July 4, 2024

The Great Rio Grande River Lie of 2022 ... told by a very dishonest media

 Another Blatant Lie of the Media

Let's confirm yet another example of the commercial media's lies, in its hyping-up of weather events that were never worse than any weather event or weather trend in the past thousand years.  This includes ==>"the nine flood-rich periods" of Europe, ==>the ice-jam-floods of the Little Ice Age, ==>wind storms, ==>cyclones, ==>the droughts throughout Asia, Europe, & America  ==>crop failure, ==>ice stacking during the Little Ice Age, ==>brutal cold snaps, ==>heat waves.

On July 25, 2022, it was reported that a five mile stretch of the Rio Grande River in Albuquerque New Mexico went dry, due to the burning of fossil fuels.  This sounded like long-term, parched territory that couldn't possibility be replenished in three or six years.  Well ...

Firstly, the long Rio Grande River has places where water diversion & bypass occurs, for irrigation purposes. Water was being deliberately bypassed into diversionary ditches, at that point of the river.

One thing to point out is that there is no way that any river moves with the regular flow of water and then suddenly dries-out at one point, only to have flowing water suddenly reappear in it, five miles later.  The actual truth is that . . .

. . .  the Albuquerque River water "gage height" was 1.62 ft on July 25, 2022.  Three days later, the gage height then elevated to 2.3 ft.  Three days after that, on July 31, the gage height rose even higher, to 3.39 ft.  Then, within three more days, on August 3, the gage height rose to 4.09 ft.  That's a very quick rise of water level that negates the assertion of "drought."

Conclusion:  On July 19, 2022, in England ... and on July 25, 2022, in America ... we were told that we have an irreversible "climate crisis" drought, due to the burning of fossil fuels.  Yet, within NINE days, the gage height of the Albuquerque segment of the Rio Grande River rose 250%!  As of May 15, 2023, the gage height of the same river was 6.65 ft, while the "maximum operating limit" there is 7.50 ft.  In fact, the "minor flood stage" there starts at 8.00 ft.  

The Rio Grande, in Albuquerque, rose 410% in 10 month's time ... in 294 days.  Without doubt, the July 25, 2022 commercial media report was & is a blatant fraud that frightens schoolchildren.   Look for yourself at the significant change for the better that the media did NOT reveal.  The media kept the lie going.


Schoolchildren of America, you do not have to fear that which Albert Gore predicted 16 years ago and which never materialized even slightly, other than an occasional heat wave in a world which has had multiple heat waves throughout its recorded history, along with droughts, famines, and floods.  And of course, this is the atmospheric equivalent to Lions and Tigers and Bears.  On my!