July 11, 2024

1966 ... NOT 2023 ... had the lowest Antarctic Wintertime Sea Ice "Extent" ... according to NASA satellite evidence & 2014 US government officials.

It was claimed by less than honest people that the Antarctic Winter of 2023 was accompanied by the greatest amount of sea ice loss in 7.5 million years.  This was the tipping point.  We're now all gonna die very very soon, if we don't hand over the steering wheel to Al Gore & John Kerry.  

In fact, as far back as 2018, Greta told everyone that a scientist told her that the world will come to its end in 2023, if mankind didn't radically change its entire way of life.   Moreover, the less than honest media networks reported that it was 99 degrees Fahrenheit in the middle of winter, in Vicuna, Coquimbe, Chile, on August 2nd, 2023.  It was no higher than 63F on that day.  It was no higher than the 60s Fahrenheit throughout the surrounding days, and throughout the surrounding geographic regions.  

The same hot hot hot temps were reported by the mainstream media as having been occurring in  Santiago, in  July and August of 2023.  The media stated that it hovering near 100F there.  The truth is that it was only 72F in Santiago on August 2nd, 2023.  Therefore, the ultimate truth is that the mainstream media unconscionably lies to humanity.  After all, the world didn't come to its end in 2023, as Greta Thunberg proclaimed it would.

Concerning the claim that Antarctica had its greatest sea ice loss in 2023, the reality is that this scenario is nowhere near reality.  The Year 1966 was the year of the least amount of Antarctic wintertime sea ice extent, and Planet Earth survived 1966 quite well.  So, last year was the least amount of sea ice extent in 57 years only.

All in all, the Climate Hysteria People are always lying to humanity, all the while insulting the intelligences of those who studied atmospheric physics and/or pre-Holocene archeology and/or oceanography and/or weather history and/or maritime history.  Needless to say, today's "journalists" and "activists" are nothing more than human waste in the lowest degree thereof.  These people are the Waste Deposits of Humanity.  So, let us become true revolutionary radicals by doing something called, "beginning with the actual truth, for a change."  Sounds scary, doesn't it?  Well, if you are brave enough to face the truth, then let's go to it:

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The Satellite Era began in 1960, with the CORONA, ARGON, & LANYARD systems, followed by the Nimbus Series, in 1964 ... not in 1979, as the makers of misleading climate graphs claim.

Preview:  [1] In 2014, the US government admitted to the existence of at least 250,000 satellite images photographed between 1964 to 1978.  The images were retrieved from the government warehouses in Maryland and N. Carolina.  They were then digitized and made available to researchers, historians, and the such.   Therefore, when certain propaganda-minded operatives exclaim that there is no way of proving what condition the Polar Caps were before 1979, in terms of sea ice area, the person is either lying ... or is uninformed.

[2] The official US government reason for calling 1979 the beginning of the Satellite Era is that the continuous monitoring & record-keeping of Polar sea ice in both Hemispheres began in October 1978.  The monitoring consisted in every-other-day observation sessions.  Thus, 1979 was the first full year of continuous Polar sea ice record-keeping.

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In August of 1966, according to Nimbus Satellite photo technology, Antarctica had its lowest amount of wintertime sea ice extent in recorded history, to the tune of:             

In comparison, Antarctica's wintertime sea ice extent, on September 7, 2023 was officially marked at:

This means that the 1966 Antarctic sea ice extent was ONE MILLION square kilometers LESS THAN in 2023.  This also means that the mainstream corporate media lies to humanity on a regular basis.

In review:  the UN reps, the US congressional reps, and the corporate media claimed that 2023 had the least amount of Antarctic wintertime sea ice extent in the past 7.5 million years.  The truth is that, in 2023, Antarctica had its LOWEST wintertime sea ice extent in the past 57 years only.  The mainstream media was only off by 7 million, 499 thousand, 943 years.  A lot of "journalists," "reporters," and "editors," needed to have been fired last year.

The notable feature here is that Nimbus Satellite technology revealed that Antarctica had it HIGHEST amount of wintertime sea ice extent in August of 1964, to the tune of:  


Significance:  There was a massive change in Antarctica in merely two years.  The 1966 Antarctic wintertime sea ice report marked it as the lowest amount in recorded history, and the 1966 record has never been broken.  The 1964 wintertime sea ice report marked it as the highest amount in history up to that time, and the 1964 record high would stand until September of 2014, when it reached:

                      20.11 million square kilometers.      This amounts to 7.76 million sq miles.

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Oh waiter.  Reality check, please.  Sure thing ma'am ... or sir.

The Antarctic wintertime near low of 2023 ... which was paraded around by Climate Scaremongers & the media as the definitive sign of the End of the World ... was 84.3% of the sea ice of the record high year of 2014.  Those are NOT end of the World numbers, because:

The 1966 Antarctic wintertime sea ice low was 79% of 2014, and the world kept functioning very well, with mankind entering into the Space Age & ultramodern culture, accompanied by Beatles music and the Cold War.  Therefore, Antarctica's 1966 sea ice square mileage area was 5.3% LOWER than the so-called "End of the World" & "Climate Crisis" sea ice low of 2023. 

Above is one of many examples of fraud on the part of the Climate Profiteer crowd who never told any of us about the 1964 & 1966 ice count.  These people have been appropriated outrageously large sums of American taxpayer dollars, in the name of a Climate Crisis which hasn't been any worse than was the weather of:

             1936, 1934, 1922, 1921, 1913, 1911, 1910, 1905, 1901, 1896, 1895, 1878, 1871 ...

... and even during the Summer of 1980, when Dallas received 69 days of 100+ degree Fahrenheit heat ... or the Summer of 1954, when  Dallas received 50 days of 100F+ heat ... or even 1909, when Dallas received 57 days of 100+ Fahrenheit heat.  All in all, it was the 1930s which had the deadly Dust Bowl.  Not the 2020s.

In addition, the Antarctic wintertime sea ice square mileage during the record low year of 1966 was 20% less than was the wintertime sea ice area, during the record high year of 1964.   In two short years the sea ice volume changed drastically.  Yet, the co2 count only changed slightly, as well as any other "greenhouse gas."  The notable loss in Antarctic sea ice in 1966 did NOT parallel the slight rise in co2.  

The 1964 co2 count was 321 ppm.  The 1966 co2 count was 323 ppm.   That's an integer difference of 0.00619.  That's a percentage difference of  0.619%.  So compare difference: In sea ice area 20.000% --- in atmospheric co2: 00.619%.

Also concerning the 1960s & the Nimbus Satellite revelations, 1969 was the year when the wintertime Antarctic maximum sea ice extent arrived earliest ... in the calendar year.   

The OTHER Significant Factor of 1979

The Year 1979 is the year in which the Arctic sea ice covered the most area in known history.  And of course, the Climate Scaremonger Faction wants all graph-making & statistical charting of the Arctic's ice cover to begin at its highest numerical year.  In this way, every year to follow 1979 will have a lower square mileage area number attached to it, and this will make it appear that atmospheric CO2 has been melting the North Pole region for the past 45 years.  Such a thing is a very predictable trick; sophomoric at best. 

The Climate Scaremonger Crowd wants humanity to believe that every year previous to 1979 was a year of equally plentiful sea ice; that 1979 was just an average & ordinary year when it came to polar sea ice volume, in comparison to 1973, 1974, 1975, and 1976 which had much less Arctic sea ice than did 1979.  In fact, 1976 was a tragically hot Summer in France.  It was outright hot in Southern England, but not as tragic as in Paris.  

According to the Al Gore & Jim Hansen Theory, no extremely cold and ice-ridden year should ever follow three warm years of less sea ice.  But, such a thing happened in the 1970s.  In fact, after the ice-ridden year of 1979, 1980 hosted a Summer of true record heat.

Climate Doomsayers want mankind to believe that the atmospheric CO2 level of Planet Earth reached a tipping point in 1979, causing the Arctic sea ice sheet to begin its decline in ice-cover in 1980.  In this way, the Climate Corps could easily deceive the People of the Earth into believing in the Al Gore & Michael Mann Theory of Climate.  And of course, that theory asserts that CO2 principally drives Planet Earth and determines the surface temperatures of every square kilometer of a very divergent Planet Earth. 

 As a result, the Climate Alarm Propagandists assured mankind that the Satellite Era did not begin until 1979, and therefore, when it comes to viewing the condition of the Arctic regions during the previous nine years of the 1970s and during all of the 1960s, "there's nothing to see here, folks.  Just move on."  Propagandists do not tell the whole story.  They present their cases in a false light.

The problem is that there were a number of years preceding 1979, when the sea ice content of the Arctic and the Antarctic was notably lower than usual.  This invalidated Al Gore's Climate Theory of CO2 as Driver of the Earth's Climate.  This finding is in keeping with true atmospheric science, because 90% of all greenhouse gases, by volume, is WATER VAPOR, making co2 extremely subservient to water vapor.

Now, the atmospheric co2 level was on a constant rise in the 1960s & 1970s.  Therefore, if the Al Gore Climate Theory is true, then there should have been a constant decrease in Polar sea ice throughout the '60s & '70s.  The Polar sea ice decline needed to have been equal to the rise in atmospheric co2.  Well,  this did NOT happen.  The atmospheric co2 count steadily rose, like a department store's escalator, en route to the store's 2nd floor.  

Meanwhile, the Polar sea ice area of the 1960s, when graphed by honest scientists, looked like a roller coaster's track, going up and then going down, etc, etc.  Thus, the atmospheric co2 graph and the polar sea ice graphs were NOT parallel.  Yes, 1940 to 1979 was a time of temperature decline, on the average and/or mean and/or median.  But, there were occasions of brief warming, as in 1954 and 1958.  Plus, temperature alone does not determine that square mile area of the Arctic Ocean's sea ice.  The other factors are beyond the scope of this discourse, due to length of print space.

Shortly After the True Satellite Era Arrived ...

Take note of the following abstract.  It was written shortly BEFORE the record breaking Antarctic sea ice high of 2014 was measured.  None the less, the finding of & the rescuing of 250,000 pieces of satellite evidence in 2014 helped to prove the present Climate Crisis narrative to be a con game.  It helps to show how non-factual the Al Gore & Michael Mann School of Climate is, in its claim that the Earth's surface temperature proceeds parallel to the atmosphere's co2 count, in present time.  

There was a lot less co2 in 1966 than in 2021, as in 320 ppm for 1966 and 411 ppm for 2021.  So, 2021 should have had the record low sea ice and 1966 should have had the coldest Antarctic winter in recorded history.  Well, the opposite occurred.  This is evidence that the Al Gore CO2 Climate Driver Theory is not true.

In as much, if you hear anyone preaching about climate, without acknowledging the existence of the Nimbus I, Nimbus II, and Nimbus III satellites of the 1960s & 1970s, then you are hearing a lying con artist who doesn't want anyone to analyze the 250,000 Nimbus satellite images ... or else you are hearing one of the many useful idiots of today who don't even know about the existence of the Nimbus satellite series.

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See:  https://www.earthdata.nasa.gov/learn/articles/new-data-from-old-satellites-a-nimbus-success-story


In the shaded pink is what the more recent Climate Profiteers try to hide from you and me.  Yes, they are still trying to ... "hide the decline."  This is in reference to the 2009 Climategate emails.
Another feature of the polar oceans that is needed to be known:  Super Cooled Water 

The Southern Ocean & the Arctic Ocean have super cooled water within their perimeters.  After all, you're dealing with salt water, and salt melts the ice on your wintertime sidewalk.  None the less, my understanding was that the polar waters get no cooler than 29.7 degrees FAHRENHEIT.  

Then, came a recent 2023 paper, by Icelandic scientists who found that 28.7F Arctic Ocean water also exists.  Thus, it's expected to find Arctic salt water that is at least 2.2 degrees Fahrenheit COLDER than the standard freezing point of water.  And some of the salty Arctic water might even be 3.2 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the typical freezing point of water.  

Super cooled water is water that does NOT melt at the usual temperature of 32F.  It remains liquid even around the 29F & 30F vicinity.  This knowledge is essential for novices to understand, due to the endless false-light propaganda which the commercial media and pushy politicians harp, concerning the Polar Caps not having the major ice age conditions of 25,000 years prior.  

If the super cooled water in the Arctic were not super cooled, then the Arctic would have had a larger white cap in recent years.  Yet, there remains an outrageously large sum of ice at both polar caps, anyway.  

A former F-4 fighter pilot whose sole job it was to shoot down cold-war Russian bombers invading America from the Arctic told me that his time of flying over the Arctic Ocean (as a passenger on a military transport plane) ... aka the Polar Route ... made him feel as if he were on another planet.  He described it as having flown over vast, desolate distances of white.   Needless to say, the F-4 didn't last too long, in the America inventory.  It wasn't needed.

That gentleman pilot is no longer with us.  He departed this realm of existence in late May of 2024.  The great irony is that his son ... as a very successful academic American ... became fluent in Russian.  Go figure.

August 18, 1960 was the actual Start of the Satellite Era

On August 18, 1960, the CIA's CORONA Satellite system successfully produced more photographic coverage of the Soviet Union in one mission than did all previous U-2 flight missions combined.  This was the turning point.  This was the start of the Satellite Era, 19 years prior to 1979.  And we have the Russian Commies to thank for this.  After all, they are the ones who inspired the Americans to develop satellite imaging during the more intense phase of the 44-year-long Cold War.

Then, in April of 1961, Yuri  Gagarin became the first man launched into Space.  In May of 1961, Alan Shepard become the second man to be so.  Then, in 1962, John Glenn orbited Planet Earth three times, becoming a national hero.  Finally, man landed on the Moon in 1969.

A Reality Check on Common Sense

You could not have had the advanced technology to land on the Moon without first having had standard Satellite Technology already accomplished.  That technology for the United States began in 1958, with the launch of Explorer 1.  It did NOT take an additional 21 years to finally arrive at the satellite era.

That is to say, you don't employ the scientific know-how to land on the Moon, and then have to wait an additional ten years, to finally get the technological know-how to launch a satellite and get it to orbit around Planet Earth, while performing the function of data collector & photographer.

Then came Pioneer 10, in 1972.  It traveled outside of the Solar System, and scientists kept track of it until 2003, when its distance of travel reached the 7.5 billion mile mark.  That was excellence in aerospace technology seven years before 1979.  Thus, 1979 was NOT the start of any technological era. The Year 1979 was the first full year of constant satellite monitoring of the polar sea ice in both hemispheres, as was previously mentioned.

Next comes the Skylab series of Space Station missions which began in May of 1973.  You don't have successful Skylab missions without having had prior success with satellite technology.  There were FOUR skylab missions done in the 1970s, all before 1979. 

Then came Voyager I and Voyager II, both launched in 1977.  Those missions and the hardware attached to the missions were such expert productions that both Space explorers are in operation today.  Voyager 1 has thus far travelled more than 15 billion miles, and Voyager 2 has thus far travelled more than  12 billion miles.  Do you still have the audacity to claim that the Satellite Era did NOT begin until 1979?

Hundred of newspaper articles, captain's ship logs, almanacs, and magazine articles proved that CO2 and the Earth's temperature trends do NOT equate with each other.  This has been repeatedly shown at the Blue Marble Album and elsewhere on the Internet.   

The atmospheric textbook chapter involving PRESSURE GRADIENT FORCING is and was the settled science long before Al Gore's movie which was made.  When the difference in temperature between the Poles and the Equator increase ... when the temperature difference between the two areas get further away from each other ... as during a cold period ... then the atmosphere gets MORE TURBULENT.  

When the difference in temperature between the Poles and the Equator decreases ... when temperatures get closer to each other ... then Earth's atmosphere gets LESS TURBULENT.  Thus, there are more turbulence-related natural disasters during cold periods and during warm periods.

Let's repeat:  When the Poles start getting colder, but the Equator stays the same temperature, the atmosphere gets MORE TURBULENT.   When the Poles get warmer, but the Equator stays the same, the atmosphere gets LESS TURBULENT.  This is why there were disastrous storms during the Little Ice Age which ranged from 1284 to 1840.  Once again:  Cooling Trend = more turbulent.  Warming Trend = less turbulent.

One picture is worth a thousand words

Below:  North Central Antarctica, on Oct 9, 2023, after it was reported in September of 2023 that Antarctica had a once-in-a-7.5-million-year significant absence of ice during its recent winter.  There were 22 hours of daylight on Oct 9, resulting in the satellite image below.  Now, you show me where this "massive, once-in-a-7.5-million-year" critical ice loss is located.  

Anyway, look and see how much ice was there, while the Climate Scaremongers were claiming that there was catastrophic ice loss at Antarctica, during its wintertime.  They kept calling it a "7 sigma event."   By the way, a 5 sigma event is one that happens every 3.5 million years.  None the less, 2023 was a once-in-a-57-year event.  It wasn't even a "once-in-a-century" event.  

Incidentally, from April 10 to September 2nd, the Sun was "down all day" everyday, at the inner continental recesses of Antarctica.  Thus, there are no daylight photos of inner-Antarctica during winter time.  

In the photo above, at the top, you will see intervals of thick & tapered black lines.  Those are Nadir Gaps, where the satellite was designed to not photograph those thin areas.  They're like grid lines, for measuring purposes ... for surveying purposes.  In fact, any nadir is a line below a certain point that travels straight to the ground and creates a 90 degree angle when touching the ground.

The 2023 Antarctic Deception

When it's a matter of record low wintertime sea ice maximums in either of the two polar caps, it is NOT a matter of ice melting during the season when -20F, -40F, & -60F temperatures dominate.  It's a matter of not as much ice forming after Summer ends at the polar cap in focus, concerning as much ice as was formed in other years.  

Let it be repeated once again, so that the realization will sink inward

If you could prove that there were years before 1979 when polar sea ice was as low or lower than today ... and simultaneously much lower than in 1979 ... then the Al Gore Climate Theory of CO2 as Temperature Driver gets automatically invalidated.   And of course, 1973, 1974, 1975 were significantly lower in sea ice area.  In other years, the sea ice was moderately lower than 1979, concerning the Northern Hemisphere's Arctic Ocean.

The realization of a unconscionable swindle of taxpayer dollars will come when it's made commonly known that 90% of all of Planet Earth's greenhouse gases --- by volume --- is WATER VAPOR.  The realization will come when the media announces the scientific fact that the amount of space that atmospheric CO2 takes-up in the Earth's atmosphere is 0.042%.  This is LESS THAN 1/2 of 1%.  This is almost 1/2 of 1/10 of 1%.  

In other words, for every 2,358 molecules that were in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere's Winter of 2023, only one was CO2.  This is based on a 424 ppm count.  That's 1 in 2,358 molecules.  That's a score of 2,358 to 1.  There is NO WAY in which co2 drives such a climate.

Incidentally, for every 10 molecules in the Earth's sky, 2.1 are the O2 oxygen molecule.  In addition, for every 5.2 molecules out there in the sky, 4 of them are nitrogen molecules (N2.)  As far as goes Argon, for every 21 and a half molecules in the sky, 2 of them are Argon.  So, we visualize the molecular content of the atmosphere:  

  CO2 ... 1 in 2,358       Argon ... 1 in 10.7       Oxygen ... 1 in 4.7       Nitrogen ... 1 in 1.28

There is Infrared Inactive CO2 and then there is Infrared Active CO2:  Not all co2's are alike.

A deeper understanding of the long-term climate con game will seep inward, when it's made commonly known that co2 exists in three modes of vibration known as dipole moments, and in one of those vibrational modes, co2 is incapable of capturing infrared heat.  

This easily explains why an ice age, such as the Ordovician Ice Age, was able to transpire, while the atmospheric co2 level was more than NINE TIMES HIGHER than today.  CO2's three vibrations have already been explained at the Blue Marble Album, at Youtube, and elsewhere on the internet.  However, at this point, take into account CO2's radiative forcing.

Today, IR Active CO2 operates at 3.7 watts per meter squared (w/2).  In 1890 or so, active CO2's radiative forcing was measured at 1.88 watts per meter squared. (That's 1 POINT 88 watts only.)  As a result, it was declared that the radiative forcing of CO2 doubled since 1890.  Time out here.  Here comes the question ... eventually:  

The vibrational mode of CO2 comes in three modes, but only  one mode at a time.  They are 1} Symmetric  Stretching  2} Asymmetric Stretching   3} Bending Motion, like the flapping wings of a bird in flight.  

Well, when a CO2 molecule is in the Symmetric Stretching Mode, it is infrared inactive (IR inactive.)  It does NOT create "a dipole moment."  It does NOT show up on the IR Spectrum.   It is incapable of retaining infrared heat ... It is incapable of causing global warming.  In fact, it can cause Ice Ages.  This is why an Ice Age can occur when the CO2 count is NINE TIMES HIGHER than today. 

So, here is the question:  Where is there a chart, table, or a graph that marks CO2's watt-per-meter-squared radiative forcing, according to its three different vibrational modes, aka dipole moments?   In other words ...

.[1] At what amount of watts per meter squared does CO2 exist, during its asymmetric stretching mode?   [2] At what amount of watts per meter squared does CO2 exist, during its bending mode?  

Needless to say, CO2 radiative forcing is ZERO watts per meter squared, whenever co2 is in its Symmetrical Stretching Mode.  An atmosphere of symmetrically stretching CO2 can cause an Ice Age.

One more thing about CO2.  While it's claimed to be the cause of Global Boiling as a greenhouse gas, when CO2 is in its solid form, it's a refrigerant.  It's a block of ice called Dry Ice.  Ironic ... sort of.  What it actually does is become a medium ... a go-between for ... heat transference (which see.)  We return to the topic at hand, though:

The lesson here is that Atmospheric Science is exceptionally involved and is NOT driven by only one variable -- one input number.  Atmospheric Science is NOT the simpleton version presented by the Al Gore People, in 2006.  Therefore, to use as your spokesperson a Swedish high school drop-out who does NOT know the first thing about 1] Atmospheric Science,  2] Weather History,  3] Meteorology,  4] pre-Holocene Paleontology, and/or 5] Oceanography is to use one of the most Useful Idiots a political faction can ever use to advance its agenda ... and to keep humanity dumbed-down with emotion-inducing diversionary tactics.  

Such a thing is not clever.  It's predictable for any faction that keeps losing the statistics and proxy evidence war, thereby necessitating that faction to hide such scientific & historic facts from humanity.  Thus, you use an emotionally unstable teenager and give her false statistics.  You tell her the opposite of the fact that the natural disaster death rate declined super significantly since the 1920s, the 1930s, and the 1940s.  

You also tell her the opposite of the fact that American yearly forest fires (wildfires) dropped super significiantly since the late 1920s and the entire 1930s, when the western population was so low that there wasn't the manpower nor the technology to put out the massive fires, during the worst drought in the previous 1,000 years.       

You then hide from this misinformed teenager knowledge of the existence of the Nimbus Satellite Series of the 1960s & 1970s.  You finally tell her in 2018 that the World is going to end in 2023.  You also make sure that your false information is channeled through the official channels of an organization controlled by 2nd World & 3rd World political operatives.  

Minus 94 Fahrenheit, in May of 2024

The time of this writing is the Memorial Day Weekend, 2024.  The place of this writing is the United States, specifically near the Three River Confluence of Pittsburgh which is located at 40 latitude & 80 longitude.

There have been constant claims that the Earth is in a state of global boiling and that there have been heat waves in Antarctica, in addition to the provenly bogus claim that Antarctica is suffering from a catastrophic amount of ice absence ... or even ice melt.  Okay then, below is the most recent temperature report from the Amundsen-Scott Base, in Antarctica.  This Accuweather report is placed here as a reality check, for those who actually believe the Antarctica is melting:

We keep being told that Antarctic ice is melting.  Of course, those who get Congressional funding, NGO funding, and other types of funding are the ones who keep saying this, over and over again.  Well, for ice to have melted at Amundsen-Scott in May of 2024, the temperature needed to have risen 126 degrees Fahrenheit.  The report above is that of May 27, 2024.
During the same May week of 2024, the famous Vostok Station dipped to MINUS 99 degrees Fahrenheit.  In order for ice to have started melting there, the temperature needed to rise 131 degrees Fahrenheit.  
During the same May week in 2024, it dipped to MINUS 96F, at the famous South Pole Station.
The Concordia Research Station is well known to the knowledgeable.  During the same May week of 2024, the temperature there dipped to MINUS 99 Fahrenheit, as it did at Vostok.  So, what justifies a person heavily compensated by various "climate funding sources" to tell humanity that Anarctica is melting and that the Statue of Liberty is in the process of going underwater? 

ABOVE:  During the same month of May 2024, Springtime America received record snowfall, at Lake Tahoe.  But, we keep being told that the sea level will rise 200 feet.  Yet, from 1880 to 2020, the sea level only rose 8 to 9 inches.  

Then,  it was recently claimed by well-funded scientists that the sea level rose 4 inches in the past 30 years.  That would amount to 0.1333 inches per year ... or 13 & 1/3 inches per century ... or 16 inches per every 120 years.  This amounts to a sea level rise equal to the width of two pennies per year.  

At today's "reported" rate of sea level rise, it will take 17,158 to 18,000 years to elevate the sea level 200 feet.  Do you have just cause to believe the heavily funded "scientist" who claimed on stage, in front of a video camera lens, that the sea level will rise 200 feet?  He's on video, sounding all so confident ... and in-your-face pushy, like a salesman.

Welcome to the CO2 Gazette:

In 1966, the atmospheric co2 level was 322 ppm.  The Climate Hysteria propaganda teams of today assert that atmospheric co2 levels below 330 ppm are quite safe and do not trigger severe ice melt or weather disasters of note.  This would mean that, in no way would there have been any time in which Polar sea ice would have reached a record low, while co2 stayed below 330 ppm.  And in no way, according to the same assertion, would hurricanes be a menace to any part of Planet Earth.  

Well, those two assertions were proven wrong, simply through reading centuries of weather history.  The 1960s saw a few years of significantly less than usual polar sea ice, and in the early 1960s, there were a couple of world-ending Pacific Cyclones.  Their pressure systems within were the lowest of the low.  They proved the 330 ppm ceiling limit theory to have been worthlessly false, as did any catastrophic cyclone that emerged before the Year 1974.   This included those that date as far back as the day after Christmas, in 838 CE.  

There is a long list of cyclones and major storm tides which transpired when the co2 count was below 300 ppm and which killed thousands upon thousands of people, as well as having rearranged the coastline of the Netherlands ... and even put cities into the history books, such as was the case with the Danish city of Rungholt, in 1362.  

The many natural disasters which occurred from 838 CE to the start of the Industrial Revolution proved Al Gore, David Attenborough, and Michael Mann to have been extremely non-factual.  It is a complete lie to claim that the weather was mild for a thousand years, until the start of the Industrial Revolution in 1760.  There have been horrendous weather events all throughout the Medieval Era, the Renaissance Era, and the Baroque Era.  This included the Age of Exploration ... and Colonization.  This included the reign of Kubla Khan.

The co2/temperature Causation Assertion was long since proven wrong, via the searing heat of 1936, 1934, 1922, 1921, 1913, 1911, 1905, 1901, 1895, 1878, and 1871.  These heated years all transpired when when the co2 count ranged from a very low 295 ppm to a low-enough 310 ppm.   

This same climate assertion was proven wrong in 1966, when the Antarctic wintertime sea ice plummeted.  In 1966, the co2 count was 318 ppm.  That's 12 points below 330 ppm threshold theory.  Yet, co2 didn't follow the rule that the Global Warming People set for it.  Meanwhile, the 500,000 year long Ordovician Ice Age proceeded while the co2 level was at 4,000 ppm.  

The details of that particular ice age is beyond the scope of this discourse.  However, shortly after the Climategate emails were revealed, someone presented a theory for that ice age, by citing the low Carbon-13 count at the beginning of that half million year ice age which came in two major pulses.  Well, it was recently found that a rise in co2 is accompanied by a decrease in carbon-13. This is called "an inverse relationship."  This was concluded through a study that involved the 1990s to the Year 2021.  

During ice ages, there is a much less supply of water vapor in the air, being that extremely cold air also equals dry air.  Being that water vapor is 90% of all greenhouse gases -- by volume -- any discussion of greenhouse gases -- in any era of climate history -- is automatically invalid, if water vapor is not included in the discussion.  

In as much, the mystery as to how a glaciation period can persist is easily solved.  Water Vapor becomes a rare commodity during ice ages.  However, there still remains the mystery as to what actually causes ice ages to commence, in the first place.  There is more to include, but not here, due to the budgeting of printing space.

Recent CO2 Scorecard

As far as goes 330 ppm, that level of atmospheric co2 arrived in 1974.  Then, in 1980, the co2 count rose to 339 ppm.  The 1990 co2 count was 355 ppm, and at the Turn of the Millennium, the co2 count was 370.  The 400 ppm marked occurred in the Year 2015.  And when the co2 count reached 418 ppm in 2021, Antarctica ended up having its coldest winter in known history.  Al Gore & Michael Mann are summarily proven wrong, yet again.  The 418 ppm level should have heated-up Antarctica, when the opposite occurred in the Southern Hemisphere.

As far as goes hurricanes, in the history of Planet Earth, voyagers and coastline inhabitants have witnessed coastline-destroying hurricanes throughout the centuries when the co2 count was below 300.  This included massive sea storms of the 1700s, 1500s, and very late 1200s.  Include the Pacific during the early 1960s, when charting the most extreme cyclones in history on a graph.  In 1962, when the Pacific Ocean delivered a handful of historically punishing typhoons/cyclones, the co2 count was 318 ppm. 

The aforementioned topics have already been detailed at the Blue Marble Album and elsewhere.  There's a search box at the top right-hand side of each of this site's pages.  Make good use of it.

Official Academic Atmospheric Science Teaching

When it comes to natural disasters and temperature, one must learn the science of Pressure Gradient Forcing, as well as Baroclinic stability vs instability.   It goes as follows:

Very simply, when the temperature difference between the Equator and the Poles gets closer to each other ... aka "diminishes" ... as when a phase of global warming occurs, then the atmosphere becomes less turbulent and there are less hurricanes and other types of turbulence-induced natural disasters on Planet Earth.  

On the contrary, when the temperature difference between the Equator and the Poles widens ... increases ... as during the Little Ice Age ... the atmospheric turbulence of Planet Earth increases, and this results in more hurricanes and other turbulence-induced natural disasters.  Once again, for clarity sake, it's the global cooling phases which result in more turbulence-related natural disasters.

As a result, there were tremendous sea storms, aka cyclones, during the Little Ice Age which occurred from 1284 C.E. and 1840 C.E.  This included the disaster of 1780, as well as Kubla Khan's naval invasion fleets being decimated on two different storm-ridden occasions.  There is a notable list of cyclones, coastline floods, and other natural disasters throughout the centuries --- long before the invention of the gasoline-powered engine.  

It was a complete lie to have claimed that the weather was mild for a 1,000 years, until the Industrial Revolution.  There were massive disasters supported by evidence and surviving witnesses which occurred when the atmospheric co2 count was very low.  In fact, numerous grave markers, the Elbe River Hunger Stone, chronicles, captain logs, and monuments of Europe prove Michael Mann and David Attenborough to have been the most egregious of liars, in their claiming that Planet Earth was a hedonist's pleasure palace that hosted no hurricanes, droughts, floods, epidemics, or famines, for a thousand years.

This pressure gradient force reflex is why jet streams only meander during wintertime.  It has nothing to do with CO2.  Plus, realizing that co2 is too small in quantity ... in the atmosphere ... to ever drive the climate, is not an element of cognitive dissonance.  It's an element of common sense.

World peace will be accompanied by the discarding and the disqualifying of many lies that line society today.  Incidentally, the TIROS-1 weather satellite dates back to 1960.  It's first photo was made on April 1 on that year.  Thus, the satellite era did NOT begin in 1979.  It began in 1960.  The full article related to the photo below ... and related to satellite technology of the 1960s ... is found at:


Below:  Now remember, the article below involves the year with the HIGHEST (the most) wintertime Antarctic Sea Ice Extent.  It's also known as "Antarctica's Sea Ice Extent MAXIMUM."  And of course, it appears to be a relative tie between 1964 and 2014.  

Below is the same article text, provided at a larger size, for readability purposes.  All in all, when the Climate Hysteria People at the UN and in the present US White House administration claim that the Satellite Record did not begin until 1979, you can now tell them that it started in 1964.  You can also tell them that you know that they are a bunch of liars, making outrageously large sums of money, by means of lying to humanity and creating fear.  Knowledge ends fears. 
                                           ★☆     ★☆     ★☆     ★☆     ★☆     ★☆
 We now adjourn to 1852                
Oh, and then there was the Year 1852.  It was regarded as the year with no winter in the northern midwest of America, while it was the Winter of Hardship, in Oregon.  The co2 count back then was 285 ppm, and the lesson from 1852 is that, on a very round, yet slightly elliptical, Earth that travels at a 23.5 degree tilt, it's absolutely true that one man's drought is another man's flood, and one man's heatwave is another man's cold snap.  And of course, Ft. Snelling Minnesota recorded zero heavy snowfall, in 1852.  Newspapers published a commentary or two about this, in latter years.

Planet Earth does NOT have one climate.  It has many climates that end up definitively butting-up against each other and then interacting with each other, to an extent.  Such various climates are affected in different ways ... not solely by co2.  In fact, co2 interaction is good for a climate ... if you want to see beautiful forests of green ... or even golden maple trees ... or vast fields of lavender and other colorful vegetation.

Most importantly, the climate is NOT the moronic simpleton version taught by Al Gore through his 2006 propaganda film.  Climate & Weather is an exceptionally intricate science.  It has many factors and variables.  The more you learn about Atmospheric Science & Weather History, the more you realize how little anyone knows about anything.  And when it happens, you are actually at peace about it.  

Yet, the Climate Con Artists then show up on screen and on magazine covers, and all peace is robbed of humanity with hyper-exaggerations of recent weather events.  These are events shown in a false light.  The result is that the younger generations get terrorized.  The undereducated think that the end is near.  Yet, those events don't come close to the massive brutal weather events of centuries past.  

Such hyper-exaggerated modern weather events are covered at the Blue Marble Album, to show what extremes money-seeking propagandists will strive to attain, simply to takeover your mind and to take your tax dollars ... along with your donation money ... under the guise that the world is on the brink of destruction and only "they" can save you.   Those geeks.  Those dweebs.  Those wedgie boys.

It's amazing how the youngest generation fell for this con game.  The established tradesman (working man) and the outdoor woman know by instinct & experience that the Climate Doomsday Blueprint of Today is not factual.  Plus, China is the great contributor of new coal plants ... of airborne substances into the atmosphere ... meaning that America & Europe could vanish tomorrow, yet the co2 count will still rise consistently ... from the factories and plants of China ... and India.

In as much, Nuclear Winter is far worse than any phase of global warming could ever be.  None the less, the most dreadful determinant of sudden climate change in history has been none other than ... volcanoes.  The irony to this historic note is that volcanoes emit a lot of co2.  Yet, their eruptions never resulted in global warming.  

Volcanic after-effects always resulted in =====> much cooler surface temperatures on Planet Earth.  After all, an Indonesian volcanic eruption in April of 1815 resulted in 1816 being the Year Without a Summer.  Such a thing is due to the sulfur dioxide being released into the air, during the eruptions.  SO2 acts as tiny mirrors than cause sunlight to be reflected back into Space.  

All in all, Sulfur Dioxide is a killer.  Carbon MONOXIDE is a killer.  Carbon Dioxide is your friend.

A certain climate condition can end your personal world, but not the whole world.  A climate condition has simultaneously ended hundreds of thousands of personal worlds in India and China, in centuries past.  A Summertime climate condition in 1911 ended over 11,000 personal worlds in Paris, alone.  But, no climate condition can end all THE world, simultaneously.  And you cannot fool all the people all the time.  

Climate Crisis Con Artists realize that the Abraham Lincoln axiom is true.  So, these people punish the ones who constitute some of the people whom you cannot fool.  This is why the Climate Crisis People harass scientists and experienced people who know that the Al Gore Theory is an exaggeration that doesn't answer more than a small percentage of any climate question ... and is incapable of being used to predict any climate future.

If you can't deceive a person into doing your will, then you will try to physically, socially (as in defamation), and/or financially harm him ... if you are engaged in taking over worlds ... or making lots of money that you do NOT deserve.  

Al Gore & Company basically said that the world will soon come to an end, if mankind doesn't hand-over Planet Earth's money supply to him, Michael Mann, and others involved in the con game.   Yet, con artists give themselves away as the frauds they are.   For example, Gore was too uninformed to know the temperature of the center of the Earth, all the while pretending to be an expert on late night NBC television.   Plus, Gore's refusal to ever debate anyone is a dead give-away that he will be revealed as the charlatan he is, if he ever engages in an academic climate debate.  

An example of Michael Mann's con artistry is that his hockey stick graph states that 1921 & 1922 are amongst the coldest years in the past millennium.  Well, newspapers, almanacs, logs, and magazines all reported on the exceptional heat of those two years which were accompanied by notable Arctic ice loss.  Thus, printed historical accounts proved Michael Mann's hockey stick temperature graph to be a fraudulent invention.  And then comes the Climategate emails which revealed enough as it was.  

As time progressed, useful idiots thinking that they could cash-in with Al Gore and Michael Mann pretended to be experts who could prove that the Climategate emails were misinterpreted.  However, pivotal scientists refused to reveal their climate data base which resulted in their climate conclusions that have been proven contradictory to weather history.  In as much, there certainly was a decline ... of temperature ... from WWII to the late 1970s ... and Michael Mann was hiding it in his straight-lined hockey stick graph.  If the temperature decline were not hidden, then his graph would have looked like a soup ladle, instead.  

That hockey stick line is contrary to recent archeological discoveries and proxy evidence, as well as to historical weather reports.  The truth is that climate is cyclical, with alternating phases --- much like the phases of the Moon.

At this stage in the conversation, enter the Year 2023.  In the Year 2023, the atmospheric co2 count was 422 ppm.  Being that the 2023 co2 count far exceeded the 1966 co2 count, the Al Gore Climate Hysteria team would conclude that the square mileage of Antarctic sea ice extent in 1966 would have been much larger than it was in 2023, and that there would have been no massive reduction in sea ice from one year to the next, at any time in the 1960s.  But, this turned out to have NOT been the case.  

There was a massive amount of sea ice loss, when calculating from the winter of 1964 to the winter of 1966.  This was when the co2 count was literally 99 ppm LOWER than it was in 2023.  

In similar pattern, there was a difference of weather between 2021 and 2023.  The Year 2021 was the coldest recorded Antarctic winter in history.  In 2023, the least amount of wintertime sea ice occurred.  

Conditions changes suddenly in both instances.  This means that the co2 content was not the driver of the drastic change that occurred between 1964 and 1966, as well as the drastic change between 2021 and 2023.  As an added note, Antarctica does have dozens of volcanoes.  This, of course, is a topic of its own, for another discourse.  Volcanic Antarctica is beyond the scope of this discourse.

Being that the co2 count was entirely different in two eras of time which yielded the exact same weather results, those similar weather results did NOT come form the very dissimilar co2 content of the Earth's atmosphere.   There is a pattern here, independent of co2.  Case closed.  Gore once again is proven wrong, along with his often televised team mates.

None the less, the media and video channel creators claimed that 2023 was the year of the least sea ice extent in 7.5 million years.  And of course, they will usually show their viewers a graph.  However, you can distort the curve of a graph without changing any statistical numbers.  Simply have the y-axis of the graph carry a small number set, with fractional numbers included.  Meanwhile, have the gridline spacing further apart than it should be.  And then, make sure that the x-axis doesn't host a long range of numbers, either.  

For example, some y-axis numerals in temperature graphs are limited to two or three mere degrees Celsius, separated at vertical gridline intervals of one-half of a degree each.  In this way, the slightest change in temperature gets ridiculously pronounced when the graph line is drawn.  Therefore, a pronounced slant ... a pronounced decline ... a pronounced angle ... a significant curve will result, IF the x-axis numerals are not plentiful.  

The more numerous the x-axis timeline numbers, the more gradual will be the slant of the graph line.  With a small set of x-axis timeline numbers (such as years), a more pronounce angle - slant - incline - decline - curve results.  The resulting graph line gets very vertical quickly.  Thus, graphs can be very deceptive.  

Your response to such a rigged graph should be: "Show me the actual satellite photos of the 2023 Antarctic continent in wintertime."  Well, some video makers will then show the terrain of a coastline that has no snow or ice on it, deceiving you into assuming that the ice there recently melted.  The truth is that Antarctic is the driest desert on Earth, and in some coastline sections ... on the terrain itself ... there has been no snowing or ice accumulation there since you and everyone else presently on Earth were born.  

Antarctica is huge, at 5.5 million square miles in area.  Thus, it has a long coastline.  A minor portion of that coastline is ice-free & snow-free desert terrain.  It only looks big in itself, because Antarctica is so ridiculously huge.  But, the iceless sections of Antarctic are tiny in comparison to the continent.  Wide patches of iceless terrain has been that way in Antarctica, for thousands of years.

The Melted Ice Cube Effect:  There is no effect thereof.

Next will come the mention of ice melt-induced sea level rise.  Well, if all the sea ice on Earth suddenly melted ... including the entire Arctic Ocean Ice Sheet in wintertime ... the sea level rise would be ZERO.  It's the same effect as when all of the ice cubes melt in your large glass of iced tea.  The tea remains at the same height within the glass, whether its ice cubes are all melted or not.

Moreover, the existence of penguins show the need for some of Antarctica's terrain to be ice-free.  Penguins need ice-free terrain to bring forth their young.  Antarctica is 98% ice-covered; 2% ice-free.  Now, Antarctica is also 5.4 million square miles in area.  2% times 5.4 million sq miles = 108,000 ice-free square miles.  A con artist can play ruthless fraud games with that 2% terrain.  However, the reality is this:         Ice-covered Antarctica = 5,292,000 sq mi.                                                                                                                            Ice-free =    108,000 sq mi.   Big difference.                            

          Below:  September 23rd, 2023; a few weeks after it was asserted that Antarctica is suffering from missing ice like it never has done, in the past 7.5 million year.  Okay then, where is all of this Once-in-a-7.5-million-year End of the World Ice Melt?

CO2 does NOT drive the climate, and it is NOT causing any "Global Boiling."  Rather, it has been causing the greening of Planet Earth.  After all, if you want to go green, then increase the level of atmospheric co2 without adding any airborne pollutant in the process.  As far as goes coal burning plants, the coal MUST be filtered definitively.  Plus, science should start studying Tidal Power, Geothermal Power, etc.  

All in all, co2 is not the environmental disaster at hand.  It's the glut of synthetic chemicals spread throughout human societies which is.  The previous disaster was leaded gasoline, and addressing that problem was a much needed cause, in decades past.  In fact, in going back further in time, the great environmental disaster & challenge was none other than Small Pox, the great killer.  

Concerning 90% of all greenhouse gases by volume, being WATER VAPOR, you have probably heard the expression, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity."  Well, the humidity is the heat.  

Water Vapor is the Great Infrared Heat Retainer.  So too are Cirrus Clouds --- only because they are positioned at a high altitude.  The further away a cloud is from the surface of the Earth, the better its ability to capture IR light.  IR light and IR heat are synonymous.

The Sun drives the climate, in combination with air pressure, as well as the tilt of the Earth, the high pressure Convection Cells, and ye olde Coriolis Effect which has been explained at the Blue Marble Album and in every atmospheric science book known to mankind.  In fact, the Tilt of the Earth is the only reason why the seasons exist on Planet Earth.

Penguin Woodstock

At the end of Antarctica's Summer, there always is massive sea ice loss.  By the end of Antarctic winter, there is always a massive amount of sea & land ice ... larger than the landmass of Russia which is huge.  Russia is 6.6 MILLION square miles in size.  

Climate is Cyclical

That which has occurred in the climate realm on Planet Earth in the 2020s has happened previously.  For example, in 1977 it reached 118F in Athens, when the co2 count was 331 ppm.  There were 42 consecutive 100F+ days in Dallas, in 1980, when the co2 count was 338.  A number of deadly droughts occurred in India and China, when the co2 count was below 308 and even below 300.  America had its worst flood in 1927, when the co2 count was 306 ppm.

There is nothing new under the Sun.  Climate has thus far been proven to be a cyclical trend.  In fact, the last time when there actually was non-cyclical Climate Change was 6,000 years ago, when a lush & plush jungle that spanned throughout northern Africa started to become the Sahara, due to the emergence of a Convention Cell ... now called the Hadley Cell ... which now exists at the 30th Parallel in both hemispheres.   Hmmmm.

The Hadley Cell constantly sends downward to the Earth's surface high pressure dry air.  Incidentally, the Sahara is larger than the size of the   ... aka the contiguous ...United States, at 3.6 million sq miles.  (The contiguous US is 3.11 million sq mi.)  That's a massive desert.  Antarctica is a much larger desert ... at 5.4 million sq mi ... with high pressure dry air descending upon it, from the ceiling of the Troposphere.  Note:  "High Pressure" and "dry air" is redundant.

Every scientist ... and every journalist ... is morally obliged to also include into the Climate Conversation the polar sea ice records of the 1960s, as well as those of the first eight years of the 1970s.  The Polar Caps always have outrageously large areas of ice.  However, at least 85% of the wintertime Antarctic sea ice is gone at the end of Antarctic Summer.  This has already been illustrated at the Blue Marble Album, and there does exist a search box at the top right-hand corner of every page, for your convenience ... for the sake of evidence-supported truth finally being viewed.  

And remember, the author of this site works alone.  He has thus far ... as of 2024 ... never been funded by any corporation, any NGO, any 501C charity organization, or any private citizen, in his research, writings, weblogs, and websites which cover multiple topics.   This includes any oil company anywhere on Earth.  Zero dollars and zero cents have come from such entities.  And there has been no grassroots funding either.  Not a penny.  So, you can can it with the "climate racketeering claim" & "the oil company funding claim."

In as much, the end of your personal world will arrive a whole lot sooner than will the End of THE World.  This whole "Climate Crisis" thing is a money-making con game, being done at your expense, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars thus far.  In the end, you will get the bill, and you will NOT be able to pay it.