March 27, 2024

Part 4: Classified Docs, Kamala's Staffers, the Biden Temper, and 1988.

Bidenomics has American cities under siege, eventually starving people out of the city.
The operative question for any voter to answer is:   Did you have an easier time "making it through the month" ... and in affording things in general ... during the Trump years or during the Biden years?  Very simple.  Did you feel safer when the Trump Policies were in tact or when the Biden Policies prevailed?

Biden's #1 goal throughout his career was that of getting re-elected ... in a small state that predictably has no competition ... and also in getting re-elected after he won the Vice Presidency during an election when any Democrat would have soundly beaten the Republican nominee. That election was during the Bush Economic Meltdown, in 2008.  

The Republican candidate, John McCain, guaranteed his loss, when he said that the economic indicators at the time were fine & dandy.  In stating this, McCain was denying that people were suffering and in need of economic rescue.  All that McCain was really saying was the he was leading a comfortable and pleasurable life and didn't feel your pain. 

Concerning the 2012 election, Republican Mitt Romney was a financial predator.  His presidency would have been one of economic oppression toward the middle class & working poor.  Any democrat party nominee would have won that election, also.  

And concerning, 2020, the Covid Disaster helped Biden greatly.  The rioting did too, concerning a career crimnal & undisciplined drug addict who had a very lethal 11 ng/ml of Fentanyl in him, at the time of death.  And of course, his death was immediately preceded by him trying to escape from police custody.  

It was also preceded by him screaming that he couldn't breathe, even when he was standing outside of the police car, next to the left rear door, while standing untouched ... and while no one was holding him.  The Race Card was dealt, and the big lie was in the claim that blacks were getting murdered by white cops, left and right.  

Well, in the year prior ... in 2019 ... the number of unarmed black men who died at the hands of police officers was a grand total of NINE.  That amounts to one black citizen for every 5 and a half American States.  Incidently, the number of unarmed white men who died at the hands of police in 2019 was 19.  That was twice as many as the black citizenry.  

CNN & MSNBC incited the rioting, arson, and murder of 2020, in false light news reports.  Then, both networks worked 24/7 defaming Trump.  That was in-kind campaign donations to Biden.  That amounts to TWO major corporations working for Biden 24/7 for consecutive months.  Those people are the reason why the Nuremberg Case Law Authority exists throughout the world.  After all, Hitler rose to power on a pile of media lies, too.  As far as goes Biden, he IS a pile of lies.

Back to March 7, 2024

The greatest insult was in Biden claiming that America became safer, since he became president.  Well, national guardsmen were called to the NYC subway, in 2024.  Crime became a sport in America.  So, you need to admit that Joe is a complete liar.  If you are exceptionally dimwitted, you will fall for his speech-making.  Thus, half of Joe's base is Stupid People ... People who are Easily Tricked.  The other half of Joe's Base are the people who like to do the lying and who like to do the tricking.

Now from Reality Check Central:  Joe Biden

Firstly, Joe Biden had TWO brain surgeries in 1988, and he never did have a stellar intellect.  In fact, he graduated toward the bottom of his law school class, to the tune of 76th out of 85 grads.   So, don't expect Joe Biden to perform Shakespeare in the Oval Office any time soon.   You are more likely to get plagiarism spoken from him.  You most certainly got lie after lie from him.  <== Biden's 1988 Campaign of Lies, by the NYT.  <=== Biden as PLAGIARIST.

The American Censorship Club; Mockery in the Name of Democracy

But of course, the Biden People were taking away people's Freedom of Speech, in the name of saving democracy.  In fact, that which I wrote in 2020 ... in warning people that Biden is exceptionally stupid ... was officially deleted.  That which I stated was said to have violated someone's "guidelines."  But, it was NOT Ben Franklin's guidelines that were violated.  

America in the Year 2020 became Soviet Russia of the 1950s.  Suddenly, America had a zombie at Center Stage, in charge of the whole nation and the nuclear football.   Ben Franklin and the Philadelphia framers of 1789 were overthrown.

This present president is a zombie so out of touch with reality that his pet dog would come to engage in 24 biting sessions, even to the point of necessitating stitches for the victims.  This president couldn't figure out what needed to be done after the third episode.  It required 21 more inflictions of pain for things to finally be resolved.   If he can't run a house free of chaos, he certainly cannot run a nation free of chaos.

A Presidency in Review

Then came the discoveries of numerous Limited Liability Companies attached to the zombie politician and his family members which had no assets and no employees.  They simply had money transfers transacted through them much like train stations of old.  Money came from various foreign lands, including China & Russia.  

Speaking of China, a gigantic spy balloon originating from there which was the size of a trailer house was allowed to float over the United States, from sea to shining sea.  It was not shot down until it reached the Atlantic Ocean.  The zombie president allowed its mission to be fully accomplished.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan became a surrealistic joke.  Inflation became a sick joke, accompanied by sky-rocketed fuel prices, where none of America's poor were laughing.  The extremely high national debt ratcheted up all the more.  Wars of the most destructive nature broke-out.  Fentanyl became more deadly than firearms.  America's Number 1 import became human beings who performed disappearing acts in the midst of the American population.  

Also under this zombie, crime rose.   In fact, crime was being imported.  Criminals were constantly being released.  Yet, this zombie's only viable political opponent kept getting indicted and/or sued, as if he were the only criminal & tort-feasor in America.

Despite the need for change, major news networks continued to be propaganda machines for this zombie, giving in-kind political donations to him, in the form of Air Time All the Time.  The newscasters themselves were his political spokespersons.  

And then came discoveries of the 40+ years of taking classified documents as senator and Vice President, and then retaining them, even while a civilian.  He was then declared to be afflicted with mental feebleness ... in his zombie state ... and could not stand trial.  Yet, he could remain president in charge of the nuclear football, in his state of dementia.
Classified DocGate & Ye Olde Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

Concerning the many classified docs which Biden smuggled out of US government facilities, his mind was enough in tact ... while he was senator & even VP ... for him to have been accountable for having violated the classified docs laws of the United States.  Those docs had to have been deliberately taken from a SCIF on each occasion.  A SCIF is a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, pronounced skif and NOT shif (which is more proper).  No one accidentally takes a classified document from a SCIF.

Concerning the special counsel report, it was asserted that a person could not discern beyond a reasonable doubt if whether or not Biden intended to keep those documents, even though he had thus far kept them for ten, twenty, and thirty consecutive years.   The concept of absent mindedness and forgetfulness was brought to the front of the thought line.  

Plus, it could not be discerned after 40, 30, 20, and 10 years, if Biden intended to pass the classified information to a "hostile actor."  It was affirmed, however, that Biden shared classified info with his ghost writer.  Directly below is the link to the entire report.

        🎦      🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦

        🔝      🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝

Concerning the assertion that Biden was too mentally deficient to stand trial, Biden's law team would be doing all the mental work & research work.  In fact, you can put Biden on trial, in Absentia.  You literally don't need a defendant appearing in person, in order to have a trial. 

Joe Biden was basically given a get-out-of-jail free card, by Special Counsel(er) Robert Hur.  Thus, the rest of America got the booby prize.  Meanwhile, Laken Riley got the Nightmare of Elm Street Award, all thanks to a Joe Biden who proved himself to be a callous & uncaring psychopath, during the Afghanistan Debacle alone.  

There was also a matter of Biden's own White House Terrorist, Commander the Dog.  Those agents should get hazard pay, for working at the Biden White House.   All in all, Robert Hur did America a great disservice.

You can hear the unfolded events of Biden's Classified DocGate in the video linked below here.  For those in the American public school system who have been dumbed-down to the point of Functional Imbecility, this concerns Biden's classified document retention & storage thereof.  

Biden did share classified info ... ALLEGEDLY ... with his ghost writer.   Well, it's "on tape."  Therefore, it's more than "allegedly."  Thus, Biden is someone who believes himself to be above any law.  Or else he simply ignores the law as something optional.  

And concerning Joe Biden's ghost writers, did they, by any chance,  include Francois Mitterrand & Helmut Kohl?  After all, Mitterrand & Kohl are both dead, and Biden did claim to have spoken with them some time, after his 2021 inauguration.   Mitterrand left this realm of existence in 1996, and Kohl departed company with Planet Earth in 2017.

The  Newsmax video linked directly below here basically reviews the lies Biden told in February 2024, after he was found to have knowingly & willingly taken possession of classified documents, and kept them in his personal homes, even while he was a citizen recently out of office.


                           ===>  <===


The following video directly below here is that of Megyn Kelly and Ben Shapiro reviewing the same February 9, 2024 press conference, where hair-sniffing Joe once again lied to America.  Also in the video is an illustrated conversation about Jeffry Epstein.  Two photos of post-mortem Epstein are there.

Now, he who claims to know everything is full of El Crappiolio.  Thus, no comment about Epstein will be made here.  You have to get your info from someone who studied the case more than did the average bear.  That case appears to be an overly time-consuming one, and the Blue Marble Album already presented enough topics, as it is.  Maybe Mark Groubert & Eric Hunley made the deep dive into the Epstein case.  You can try them. 

Being that there are two photos of post-mortem Epstein in the Kelly/Shapiro video, it serves as educational material, in a nation that sometimes still gets to be the Land of the Free.  No full censorship of that video as of yet.  So, get your info while it's hot.  

One quick note:  Epstein died during Donald Trump's tenure.  So, don't include Brain Dead Biden in the conversation about this case ... I think ... maybe ... unless Biden's people are obstructing the investigation into Epstein's death.  If that's the case, then we have a super problemo.  

                                      ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫     

                      ===>  <===

                                      🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹
As a serious note:

As a registered democrat, I am going to purposely vote AGAINST Joe Biden.  This includes voting against any member of Biden's political clan, aka "administration," if the opportunity presents itself.

Airheaded Harris ... Space for Rent 

And remember, a certain CIA agent who retired in good standing publicly called Kamala Harris "an airhead."  I concur.  In fact, that which is called Kamala's "cackle" is actually reminiscent of a Bimbo's Airheaded Giggle.  So, you can refer to her as Airheaded Harris.  A cool breeze ... of mindlessness.

The Goal of Genocide Zipped Over Her Head

Even when she addressed the effort to get a six-week truce at Gaza, in her trying to look all so focused, the entire point went zip ... over her head.  Very simply, the followers of the Hamas religion are taught that you must kill every single Jew on Earth, in order to bring about the End of the World and their version of an Apocalyptic Paradise.  

To them, the killing of Jews equals Travelling the Road to Paradise.  Thus, if you give Hamas a six week truce, Hamas will regroup and rearm, even to the point of breaking the truce in such a way that they can blame it on Israel.  

If you give Hamas a six weeks truce, this will equal six weeks to prepare for the massacre of ... the annihilation of ... the extermination of every Jew on Earth.  For some reason, Kamala Harris missed this entirely.  However, if she would have read the Hamas Covenant of 1988, she would have known that Hamas will NOT stop attacking & seeking to kill every Jew its fighters can target.

HAMAS stands for Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya which means Islamic Resistance Movement.                                               📖     📖     📖     📖     📖     📖     📖     📖        

             =====>    THE HAMAS COVENANT OF 1988; ALL 36 ARTICLES   <=====
                                          Click above.  Get informed.  It's an internet link
                                         📖     📖     📖     📖     📖     📖     📖     📖

Kamala Staffers left through a Revolving Door of Attrition.  Office said to be Toxic.

Proof that the idea of Kamala Harris becoming president would be another sick joke exists in the UNDENIABLE STATISTIC that numerous staffers of her exited her office/department.  This is the sign of an intolerable human being.  The list of "leavers" include the following.  Go and look up each and every former staffer, yourself.  

Callie Patteson                 Meghan Groob                 Rohni Kosoglu                  Vince Evans            Childs Graham                 Symone Sanders              Tina Flournoy                    Peter Velz          
Michael Fuchs                 Sabrina Singh                   Karly Satkowiak                Rejan Kaur                    Ashley Etienne                Nancy McEldowney        Gabrielle DeFranceschi      Kate Childs Graham

When you do familiarize yourself with each member of  the Exodus from Kamala cast, remember this:  It's proof that Kamala's unpopularity is NOT due to racism, being that Sub-Saharan African-Americans and South Asian Americans departed company from Kamala, also.  

Moreover, keep in mind that Kamala's voter popularity in 2020 was at an embarrassing 2%.  She had to drop out of the presidential race, before the first primary/caucus.  After all, a candidate usually stops campaigning, when people stop sending that candidate enough campaign donation funds to campaign.  So, go and familiarize yourself with the partial list of Kamala Company Departers ... of the Kamala Exodus Staffers ... of the Bye-Bye Kamala Crew.

Now, read the linked articles below, so that you will not be deceived into believing the latest lie which claims that the less-than-focused Kamala is unpopular due to this alleged nationwide racism which is said to still exist, despite the Civil Rights Act of 1968 and trillions of dollars of Affirmative Action Projects.  HOWEVER, before reading them, take into account the following:

If America were still flooded in racism, then the following things would not have existed:

[1] a black president twice ... [2] black supreme court justices ... [3] two black secretaries of state, one of whom was/is a virtuosa at the piano ... [4] several black corporate officers ... [5] several black physicians ... [6] a number of black attorneys ... [7] a number of black mayors ...[8] multiple black military officers, including the rank of Chief of Staff ... [9] numerous black multi-millionaire TV and Silver Screen stars ... [10] numerous black multi-millionaire recording stars, including comedians ... [11] numerous black multi-millionaire athletes throughout professional sports ... Plus ...

[12] the Repeal of segregation in the former Confederate South which means no more 'colors only' water fountains ... [13] Trillions of dollars worth of Affirmative Action programs which included [14] HUD renovation projects and [15] URA renovation projects ... [16] Four African American senators simultaneously serving in a nation that only comprises 12.9% African American, in the first place ... [17] Sixty African Americans simultaneously in the House of Representatives, as of 2023.   

Ladies & gentlemen, this is the opposite of systemic racism, when the race involved is only 12.9% of the population, in the first place.  Moreover, the population of blacks in the NFL and NBA far exceed 12.9%.  In 2022, 56% of the NFL players were black.  In 2023, 70.4% of all NBA players were black.  

It's NOT 1861 anymore.  It's NOT 1961 anymore.  Nor is it 1941, 1921, or 1901.  You have to find a new topic to persuade voters in your upcoming campaigns.   The Race Topic has been overdone, and it's a sign that Americans in politics are uncreative and low in perception.  In as much, the true Kamala issue is based solely on the content of her character which amounts to her lack of character.  

Concerning how Kamala's absence of character goes, she was assigned to be the BORDER CZAR.  Negligence and Deliberate Indifference defines her.  LAKEN RILEY is dead because of Kamala Harris and her dereliction of duty.  At this point, you cannot deny, without being a liar, that a vote for Kamala Harris is a vote for death.

Do you still doubt Tara Reade's accusations?  Note: the lady herein isn't Tara.  This photo is meant to show Joe Biden's trend, habit, tendency, tenacity, etc.  Was he not aware that people would see this?

March 25, 2024

Part 5: Roid Rage Biden. More of the lies & impositions upon others.

Joe Biden, the obsessive hair sniffer.  Someone needs to tell the Chinese that they DON'T have to pretend that it's okay when a politician gets weird on your kids.   Joe Biden apparently sniffs more people than does his dog.  Posted pursuant to the Fair Use Act.  
Biden the Liar

His narration of how he meet Jill was one big lie, according to Jill's early 1970s husband ... and according to official Catholic Church record-keeping which blatantly indicates that Jill & Joe Biden were NEVER married in the Catholic Church.  

Joe met Jill during Joe's first senatorial campaign.  Jill's husband was a campaign volunteer and a donator to the 1972 Biden campaign.  Sometime thereafter, an adulterous relationship ALLEGEDLY transpired between Joe and Jill.  The lesson here was that, when Joe moves in, Joe really moves in.  

The husband of Jill the Adulterous was night club owner Bill Stevenson.  He was enlightened to the affair when a man walked into Bill's night club and offered to pay for damages done to Jill's Corvette.  Bill was informed that Jill was not the one driving, during the collision.  The driver was Senator Biden.  

In little time, Bill told Jill that she had to leave their house, and depart from Bill.   A civil divorce proceeding ensued.  All was said and done, on civil court paperwork, in March of 1975.  Then, in 1977, Joe and Jill presented themselves before society as man and wife.  

It turns out that they were living in the state of adultery under the false guise of having been married in the Catholic Church, all along.  Thus, Biden has always been a liar in claiming that he is Roman Catholic.  Joe Biden is VERY anti-Catholic, especially when he promised to make sure that Roman Catholic taxpayers would be forced to pay for the excommunicable act of abortion-on-demand which will result in a future version of the Nuremberg Trials.  In the end, mass murder ends up on trial, no matter what your propaganda machine deceptively calls that type of murder.  Study history.  Do the math.

Jill claimed that a Catholic priest "married" her and Joe at the U.N.  Firstly, Jill needed to get a Declaration of Nullity from Joe's Catholic diocese of Wilmington Delaware.  Jill, herself, was NOT Catholic.  She was confirmed in the Presbyterian Church.  

In 1977, being that Jill had long-since taken marriage vows with a man who was still alive, she was still regarded by the Catholic Church as being married.  Her only possible option was to get a Declaration of Nullity which declares that a defect existed at the beginning of her marriage with Bill Stevenson which made the marriage invalid from the start.  Defects include "a lack of consent to marry" or "immaturity on the part of one of the two partners," etc.   None the less, there is apparently ... allegedly ... no such declaration of nullity for Jill.  Thus, Joe & Jill never had a marriage in the Catholic Church.  Joe Biden says he's a Catholic.  He is no such thing.

Now, if Jill had gotten an annulment, it was next necessary for her to have gotten an indult from the Archdiocese of New York, for her and Joe to perform the Sacrament of Matrimony at the UN.  

Plus, Joe and Jill also needed to get an indult to engage in a Mixed Marriage, regarding mixed religions ... and not race.  

So, two archdiocesan indults and one declaration of nullity were needed.  The circumstantial evidence is that there were no indults granted to the couple, and there was no annulment for Jill.  This is another instance which shows that Joe Biden lies and lies and lies again ... and again and again and again.  Jill was a part of this particular lie.  Now remember, these are the owners of a dog who bit 24 humans at the White House, showing how utterly white trash Joe & Jill really are.  At present, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is the White Trash House.

If Jill and Joe exchanged vows at the UN in front of a Catholic priest, then the ceremony ... and their marriage ... would have been placed into the records of the parish that oversaw the UN.  That parish is Holy Family Parish.  Well, the pastor of that parish expressly said in 2022 or in 2023 that there existed absolutely no record of Joe and Jill Biden getting married at the UN, in front of any Catholic priest.  

In conclusion, Joe and Jill are NOT married in the Catholic Church.  They are literally living in sin.  Thus, they are in an adulterous relationship, under the very false guise of being validly married.  We have further evidence that Joe Biden's life is one big lie.  This makes Biden the Liar in Chief.

An indult is "special permission."   The two links below will explain the Biden Lie about him and Jill more clearly.  It will explain that Joe Biden once again is a liar:

The Lifelong Defamation of a Sober Truck Driver

Then comes Joe's first wife who died during the 1972 Christmas shopping season, shortly before Joe was to go to DC and take a senator's oath.  He repeatedly described the truck driver involved as someone who chose to "drink his lunch," as in alcohol consumption.  But of course, that was yet another lie of Biden the Endless Liar.  Ever-so-coincidentally, the records of that accident ended up missing ... gone ... nowhere to be found.  Wherever Joe Biden is, the truth disappears.

The driver was Curtis Dunn, and he was NOT charged with any offense.  From 1972 and onward, Biden would not let the guy be at peace.  Biden ... in my opinion ... likes to employ emotional theatrics for votes ... and for getting out of an embarrassing situation.  After all, he has repeatedly brought up his son, Beau, as a smoke screen.  Yet, numerous people in the modern United States went through a close family member dying of cancer.  I did.

For the record, Beau Biden did NOT die in Iraq.  He died in Maryland.  There are more examples as to Joe Biden being an endless liar ... and a theatrical emotions manipulator.  But of course, there isn't the time to scour through the specific records and reports, at present.

Krystal Ball lists a litany of Joe Biden's lies in the video linked directly below here:


Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti of the Hill team-up and review Biden's years of lies and a plagiarism scandal:


Medhi Hasan of the Intercept recalls FIVE of Biden's lies.  One of the lies was a hyper-theatric lie.  Well, listen for yourself, while the info is still available.  Get the info while it's hot.

Australia tuned in on Biden's non-truths, also:

Slave Labor Joe

Joe Biden and one other senator pushed for Sweatshop, Slave Labor, Atheist China to be fast-tracked to favored nation status.  Biden couldn't care less about the plight of the working man and woman in China.  Yet, the democrat party is supposed to be the "livable wage" party.  Well, not under Biden.  None the less, reparations are due to these underpaid workers.  

As a former student of one of JFK's economic advisors who also scored a 100% on a national-level accounting exam authored by Harvard University, I can tell that there is a painless way to do the reparations, while benefitting the American middle class.  The money will come from those outrageously rich ... whose windfalls came from not paying the Asian sweatshop workers, in the first place.  There is also reparations due to modern African children who were child field laborers ... in Western Africa.  As a reminder, we are talking about present-day reparations; modern-day reparations which is nothing more than "back-pay."  

The implications of 17th, 18th, and 19th Century slavery is for another discourse and is therefore beyond the scope of this discourse.  However, as an effective preview,  know that the descendants of the very poor Ellis Island immigrants who never had slaves in Europe owe ZERO DOLLARS in reparations, concerning anything that transpired in America before those poor Europeans arrived next to the Statue of Liberty, in the 20th Century.   

Slavery in America because fully illegal in 1865.  The majority of the European Poor didn't come until years after the end of American Slavery.  Thus, the descendants of the Greeks, Italians, and Lebanese owe zero reparations.  The descendants of the Slovaks, Slovenians, and Poles owe zero reparations.  The descendants of Bulgarians, Hungarians, Serbians, Slovenians, and Croatians owe zero reparations, as well.  Lithuanian-Americans owe ZERO reparations, too.   So-on-and-so-forth goes the list of present-day Americans who owe ZERO DOLLARS in any type of African-American Slave Reparations.   

In addition, white Anglo-Saxon Protestants and others whose ancestors lived in the Northern Free States also owe zero dollars and zero cents in "reparations."  Thus, people from Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc owe ZERO SLAVE REPARATIONS.  Northerners were financial victims of Southern slavery, due to undercut prices.  Northerners couldn't compete with companies who had low labor costs.   We move on:

BTW, Libya has had legalized slavery ever since the murder of Omar Qaddafi ... ever since Obama let him be murdered.  Yet, Omar changed from his evil ways.  Well, Biden was VP at the time of Omar's death, and this instance was a message to the world that you cannot trust an American politician.  The abandoning of the Afghan friends of America was the same message, in 2021.  This is thanks to Obama, Benghazi Hillary, and Joe the Hair Sniffer Biden.  Let us review:

After the fall of Qaddafi came the Libyan slave trade.  Biden, Obama, and Hillary looked the other way.  They were in power when Qaddafi was brutally murdered.  His murder is a reflection on them.  The world now knows that you cannot trust American presidents, vice presidents, and secretaries of state.

Many Afghans helped Americans for years. They were then abandoned by Biden, shortly after he became president.  And he became president with the propaganda help of a very dishonest CNN & MSNBC.  Look at the pattern here.  If you are not white enough, then Joe Biden eventually abandons you.  In fact, the modern politician's pattern/trend has been this:  Black Lives only matter once every four years.  Go and see for yourself.

Biden's ALLEGED Temper and emotional explosions toward staffers and at the podium.

Mr. Congeniality he is not.  There is Biden the Intimidating Bully, and then there is the Joe Biden who loses he composure and starts yelling.  Included is Biden in his immature name-calling of others.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden sees dead people, sarcastically speaking

Biden claimed to have spoken with Francois Mitterrand & Helmut Kohl, shortly after the 2021 inauguration.  Well, Mitterrand died of cancer in 1996, and Kohl died in 2017.  At this point in time, those two individuals can be nothing more to Biden than his literal ghost writers.  Boo!!!

Then, when Biden gets caught doing something blatantly wrong, he simply says, "That's a damn lie."    This is followed by MSNBC & CNN covering for him, insulting our collective intelligence all the more.  

Yet, the cover-up job didn't go as expected.  Not everyone was deceived.  After all, the January 2024 Prime Time CABLE ratings showed that FoxNews had twice as many viewers as did MSNBC, and FoxNews had three times more viewers than did CNN.  That's embarrassing, especially in light of the fact that, in 2011, during Occupy Wall Street, the FoxNew' staff was regarded as the most intense liars on air.  Then CNN & MSNBC replaced FoxNews as liars extraordinaire.

None the less, the Biden Factor is the same as the Feinstein Factor.  For those not current on American politics, Feinstein was known to have had memory issues and mental acuity issues while in office, too.  Yet, she refused to step down.  And why?  It's simple:  SELFISHNESS and even greed, including the greed for power.  Such a combo of vices is far more of a motivation for staying in office than is wanting to stay there, to cover-up one's senatorial misdeeds.  Selfishness never brings unity.  Incidentally, as far as went Feinstein, a Chinese spy was discovered to have been working for her.  That, too, is embarrassing.

And of course, some of the most murderous and destructive riots in United States history occurred during the reign of today's career politicians who have been in power for 30+ and 40+ years.  The Years 2014 & 2020 are examples.  These congressional members only succeeded in bringing back disunity to America and in escalating the national debt to the point of Economic Failure and Financial Default ... not to mention financial distress.  

The Hypocritical States of America

The aging career politicians showed all the signs of not caring about the state of America that they will soon enough leave behind, putting the rest of us in a bind.  Meanwhile, they all live in palatial wealth.  That's ironic for a government said to be of the people for the people and by the people.  Well, under their tenures ... from those of Feinstein to Biden to Pelosi to Schumer to Waters to McConnell to etc to etc ... America became an Oligarchy.  And the rest of us became the Little People ... or the worker bees.  

To think, billions of dollars marked for Haitian Earthquake victims disappears, and Bill Clinton is never called to account for it.  A German Bank Loan results in full payment, with zero dollars/marks missing, and Trump gets a fine imposed upon him that exceeded the 2023 Gross Domestic Product of the Solomon Islands  ... as well as Samoa individually.
Bug off, Jagoff.  Photos like this one easily make one believe Tara Reade completely.  For those not current on politics, the woman in this photo is not Tara Reade.  Tara literally defected to Russia, in fear of retaliation from the Biden Clan.  A complaint about FBI harassment was filed by Reade's attorney.

The First Sign that Sick Joke Joe Was Actually a Nightmare Was When ...

The first Reality Check publicly seen about Biden was Biden's destructive handling of Afghanistan which was an untold outrage & disgrace.  Enemies of America ended up dressed in American military uniforms.  They also took possession of the American military technology that was left behind, for anyone to reverse-engineer.  

Add to this the outrageously high inflation rate which immediately ensued in 2021, concerning what is known as Demand Pull Inflation.   Plus, America lost its energy independence.  This was another outrage, being that the US had far more filtering and air cleaning regulations than mostly anyone else on Earth.

The Border Lie

The border fiasco also began in early 2021, and Biden always did have the legal ability to close the border, "upon the discretion of the president."  Three years later, however, he elected to lie about the border fiasco, claiming that his hands were proverbially tied.  He claimed that he asked the Republicans in the US Congress at the beginning of his administration to give him the power to fix the border, despite the fact that he always had the power to do so.   

Moreover, Biden repealed the Trump exec orders which fixed the borders, in the first place.  Biden's opening of the borders in his carte blanch fashion was equal to opening Pandora's Box at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

BTW, Joe Biden acts all so I'm-gonna-beat-you-up Mr. Tough Guy.  Yet, Joe Biden is NOT man enough to say the name, Laken Riley.  Say her name, America!  Say her name!!!

Father Christmas in Washington DC ... NOT

In case you never studied economics, know that Joe Biden tried to pull a fast one ... yet again ...  but, it resulted in intense Demand Pull Inflation.  He wanted to come off as the ever-so-generous Father Christmas.  He was then going to hire 87,000 IRS agents to take back from the American citizenry & Corporate America the money he had just recently handed out to America.  

It's assumed that Biden thought that the injection of congressional funding would rev-up the multiplier effect (which see).   Well, not when there is not enough inventory to circulate along with the added dollars injected into the economy.  

One might say that Biden was performing "the redistribution of wealth."  HOWEVER, when the purchasing power of a redistributed dollar slides downward, and results in grief-inducing inflation, nothing gets redistributed.  All is negated.  The retailers get the injected money, at an inflated price.  The injected money doesn't travel through an expanded circulation.   The poor suffer the effects of higher prices.  Biden spent decades living the palatial life.  He cannot feel the pain of the poor that he caused in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Some type of manufacturing is needed in every economy.   At least a service, as in accounting, building design, academic course design, medical papers, psychology papers, science papers, historic cataloguing, statistics services, any kind of manuscripts, stocks & bond maintenance, archeological analysis, satellite analysis, mapping, spy services, etc.  Biden was a principle player in the trend that sent American jobs to sweatshop, slave labor China decades ago and other extremely low-wage nations.

All in all, the American poor were not saved by Biden.  The poor became enslaved . . . to higher prices which is an extra nail in the coffin of the poor.  Then came mass retail theft, as if pirates landed and seized major American cities.  Apparently MSNBC and CNN don't realize how unbelievably pathetic Biden has been, as president.  This administration has been a completely sick joke.  Biden should be criminally prosecuted for Afghanistan, alone.

Income Disparity is a pertinent issue, in America

Concerning 21st Century sweatshop & field slave labor, there is the matter INCOME DISPARITY to address, and such disparity rose under Biden's watch, while he was long-term senator.  A result was the yearly Trade Balance Deficit. The long-term indifference from Biden and confreres resulted in 2011's Occupy Wall Street grass roots campaign.  Zombie Joe was El Vice Presidento during that time. 

None the less, Biden's push for China's fast tracking & favored-nation status resulted in a tremendous Trade Balance DEFICIT.  Plus, millions of American jobs ... including those which could have been held by numerous black/African workers at a much higher wage than what was paid to modern slaves ... went to slave labor China and to other slave labor nations.  This was all done under Biden's watch ... under Nancy Pelosi's watch ... and under Maxine Waters watch, proving how hypocritical life-long American politicians have been in these past four decades.  

The American Dictator for Life Club: "career politicians" who don't give anyone else a chance

And of course, a 30+ & 40+ year-long politician in DC is basically a member of the Dictators for Life Club.  Those politicians were accomplices to modern slavery, making them the ultimate hypocrites during BLM rallies.   They were there when the national debt went from 4 and 1/2 trillion dollars in 1999 to an unimagined $34 TRILLION in 2024.  They let American society be exposed to the Synthetic Chemical Glut that permeates society.  They allowed schools to become nothing more than Propaganda Centers, reducing the public school student to Functional Imbecility.  This illustrates that the 21st Century United States government has been a really sick joke.

Biden did not feel your pain or the pain of those overseas workers who were made into sweatshop labor retail store slaves of the American consumer.  Biden's indifference in this type of slavery was an outrage.  This is why court venues such as the Nuremberg Trials emerged.  Slave Labor was the 6th Criminal Count, during the Nuremberg Trials of the late 1940s.  Apparently, no one learned anything from the Nuremberg Trials.  Mankind continued in its same path.  Killing, killing, and killing some more.

The 1988 Campaign

Joe Biden lied so embarrassingly in 1988 that he had to end his presidential campaign in disgrace.  I remember the Joe Biden of the 1980s.  In public, he always looked ticked-off.  He looked like he was ten seconds away from starting a fist fight.  Feisty politicians never bring unity.  They become long-term bullies who seek to punch-out people wearing MAGA caps.  Well, if I'm going to wear anything that states, "great again,"  it won't be the MAGA hat.  It will be this:
The point to posting the above-image is directly below.
There were one hundred Western Roman Emperors, from the Julius Caesar years to 476 C.E.  Only about a dozen or so emperors reigned longer than did [1] Nancy Pelosi, [2] Maxine Waters, [3] Chuck Schumer, [4] Mitch McConnell, [5] Patrick Leahy, [6] Strum Thurmond, [7] Robert Byrd, [8] Dianne Feinstein, [9] John Dingell, [10] Joe Biden, [11] John Conyers, [12] Don Young, [13] Hal Rogers, [14] Steny Hoyer, [15] Chris Smith, [16] Ed Markey, etc, etc, etc.  This is equivalent to a confederation of American Dictators for Life.

The ultra-left thinks that it will take full power after creating BLM chaos and fining the rich into destitution.  Its planners should study history.  History does repeat itself.  So, study political upheavals in history and do the math.  The left wing's antics will only result in the rise of another Napoleon ... or another Caesar ... or another Merovingian Dynasty which countered the fall of Rome and the rise of the Barbarian invasions ... or another Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington.  

There was even the rise of Moscow after the 1453 disaster at Constantinople, as an example as to how politics can change all at once. As soon as it was established, Moscow Russia was called the New Rome.  Once upon a time, Geneva Switzerland was called the New Rome.  Do the math here. 

When things get really bad, Donald Trump and all others presently in politics will be out of the equation.  Then will come the second coming of Napoleon ... or the Second Coming of the Duke of Wellington.  The only question is, "Will he be a Benevolent Napoleon or an Evil Napoleon?"  Will it be an Arthur Wellesley with no conflict of interest or will it be a vengeful version thereof?

March 23, 2024

An instance of Gavin Newsom's intelligence-insulting con artistry

The predictable lie of the Biden People is that the world is going to end tomorrow, if you don't vote for Joe today.  Actually, the opposite is true.
The small number of dem politicians who happen to always be in front of TV cameras are the real dangers to society.  They never give other democrats their turns.  The US Congress has 535 members.  Yet, you only see a handful of the members appearing & re-appearing on TV, like the annoying ghosts in a haunted house.  So, they make all democrats look like sick & twisted freaks filled with hatred toward white males.  

The perpetual TV presence of a small few who are NOT representative of democrats everywhere is beyond the scope of this particular discourse.  It's the Same Old Same Ole, with them.  It's tiring.  There is more to life than the two issues obsessively expounded by a handful of dems who do NOT about life in the common world ... in the real world.  Rather, they live in remotely accessible wealth, basically in Fantasy Land.

The one issue that I've seen common amongst all true democrats who are not super wealthy is =====> the livable wage & income disparity.  The super wealthy democrats' stance is at variance with the political stance of the working tradesman/craftsman & diligent employee.  That's for another discourse, however.

BTW, Nikki Haley is a liar by claiming that the Civil War was not caused by slavery.  It sure as Hell was.  Plus, Nikki Haley said that American was never racist.  Well, it sure as Hell was.  And it was extremely anti-Catholic, too.  In fact, the worse lynching in American history was done upon eleven Italians, in New Orleans, on March 14, 1891; one day before the 1,935th anniversary of the killing of Julius Caesar.  In 1911, Italians were proclaimed to be a little worse then the "negroes."  

Moreover, in 1785, Roman Catholics were forbidden to build their St. Peter's Parish Church within New York City city limits.  Then, in 1806, protestors gathered around St. Peter's, during the ordinary, centuries-old, traditional Christmas Eve Mass, upon which a riot started.   Something so common to Europe was frightening to Protestant New York, at the time --- a very backward time.

In as much, know that Nikki Haley is the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX CANDIDATE FOR 2024.  If you're stupid, you'll vote for her.  If you think you're smart when you are not, you'll vote for Biden ... thinking that you're pulling a fast one.
Now for Gavin Newsom: Arrogant Liar who thinks you're stupid enough to believe him

Gavin Newsom is another wall-to-wall liar who thinks that you're stupid.  As a quick example of Newsom's deceit, call to mind what he said about today's petroleum prices.  He said that the high prices were caused by oil company greed.  He claimed that the price of gas would be the same today as it was during the Trump years, if the oil companies didn't commit price gouging.  Well, there is one thing that undoubtedly proves that Newsom was lying ... and that he obviously isn't very intelligent.  That piece of evidence is called the FUTURES MARKET.  If you want to know what the proper price of a commodity is going to be next season, look at the futures market today.  

Now, observe what a LIAR Gavin Newsom is.  Below is a graph of  Brent Crude per barrel pricing, as reported by NASDAQ, from 2018 to 2024

                 Now observe below the avg US gas price during same time span.  Brent Crude
                 prices ... derived via the Futures Market ... absolutely mirror gas station prices.   

                 Do you see that Newsom is a con artist who doesn't know what he is talking 
                 about?  Under Governor Newsome, San Francisco has been a disaster area.
                 Gavin Newsome is not worth his hair gel.  Did Biden ever sniff his hair?
Just so that you'll know, Brent Crude was about $83 toward the end of February 2024.  West Texas Intermediary Oil was $78.21, at the same time.  To make a long story short, maybe by September 2025 ... not 2024 ... Brent Crude might be down to $70, if you don't change government officers.  Simply refer to the Futures Market.  Voters should not waste their time listening to CNN or MSNBC or Gavin Newsom.

Price Stats

On the day when Zombie Joe Biden took office, the avg price of gasoline was $2.36 a gallon.  It kept rising until it reached an average of $4.94 per gallon, in 2022.  Under Donald Trump, it went as low as $1.84.  But, as far as goes the pre-covid19 pandemic price, on March 5th, 2020, it was $2.42.  On March 11, 2020, covid19 was declared a pandemic.  Prices dropped drastically.

While we are at it, let's go to West Texas Intermediary Oil prices for the past 5 yrs.  When Biden entered office, the price was about $53 per barrel.  By June 2022, it had rocketed up to $121.51.  Under Trump, it got as low as $12.78 per barrel, on Apr 27, 2020.  The pre-pandemic price was $34.36 per barrel.  All in all, Gavin Newsom is a liar, claiming that the price of gas was guided by anything more than the Futures market.  See for yourself.

All in all, a vote for Newsom is as disastrous as a vote for Biden and/or Kamala the Giggler.  All in all, to support someone as evil as Joe Biden is to be someone as evil as Joe Biden.  Supporting someone as deceitful as Newsom will backfire on the supporter.  Remember the scorpion.
(c)  Patrick Anthony Pontillo
Liar, Liar, Your Soul's on Fire

Now, as far as goes Joe Biden's future, he apparently ignores the fact that we all are under the laws of time.   Concerning Biden's destiny after time ends for him, Hell & its spiritual torment is filled with people who never thought that they'd go there.  This includes those people who spent a lifetime not believing that Hell even exists.  

People who are living Hells end up going to Hell, if they have no remorse before entering into eternity.  After all, there is such a thing as conversion ... contrition ... a change of heart ... amending your life.  Yet, Biden hasn't changed.  Biden has amended nothing about his dishonest self.  At the age of 81, he is still an uncharitable, feisty, brawler, whenever he's not an intrusive hair sniffer.

There is a great wager ... gamble ... investment ... and consequence ... with being human.  It deals with time and eternity.  You might have trouble believing this, but you are never going to stop existing.  The question is how you will be existing when you enter Eternity . . . after you walk out into ... or float out into ...  or rocket out into the Great Beyond.  

Your state of existence, when you go past the threshold of Eternity, is all that matters.  And of course, what you do on Earth results in what state you will forever have in the Eternal Great Beyond.  So, being like Joe Biden is never worth it.  After all, Joe Biden is utterly worthless.  Joe Biden is detrimental.  Joe Biden is a really sick joke.  If he's too senile & demented to stand trial, then he is too senile & demented to be president of Mexico ... or Egypt ... or the United States.  A vote against Biden is a vote to save America.  A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for evil.  

March 20, 2024

The Case of MASSIVE Apprentice Fan, Elizabeth Jean Carroll

Quick Note:  This was written  by a registered Democrat who was raised to be a JFK Democrat & an FDR Democrat.  In fact, he studied economics under one of JFK's ad hoc economic advisors.  In addition, the person who wrote this discourse never owned a MAGA cap.  In fact, he lives in a northern American metropolis, and NOT in the backwoods of the former Confederate Deep South.

And it came to pass:  The jury consisting of residents of a federal district that prejudicially hates pro-life presidential candidate Donald Trump awarded an extremely pro-abortion woman $83 million in defamation damages.  Yet, she had no forensic evidence of any kind, in an accusation she claimed to have happened 27 years ago.  She also had ZERO on-the-scene witnesses in the same.  Thus, we have too much of a coincidence at the outset.  None the less ...

The plaintiff only asked the Southern District of New York to grant her approximately ten million dollars in compensatory & punitive damages, because Donald Trump called her mentally ill.  My assessment of her ... of that particular female public figure who is subject to NY Times v Sullivan, 376 US 254, and who is therefore unable to sue any private citizen, on account of any private citizen's public opinion of her ... is much worse.  This is because, if I thought that she were mentally ill, as opposed to malicious & manipulative, as well as sexually crass & void of decency, then I would have a moral duty to extend charity toward her.  However, there is a MASSIVE difference between Malice and Mental Illness.

None the less, any other adjectives used to correctly describe E Jean Carroll are reserved for private conversation, and NOT for printed text.  However, many more adjectives & nouns do apply.

It should read, "Too many good TV shows on Sunday."  Plus, it's interesting that she mentioned "God" on a Sunday, as she shows no signs of being a Sunday church-goer.  BTW, I never watched the Apprentice or Falcon Crest or Dallas or Dynasty or Breaking Bad or Beverly Hills 90210 or Desperate Housewives or West Wing or Game of Thrones or Fargo or ER, etc.

Above:  The Year 2012 minus 1996 = 16 years.  The Year 2023 minus the Year 2012 = 11 years.  16 + 11 = 27 years ago.   The pertinent point is that, in a 2023 Southern District of NY courtroom, it was testified that, as soon as E. Jean Carroll saw ... for the first time ... the Apprentice, she went into severe mental & emotional trauma.  Yet, outside of that courtroom she claimed to have been a MASSIVE Apprentice fan, where the star of the show was Donald Trump.  This is a credibility destroyer.  Contradictions usually are.  To contradict oneself in court is known as "committing perjury."

None the less, it looks like a NYC jury became drunk on power and thought that it could award any amount of money it wanted to designate, mindless of the concept of unjust enrichment.  This is why appeals courts exist.  Even at that, it appeared that the jury of Carroll v Trump 2.0 wanted to punish Trump for not cow-towing to the May 11, 2023 verdict.  

Well, that case was still under appeal at the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, in 2023.  This meant that the legal doctrine of collateral estoppel could not yet take effect ... unless the 2nd Circuit Court of Banana Peals made a ruling that was never reported.  Someone misinformed the jury.  The bottom line is that one case was not even finished, while another case was started-up.  That looks a lot like harassment ... and vexatious litigation.

For the record, the Spring of 2023 case is/was 1:22-cv-10016-LAK.   The judgment is Document 178.  The Notice of Appeal is Document 179.  There was an error in doing the appeal paperwork.  However, it was amended.  

Of course, Trump Hater, Reid Hoffman, was said to have funded Carroll, in her legal adventures.  Confusion then arose when Carroll said that she was only going to need to pay her law team if and only if she won her case.  Such a thing is a Contingent Basis, aka a Contingency Fee Agreement.  Concerning the contradiction here, it's times like this one when you toss your hands up in the air, and walk away from your files, thinking "What's the use?  Who's telling the truth, anyway?  I quit.

Even at that, in a civil trial the jury is not required to hold the same scrutiny as one would hold in a criminal court jury.  In a civil trial, the standard is "the preponderance of the evidence where at least 51% of the evidence favors the plaintiff."

In a criminal trial, the benchmark of judgment is a point known as "proof beyond a reasonable doubt, to a moral certainty."  If there is a reasonable doubt in any criminal trial, then the jury is instructed to declare the defendant not guilty.  An American jury is not to declare such a person as "innocent"; only "not guilty."

Civil trials are not that stringent in rendering a jury verdict.  None the less, the burden of proof (aka the ONUS of proof) is still on the plaintiff.  So, where is Carroll's "clear & convincing evidence?"  

It's NOT a matter of concluding that something could have possibly happened in a department store dressing room in 1994 or 1995 or 1996."  Needed was evidence to show that something definitely did occur, with Donald Trump being in the area where the "something" definitely happened. 

Thus, needed was [1] at least the proof that Trump and Carroll were certainly at the same place at the same time, in 1994 or 1995 or 1996 ... [2] that a physical assault of a sexual variety actually did occur at the department store in 1994 or 1995 or 1996 ... or at least upon Carroll in 1994 or 1995 or 1996.  

Concerning this, sometimes a sexual assault victim takes a nearby item, to prove that she was in her aggressor's home or near his person etc.  So, where is the physical evidence, to prove that Trump "raped" Carroll?  Why did she take so long to write or speak about it, if it actually did happen?   All that is known is that FOUR body language experts analyzed Trump during his deposition, and they concluded that Trump most certainly was telling the truth.  The report even mentioned "micro-gestures" where Trump was said to have been "disgusted" with the subject matter.

Moreover, a huge tale sign was in Trump freely and repeatedly saying the word, "rape."  A person who actually did commit rape, according to the expert analysts, refrains from using the word, "rape."  A guy innocent of such a charge, rattles off the word, rape, without reserve.  That video is already linked here, in a list of linked videos pertinent to the Carroll/Trump case.

Going into detail on either of the two Carroll trials is beyond the scope of this discourse, however, on account of time and space already consumed.  None the less, simply because someone said something on the witness stand, it doesn't mean that that person was telling the truth.

Concerning mainstream media's writers, editors, and mouthpieces:   Do "they" not know that reasonable  Americans are "on to them?"  And then comes the unreasonable Americans.  They do NOT think for themselves.  They're puppets ... sheep ... programmed robots.

And concerning Donald Trump, he has spent the past 7 1/2 years sabotaging himself.  The details are beyond the scope of this discourse, due to time & space.  

None the less, a quick example is that of Trump appointing Jeff Sessions as the AG.  Firstly, this caused the Mueller Investigation, being that Jeff recused himself from the Russia investigation.  And secondly, Session's absence from the Senate caused the Republican Party to lose the Senate.  That was super fatal for a Donald Trump who most certainly did have successes during his presidency which benefitted America.  

However, some of Mr. Trump's presidential track record . . .  namely the rise of the US National Debt ... was the Same Old Same Ole.  And of course, the national debt skyrocketed under Bush II, Obama, and Trump.  Even at that, from the emergence of COVID onward, Trump's presidency must be regarded as a sabotaged presidency.  

Mainstream Media in 2020:  The Inciters of Riot after Riot after Riot after Riot

The mainstream commercial media damns and mocks Donald Trump, in everything about him.  In this endless condemning of Trump, there is one blatant observation which shows that these people do not believe that they're telling the truth.   It's the blatant fact that they do NOT let Donald Trump defend himself in detail, on the air, on their less-than-intellectual news & commentary shows.  

If Trump is so evil, mentally deficient, & dangerous to Planet Earth, the mainstream media would have gone out of its way to bring Trump before television cameras, to show how "evil," how "mentally deficient," how "racist," and how "dangerous" he is.  But, the mainstreamers of the media did NOT employ the decency of doing so.  These media personnel are nothing more than hit-and-run cowards who mock Trump and then run and hide.  

These mainstream networks need to be stripped of their FCC licensing.  After all, all that they did in 2020 was incite riots, while withholding all exculpatory evidence from the viewing public.  Inciting riot after riot is a criminal offense after criminal offense.  There media personnel should be criminally indicted and prosecuted, pursuant to the Nuremberg Caselaw Authority.  

An example of the deadly dishonesty of the mainstream media is presented in the video linked directly below.  If you are a manipulative & avowed liar, you are too cowardly to watch it from beginning to end ... or you will obsess yourself with finding something within it, to condemn Donald Trump:

For the record, this discourse has been written by a registered Democrat who was raised to be an FDR & JFK Democrat.  The writer of this discourse does NOT own or wear a MAGA hat.  The same writer ... of this discourse ... was also taught college-level econ by one of JFK's "ad hoc" economic advisors.  He even scored a 100% in a national accounting exam ... in the 1980s ... issued by none other than Harvard.  None the less, he asserts that Harvard is entirely over-rated.  Numerous colleges throughout America require discipline, the ability to read, and the ability of juxtapose numbers well.  To graduate from those schools is impressive, also.

All in all, "Harvard Worship" has got to end.  It's not the school that matters as much as the major which the student pursues that matters.  There are worthless majors, per se.  There are also majors which are formidable tasks, no matter which school you are attending.

Back to Donald Trump who is hated by the mainstream media, only because he's pro-life

From November 2016 to 2021, Trump kept sabotaging himself.  Yet, he did have successes as president.  More importantly, any adult over 35 years of age in America who is not afflicted with a brain injury would make a far better president than Biden.  Biden is definitely a danger to America.  Biden is a Pathological Liar.  Biden is an insult to the reasonable person's intelligence.  Biden is a Sick Joke.  Biden had two brain surgeries in 1988, and he never did have much intelligence, anyway.  There's more about Arrogant Joe Biden to convey, but that is beyond the scope of this discourse.

Below, posted pursuant to the Fair Use Act:  Compared to a 2012 posting by E. Jean Carroll, the opposite was stated in a 2023 federal NYC courtroom, where millions of American dollars were at stake.  Again, we have a credibility destroyer.  All in all, if you're going to condemn somebody, you better condemn him for the right reasons.

         End of Independent article.

How can you have a case without a day and a year --- or a much more narrowed time span than three vague years --- stated as having been the time when an offense was alleged to have occurred? The accuser never stated a day or even the year when this sexual assault was supposed to have happened. This, of course, is another red flag, being that Donald Trump travelled a lot in the 1990s.  

Very simply, if this accuser stated a specific date of offense, then perhaps it would have been a day when Trump was nowhere near NYC.  Plus, the other red flag comprised the "Donna Karan Blazer Dress" that Carroll claimed to have been wearing when she was allegedly sexually assaulted.  It most certainly was not made or sold in 1994.  So, if Carroll "averred" on court documents to have been assaulted in 1994, the case would have been dismissed and she would have become subject to a defamation lawsuit, under the title, "vexatious litigation."  Stating a general season or a three-month period would have sufficed.

  The vagueness of time was enough to invalidate the case from the start.  After all, there was no evidence to prove that Donald Trump even brushed shoulders with E Jean Carroll outside of one "reception line moment" in the 1980s which was always a dime-a-dozen event for someone as famous as Donald Trump.  No police report was filed in '94, '95, or '96, either.   No medical record describing a sexual assault in '94, '95, or '96 was ever produced in any capacity or variety, as well.

Plus, the accuser made no contact with any woman's help-group or organization that helps women when physically harmed.  There was simply a very crass, uncouth, and disrespectful pro-abortion advice columnist claiming to have been sexually assaulted by the most famous pro-life political candidate on Planet Earth, and claiming that this occurred approximately a quarter of a century prior.  Can a journalist be quiet about something for 25 years of time?  It was ever-so-coincidental that the accusation came out when it was time to promote her 2019 book.  This woman's life is so full of coincidences.  In the alternate, this woman is so full of ...

Let's review:  The Year 2023 minus 1996 or 1995 or even 1994 = 27 or 28 or 29 years.  The Year 2019 ... when the accusation ended up on the news stands ... was 23 or 24 or 25 years after 1996 or 1995 or even 1994.

The other contradiction is that this E Jean Carroll claimed to have been raped IN New York City, but she had no fear of living in New York City.  Only in her remote cottage does she have fear to the point of sleeping with a gun.  Well, why doesn't she move out of her cottage and live in NYC?

I personally knew two rape victims.  E Jean Carroll did NOT act like either one of them when speaking of being "assaulted."  They did NOT have the mentality of "forgetting about it and just moving on with life."  I can go into detail later.  But, having personally known rape victims enabled me to instantly tell that E Jean Carroll is an insult to my intelligence.  

Plus, I personally know what it is to be the victim of an "attempted sexual aggression" done by a very pushy male body builder who LITERALLY couldn't keep "it" in his pants in a car.  I can go into detail about this later, in another post . . . unless I don't want to spend time on this.  HOWEVER, this enabled me to easily detect certain false accusers, as well as certain "credible accusers."  For now, know that the "insult" gets inflamed when a false accuser gets center stage on TV --- without a defense made for the accused.

Even when it came to her praising the Apprentice in 2012, she claimed that she did so, because she ALLEGEDLY had two friends who were on the Apprentice, and she wanted them to do well.  That, too, was a mighty coincidence.  After all, how many people even have one friend who was on the Apprentice?  Plus,  the audience size did NOT determine if a contestant would do well or not.  All was dependent upon the judgment of Donald Trump, as in the famous quote ===>  "You're fired." 

Or was she referring to two friends and/or acquaintances who were on the staff and/or cast of the show?  Well, if Carroll were promoting the Trump hit show for the sake of her two friends doing well on it, then she didn't do a very good job at it.  Moreover, if she were raped by Trump, then she would have told her two friends in the present tense that they shouldn't be on that show.  After all, a successful show empowered Trump.  A woman does not want her rapist to be empowered.

On a personal basis, if that male body-building weightlifter who tried to have his way with me had a TV show, there is no way in which I would be praising it or encouraging anyone to appear on it.  E Jean Carroll spit in the face of everyone in America who actually was targeted for sexual assault.  And remember, that particular guy who tried to have his way with me literally literally literally couldn't keep "it" in his pants.  (I'm trying to be polite in describing this.)

Now, I am not narrating the details of having been the target of very physical sexual aggression ... and I'm not line-itemizing the mindset of the actual rape victims I knew ... because any liar & con artist can memorize what I would state and then come off as credible in a con game.  Very simply, perhaps sometime in the future someone somewhere will consult with me and ask if Ms. So-and-So seems to be lying or telling the truth about her accusation against somebody somewhere.  Then I can  go into detail.

I can definitely go into detail about the accuser of Judge Kavanaugh, line item by line item.

And remember, I'm a registered democrat who used to wear his hair down to his shoulders.  So, you can take your "right-wing MAGA-hat-wearing Trumper" sticker and stick it somewhere else.  I'm also a member of Democrats for Life.  In fact, Donald Trump used to be a Democrat.  In as much, tagging someone as a right-wing deplorable Trumper insurrectionist is like forcing the Jews of Germany to wear yellow Star-of-David patches/badges.  Tagging people educated in atmospheric science as "deniers" is another defamatory sticker that immature pseudo-intellectuals put on people's faces.  

The Ballad of Jessica Leeds

Now, concerning the Jessica Leeds accusation, it was made known in 2016.  It resulted in a British gentleman coming forth, claiming that he was on that particular flight and remembered seeing Leeds basically grovel over Donald Trump.  In fact, the TV interviewer tested the British man's honesty and asked what Leeds was wearing that day.  The British gent quickly & confidentially said "She was wearing a white pants suit."  Therefore, you can rightfully say that the Jessica Leeds accusation was made-up in 2016; an election year.

Also concerning Jessica Leeds, a passenger jet is a public forum.  This means that a number of people were readily able to see Trump and/or Leeds.  Would a celebrity actually grope a woman in public?  Donald Trump was able to get a percentage of America's "available women" very easily and willingly into a posh & private apartment ... or hotel room ... bungalow ... etc..  He didn't need to do something as desperate as grope a woman in public.  

This accusation is an intense insult to the American intelligence.  Yet, CNN & MSNBC rode this horse as if the groping absolutely occurred.  A man who lives in palatial settings doesn't act like human trash in public.  Such a person does worry about his public image.   And Trump very easily could have gotten a woman into his private property.  He was in demand amongst certain lust-ridden women.

You must admit that women have been known to lie.  They have been caught lying, time and time again.  The Southern District of New York Federal Courthouse was turned into a Kangaroo Court.  Kaplan should be titled, Captain Kangaroo Court, and summoned to a judicial review board and then  ... bye-bye to one of the Southern NY gavels.

E Jean Carroll also accused CBS's former head as having sexually assaulted her in an elevator which has no guarantee of privacy.  Anyone in the building could have pressed an elevator button from any floor and ended up catching Moonves in the act.  This allegation is exceptionally difficult to believe, especially when the other accusers of Moonves are very easy to believe.  It seemingly & ALLEGEDLY appears that Carroll was ALLEGEDLY jumping on the proverbial gravy train, to accuse someone already accused.  It definitely makes you sound more credible when you accuse someone already accused . . . until you tell a story that's logistically & ALLEGEDLY asinine.

Now, the other accusers of Moonves are easy to believe, because there are no dramatic theatrics in their story lines.  And none of the accusers claimed to have been raped.  They claimed to have been in unwelcomed & awkward situations --- even in stressful situations --- even in "close-calls." 

Concerning credible accusers, Tara Reade is most definitely credible.  She's Five Star Credible.  As a reminder, a credible accuser is one who does not contradict himself/herself as did E Jean Carroll more than once, followed by her allegedly covering-up the contradictions by adding allegedly bull-crap lines, bull-crap reasons, and bull-crap excuses.

Was she really motivated by Weinstein?

The news of Harvey Weinstein came out in 2017.  So, Jean Carroll claimed that the news of Weinstein motivated her into writing her book which contained accounts of the five most nightmarish men she encountered.  One of the five, according to her was the Donald Trump who said that he didn't know her beyond a few moments of niceties, in a reception line once.  Uhm, excuse me, but Weinstein was intruding upon women and paying undisclosed settlements for decades.  Weinstein was an open secret.

Jean Carroll was some type of journalist for the American edition of Elle Magazine, and Elle publishes in 45 countries.  It also has a syndication dept which allows local content to be published internationally.  Any journalist working in the realm of Hearst Publishing & Lagardere Global would have the deepest newest from the central places of the modern media, including Hollywood news.  She would have learned about the real Harvey Weinstein decades ago, unless if she worked with under-achievers.  So, why did she wait until 2017 to begin writing a book that was said to have been motivated by Weinstein?

The suspicion as to the motivation of Carroll publicly accusing Trump in 2019 was that, on July 25 2019, it was concluded that the Mueller Special Counsel investigation failed to get anything on Trump.  That was Plan C.  Now, it was time for someone to go to Plan D, in order to eject Trump from his seat of power.  Why did Carroll remain silent about this while Trump was securing the Republican presidential nomination, 2016?  Why did she remain silent in the public forum for 23 years, only to come out when she could ever so coincidentally ruin the political career of the most highly positioned pro-life candidate in America?  Yes, the Mueller Team was drifting away into pointlessness.  But, the "squad" was emerging before TV cameras owned by obsessive pro-abortion media outlets.  She would be able to ride their "coattails."

If E Jean Carroll truly were sexually assaulted by Trump, she would have sounded the alarm, to warn "her fellow women" that a sexual predator was on the loose in NYC.  If he did assault her, then she did a disservice to the women of New York, by remaining silent about a danger to womanhood in NYC.  So, why did she remain silent for 23/24/25 years, if Donald Trump were such a danger to women everywhere?  Note:  2019 minus 1994/1995/1996 = 23/24/25 years.

The following video links could finish the train of thought here, and there are notable & "revealing" allegations concerning the Carroll case mentioned in the clips linked below that are NOT mentioned here.  After all, there is the matter of Carroll's claim of wearing a Donna Karan Blazer Dress at the time of assault which could have been 1994, 1995, 1996, or never:

Her own words: E Jean Carroll's motive for going after Trump  (It had to do Trump's Pro-Life stance.)

Of course, lie after lie after lie after lie has been pushed by the mainstream commercial media.  This included the [1] Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction Hoax, [2] the incitement of violence toward the young Nick Sandman, [3] the Duke Lacrosse team accusations proven false by something as simple as an ATM camera, and [4] Jussie Smollett's harrowing tale of a MINUS 7 degree FAHRENHEIT Chicago night that is intolerable weather for any MAGA-hat-wearing Southerner not used to such cold weather.

There was even the young native American lad wearing a replica of his ancestors' headdress, during a recent Kansas City Chief game.  Oh, he was a white, racist demon from Hell, according to the media.  Etc go the examples of lie after lie after lie told by the modern media.  

And then there was the Michael Brown horror story which resulted in lots of violence before the harrowing tale was found to have been a malicious falsehood, according to forensic evidence.

Like Nazi Dictators ... like the ruthless tyrants of old ... CNN & MSNBC would NOT allow counterpoint . . . open discussion ... written responses ... or live defense of defamatory accusations.

CNN, MSNBC and those similar are the real threats to "freedom."  They refuse to adhere to the intended American Way which is often called "democracy."  Well, for the record, the Intended American Way was that of a bicameral federal Republic, based on representatives and two houses of Parliament.   Democracy only works in small population jurisdictions.

In addition, the USA resembles a Constitutional Monarchy far more than any European government does, simply because the American president has access to several executive order options than Europe.  After all, Europe's elected heads of state often are designed to operate "at the pleasure of the parliaments."  The president is a viable third sector of government.  

Plus, throughout the decades, the media focused-in on the president as if the president were king.  Well, American presidents operate as checked & balanced constitutional monarchs, in their executive ordering and in their power to veto.

The actual greatness of American law, aside of the judicial doctrine of Stare Decisis (precedents & case law authorities in the courtroom), is the concept of amending courtroom pleas, witness accounts, and statistical reports.  This includes the concept of amending the constitution.  Thus, there is flexibility.  On the contrary, there is no flexibility with CNN, MSNBC, and others who will not be mentioned here.  The ones who condemned political opponents of being Nazi dictators are the actual Nazi tyrants.  These are the liars who call incendiary riots "mostly peaceful."  Well, if you are sick & twisted enough, you could call mass murderers mostly peaceful people, and do so with a straight face.  It is also insult the intelligence of anyone reasonable & rational listener.

How much longer will America's intelligence be insulted by the mainstream corporate media?   How much longer will Americans have to endure the Mainstream Media Dictatorship of the United States?  And how much longer will me being a registered Democrat continue to be one of the more worthless wastes of time?   If anyone is the Nazi politician, it's the Joe Biden who sought to have freedom of speech deleted from the internet.  The American tyrants are the ones who accuse everyone else of being the tyrant.

Is being a Republican much better?  Or is it preferrable to be a Natural Party member or a Green Partier or a Whig or a Tory or a Klingon or a member of Fred Flintstone's Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes or whatever else you can print on a voter's registration card?  

But of course, it's not the political party that matters.  It's the character of the candidate that does.  After all, there do exist pro-life democrats.  They're mostly skilled laborers who live in or work in a major city.  Some are college-aged youth.  Some are even Black democrats whose DNA comes from south of the Sahara.  They simply believe in the livable wage.   And they believe in making city life livable for children. 

To a pro-life democrat, abortion is a cop-out ... unless if the mother's life is in danger.  When the mother's life is in danger, then abortion is self-defense.  Moreover, pro-life democrats know that you can always let your child be put-up for adoption with zero objections.  And of course, the democrat way was and maybe still is that a child put up for adoption will be cared-for as any other child. 

They also believe that life should be the choice for the disabled & dying, as opposed to euthanasia.  After all, we are all gonna die.  So, why speed things up?   

None the less, pro-life democrats also understand why the modern mainstream media and obsessive left-wingers of the Democrat Party hate Trump.  They only hate him and seek to destroy Donald Trump, because he is a Pro-Life candidate.  If Trump were for abortion-on-demand, he would be regarded as America's loving uncle by the mainstream media and left-wing fanatics of the Democrat Party.  Abortion.  That's it.  That's the reason for hating Trump.

An obsessive pro-abortion hag's motive in seeking to destroy the most influential pro-life candidate in the United States has been in front of America's face, all along

Elizabeth Carroll's motive in attacking Donald Trump and Kavanaugh is posted below.  She wants baby-killing to continue to be done upon demand.  Now, this is an 80 year old human obsessed with keeping premeditated & medically assisted murder of other humans in operation.  Thus, if Donald Trump were a pro-abortion candidate, he would have never been accused of that which the pro-abortion E Jean Carroll accused him of having done.  

And of course, Trump had easy access to a number of hotels and office buildings near the department story where he was accused of being a sexual predator.  He also had easy access to champagne and other luxuries.  Rich men first seek to impress ... then seduce ... and to do so in comfortable and protected spaces, such as a apartment or hotel room, etc.   He didn't need a dressing room from where screams could easily be heard.

Plus, wherever Trump went, there was always a woman here and a woman there who were 'magnetized' toward him.  Thus, he was never so desperate that he would physically and instantaneously assail a woman in a public forum, thereby risking screams and the attention that screams bring.  All in all, the insulting of the American intelligence continues.  This becomes very easy to do when you 'dumb down' a nation's public school system for consecutive years at a time ... and then replace wisdom & logic with bullies.

The greatest irony is that Tara Reade had to escape the tyranny of the American president for the land regarded as the most evil land of them all by . . . the proponents of the American president.  

Of course, the present president is obsessively pro-abortion.  He apparently never heard of the caselaw authority of NUREMBERG, where people who get away with committing crimes against humanity for years think that they will never be held accountable.  Well, study history.  Everyone gets held accountability for long-term evils, eventually.  And when interviewed, they always say that they never thought that "it" would happen to them.  

In as much, Hell does exist and it's filled with people who never thought that they would go there.  The Number 1 indication that you're going to Hell when "your time is up" is that of you making life on earth a living Hell for others.  You get what you give.  This includes Hell and its chaos and its viciousness and Satanic grade of bullying.  Hell is a place where bullies end up getting bullied by much more powerful & hate-filled forces forever:

One more thing:  There is one ultimate reason why the "new" Democrat Party embraces homosexuality.  The power-yielders of the party see homosexuality as birth control.  That's it.  And it takes a democrat to know the secrets of his party.

All in all, it's the content of a politician's character which matters in elections, and Joe Biden is a cruel joke played upon my Democrat Party and America in general.  He is hateful & arrogant, as well as mathematically & logistically incompetent.  

When he speaks, he speaks as if he is picking a fight, instead of speaking to make the nation feel secure ... or at ease ... or hopeful.  He doesn't want you to understand anything.  He wants you to back-down.  Biden thinks that he's King Kong, but he only pounds on a caved-in chest.  

Hundreds of thousands of other adult Americans would make a far better president than Biden.  This includes Donald Trump .... Tulsi Gabbard ... K.T. McFarland ... Bryon Donalds ... Viv Ramaswamy ...  and probably you (if you're of age) ... or at least a few neighbors of yours ... or workmates of yours ... or relatives of yours ... or fellow club members of yours, whatever be your club of choice.  

Of course, RFK, Jr blew it.  Yet, he's mathematically not out of the running.  However, he blew it, anyway.  If you are clueless to what recently transpired in the Kennedy Campaign, then refer to the following links:

Actually, millions of Americans would make a far better president than Joe Biden; especially the ones who protect him and wait on him and brief him.  Anyone in the Pentagon would be a better president.  Anyone in an American submarine crew.  Any pilot, be he/she military or civilian.  Any ship captain, be he military or civilian.   Anyone in logistics ... in engineering ... in the construction trades ... in forestry ... in library science ... in accounting ... in Classical & Baroque music ... in literature ... in a school's foreign language department ...  in philosophy ... in psychiatry ... in architecture, etc, etc, etc, etc.  

Biden is the second worst choice you can possibly make.  The worse choice would be all those who promote Biden.  This is because they only want to USE BIDEN for their selfish goals.  Biden is meant to be their puppet ... their figure head ... their front.  The only person who would want Biden to be president is the one who wants to make all the decisions of a president behind the scenes.

Brain Surgery Biden

BTW, do Americans know that Joe Biden had TWO BRAIN SURGERIES in 1988, after a stroke?  Do Americans know that Biden graduated near the bottom of his law school class, long before his stroke?   Do Americans even know that Biden lied so embarrassingly in front TV cameras in 1988 that he had to withdraw from the presidential race?  Michael Dukakis ended up winning the Democratic presidential nomination.

The mainstream commercial media has lied about a number of topics, in addition to the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction Hoax.   There is a list.  But, that list is beyond the scope of this post, being that academic homework is required to pinpoint & specify the dishonesty of the media in decades past.  And at present, time has to be dedicated to other projects.

For the record, the way "it" used to be --- concerning debates --- was that there was [1] the Point, followed by [2] the Counterpoint, with [3] a response to the Counterpoint, and [4] a response the counterpoint response.  This was done out of fairness, so that both debaters had two opportunities to speak . . . or to write.  Today, there is only censorship, preceded by name-calling and bullying.  The concept of honesty and fairness were thrown out the door, when it came to the modern mainstream media.

Of course, when it comes to American politics, those who are in their late 70s and 80s today, while having been in power for consecutive decades, keep a greed-stricken clinch on political power.  They are the Me-Me-Me & Mine-All-Mine generation.  This means that these United States have been an oligarchical dictatorship where you and I don't count.  We are the "Little People,"  even though we're the ones who have done what it took to keep people alive and society civilized.  The roads, crops, utility lines, appliances, warehouses, medical equipment, repair shops, and utilities don't build themselves.  We are the ones who built and/or maintained and/or renovated it all.  But of course, we don't count.  We are slaves to these oligarch's egos and lust.  This includes the lust for money.

The Real Dirty Dozen & the American Dictator for Life Phenomenon

In light of this, why did [1] the 83 year old Nancy Pelosi, [2] the 83 year old Jim Clyburn, [3] the 81 year old Joe Biden, [4] the 90 year old late Dianne Feinstein, [5] the 85 year old Maxine Waters, [6] Maryland's 84 year old Steny Hoyer, [7] New Jersey's 86 year old Bill Pascrell, [8] the 82 year old Bernie Sanders, [9] the 80 year old John Kerry, [10] the 76 year old Benghazi Barbie, [11] the 77 year old Donald Trump who has been in public life for 43 years, as well as [12] the Chuck Schumer who has been in the US Congress for 42 years ... refrain from passing the baton to a younger generation???  Cannot anyone else get a chance?   Does power and influence have to stay in the hands of a small cadre  of politicians who live quite comfortably and who are starting to look like Halloween movie characters?  

BTW, E Jean Carroll is 80 years old.  This brings us to a question:  What is the authoritarian tyrant factor possessing those in that age-group --- concerning people born between 1933 and 1948?

Stated for the record, a 72 year old, a 75 year old, and a 78 year old with no appreciable mental encumbrances entering into political office for the first time is morally acceptable, being that the individual had not yet been heard.  Such an individual did not spend the past 20, 30, and 40 consecutive years attending lobster dinners, all the while destroying American opportunities, increasing the American Trade Balance Deficit, and raising the national debt to an obscenely high amount, as well as creating division amongst the races, and making America an accomplice in crimes against humanity, such as sweatshop labor profiteering.  

In as much, the 6TH NUREMBERG CRIMINAL COUNT was slave labor.  To profit from slave labor is to be an equal to Adolph Hitler and his merry band of Nazi art thieves.  Donald Trump spoke against the foreign sweatshop economy, as in the USMCA ... which is not to be confused with the Village People hit song, YMCA.  

Chuck Schumer praised Trump for it.  Therefore, the MSNBC & CNN line-up of on-air mouthpieces who endlessly mock Trump supporters are no different than Hitler's Nazi party members, spreading lies intended to create hatred toward a political opponent. They have been obsessively damning a man who was trying to lift people out of poverty.

The Political Oligarchs' Clinched Fists of Greed.

Why did today's politicians keep "it" for themselves, with "it" being defined as money & power, influence & perks ... as well as a long ego trip.  These very-long-term congressional members should be declared Dictators for Life.   After all, these were the people who oversaw the annihilation of American manufacturing and the rise of the American importation of Chinese slave labor products.  So, (except for Schumer, in his proper anti-NAFTA stance) they are accomplices to the labor abuse in the China, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Honduras, El Salvador, and other victimized countries when the Slavery Index went on the rise.  But, those politicians go unaccountable for having destroyed the American Dream.

Throughout the slave labor years, Joe Biden was there, letting it occur in a China which ever-so-coincidentally sent checks to the Biden families members' LLCs.  That, of course, was a mighty coincidence, for sure.   Quite frankly, that was and is more of an insult to America's intelligence.

Democrat Chuck Schumer Praised Donald Trump in 2018

Ironically, Chuck Schumer is portrayed as harboring quintessential anti-Trumpness.  Yet, in 2018, he praised Trump for the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement, while always having been against Slave Labor NAFTA.  He and Trump were on the same page, when it came to the American worker ... and foreign labor abuse.   But, the media had to make them look like mortal enemies, of course.  Media Hype in search of ratings.

None the less, the Never Trump Movement ever-so-coincidentally came at the same time span when the E Jean Carroll accusation against Trump went into print.  Yes, the 2018 election was the Never Trump Movement's introduction into politics.  The squad of extreme pseudo-intellectuals formed during the first half of 2019.  Other Never-Trumpers entered congressional chambers in the first half of 2019, as well.  Then, on July 21, 2019, E Jean Carroll's accusations against Trump came out in the New Yorker.  Yet, she never reported any sexual assault to the police.  After all, the New Yorker influences voters.  Police departments do not.   So, the question which persists is, "How long does the media intend on insulting America's intelligence?"

Moreover, how is it that US congressional members are such successful investors in the stock markets of Wall Street?  That's an amazing coincidence.  

In 1787, Ben Franklin announced that America now had a republic, IF AND ONLY IF Americans could keep it.  In as much, do you mean to tell us that the stronghold held by the 40-year-plus congressional dictators-for-life is why we overthrew monarchs?  Do you really think that it was done to replace monarchs with money-grabbing senior citizens like Pelosi & Biden who have been sucking-in the money & political power like vacuum cleaners for consecutive decades?  Do you mean to tell us that the monarchs were overthrown, so that the United States could be strangled with a $34 TRILLION debt, accrued by the 70+ & 80+ plus year old members of Congress who will leave that burden upon younger generations of today & younger generations yet to come ... and to do so with no sense of shame?

For the record, the debt was only $34 BILLION in 1936.  In fact, it was $33 TRILLION 3 months prior to January 2024.  Yes, a trillion dollars of debt was accrued in 3 months' time, during the Biden rule of law which, in reality, is the Biden Absence of Law.

There is at least a tiny amount of fairness involved today, concerning the retail sales of foreign imports, such as coffee and cacao/cocoa.  After all, Nasreen Sheikh has been championing the cause of sweatshop laborers.  Therefore, even during times of great evil, there is always hope within humanity.  Thus, the belief that we are near the End of the World . . . or near the End of Mankind ... is political propaganda stunt, done for votes from terrified voters.  Well, I can assure you that the end of your world ... and the end of my world ... will come a whole lot sooner than the End of THE World.  There is most definitely still hope today.