe Biden ... refusing to go when it's obvious that she needs to go.

One Pennsylvania witness ... with a clear mind ... mentioned how the police were clueless.   But remember, the local police there were only there for traffic duty.

Geopolitical expert, Dr. Roger Gewolb was recently interviewed, after the Trump assassination attempt, and he said the following:

They trumped-up ridiculous charges against Trump, too.  It's a violent political party.  It's basically a lynch mob;  the party of Death ... of ritualistic death.  So, it's par for the course, for today's very violent and twisted democrat activists, to set Trump up for assassination.  After all, a high-speed bullet did make contact with the Republican Party presidential nominee.  So, this is not conjecture.

In addition, Biden needs to be prosecuted for the classified doc theft, the Money Laundering LLCs, and even treason, as far as goes his service to Chinese Communist payors to the Biden LLCs.  Thus, there is the matter of Bribery & Influence Peddling for which Biden must answer.  There have been trials held in absentia, in American history.  

Thus, Biden's many lawyers would be doing all the speaking, writing, and filing.  Biden never has to speak a word or write a sentence.  He can be tried in absentia.  He needs to be brought to trial with his lawyers on hand, but not also on trial.  Whether Biden gets acquitted or convicted, his lawyers get to go home and do other stuff, after getting paid, of course.

Biden, CNN, MSNBC, the View, etc must be held accountable for calling Trump a Nazi and a threat to democracy, due to the effect of calumny, the inciting of rioting, etc.  That was a complete lie in light of [1] the low fuel prices rendered by the Trump Administration, [2] black colleges getting more taxpayer dollars under Trump than under any other president, [3] Trump ending the killing spree of two committed terrorists & Isis, [4] Trump appointing a Jew as a close advisor, [5] Trump having a daughter who practices Judaism, [6] Trump moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, [7] Trump making America "energy-independent," [8] Trump getting TWO NOMINATIONS for the Nobel Peace Prize, etc,  etc,  etc. 

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Eric Swalwell, Merrick Garland, and certain TV stars are the Nazi dictators ... and very rich ones, too.  Joe Biden must be held accountable for calling Trump an Existential Threat to Democracy, as well as having done the other intimidation tactics that Brain Surgery Biden employed.  Biden's defamation against Trump was the repeated act of inciting violence ... of provoking an assassination ... of triggering civil war.  

For the record, the United States was designed to be a bicameral federal republic, and NOT a democracy.  And quite frankly, the US Constitution is that of a Constitutional Monarchy, being that the US president has far more power and freedom than does the typical European prime minister who serves at the "pleasure of the parliament."  Plus, the US media covers any president so inordinately that the media treats the US president as a monarch ... even as an emperor.
For those with short memories, here again is proof that I really did leave the Democratic Party.
Above:  I saw it to be a moral obligation to leave the democrat party.  Now, everyone who knows me knows that I live in the Jewish Section of Pittsburgh.  But, I'm not going to advertise online which street it is.  I live a few blocks from the synagogue that underwent a sudden massacre, in 2018. 

Plus, I'm a real member of the House of Colantuoni and rightfully use it as my online ID.  But I'm a Colantuoni on my paternal grandmother's side of the family.  My last name traditionally & predictably came from my paternal grandfather who came from Avellino Italy, near Mt. Vesuvius.   Ironically, my Greek ancestors came from Macedonia, somewhat near Mt. Olympus.  Go figure.

As of Saturday afternoon, July 13, 2024, you can easily see why I officially left the Democratic Party 12 days prior.  I was raised to be a JFK Democrat.  But, that type of democrat is now the forgotten minority.  Today, the democrat party is the party of blood.  It's the party that incites riots and provokes assassination attempts, including character assassination.  

Extremely perverse defamation is the modus operandi of the modern democrat party.  Such people seek to attain power by lying, lying, and lying some more.  I can go into detail, but not now.

Incidentally, I was also raised to be a peace, love, and flower power Beatles' fan ... Donovan Fan, etc.  I was also raised to be infatuated with Space Age technology ... and American muscle cars ... and baseball ... and football ... and women a guy could trust and consult for advice, as opposed to an airheaded, giggling bimbo obsessed with yakking about abortion every time someone puts her in front of a podium.

TV Stars who are Whirlpools of Seething Hatred

I can go into detail about the pro-democrat-party TV personalities who are nothing but whirlpools of seething hatred and lies.  They are pits of violence and oppression, operating under the guise of being ultra-holy civil rights champions.   But, I won't name names, right now.   

Yet, there is one thing in common with them all ... for the most part.  They are obsessed with yakking about abortion as if it's a sacrament and not a gutless cowardly bully's act of murder upon the most helpless members of humanity.  Do these women ever have anything else to talk-about?  It's the same-old same-ole, spoken over and over and annoyingly over again.  We heard you, already.  Take a hike.  We ain't buying your product ... which is an anti-product ... which happens to be "human life dead."

None the less, CNN & MSNBC endlessly incited hatred toward Trump, and therefore, violence against him.  CNN & MSNBC provoked the deadly & incendiary rioting of the Year 2020, also.  Both networks should have their FCC licenses permanently revoked.  Their commentators and talk show hosts need to be prosecuted, as was Tokyo Rose ... and as certain Nazi propagandists.  Biden and his mouth of teeth-gritted hatred must be held accountable too.

Deface the Nation

And concerning Biden & Company calling Trump a Nazi tyrant seeking to end "democracy,"  if Trump were such a tyrant, then he would have taken power and cancelled all elections.  Trump is trying to re-become president, by being elected.  That's not Nazi tyranny.  Biden having anti-Biden writers deleted is Nazi tyranny.  

Trump was already president.  When, during his presidency, did you see him cancel elections and impose Nazi rule?  What you saw was low fuel prices and food prices ... and black colleges getting more money under his presidency than under any American presidency ... and terrorists suddenly meeting their maker. 

The democrats lied on purpose, in demonizing Trump, assuming that you are so stupid that you will fall for the democrat party lies and vote for the feeble & demented Joe Biden who was caught committing felonies such as stealing classified docs.

Lies, Injustice, and the Un-American Way

Today, the democrat party will NOT allow dialogue.  It's the dictator party.  Thus, it's the Violence Party.  It's the Burn-Down-the-City Party.  

In my youth, on national TV, policy disagreements were addressed by  1} Point ... and then  2} Counterpoint ... and then  3} answer to counterpoint ... and then 4} "rebuttal" ... or the second speaker's right to speak a second time.  

It was known as civility.  But today, the democrat party is the name-caller party, calling everyone else a "denier," all the while refusing to debate on the merits of the topic in focus.  A prime example of this is Con Artist Extraordinaire, Al "Tobacco Road" Gore.  He refuses to engage in climate debates, because such debating will reveal how much of an undereducated fraud he is on the topic.

Today's political tactic is that of demonizing the political competition as much as Hitler demonized the Jews of Germany, Poland, & elsewhere.  It was also the way in which Roman Catholics were demonized by American Protestants, especially by members of the Know-Nothing Party of the 1840s. 

Concerning the demonization of Trump, Biden did not inherit an inflate rate of 9%.  He received an inflation rate of 1.4%, in January 2021.  Biden is a pathological liar, whenever you can hear properly pronounced words, instead his unintelligible slurring, as if he were drunk.

The Young Jerks

Of course, Mr All-So-Tough-Guy, Cenk Uygar, (of the Young Turks) disrespected Trump at the outset, in saying that it looked like Trump was merely hit by a BB gun, on July 13.   Uygar can't be serious.  He makes the rest of us in America who have Western Asian DNA look really bad.   Apparently watching Joe Biden for four years makes people stupid ... really stupid.

For those unaware, in addition to me having Greco-Roman DNA, as well as Danish-Viking, Celtic, and ye olde British DNA,  I also possess Persian DNA.  I'm 17.7% "Western Asian,"  and due to this, Cenk makes me cringe with embarrassment ... or shame.  

Then again, his ancestors and my ancestors duked it out a number of times,  between the the Year 1514 to the Year 1918.  It was called the Ottoman-Persian Wars, and apparently Cenk wants to keep tradition going, with him coming off as a pushy, in-your-face bully.  Someone needs to remind him that this is America and he needs to cool it.

And yes, I'm a descendant of the last three Biblical empires ... for whatever that's worth ... and whatever that means.  BTW, there were eleven Ottoman-Persian wars, before WWI.  The scorecard on them is that the Persians won 5 of the wars.  The Ottoman Turks won 5 of the wars, and the war that transpired between 1743-1746 was a draw ... a tie, with no decisive victor.  So, both sides have a record of 5 wins, 5 losses, and one tie.  But, war it not a sport.  War is a tragedy.  The History of Mankind is the History of War.  Thus, the History of Mankind is the History of Tragedy.

Summertime in Western Pennsylvania.  Assassination Season.  Bloodletting Season.
The point to this July 2024 post is that I want to be on record ... as if to have been prophetically inspired ... for having left the Democrat Party twelve days prior to the Butler PA assassination attempt, when someone climbed on to a roof and went after the proverbial jugular vein of the 2024 Republican presidential nominee.  

In review, the malicious prosecutions against Donald Trump were acts of violence, too.  I shall NOT be voting for any democrat this November ... and probably never again, during any November.  And in being an Independent, I'm not qualified to vote in my State's primary election.

BTW, I did NOT join the Republican Party.  I re-registered as an Independent.  Even at that, for decades I have been a constitutional monarchist.  The closest friend of my life can confirm this, being that she is actually a subject of the British Crown.  I knew to never say anything disrespectful about the Queen of England, in front of her.  None the less, we are both monarchists, and she has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard, in person, in my life.  The point to mentioning this is that all the monarchists I ever encountered in my life had something classy about them.  There is something artistic about them, too.

Dishonest & Greed-stricken politicians such as Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, Schiff, Swalwell, Waters, etc are good arguments for monarchy.  Any career politician who was in government for 30 and 40 years is no different than a Dictator for Life.   Those politicians are the ultimate hypocrites and tyrants.  

Moreover, there is a huge difference between being a tyrant and a being a constitutional monarchist.  As an example, you might have noticed that monarchists don't go around setting off bombs ... or setting buildings on fire.  And concerning construction professionals of every and any political persuasion, no self-respecting construction worker wants to see any building that he worked-on be burnt down.  Violence is for pro-abortion democrats.

None the less,  being that the Biden/Harris Administration is the true Nazi dictatorship, I will refrain from stating lots and lots and lots of things that need to be stated ... but only for now.  As far back as 2019, I mentioned in typewritten word how stupid Joe Biden was ... and is.  As a result, the 2019 writing of mine was deleted from the Internet, proving how much of a Nazi dictator Biden is ... and how rigged the 2020 election was, in addition to the Philadelphia evidence and the thousands of Georgia missing ballot photo-copies.

And concerning the Kamala Harris who has an abrasive, toxic, and uncharitable personality, several of her staff members quit, just to get away from her.  Thus, white Americans should sue Kamala for hundreds of millions of dollars, for defamation, in her claim that her unpopularity is due to racism.  Her unpopularity is due to herself.

Now, white Americans voted for Obama by the millions.  In addition, my Number 1 choice for president was Viv Ramaswamy, and he is more different in race from me than is the Kamala Harris who happens to also be the descendant of white slave owners.  Thus, the white voter is not the racist that the hate-filled, defamatory, & irksome Baby Killer Kamala claims him/her to be.  

Let it be repeated:  Kamala is part white ... a descendant of white slave owners.  Thus, the accusation of "white-supremist" American voter racism is a big lie, designed to give an excuse as to Kamala's intolerably toxic personality.  She doesn't seem to be aware of her surroundings as much as she seems to be aware of herself, as if she were on stage.

Those were hateful words from the hateful Kamala ... the giggling airhead ... the giggling bimbo who allegedly serviced a certain mayor, in payment for getting a start in her political career.  Such a thing would literally constitute ALLEGED ... ALLEGEDLY having given "favors" for political influence and power ... allegedly ... allegedly ... allegedly.  

Claiming that white voters are all racist is the act of inciting riotous violence against whites, resulting in the murder of whites.  You know what happened in 2020.  In fact, Kamala praised the 2020 rioting, on the Steven Colbert Show.  

Biden was the one who praised a former KKK wizard.  Not me.  So, Kamala should be sued for large sums of money, for claiming that white Republicans and white Independents are racists.  We condemn Joe Biden as equally as we condemn Kamala the Killer ... of babies.   And the Joe Biden we condemn is very white ... an embarrassment and disgrace to whites everywhere.

And remember, it was white men in blue ... from the Northern States ... who freed the black slaves.  In fact, it was the Creoles who freed the Haitian slaves, and Creoles were/are half-white people born in America.

The important thing here is that my instincts told me to formally withdraw from the Democrat Party, and I did so shortly before the July 13th confrontational bloodletting and attempted assassination, in Butler PA.  At the very least, July 13, 2024 was an exhibition on how thoroughly incompetent is the Secret Service under Joe Biden.  In fact, everything under Joe Biden is marked with incompetency.


For those who are Roman Catholic, keep in mind that July 13, 1917 was when the three Fatima Children saw the famous Vision of Hell.  Quite a coincidence.  July 13, 2024 is Vision of Hell Day once again.  But, CNN & MSNBC have been two Visions of Hell, day after day, for several consecutive years.

Shooting Trump for Kamala and Joe is a great way to go to Hell.  Are you willing to go to Hell for the Airheaded Giggler?  Are you willing to kill Donald Trump for Brain Surgery Biden & for Baby Killer Kamala?  A number of her former staff members were not so willing.  They were NOT willing to stay anywhere near Kamala's toxic presence.  They had other complaints about her, too.  Refer to those people.  They personally knew her.

Yet, concerning Kamala's viciousness, she claimed that Trump was selfish & out-for-himself.  This is the ultimate liar's hypocrisy, because Joe Biden has undoubtedly proven himself to be the ultimate selfish being, in clinging to power with clinch-fisted greed, after having had power for 48 of the past 52 years.  He sees himself as the center of the universe, 

The false claim on how Biden met Jill ... and the falser claim that a Catholic priest married Joe & Jill ... without Jill first getting the required annulment ... has already been explained ... by more people than me.

Plus, Biden STOLE classified docs, so that he could get an eight million dollar book advance.  In fact, Biden is the thoroughly inconsiderate one whose violent dog attacked and harmed over two dozen human beings.  

Then comes the LLCs which absolutely prove money laundering.  And let us not forget the Chinese Spy Balloon that Biden let sail over some of the most sensitive parts of the United States.  Such a thing literally amounts to treason.

The turkey-necked, folded-necked, flabby-necked Kamala Harris is no sex symbol and no fitness queen.  Yet, she is so arrogant.  She is definitely not philosophical or inspiring.  She is not reassuring or informative or consoling.  Rather, to her doom is here, because pro-life voters and politicians-for-life are in America.  And even though they care for humans, Kamala makes them out to be the most deadly of people.  No.  Abortion People are the deadliest people.  They literally kill babies like psychopaths kill anything they can.  

In fact, Kamala looked like a hyped-up buffoon, when she addressed a contrived set of child actors, telling them about seeing the moon and/or Mars close-up and in person.  Well, she showed herself to be entirely out of touch with space science, because the #1 topic mentioned in long term space flight is ===> the fact that the lack of gravity in long-term space flight makes the astronaut unable to walk for a period of time, when he/she returns to the gravity of Planet Earth.

Something like that would be a caveat and warning given by a wise leader.  Baby Killer Kamala came off as a Saturday morning cereal commercial, instead of a wise leader.  A wise leader would tell you how to "get there" and how to "get back to Planet Earth."  Kamala basically said ... to the effect, "Oh wow!  Golly gumba.  You get to go to Mars.  Wuuuuuuuu."  Zero dialogue.  Zero monologue.  Zero conveyance of information.  Zero tips.  Zero advice.  Quit frankly, there's more value in landing on an asteroid than landing on Mars.

Kamala Harris never says anything interesting.  She either sounds like an airheaded buffoon or she tears into people with ad hominine attacks.  That amounts to a gossipy hag.  She is extremely uncharitable, and thusly, she has no leadership skills.  In my opinion, she has a severe personality trait disorder.  And remember that, pursuant to NY Times v Sullivan, an American may publicly give his opinion on a public figure.

The Smoke of Hell is symbolic of the good works never done by the souls burning there.  Smoke is unburnt fuel.  Well, the soul has the fuel needed to do good works.  But, there were many a person who was too cowardly or selfish or lust-filled or greedy to have used the fuel to do the good works that needed to be done around them.  Those good works went undone.  Thus, those in Hell are the Undoers of Good Works.  

Joe Biden was an Undoer, too ... just to make him look better than Trump.  And then, life in America turned into a living Hell for Afghan troops, the working class, the working poor, the students, the first-time home buyers, female athletes, and others, all thanks to Classified Docs Thief & All-Around Liar, Joe Biden.  Apparently, the longer you are in the United States Congress the more stupid you become.

May God now save us from Joe Biden ... and Eric Swalwell and Nancy Pelosi and Jill Biden and Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff and Kamala Harris and Maxine Waters and the rest of the cast of characters in the Theater of the Absurd known as the Democratic Party.  

July 13, 2024

Record High CO2 Count: Under Joe Biden, despite his Draconian impositions.

According to charting that I viewed, the 2024 co2 count is the highest in 20 million years.  But, a NOAA press release stated it as the highest in 14 million years.  The bottom line is that the Biden People are thoroughly incompetent, in having spent hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars for nothing.  Under Obama, it was $424 billion for "adaptation" & "research."  A waste of money.

Despite the punishing Draconian Measures of the Biden Administration, the May 2024 CO2 Count constituted Planet Earth's highest level of atmospheric CO2, in the past 14 million years ... or 19-20 million years.

The point of this post is to show you that, at his very very very best, Joe Biden is utterly worthless.  In January 2021, when Biden entered the White House, the atmospheric CO2 count was 414.8 ppm.  In May of 2024, the CO2 Count had thus far risen to 426.9 ppm.  This means that, in 3 and 1/3 years under Joe Biden ... and under John Kerry,  Michael Mann, and a certain UN prophet of doom ... atmospheric CO2 rose 12.1 ppm.  Yet, Joe Biden ran in 2020 as the savior-candidate of the Climate, promising to reduce the atmospheric presence of CO2.  Biden definitely proved himself to be NOT alert & aware.

Even though CO2 is absolutely necessary for photosynthesis and successful farm crop production, Joe Biden sought to reduce it, under the claim that it's small presence in the sky was causing the World to come to an end.

Enter Michael Mann, the Hockey Stick Graph Maker who claimed that the world's weather was mild for a thousand years, until Thomas Newcomen designed the the Atmospheric Engine, in 1712.  Yet, there were massive sea storms that even rearranged coastlines and sunk fleets, in the past thousand years.  There were blizzards, out-of-control glacier growth, floods, famines, pestilence, droughts, wildfires, and rivers drying-up all throughout the thousand year time span in focus.  This all occurred while co2 was 141 ppm to 152 ppm LOWER than it was in May of 2024. 

None the less, Michael Mann recently assured MSNBC viewers that Joe Biden is the one politician  absolutely needed to save the world from ... from life-giving CO2.  In fact, he said that no one did more for the environment than Joe Biden.

Well, if this is the case, then why is it that Biden had ZERO SUCCESS in his goal of reducing the atmospheric level of CO2?   It's the highest that it has been in a very very very long time.  Observe from US government publications, themselves:

This occurred under Joe Biden & Michael Mann ... under Joe Biden & Michael Mann ... under Joe Biden & Michael Mann.
Biden's policies have resulted in nothing but the working poor having to do things such as take out "cash advance bank loans," simply to pay for food, for the final days of the month.  Biden assured us that mankind is in a new era.  Well, since then, the atmospheric co2 level did nothing but rise to record heights.

There is a logical reason for this rise, but it has nothing to do with activity done in America ... or Western Europe.  The pronounced rise in atmospheric co2 is coming from Eastern Asian and even Southern Asia.  It has to do with things called "coal-fired power plants."  Thus, if North America, South America, and Western Europe vanished tomorrow, atmospheric co2 would still rise.  

Concerning the burning of coal, there are a number of molecular compounds and elements being emitted from the coal.  But, in America, there are filtration systems involved.  The actual "combustion products" that emit during coal burning are beyond the scope of this post.

For now, it will suffice for you to know that, from May 2023 to May 2024, co2 rose 3 ppm.  This was done all under the Biden Administration, thereby illustrating the utter worthlessness of that debt-inducing entity.  Moreover, concerning this, a 3 ppm jump in a solitary year happened five times in the past 50 years.  However, Biden went out of his way to burden the poor, in the name of co2 curtailment.  Yet, CO2 still sky-rocketed under him: 

Under every democrat party president, atmospheric co2 rose, especially under Obama and Biden.  Yet, Michael Mann spoke of the importance of electing a democrat, for the sake of the environment.

After all of the money that was spent on jacked-up fuel prices, the co2 count also jacked-upward.  After a treasury of money was spent, Biden became a certified failure in his first climate goal ... his goal of reducing the level of atmospheric co2.  Thus, it was a treasury of money wasted, as Biden achieved the opposite of his goal.  The CO2 level is entirely dependent upon China.  It's out of America's hands.

Of course, some of that taxpayer money went into Michael Mann's personal financial accounts.  This means that the unjustly enriched Michael Mann had a conflict of interest and had no right to speak of Joe Biden and the taxpayer funding of those people who claim to be climate scientists and who claim to be saving the World from its End.  It turned out to be a con game where you and I lose.  After all 90% of all greenhouse gases is WATER VAPOR (by volume) ... and the Planet Earth surface is 70% water.

The height of atmospheric co2 is in May.  This is known as Peak CO2 ... or the Keeling Curve Peak.  This is because there is much more land than ocean in the Northern Hemisphere, and May is the start of the Northern Hemisphere's growing season.  Incidentally, the Keeling Curve Concept began in 1958. 

Let's go to the beginning of the Biden presidency.  The January 2021 atmospheric CO2 Count was 414 ppm.  As far as goes May 2024 and the 426.9 ppm CO2 Count, CO2 will diminish slightly in the atmosphere, until the harvest season of 2024.  As of July 6th, 2024, the Count was already lowered to 425.50.  By the time Biden leaves office in 2025 ... if he doesn't die of a stroke before that time ... or if the 25th Amendment doesn't get activated ... the atmospheric CO2 will be 423 or 424.

This means that the increase of CO2 during Biden's four-year tenure will have been a net rise of 9 or 10 ppm.  Thus, we have an EXTREMELY FAILED campaign promise at hand, here.  This also means that John Kerry was utterly worthless and Michael Mann was equally worthless.  The rise in CO2 is due to the many new coal-fired power plants in China and India.  The destiny of atmospheric CO2 is out of the United States' hands.

In comparison to Joe Biden's 9 or 10 ppm rise in CO2, under Donald Trump, the level of CO2 rose 9 ppm, in a four-year period.  Under Obama, CO2 rose 7.77 ppm in his first four years, and 10.25 ppm during his final four years.  Under George Bush II, CO2 rose  8 ppm during his first term, and 8.3 ppm in his second term.

No matter who was president since 1848, the CO2 level rose.  In fact, no matter who was king since 1615,  CO2 rose.  Thus, the rise in CO2 began an entire century before the Industrial Revolution began ... in 1712.  Thus, Michael Mann was wrong to have asserted that the rise in co2 only began with the steam engine.   

All in all, throughout the Biden presidency, the rate of rise in atmospheric CO2 remained on a regular and predictable course.  This means that Biden completely failed in his confident promise to provide the leadership to reduce atmospheric co2.  

Moreover, the fact that Biden treated life-giving co2 as the greatest danger to society shows that he is an incompetent buffoon who did no studies of atmospheric science and/or weather theory.  After all, mammalian life on Earth can easily handle four times the amount of co2 in the air today.  

None the less, Biden assured us that he had the skill to unify the country and do things such as reduce atmospheric co2.  However, the opposite occurred.  The country is super-divided, inflation stung the working poor, the national debt became an even sicker joke, crime became something that you're supposed to endure, as long a s Joe and Jill can take multiple off-days in a Dupont mansion or two.  Meanwhile, co2 continues to rise ... now at a record rate.  Biden proved himself worthless.

The Forgotten

Those of us who are amongst the working class, the working poor, and the lower middle class had our lives reduced to a grief-stricken aggravation, by Joe Biden's "Climate Policy."  Biden never said, "I feel your pain" or "I acknowledge your pain."  He denied that there was any pain being experienced by the working poor, in him having said that Americans have the money to cover the jacked-up prices of the Biden Era.  

Those prices made a lot of food selections out of reach.  Joe & Jill Biden have repeatedly shown themselves to have no empathy for individual suffering.  Joe Biden's sole goal, since 1973, was to get ===>  re-elected.  And of course, Biden always brings up "Beau," so as to get the voters to feel sorry for Joe and to re-elect Joe out of empathy.

Newsflash:  We all lost people close to us.  I don't see the rest of us getting empathy from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, PBS, or ABC.  Joe Biden wore out Beau's welcome.  The public is tired of hearing, Beau, Beau, Beau.  You need to refrain from continually digging up the dead ... and let the dead rest.  We all lost somebody.  After all, human beings are mortals.

Hunger NEVER Forgets

Joe Biden has a policy of denying the truth, so that you will lose confidence in what you personally witnessed.  The Biden technique of  constantly denying the truth is intended to get you to start doubting your "lying eyes" to the point where you eventually conclude that you're psychotic if you don't believe what Joe Biden, Jim Biden, Jill Biden, and Company told you to believe.  

There is one huge problem with this psychological ploy called plausible deniability.   A member of the working poor never forgets the repeated experience of hunger pangs ... and the experience of repeatedly shivering, due to the jacked-up heating prices of the Biden years ... all of which is being done in the name of reducing co2.  

This is the case despite food-stamp allocations, being that such allocations are not enough in Biden Inflation, unless you can live off of noodles and rice.  Meanwhile, CO2 ended up rising to a record height, without delay.  

And remember, the sky-rocketed inflation was done by Joe Biden, so that atmospheric co2 will decrease.  Well, CO2 is at its highest in 14 to 20 million years.  

In as much, why do Americans insist on voting for incompetent jerks who are greed-stricken tyrants ... with lucrative real estate holdings... and who cling-on to power for 30 and 40 years, never sharing it with anyone ... while refusing to pass the baton ... and merely keeping a clinched-fist grip on power ... while jacking upward the National Debt to the point of National Bankruptcy?

In review, 99.57% of the sky outside is already co2-free.  And as far as goes methane, it exists at 2 parts per million in the atmosphere.  Nitrous Oxide exists at one-third part per million ... or one part per three million ... specifically 0.337 ppm.

A streetside tree in the former steel capital of the world, near the Three Rivers Confluence, in the Spring of 2024.  Is this what you define as a climate crisis?  Is this parched global warming doom?
Now, there still remains the need to prove that there is a climate crisis in the first place.  A couple of neglected & breached dams throughout a global surface area  of 197 million square miles does NOT count.  Yearly Monsoon Season does NOT count, either.  In as much ===>

1} How many dead bodies did you see floating down your street, in the past ten years?  2} How many times did the coroner's ambulance come to your street to pick-up the remains of those who succumbed to Summertime heat?  3} To what degree has your nearest river dried-up?  

4} How many acres of the nearest woods are parched & lifeless, without a single green leaf to be found in them?  5} For how long has your front yard stopped being green?  6}  How many times did a plague of locusts devour your farmlands?  7} How many neighborhood houses are laying broken under a hillside of mud?

8} How many people in your locale thirsted to death?  9} How many were there in your hometown who starved to death?   10} How many houses near you were suddenly washed away?  11} How many sand storms visited your neighborhood?  12} How many birds are laying dead in your yard?

If the answer to all of these questions combined is "very little to none," then you know that you are NOT locked in any kind of climate crisis.  

Once again, there has been no weather condition in the past three years any hotter or any worse than that which transpired in 2012, 2003, 1998, 1988, 1980, 1976, 1958, 1954, 1936, 1935, 1934, 1927 (the greatest flood year in US history,) 1922 (the Arctic Melt year), 1921, 1913, 1911 (Tragic for Paris,) 1910, 1905, 1901, 1895-96, 1878, 1871 ---Plus: the drought years of the American Civil War --- and the entire Medieval Warm Period which ran from the [1] Muslim invasions of Western Europe to [2] the Viking invasions of Western Europe to [3] the establishment the French Carolingian Dynasty to the  [4] establishment of the Holy Roman Empire to [5] the establishment of Hugh Capet's long French dynasties to 1284 CE, when the Wolfe Minimum arrived.  There are 65 to 70 or so "posts" here ... (discourses) ... at the Blue Marble Album which explains things in detail.

New England, 2023.  Serious Question:  What climate crisis?
Oh, by the way, the Southern Hemisphere reported record COLD temperatures in May of 2024.  Of course, the Climate Crisis Profiteers have reported that this has been the hottest May in human history.  Well, Global includes Northern & Southern Hemispheric temperature reports.  So, how can you have the hottest May ever known to man, when the Southern Hemisphere is reporting record cold?

Plus, when you look at charts and graphs of the Biden years, those are NOT from raw data.  They are called "homogenized" temperatures.  

Now, "homogenization" is defined as "correcting for biases."  Its benefit is in monthly temperature records that are missing the high and/or low temperature, for a number of days, in any one month.  Thus, an unconscionable scientist could leave out of the calculations record low temps and simply smooth out a temperature "curve."  This would make it falsely appear that global warming is taking over the world.

The goal in homogenization, according to NOAA, is to make daily temperature "normals" to be consistent with "monthly temperature normals."  The goal is to make products that have a "smooth annual cycle devoid of day-to-day sampling variability and intermonth discontinuities."  Such variabilities to be erased (and made devoid) include record low temperature readings.  This will make it appear that global warming is racing throughout the planet.  This is how you "hide the decline."

That which is needed is the RAW DATA, aka absolute temperatures.  If "they" keep raw data away from the public, they are keeping truth away from the public who pays them in the first place, in the form of taxpayer dollars.

Thus, "homogenization" refers to removing "temperature anomalies" from any month being graphed.  This means to toss out the record lows.  Record lows prevent a charted month from smoothly looking like a global warming phenomenon.  

None the less, their goal is literally to homogenize the Data in the United States Historical Climatology Network.  The final goal is to produce averages, averages, averages, averages .... not actuals.  Thus, when a report is presented, claiming every recent month and every recent year to have been the hottest one ever, you are not getting actual temperatures.  You are getting none other than homogenized averages comprised of some form of curve "smoothing," somewhere.  

The "smoothing" omits all of those canyon-looking dips in the temperature graph of a cold spell here and a cold spell there.   Very simply, you can commit a whole lot of treachery & con artistry with charts and/or graphs.  So, if a novice views a smoothed graph, he/she immediately assumes that cold spells no longer exist.

NOAA explains the alteration of temperature numbers ... otherwise known as homogenization ... in the following way.  You need to become familiarized with "benchmarking" & "clustering," amongst other things.  Don't be lazy with this particular topic.



Concerning the record COLD of May 2024, view the following:

In fact, being that it is reported that the past 11 months were all record high months, first demand to see the RAW DATA ONLY, otherwise known as the absolute temperature readings.  

Secondly, explain the intense American cold spell of January 2024 ... in addition to May 2024 record lows, in the Southern Hemisphere.  Then, if you are asked if you are a "climate denier," say that you are a "temperature absolutist" who demands the raw data only.

Mankind, you're being conned big time.  Now, there are 64 to 68 other climate "posts" at this Blue Marble Album.   You need to look at them, even to the point of actually reading them. 

Australia 2023.  Where's the climate crisis, again?
There is also Anthony Watts' site, Tony Heller's "mostly" weather history videos which happen to be invaluable.  Will Happer is worth the time spent on watching him.  A famous former Accuweather man has a site that's not an insult to anyone's intelligence, as well.  

A Private Pilot Training Program's Weather Theory book is invaluable, too.  So too are books on oceanography; particularly Eckman Transport, the ENSO, Upwelling, and Downwelling.  Include inland science which comprises Adiabatic Heating & Cooling, as well as Pressure Gradient Forcing.   This involves understanding the predictable weather behavior on the Leeward side of Mountain ranges, as well as that on the Windward side of the same mountain range.

Atmospheric Science & Weather Theory is NOT 5th grade math.  It's not the simpleton version portrayed by Saint Alban's School grad, Al Gore.  Life is involved.  Death is involved.  Life & Death are heavily involved states of existence.  American politicians would find you too intimidating, if you were to be anything but sophomoric ... and opinionless.  Think for yourself, for a change.

For now, you can read about the four notable cold spells during July & August of 2023, when the mainstream media was falsely reporting that Antarctica was going through a 7-Sigma meltdown ... during the coldest time of the year ... at the coldest place on Earth ... when sunlight is either sparse or nonexistent.  In as much, truth is sparse to nonexistent in the mainstream corporate media.

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