April 1, 2024

Donald Trump: No Cyrus the Great here, folks. Only another Pontius Pilate ...

 ... But, he is still far far far more preferable than any member of the Biden Circus.  Well, anyone is.  But, Donald Trump is in the position to dethrone Mr. ALLEGEDLY On-the-Take, aka the Hair Sniffer in Chief ... the Joe Biden who did have TWO brain surgeries in 1988, perhaps explaining his cognitive inabilities of recent.

However, nothing explains Biden life as a  filmed liar and proven benefitor of many LLCs that have no known purpose other than to  ALLEGEDLY launder money.

Anyway, this discourse has been moved to the 11th Hour Times, being that the Blue Marble Album is intended to be reserved for topics involving the Environment & Health only.


And remember One & All, be excellent to each other.