May 6, 2024

Droughts during the middle of the Little Ice Age

Keep in mind that the Decline Hider, Michael Mann, as well as the Truth Hider, David Attenborough, publicly stated, in different venues, that the climate was stable for one thousand years, until the inception of the Industrial Age.  Now, it was already illustrated how frequent and intense were sea storms, as well as floods that rewrote the coastline of the Netherlands.  It was illustrated that multiple disasters, including mega-droughts, in centuries past.  Those disasters occurred when the atmospheric co2 level was very low, proving that the Al Gore Theory of Climate is a fraudulent misrepresentation.  Now for your enlightenment.  There were multiple droughts even during the Renaissance era.

Below is a graph that serves as a supplement to the Old World Drought Atlas.  That map covers the late Medieval Era.  That era is actually the Renaissance.  The graph below shows that there was a severe drought transpiring in Central Europe when Augustinian friar, Father Martin Luther, submitted his 95 Theses for public discourse.  

In addition, there was an European drought of note in 1506-07, as well as in the 1470s & 1480s.  In fact, 1616 & 1741 were historic drought years for Europe, as were the years 1893 & 1921.  History has droughts all over the place, from time to time, taking turns with floods, pestilence, major land storms, humid heat waves, dry heat waves, ice stacking, cold spells, snow storms, sea storms, and even algae blooms in what is modern Florida.  

Tornadoes are a bit different, being that the first one ever reported in England was in 1091, and that is relatively late.  Yet, ancient Greece has writings on the occasional presence of tornadoes in the Mediterranean.  All in all, David Attenborough and Michael Mann lied when they said on different occasions that the weather of the past 1,000 years was stable & mild until the invention of the gasoline engine.  Turbulence is an integral part of weather history, even 200, 400, 600 and 800 years before the invention of the diesel engine, the lawn mower engine, and the rocket engine.

Now, PDSI means Palmer Drought Severity Index.  The JJA means June-July-August.

This mostly refers to Hungary, Slovenia, etc.  It is simply a small puzzle piece showing the larger picture.  The larger picture is that the weather was NOT mild & stable for a thousand years, until the Industrial Revolution.  Michael Mann & David Attenborough are liars.

As far as goes forest fires, research scientists concluded that the Little Ice Age didn't have epic fires, but the Medieval Warm did.  Involved were American Rocky Mountain forest fires as tremendous as the ones in the 1930s, as well as the California fires of recent years.  See:  the world renown publication, Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesMedieval warming initiated exceptionally large wildfire outbreaks in the Rocky Mountains |:| Edited by Monica G. Turner, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, and approved September 1, 2015 (received for review January 13, 2015.)

See also:  Live Science,  March 18, 2010.  Giant Redwood Trees Endured Frequent Fires Centuries Ago

And also:  Univ of  Arizona News, March 17, 2010, Giant Sequoias Yield Longest Fire History from Tree Rings