February 4, 2024

The heat of July 1852 and other years, when atmospheric CO2 was very low.

Above: A news article published on July 27, 1852.  Atmospheric co2 was 285 ppm.  In of September 2023, it was 418 ppm. 
The article above shows that people in the 1850s commonly accepted the concept of the Medieval Warm Period.  This is indicated by mention of "the burning plough-shares of medieval times."  The article below (at the very end of this post) shows the 1850 understanding of the past 1,000 years weather not being mild, as con artists Michael Mann and David Attenborough very falsely claimed.  

There needs to be a Reality Check, concerning the proven FALSE ASSERTION that rising CO2 levels cause more severe weather events .... and more damage to Planet Earth.  After all, the textbook-defined "Pressure Gradient Force" is a law of nature by which the closer the temps between the poles and the Equator happen to be, the lesser is the turbulence in the atmosphere.   

For those in the American public school system, phases of global warming (such as the absolutely proven Medieval Warm Period) are times by which temperatures between the poles and the Equator come closer to each other.  Global Cooling phases (such as the 1284-1840 Little Ice Age) are accompanied by temperatures between the poles and the Equator getting further apart from each other.  

This means that global warming = less atmospheric turbulence, while global cooling = more atmospheric turbulence   Plus, El Nino brings with it "wind shearing propensity." And of course, El Nino directs heat in an Eastward direction.

All in all, Planet Earth has a mechanism by which the planet takes action to balance itself.  When the DIFFERENCE in temps between the poles and the Equator increase, the Earth experiences an imbalance.  So, it goes about,  to balance things out.  Thus come hurricanes which happen to be nature's way of sending excess heat from the Tropics northward.

It's during global cooling phases when more turbulent hurricanes such as Camille occur.  Camille occurred during the 1940-1979 temperature decline that Michael Mann hid in his hockey stick graph.  This decline was mentioned in the Climategate emails of 2009.  If you have viewed recent hurricane season stats, you would see that there are now more low-speed cyclones called Tropical Storms.  

BTW, during pronounced global cooling phases, there still occurs droughts and heatwaves, such as the Great Tudor Heatwave & Drought of 1540.  More importantly, the repeated assertion that "None of this has ever happened before" must be recognized as the lie it is, when talking about any recent heatwave, cyclone, or flood.  "It" all happened previously, in more pronounced severity --- in tragic proportions ... in more pronounced turbulency & in many more deaths.  So, historical accounts easily provide the evidence to show that the demonization of CO2 is a propagandist's lie.  

The motive for demonizing co2 was and is  1] U.S. Congressional taxpayer dollar appropriations.  2] the establishment & maintenance of the blatantly bogus "carbon credit market."  3] the equally bogus "carbon tax."  4] governmental control over every citizen's private daily life activities,  5] an equally bogus excuse for sterilization and abortion,  6] NGO financial donations which have a way of getting into activists' personnel bank accounts.  Thus, the motive has been to acquire ===> easy money. 

Below: An 1878 article which also shows that dreadful heat certainly occurred when the atmospheric co2 level was too low to have caused any of the many heat waves throughout history.  Statistically speaking, 1896 was the year of the hottest heat waves, and 1934 was the year of the worst drought in the past one thousand years; so stated for the record.
Below is a Sunday newspaper article, from London's The Observer newspaper, dated July 18, 1852.  In 1852, atmospheric CO2 was very low, and the news article below recounts disastrous weather years which occurred in the centuries when the atmospheric CO2 level was always extremely low --- (between 275 to 285 ppm).  This level was not far away from the atmospheric CO2 level during Caveman days (260 ppm) ... Fertile Crescent Days ... Assyrian Empire Days ... Alexander the Great Days ... Roman Empire Days ... Justinian Plague Years ... Medieval Warm Period Years ... and even Renaissance Era Years.

A certain British speech giver, along with the hockey stick graph drawer, Michael Mann, asserted that the past one thousand years were years of ongoing & non-stop mild weather, up and unto the Industrial Revolution.  For anyone enterprising enough to have studied even a small sample of the historical chronicles, the almanacs, the ship logs, the temperature reports, the newspaper articles, and the magazine articles on the subject, this mild-weather assertion is an insult to the reasonable person's intelligence.

The historical accounts, the military logs, the monastic records, the proxy evidence, the Elbe River "hunger stones" of Central Europe,  all show that life on Earth has been a challenge even when co2 was  very low.  Life on Earth has been tragic, even during low co2 levels.  It drained people.   Yet, civilization continued and mankind survived.  A Candyland is something that Planet Earth is not.