May 8, 2024

Adiabatic heating, global convection cells, the hockey stick graph.

a} That which is called the result of "global warming" is actually the result of Adiabatic Heating which occurs on the the Leeward Side of mountain ranges.   This is because, as clouds rise up the Windward Side of a mountain range, they release moisture during the ascent.  This is known as the process of Orographic Lifting.  This lifting of a cloud mass accompanies the release of "orographic rain" as the clouds' ascent continues.  By the time the same air mass reaches the top, all that is left is a cold & dry parcel of air which descends the mountain range and compresses upon its descent, thereby sending forth dry & heated air.  The creates deserts, such as California's Death Valley.

b} The dry air parcels which descend mountain tops are called :::  ~Foehn Winds,  ~Chinook Winds,  ~Santa Ana Winds,  &  ~Down-sloping Winds.   As a dry air parcel descends a mountaintop, it encounters higher & heavier pressured air which easily exists at the surface of the Earth.  As a result, the down-sloping air compresses and shrinks in size.  This causes the molecules within it to collide and vibrate more aggressively, resulting in a sudden rise in temperature. 

c1a} Proof that this dryness is the result of Adiabatic Warming, and NOT co2-driven Global Warming, exists in the fact that, when you are out West, you notice that the clouds in the sky never cross over the mountain tops.  The clouds stay on one side.  

 c1b} Incidentally, I'm the son of a native Wyoming gal.  In fact, I have literally been at the southernmost tip of the Rocky Mountains, in New Mexico.  I witnessed it personally.  I was there.   

At this point it would suffice to state that the vast majority of Climate Change activists need to do something called, "go outside," and not merely to the park.  People who worked in the outdoors hour after hour and year after year have a more clear understanding of weather behavior, simply by means of decades of experience.   Back to the matter hand:

c2} Examples of deserts created by Adiabatic Heating also inlcude the Red Desert of Wyoming, in the center south of the State.   Plus, the center of Oregon has a desert located east of the Cascades and south of the Blue Mountains.  The Leeward Side of California is desert land extraordinaire, and it was that condition long before 21st Century co2 levels increased.  Etc go the examples.  

c3} Plus, the super large deserts of the Earth are all on the 30th parallel (north & south) wherever the desert was not the result of Leeward Adiabatic Warming.  30th Parallel deserts were caused by very large "convection cells."

Example  ===>  The Sahara Desert is the size of the USA, and 6,000 years ago the Sahara was a lush forest/jungle, with cave wall drawings that looked like the ones in France.   This time span is known as the African Humid Period.  There were no gasoline engines to turn the Sahara into a desert.  It was a major convection cell at the 30th Parallel that caused it.  The super large convection cell still exists.  It's presently called the Hadley Cell of the Northern Hemisphere.

When viewing Globes or maps, do not forget the 23.5 degree tilt (aka obliquity) of the Earth.
The geometry of the vast Sahara region and the northern hemispheric Hadley Cell.

 And then there is the alternating of directional ocean flow between El Nino & La Nina ocean oscillations, at the Equator.  This is when ocean water does NOT travel like a rotating gyroscope, but rather, the current-flow travels west to east to eventually west again, etc.  The El Nino & La Nino equatorial currents travel between Longitudes 120E & 80W, and it has had a huge effect on American and Australian weather. 

An El Nino event is one that starts during late December and endures for approximately four years (from 2 - 7 yrs, actually).  It was named after the Christ Child, and it is associated with heat in the American Continent.  La Nina is the eventual counteraction of those equatorial ocean currents, and it is associated with colder than usual temperatures on the American Continent.  The Year 1998 was an El Nino Year.  It was associated with a warm American Winter which frightened everyone who had no experience in atmospheric science.  Yet, it was pleasurable.  It was the Winter of little shivering.

The El Nino Southern Oscillation is abbreviated ENSO. 

At this point, it is important to note that, throughout the rest of the Earth, the ocean surfaces are composed of massive GYRES which rotate like gigantic gyroscopes.  This is why ocean waves crash into the shoreline at an angle, instead of doing so in a straight line.  This angular wave motion is one of many proofs that the Earth is round, and it involves something known as the Coriolis Effect which you can look-up at your convenience.

The Coriolis Effect also involves something known as Eckman Transport which can refute one of Al Gore's paranoiac claims about climate doom in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean.  Gore and his team claimed that fresh-water ice from Greenland will progressively melt into the Atlantic, thereby lessening the ocean's salt content, and thereby causing the ocean to stop circulating and to cause an Ice Age in England.  Well, if such a melting scenario were possible, it would only result in suppression of ocean down-welling and upwelling.   In order to get the oceans to stop moving, you need to stop the rotation of the Earth and you need to stop the formation of wind.

Incidentally, if you want to identify a climate fraud, simply ask that person this:  "What is the definition of wind?"  The fraud won't know the answer.  Wind is high pressure air traveling toward low pressure air ... denser air making a route to empty itself into air with less compacted air parcels.  It's high pressure gravitating toward low pressure.   You can even effectively define wind as high pressure air chasing low pressure air.   The concept is understood as such.

Upwelling involves the providing of nutrients to sea life which abides in the Euphotic Zone.  Concerning this, nature apparently has within it compensatory features throughout the Earth.  Nature apparently has a Plan B, when upwelling is mitigated or halted.  This is because a certain food source unexpectedly super-multipled as of recently, and such a thing will prevent any environmental oceanic crisis caused by the blocking of upwelling.  It's called coccolithophore phytoplankton.  In fact, there is an area in the Gulf of Mexico which used to be called the Dead Zone, due to the negligent draining of residual industrial fertilizer there, via the Mississippi River.  It's back to life now, and a major presence there is the coccolithophore phytoplankton.

Concerning the effort to understand ocean down-welling, it is needed to look-up Pycnocline.

This discourse also omits mention of Sublimation and Deposition.   Sublimation is when ice turns into vapor without going through the melted liquid stage.  Deposition is when vapor suddenly turns into ice.   

Two points to make about sublimation, before we move on:  A sign that sublimation has occurred is that the ice is jagged.  When ice is partially jagged and only partially smoothed-out, that's the result of partial sublimation, needless to say.  

The greatest example of sublimation is at the top of the Himalaya Mountains.  The greatest example of partial sublimation is seen on the walls of calving ice.  Contrary to mainstream media's explanation thereof, calving ice is NOT the result of melting ice.  Melting ice simply recedes.  It does not perform a grand dive into the ocean.  Calving is the result of an increase of snow toward the center of a landmass, pushing out the snow at the shorelines.  Yes, calving is the sign of increased snow, while calving ice walls are partially jagged and partially smoothed-out.  

Concerning the Thermohaline Circulation which is not to be confused with the Thermocline

An activist giving a speech might simultaneously show a world map projection marked with a colorful band/line traveling through the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.  It looks like a ribbon.  This can deceive the untrained public into assuming that the water motion symbolized by the ribbon is located at the surface of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.  Well, the previously mentioned gigantic OCEAN GYRES are what exist at the surface of the oceans.  In fact, the massive gyre in the American side of the Atlantic ocean is called the Sargasso Sea.  Al Gore is not a good teacher, in his withholding too many facts.

 a map of the earth showing gyres in the world ocean
From the United States National Ocean Service --- (the NOS)

Being that ocean gyres are important in understanding how much of a fraud the Al Gore people have been, one needs to understand the Coriolis Effect.  This involves the rotation and tilt of the Earth (aka the Earth's "obliquity").  Firstly, the Earth presently tilts at 23.5 degree slant. Secondly, the Earth is revolving around the sun at 66,660 miles per hour.  At the Equator it rotates around itself at 1,037 miles per hour.  Moreover, the Earth's Rotation Speed at various latitudes go as follows, in miles per hour (mph) :::

10 degrees: 1021mph    20 deg:  975mph    30 deg: 898mph    40 deg: 795mph

50 degrees:  667mph     60 deg:  519mph    70 deg: 355mph    80 deg: 180mph


Now, keep in mind also that the warmest latitude on Earth is NOT always the Equator.  The warmest latitude is the Summertime Tropic,  at 23.5 degrees,  if a Summertime is in progress, as opposed to an Autumn or Springtime. 

Spring vs Autumn CO2 Levels

Speaking of Springtime, Al Gore stated in his first science fiction movie that, during Springtime, co2 is abundant, and during autumn's harvest season, co2 levels in the atmosphere are low.  The truth is that the difference between the Springtime level of co2 and the Autumn level is no more than 2%.  It's merely a 2% difference.  Again, Gore was a terrible teacher.

Heat's Entrance & Exit Rates at the Earth's Various Latitudes

It would also have helped for someone to have admitted that, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the following occurs ===> From the 40th parallel of both hemispheres to the poles of both hemispheres, more heat exits Planet Earth's atmosphere into outer space than enters Earth's atmosphere from outer space.  The Earth's only viable source of heat is the Sun, and the Earth's storehouse of heat mostly exists from Latitude 40 degrees N to Latitude 40 degrees S  ...  or visa-versa.

Two more things, regarding this :::  1} The Earth is FARTHEST from the Sun during the Northern Hemisphere's Summer and the Southern Hemisphere's Winter.   2} The Earth spins from West to East.

Their Failed Doomsday Predictions & Hypocrisy

The Global Warmists failed in ALL of their doomsday predictions, mostly made circa 1988.  All of the predicted climate doom was supposed to have been complete by 2018-2020.  In fact, during this present time span, when the media obsessively barks out "Climate Change," Antarctica recently had it coldest day in recorded history, so recorded by satellite technology ::: a MINUS 135.7.  

Furthermore, in 2021, the same Antarctica had its coldest six-month period on record.  Even the prejudiced & slanted CNN reported that fact.  BTW, this Antarctic six month period is more commonly known as WINTER.  

The Antarctic held its coldest winter in known history, in 2021.  That's a sure sign that the phenomenon of NOT-Global-Warming is occurring throughout the Earth.  The temperature gets evened-out in such scenarios.

Examples of failed Climate Change predictions go as follows :::  

~The Maldives were predicted to be underwater by 2018.  In 2022, the Maldives are alive and well, with financially affluent human life there.  

~ The glaciers of Glacier National park were supposed to be gone by 2020.   Actually, there were originally predicted to have been gone by 1948.  They are still there, and a lot of snowplowing goes on at Glacier National in April, May, and even June, to make the tourist roads clear. 

~And of course, the Arctic Ocean's sea ice didn't completely or even almost melt away in any Summer since the 1988, or in any Summer since 1388.  However, in 1904 was the sailing of the Northwest Passage, slightly north of Alaska and the such.  

The least amount of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean was during the Summer of 2012.  The remaining ice there was still 1.32 million square miles in size.  In fact, to travel over the Arctic Ocean's 2012 Summertime sea ice sheet was equivalent to driving from Fargo North Dakota to San Diego California, as well as driving from the Southern border of New Mexico to the northern border of Montana.   That is a lot of road travel.  That is a lot of Summertime ice.   Etc go the examples of failed doomsday prophecies. 

There turned out to be a great irony in the Climate Doomsayers having selected of the Year 2020 as the predicted year of completed melting.  It goes as follows:  In the month of May 2020, North American towns & cities underwent 233 record low temperatures vs a mere 18 record highs for the same month.

See and hear: 233 record lows in month of May 2020

In fact:  Antarctica's massive Ross Ice Shelf (the size of Spain) was found to be crystalizing at its bottom, instead of melting in any degree thereof.  This was discovered by New Zealand scientists, and it was a decisive discovery:

See:  The Crystalizing of the Ross Shelf

Incidentally, the Arctic Ocean is the exact same size as is the Antarctic Continent; 5.5 million sq miles.  One more thing ::: The largest and driest desert on Planet Earth is not the Sahara.  It's Antarctica.

BTW, Barack Obama purchased an oceanside mansion located at Massachusetts' Martha's Vineyard.  The president who claimed that ocean levels would tragically rise is literally at an ocean's shoreline, living in luxury.  And Obama cannot claim that he solved any co2-driven Global Warming problem, because co2 levels rose throughout Obama's presidency and throughout every year after his presidency.  None the less, during the final years of his tenure, co2 emissions in America did decline.  But, it had no worldwide effect.  CO2 emissions in the United States also declined during the tenure of President Donald Trump.

In sequence, Hypocrite Extraordinaire, John Kerry, purchased an $11.75 million beachfront mansion which is also in Martha's Vineyard.  It's within walking distance of the ocean shoreline.  In fact, Kerry owns 18 acres of land there.  The logical surmise is that Mr. I'm-Leaving-on-a-Jet-Plane apparently has no belief that the oceans will rise and cause 18 acres of beachfront property to be submerged.  

In 2020, Bill and Melinda Gates spent $43 million on an oceanfront mansion in Del Mar California, doing so the year prior to them parting company and going their separate ways as much as is possible for billionaires in charge of a charity organization.  Yet, Bill Gates repeatedly warns of sea level rise and the eventual submerging of shoreline property.  He spent $43 million on shoreline property.

In the 1970s, there were warnings of Global Cooling and an oncoming Ice Age.

The Climate Doomsday Forecasts of the 1970s involved the conjecture that a mini ice age might be returning.   The '70s involved the "decline" mentioned in the infamous Climategate emails of 2009.  Very simply, it got really cold back then, and this was only 120 years after the last mini ice age ended. Refer to newspaper and magazine archives, to prove that articles were being written on the decline of temperatures throughout the 1960s & 1970s.  I was there, as a young child and then as a teenager.  It was cold in the Wintertime.  It was really cold.

Then came the Global Warming Scare, on June 23, 1988, with James Hansen in front of the US Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources.  The kick-off of Climate Doomsday was being announced by Hansen, such as in his prediction that the Maldives would be underwater within 30 years (by 2018).  Of course, that never happened in any degree.

Moreover, Hansen ... and others ... have taken raw climate data and changed it, and in having done so, they ever so coincidentally fitted the "newly amended" climate record to their co2 warming assertions.  They adjusted the numbers to fit the story line.  Doing the numerical changes was called "homogenization" by those changing the temperatures.  Others called it fraud.  Speaking of government employees committing fraud, watch the following:

 See:  NOAA Gold Medalist accuses NOAA of deliberate temperature record keeping fraud

All in all, none of Hansen's predictions have come true.  Now, in a 2007 deposition, with Hansen being an expert witness in the case, he "averred" (claimed) that most of the Greenland Ice Sheet will have melted by 2107, and that the sea level rise will have amounted to 23 feet.  No such melting at the rate predicted is occurring yet.   At present, the Greenland Ice Sheet is at a range of 6,600 to 9,800 feet high.

The Earth's climate has been a cyclical roller coaster ride throughout its history.

If you want evidence that today's scientists are lying about the 21st Century being the hottest and the one most visited by weather disasters, go to the newspapers archives of 1871, 1878, 1896, 1901, 1906, 1911, 1921, 1922, 1934, 1936, 1954, etc.   In fact, go to the 1970s archives, where an oncoming ice age was the predicted event.  You will find that climate catastrophes were much more intense and more frequent in the past 80-150 years than they are today.    The blame for the climate disasters was originally Solar activity, or the lack thereof.  That which was blamed for those weather disasters of the 1970s was ====> Global COOLING.

None the less, if you want to learn about true atmospheric science, purchase a private pilot training course's textbook on Weather Theory.      

Hockey Stick Time

 If you are a youth who was enrolled in the American public school system, you were probably shown Michael Mann's "Hockey Stick Graph," without being shown any data to back up his claim of a sudden rise in global temperatures.  Well, he allegedly mixed apples with oranges in the following way ===>  

He allegedly first used tree ring data which actually tells the amount of moisture in the atmosphere at the time surveyed, and NOT the temperature, per se.   None the less, those tree rings did indicate a decline in moisture (and presumably temps) from approximately 1960 to 1974.  So, Mann allegedly stopped using the tree ring data at 1960 and allegedly substituted it with thermometer data, doing so without justifying any "benchmark" of the tree ring data to any thermometer scale.  To make a long story short, the 2009 East Anglia Climategate Emails mentioned Michael "hiding the decline."  Specifically, the decline of temperatures between approximately or exactly 1960 and 1974 is what was hidden.

First see:  The late Michael Crichton on Michael Mann's Hockey Stick Graph

This paragraph involves the illustration located five paragraphs away:   A number of tree ring scores/tallies were available to Mann.  Predictably enough, he ALLEGEDLY ignored all of them EXCEPT the one with a pronounced incline, when he was morally obligated to submit as fact the average of all of the tree ring samples combined.  Look at the tree ring sample YAD061.  It looks like a ski slope in comparison to the nine other ones.  That is what he ALLEGEDLY used for his very exaggerated hockey stick graph, in addition to him using other pieces of proxy data.

Now, in the background of Mann's hockey stick graph is the jagged "bar of uncertainty" or "error bar." That's a line that represents what the correct temperatures might possibly be, in lesser statistical probability thereof.  Well, if you look at the top of Mann's jagged Error Bar at the left-hand side, you are looking at the Medieval Warm Period.  And if you look at the bottom center-right of the jagged "error bar," you will see the Mini-Ice-Age of 1350 to 1850.  Mann included both climate periods.  He simply hid them in the background, while denying their existence in his speeches.   An image of the hockey stick graph is not included herein.  False graphs & erroneous charts are not permitted to be posted here.

In definitive terms, is it a complete FALSEHOOD to claim that the temperatures of the last 1,000 years were mostly stable.  It's an equal falsehood to claim that the climate of the last 1,000 years was mostly mild and unvaried throughout that time span.  There were intensely turbulent times, and there were distinctively different climate phases throughout the past 1,000 years.    Climate is and has been a roller coaster ride.  Incidentally, the coldest part of the Mini Ice Age was between 1645 and 1710. Sunspot activity was at its lowest, back then.

In recent years, Michael "Hockey Sticks" Mann filed a lawsuit against a retired Canadian meteorology professor who was once a Royal Air Force pilot.  The aging Canadian man said that Michael Mann belonged in a prison, so Mann sued the retired professor for defamation, in a Canadian court.  

Eventually, Mann sought to have the lawsuit dismissed.  In order to agree to the dismissal of the lawsuit, the Canadian defendant promised to let the lawsuit end, on the condition that Mann show him the data that resulted in the hockey stick graph's drastic upward curve.  Mann never revealed the data to the Canadian gentleman.  None the less, how much apparent or pernicious fraud was committed by Mann when he was allegedly using the other alleged proxies for his hockey stick graph?

Anyway, observe Sample YAD061 below, and know that Mann allegedly used 112 "proxies" in all, for his hockey stick graph.   Incidentally, a proxy is replacement evidence for natural phenomenon.  The prime example is the tree rings which are used to determine temperature at a certain time in history.

The Al Gore Science Fiction Movie #1

Concerning the co2 & temperature graph that Al Gore showed the audience at the beginning of his first movie, he neglected to say that a rise in atmospheric heat will cause an added amount of co2 to be released into the atmosphere via oceanic evaporation.  In fact, it's a well established scientific teaching that the water vapor above the oceans is latent heat. 

Now, a prime example of this phenomenon, where the rise in co2 follows the rise in heat is in a recent research finding about the end of the last Major Ice Age (aka "the last glaciation.")   It was found that the heating at the end of the last Ice Age actually began at the bottom of the oceans, with the heat rising to the ocean surfaces.  The time it took for the heat to rise to the top of the oceans was 1,300 years, according to the paper's authors/researchers.  Then, and only then did co2 levels begin to rise. Therefore, in the natural history of the Earth's most recent 650,000 years (or "time units"), temperatures always rose first, and then the co2 levels followed.  The changes in co2 levels throughout that time were not at all pronounced, compared prior eons of time.  They were relatively small changes.

    See:  Univ of Southern Cal: CO2 did not end last Ice Age

A British Court Had Its Say About Gore's First Science Fiction Movie

In that first Gore movie, there were 9 assertions contested to be falsehoods in a British court.  The British court ended up adjudging that the Al Gore movie could not be presented or advertised as educational material in England.  One of the assertions was that a rise in co2 levels caused Lake Chad to dry out.  Super fraudulent was that assertion.  Observe ===>

Dispelling the Lie that Al Gore Told About Lake Chad, in His First Science Fiction Movie

Lake Chad is located directly below the massive Sahara Desert.  Thus, Lake Chad has very little ground water or water shed "tributaries."  The Sahara doesn't provide much rain, either.  Furthermore, Lake Chad is a shallow lake, and its water capacity is much smaller than Lakes Tanganyika and Lake Victoria.  Observe:

Lake Chad's water volume capacity is 17 cu mi ... vs  Lake Tanganyika's 4,500 cu mi capacity ... vs Lake Victoria's 660 cu mi capacity.  This means that Lake Tanganyika's water capacity is 264 times greater than Lake Chad.  Lake Victoria's water holding capacity is 38 times more than is Lake Chad. 

Moreover, it was only the northern lobe of Lake Chad which dried-out in intervals of time throughout the 1970s and 1980s; not the entire lake.   Do you see what a liar Al Gore has been, while he was amassing approximately $250-350 million into his own bank accounts and/or financial portfolio?

One more point about Gore's first science fiction movie is this :::  It involves Gore's claim that atmospheric co2 first rose, followed by temperatures.  Well, if that is the case, then what caused those co2 levels to rise, in the first place?  There were no coal plants, no factories, and no combustible engines.  Hello?  Anybody home?  To claim what Gore claimed is equivalent to claiming that a steering moves the driver's hands. 

More on Gore

In his second movie, Al Gore claimed that his prophecy about (Lower) Manhattan being submerged under water came true.  He showed a video clip of the very temporary storm surge of a certain tropical storm.  After the storm surge ended, no Manhattan concrete was underwater.  Go to NYC today and see for yourself, if whether or not sea level rise has encroached itself on Lower Manhattan's roads and sidewalks.

 Deception through the Help of the Media

Now, Hockey Stick Graph Maker, Michael Mann, told a newscaster that today's co2 levels must be cut in half within ten years.  Well, if that's done, the Earth's atmospheric co2 level will even be lower than it was when cavemen (or cavewomen) were giving art exhibitions at their cave walls.   

Caveman co2 levels were at 260 ppm.  By the Year 1800 or so, the co2 level was at 280 ppm.  Mann is prescribing a level of 209 ppm.  In as much, this indicates (in my opinion) that Mann is deliberately marketing fear, in order to get all the more taxpayer dollars & NGO grant dollars into his bank accounts and financial portfolio.  It's called Theft by Deception.  This is what the US Federal False Claims Act was enacted to undo.  And upon me stating this,  I advise you to keep in mind the Times vs Sullivan First Amendment Case, where it was adjudicated that a private citizen may publish his opinions of a public figure. 

If atmospheric co2 levels drop below 150 ppm, no photosynthesis could transpire, and plant life dies.  Plus, we have a heightened population today, meaning that we need greater crop yields.  Thus, we need more plant food.  In as much, CO2 is the plant food needed in higher levels today.  So, what is Mann thinking?  All in all, if you want to go green, you must increase co2 levels. 

Incidentally, the billions of taxpayer dollars that were unleashed were unleashed under the title, Climate Change Adaptation and Climate Change Research.  Going by memory, $112 BILLION taxpayer dollars per year were spent on so-called Climate Change Adaption & Research, during the final two years of the Obama administration.  Moreover ====>

In the Climategate Emails of 2009, it was discovered why the title "Global Warming" was changed to "Climate Change."  This is because there had been NO Global Temperature increase in ten years.  Being that there was no global warming, the scientists had to change the name of their project, in order to deceive you and everyone else all the more.  

As a fact, if there is no increase of temperature in the Middle of the Troposphere, there is no Global Warming.  There was zero increase of such temperatures from 1999 until 2016.  Somewhere within the same general time span, the United States went 12 consecutive years without a major hurricane making landfall on any of its shores.  Thus, the opposite of Al Gore's hurricane predictions resulted. 

The majority of water content in every ocean exists at 39 degrees Fahrenheit.

As far as goes the atmospheres on Venus and Mars being almost entirely composed of co2, it simply proves that there is no life on those planets.  Life dines on co2.

The most important thing to do at present is to go through newspaper archives of the past 80 to 150 years, and locate reports on the heat waves, fires, record rains, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters which occurred during that time.  It was a time when co2 levels were distinctively lower than today.  Locate and read the November 1922 edition of Monthly Weather Review, wherever you can find it.  All of the aforementioned becomes the evidence which proves Climate Change activism to be a fraud.  It's all a money grab for taxpayer dollars ... and NGO dollars.

Next go through 1970s newspaper and magazine articles that spoke of a coming mini-ice age.  Yes, even though co2 levels had risen, the 1960s & 1970s were times of a lot of painfully cold weather.  Thus, the 1960s & 1970s proved invalid and fraudulent the claim of Al Gore, John Kerry, & company

Arctic Ice volume reached it height in 1979.  This is why Global Warmists omit the ice volume facts of the 1970s, even though there was satellite technology dating back to approximately 1974 or even sooner.   They simply begin their charting in 1979, the year of the highest amount of ice, so that the succeeding years will be made it look as if the world is now melting away like never before.    

They omit the 1970s Arctic Ice Volume statistics as much as they omit the 1920s & 1930s forest fire stats    If they let you know that ice volume rose while co2 rose, then the Al Gore CO2 Warming Model of Science is defunct, invalidated, and found to be historically false.  

In addition, you will find the stumps of rooted trees near the Arctic Ocean.  Moreover, Iron Age skis were found under permafrost that had melted.  This means that there was a time when there was no permafrost there.  Climate is cyclical. 

So, go to the newspaper & magazine archives.  You will discover how much you are being deceived on a major, expensive, and immoral scale.

To you Climate Doomsayer computer modelers out there, in order for you to have a clear insight of climate, you need to do something called, "Go outside."