April 12, 2024

Let's Compare the 19th Century heat map data to that of the 21st Century

Okay now, the 19th Century was supposed to have been a time of much cooler temperatures, due to lower atmospheric co2 levels.  The 21st Century has repeatedly been reported to be a co2-fueled sauna of death.  Sometimes --- but only sometimes --- the temperatures were honestly reported by the general & generic journalists who market sensationalistic hype.  But, that which was very DISHONESTLY reported was the claim that never before had such a temperature or such an amount of rainfall or such a windspeed ever occurred.

The truth is that "it" has all been done before.  "It" refers to the "main weather event" being reported by the non-meteorologists who are not articulate in explaining "the science."  "It" is the climate activists' "star of the weather show," presented to the viewing public, to create fear and insecurity.  "It" is the "excuse" that the climate hysteria faction uses to claim the existence of a new era which now warrants them to takeover all governments and rule mankind through the U.N.  New York City then becomes the capitol of the world.  This is the mindset of the generation raised on TV, video games, and the cell phone.  The Great Outdoors is a concept entirely foreign to the vast majority of them.

This is a July 1896 newspaper edition, when atmospheric co2 was 126 ppm LOWER than it is today.  It looks like the 2022 and 2023 news.  This is one of many pieces of evidence which show that climate hasn't changed its pattern in the past 127 years.  Concerning any weather event reported in the past thirty years --- and even in the past 130 years ago --- "it" has all been done before.  Climate is a cyclical rollercoaster, and co2 will NOT cause the world to end at any time within the next 400 years.

Climate is properly defined as the "Prevailing Long-term Weather Trend."  Two-week heatwaves --- or three-week heatwaves --- that come in occasional clusters of time throughout a continent, do NOT define the climate.  There are the other 49-50 weeks in each year to consider, as well.  In 2023, there was record cold and record snow throughout Planet Earth.  Drought-ridden dams were refilled as if a fairy godmother visited the American West with a heavy duty wand.  Maine even had cryoseisms which were actually reported by media outlets as famous as the Washington Post.  However, this will NOT be reported by any Climate Hysteria Network any time soon.

BTW, cryoseisms are frostquakes which happen to occur when already-existing underground water freezes and expands, thereby causing tremors.  

No appreciable, crisis-stage sea level rise here.  This wide beach is a part of Eastern Florida where exists a lot of dry and sandy walking space.  Great for joggers in training.  No expanding waters here.
At this point, look at the Univ of Maine's Reanalyzer map for the JULY temperature average of the Year 2015.  This is the most recent year thus far made available to the public.  We can't review anything more recent, unless you want to use the ECMWF data.   

ECMWF stands for European Center for MEDIUM-RANGE Weather Forecasts.  It's data does not go beyond 1950; 73 years ago,  This subject involves a time span of 170 years.  So, the CIRES one will work.  It's based out of the Univ of Colorado and it stands for Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences.

None the less, the rule is to NEVER switch data sets midway through a timeline analysis.  It results in the apples & oranges effect.  Such a thing will result in a false graph line or chart reading or table summary.  It's very dishonest to do such a thing.

Below is the reanalyzer map for July of 2015 and also 1845.  In 1845, the atmospheric co2 level was 284 parts per million (ppm).  In 2015, the co2 level was 401.1   This amounts to a 117 part per million difference between 1845 and 2015.

The Year 1845 was selected for people not natural at math.  It's easy to see that 2015 minus 1845 = a 170 year difference.  None the less, 1845 was the start of the Great Famine which later became the Irish Potato Famine.  Three years later would come Europe's greatest revolution thus far; even greater than the events of July 1789, and only to be exceeded in size and impact by the 1870 revolts.   Moreover, the Little Ice Age had recently ended, approximately in 1840 or so.  And of course, the Little Ice Age began with the arrival of the Wolf Solar Minimum.  This was in 1284 or so.  So, 1845 would be a fitting year to use in this example.

In addition, America had a drought between 1856 and 1865.  So, those years are slanted in terms of finding a suitable average year.  Thus, using 1865 isn't prudent, even though it is an exact 150 year difference from 2015.  And yes, the entire American Civil War was fought during a drought.

According to the Al Gore Theory of Climate, it should have been a whole lot hotter in 2015 than it was in 1845.  This is because there is 117 ppm more of co2 in the atmosphere today than there was in 1845.  Well then, let's look at the reanalysis maps and compare.  And remember, for the 19th Century temperature conclusion to be credible, proxy evidence --- even from third party sources --- is needed, to confirm the validity of the map.  Thermometer stations were a rare commodity in South America, Africa, and parts of Asia in the 19th Century and prior.  Proxy evidence is already explained at this Blue Marble Album.

Upon looking at both maps, your immediate response should be, "What's the difference?"  Actually, there is one moderate difference and a handful of slight differences.  Therefore, it's NOT the same one map being used twice.

As far as goes the one instance of a moderate difference, it was cooler in Northwestern Russia and in the Kara Sea area . . . in July of 2015.  Yes, that's correct.  The temperature in Northwestern Russia was higher in July of 1845 than it was in July of 2015 . . .  according to Maine's Reanalyzer technology.  Now, this applies to JULY only.

We shall now take a referee's time-out for those Climate Doom Fanatics who are undergoing convulsions.  At this point, their only rebuttal is to claim that the reanalyzer is a complete fraud.  When they recover, they can view the average annual temperature maps below.  Those maps are of the Years 1845 and 2015, of course.  

In this instance, Northwestern Russia and the Scandinavian nations were cooler (on the average) for the entire year of 1845 than they were in the entire year of 2015.  However, both maps look very much similar, concerning the remaining landmasses and water regions of Planet Earth.   Thus, there hasn't been that much of a change in the climate in the past 170 years, except for intervals of turbulence ... or "blocking systems."  The Climate Change campaign is merely a con game, to get large sums of taxpayer dollars and NGO donations into the hands of less-than-honest people.

This example shows you that the mainstream media has been lying to you, in claiming that Planet Earth has become a Climate Armageddon, with massively different temperatures between today and the 19th Century.  Thus, the media's Climate Hysteria is an insult to human intelligence.  It also shows why the television used to be called "the Boob Tube."  In the 1960s, a boob was an idiot ... a buffoon.  

All in all, climate and weather is far more involved than the simpleton version taught by Al Gore.  And "severe weather events" are based on one thing; TURBULENCE.  Turbulence comes and goes.  Thus, the climate is a cyclical roller coaster.

BTW, at the top lefthand corner of the maps is "2m."  This means the temperature at two meters above the ground.

Now for the true reason why 1845 and 2015 don't appear to be very different, in terms of temperature:

As far as goes Greenhouse Gases, they were mostly the same in 1845 as they are today.  This is because co2 doesn't come close to being the Number 1 Greenhouse Gas.  And methane is in a distant third place.  You see, the most abundant Greenhouse Gas today is WATER VAPOR.  It constitutes 90% of all greenhouse gases, by volume.  And of course, volume deals with taking-up-space.  Thus, the Number 1 Greenhouse Gas in the sky is, by far, WATER VAPOR.  There was as much water vapor in 1845 --- for the most part --- as there is today.

Water Vapor is the only Greenhouse Gas of Planet Earth that carries any weight --- that proverbially pulls rank --- that keeps Planet Earth from becoming a perpetual 0.0 degrees Fahrenheit ... (-17.78 degrees Celsius.)  CO2 is chump change, compared to Water Vapor, in the capture of infrared light.  Cirrus Clouds retain more infrared light than does co2, and the great irony is that cirrus clouds are all ice.  High floating ice does retain heat, for Planet Earth.

Your environmental mission for this era is NOT co2, being that co2 is your friend.  Your mission is that of freeing live beings from the ingestion, the absorption, and the inhalation of synthetic chemicals & irritants.  This includes the PFAS class, as well as the sensitizers, clastogens, carcinogens, etc.  Included in the mission is stopping the irresponsible handling of plastics.  

In this type of environmental challenge the order of the day is to reinvent filtration science.  Filtration, filtration, filtration.  An example is the catalytic converter.  Ironically, charcoal is a great filter.  Some of the greatest findings in life are counter-intuitive.