November 28, 2022

London Bridge not Burning Down ... my fair lady

In July of 2022, the media claimed that atmospheric co2 finally reached a tipping point.  The claim was that co2 was saturating the atmosphere so badly that it was now causing London to dry-out and start burning.  So, on the 19th of July, the media showed the video of a small business complex on fire.  Then came videos of a couple houses, in addition to a burning field or two, one of which was near a highway.  

In as much, the media claimed that those particular July 19 fires were caused by the elevation of co2 in the atmosphere.   The problem is that the media failed to mention that the 610 square mile region known as Greater London has been having an average of 56 to 157 fires per day, everyday since 1966.  Greater London has been on fire everyday, since record-keeping began.  AND, the yearly number of Greater London fires decreased tremendously since 2004, in a continuous & relief-bringing decline.

Now, Planet Earth has had atmospheric co2 at  levels 9 times and even 16 times HIGHER than today.  In fact, during the height of atmospheric co2, the Cambrian Explosion occurred, resulting in the emergence of multi-celled sea life.  And later in history, when atmospheric co2 was 9 times higher than today, the Ordovician Ice Age was in progress.  This assertion, of course, is all a matter of "ice-core proxy evidence," inter alia. --- (Inter alia means, "and other things.")  Incidentally, the "inter alia" included the stoma-count of fossilized leaves.  Stoma are openings in the leaves, where co2 is absorbed.

Now, as far as goes today's co2 level of 417 parts per million, it translates into this:  For every 2,398 molecules in today's Troposphere, only 1 is co2.  Again, co2 = 1 out of 2,398 airborne molecules.

Anyway, London had two back-to-back heat days, one week apart.  The first week comprised two 87 degree Fahrenheit days.  One week later, there was a 99 degree Fahrenheit day, followed by a 103 degree Fahrenheit day.  After the 103 Fahrenheit day of July 19, the temps immediately went back to normal.  But, the propaganda machines had a field day with Britain's sole 100+  Fahrenheit day.  Oh, it was Armageddon 3.0, the Apocalypse 4.0, and the End of the World, squared & cubed.

Needless to say,  it was everybody's fault, for riding in motor vehicles and keeping warm in the Wintertime, as well as using evil evil air conditioners in the Summertime. 

Below is the London Temperature Calendar, for July 2022.  Here's the London that was presented by the media as an overly heated inferno.  Okay, Bill-Gates-funded-journalists, I'm all ready for this climate crisis, end-of-the-world doomsday stuff, now.  Show me where this super oppressive, long-term, human-body-killing heat is, in the London Summer of 2022.  Where is that darn Climate Crisis that the media kept talking about?  Come out, come out, wherever you are.  Wow.  The End of the World is right in front of my face, and I can't even see it.  Silly me.  

In Celsius:

In Fahrenheit:

Now, concerning the claim of 2022 being the year of end-of-the-world record heat: {1} Australia went through record cold weather in June of 2022.  {2} Brazil went through record cold weather in May of 2022.  {3} The Midwest of the United States went through record cold in October of 2022.  {4} And in the middle of November 2022, the South Pole went through back-to-back-to-back record cold temperature days, thereby negating the claim that the South Pole is on a crash-course to catastrophic Global Warming and a Sea Level Rise that will flood humanity.  In fact, Antarctica had the coldest Winter in its recorded history as recently as 2021.  Observe:

This Stefano Di Battista is not to be confused with the jazz musician who has the same name.

But of course, the focus was on the heated areas of Planet Earth, during the Summer of 2022.  The fact is that the equally hot summers of 1901, 1910, 1911, 1921, 1922, 1931, 1934, 1935, and 1936 transpired when the atmospheric co2 level was much lower than today; at only 296 to 309 parts per million.  That is 108 to 121 parts per million LESS than today.  In fact, during the heatwave years of 1871, 1878, and 1896, the co2 level was even lower.  So, how could co2 be the cause of heatwaves during heatwaves that transpired while the co2 level was quite low?

Concerning the commercial media networks' claim that mankind has to aggressively rid the atmosphere of the industrial "carbon footprint," you need to understand the following facts:  The atmosphere is made of [1] 78% carbon-free Nitrogen, [2] 21% carbon-free Oxygen, [3] 0.93% carbon-free Argon.  Thus, the Earth's atmosphere is already at least 99.93% carbon-free.  Do you detect the con game that's been played with humanity since 2006?  2006 was the year of the first Al Gore movie which was an insult to the intelligence of anyone even slightly familiar with Atmospheric Physics ... especially in what was falsely said about Lake Chad.

At this point, view the chart provided by the London Fire Brigade in 2014, when it was announced that yearly fires in the 610 square mile London region decreased to half the number of fires-per-year.  That is to say, it was reduced to half the number of fires that transpired in Greater London, during the 1970s, 1980s & 1990s.  That chart is directly below here.  This significant pattern of decrease in Greater London fires occurred while the atmospheric co2 level kept rising at a notable rate --- sometimes at an aggressive rate.  This is 100,000% proof that an increased level of co2 does NOT cause an increase in Greater London fires. 

Moreover, the least number of London Area fires-per-year occurred last year, in 2021.  And the co2 level in 2021 was exactly the same as in 2022, except for one and a half parts per million.  (((2021 was 414.68 ppm, and 2022 was 416.27 ppm.)))

Thus, anyone with a reasonable mind would instantly know that you can't have record low fires in one year that came after EIGHTEEN consecutive years of decreasing fire numbers, followed by overwhelmingly end-of-the-world blazes with the same co2 level in the air, one year later --- and occurring during a year which will end up having either the third lowest, fourth lowest, or fifth lowest fires-per-year, in London's 56 year record-keeping history.  

Moreover, this pronounced decrease in Greater London fires occurred while the population of the area increased by 1,300,000 people.  Now, an increase in population brings with it an increased probability of fires.  However, despite the simultaneous increase in the London Area population and in the atmospheric CO2 level, Greater London achieved an eighteen-year-long streak of consistently decreased fire event numbers.  Thus, CO2 is not as powerful as the media claims it to be, in killing-off society.   The asininity of demonizing CO2 is that, without CO2, life on Earth ceases.  After all, CO2 is the activator of photosynthesis. 

 The important note here is that, from 1968 to 2004, yearly Greater London Area fires occurred in excess of 40,000 each year.  In fact, 2001 & 2003 each had over 50,000 fires, as did 1970, 1976, 1989, 1990, and 1995.  Then, the yearly number of London Area fires had progressively diminished to less than 20,000 per year, by 2017 --- in addition to the Year 2014, when only 19,621 fires occurred in Greater London.  

At this point, keep in mind that the media in July of 2022 showed houses or small buildings on fire, as if CO2 caused spontaneous combustion throughout London.  "Chart #17" below is from the London Fire Brigade, and it mentions that "House fires in Greater London have reduced drastically since 1981."  This decrease occurred while co2 levels were rising and while the population of Greater London was rising by an additional 1.3 million people.

This proves that in no way did the constant rise of atmospheric co2 cause an increase in Greater London fires.  Thus, the 2022 London news reports were all scams.  It was one big false alarm.   In as much, let's view additional evidentiary support once provided by the London Fire Brigade, but which was ever-so-coincidentally taken offline three days after this discourse was originally posted:


Above:  The stats of 2021.  That's last year.  Last year was the year of the LEAST NUMBER OF FIRES in the London Area, in all of London's recorded history.  In as much, 14,929 is much less than 40,000.

Most important is that the co2 level of 2021 was the exact same co2 level of 2022, minus an insignificant one and a half parts per million.  The exact same co2 level gave the 610 square mile London Vicinity its LOWEST AMOUNT of fires-per-year, ever since record keeping began.  Thus, we have 100,000% proof that the co2 level of 2022 did NOT cause London to catch on fire, as the media very falsely claimed, to its future legal detriment. 

Above are the stats for the Year 2020.  This is the year with the second LOWEST number of fires.  17,409 is also much less than 40,000.

Directly below are the stats for the Year 2022, as of October of that year.  The Year 2022 will be one of the lowest incident & fire years on record.  In fact, it thus far is the year with the least number of incidents, depending on the November & December stats.  But as far as goes its final tally for fires, that is projected to be about 18,000 to 19,000, if this chart (posted in November) includes the October fire statistics.  If the chart below only includes the stats up to September, then the projected sum total is 20,000 to 21,000 for the year.  This also is much less than the typical 40,000+ yearly fires that occurred between 1968 and 2004.

Below is the Year 2009.  It's here to show you that other years had many more fires than did the Year 2022, in addition to what the 2014 London Fire Brigade graph showed.  The 29,591 fires of 2009 are much more than the 14,929 fires of 2021, the most recent year with "completed statistics."  Remember, 2022 still has at least November and December to be counted in its stats.
Below is the Year 2010, posted to show the same.   The 27,462 fires of 2010 are a whole lot more than the 14,929 fires of 2021.  Thus, there was no co2 saturation burning-up Greater London.  It was all a lie.

And of course, in order to show that there is no cherry picking going-on here, the Year 2011 is included.  Its fire numbers are also much higher than those of 2022, as well as 2021.  Thus, 2022 was NOT the tipping point in any capacity.  It was merely another year where the media once again lied to the public.
Now, the media reported that, on July 19, the London Fire Brigade had its busiest day since WWII.  Well, look at the charts above, at the "All Incidents" window.  Those are "fire calls" to which the London firemen and women must respond, firstly to see if it's a false alarm or not.  The Year 2011, for example, had 115,130 "incidents."  Amongst them, 55,724 were false alarms.  Divide the incident number by 12 (12 months.)  115,130 divided by 12 is 9,594 fire calls per month.  That translates into an average of 318 calls per day.  There were far more "daily incidents" (daily fire calls) in the 1970s, '80s, & '90s.
Many other years had averaged many more calls (incidents) per day than 2022 ... and 2011.  In fact, the Year 2009 had an average of 370 "incidents" (fire calls) per day.  After all, it had 134,379 incidents.  There has always been a high number of fire-calls ("incidents") in Greater London, in any one day.  Were the number of fire calls (incidents) for July 19, 2022 that much higher than any other London day, in light of the fact that the London Fire Brigade gets hundreds of calls everyday?

The news article below is "truncated."  It's only part of the whole.  The entire article can be found by clicking here:
Now, 2022 was proclaimed to be the hottest, most disastrous, ice-dissolving year of them all, by media members who have no experience in atmospheric physics or meteorology or geology or in working outdoors for decades ... or in honesty.  The untrained folk with microphones and computer keyboards claimed that never before in the history of mankind have the weather events of 2022 ever been seen.  Well, for starters, try the Year 1922 .... one hundred years prior.   One certainty is that there was much more Arctic Ice in existence today, in 2022, than there was in 1922.  In fact, 1922 actually was the Great Melt-down.
In addition, the Years 1910 & 1911 were also far worse than 2022, as is illustrated in a previous post, with photos of 1910 & 1911 newspaper articles included. 
Observe the examples below which prove this to be very true about the Years 1922 & 1923.  We begin with the 1923 news report that Glacier National Park was melting at a rapid rate.  At the time, the prediction was that all of the glaciers at Glacier National were going to be melted-away, by the Year 1948.   It was an ongoing false prophecy.   The most recent failed prediction was that the glaciers were going to be gone by 2020.  They are still there.  
 None the less, the articles posted below show the severity of heat during the 1920s.  This shows that it is a complete falsehood to claim that there were no severe heat years until recently.  The heat and the forest fires were far worse in the 1870s, 1890s, 1901, 1910, the 1920s, and the 1930s.  As far as go droughts, the worse ones were in the later part of the 19th Century in addition to 1934.  
And as far as goes the worst flood year, it would be 1927, for sure.  Yet, in the same 1927, there was also a brutal drought.  In as much, on a planetary globe that is tilted at its axis, one man's drought is another man's flood.  Needless to say, newspaper archives of decades and centuries past contain the evidence which shows that the recently altered climate graphs and charts of the U.S. government are outright fraudulent misrepresentations.  
The government has a conflict of interest here, being that members of governments throughout the world advocate imposing "the carbon tax" upon humanity.  Thus, their "sales pitch" is that there never was weather like the weather of 2022, when the truth is that many years were far worse --- and when the truth is also that 2022 was greatly exaggerated.  Yet, 90% of all greenhouse gases, by volume, is Water Vapor.  Water Vapor has no carbon footprint.  So, why put a carbon tax on air that is 99.93% carbon-free?
In review, the atmosphere is 78% carbon-free Nitrogen, 21% carbon-free Oxygen, and 0.93% carbon-free Argon.  This equals a 99.93% carbon-free atmosphere.  Do you sense a scam amongst the Carbon Tax Lobbyists?
The Year 2022 brought nothing new; not even the predictable con artist media personalities who told the citizenry yet another science fiction horror story, all the while neglecting to tell the public that the Year 2022 also had record cold temperatures within it, along with a restored Great Barrier Reef.  Huge news.  But not for the con artists. 

All of this coincides with the presidency of known liar, Joe Biden.  For the record, his lies, as much as his public hair-sniffing, are on video ... and on film.  This was especially the case during the 1988 presidential campaign, when Joe Biden became Liar Extraordinaire.  Only later did he become Hair-Sniffer Extraordinaire.

All of this also coincides with the $174 million worth of grant dollars given to a multiplicity of media outlets, compliments of none other than Mr. Microbe ... Bill Gates.  My!  What a coincidence!  BTW, take a look at:  

                   Bill Gates rigging the media at a discount price of 174 million "grant" dollars.

All in all, in 1922 and 1923, it was reported that the Arctic was melting severely.  Well, Arctic Ice replenished in the 1960s and 1970s, indicating that climate IS cyclical, and not at all driven by the trace gas co2 ... or by methane which only exists at 2 parts per million in the atmosphere ... or by nitrous oxide (N2O) which exists at ONE part per THREE million.

Keep in mind that this is the report of 1922 ... NOT 2022.  There is much more ice on Earth today than there was in 1922, when the atmospheric co2 level was no more than 304 parts per million.  Today, co2 is at 417 parts per million.  

When I polled people, asking them what percentage of the atmosphere is CO2, the common response was, "I would say 30%."  They were only off by 29.95%.  Only one person gave me an answer that was almost correct, concerning the co2 level, and that was while I was in Chicago.  One person east of Ohio, incidentally, gave the answer of 70%.  Yet, he was a very rational person who assumed that the level had to be ridiculously high or else Al Gore wouldn't have been obsessively harping about it for decades.  

None the less, the visual aid which helps the co2 count be understood is the one which compares the various atmospheric molecules to a Rose Bowl audience.  In as much, if the atmosphere's constituents were Rose Bowl fans, 78,000 of them would be Nitrogens.  21,000 of them would be Oxygens.  930 of them would be Argons, and only 42 of them would be CO2.  

As far as goes methane, there would be one methane for every FIVE Rose Bowl stadiums.  Methane is only 2 parts per million in Planet Earth's Troposphere.  That's it.  N2O is only one part per THREE million, in the same Troposphere.  That amounts to one nitrous oxide molecule for every 30 Rose Bowl stadiums.

This shows the failure of the commercial media and the American public school system, as well as Al Gore, Bill Nye, Michael Mann, and Bill Gates.  Then again, it shows the success of those people spreading misinformative and disinformative propaganda, thereby deceiving anyone too lazy to read & check things for himself/herself.   Add to the contributors of disinformation certain personnel of the United Nations who are simply trying to con American government officials out of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars.

In addition, when Obama's EPA chief was asked the percentage of atmospheric co2 during a congressional hearing, she did not know the answer.  This is beyond pathetic.

© Patrick Anthony Pontillo, taken during the coldest winter in 40 yrs.

The journalists' ironic contradiction

A great irony in co2 climate reports is that one type of journalist describes co2 as causing humid and sweltering days, while another type of journalist describes co2 as causing hot, brittle dryness.  So, which one is it, journalists?  In can't be both.  In fact, there are weather disasters which require low pressure systems, and there are weather disasters which require high pressure systems.  So, which one does co2 cause?  It can't be both.  As you can see, when it comes to scientific details, journalists are not on the same page with each other. 

Moreover, in 1922, there were official reports that amounted to far less Arctic ice in 1922 than in 2022.  After all, in the middle of September 2022, when the Arctic Summer came to a close, there was still 1.8 MILLION square miles of ice remaining in the Arctic Ocean.  In 1922, there was a scarce amount of ice up to the 81st parallel.    

As a reference point or two, the North Pole is the 90th Parallel, while Helsinki and Oslo are near the 60th parallel, with Moscow being near the 56th Parallel.  Stockholm is near 60 degrees parallel, also.  Thus, 1922 was the Great Meltdown, when co2 was only at 304 ppm (parts per million).  Therefore, co2 did NOT cause the Meltdown of 1921, 1922, & 1923.  Nor did it cause the heatwaves of 1871, 1878, 1896, 1901, 1910, etc.  Therefore, it didn't cause the heatwaves of 2012 or 2022, either.
July 1901 ... 121 years ago.   Atmospheric co2 was 296 ppm.  Low co2, yet heat waves abounded in those surrounding years.

The truth is that, if you want to go green, then increase the level of atmospheric CO2.  It's quite simple.  It simply doesn't make as much money as does claiming that CO2 is going to wipe out humanity, unless you give hundreds of millions of dollars to Al Gore.  Meanwhile, hundreds of billions of United States taxpayer dollars were appropriated to those activists and "scientists" who found favor with Al Gore, compliments of congressional "leaders" who dwell in mansions and who do all so exceptionally well in their stock investments.  What a coincidence that the most successful investors are U.S. congressional members!!!  But of course, no insider trading is permitted.  Or is it?

November 23, 2022

111 year old news articles prove today's graphs to be a wallpaper of lies

Observe the blue graph below.  It looks like Planet Earth is going to soon burn up.  Oh My Dog!!!  We're all gonna die!!!  Hey, wait a minute.  Zoom-in on the lowest part of that graph.  It looks like a trough.  It looks like a valley.  It represents the years 1908 to 1912 ... approximately.  Well, according to the graph below, the coldest temperature-dip years in the 135 years represented on the graph below were 1910, 1911, and 1912.  

There is a humongous mistake on the part of the people who altered the previous temperature "anomaly" graph, and replaced it with this one here.   And what is the big problem instantly seen by anyone who has even the slightest education in weather history???  ANS:  The Year 1911 was the Year of an Epic & Tragic heat wave, while 1910 was reported as having been "extraordinarily hot."  In fact, there did occur the Great Fire of 1910 in Northwestern America.  There is no way that 1910 & 1911 are the second and third coldest years in the past 135 or even 142 of them.   (1880 to 2015 = 135 + 2016 to 2022 = 142)

As a quick example, the only time in Fargo North Dakota history when the temperature reached 80F during March was in March of 1910.  Let's go step by step, here.  The first step is to know what "anomaly" means.  It means incremental change ... step by step change ... unit by unit change upward or downward.

GMS: Annual Global Temperature, 1880-2015 

Concerning the drastic upward slope of this temperature "anomaly" graph, it's a simple numbers-game illusion.  Look at the vertical line, aka the Y-Axis.  The smaller the amount of numbers (or grid lines or incremental units) on the Y-axis of any graph means that the appearance of incline or decline ... in the slope of the graph ... will be pronounced.  The smaller the number of grid-lines means the more severe is the degree of change.  And such a thing is always deceptive.

Moreover, that chart only reports on the degrees of change of temperature.  It doesn't report the temperatures, per se.  And such a thing is a great way to deceive novices --- laymen --- the untrained public.

Now, the blue graph above is certainly fraudulent in its claim of temperature change, concerning the Years 1910 and 1911, for sure.  The 1911 heat wave was extremely ferocious.  And the great lesson taught through it is that there is NO CORRELATION between co2 levels and temperature change.  In 1911, the atmospheric co2 level was 300 parts per million.  That amounts to 117 ppm LOWER than today.  Now, despite the low co2 level of 1911, 41,000+ people died from the July heat of that year, in France alone.  Also in 1911, England had a brutal heat wave.  The one in 2022 didn't compare to it.  The one in 2022 was chump change, in comparison to the one in 1911.

And of course, the London Fire Brigade already reported, in 2014, that London Area fires DECREASED by almost one-half of what they were in the 1980s & 1990s.  In fact, 2021 was the year of the least number of London Area fires, all occurring when the co2 level was as high as it was in 2022. 

~ ~ ~

Of course, there was a cold November in the same Year of 1911, as well as a cold January in 1912.  That partially offset some of the deadly and tragic heat of May and then July of 1911.  However, Feb 1912 was not exceptional in cold temperatures, at all.   This means that there is no way that temperatures dropped 0.5F in a three year span.  

In fact, take a look at a short 2015 report issued by AG Weekly, concerning the Year 1910.  Such reports are written for personnel who don't have the time to sit and read tomes.  Things are presented "to the point."  So, it's a really brief and educational piece of reading material.

See:  Weather Talk: 1910; A Hot Year; Extraordinarily Hot

At the most, the Year 1911 would have "broken even," with record Winter Cold and Record Summer Heat cancelling each other out, and having the temperature-change equal Zero degrees Fahrenheit.  None the less, 1910 was a heated year, on its own.  Yet, the newer government graph falsely claims that there was a significant drop of temperature during the general time span of 1909 to 1912.  No way.  So, a question remains:  How long will the United States government continue to lie to its people? 

In graph-making, there is something called, "smoothing", where you delete the jagged parts of a graph.  It's simply a matter of "rounding off the edges," so to speak.  This means that you can erase extreme temps, wherever convenient for you.  Thus, a record-breaking heat-wave or cold-wave can magically vanish during graph "reconstruction," thereby making the years represented seem mildly harmless.  

Where there's smoke, there is fire.  Where there's one falsehood on a graph, there are others.

There are other years on the blue graph below which can be addressed as fraudulent, also.  But, I don't get compensated as much as a penny to undo the fraud being done by the usual suspects --- who happen to be highly paid suspects.  Such a thing will take time to do --- if there's ever time to do so.  

None the less, a table of the raw temperature data is far more honest than a "smoothed" graph, especially when the graph looks jagged in appearance.  Cute trick there.  But, it's still an insult to the intelligence of any honest person who studied atmospheric science --- or weather history.

In as much, this post and numerous other ones show that Sigourney Weaver outright lied during the 2016 Democratic National Convention, when she claimed that mankind never saw such catastrophic weather events as the ones which occurred after atmospheric co2 rose above 400 ppm.  There were much worse & more catastrophic weather events decades and centuries prior, when co2 levels were 320, 300, and 280 parts per million.  

Ex-Governor Cuomo said the same thing as did the Sigourney Weaver who now has no credibility.  He was proven to be a liar, just as much.

Let's go to the graph of gray & black, located directly below.  It's the actual "raw data" temperature graph of 1880 to 2015.  The X-Axis begins at zero, making this an honest graph.  Actually, it begins at MINUS 10 degrees Fahrenheit.  Thus, the X-axis increments are plentiful.  Thus, there is proportionality in the viewpoint of the graph, as opposed to a distorted clown show that make every novice assume that the world is coming to an end "in 12 years."   The truth is that, if mankind doesn't nuke itself into extinction, the next 12 years will be one of a greening earth, due to the power of photosynthesis carried by the co2 molecule.

Okay folks.  Here's your "end-of-the-world" "Global Warming,"  I mean "Climate Change."

And voila.  There's your insignificant & non-crisis temperature rise, since 1880.   This is why the typical outdoor working man of the past 20, 25, and 30 years always says that the "Claim of a Climate Crisis, with no time left to spare," is total bull crap, squared and cubed.

And of course, if you have a  problem with the outdoor working man, call one via telephone, arrange to meet him somewhere, and you can tell him to his face that he's wrong.  And you can even mock him, to his face ... like you do from a distance, with Dr. Will Happer, the late Dr. Tim Ball, Meteorologist Anthony Watts, electrical engineer & computer scientist & geologist Tony Heller, Dr. Roy Spencer, etc, etc, etc.

By the way, it's the working man who kept you safe, warm, and fed throughout the years.  Elves did not do those smooth roads & guardrails upon where you safely travel.  Nor did elves build those elevators you smoothly ascend and descend, by merely pressing a button.  Your ingratitude and pseudo-intellectual arrogance is not appreciated.

All in all, if the charts and graphs do not match the newspaper and magazine reports of the times represented on those charts & graphs, then you have yourself one fraudulent chart ... or graph.

Just so that you'll know:  This photo is of THREE news articles of the time (July 1911)
The West Coast fires of recent were nothing new.

November 22, 2022

If it were true, you would always be exhaling coal-like particulate matter.


Preliminary note with irony attached to it:  In having been in construction as far back as 1992, (with respiratory allergy sabbaticals taken in-between --- along with one steel-beam-crush injury sabbatical)  I have already met all forms of humanity.  And on occasion, the subject of "Climate Change" did come up.  The only ones who believed in the claim of fast-approaching Doomsday Climate Change were {1} recently graduated high school students who have very few years of life experience, and {2} people in local government who don't even know the percentage of CO2 in the outdoor air.  

Everyone else said either "The whole thing is bull crap" or "It's not as bad as 'they' make it out to be."   These people have had the experience of living in Earth's atmosphere decades longer than a newly graduated high school student.  They speak from much longer experience.  And of course, as far as goes small time politicians, they're just like big time politicians, in being mynah birds, video recorders, and/or robots, rattling off bumper sticker slogans and predictable clichés.

The reflex action to dispel Climate Doomsday Rhetoric is especially the case for geologists who do not receive taxpayer-funded paychecks.  The same goes for any tradesman who worked outdoors for the past 20 to 25 to 30 years.  

Now, this concerns the claim that today's trace amount of atmospheric CO2 is causing the End of the World.  The typical geologist mentions the tremendous amount of CO2 which rockets out of the typical erupting volcano, followed by no Global Warming heatwave resulting from the sudden unleashing of CO2.  Meanwhile, the typical 25-year tradesman simply says that "climate is cyclical."  Therefore, the common citizen, and therefore the reasonable human, thinks that the alarm of a fast-approaching climate change extinction-event is senseless buffoonery.   

In addition, the pertinent charts & graphs of the 1990s (which outline the temperature, sea level, and frequency of weather events of the prior 100 years, 500 years, and 1,000 years) have been decisively altered and do NOT sing in harmony with newspaper reports & chronicles of the same years, same decades, and same centuries represented in those graphs.  This is known as Data Tampering, and the newspaper reports of old constitute the numerous pieces of evidence which prove the "newer" charts & graphs to be fraudulent.   

Example:  A "newer" NOAA graph claimed that 1920, 1921, and 1922 were among the coldest years of the 20th Century.  Go and look through the newspaper archives for those years, and see for yourself.  Those were heatwave years, marked my notable ice melt  around the Arctic Circle regions ... those years were as heated as the 1930s, and they were the opposite of the basically frigid 1960s and 1970s.  Look for yourself, so that you'll see that something does NOT match, concerning news reports of old and today's "new and improved" weather event charts and temperature graphs.

2nd Example:  Today's wildfire frequency chart only begins at 1983, the year of the lowest amount of forest fires & wildfires.  The REAL data goes back to 1916.  There were motor vehicles that could track and measure burnt forest land very effectively.  The Years 1926 to 1943 were the years of massive forest fire frequency.  Today does NOT come close, in burnt acreage.

Now, that which is more interesting goes as follows:

Concerning the key players in the man-made-co2 "Climate Change" hysteria, everyone knows who Al Gore is.  And everyone definitely knows who Bill Nye is.  Well, NOBODY knows who Michael Mann is.  Now, he's the one whose horn gets tooted the most by the most "liberal"of  media members. Yet, nobody amongst the common folk in America knows who he is.  That is a major crash-and-burn for a self-centered narcissist such as Michael Mann.  This also shows that the commercial media, the public TV media, and the various Bill-Gates-funded entities failed at their own propaganda ploy.  

This is the carbon footprint of CO2.  CO2 happens to activate photosynthesis.

Let us begin:

The first indication that the CO2 Doomsday Narrative has been a lie from Day 1 consists in the fact that, if CO2 were the pollutant Al Gore said it was, then you would constantly be exhaling a very visible form of carbonized soot --- something equal to cigarette smoke or coal dust.  Your breath would be a color ranging from gray to brown to black.   You and everyone else would need to clean the soot off your shirt/blouse every evening.  After all, pollution  is ====>  unburnt fuel.  This is not to be confused with particulates which are produced during the unavoidable abrasion of machine parts ... or engine parts.

Moreover, all those photos of active smokestacks shown on-screen, while being presented as CO2 polluting the Earth, were false-light misrepresentations.  The visible part of those smokestack emissions were gaseous compounds other than CO2.  CO2 is odorless and colorless.  It's also harmless when under 2,000 ppm.  It's not deadly unless you're exposed to 84,000 ppm for an hour.  So compare:  416 ppm outdoors today vs 84,000 ppm in laboratory conditions.

Your breath is proof that CO2 is colorless.  Look into a mirror.  Are you a fire-breathing dragon?  Are you a coal-dust-exhaling dragon?  Well, the average human exhales 1.6 to 2.3 lbs of CO2 per day.  Yet, each one's breath looks clear.  That's enough of an indication that you've been conned by Al Gore & Michael "hockey sticks" Mann.  

There are a number of observations in front of your face ... in historical logs ... in monastery ledgers ... in almanacs ... in newspaper articles dating back to the 1600s ... in maritime charts & reports ... and in "proxy evidence" ... which show that this Chicken Little Hysteria is a complete con game.  You need to look around and test the "end-of-the-world" assertions for cracks.  You will find many cracks.  

Example #2:  London Area fires decreased significantly since the 1980s & 1990s, even though co2 levels consistently increased.

This example concerns the very false claim that elevated co2 levels set London on Fire in 2022.  The London Fire Brigade reported enthusiastically in 2014 that yearly fires throughout the 610 square mile region of the London vicinity had been reduced to approximately half of the number of yearly fires of the 1980s & 1990s.   In fact, the Year 2021 was the record low year in London Area fires.  

From the 1970s to 2003, yearly London area fires were over 40,000.  In the mid-2010s, the yearly fire number went below 18,000.  In 2021, the number went below 15,000, even though co2 levels had been rising with relative significance since the 1980s & 1990s.  So, in 2022, you were told a lot of lies.  

Dry heat from Africa caused the two days of a major British heat anomaly, in 2022.  Not CO2.  After all, the same co2 level caused the least number of fires in London's statistical history, the year prior.  Look at the London Fire Brigade's own chart, to see that you were the recipient of multiple lies in 2022.  Incidentally, London Statistical History began in 1966.  That was the year when the London Fire Brigade started keeping score on its fires.

Example #3:  The Rigged Media:  

                         See:   The Gates Foundation's $174 MILLION Donations to Media Entities.                                                        

November 21, 2022

Rigging the Media at a Discount Price of only $174 MILLION (American). It's the Bill Gates Bargain Extravaganza!

Bill Gates funded the Guardian to the tune of $12.9 million, recently.  This is why you see audacious claims in their article titles, along with the thesis statements of the articles themselves, as the writing staff claims that Climate Change due to the burning of fossil fuels is absolutely, positively, assuredly, and certainly here.  One big problem, though.  They forgot to mention ... because Bill Gates said so ... and because Bill Gates paid us a sizable amount of money to say so 

The Guardian is one of the designated propaganda units of Bill Gates.  It was hired to proclaim everything that Bill Gates wants you to hear ... or read.  The Guardian became 'the front' behind which Bill Gates hides, giving his   climate puppet show.

However, in direct contrast to the less-than-stellar writers of the Guardian is history, captains' logs, ledgers, chronicles, newspaper articles, magazine articles, almanacs, and textbook material, as well as proxy evidence such as leaf stomata (which can show co2 levels at the lifetime of each leaf being studied.)  The evidence shows that worse storms, longer droughts, more severe heat waves occurred long before today, as well as in recent decades, and in recent centuries, occurred, over and over again.

Example 1:  The Roman Warm Period average temperature was 2 degrees Celsius HIGHER than today, while the CO2 level was two-thirds of what it is today.  

Example 2: NASA long since defined the Year 1934 as the worse drought year in the past 1,000 years.  Meanwhile, the CO2 level of 1934 was three-fourth (three-quarters) of what it is today (309 ppm vs today's 416 ppm.)

Example 3: The highest wind-speed cyclone in known history was Typhoon Nancy, in September 1961, when the co2 level was only 3/4 (75% -- three-quarters) of what it is today.  That is 100 parts per million lower than today; 316 ppm vs 416 ppm.  Yet, Typhoon Nancy's wind-speed rose as fast as 213 miles per hour.   Meanwhile, it's pressure was a remarkably low 882 millibars.  Al Gore predicted in 2006 that this type of cyclone would be common and more numerous.  He was 100% wrong.

There are a number of similar examples to high-velocity cyclones occurring when co2 levels were much lower than  today.  An additional example is 1958's Typhoon Ida.  It rose to a speed of 200 miles per hour, while operating in a pressure as low as 877 millibars.  

The stats of such cyclones are already posted at the Blue Marble Album.  They all testify to the fact that the claim of increased cyclone intensity under increased atmospheric co2 levels is a complete falsehood.  This is especially the case pursuant to the law of Baroclinic Instability & Pressure Gradient Forcing.  This is also explained elsewhere at the Blue Marble Album.

 All in all, Al Gore failed in his 2006 prediction that hurricanes would be of an intensity equal to a Typhoon Nancy or a Typhoon Ida.  In fact, ever since Gore's first climate hysteria movie, there has been a grand total of one Category Five hurricane to make landfall upon the Continental United States.  It was Hurricane Michael, in October of 2018.  

Hurricane Michael hit the Florida Panhandle and killed 16 people.  Hurricane Ian was close.  So, you can say that there were "2 high intensity hurricanes" since Al Gore's failed hurricane prediction.  However, Hurricane Andrew, in 1992, snapped off the large-sized palm trees.  Ian did not do that.  Therefore, Andrew was more powerful than Ian, with a power that remains rare today.  Despite the rise in atmospheric co2, there has been no storm as intense as Hurricane Andrew ... or Typhoon Nancy.

Moreover, the recent stats show that there has been a recent increase in - - - - lower-speed, sub-hurricane, tropical storms --- the kinds that leave the palm trees standing.

NASA's Infrared Look at Hurricane Michael
Hurricane Michael in Radar, 2018.

The "perfectly legal" behind-the-scenes-Bill-Gates-dollar-delivery-system is evidence of the ill-intended con game being played with your head and everyone else's.  This is how an unconscionable human can get his propaganda disseminated throughout the media in such a way that the public will be deceived into believing that his orchestrated propaganda is "the science."  Well, Bill's bull is not the science of the textbooks.  Nor is it the findings set forth in newspaper archives.  Nor does it correlate with the conclusion of proxy evidence.  It's merely bull crap, just like the geologists and 25-year outdoor skilled labor tradesmen said. 

This Gates Donation Tree is equivalent to paying jury members money to vote for your desired verdict.  This is how you buy the media.   It's no different than censorship, when it involves forbidding counterpoint, forbidding debate, and forbidding textbook material from being made known to the public via the commercial media.  This is a return to the Nazi German Third Reich, the Soviet Russian regimes, the Hussein Regime, and all other dictatorships that censored counterpoint, textbook material, and historic fact.

Now remember, due to the large sums of money that Bill Gates appropriated to numerous media outlets, those particular media outlets have a financial conflict of interest, and therefore, you cannot but expect slanted, prejudicial, and non-factual reporting to come from those entities.  This conflict of interest invalidates them all.  After all, it is a form of bribery.  It's stacking the deck.  It's loading the dice.  Nothing more than that.  

And the entities who financially benefited from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation were reported as  having included: {1} CNN, {2} NBC Universal Media, {3} the BBC, {4} NPR, {5} PBS, {6} Gannett (owner of USA Today), {7} The Atlantic, {8} Al Jazeera, {9} Financial Times (founded in 1888), {10} The Daily Telegraph (founded in 1855), {11} Le Monde, {12} Der Spiegel (The Mirror, founded in 1947), {13} Univision (and its 23 stations), {14} Public Radio International, {15} WETA (of Washington DC), and many more entities.


Of course, Gates has a lot of deck-stacking to do, because the working man and woman ... who work outdoors ... know that the man-made-induced climate change assertion is total bull crap.  The same working man and woman know that climate is cyclical, because they witnessed the cycles throughout their decades of outdoor work.

Bill Gates cannot change the mind of experience.  He can only influence the mind of the inexperienced.  Those inexperienced persons are called school children & high school students, as well as anyone who lived a sheltered life.

In the alternate, as a less damning form of identification, you can regard all of the Gates Foundation donations as advertising expenses, in payment for the Gates narrative to be reported by payed media outlets, as if they were presenting an infomercial.

Then again, you can describe the Gates' outlay of dollars as Bill Gates buying the media.  Same effect, whatever you call it.  You don't get your say.  The true experts don't get their say.  

Whatever be the way in which you define Gates' financial outlays of cash to media entities, you cannot say that the recipient entities are on the 'up-up' in their reporting ... or are clear and to the point in their news articles ... or ever welcome counterpoint ... or are fair in their reporting ... or are even honest. 

No matter how you define it ... be it bribery or de-facto advertising costs or the monopolizing of an industry ... it's a sick joke ... a stacked deck ... a rigged roulette wheel ... a pair of loaded dice ... not honest ... and definitely not educational.

Added Example:  The Finest News Reporting that Money Can Buy

In a number of articles (posts) published by a certain Gates-funded media outlet, the authors' claim of present-tense drought is passed-off by posting photos of POST-HARVEST cornfields.  Actually, each of the photos show that a successful harvest had just been finished.  The proof exists in the fact that those photo contain zero stalks of dried corn, shriveled corn, or discolored corn.  In those photos, the corn is all gone, because it was harvested.   Yet, the authors are trying to deceive the public into thinking that it's viewing a drought-ridden crop that never advanced past a stage of dying brittle dryness.  The reality is that those cornfields were very colorful at harvest time.

It's incredible that these writers assume that humanity is a population of brain-dead morons, easy to deceive ... with little effort done, in the process of trying to deceive all of humanity.  This includes showing videos of a yearly monsoon season, and passing it off as proof of climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels ... in claiming that those monsoon rains never happened before co2 levels rose past 400 ppm.  Well, monsoon season is a phenomenon that has been occurring on a regular basis, throughout the centuries, just like brown post-harvest cornfields.  The monsoons prove that the Earth is round, as they are based on the Coriolis Effect.  This is also mentioned elsewhere in the Blue Marble Album.

Mr. Microbe

And remember, Bill Gates is the guy who wants you to eat mold.  Specifically, he promotes the eating of "microbes."  In as much, can you take someone like that seriously?  Forget about having a chef salad.   NO more stuffed grape leaves in America ... or even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches there.  Oh nooooooo.  Bill Gates has been appointed God, and you can now have a healthy & hearty bowl of microbes.  Hey, how about black mold on a shingle of old drywall, with sawdust topping, for dessert?  Add a side order of cockroaches, and you have it made in the shade.   Just like your grandmother used to make ... according to Bill Gates.  

However, in all seriousness, look at photo below.  Who in his/her right mind would eat this, as a regular diet staple? a holiday treat? a delicacy? an athletic training table meal? anything other than a sign of severe mental illness?  Well, this is what Bill Gates wants you to eat.  Those are "microbes" on those two walls. 

Black Mold
Black Mold, by Satemkemet. 

The reality is that the average reasonable person sees himself/herself as only one person, facing more than one Goliath.   It's a matter of, "I'm only one person.  What can I do about it?"  It's not that they're stupid.  It's that they're powerless.  It's like being in the middle of the road, during a stampede.

Below are the alleged (reported) Gates financial appropriations to media entities.  And remember, this is NOT charity.  It's the act of manipulating the public and taking away its freedom to think ... to weigh the evidence ... to test assertions for cracks ... to review ... and to judge for themselves.  

None the less, do the math on the following dollar amounts, so that you can see for yourself that Bill Gates spent over $174 MILLION to rig the media.  And quite frankly, that was basically done at a discount price.  That was a pretty cheap price tag, to control America's every thought.  The problem is that the working man does not listen to the media.  The working man finds out things on his own, due to the information made available to him through his work.



November 20, 2022

The most coral cover in 36 years ... in two-thirds of the Great Barrier Reef

(The Southern sector became the buffet table of lots of hungry crown-of-thorn starfish.)

A few dozen news releases in the Summer of 2022 reported that two of the three sectors of the Great Barrier Reef had the most coral cover in it in 36 years.  This disproves doomsayer predictions about the reef being irreparably consigned to the extinction chapter of history books.  That reef is regenerating itself.

Clown Fish near Coral Reef, by Tom Fisk

And then comes the Climate Nazi nearest to a video camera, refusing to allow open debate, all the while telling us that the world will end "in 12 years" (from the Year 2019) if we don't make obsolete every gasoline powered vehicle.  Well, the truth is that the climate doomsayers' individual worlds ... and your world ... as well as the world of everyone you know ... will come to an end long before the world of the Great Barrier Reef does.  In fact, your world and my world will come to an end long before the arrival of THE epic & apocalyptic End of the World. 

None the less, all throughout history, there have been tragic events that served as dress rehearsals for THE apocalyptic End of the World. These events transpired when co2 levels were 98, 118, and 138 parts per million LESS than they are today.  So, when you think about it, the world has been repeatedly coming to an end, over and over and over again, century after century after century.  Scientific Newsflash:  Planet Earth is a Phoenix Bird.

Feel free to read or view or peruse or browse through the following:

Sky News Australia Report on Coral Reef Restoration news: Most Coral Reef Cover in 36 Years 

The more knowledgeable Gili Islands news report on reef 

Australian Institute of Marine Science

At this point, keep in mind that the commercial media repeatedly predicted the demise of the 1,429 mile-long Great Barrier Reef of Northern Australia.  Its newscasters predicted equal doom for the other coral reefs, as well.  Now, when it comes to Australia, Dr Michael "Hockey Stick" Mann, assigned doom to the entire continent of Australia, in his vague, inarticulate, and noncommittal way, in January of 2020:

It is conceivable that much of Australia simply becomes too hot and dry for human habitation."   ...   “In that case, yes, unfortunately we could well see Australians join the ranks of the world’s climate refugees.“

This statement was made by Mann in Australia TWO MONTHS after Australia had its WETTEST November on record.  So, it's correct to say that Mann was wrong.  But it's more correct to say that Mann was so vague that he didn't say anything.  It's even more correct to state that Mann is an insufferable jackass, in light of the fact that Northern Australia gets yearly Monsoons.

Concerning Mann playing the role of Grim Reaper, in insinuating that Australia was in line to be a recipient of extinction, it was in 2021 when Australia enjoyed its record high wheat crop harvest.  In 2022, Australia underwent record "cold persistence," meaning that it had its longest duration of cold spells.  Such a thing is perceived by the reasonable registered voter as the opposite of  "dry & uninhabitable" Global Warming.   

This is yet another case which proves that Michael Mann doesn't think when he talks.  He simply announces disturbing insinuations of climate doom, all the while claiming that he cries for the children, despite the fact that he imposed suffering on an elderly Air Force veteran and doctorate holder who was and is advancing in years.  That was equivalent to mugging a senior citizen on the streets.  Mann is a pathetic communicator.   

More on Mann is elsewhere.  For now, it suffices for you to know that Michael Mann was NEVER the winner or co-winner of any type of Nobel Prize, ever.  The guy is a liar in an era where it appears that he who lies the most gets the most air time ... and the most money.

As an added note, Australia is almost the size of the United States.  It's a huge continent.

Yellow Fish Swimming Beside the Coral Reef, by Kevin C. Charpentier

The commercial media spent the Summer of 2022 ranting about cyclical droughts, as if such things never happened before.  It also ranted on one heat anomaly wave in Antarctica that went fast and was rare.  Those weather events were "Gotcha Moments" for people who want you to be stranded at the bus stop and in parking lots ... as they dismantle all common means of transportation, in the name of reducing co2, so that we can all go green.  They fail to realize that it takes co2 to make the greenery.

The media also reported on Lake Mead without mentioning that the population which uses its water has significantly increased, and that Lake Mead started filling-up again ... and that river water meant for Mead is sometimes diverted to the other man-made lakes in the US Southwest and even Mexico, including Lake Powell.  

Well, in August of 2022, CNN did report on the finding that the northern and central sector of the Great Barrier Reef had more coral in it than it has had in the past 36 years.  So, the Australian end of the world has been postponed.  

Coral comprises 1/4 of all marine life in the ocean.  So, the Michael Manns of this world have to go elsewhere, to cry-out that the sky is falling.  Well, Mann can run around and amplify that the southern sector of the reef is decreasing in cover, while hiding the fact that the other two sectors of the reef presently have the most reef cover in 36 years.  That's how the Climate Crisis propaganda works.  It works by having people like Michael Mann suppress the most important and pivotal facts on an issue; to hide a lot of evidence.  After all, Mann did hide the decline.  Guess what other truths Mann hid.

Great Barrier Reef South

Concerning the Southern portion of the reef, it was gaining coral in 2021.  Then came an infestation of hungry crown-of-thorn starfish who reportedly find the coral to be their delicacy of choice.  So, it was starfish, and NOT CO2, eating the Southern region of the coral reef.

Now, this coral cover increase is a huge issue, in light of all the doom-saying about the reef that transpired ... and in light of what was defined as the cause of coral bleaching and the eventual loss of all coral.  Concerning the alleged cause, the personnel paid through political dollars ... such as congressional or parliamentary funding ... claim that "global warming due to the burning of fossil fuels" causes it.  

Actually, those people were referring to "alleged" increased water temperatures as the cause of the bleaching of coral and the disappearance of coral.   This brings us to the obvious observation which gives cause to change the websites that claim warming waters causes the loss of coral reefs.  The observation is simple:

The "warming waters" are still there.  Yet, coral is regenerating.  Therefore, warming water per se is obviously not the cause of coral bleaching and/or coral loss.  It's not the water temperature per se that matters.  It's the behavior of water that matters, in relation to the much more unstable atmosphere above, with its changes in air pressure which is actually predictable per season.

A heat stress event is different than a relatively static water temperature which depends on the season, especially in mid-latitudes and upper-latitudes.  Now, warmer waters of the Tropical Latitudes can enrich and reinforce a low pressure system to the point of having it become headline news, in the form of a cyclone and even a hurricane.  But, any low pressure system comes from the air ... from the atmosphere, often created above land, as is often observed during the annual Cape Verdi Hurricane Season.  That yearly season was well known to the French Empire even before the birth of Napoleon Bonaparte ... and before the birth of the combustible engine.

The general rule is that ======> Planet Earth and its oceans are designed to proliferate the TRANSFER OF HEAT; and not to hoard heat.

The reality is that the oceans are NOT vaults of co2-captured-heat or any other kind of heat coming from the atmosphere.  The oceans are liquid spring boards that create LATENT HEAT that turns into a vapor, while simultaneously rising out of the oceans, getting caught in a wind, and then traveling to the colder latitudes of Planet Earth, thereby accomplishing its mission of Heat Transfer.   Latent Heat involves the RELEASE of heat ... not the absorption of it.   Obama was such a liar.  YOu remember him, perhaps; President Goldman-Sachs Obama, the Drone Strike President who owns a mansion at the Atlantic Coastline, within walking distance of the shoreline, three feet above sea level.

Remember, the atmosphere is always trying to achieve equilibrium, and that is what often causes turbulence and epic weather events to occur.  The attempt to balance-out the Earth's weather conditions, counter-intuitively enough, caused epics weather events.

I repeatedly stated that the vast majority of ocean water is 39 degrees Fahrenheit, all the way to the bottom, where an occasional volcano exists under the massive weight of a massive water basin.  Furthermore, the majority of the ocean is dark.  This is known as the APHOTIC ZONE.  

The depth of the Aphotic Zone in the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans is 9,000+ feet.  The depth of the Southern Ocean's Aphotic Zone is 7,400 feet.  And finally, the depth of the Arctic Ocean's Aphotic Zone is 653 feet.  None of that part of the oceans is hoarding any increasing atmospheric heat, and that happens to be a massive amount of cubic area.  The oceans are not big tea pots.  They are only able to absorb and transport throughout its water basins the heat that comes from the Earth's mantle, via sliding tectonic plates.  

Incidentally, recent scientific discoveries concluded that the heat which ended the Major Ice Age, aka the last Glacial Maximum, came from the bottom of the ocean and eventually made its way into the Earth's Atmosphere.  The length of time that it took for this allocation of heat to occur was said ... by the research crew ... to have taken 1,300 years.

In summation, any heat stress endured by coral would be due to ocean water releasing calories during the creation of Latent Heat. Now, such a thing can be habitual.  But, do not think of the existence of a permanent & static temperature (sensible heat) rise permeating through any ocean below the surface level thereof.  Do not think of oceans as storing co2-captured heat in any stiff & static fashion. We are dealing with dynamics, and not statics in this science.  Dynamics deal with staging . . .with changing states ... phases.

Once vaporization has occurred, the temperature of the vaporized substance does NOT increase, even if heat continues to be applied.  So, this will NOT result in a major heat increase at the oceans' surfaces.  The claim that the oceans are warming has shown itself to be nothing more than a predictable con game played by those caught in the middle of the 1999-2016 Global Warming Pause.

The real bottom line is that CO2 did not eat up the Great Barrier Reef ... it did not boil the reef ... and it did not trigger hurricanes/typhoons that reek havoc on coral reefs.  After all, the law of Pressure Gradient Forcing shows that warm periods have less air turbulence, and therefore create less low pressure systems that turn into things called hurricanes. 

The hue of the coldest January in 40 years, by Patrick Anthony Pontillo

All in all, other things trigger hurricanes ... not the molecular compound which inhabits less than 1/2 of 1% of the Earth's Atmosphere and which has a night-light's radiative forcing of 3.7 watts per meter squared.  CO2 does NOT drive the other 99.95% of Planet Earth's atmosphere.  

Now, if you insist that greenhouse gases trigger turbulent weather, then you must concede that the only greenhouse gas that has any power do to such a thing is WATER VAPOR only.   CO2 is NOT the Big Bad Wolf.  It's Plant Nectar ... plant food ... plant fertilizer.  CO2 is Pygmalion giving life to a sculpture, on a molecular scale.

Neither atmospheric science nor oceanography is as simplex as American politicians make the two sciences out to be.  American politicians live by the assumption that the average American voter is a dimwit, and even an idiot who can't comprehend anything more than a ten second sound byte.

Also concerning the Great Barrier Reef ... and coral in general:  There is marine life which sees coral as a salad ... as dinner.  It's NOT co2 eating it up.  It's flatworms, starfish, and small red crustaceans doing so.   Therefore, if you want to be a good Climate Nazi, you have to kill all of the starfish and small red crustaceans.  Sieg Heil, baby.


When a reef turns white, it's because a bacteria formerly within it is no longer there.  It's known as zooxanthellae, and the coral is said to expel (or consume) the tan zooxanthellae.  Sometimes there is a colored form of bleaching also, as in the blue and light pink variety.  Some type of stress event is said to trigger the expelling thereof.  A hurricane/typhoon is one such stress event.

None the less, the most important issue is that, if American scientists want to get payed, they have to jump through a political operative's hoop, and cry out that the "burning of fossil fuels" and co2 are causing the Earth to warm to the point of an extinction event.  Perhaps they do realize how ridiculously stupid they sound.  If they do, then they perhaps think that you're too stupid to notice it.  However, there is a difference between a common citizen being stupid and one being deprived of information.

And of course, Michael Mann is the con artist who very falsely claimed that he was a Nobel Prize Laureate.  He also denies the past existence of the Medieval Warm Period (800 - 1300 AD) and the heavily documented Mini Ice Age (1300 - 1840 AD).  He stated that the world's climate was stable and mild throughout the past 1,000 years.  Thus, he denies the Great Southwest American Drought that started in 1279 or so.  

He also denies the dreaded 1313 drought, the Great FAMINE of 1315 - 1317,  the Drought of 1417 that shrunk the Elbe River, the Tudor Drought of 1540-41, the drought of 1616 and a number of other ones which occurred long before the invention of the gasoline engine and the establishment of the coal delivery truck route.  Mann, Climate Nazi that he is, also denies the documented existence of numerous cold weather events that were of the crisis stage caliber, during the Mini Ice Age of 1300 to 1840.  

Mann failed to realize that the historic chronicles of the past, along with thousands of newspaper reports of decades and centuries past, in addition to magazine articles of the same past constitute the TRUE CLIMATE RECORD, along with newly analyzed proxy evidence which gained new discoveries.  Michael Mann's assertions do NOT match the true Climate Record.   Period.