March 15, 2024

The Claim of 101F Florida Ocean Water Is 101% Fraud. It was Everglade "run-off" water from the "Taylor Slough" & Mangrove Swamp.

The following has been written by an alumnus of one of Florida's universities.

On July 25th & 26th, media outlets of all categories were reporting that ocean water off of South Florida reached a record-breaking high temperature of 101F, and that this was proof that the planet is in a climate crisis.  The UN Sec-Gen claimed that Planet Earth was now in the phase of Global "Boiling."

The media then mentioned that this 101F reading was at Manatee Bay, as if Manatee Bay were a large and integral part of the Atlantic Ocean.  Therefore, take note that Manatee Bay is a shallow and insignificant shoreline basin that is NOT even worthy to be named on Florida maps.  It's inside of "Barne's Sound," near a Hwy 1 bridge.

Now, the media stated that the 101F reading came from a buoy.  This deceptively made it sound as if the 101F temperature existed three or four miles away from the Florida shoreline.  The reality is that the 101F temperature came from estuary water which, in turn, was actually Everglade run-off water from Mangrove Swamp ... and even water from something known as the Taylor Slough.  All in all, the measurement was that of swamp water, very near shore and near Hwy 1 which is also called, the South Dixie Hwy.   

On the day reported, the true nearby ocean water was 86F, and that was about three degrees BELOW average.  That amounts 15 degrees Fahrenheit LESS THAN the crisis-stage temperature reported.  It's time for some journalists to be fired.    . 

Plus, the media also reported that the area underwent coral bleaching.  Stop there.  Another false light deception.  Penalty marker time.  This only happened in Islamadora which is 18 miles southwest of Key Largo.  It is located on the main archipelago, and it's known for its "fly fishing."  Key Largo is also on the same archipelago.  Across the Florida Bay from Key Largo is Mangrove Swamp, and in between the two places in Cross Keys.  Lots of keys in the Florida Keys, and lots of run-off water too.

Directly below here is a second map, in order to clarify how much of a deliberate farce this 101F report was and is.  The bottom line is that the news media was reporting on SWAMP run-off water ... and NOT Atlantic Ocean water which is technically on the southeastern side of the South Florida Archipelago where one finds Key Largo and Key West.  Furthermore, if you travel southwest from Key West, you will find yourself in the Florida Straits which pass by northern Cuba.
On the map above, Manatee Bay is located where the red circled #4 is located.  Take note that it's semi-surrounded to its east,  by a small archipelago.  North Key Largo is at the top righthand side of this map, on the main archipelago.  Key Largo is at lower central, on the same archipelago.  At the lower lefthand corner, it is written "Florida Bay."  Technically, the whole area, including very insignificant Manatee Bay, is Florida Bay, until you reach the long archipelago.  More technically speaking is that the area east of the famous archipelago is the Florida Straits.  The important feature is that the current of the Southern Florida border travels west to east.  

East of the archipelago is regarded to be the Atlantic Ocean --- the Florida Straits.   The true ocean water there, at the time of the 101F swamp water run-off reading was approximately 84.9F to 86F.   Average for July is 89.1F.

The Hwy 1 seen on the two maps above is actually the South Dixie Hwy.  The locals call it "the Stretch."  That highway --- that "stretch" --- travels over Surprise Lake, into Key Largo.  Then it suddenly becomes the Overseas Highway.  If you go south on the Overseas Highway for 98 miles, you will arrive at Key West.  

And of course, the ocean water between Cuba and Florida is the Straits of Florida.  That water is quite different than ye olde estuary shoreline runoff water.

Quick lesson:  Estuary water is actually where river water meets an area subject to the tides; where river water becomes effected by tidal action --- and where river water mixes with salt water.  The bottom line here is that the true ocean water temperature in the area was 15 or so Fahrenheit degrees LOWER than what was claimed by media anchormen & women who are basically clueless and uneducated in matters of atmospheric science and oceanography.

Note:   The source of this article includes the temperature data from the United States' own NCEI-NOAA.  A reference link to that government entity is posted below, at the very end of this post.

One more preliminary statement, to show the hypocrisy of Climate Hysteria Activists

It's now said that fresh water run-off from the Florida Everglades and elsewhere must stop, or else the Atlantic Ocean's Gulf Stream will have reduced saltiness and will then stop moving --- at least beginning at the 45th Parallel.  This includes the temporary & seasonal ice melt run-off of Greenland.  Okay then, explain to me how the Climate Hysteria activists are in a state of cricketed silence on the following:

During every second of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year of every decade of every century, for thousands of years:

4 MILLION GALLONS of fresh Mississippi River water has been flowing into the Mississippi Delta and emptying itself into the salty Atlantic Ocean.  How do you explain that the Gulf Stream has been flowing sufficiently and effectively throughout millennia, despite the massive fresh-water contribution made to it every minute for the last 4,000 years?  What is the point in stopping Everglade run-off water, while a much more massive amount of fresh water flows into the Atlantic Ocean hourly?

Concerning the 4 million gallon claim, if you don't believe it, then you need to see:

The Preview-Prelim Stage is concluded.  The conclusion is that a number of media networks need to have their FFC licensing revoked, and certain politicians need to be replaced with people who possess common sense.  We now go to the starting point of the original post - article - report - tutorial - discourse - writing - whatever-you-want-to-call-it  ====>

Another news report which constituted yet another easily provable Climate Hysteria lie

In July of 2023, it was reported that coastal ocean water near Southern Florida reached "the possible record-breaking temperature" of 101F ... or at least 100F.  Stop.  Big lie.  Penalty Marker Time.   Let's get this correct, for the sake of a constantly deceived public.

To start, the actual time when this 101F thermometer reading was alleged to have occurred was July 24th or so.  Available herein are the official coastal water temperature stats for July 28, compliments of the NCEI-NOAA.   

Now, as a preview: The actual coastal ocean water temp at the time was 86 degrees Fahrenheit.   Next:

[1a] The water that was measured was NOT ocean water.  It was NOT "coastal water."  It was estuary water, located between two pieces of land, and NOT located out in the ocean.  The water which was measured (via buoy) is extremely close to the Florida Everglades, on its northwest ... and Florida Bay on it's west southwest.  This translates into marsh water which can be as hot as a sports team's whirlpool in the training room.  And we are talking about a very shallow water basin.

[1b] In other words, the water measured was Everglade Runoff Water, and a few years ago --- I think it was in 2017, if memory serves me correctly --- that same water measured at 102F.  Yet,, nobody was squawking, running out into the streets, screaming that it was the End of the World.  None the less, the water there is very shallow and the area involved is the border between marsh water and salt water.

[2a] Now, the general area involves water that runs through "the Taylor Slough," into the Florida Bay.  The slough, incidentally, was designed to provide water to the Florida Everglades which are located on the Southwestern tip of the state.  

[2b] Also involved is a manmade canal that was built in 1968 and then recently altered.  It's known as the C-111 Canal; the C-111 "Spreader" Canal.  It was originally designed to send water through the Everglades, followed by the water running off at the southern border of Florida.  Next came the decision to prevent fresh water from rolling off into the Atlantic Ocean as much as is possible.  That resulted in the C-111 "Spreader" project which is completely pointless in light of the fact that the Mississippi River, at New Orleans, unleashes 4 million gallons of FRESH (unsalted) water into the Gulf of Mexico per second.  

[2c] This is why it is such hypocrisy for Climate Hysteria Salesmen to obsess people with the seasonal "ice melt run-off from Greenland" (into the Atlantic Ocean), all the while claiming that it's going to cause a Siberian England, the halt of the Atlantic Ocean, and the End of the World.  

[2d] Incidentally, in order to get the Atlantic Ocean to stop flowing, you must stop the rotation of the Earth.  Plus, you must then rid Planet Earth of either all low pressure systems or all high pressure systems.  That is to say, in order to get the Atlantic Ocean to stop moving, you must stop the winds from blowing, as well as stopping the Earth from rotating.  Do you yet see how incredibly asinine the Climate Change activists & politicians are?  They are literally a danger to society, whenever they are in power.

[2e] In addition, the same Southern Florida Everglades Region is quite close to the Dixie Highway which suddenly becomes the Overseas Hwy, upon crossing a bridge.  That highway literally takes you to Key West.  Locals call the Dixie Hwy "the Stretch."

[3a] As far as goes real coastal ocean water in the area which is measured regularly for its temperature, the two nearest places would undoubtedly be Vaca Key and Duck Key.  Now, the temperature of water changes much slower than does air above land.  After all, water has much more heat capacity, and this particular subject is for another post.  None the less, as of July 28, 2023 (July 29 in Coordinated Universal Time), the ocean water temperature near Vaca Key was 86.0F.  The July average there is 89.1F.  At Duck Key, the ocean water was 84.9F, and it's July average is 87.4F.  This was three or four days after the super bogus & hysterical climate news report.

[4] During this time, the ocean water surrounding the United States' southern states predominately ranged in temperature between the low-to-mid 80s Fahrenheit and 90F.  In one rare section near Texas, it rose to 94.1F, and that's it.  Later in the month was a 94.1F off of Louisiana, and that was it.  Nothing else higher.

[5] So, the July 2023 reality is this:  During the general time span when the ocean water temps were said to have reached 101F, they actually were 3.3 degrees Fahrenheit BELOW AVERAGE in one nearby area of coastal water, and 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit BELOW AVERAGE in another nearby section of the Atlantic Ocean.  All in all, that area which was said to have been 101F was actually 14 to 16 degrees Fahrenheit BELOW 101F.  It wasn't even close to what the Climate Hysteria Media claimed.  

This is yet another piece of evidence which shows that the "Global Warming," "Climate Change," "Climate Crisis," "Global Boiling" activists are lying con artists . . . of very low intelligence.  They are of very low intelligence, because it is soooooo easy to catch their lies and con games.  Concerning the fact that all Florida coastal water temperatures were very much BELOW 100F, see for yourself:

Below is the July 28th report.  If I had learned of the 101F temperature report sooner, I would have gone to the NCEI tally board sooner.  

To the righthand side of the government chart (above) are the monthly averages.  This photocopy is "truncated."  It was cut at the righthand side, after the July monthly average column.  At the righthand side of each row's blue-tinted temperature number is the average temp for Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, and July.  Aug to Dec was cut-out, for convenience.  

All in all, the hottest temp in the Southern Florida waters at the time was 89-90F, around Key West, Florida.  Nowhere was it anywhere near 101F.  As far as goes as any ocean temperature being in the critical end-of-the-world-and-we-are-gonna-die-tomorrow stage:  Nada.  Niente.  Zipparooski.  Nic.  Niets.  Give-me-a-break. Nekas.  Pagh.  Running-on-empty.  Intet.  Xejn.  Take-a-hike, you-taxpayer-thieves.  Nichts.  Faic.  That's Fraud City, baby, and big-ticket frauds belong in handcuffs, for starters.

Now, if you want to see all of the coastal ocean water temperatures around America ... and their monthly average temps for each month ... go to the following site.  There is where you will be able to see if the "Climate Crisis" & "Global Boiling" activists are honest people or a bunch of deliberate liars, in quest of fraudulently gained U.S. taxpayer funding and deceptively gained NGO grants:

National Centers for Environmental Information, Coastal Water Guide, found at: