April 27, 2024

American Dam Replenishment & the False-Light Ft Lauderdale Rain Report

 Observe this recent 2023 publication, even if it translates into you skimming over ir ever so briefly:

Newsflash:  The American West did NOT have the worst drought in 1,200 years (as was repeatedly stated by the commercial media), and it did not have an ongoing drought.  Monsoons visited the American West on a regular basis throughout all that time.  They ironically came from the Gulf of Mexico ... instead of the Pacific Ocean ... through a clockwise rotating high pressure system.  Plus, the 2023 rainfall came to the American West as soon as La Nina ended.

The entirety of the above forecast can be found at https://www.weather.gov/owp/2023NHA.  It's based on the actual weather trend which recently transpired in 2023 and which disintegrated the climate doom predictions of 2022.   The predictions spoken by the usual suspects was that, in 2022, humanity reched a tipping point comprising a major extinction event of bitter dryness and parched heat, along with a contradictory event of Category 6 hurricanes and a very humid drowning of the coastlines. 

Neither event came close to happening.  As soon as the "La Nina" phase of the Pacific Ocean's El Nino Southern Oscillation ended, the replenishing rainfall & snowfall in America started.  La Nina makes the weather drier than normal in the Eastern Pacific, while simultaneously making things wetter than normal in the Western Pacific.    For those unfamiliar with ENSO, El Nino, & La Nina first take a look at this easy-listening introductory video made for the beginner/novice.  It assumes that the listener has no prior experience with meteorology and/or atmospheric science:


All in all, the weather of February-March-April 2023 turned out to be the opposite of what was predicted by the "celebrated" climate doom "experts," in their repetitively annoying & predictable End-of-the-World narrative which included: 

[1] a lasting drought in the American West --- which was said to have been occurring for years, even though regular Monsoon season was arriving in the American West throughout those years, [2] the depletion of the U.S. Western dams & reservoirs, all the while neglecting to mention the existence of a drastically increased human population there, along with an increased need for water, [3] the igniting of forest fires on a grander scale than had ever been previously seen, even though nothing will exceed the high number & ferocity of fires in the late 1920s and the entire 1930s, as well as in the 1870s. [4]  And let us not forgot the prediction of snowless winters in England ... California ... Utah ... and in the State of Arizona which does have ski resorts.  

Also, that which is called 'the climate crisis' was also claimed to be a crisis, on account of one, and only one, major hurricane that made landfall in the Continental United States in the entire 2022 hurricane season.  Yet, this one hurricane was preceded by a month which had no hurricanes forming in the Atlantic Ocean, at all.  This observation, alone, makes the "climate crisis" alarm a sophomoric farce.  After all, to have only one major hurricane strike mainland North America during a hurricane season is to have no climate crisis at all.

The Actual Outcome of Weather Events in 2023 Thus Far

Instead of bringing the final phase of an extinction-causing drought to Planet Earth, the Year 2023 brought:  [1] the replenishment of dam water levels in the American West,  [2] record cold in New England,  [3] record cold in China,  [4] record cold & snowfall to Japan, and [5] sled riding in England with improvised sleds.  [6] Record high snowpacks in Utah & California.  However, that which transpired thus far in the Year 2023 was NOT the opposite of what the author of this Blue Marble Album site told readers to expect, back in 2022.   

See:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2i_jaY3JdQ&list=PLH8YDbh9qmDG6_EnHnoCHVzJ89x_Oav0Q

While [1] the commercial media, [2] lawsuit abuser Michael Mann, [3] the Biden Administration, [4] the very arrogant governor of California, and [4] the giggling airhead who occupies the vice presidency of the United States all claimed that a new and terminal phase of drought, heatwaves, crop failure, and all-around climate doom had arrived, the Blue Marble Album stated, "No, it hasn't."  None the less, he was written-off and ignored.

Despite the widespread propaganda & peer pressure, the Blue Marble Album author refused to succumb to the bullying and overly theatrical stage productions done under the guise of "mainstream media" news reports.  After all, there is no crisis caused by man-made co2, and the atmosphere is presently 99.9324% carbon-free;.  After all, [1] Nitrogen (78%),  [2] Oxygen (21%),  [3] Argon (0.93%),  [4] Neon (0.0018%),  [5] Helium (0.00052%), and [6] Krypton (0.00011%) are all carbon-free. 

The Blue Marble Album author wanted to be categorically counted out from the climate doomsayer camp, all the while being counted as a full-scale dissenter to the claim that there is a co2-driven & a methane-driven "climate crisis."   He repeatedly stated that "Climate is cyclical, just like a roller coaster."  He also displayed multiple newspaper reports, dating as far back as the 1800s to show that all of 2022's weather events previously happened, in patterned intervals of time, far more frequently than in a 1,000 years, 500 years, and even 150 years.  In fact, these events happened as recently as 2012, 2003, 1998, 1988, 1976, etc, etc, etc.  In as much, the weather events of Feb-March-April of 2023 proved his dissent to be nothing less than adherence to historic chronicles, to authentic almanacs, and to statistical accuracy. 

The Blue Marble Album author also stated, "On a spherical planet tilted at 23 1/2 degrees, one man's drought is another man's flood, and one man's heatwave is another man's cold snap.  He also reminded readers that Antarctica recently had its coldest winter in history in 2021, while two of the three sectors of the Great Barrier Reef became replenished in the same time span.  Yet, he was the one who was told that he didn't know what he was talking-about.  Then came Feb-March-April of 2023.  The scorecard at present reads:

~ the Blue Marble Album author who was NEVER payed as much as a dollar to write/speak for-or-against the present climate doom assertions = Correct.  

~ The celebrated Michael Mann (who NEVER won any type of Nobel Prize) & Al Gore (who was NEVER nominated for the Nobel Prize in Science) = embarrassingly wrong yet again in their predictable doomsday predictions.   

Michael Mann's Diversionary Tactic after the Successful Dam Replenishments

And of course, the dishonest Michael Mann whose Australian predictions failed shortly before his American drought predictions failed had to change the subject and create a diversion.  So, he very falsely claimed that the 2023 Broward County rain of April 12, 2023 was something that no one should see in a thousand years.  He called it the "Thousand Year Event," even though more virulent rain storms occurred in America throughout the 20th Century, including in FLORIDA, on September 5th, 1950.  

In April of 2023, it was reported in a deceptively false light that Southern Florida received 25.6 inches of rain in less than  24 hours.  (Note: the Wikipedia site stated that it happened in 12 hours, but heavily funded U.S. scientific administrations disagree.)   The truth was that only a small patch of Florida land received the 25+ inches, in a 24 hour period.  In nearby Florida terrain --- within the same 24 hour period --- rainfall amounted to  [1] 7.22 inches,  [2] 4.20 inches,  [3] 6.11 inches in Fort Lauderdale, itself,  [4] 9.82 inches,  [5] 6.67 inches,  [6] 6.59 inches,  [7] 8.14 inches,  [8] 5.16 inches,  [9] 9.60 inches,  [10] 7.14 inches.  Such an event is NOT a Thousand Year Event.  Michael Mann is a deliberate liar.  See below:

That 25+ inches only fell on a small patch of Florida land, with the neighboring areas getting much less rain in the same time span  This shows that the media and Michael Mann lie and lie and lie again and again.  PLUS,  25+ inches is NOT Florida's record.  38.70 inches in 1950 is.

In addition to Tampa Florida getting 38.70 inches of rain in 24 hours, in 1950,  [2] Texas got 42 inches of rain in a 24 hour period, in 1979.  Also, [3] Alabama's 24 hr record is 32.5 inches, and that occurred in 1997 --- not 1,001 years ago.   [4] Louisiana's 24 hr record is 22 inches of rainfall which fell in 1962 --- also a time much nearer to 2023 than is 1,000-years-ago.   

Continuing, other 24-hour state records include  [5] California; 25.8 inches in 1943,  [6] Georgia; 21.1 inches in 1994.  The chart below will fill you in on the other State records.  This and many other pieces of evidence posted at the Blue Marble Album illustrates how incessantly the media, Michael Mann, the Biden Administration, and Al Gore have been lying to the public. 

Compliments of the U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.  One correction needs to be made:  Florida's record is 38.0inches, accomplished on September 5, 1950, during Hurricane Easy. 

Also see:  https://www.wunderground.com/cat6/Summary-US-State-Historical-Precipitation-Extremes



Florida's record rainfall within a 24-hour period did NOT occur in April of 2023.  It occurred on September 5, 1950, when the atmospheric co2 level was much lower than today ... and when the atmospheric methane level was less than 2 parts per million, just as it is today.  On that day, it rained 38.70 inches in the Tampa area, within 24 hours of time.  In fact, on November 11-12, 1980, a total of 23.38 inches of rainfall came upon the Key West international airport ... also in Florida.  In  Thus, the "Fort Lauderdale Storm" was nowhere near a "thousand year storm."  

Similarly, on July 24-25, 1979, a grand total of 42 inches of rain fell upon the Houston area within a 24 hour period.   In fact, on July 19-20, 1997 Dauphin Island Alabama got 32+ inches.  Alabama also got 22-24 inches of rain on another 1997 day, within a 24 hour period.  

In 1942, Pennsylvania once got 30.70 inches of rain in four and a half hour period.  In 1921, Thrall Texas got 36.40 inches of rain within an eighteen hour period.  And in 1943, California received 25.83 inches of rain within a 24 hour period.  The list goes on, and the bottom line is that there were many storms and floods that were far worse than the very temporary one of April 12, 2023.  Moreover, the one piece of evidence which proves the April 12, 2023 Fort Lauderdale rain to be hyper-exaggerated chump change is this:   NO ONE DIED on account of the April 2023 rain there!!!!!  

In contrast, the 1887 Yellow River Flood (Huang-Ho River Flood), in Qing China, killed 930,000+ human lives.  Plus, there were multiple Yellow River floods and numerous deaths throughout history.  The April 12, 2023 Fort Lauderdale rain compares to zero of them.

Moreover, Pennsylvania, a place much closer to Florida than is China, had some of the most powerful flood waters in history.  On May 31, 1889, 1,600 Johnston buildings were simultaneously demolished and swept away, when 16 million tons of water created a 40 foot high channel of raging water, a half mile wide.  Yet, 47 years prior to the 1889 flood, the Indus River Valley (in Pakistan) hosted the most disastrous flood in modern history.  It included100 foot high flood waters.  In fact, also in 1841 was a flood on the Salisbury Plain, called the Great (River) Till Flood of 1841.

Then comes the Great California Flood of 1862, when it days from December 9, 1861 to January 20, 1862.  Flooding extented into Idaho, Washington, Nevada & Utah.  4,000 died from the flood, during a time when the atmospheric co2 level was very very low, @ 286 ppm.   Today, co2 is @ 420 ppm.

There are numerous examples of rainfall and flooding far far worse than the very temporary April 12, 2023 flood which was hyper-exaggerated by the Michael Mann and Al Gore people, in order to deceive you into thinking that the recent Congressional outlay of 370 BILLION taxpayer dollars to the "climate activists & scientists" was necessary.  Newsflash:  It was a waster of taxpayer dollars, proven by the quick 2023 replenishment of Western dams, compliments of nature only ... and not by any funded scientist.

Let us begin:

Within here is yet another piece of evidence which shows that the climate crisis media has been doing nothing more than lying to the public.  Its technique of lying has been the use of:  [1] false light disinformation & [2] sleight-of-hand deception.  This was 100% the case with the July 19, 2022 Great London True Fire Stats, as well as the climate refugee predictions about an Australia that has recently been replenishing quite well, thank you.  

In addition to the Great Barrier Reef having the most coral cover it has had in over 40 years, the Australian ski resorts were in operation, too.  The opposite of what Michael Mann predicted occurred there.  Hearing Michael Mann's weather predictions is like listening to a Beatles album being played backwards.  The same goes for Jim Hansen, formerly of NASA.  He has a perfect record of weather predictions NEVER coming true.

This incessant deceit of the media ... which is simultaneously in line with Jim Hansen's incessant failure at weather predictions ... included the 35 year old watery doom prediction of the Maldives which has recently built 5 NEW autonomous airport landing fields, to accommodate the tourist popularity of those very healthy islands.   

This failed prediction is always accompanied by the prediction that the Arctic Ocean will "very soon" be free of sea ice during some upcoming August.  Yet, the closest that the Arctic Ocean came to an ice-free Summer was in 2012, when 1.32 MILLION  square miles of ice covered the Arctic Ocean.  Now, the square root of 1.32 MILLION square miles is 1,148 linear miles.  Thus, the least amount of ice that the Arctic had was equivalent to the distance from New York City to Kansas City Missouri ... squared.  Let it also be reminded that the glaciers of Glacier National Park were NOT "gone by 2020."

Then comes the matter of the Biden administration deleting from government charts & graphs the massive forest fire frequency of the late 1920s and entire 1930s.  This was done ... in my opinion ... to make the much lesser number of fires since 1983 look like the end of the world.  Today, students fail to realize that the creation of Smoky the Bear campaign in the early 1940s was a sign that forest fires of the 1930s had the attention of an entire nation, due to the traumatic size and even more traumatic effect that those fires had on the American psyche.   Even the extended tragedies of WWII did NOT make Americans ignore the massive acreage that succumbed to forest fires.

Australia is the size of the Continental USA, and it had its heat during the years when America did, also. 
Let us proceed with uncovering yet another lie told by the Michael-Mann-approved & Bill-Gates-funded media, as well as the commercial and even subscription news outlets. 


On April 12, 2023, it was reported that "a Thousand Year" rainfall occurred in Florida, and that this was proof that Planet Earth was now in the midst of an Extinction-Event & Climate Crisis.  This would logically mean that the most rain to ever hit Florida (or anywhere else on Earth) fell on April 12, 2023.  

Michael "Hockey Sticks" Mann was placed in front of a camera, and we were assured that doom was now upon us, and that we all had to shut up, sit down, and fully submit our lives to him and his godlike knowledge of climate; as if no one else on Earth had meteorological statistics at their disposal.

You need to understand that Michael Mann utterly failed in his apocalyptic prediction that Australia will become a land vacated by climate refugees.  This is because the rains healthfully returned to Australia, along with coral cover that regenerated 2 of the 3 sectors of the Great Barrier Reef, as well as profitable Australian ski resorts. 

Then came the failure of the 2022 predictions of "a prolonged American drought," "added forest fire devastation," and "record heat."  This doomsday prediction literally got washed away and "whited out" by means of 2023's record snowpacks & snowfall in the American West, as well as record snowfall in England ... and Japan.  Meanwhile, the accompanying replenishment of American dams also made Mann look like a bumbling buffoon who was clueless to the true climate conditions of Planet Earth.  

If you want to see how far off in their predictions were the climate doomsayers of 2022, as they apply to Feb-Mar-Apr 2023, then take a look at:


Due to his climate prediction failures, Michael Mann had to create a diversionary tactic ... to continue deceiving Americans into believing that an apocalyptic extinction-event & climate crisis was underway.  So, he hyper-exaggerated the April 12, 2023 rain in southeastern Florida.  He told everybody that the sky was falling.

When assessing how dishonest is the Michael Mann who NEVER co-won any Nobel Prize, though he and certain media outlets very falsely claim this to be so, compare April 12 to the truly great American water disasters:

In all of the end-of-the-world hype provided by the climate doomsday media outlets, recent official government publications are the evidence which proved the April 12, 2023 rain reports to have been overly-hyped fraudulent misrepresentations.  To start, April 12 wasn't even the day of the most rainfall to ever visit Florida in a 24 hour period.  And it certainly wasn't the most rain to hit America or Planet Earth in a 24-hour period, as well.  

Florida's greatest 24-hour rainfall occurred 73 years ago, when co2 levels were much lower than today, on September 5,1950 ... NOT 1,001 years ago.   It rained 38.70 inches, during Hurricane Easy, covering the land that included my Alma Mater, the University of Tampa, a college that was known for its oceanography program during my time there.

Moreover, on November 11, 1980, 22.75 inches of rain fell on Key West.  That amounts to 43 years ago; NOT 1,001.

Plus, the 25.6 inches of rain (later amended to 5.91 inches) on April 12 (2023) only fell upon an exceptionally small piece of Southeastern Florida real estate.  It only fell on part of Broward County.  The real estate that surrounded the 25.6 inch (25.91 inch) rainfall zone was visited with much less rain at the exact same time.  Observe one of the NOAA & MWS (National Weather Service) prelim reports:  

~ Slightly South of  the 25.91 inch rainfall zone, only 7.22 inches of rain fell.  That equals  28% of 25.91 inches.  Slightly Northwest of it, a mere 4.20 inches of rain fell, and that constitutes only 16% of 25.91 inches.  

~ Slightly north of that zone, at Fort Lauderdale proper, no more than 6.11 inches of rain fell.  One step further south, in Hollywood Florida, it rained 9.82 inches, and this number only equals 38% of the heavily advertised 25.91 inches that fell upon a very small patch of Broward County land.

~  Directly West, it rained 6.59 & 8.14 inches. ---  One step further southwest, at Pembroke Pines, it rained a mere 5.16 inches.  One step further northwest, it rained 9.60 inches . . . all occurring in 24 hours of time.   

In fact, at Pompano Beach, it only rained 3.39 inches.  At Boca Raton Florida, it only rained 2.24 inches.  And at Miami proper, there was a range of 3.51 inches to 4.92 inches of rain.  Meanwhile, down on Miami Beach, it rained no more than 2.02 inches, on the exact same day.

Such numbers are not Thousand Year Events --- or even 150 Year Events --- or even 75 year events.  Now, this hyper-exaggerated doomsday report, in my opinion, was Michael Mann's attempt to rationalize and justify that outrageously exorbitant 370 BILLION taxpayer dollar allotment recently made to less-than-honest activists & scientists (as well as activist scientists.)  That Congressional allocation was done in the name of an apocalyptic climate crisis that certainly does not exist any more than a climate crisis existed throughout in the 1500s or even the 1900s.  

The 25+ inch rain of Apr 12, 2023 only fell on a small patch of Florida land, with the neighboring areas getting much less in the same time span  This shows that the media and Michael Mann lie and lie and lie, again and again and yet again.  Furthermore,  25+ inches in 2023 is NOT Florida's record.  38.70 inches in 1950 is.

Florida has 67 counties, while the United States has 3,243 counties (including Louisiana parishes).  A fraction of one county getting a lot of rain, while the surrounding patches of land only get 1/3 to 1/5 of that amount, is no climate crisis.  You gotta do better than that, if you want people to believe that the world is soon coming to a watery end.  The illustration above and many other pieces of evidence posted at the Blue Marble Album illustrate how incessantly Michael Mann, the Biden Administration, the media, and Al Gore have been lying to the public.  

Rainfall Records Elsewhere

 In recent decades ... within the past century ... other places got far worse than 25 inches of rain in 24 hrs.  As a quick example, Texas got 42 inches of rain in a 24 hour period, in 1979.   2023 minus 1979 = 44 years ago.  NOT 1,001 years ago.

In addition to Tampa Florida getting 38.70 inches of rain in 1950 --- and to Texas getting 42 inches in 1979 --- Alabama got 32.5 inches of rainfall in 24 hours, in 1997.  In as much, 2023 minus 1997 = 26 years ago;  NOT 1,001 years ago.   Plus, California's 24-hour rainfall record was 25.8 inches, and it transpired in 1943; 80 years ago --- NOT 1,001.   

Other 24-hour state records include Louisiana accruing 22 inches of rainfall in 1962 , as well as Georgia getting 21.1 inches in 1994.  Massachusetts got 18.2 inches in 1955, while Missouri got 18.2 inches in 1965.  There is a chart below which will fill you in on the other State records.  

Most rainfall in 18 hours of time

In September of 1921, 36.40 inches of rain fell on Thrall, Texas, in an 18 hour period.  And on July 17, 1942, it rained 30.70 inches for a four and a half hour period, in Smethport, Pennsylvania (12 miles or so south from the NY/PA border.)  That's 30.70 inches in 4.5 hours ... 4 1/2 hours.  Now, 2023 minus 1921 = 102 years ago, when co2 levels were much lower than they are today.  In addition, 2023 minus 1942 = 81 years ago;  NOT 1,001 years ago.

A second NWS prelim report for Broward County, April 12-13, 2023

When viewing the NWS prelim report below, keep in mind that the NWS Miami twitter account admits that a portion of the rainfall numbers on its Apr13, 9:30am tweet are NOT regarded as official numbers --- that some are numbers gathered by volunteers, and that the numbers came from several sources.  NO matter what stats or illustration you view, only a small patch of land ... relatively speaking ... was involved in the April 12, 2023 rain.  There were far worse flooding events and longer consecutive rain days in the 20th Century.  This was already addressed ... with examples ... at the Blue Marble Album.

The most important thing is that climate is "the prevailing weather TREND." ... usually throughout the most recent thirty-year period.  A mere 24, 48, or 72 doesn't indicate any kind of trend.  Something so short in time is an event' NOT a trend. 

Any one-day event has zero bearing on climate.  There is less than 1/2 of 1% of co2 in that sky out there, and in the same sky methane exists at LESS THAN two parts per million.  During the Cambrian Explosion, when sea life came into existence, there literally was 16 and two-thirds MORE co2 in the sky.  So, you must quit frightening your school students with you end-of-the-world predictions that have been failing since 1970.  Planet Earth is still here, as are the Maldive, Arctic Ice, etc.  In fact, the end of your world (on this Earth) will come a whole lot sooner than the end of "THE WORLD."

Any one-day event has zero bearing on climate.  There is less than 1/2 of 1% co2 in that sky out there, and in the same sky methane exists at LESS THAN two parts per million.  During the Cambrian Explosion, when sea life inclusively & vastly came into existence, there literally was 16 and two-thirds MORE co2 in the sky.  You need to quit during your Al Gore impersonation of climate doom coming tomorrow.  It is assured that the end of your world (on this Earth) will come a whole lot sooner than the end of "THE WORLD."

 10.22 inches of rain is still only half of the 25.91 placed in neon lights by the Bill-Gates-friendly press.  The April 12 event was NOT a long-term, repetitive event.  It's defined as "cherry picking," with the intent of terrifying school children so much that their parents will be effected and then demand yet more hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to be tossed into the hands of the climate doom scientists who have thus far been completely wrong in all their predictions, dating back to 1970.   

The specific predictions of climate doom and massive crop failure and drowning coastlines have been addressed in other texts.  All in all, the Maldives are still there.  The Great Barrier Reef is still there.  Summertime Arctic Ice is still there.  The glaciers of Glacier National Park are still there.  The Daytona Beach and Miami Beach coastlines are still there.  Etc, etc, etc.

As far as goes the world record for the most rainfall to have transpired in a 24 hour period, it occurred on January 7-8, 1966.  It rained 71.8 inches on Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean, east of the island known as Madagascar --- which is east of the African continent.   And of course, 2023 minus 1966 = 57 years ago;  NOT 1,001.  Thus, Michael Mann is a pathetically sophomoric liar with the maturity factor of a 12 year old.  Why did he not think that someone somewhere was going to do some fact checking with official government publications?

As far as goes the longest dry period:  Between October 1903 and January 1918, it did not rain in Arica, Chile --- which is located 11 miles south of the Peru border.  That dry spell occurred 105 to 120 years ago.  That rainless dry spell lasted for 15 years.

In fact, during 1913, in Death Valley USA, the hottest temperature ever recorded was recorded there.  And the years 1920 to 1922 were years of drastic heat and glacier melt, including the melting of Arctic sea ice up to the 82nd parallel.  As a comparison, know that the North Pole is at 90 degrees.  Thus ice melt occurred 8 latitudinal degrees from the North Pole, in 1922; 101 years ago --- NOT 1,001 years ago.

Moreover, the Years 1927 to 1943 were years of massive forest fires in the western United States.  In addition, 1934 was the year of the worst drought in a thousand years, according to NASA.  Meanwhile, 1936 had the hottest summer on record.  So, you lie when you say that the worse weather conditions are occurring today.

Compliments of the U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.  One correction needs to be made:  Florida's record is 38.70 inches, accomplished on September 5, 1950, during Hurricane Easy.