March 13, 2024

Putting an end to the very Fictional 9/11 U.S. gov conspiracy accusations

For the record,  I'm in construction and I am
very familiar with the power of gravity.  I
was almost killed in a trench wall collapse.
Later, I knew that a certain brick wall was
about to explode, and I had about ten se-
conds to run to safety.  Then ... kaboom.
The World Trade Towers succumbed to
gravity and weakened A36 steel.  Period.
I have a lot to do and have very little time at the moment.  So, perhaps one can start
with the following video and learn how common-sensed and predictable was the
collapse of WTC Building #7.  This can spare you from being an embarrassment
to your friends and family.  There's more to add, in order to show you that there
was no controlled implosion, otherwise known as RDX (Thermite) demolition.
The evils of America are in front of everyone's face.  You don't have to look for
darkroom conspiracies.

By the way, concerning the claim that no fire can severe steel beams, uhhhhhhm
we used a torch in government contract work to sever A36 steel beams, here in
Pittsburgh, the former capital of steel.  First is what made the iron ore mix liquid
steel, able to be formed into beams, columns, and reinforcing rods, for starters. 
It's amzaing how incrdible stupid Hollywoods stars were and still are.


In January of 2014, while I was in Florida, I spoke with a retired carpenter who did
work on the NYC World Trade Towers in the 1970s.  It's confirmed.  Both towers
were made from weaker-than-needed material, and the design was something much
to be desired.

The carpenter spoke from memory and correctly described the design of the towers
as was published in print ... as I remember reading of it.  For example, he mentioned 
the notably small windows on the outer walls of the towers, as well as the fact that the 
elevators & stairwells were in the center of the buildings.  

He also mentioned how narrow the hallways were, in relation to the width of each tower.  
So, this man was clearly credible & on target.

The retired carpenter also stated that the Trade Towers weren't intended to be any type
of architectural masterpiece, on account of the fact that the Port Authority was the de-
signer and developer of the project.  He even went as far as satirically saying that the
Trade Towers were of such a sophomoric design that it was a surprise that the Towers
didn't collapse sooner than they did.  He, all by himself, had enough fire power in his
narration to debunk all conspiracy theories attached to the fall of the World Trade Ctr
Perhaps you know the psychosis It's the accusation that the United States government
purposely detonated the World Trade Center towers, as an excuse to invade Bin Laden's
cave in Afghanistan, and even Iraq, in an eventual chase for fantasy WMDs.  Well, the
outlay of stats on the Trade Towers illustrate that the previously mentioned accusation
is a fallacy of the highest degree.  In addition, the United States government would not
sabotage it's own war headquarters in the process, namely the Pentagon.

The World Trade Center theory of an American government demolition conspiracy is
the result of prolonged distrust of a government which repeatedly lied to its citizens
throughout a time span ranging from:  the 1950s Operation Paper Clip days, to the
1950s McCarthysm days, to the Vietnam days, the Agent Orange days, the Water-
gate days, the Iran/Contra days, the Savings & Loans crisis days, the Iraq WMD
fraud, along with the Mortgage Crisis and the cause of, the Great Recession.

The WTC theory is merely a sign of our tabloid times.  It's also a sign of Americans
being so bored with life that they exhilarate themselves by adhering to melodramatic
fiction, such as was the case with the Mayan calendar scare of 2012.

Americans need to deep-six their conspiracy theories and composite paranoia.  That
which needs to be addressed are the injustices blatantly in front of everyone's face.
The borderline psychotic conspiracy theories that you hear on the all night coast to
coast tin foil hat show are nothing more than the diversionary tactics which keep
humanity from righting the wrongs sitting directly in front of mankind.  They are
campfire ghost stories, and the radio show is so popular, because everything else
on nighttime talk radio is so incredibly boring.  For now, however, people need to
understand the following things about each of the two World Trade Center towers
which actually did pancake in September of 2001

The Anatomy of the Trade Towers

The core of each tower was essentially hollow, in that the cores housed the elevators
and stairwells of the towers.  There was no interior wall and no corner-to-corner brac-
ing involved.  The main structure of each tower was a hollow tube comprising close-
ly spaced steel perimeter columns.  The floor trusses were supported by the columns,
and such a design is why the towers fell as they did.  The towers fell from the top
downward.  Demolition involves taking out the supporting structures near and at
the ground floor level.  Thus, there was NO demolition involved on 9/11/01.

In combination, the floor trusses and perimeter columns of the towers formed a steel
lattice which acted as a wind brace, thereby keeping the central core unaffected by any
wind.  Plus, the central core was NOT a part of the main structural system.  The job of
the central core was to support the gravity load imposed upon the building, all the while
supporting the elevator system of each building.  Each system comprised more than 100
elevators per tower.  Incidentally, the outer face of each tower handled horizontal stress.
This translates into handling the wind sheer.

The Trade Towers were extremely light weight, in comparison to their heights which
vertically spanned slightly more than 1,360 feet (415 meters.)   Of each tower's  110
stories, six of them (per tower) were underground.  Each tower was built on landfill.
The bed rock existed 65 feet below ground level.  None the less, a semispherical ex-
cavation was performed, followed by coating the bowl-like hole with a slurry contain-
ing bentonite clay.  The clay's purpose was to keep the Hudson River out of the towers.
However, the danger wasn't going to come from the river.  It would come from the sky.

The reason why the debris of two 110 story buildings comprised a height equivalent
to a few stories was because of the existence of spacious air between the light weight
materials.  According to journalist Jackie Craven, the NYC Trade Towers were 95%

Now, the outer box was 208 x 208 feet (63 x 63 meters.)   On two parallel sides of
the 208 feet span was 120 feet of open plan office space.  On the other two parallel
sides of the towers were 70 feet of open office space, thereby illustrating the hollow
tubular nature of the tower.   In fact, the inner core measured 135 x 87 ft.

Concerning the hollow nature of the towers, the underground car park of each one
held a capacity of 2,000 automobiles, in spacious parking allotments thereof.  Yet,
amidst the spaciousness was 100,000 tons of steel constructed into each tower.

The steel beams of the outer face of the towers were 14 inches wide; 59 columns
per each of the four facades.  Between columns were 22 inch windows.  The win-
dow size was small, only because a principle structural engineer had a pronounced
fear of heights and said that the 22 inch span made a person feel safe in the towers.

In addition, each tower floor consisted in 4 inches of light concrete, placed upon a
33 inch thick prefabricated steel truss laid upon rubber dampers/padding.   In fact,
10,000 dampers were used per tower.  Dampers reduce the forces on a building by
reducing vibrations.

  The Four Most Important Four Things to Keep in Mind about the Trade Towers

- The design of the building was such that there would be NO outward buckling.  This
   is due to something known as a rigid diaphragm design.

- The floor trusses didn't fall first, when the Trade Towers collapsed.  Rather, trusses
   lost their fireproofing and absorbed a tremendous amount of heat, thereby pulling the
   columns inward.  This explains the absence of outward buckling when the towers fell
   straight downward.

- There was thousands of gallons of combustible jet fuel causing intense heat.  Keep in
   mind that the fuel capacity of the Boeing 747, depending on the model thereof, ranges
   from 48,445 to 52,410 U.S. gallons.

- If the jets didn't dislodge the nearby fireproofing, the towers would not have fallen.

Let us review.  Certain individuals claim that members of the United States government
purposely flew remote-controlled jets into each World Trade Tower, and then detonated
the buildings, so as to have an excuse to invade Afghanistan and/or Iraq.  If this were the
case, then why would government members have a jet fly into American military head-
quarters, namely, the Pentagon?  If the government conspirators wanted to have an ex-
cuse to start a war, then why would they sabotage the one place needed to conduct the

In addition, what was the purpose for the Shanksville crash, if all that was needed
was the downing of two skyscrapers in New York City?   In addition, there is cell
phone evidence that foreigners did hijack the four jetliners.  Or were those phone
calls a collective hoax, too?  Are the passengers who never came home living on a
remote island, as a part of this conjectured hoax?   Where are each of the missing
crew members?   In fact, how do people secretly wire two of the most populated
and frequented buildings in the world without anyone taking notice of the wiring?
How is it that no one tripped over the wiring, if wiring had been done shortly be-
fore September 11, 2001?

Republicans, in general, aren't smart enough to do what conspiracy theorists claimed
them to have done.  George Bush Jr wasn't even in the ball park when it came to bas-
ic common sense.  Cheney shoots his own friends.  Sarah Palin has been regarded as
an idiot by more than one person, and Ron Paul allowed a bogus conspiracy claim to
be posted on his site, showing that the absence of discernment and the lack of com-
mon sense actually is contagious.

John McCain is the one who presented Sarah Palin as a viable presidential replace-
ment, yet he never apologized for creating this Frankenstein.  She tested the waters
for a presidential campaign inconsiderate of the fact that, if Americans didn't want
her to be the Vice President, they surely don't want her to be the Commander-in-

Then there's Rick Perry, the power predator who skewed his explanations, concern-
ing the less-than-inspiring statistics about the State of Texas.  Next comes Michele
Bachman who doesn't even know the difference between John Wayne and John
Wayne Gacy.

Now, men of Arabic and anti-christian persuasion attempted to topple one of the
Trade Towers in 1993, because they believed that the effort to destroy said tower
was a holy act that would win for them favor from the Eternal God.  In fact, one
of the failed saboteurs, while being taken away, expressly said that those towers
were going to eventually go down.   Thus, the logical conclusion is that an anti-
American Arabian faction busied itself with taking down those towers, for reli-
gious purposes.  In reality however, it was nothing more than the mass murder
of unarmed civilians.

The 2001 suicide attacks were also meant to frighten people into joining the attack-
er's religion.  The attacks were an act of duress.  An act of intimidation.  Well, the
Nazi regime tried to intimidate other nations into succumbing to its will.  The end
result was that American, Canadian, Russian, British, Norwegian, Polish, Dutch,
Belgian, and French citizens went after the Nazis until the Nazis were no more.

Intimidation is a fatal policy.  You don't want people to be afraid of you.  You want
them to love you.  God made humanity to love, as its ultimate purpose.  In fact, it's
not natural to kill your own kind.  None the less, thousands of unarmed civilians
were killed on September 11, 2001 in the name of God.  The result was that the
Name of God, the Giver of Life, was being presented as the author of hijacking
& death.

Most importantly, the Trade Towers both pancaked, though at different time seg-
ments.   This means that they collapsed from the top downward.  There is no de-
nying this observation.  In demolition, the bottom of the structure is taken out,
and the building succumbs to the laws of gravity, generally speaking.  It's more
detailed than that, of course.  The bottom line is that the Trade Towers weren't
part of a demolition plot of U.S. government officials looking for an excuse to
get America into a war.  There were too many witnesses at the Trade Towers.
Excuses to go to war include remote places that have little to no onlookers.

In the phenomenon of pancaking, only one floor is needed to collapse as a result
of incendiary heat melting the adjacent steel girder frame ... in order for the dom-
inoes to fall.  The heat-severed floor and all floors above it then comprised the
weight that came crashing down on the one floor below.  The additional floor's
weight, along with the weight of the floors above it, crush the next floor.  The
process continues, and the building falls quickly.

Now, proof that there was NO government demolition job on the Trade Towers
consists in the fact that there are survivors who were toward the bottom when the
collapsing started.  This means that there was NO detonated explosives near the
ground floor.   If there were an explosion, those survivors would have been dead
or notably wounded.

When a collapsing building reaches the ground, segments of the building buckle in-
to each other, meaning that there are always to be found open spaces at the bottom
of the collapsed building.  In any of those pockets can be survivors.   This was the
case with the Trade Tower collapse.  Humans in the pockets of WTC buildings were
not killed or wounded by explosions.  Therefore, there was no government conspira-
cy comprising demolition.

Concerning the surrounding buildings, think "trampoline effect."  Place a book or
other small item on one end of a bed and then jump on the other end.   Watch the
book or other small item leap.  It was a tremendous amount of weight which hit the
ground in Manhattan.   When weight so tremendous lands on land, something is go-
ing to be dislodged from its foundation.  Gravity will eventually win out and a per-
ipheral building or two will collapse.  If there were an incendiary flash seen coming
out of the window of an adjacent building, then why is that so surprising?   We live
in the age of electricity and natural gas.  

The claim that the government performed a demolition job on the Trade Towers is,
by far, the single most asinine theory ever.   Bush went into Iraq without having the
excuse of a building being sabotaged.  His excuse was Weapons of Indiscriminate
Destruction.  He called them "weapons of mass destruction."

Know that this text is being written by someone who does have a construction back-
ground, meaning that he learned how gravity works the hard way.  The same author
is a native of the former steel capital of Planet Earth.  His father was a research en-
gineer in the Pittsburgh steel industry who even taught him why the Titanic sheered
open the way it did.  In addition, the author of this text has a sibling who, as a com-
manding officer, was called out to Logan International Airport on 09-11-2001.  Fur-
thermore, the same author spoke with two retired intelligence specialists in 2011 on
a number of topics.  Guess what?   There actually were hijackers on 9-11 and the laws
of gravity are powerful things.   So too is the weight of a skyscraper.  Think of George
WMD Bush as an unconscionable opportunist after the fact, and not an ingenious con-
spirator before the fact.

The Trade Towers were taken down by fanatics who thought that they would enjoy
paradise after murdering thousands of unarmed civilians.   However, you only get in
the afterlife what you give in this life.   If you give people nightmarish Hell scenarios,
your eternal destiny will be the nightmarish Hell scenario that you gave to others.  In
retrospect, there is ZERO evidence and ZERO motive of a 9/11 United States govern-
ment demolition conspiracy.   Some people need to grow up.


Patrick Pontillo