April 22, 2024

Come and see how hot July 4th (2023) was NOT.

24C = 75F   25C = 77F   26C = 78.8F  27C = 80F   28C = 82.4F   All are pleasant summertime  temperatures to us Americans.  They should NOT be posted on a background of searing, heat-driven, Global-Warming-Red.

The Temperature Scorecard, Worldwide, for July 4th, 2023

It was originally reported as "the hottest day on Earth," period.  It was then reported as the day of the highest average global temperature. It was then reported as the "unofficial" temperature.  It next came to be regarded as the hottest day in history.  

More importantly, it was a great diversionary tactic, to get the public to forget about the recent record cold temps of 2023, as well as the seemingly miraculous water replenishment of the dams in California and elsewhere in the American West.  That water replenishment was equivalent to a cancer patient suddenly being cured.  Yet, it was predicted by those of us ... including me ... who understood how the La Nina's lane of motion worked on the atmosphere.  

Let's begin with a recent Climate Armageddon Faction sleight of hand deception & latest insult to the intelligence of the working man who built everything John Kerry, Bill Gates, Michael Mann, and Joe Biden want to tear down.  That claim was that July 4, 2023 was the hottest day in some kind of category or another by which we should submit all of mankind's power to the climate people.

BTW, the Summer of 2023 aligns perfectly with the heatwave & drought Year of 2012, as far as concerns the 11 Year Sunspot Cycle Theory.  Therefore, if and only if the 11 Year Sunspot Cycle Theory is the real deal, then a repeat performance of the record winter Year of 2014 will come in 2025.  In the following year, 2015, Antarctica had it's largest sea ice extent in human history.  Therefore, the Year 2026 will be a similar year, IF that Sunspot Theory is real.  Whatever be the ultimate case, climate is cyclical, like an elliptical rollercoaster that has its highs and its lows.


As a quick preview, at South Pole, Antarctica, it was officially measured at -67F to -81F on the day "unofficially" declared the hottest one since 1979 ... and later declared as the hottest one in human history.  The Amundsen-Scott Station on the exact same day was equally as cold.  

Moreover, at the United States McMurdo Station, located very near the famous Ross Ice Shelf on New Zealand-claimed territory, the high was a deadly MINUS 14 degrees Fahrenheit, with the low of that day being an even more deadly -28F.   Then there is the famous Vostok station.  On July 4th, 2023, it was -56F at Vostok.

And Now to Africa

At ^Addis Ketema, Ethiopa, it was no more than 67 degrees Fahrenheit.  On the northern border of Ethiopia is Eritrea.  At ^Asmara Maekel, Eritrea, the temperature did not go above 77F.  At ^Kampala Uganda, the temperature did NOT go above 75F.  At ^Mbabune, Haut Uele, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the temperature did NOT go above 77F on the same July 4th day.  

Of course, one would assume that the general Congo Area is always blazing hot.  Well, it's not.  Tanzania also has regions that are perpetually mild, as does Kenya and Ethiopia.  In fact, there is a plateau in Nigeria where it doesn't get any hotter than it does in Pennsylvania, 5,000+ miles away.  

In continuing with African temperatures, it was at ^Karachuonyo Kenya, on July 4th, where it did NOT go above 78F.  In Nairobi Kenya, the high was only 68 degrees Fahrenheit.  These African temperatures are equivalent to Springtime in Pennsylvania, and this shows that Africa is not a continent engaged in a wall-to-wall climate crisis.  

Concerning the absence of heat in regions of Africa, if all of Africa were as heated as the Climate Hysteria People make it out to be, then fur-clad mammals could not survive there.  This includes the lion, the ocelot, the hyena, the monkey, the gorilla, the fennec fox, and the rock rabbit.  Political activists don't think.  They live on emotional surges.

Back in the USA

^Los Angeles is in Southern California, as in "It never rains in Southern California."  So, it should have at least been 90 degrees Fahrenheit in sunny LA, on the hottest day in satellite history.  It was only 78 degrees Fahrenheit on that Fourth of July day, and that is equal to a late Springtime day in Pennsylvania.   

The Mediterranean

Even ^Beirut Lebanon was 7 degrees Fahrenheit below its July average.  Thus, on July 4th, 2023, Beirut was like a summer day in none other than . . . yes, you got it . . . Pennsylvania.  So, where was all the "record-breaking heat" on July 4, 2023???

Yemen borders on Saudi Arabia.  So, a novice would assume that Yemen would be as hot as the interior desert lands.  Well, on July 4th 2023, it was 74F at Shib al Murasysi.  It was 76F at Asqaf Raymah.  And yes, it's hotter in Pennsylvania on the 4th of July.  For example, the July 4th temperature average for historic & tragic Gettysburg Pennsylvania is = = = =>  87F.  Ever so coincidentally, on July 4th (2023) it was officially 87F in Gettysburg.  That's completely average.

India is known for hot summertime temps

At the south western tip of India is Thiruvananthapuram.  It used to be called Trivandrum, and it's still the capital of the State of Kerala.  It's located at 9 degrees latitude.  So, its between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator.  Surely it gets blazingly hot there.  Well, not on July 4th, 2023.  It was 84F there on that day.  In fact, its historic July average high temp is 85F.  

At this point, enter the center of Southern India, where it should be really really hot in the summertime.  The city is Bengaluru, aka Bangalore.  It's in the State of Karnataka, and its historic average July high temperature is no higher than 81F.  On July 4, 2023, it was one degree BELOW average in Bangalore.  That doesn't sound much like the hottest day in human history.  That doesn't sound much like "global boiling."

Now enter Mumbai, the Western city which was the recipient of a wave of terrorists attacks in November 2008; not unlike the TET Offensive, in January & February 1968.  It's India's most populated city.  It's historic average July high temp is 86F.  On July 4, 2023, it's high was 84F.  Mumbai's hottest day in the entire month was no more than 2 degrees Fahrenheit BELOW average.  Its lowest high temperature day was 5 degrees Fahrenheit BELOW average.  So, where is all of this world record, history-making heat?


During epic heatwaves, ^Paris has gotten visited with deadly heat.  Therefore, if July 4, 2023 were the hottest day in modern history, then the high temps of Paris would have equaled the heatwave temperatures of 1911, 1976, and 2003.  So, it should have been at least 90 degrees F in Paris on that day.  Well, on the 4th of July 2023, Paris didn't go above 77 degrees Fahrenheit.   Paris had nothing more than Pennsylvania Springtime weather on the 4th of July.  

^Bogota Columbia had a high of 69F that exact same July 4th day.  So too did London, showing that the hype of it being saturated with co2 and burning out of control, with the guarantee of numerous record-high days in 2023, was One Big Lie.  At the least, it was a Failed Prediction.

With this having been cited, answer one question:  Where was all the excess heat on July 4, 2023??? 

Keep in mind that there are regions where 90+F and 100+F are the average temps.  This includes Baghdad & Kirkuk as two examples.  In the middle of July there, the average temperature hovers around 111F.  Well, on July 4th, the temperatures at those hot-temp regions were basically average.  You can go and look for yourself at a number of readily available information sites. 

Mexico also has been known to have hot temperatures.  Yet, on July 4th, it didn't go above 80F in ^Mexico City.  ^Toluca Mexico only had a high of 79F on the exact same July 4th day, and ^Metepec Mexico only had a high of 72 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Meanwhile, the high temp in ^Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico was only 73.  In fact, it didn't get hotter than 73 degrees Fahrenheit in ^Fraijanes Guatemala.  It is literally hotter during any given Pittsburgh summer day, and Pittsburgh is 2,348 miles north of Mexico City.  

Thirty-five photographic samples are below.  Of course, being that it's Wintertime in the Southern Hemisphere, no Southern Hemispheric city or town is cited below.  No Russian or Scandinavian city, either.  And no Canadian city is cited herein.  None the less, Planet Earth doesn't appear to be the End-of-the-World inferno it was made out to be, by those who will soon be coming for your gas stove, then your gas water heater, and even your gas-powered central heating unit, otherwise known as your furnace.  Look, perceive, and be liberated.

Above:  July 2023.  Two years prior, Antarctica had its coldest winter in history.  The co2 level was almost exactly the same as today.  So, how do you go from record cold to record heat, if co2 rules the planet?  Plus, how does co2 drive the atmosphere if it only exists there at 1/2 of 1% of the atmosphere?  ANS:  CO2 does NOT drive the climate.
Below:  Africa
This is evidence of a "Moderate Climate" and NOT a "climate crisis."
Here's more evidence of a "Moderate Climate."
An American from the former Confederate South would literally have been shivering at night here.  No record heat here.
Where was all the excess heat that was supposed to have encroached upon the Earth's atmosphere on July 4th, 2023?  NOT in Nairobi Kenya,  That's for sure.
Excess heat & a world record?  What excess heat?
Are you getting the feeling that NASA lied to humanity?
Below:  Mexico & Central America
Is this NASA's idea of an Inferno Earth?  Where was all the excess heat?  
This is here to show you that the world is NOT heating out of control.  Mild July temps in the 70s Fahrenheit are average for Fraijanes, even though it's in Central America. 
Below:  Paris, London, & Los Angeles
Paris France has had tragic heat days in its history.  July 4th, 2023 was NOT one of them.
Above:  This is NOT global boiling.  It's the U.N. & NASA lying to the world, creating fear & dread & and a sense of servile urgency in the hearts of the uneducated.

The Middle East

Below:  Any place bordering Saudi Arabia should be ablaze with climate-crisis heat.  Well, not Yemen.  That's for sure.  At Shib al Muraysi, the high temp was 74F.  Needless to say, that's Springtime in Pittsburgh weather.

                          Above:  76F in the Middle East, during July is not anywhere near global boiling.  In the Middle East, temps in the 110s are average, in some of the places, and that usually depends on elevation, just like anywhere else on Earth.   I can post a dozen cities in high elevations, but that would be dishonest.  The bottom line is that co2 is too low in quantity to drive the climate.  Water Vapor is 90% of all greenhouses gas, by volume.  And this year's temperatures have occurred previously, time after time.  Photo-copies of newspapers are posted throughout the Blue Marble Album to prove it.  You are being conned big time, just like with Iraq and Afghanistan where military officers repeatedly lied, when saying that victory "is right around the corner."

Now for L'Espagna & L'Italia
Some regions of Italy become high-grade hot in the Summer.  Some  regions do not.

Below: India & Indonesia

                                    Below: This was once known as Bangalore, India

Below:  The capital of the State of Kerala.  It was once known as Trivandrum.

Below: The Indian city with the largest population, located on the west coast of India.  It's average July high temp is 86F.  On the 4th of July, 2023, its temperature was two degrees Fahrenheit below average.  So, where on Planet Earth was all this heat, on July 4th, 2023?

Below:  Now to Tinggimoncong, South Sulawsei, Indonesia.  It's located at the southern section of middle island, east of Borneo.  It's temperatures during the days prior and after July 4th was in the 70s Fahrenheit.  No end-of-the-world heat stroke temperatures here.  So, where actually was the end-of-the-world heat stroke temperatures, on July 4th, 2023?

Below: Tragic Beirut.  Once upon a time, it was the most beautiful city in the Middle East.  But of course, envy kills.  Now, Beirut's historic average high temp for July is 88F.  Thus, it has gotten very hot there.  But NOT on July 4, 2023 or on any day surrounding July 4.  In fact, from June 28 to July 4th, Beirut's high temperature each day was seven degrees Fahrenheit BELOW AVERAGE.  

On the days following July 4, Beirut's high was 6F to 7F BELOW Average, day after day.  No searing end-of-the-world heat here, either.  So, where was the searing heat ... above and beyond average?  Such a thing is known as anomalous heat.  Okay then, where was all the above-average, anomalous heat, of July 4, 2023?

Below:  Somewhat center on the northern border of Turkiye is Giresun.   No rare heat wave there. 

Let's go to Sri Lanka, the island southeast of India.  It used to be called Ceylon.  There's a major city there, called Ratnapura,  In Sanskrit, it means, City of Gems.  It's located in the southwestern sector, about 6 or 7 latitudinal degrees above the Equator.  It can get hotter there than in the average city, but not on July 4, 2023.  The high for that day was 82F.  That was like summer in . . . Pennsylvania.  Actually, parts of Pennsylvania were hotter.
The source mentioned by NASA as alerting science to the heat of July 4th was the Univ of Maine's climate department.  It operates a "Reanalyzer"   Yet, NASA's July 4th satellite image and the July 4th satellite image used by the Univ of Maine differed.   None the less, without anybody going outside to check how hot it was out there, July 4th 2023 was declared the hottest day since whenever.

The Univ of Maine has a climate department that goes back to the 1970s.  The original purpose of the Maine climate center was to fend off what apparently was an oncoming ice age.  It was brutally cold in the 1960s, as well as during most (but not all) of the 1970s.  It was also colder than average in the 1940s, as is evidenced by the bitter cold that accompanied some of World War II's most famous  ...  and tragic  ...  military operations.

Concerning the image NASA used to describe July 4th 2023, it was an infrared image, as opposed to a "visible image" or a "water vapor image."  Now, infrared images are naturally shades of gray.  Color is artificially added to the IR image, to help the viewer differentiate the things in the photo.  Well, NASA ever so coincidentally painted red over the airspace of every landmass on Planet Earth, except for the Himalayas.  Yet, there were numerous places in the Northern Hemisphere and at the Equator where the temperature was mild ... and even in the record cold range.     

Plus, it's wintertime in the Southern Hemisphere.  Yet, NASA made the Southern Hemisphere look like it was locked in a heatwave.  However, the Univ of Maine's satellite image had the color blue over places where there were near-record cold temps and where mild average temps existed.  This included the middle north of the United States.

On any given day, there are places on spherical Planet Earth which are below normal in temperature.  There are other places where the weather is often mild, including certain nations on the African continent.  The NASA photo which advertised the hottest day in modern history presented the low temp regions and the perpetually mild regions of Planet Earth as "global warming infernos."  Some people need to be immediately dismissed from their posts at NASA.  In fact, CNN must have its FCC license revoked.  CNN is nothing more than the Liar's Television Network, as well as the Insult to the Intelligence Television Network.

Concerning the claim of record-breaking global heat, such an elevated average temperature can be attained on the calculation sheet without any city, county, state, province, nation, or ocean vessel feeling the heat.  It has to do with outrageously cold sectors of Antarctica gaining 36 & 50 degrees Fahrenheit on their thermometers, while each Antarctic sector remains solidly frozen.

In example #1, at the Concordia Station it was -90F on July 3rd, followed by -54F on July 4th.  This amounted to a gain of 36 degrees Fahrenheit in a 24 hour period.  

NPR called this a heatwave.  That statement is a falsehood.  On July 4th, Antarctica had a couple temperature anomalies that made no change to the environment outdoors.  After the 36 degree rise, you would still die quickly without the assistance of high tech winter clothing.   

In example #2, the Davis Antarctic Station went from MINUS 29F on July 2nd, to a positive 21 degrees Fahrenheit on the 4th of July, 2023.  That amounts to a temperature increase of 50 degrees Fahrenheit in less than two days' time.  Yet, all things outdoors remained consistently frozen, being that it was eleven degrees Fahrenheit below the melting point --- below the thawing point.  

That 50 degree gain, along with the previously mentioned 36 degree gain, will cause a rise in any average Global Temperature calculation, no matter what happens in the Tropics, Equator, and mid-latitudinal regions.  Yet, everything outdoors in both of the two Antarctic venues remained completely frozen.

As far as goes the satellite score-keeping on the Arctic, the climate activists claim that it began in 1979, when there ever so coincidentally was the most ice coverage in the Arctic ... in the Space Age.  This means that every ice reading after 1979 was certain to be lower than 1979's ice volume.  

If you lie to the people, they won't know that 1979 was NOT an average year for ice volume ... but rather, that it was the highest year of Arctic ice volume.  It was the summit ... the crest of the roller coaster ride.  You could then claim that all post-1979 ice mass measurements were always less than 1979's volume, because of co2.  

However, when winter comes, Arctic ice is mostly the same volume, with only a fraction of difference ... usually in the East, near Scandinavia's northern sector.  It has something to do with the clockwise-moving Atlantic Gyre ... and its transport of Mexico gulf water northward.

Now, satellites were keeping score on the Arctic as far back as the early 1970s; not merely 1979.  This is believable in light of the fact that mankind landed on the moon in 1969, and therefore already had the capability of launching satellites.  The problem was that there was much less Arctic ice in the years surrounding 1972 & 1974 than in 1979, and knowledge of this would destroy the very false claim that Arctic ice & Antarctic ice have been melting on par with the rise in atmospheric co2.

The Reality of it all

Antarctica had massive ice gains between 2009 & 2019, pursuant to a peer reviewed science research team.   The Ross Ice Shelf was found crystallized at its bottom, pursuant to a New Zealand research team who was there.  In fact, Antarctica had its largest Sea Ice Extent in 2015.  And the Year 2021 was Antarctica's coldest winter in human history.  

Greenland had a recent ice gain on a massive scale as recently as June 2023. (See the official illustration below, provided by Danish scientists.).   And of course, the Jakobshavn Glacier ... aka Llulissat Glacier ... was discovered growing once again, in the late 2010s.

All in all, "the climate crisis" people are lying to the public about the statistics and the present objective realities of weather & climate.  They use false light assertions & sleight of hand deception.  An example is Antarctica, of course.  Yet, another example is Mount Kilimanjaro, where the temperature never goes above the 32F melting point.  It doesn't even rise above 21F there.

As far as goes Antarctica, the climate doomsayers only focus on a western string of ice shelves in ... of all places ... West Antarctica.  Well, East Antarctica had the massive ice gains from 2009 to 2019.  

Now for Mount Kilimanjaro, as well as the tops of the Himalayan mountains:  

They both experience sublimation.  Sublimation is the phenomenon where ice turns into water vapor without first turning liquid.  It's based on powerful winds called Chinook winds ... Foehn Winds, etc.   The obvious sign of sublimation is that the ice looks jagged, as opposed to smooth.  Yet, Al Gore had the indecency to tell the world that Mount Kilimanjaro was melting because of co2, when the truth is that Mount Kilimanjaro is 19,000 feet above sea level and a 16,000 foot climb to the top, from its landmass base.

In addition, Antarctica had its coldest winter in history, in 2021.  If the Al Gore CO2 Climate theory were true, then Antarctica would not have had its coldest winter as recently as 2021. 

The Arctic was in the Melt Mode in 1922 & 1911, when atmospheric co2 was much less.

Mankind was technologically advanced enough to have known during a very heat-ridden 1922 that it's official ice sheet in the Arctic did NOT exist until the 82nd parallel.  In as much, the Arctic Circle begins at the 66th Parallel, while the 90th Parallel is the tip of the North Pole.  Do the math on 1922 ice loss.

Modern science knew that the Northern Hemisphere's ice sheet receded significantly.  Yet, the co2 count back then was 116 parts per million less than today, and according to Al Gore, Michael Mann, and John Kerry, such a thing is impossible.  If the Global Warmists of today let people know that there was a major decline in Arctic & glacial ice a hundred years ago, then their co2-centered doctrine of climate paranoia would instantly fall apart in the minds of anyone not yet brainwashed by You-Know-Whom.  None the less, there was far more Arctic ice in 2022 than there was in 1922. 

In re: July 4th, 2023

The most pertinent thing to remember is that the media's July 2023 report about "average global temperature"  was called the "unofficial temperature," subject to amendment ... to alteration ... and to being replaced by the real average global temperature, after the newscast hype succeeded in traumatizing those unfamiliar with weather and climate history.  Plus, it was NOT the first time when America's Independence Day was declared the hottest day in the history of this, that, and the other thing.  Thus, anything posted by the climate paranoia lobby on the 4th of July reeks with propaganda & indoctrination.

Concerning the July 4th claim, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and the burden of proof is on the tall-tale tellers who seem to only know how to frighten schoolchildren.  Plus, extraordinary claims require extraordinary experiences.  If July 4 were the hottest day since 1979, there would have been widespread catastrophes in every time zone, and there would have been a lot of stories to tell news reporters.  

People would have easily remembered that day as something epic, as well as something traumatizing.  No one would have needed CNN to tell them that it happened two days later.  Fuel supplies would have been already drained.  Deaths would have been as many as those in a war zone.  Ambulance tires would have been worn-away.  Society would have completely shut down for a short while, if July 4, 2023 were an epic weather day.  

There are no epic life experiences that accommodate the epic claim that Planet Earth underwent its hottest "average temperature" on July 4th of 2023.  Major cities didn't get visited by deadly heatwaves.  Ambulances were not roaring up & down city streets.  It was just another dime-a-dozen American Holiday when a Yankee can catch up on his sleep.  

In addition, there is the same amount of co2 in the sky today, as there was on the 4th of July.  Why isn't today also the hottest day ever, if the Al Gore theory of co2-driven Temperature is true?  Another note to make is that, as soon as an event occurs which disproves the Al Gore Theory of Climate, a new climate horror story comes out for public view.

Simultaneously, when there is a cyclical rise in temps for a transitory period of time, someone in the Global Warming Activist World piles on and makes an asinine claim that involves Planet Earth for all time or Planet Earth for the past one thousand years.  

Well, the satellite experts noted that May & June of 2023 had temps that were higher than average, to the tune of 0.37C for May, and 0.38C for June.  So, someone decided to pile-on and claim that the hottest day ever had just occurred ... without us feeling it.

Q:  So, what events recently occurred that make the Al Gore Theory of CO2-centered Climate look like a blatant farce?  

ANS: [1]  Greenland had a recent massive gain in its Surface Mass Balance, as is illustrated below, by the Danish Meteorological Society.   Concerning this, it's important to keep in mind that Greenland's sovereign is NOT the United States.  It's DENMARK.  Therefore, the official news of Greenland's weather and climate comes from THE DANISH METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY.  The United States is NOT the absolute dictator of the world, as some people might be inclined to believe.  

At present, the United States is a black-hole of debt, run by some of the most banal minds & manipulative deceivers you can find.  After all, power and wealth attracts the most evil of greed-stricken & power-hungry predators.  This includes public hair sniffers who have been on film doing there hair-sniffing numerous times.  None the less, the scientific source of Greenland is Denmark.  And the Danes are not stupid people.

[2] It was found that 16 of Antarctica's 34 ice shelves were growing so well that Antarctica underwent a gain of ice amounting to 661 gigatons, between 2009 and 2019.   Of course, the very dishonest, money-grabbing climate activists only spotlighted the 18 receding ice shelves in West Antarctica.  And remember, the Antarctic Peninsula is outside of the Polar Circle, and the tip of that stretch of land is 1,840 miles away from the South Pole.  It's only 500 miles away from Argentina.

[3] Fort Lauderdale's April 12th rain & low-speed wind wasn't even close to Florida's record high rain storm --- or to anything resembling "a thousand year storm."   Nor was it close to Texas' rainfall record, Virginia's rainfall record, and Pennsylvania's rainfall record.  But, it was close to California's record which occurred long before Florida's April 12 storm ... and which came a whole lot sooner than 1,000 years ago.

[4] The claim that Greater London experienced its most fires & incidents on July 19, 2022 wasn't even close to the reality.  The reality was that, on numerous days throughout the late 20th Century & early 2000s, London Area fires occurred in much higher numbers than today.  In fact, 2022 was the year of the fourth least number of Greater London fires.  In the prior year ... 2021 ...  Greater London had its LEAST NUMBER of fires.

[5] The Great Barrier reef was officially reported to have regenerated in two of its three sectors, while rain returned to Australia, meaning that Australia is NOT going to be a climate refugee state anytime soon.   

[6] The dams of California and elsewhere out West were readily replenished in very little time.   

[7] During February of 2023, Asia underwent its lowest cold temperatures.  

[8] Antarctica underwent its coldest Winter in documented history, in 2021.

[9] Antarctica had its largest sea ice extent in 2015, and the bottom of the massive Ross Ice Shelf was found crystalized & frozen ... and NOT smooth & melting.

[10] Plus, the Winter of 2014 was declared the coldest winter in 40 years.

Now, with all of the aforesaid findings having been posted & published for public view, the co2-obsessed climate doomsayers had to fabricate a new set of climate horror stories, as a diversionary tactic.  Plus, they had to pile on to the report that the months of May & June 2023 were months of relatively high temperature anomalies (0.37C for May & 0.38C for June.)  This anomalous warmth came after record cold.  But, the climate activists will omit mention of the record-breaking cold & snow of the Year 2023.  

Plus, someone forgot to mention the 11 Year Sunspot Cycle.  That attributes transitory heat rises to a sunspot cycle, and NOT to the atmospheric co2 level which, at present, doesn't even consume one-half of one percent of the atmosphere.  None the less, eleven years ago there was the very heated Summer of 2012.  Eleven years before 2012 was 2001, and there was a mighty heatwave that year.  However, it is generally understood that the Year 2003 was the hottest one in Europe since 1540 and the Tudor Drought.  None the less, 11 years prior to 2001 was 1990, and there was a 1988-89-90 drought.  In fact, 1988 was the first time I ever experienced 100 degree Fahrenheit weather.  Since then, I hardly ever experienced 100F+ heat.  I can only remember experiencing it during 2012.  That's it.

This Summer has not had the heat tragedies that were seen in Paris in 1911, 1976, and 2003.  It did not have what I personally experienced throughout the American Southern regions, in 2012, including the Mojave Desert, New Mexico, Texas, and a blazing Oklahoma.  The temperatures during July 4th 2023 have not come close to the heat of 1936 or 1934 or 1931.  Nor was there a recent year like 1901, 1906, 1910 & 1911, as well as 1921 & 1922.  July 4th, 2023 did not have the apocalyptic tune that 1895, 1878, and 1870 had, either.   Add 1780 and 1540, as else as 1302, 1417, 1473, 1528, 1611, 1616, 1667 and many more other ones.

Freedom of Speech had become regarded as an Un-American activity at the Turn of the Millennium, as much as it is today ... by those in power ... who want to stay in power ... but who know that they must keep you stupid, in order to achieve their goal ... of having power over you ... which results in them getting taxpayer dollars from you.  

But, you must be kept unheard & unread as much as possible ... no matter how much experience & research hours you have accumulated ... and no matter how many writings you have personally written --- and no matter how many charts & videos on pertinent subjects you have composed.  You are to not have a voice outside of mimicking the narrative of tyrants who amassed fortunes on the salary of a senator or a congressional rep.  

Wall Street Wizards

These politicians sit on fortunes without having any proof of having sold a product or service, to justify such a fortune.  This absence of product sales & service sales is seen in the tax returns of congressional lawmakers.  Their stock investment records are so magnificent that these people should not be in Congress.  They should be on Wall Street.  But of course, Congress is where you get the insider information that makes you look like a Wall Street Wizard.

The Climate Doomsayers' Perfect Record of Failed Predictions

After years of an American & British presence in Iraq, no such weapons of mass destruction were ever found.  Likewise, none of the doomful climate alarmist predictions have ever come true, and those predictions began in June of 1988.   This amounts to 35 consecutive years of failed predictions.  The only thing that changes are the prediction dates.  They keep getting moved back.  After all, the very first year predicted to be the one when all the glaciers at Glacier National would be gone was . . . by 1948.

Meanwhile, [1] the polar bears did not go extinct.  [2a] The islands of the Maldives remain above water, along with three international airports there.  [2b] The drinking water for the Maldives did NOT dry-up by 1992, as predicted.  [3a] The Atlantic Ocean's gulf current did NOT stop flowing northward.  [3b] Britain did NOT become "Siberian" by 2020.  [4] Nobody disappeared in a cloud of blue steam by 1989, as Ehrlich predicted.  [5] There has never come to be the category 6 hurricane.  

[6]  Crop yields have occasionally been at record highs.  [7]  It still snows.  [8] We still do NOT have an ice-free Arctic Ocean in August.  [9] The glaciers still have not melted away.  [10]  Lower Manhattan is still not underwater.  [11a] The Great Barrier reef replenished.  [11b] Australia is still not a climate refugee state.   

Then came 2022 and the claim that co2 was causing an increase of Greater London fires.  The truth was that the 607 square mile Greater London landmass had its LEAST NUMBER OF FIRES one year prior, in 2021.  In 2022, it had its FOURTH LEAST number of fires.  In fact, in all years from 2014 to 2022, yearly fires were at least half the number they were, from 1969 to 2008.  As co2 levels rose, Greater London fires decreased significantly enough for the London Fire Brigade to have bragged about it.  As a result, at present, 2023 stands to be the year with either the least number of London County fires --- or the second least --- ever since record-keeping began in 1966.

SEE:  https://www.bluemarblealbum.com/2022/11/london-fire-statistics.html

ALSO: https://www.bluemarblealbum.com/2023/06/July2022%20greater%20london%20fire%20stats.html

The Ultimate "Climate Change" Activist's Hypocrisy

The greatest hypocrisy of the Climate Change Activists comes from the fact that the Mississippi River, at New Orleans, unleashes 4 million gallons of FRESH (unsalted) water into the Gulf of Mexico every second, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Plus, the Atlantic gets fresh water drained into it from [1] the Amazon, [2] the Orinoco, [3] the St. Lawrence River, [4] The Congo River, to the tune of 50,000 cubic meters of water per second, [5] the Loire, at the 47th Parallel, [6] the Niger River, into the Gulf of Guinea, [7] the Elbe, into the North Sea at Cruxhaven's estuary.  Of course, #8 on the list would be the Mississippi River.  So, that's a lot of fresh water entering into a salt water ocean, not causing England to turn Siberian.

In as much, it is such hypocrisy for Climate Hysteria Salesmen to obsess people with the seasonal "ice melt run-off from Greenland" (into the Atlantic Ocean), claiming that it's going to cause a Siberian England and a stationery Atlantic Ocean.  Well, the supreme asininity in this assertion is that, in order to stop the Atlantic Ocean from moving, you have to stop the rotation of the Earth and you have to stop the winds from blowing across the Atlantic.  The big problem is that those winds start at sea, and we are dealing with MILLIONS of square miles of saltwater ocean where within winds generate.  See:


One More Decisive Feature to June 2023

You do know that El Nino was declared officially present in the American Pacific as of June 8th, 2023, correct?  That's an article (a tutorial) of its own.  None the less, ENSO drives the climate far more effectively than co2 ever could.  But of course, cirrus clouds drive the climate more than co2 ever could.  And water vapor drives the climate far far far more than co2 ever could.  None the less, a predictable feature of El Nino is that Indonesia and Australia will get less rain ... even dry conditions ... NOT because of co2 levels, but because of the east-bound El Nino ocean lane which happens to be bordered by relatively small ocean gyres.  Those things are like small spinning top in the water, made out of water.  

So, in review, keep in mind the existence of the 11 Year Sunspot Cycle, El Nino, and even the Atlantic Ocean Oscillation Cycle.  Climate is far more advanced than the Al Gore CO2 model.  Furthermore, Michael Mann is a multiple liar.  [1] He never co-won any Nobel Prize, and the one that Al Gore co-won was the PEACE Prize which is entirely different than the physics prize. [2] There most certainly was a Medieval Warm Period ... and a Roman Warm Period ... and a Minoan Warm Period.  [3]  There most certainly was a Little Ice Age from 1284 to 1840, and there even was a 124 year-long Justinian-Era ice age, starting in 536 C.E.  Numerous scholarly, research-oriented, peer-reviewed papers attest to these things that Michael Mann denies.  Thus, Michael Mann is the actual Denier.  Moreover, climate is very intricate.

It's not the climate you have to fear.  It's lying politicians, lying media personnel, lying billionaires, and thoroughly corrupt government officials appointed by those lying politicians that you have reason to dread ... along with the useful idiots placed in front of cameras by dishonest media personnel who no longer allow counterpoint ... rebuttal ... debate ... cross-claims & cross-examinations.  Welcome to the United States of Orwell, where intelligence is regarded as the ability to deceive others.