July 13, 2024

Record High CO2 Count: Under Joe Biden, despite his Draconian impositions.

According to charting that I viewed, the 2024 co2 count is the highest in 20 million years.  But, a NOAA press release stated it as the highest in 14 million years.  The bottom line is that the Biden People are thoroughly incompetent, in having spent hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars for nothing.  Under Obama, it was $424 billion for "adaptation" & "research."  A waste of money.

Despite the punishing Draconian Measures of the Biden Administration, the May 2024 CO2 Count constituted Planet Earth's highest level of atmospheric CO2, in the past 14 million years ... or 19-20 million years.

The point of this post is to show you that, at his very very very best, Joe Biden is utterly worthless.  In January 2021, when Biden entered the White House, the atmospheric CO2 count was 414.8 ppm.  In May of 2024, the CO2 Count had thus far risen to 426.9 ppm.  This means that, in 3 and 1/3 years under Joe Biden ... and under John Kerry,  Michael Mann, and a certain UN prophet of doom ... atmospheric CO2 rose 12.1 ppm.  Yet, Joe Biden ran in 2020 as the savior-candidate of the Climate, promising to reduce the atmospheric presence of CO2.  Biden definitely proved himself to be NOT alert & aware.

Even though CO2 is absolutely necessary for photosynthesis and successful farm crop production, Joe Biden sought to reduce it, under the claim that it's small presence in the sky was causing the World to come to an end.

Enter Michael Mann, the Hockey Stick Graph Maker who claimed that the world's weather was mild for a thousand years, until Thomas Newcomen designed the the Atmospheric Engine, in 1712.  Yet, there were massive sea storms that even rearranged coastlines and sunk fleets, in the past thousand years.  There were blizzards, out-of-control glacier growth, floods, famines, pestilence, droughts, wildfires, and rivers drying-up all throughout the thousand year time span in focus.  This all occurred while co2 was 141 ppm to 152 ppm LOWER than it was in May of 2024. 

None the less, Michael Mann recently assured MSNBC viewers that Joe Biden is the one politician  absolutely needed to save the world from ... from life-giving CO2.  In fact, he said that no one did more for the environment than Joe Biden.

Well, if this is the case, then why is it that Biden had ZERO SUCCESS in his goal of reducing the atmospheric level of CO2?   It's the highest that it has been in a very very very long time.  Observe from US government publications, themselves:

This occurred under Joe Biden & Michael Mann ... under Joe Biden & Michael Mann ... under Joe Biden & Michael Mann.
Biden's policies have resulted in nothing but the working poor having to do things such as take out "cash advance bank loans," simply to pay for food, for the final days of the month.  Biden assured us that mankind is in a new era.  Well, since then, the atmospheric co2 level did nothing but rise to record heights.

There is a logical reason for this rise, but it has nothing to do with activity done in America ... or Western Europe.  The pronounced rise in atmospheric co2 is coming from Eastern Asian and even Southern Asia.  It has to do with things called "coal-fired power plants."  Thus, if North America, South America, and Western Europe vanished tomorrow, atmospheric co2 would still rise.  

Concerning the burning of coal, there are a number of molecular compounds and elements being emitted from the coal.  But, in America, there are filtration systems involved.  The actual "combustion products" that emit during coal burning are beyond the scope of this post.

For now, it will suffice for you to know that, from May 2023 to May 2024, co2 rose 3 ppm.  This was done all under the Biden Administration, thereby illustrating the utter worthlessness of that debt-inducing entity.  Moreover, concerning this, a 3 ppm jump in a solitary year happened five times in the past 50 years.  However, Biden went out of his way to burden the poor, in the name of co2 curtailment.  Yet, CO2 still sky-rocketed under him: 

Under every democrat party president, atmospheric co2 rose, especially under Obama and Biden.  Yet, Michael Mann spoke of the importance of electing a democrat, for the sake of the environment.

After all of the money that was spent on jacked-up fuel prices, the co2 count also jacked-upward.  After a treasury of money was spent, Biden became a certified failure in his first climate goal ... his goal of reducing the level of atmospheric co2.  Thus, it was a treasury of money wasted, as Biden achieved the opposite of his goal.  The CO2 level is entirely dependent upon China.  It's out of America's hands.

Of course, some of that taxpayer money went into Michael Mann's personal financial accounts.  This means that the unjustly enriched Michael Mann had a conflict of interest and had no right to speak of Joe Biden and the taxpayer funding of those people who claim to be climate scientists and who claim to be saving the World from its End.  It turned out to be a con game where you and I lose.  After all 90% of all greenhouse gases is WATER VAPOR (by volume) ... and the Planet Earth surface is 70% water.

The height of atmospheric co2 is in May.  This is known as Peak CO2 ... or the Keeling Curve Peak.  This is because there is much more land than ocean in the Northern Hemisphere, and May is the start of the Northern Hemisphere's growing season.  Incidentally, the Keeling Curve Concept began in 1958. 

Let's go to the beginning of the Biden presidency.  The January 2021 atmospheric CO2 Count was 414 ppm.  As far as goes May 2024 and the 426.9 ppm CO2 Count, CO2 will diminish slightly in the atmosphere, until the harvest season of 2024.  As of July 6th, 2024, the Count was already lowered to 425.50.  By the time Biden leaves office in 2025 ... if he doesn't die of a stroke before that time ... or if the 25th Amendment doesn't get activated ... the atmospheric CO2 will be 423 or 424.

This means that the increase of CO2 during Biden's four-year tenure will have been a net rise of 9 or 10 ppm.  Thus, we have an EXTREMELY FAILED campaign promise at hand, here.  This also means that John Kerry was utterly worthless and Michael Mann was equally worthless.  The rise in CO2 is due to the many new coal-fired power plants in China and India.  The destiny of atmospheric CO2 is out of the United States' hands.

In comparison to Joe Biden's 9 or 10 ppm rise in CO2, under Donald Trump, the level of CO2 rose 9 ppm, in a four-year period.  Under Obama, CO2 rose 7.77 ppm in his first four years, and 10.25 ppm during his final four years.  Under George Bush II, CO2 rose  8 ppm during his first term, and 8.3 ppm in his second term.

No matter who was president since 1848, the CO2 level rose.  In fact, no matter who was king since 1615,  CO2 rose.  Thus, the rise in CO2 began an entire century before the Industrial Revolution began ... in 1712.  Thus, Michael Mann was wrong to have asserted that the rise in co2 only began with the steam engine.   

All in all, throughout the Biden presidency, the rate of rise in atmospheric CO2 remained on a regular and predictable course.  This means that Biden completely failed in his confident promise to provide the leadership to reduce atmospheric co2.  

Moreover, the fact that Biden treated life-giving co2 as the greatest danger to society shows that he is an incompetent buffoon who did no studies of atmospheric science and/or weather theory.  After all, mammalian life on Earth can easily handle four times the amount of co2 in the air today.  

None the less, Biden assured us that he had the skill to unify the country and do things such as reduce atmospheric co2.  However, the opposite occurred.  The country is super-divided, inflation stung the working poor, the national debt became an even sicker joke, crime became something that you're supposed to endure, as long a s Joe and Jill can take multiple off-days in a Dupont mansion or two.  Meanwhile, co2 continues to rise ... now at a record rate.  Biden proved himself worthless.

The Forgotten

Those of us who are amongst the working class, the working poor, and the lower middle class had our lives reduced to a grief-stricken aggravation, by Joe Biden's "Climate Policy."  Biden never said, "I feel your pain" or "I acknowledge your pain."  He denied that there was any pain being experienced by the working poor, in him having said that Americans have the money to cover the jacked-up prices of the Biden Era.  

Those prices made a lot of food selections out of reach.  Joe & Jill Biden have repeatedly shown themselves to have no empathy for individual suffering.  Joe Biden's sole goal, since 1973, was to get ===>  re-elected.  And of course, Biden always brings up "Beau," so as to get the voters to feel sorry for Joe and to re-elect Joe out of empathy.

Newsflash:  We all lost people close to us.  I don't see the rest of us getting empathy from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, PBS, or ABC.  Joe Biden wore out Beau's welcome.  The public is tired of hearing, Beau, Beau, Beau.  You need to refrain from continually digging up the dead ... and let the dead rest.  We all lost somebody.  After all, human beings are mortals.

Hunger NEVER Forgets

Joe Biden has a policy of denying the truth, so that you will lose confidence in what you personally witnessed.  The Biden technique of  constantly denying the truth is intended to get you to start doubting your "lying eyes" to the point where you eventually conclude that you're psychotic if you don't believe what Joe Biden, Jim Biden, Jill Biden, and Company told you to believe.  

There is one huge problem with this psychological ploy called plausible deniability.   A member of the working poor never forgets the repeated experience of hunger pangs ... and the experience of repeatedly shivering, due to the jacked-up heating prices of the Biden years ... all of which is being done in the name of reducing co2.  

This is the case despite food-stamp allocations, being that such allocations are not enough in Biden Inflation, unless you can live off of noodles and rice.  Meanwhile, CO2 ended up rising to a record height, without delay.  

And remember, the sky-rocketed inflation was done by Joe Biden, so that atmospheric co2 will decrease.  Well, CO2 is at its highest in 14 to 20 million years.  

In as much, why do Americans insist on voting for incompetent jerks who are greed-stricken tyrants ... with lucrative real estate holdings... and who cling-on to power for 30 and 40 years, never sharing it with anyone ... while refusing to pass the baton ... and merely keeping a clinched-fist grip on power ... while jacking upward the National Debt to the point of National Bankruptcy?

In review, 99.57% of the sky outside is already co2-free.  And as far as goes methane, it exists at 2 parts per million in the atmosphere.  Nitrous Oxide exists at one-third part per million ... or one part per three million ... specifically 0.337 ppm.

A streetside tree in the former steel capital of the world, near the Three Rivers Confluence, in the Spring of 2024.  Is this what you define as a climate crisis?  Is this parched global warming doom?
Now, there still remains the need to prove that there is a climate crisis in the first place.  A couple of neglected & breached dams throughout a global surface area  of 197 million square miles does NOT count.  Yearly Monsoon Season does NOT count, either.  In as much ===>

1} How many dead bodies did you see floating down your street, in the past ten years?  2} How many times did the coroner's ambulance come to your street to pick-up the remains of those who succumbed to Summertime heat?  3} To what degree has your nearest river dried-up?  

4} How many acres of the nearest woods are parched & lifeless, without a single green leaf to be found in them?  5} For how long has your front yard stopped being green?  6}  How many times did a plague of locusts devour your farmlands?  7} How many neighborhood houses are laying broken under a hillside of mud?

8} How many people in your locale thirsted to death?  9} How many were there in your hometown who starved to death?   10} How many houses near you were suddenly washed away?  11} How many sand storms visited your neighborhood?  12} How many birds are laying dead in your yard?

If the answer to all of these questions combined is "very little to none," then you know that you are NOT locked in any kind of climate crisis.  

Once again, there has been no weather condition in the past three years any hotter or any worse than that which transpired in 2012, 2003, 1998, 1988, 1980, 1976, 1958, 1954, 1936, 1935, 1934, 1927 (the greatest flood year in US history,) 1922 (the Arctic Melt year), 1921, 1913, 1911 (Tragic for Paris,) 1910, 1905, 1901, 1895-96, 1878, 1871 ---Plus: the drought years of the American Civil War --- and the entire Medieval Warm Period which ran from the [1] Muslim invasions of Western Europe to [2] the Viking invasions of Western Europe to [3] the establishment the French Carolingian Dynasty to the  [4] establishment of the Holy Roman Empire to [5] the establishment of Hugh Capet's long French dynasties to 1284 CE, when the Wolfe Minimum arrived.  There are 65 to 70 or so "posts" here ... (discourses) ... at the Blue Marble Album which explains things in detail.

New England, 2023.  Serious Question:  What climate crisis?
Oh, by the way, the Southern Hemisphere reported record COLD temperatures in May of 2024.  Of course, the Climate Crisis Profiteers have reported that this has been the hottest May in human history.  Well, Global includes Northern & Southern Hemispheric temperature reports.  So, how can you have the hottest May ever known to man, when the Southern Hemisphere is reporting record cold?

Plus, when you look at charts and graphs of the Biden years, those are NOT from raw data.  They are called "homogenized" temperatures.  

Now, "homogenization" is defined as "correcting for biases."  Its benefit is in monthly temperature records that are missing the high and/or low temperature, for a number of days, in any one month.  Thus, an unconscionable scientist could leave out of the calculations record low temps and simply smooth out a temperature "curve."  This would make it falsely appear that global warming is taking over the world.

The goal in homogenization, according to NOAA, is to make daily temperature "normals" to be consistent with "monthly temperature normals."  The goal is to make products that have a "smooth annual cycle devoid of day-to-day sampling variability and intermonth discontinuities."  Such variabilities to be erased (and made devoid) include record low temperature readings.  This will make it appear that global warming is racing throughout the planet.  This is how you "hide the decline."

That which is needed is the RAW DATA, aka absolute temperatures.  If "they" keep raw data away from the public, they are keeping truth away from the public who pays them in the first place, in the form of taxpayer dollars.

Thus, "homogenization" refers to removing "temperature anomalies" from any month being graphed.  This means to toss out the record lows.  Record lows prevent a charted month from smoothly looking like a global warming phenomenon.  

None the less, their goal is literally to homogenize the Data in the United States Historical Climatology Network.  The final goal is to produce averages, averages, averages, averages .... not actuals.  Thus, when a report is presented, claiming every recent month and every recent year to have been the hottest one ever, you are not getting actual temperatures.  You are getting none other than homogenized averages comprised of some form of curve "smoothing," somewhere.  

The "smoothing" omits all of those canyon-looking dips in the temperature graph of a cold spell here and a cold spell there.   Very simply, you can commit a whole lot of treachery & con artistry with charts and/or graphs.  So, if a novice views a smoothed graph, he/she immediately assumes that cold spells no longer exist.

NOAA explains the alteration of temperature numbers ... otherwise known as homogenization ... in the following way.  You need to become familiarized with "benchmarking" & "clustering," amongst other things.  Don't be lazy with this particular topic.



Concerning the record COLD of May 2024, view the following:

In fact, being that it is reported that the past 11 months were all record high months, first demand to see the RAW DATA ONLY, otherwise known as the absolute temperature readings.  

Secondly, explain the intense American cold spell of January 2024 ... in addition to May 2024 record lows, in the Southern Hemisphere.  Then, if you are asked if you are a "climate denier," say that you are a "temperature absolutist" who demands the raw data only.

Mankind, you're being conned big time.  Now, there are 64 to 68 other climate "posts" at this Blue Marble Album.   You need to look at them, even to the point of actually reading them. 

Australia 2023.  Where's the climate crisis, again?
There is also Anthony Watts' site, Tony Heller's "mostly" weather history videos which happen to be invaluable.  Will Happer is worth the time spent on watching him.  A famous former Accuweather man has a site that's not an insult to anyone's intelligence, as well.  

A Private Pilot Training Program's Weather Theory book is invaluable, too.  So too are books on oceanography; particularly Eckman Transport, the ENSO, Upwelling, and Downwelling.  Include inland science which comprises Adiabatic Heating & Cooling, as well as Pressure Gradient Forcing.   This involves understanding the predictable weather behavior on the Leeward side of Mountain ranges, as well as that on the Windward side of the same mountain range.

Atmospheric Science & Weather Theory is NOT 5th grade math.  It's not the simpleton version portrayed by Saint Alban's School grad, Al Gore.  Life is involved.  Death is involved.  Life & Death are heavily involved states of existence.  American politicians would find you too intimidating, if you were to be anything but sophomoric ... and opinionless.  Think for yourself, for a change.

For now, you can read about the four notable cold spells during July & August of 2023, when the mainstream media was falsely reporting that Antarctica was going through a 7-Sigma meltdown ... during the coldest time of the year ... at the coldest place on Earth ... when sunlight is either sparse or nonexistent.  In as much, truth is sparse to nonexistent in the mainstream corporate media.

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