December 29, 2023

1878 & 1896: Extreme heat. Yet, co2 was 127 & 122 ppm LOWER than now.

   Quick Note:  Today, atmospheric co2 is now 419 ppm.  In 1878, it was 290.  In 1896, it was 295.

Fraud is all throughout the "Climate Change" movement, and it resulted in schoolchildren --- and now adults --- being emotionally traumatized.  It was simply a matter of:

[1] altered temperature graphs done in the name of "homogenization," WITHOUT showing any METHODOLOGY in the changing-of-numbers.

[2]  It was also a matter of hiding the decline of the Briffa Graph  (hiding the global cooling of the 1960s & '70s from Michael Mann's overtly fraudulent Hockey-stick Graph.).  And it was a matter of ...

[3] hiding the US forest fire stats of 1926 to 1982, [4] hiding the wonderful turn-of-events in exotic Australia, [5] hiding the raw temperature data of the early & very heated 1920s, [5] hiding the fact that the angel fish of Brazil do well in 5.9 PH water, [6] hiding the fact that an abundant supply of co2 is needed in the vast, salty oceans, so as to prevent a corrosive 11.2 PH water inventory.  And it was a matter of . . .

[7] hiding the fact that the atmosphere already is 99.93% carbon-free, [8] hiding the fact that carbon-free cirrus clouds are a principle retainer of infrared heat, [9] hiding the drought history of the 19th Century, as well as the 13th & 16th Centuries, [10] hiding the hurricane history of the 16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries, 

[11] hiding the geo-markers and historical evidence which prove the existence of the Medieval Warm Period, [12] hiding the historical evidence of the 500+ year-long Little Ice Age, [13] hiding the intensely elevated sea level of the Eemian Period, when co2 levels were much lower than today, [14] exaggerating the small amount of sea level rise in the past 140 years,  and ...

... [15] hiding the many reports of glacier melt, glacier recession, and glacier disappearance in the 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, and early 1950s, not to mention hiding the exteme heat of 1871, 1878, and 1896, when co2 levels were almost as low as during caveman days.

Therefore, the entire Climate Sector of the Blue Marble Album was dedicated to undoing the emotional terror caused by Climate Fraudsters and their useful idiot teenage activists.  The Blue Marble Album was dedicated to climate article, to literally prevent suicides and to assuage very unfounded fears.

Below:  A newspaper article illustrating that the heat of the Summer of 2022 was nothing new ... nothing that brought change to the world.  Similar weather was scientifically & historically documented as far back as 1878, when the co2 level was 290 parts per million.  That's 127 ppm LESS than today.  Yet, 1878, as well as 1896, had as high temperatures throughout the world as any year in recorded history.  

Yes, 1896 was a year of brutal heat, without high concentrations of co2 being in the air.  This proves that co2 does NOT drive the climate in any capacity at all, whatsoever, in the least.  Read-up on the heat, and note that 116 & 117 Fahrenheit heat was present, during days of low co2 numbers.  In fact, it was simultaneously above 100F at 44 weather stations, in the Sydney Australia vicinity, during that time span.

Examples of "Climate Hysteria" fraud are illustrated all over the Blue Marble Album, such as Michael Mann's claim that Australia is doomed and will be a venue of numerous "climate refugees."  Well, the Great Barrier Reef replenished.  Australia recently had a couple record crop yields.  The drought is over, and was dependent on the shifting of the Equatorial ENSO which has nothing to do with co2 levels.  Plus, Australian ski lodges had ample snow fall on them, etc, etc, etc.

On and on go the examples of sleight of hand --- "false light" --- misrepresentation & climate fraud.  It's an involved con game, where the sought-for treasure is massive Congressional funding and other types of donations.  So, the US taxpayer loses, in the end.  However, suicides are now occurring, and this Climate Con Game has got to be curbed.  Emotionally terrifying less-than-intelligent people into suicide is Wrongful Death.

Below:  A newspaper article which concurs with the general reports of the heat of 1896 being a global occurrence, and not something limited to one or two locales.  And it was brutal heat, during that year; far worse than what England experienced for two days only, during the Summer of 2022.  In 1896, there were sunstroke deaths in England. 

 The Climate Fraudsters ... or their deceived useful idiots ... act as if life-giving co2 is the greatest enemy of mankind.  Not even close.  The greatest enemy of mankind ... in the physical realm ... throughout vast quantities of human history ... has been none other than:


That was a real crisis.  Today's co2 alarm is a red herring, a false alarm,  a subterfuge.  After all, the Congress recently appropriated $370 BILLION U.S. taxpayer dollars to climate activism interests.  Thus, the motive for all of this fraud was & is in plain site.  The Congress and the American citizen was being bombarded with Climate Hysteria Propaganda.  So, an outrageous high amount of Congressional Funding resulted.

Below: The NYT article of August 18, 1896 shows that Michael Mann was only 124 years too late, in his dismal diagnosis of Australia.  The huge difference between then and now is that the co2 level in 1896 was 295 ppm.  That amounts to 122 ppm LOWER than today.  According to Al Gore, there should not have been any heat waves in the 19th Century.  Well, he was wrong.  This means that his unqualified theory is completely contrary to historic reality:

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

A more detailed report on 1896 in video form, with many more pieces of newspaper evidence 

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Below:  Even the Year 1878 had extreme heat.  The co2 level for that year was 290 ppm.  That's 127 ppm LESS than today. 

And of course, in the Summer of 2016, screen star Sigourney Weaver boldly stated, "This we have never seen before," when talking about every form of natural disaster and ice melt scenario that can be typecast in Hollywood and that can be viewed through a satellite.   

Her thesis statement was that the use of fossil fuels was causing disastrous weather extremes.  Of course, the suspect was the trace gas, carbon dioxide, which activates photosynthesis and abundant vegetation, in certain latitudes and altitudes of Planet Earth.  But, there is only one greenhouse gas which has any efficacy above the ability of cirrus clouds to retain infrared heat.  That's carbon-free water vapor.  The other greenhouse gases are too small in quantity to drive the climate in any capacity.  

As a transitory caveat, the only greenhouse gas exception is a conditional one.  And that exception is Sulfur Hexaflouride.  If that stable, man-made compound becomes a common household item, then we actually will be trouble . . . if and only if.  It is necessary to deep-six Sulfur Hexaflouride sometime in the near future, and to search for a substitute compound now.

Back to the regularly scheduled post:

Sigourney's timing, in boldly proclaiming what she did, was ironic.  This is because she publicly recited her script one calendar year after the Antarctic Continent had it's largest "sea ice extent" in its known history.  This was also a year after it was found that the bottom of the Ross Shelf was crystallizing in ice, and not melting away.  In fact, Sigourney's Democratic National Convention speech was two years after the coldest Winter in 40 years.  Her script writer was apparently clueless to atmospheric science, weather history, and oceanography.  In fact, the cover of Sigourney's Democratic National Convention script should have read, "For morons only."

It was double ironic that Sigourney spoke as a card-carrying prophetess, due to the fact that five years after her prime-time speech, Antarctica would have it's coldest Winter in known history.  Her speech writer definitely didn't see that one coming, and it basically would put anyone out of the prophesying business. 

MOREOVER, Weaver spoke her words the year after Planet Earth underwent its 16 year-long "Global Warming Hiatus."  That was the time span when no temperature rise was detected in the middle of the Troposphere.  It endured from 1999 to 2015, necessitating propagandists to change the name, "Global Warming" to :climate change."  In now changing the name, Global Warming, to Climate Change, the propagandists admitted that Global Warming had ceased ... at least for 16 years ... as well as during the 1960s & '70s which was called the "decline" in Climategate emails ... and even in the first part of the 1990s, when cold and snow made headline news.  So, Sigourney Weaver 's script writer struck out.   

Below:  A newspaper entry which concurs with the claim of 1878 being a very heated year.  It's a letter to the editor which mentions temperatures stated in an annual climate report.  Heat paid a visit to 1835, 1862, and 1876. as much as 1878.

Below: Now for America:  Evidence shows that 1878 was deadly in the States, too.  Yet, co2 was too low to have caused the heat, according to the Al Gore Theory of Climate.  Thus, why would anyone in his right mind think that co2 all of a sudden drives the climate today, when there was not enough of it in the 19th Century to cause the major droughts and heatwaves which occurred directly after the end of the Little Ice Age?  The conclusion is that Al Gore and Hockey-stick grapher, Michael Mann are con artists who need to be brought to justice, due to the tremendous amoun of money that ended up in their pockets, from claiming the co2 today is too high and is causing never-before-seen heat events.  Well, they were never-before-seen, except for the past 6,000 years, in intervals of time ... in cycles of time.  The evidence thus far shows that . . . Climate IS cyclical.  But, of course, you can't make lots of money saying that truth.

Since 1988, "fund-raising scientists" and political figures kept stating in public that humanity has 10 to 12 years to get rid of half of the trace gas known as co2, or else the world will come to an end.  They asserted that:  

{1} The sea level will rise, drowning millions along the coastlines, thereby resulting in the Statue of Liberty submerging into the Upper New York Bay.   No, wait!  {2} Drought will takeover the world and the ground will become too hard for planting crops, causing mass starvation.  But before that, millions will die in yearly heatwaves that will catch all of London on fire.  No, wait!  {3} All the diseases of the world will come out of the melted Arctic permafrost and will kill everybody, even though there has only been one Russian Arctic anthrax outbreak in Russian history, resulting in one and only one death.  

No, wait!  {4} All of the Himalayan glaciers will melt and cause everyone in Southern Asia to thirst to death.  No, not that.  Instead: {5} There will be no more snow storms and the dams will go dry.  No, no, no. {6} They'll be too much snow falling.   Hold it.   {7}  Forest fires will burn everyone in California.  No, wait! {8} Californian forests  will contract bacteriological infections that will kill all the trees and all the birds in the trees.  Plus . . .

{9} The oceans will turn acidic corrosive and will cause all the fish there to dissolve.  No, wait!  Better yet:  {10}  Wild animals will come out of the woods and attack humanity.  

However, in reality, during a congressional hearing, it was literally said that: {11} The animals have gotten smaller, even though the large fossilized animals --- such as 6 ft tall penguins --- existed when co2 levels were really high.  

Then came the assertion that elevated co2 ... {12} ... will cause people to become stupid and be unable to read, preceded by a decade of faulty decision-making.

Next comes the second biggest thing to come out of the mouths of activists:  {13} August will have no ice in the Arctic really really soon.  This iceless Arctic prediction has been occurring for decades.  None the less, 2012 was the year of the least amount of ice cover over the Arctic Ocean, to the tune of 1.32 square  miles of ice cover.  In order to drive or fly from one end of that ice sheet the its opposite end was equivalent to driving from Fargo North Dakota to San Diego California ... literally.  And that was when Arctic ice was at its lowest, after five or six months of the sun never being covered by the Earth's horizon.

Now for the grand event of every year . . . year after year, until we yawn ourselves to a state of much welcomed and much needed unconsciousness

And then, there is the annual tradition of stating that this past year was the hottest year ever, every single year, year after year.  Now, if every year has been the hottest year ever, then we all should have caught on fire by now, from the constant temperature rise.  But, in reality . . . 

... They've been crying wolf, over and over again, in order to get Congressional Funding and NGO Money Grants.  As a result, the grown-ups of America became tired of hearing the predictions that never come true.  So, the politicians and the "fund-raising scientists" targeted the youth, doing so with the help of the commercial & subscription media, as well as the teachers' union  ... telling the youth terrifying tales that still don't come true.  The end of the world keeps getting postponed.  Yet, it's always around the corner.  It's a tiring and blatantly annoying con game.

In reality, the climate is cyclical, and everything therein is a repeat performance of another era of time ... and never "unprecedented."  On occasion after occasion, outright fraud has been committed by "fund-raising scientists" and politicians looking to inject money into their districts (or states.)  Money is always the motive.  After all, if you tell Congress that all is fine --- and that the world isn't coming to an end in 10 to 12 years --- you get no funding.  It's that simple, and they are that much a crew of simpletons that they think that the grown-ups haven't noticed their very sick game.

Below: Yet another piece of evidence showing that there was excessive heat 144 years ago, when co2 levels were too low to cause Global Warming.  Yet, the Globe warmed many a times, when co2 levels were not much higher than during caveman days.  So, you need to truly awaken, and discover that you are in the middle of a massive, money-making swindle, where you are expected to be nothing more than a very useful idiot. 

December 28, 2023

Let's Compare the 19th Century heat map data to that of the 21st Century

Okay now, the 19th Century was supposed to have been a time of much cooler temperatures, due to lower atmospheric co2 levels.  The 21st Century has repeatedly been reported to be a co2-fueled sauna of death.  Sometimes --- but only sometimes --- the temperatures were honestly reported by the general & generic journalists who market sensationalistic hype.  But, that which was very DISHONESTLY reported was the claim that never before had such a temperature or such an amount of rainfall or such a windspeed ever occurred.

The truth is that "it" has all been done before.  "It" refers to the "main weather event" being reported by the non-meteorologists who are not articulate in explaining "the science."  "It" is the climate activists' "star of the weather show," presented to the viewing public, to create fear and insecurity.  "It" is the "excuse" that the climate hysteria faction uses to claim the existence of a new era which now warrants them to takeover all governments and rule mankind through the U.N.  New York City then becomes the capitol of the world.  This is the mindset of the generation raised on TV, video games, and the cell phone.  The Great Outdoors is a concept entirely foreign to the vast majority of them.

This is a July 1896 newspaper edition, when atmospheric co2 was 126 ppm LOWER than it is today.  It looks like the 2022 and 2023 news.  This is one of many pieces of evidence which show that climate hasn't changed its pattern in the past 127 years.  Concerning any weather event reported in the past thirty years --- and even in the past 130 years ago --- "it" has all been done before.  Climate is a cyclical rollercoaster, and co2 will NOT cause the world to end at any time within the next 400 years.

Climate is properly defined as the "Prevailing Long-term Weather Trend."  Two-week heatwaves --- or three-week heatwaves --- that come in occasional clusters of time throughout a continent, do NOT define the climate.  There are the other 49-50 weeks in each year to consider, as well.  In 2023, there was record cold and record snow throughout Planet Earth.  Drought-ridden dams were refilled as if a fairy godmother visited the American West with a heavy duty wand.  Maine even had cryoseisms which were actually reported by media outlets as famous as the Washington Post.  However, this will NOT be reported by any Climate Hysteria Network any time soon.

BTW, cryoseisms are frostquakes which happen to occur when already-existing underground water freezes and expands, thereby causing tremors.  

No appreciable, crisis-stage sea level rise here.  This wide beach is a part of Eastern Florida where exists a lot of dry and sandy walking space.  Great for joggers in training.  No expanding waters here.
At this point, look at the Univ of Maine's Reanalyzer map for the JULY temperature average of the Year 2015.  This is the most recent year thus far made available to the public.  We can't review anything more recent, unless you want to use the ECMWF data.   

ECMWF stands for European Center for MEDIUM-RANGE Weather Forecasts.  It's data does not go beyond 1950; 73 years ago,  This subject involves a time span of 170 years.  So, the CIRES one will work.  It's based out of the Univ of Colorado and it stands for Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences.

None the less, the rule is to NEVER switch data sets midway through a timeline analysis.  It results in the apples & oranges effect.  Such a thing will result in a false graph line or chart reading or table summary.  It's very dishonest to do such a thing.

Below is the reanalyzer map for July of 2015 and also 1845.  In 1845, the atmospheric co2 level was 284 parts per million (ppm).  In 2015, the co2 level was 401.1   This amounts to a 117 part per million difference between 1845 and 2015.

The Year 1845 was selected for people not natural at math.  It's easy to see that 2015 minus 1845 = a 170 year difference.  None the less, 1845 was the start of the Great Famine which later became the Irish Potato Famine.  Three years later would come Europe's greatest revolution thus far; even greater than the events of July 1789, and only to be exceeded in size and impact by the 1870 revolts.   Moreover, the Little Ice Age had recently ended, approximately in 1840 or so.  And of course, the Little Ice Age began with the arrival of the Wolf Solar Minimum.  This was in 1284 or so.  So, 1845 would be a fitting year to use in this example.

In addition, America had a drought between 1856 and 1865.  So, those years are slanted in terms of finding a suitable average year.  Thus, using 1865 isn't prudent, even though it is an exact 150 year difference from 2015.  And yes, the entire American Civil War was fought during a drought.

According to the Al Gore Theory of Climate, it should have been a whole lot hotter in 2015 than it was in 1845.  This is because there is 117 ppm more of co2 in the atmosphere today than there was in 1845.  Well then, let's look at the reanalysis maps and compare.  And remember, for the 19th Century temperature conclusion to be credible, proxy evidence --- even from third party sources --- is needed, to confirm the validity of the map.  Thermometer stations were a rare commodity in South America, Africa, and parts of Asia in the 19th Century and prior.  Proxy evidence is already explained at this Blue Marble Album.

Upon looking at both maps, your immediate response should be, "What's the difference?"  Actually, there is one moderate difference and a handful of slight differences.  Therefore, it's NOT the same one map being used twice.

As far as goes the one instance of a moderate difference, it was cooler in Northwestern Russia and in the Kara Sea area . . . in July of 2015.  Yes, that's correct.  The temperature in Northwestern Russia was higher in July of 1845 than it was in July of 2015 . . .  according to Maine's Reanalyzer technology.  Now, this applies to JULY only.

We shall now take a referee's time-out for those Climate Doom Fanatics who are undergoing convulsions.  At this point, their only rebuttal is to claim that the reanalyzer is a complete fraud.  When they recover, they can view the average annual temperature maps below.  Those maps are of the Years 1845 and 2015, of course.  

In this instance, Northwestern Russia and the Scandinavian nations were cooler (on the average) for the entire year of 1845 than they were in the entire year of 2015.  However, both maps look very much similar, concerning the remaining landmasses and water regions of Planet Earth.   Thus, there hasn't been that much of a change in the climate in the past 170 years, except for intervals of turbulence ... or "blocking systems."  The Climate Change campaign is merely a con game, to get large sums of taxpayer dollars and NGO donations into the hands of less-than-honest people.

This example shows you that the mainstream media has been lying to you, in claiming that Planet Earth has become a Climate Armageddon, with massively different temperatures between today and the 19th Century.  Thus, the media's Climate Hysteria is an insult to human intelligence.  It also shows why the television used to be called "the Boob Tube."  In the 1960s, a boob was an idiot ... a buffoon.  

All in all, climate and weather is far more involved than the simpleton version taught by Al Gore.  And "severe weather events" are based on one thing; TURBULENCE.  Turbulence comes and goes.  Thus, the climate is a cyclical roller coaster.

BTW, at the top lefthand corner of the maps is "2m."  This means the temperature at two meters above the ground.

Now for the true reason why 1845 and 2015 don't appear to be very different, in terms of temperature:

As far as goes Greenhouse Gases, they were mostly the same in 1845 as they are today.  This is because co2 doesn't come close to being the Number 1 Greenhouse Gas.  And methane is in a distant third place.  You see, the most abundant Greenhouse Gas today is WATER VAPOR.  It constitutes 90% of all greenhouse gases, by volume.  And of course, volume deals with taking-up-space.  Thus, the Number 1 Greenhouse Gas in the sky is, by far, WATER VAPOR.  There was as much water vapor in 1845 --- for the most part --- as there is today.

Water Vapor is the only Greenhouse Gas of Planet Earth that carries any weight --- that proverbially pulls rank --- that keeps Planet Earth from becoming a perpetual 0.0 degrees Fahrenheit ... (-17.78 degrees Celsius.)  CO2 is chump change, compared to Water Vapor, in the capture of infrared light.  Cirrus Clouds retain more infrared light than does co2, and the great irony is that cirrus clouds are all ice.  High floating ice does retain heat, for Planet Earth.

Your environmental mission for this era is NOT co2, being that co2 is your friend.  Your mission is that of freeing live beings from the ingestion, the absorption, and the inhalation of synthetic chemicals & irritants.  This includes the PFAS class, as well as the sensitizers, clastogens, carcinogens, etc.  Included in the mission is stopping the irresponsible handling of plastics.  

In this type of environmental challenge the order of the day is to reinvent filtration science.  Filtration, filtration, filtration.  An example is the catalytic converter.  Ironically, charcoal is a great filter.  Some of the greatest findings in life are counter-intuitive.

December 27, 2023

1913: co2 = 301 ppm --- 116 ppm LESS than today. Year of record heat --- killer heat.

As far back as 109 years ago, the experts ... the observers ... the seafarers conjectured that many glaciers would vanish in soon enough time --- mostly, by the middle of the 20th Century; 72 years ago.  This is because, at the beginning of the 20th Century, the ice was getting thinner.  The seafarers were literally noticing Glacier Retreat, firsthand.

As far as goes Glacier National Park, it was first predicted that all of its glaciers would disappear by 1948.  It's now 2022, and those glaciers are still there.  The rates of glacier retreat were miscalculated, because the approaching temperature decline that Michael Mann would hide was not taken into account.  That decline was predominately in the 1960s & 1970s, with some of it in the beginning of the '90s. account.  As far as goes the more recent predictions of all the glaciers being gone by 2020, that was scientifically unfounded.  That was a political ploy, to create enough fear amongst the citizens, to have them plea for scientist intervention, to keep the glaciers in tact.  No human needs a glacier.  Humans need warmth, and so too do their crops.

The bottom line is that it is 100% false to claim that the world is going through "unprecedented glacier decline."  Being that this exact same thing occurred in the 1910s, '20s, and '30s, it's not unprecedented.  This has been occurring, on and off, for over a hundred years.  It's the same old same old, illustrating that Climate is Cyclical.
Hottest Day, Thursday July 10, 1913, Greenland Ranch, Calif, presently called Furnace Creek.

Always remember that the scientists claiming "a clear & present climate crisis" have a financial CONFLICT OF INTEREST that will cost the American taxpayer even more than the present $31 trillion national debt.  Firstly, the scientists make their money on claiming that a crisis is occurring somewhere in United States Taxpayer Jurisdiction that only they can solve, provided that you pay them lots and lots of taxpayer dollars.  They say what they say with the intended goal of getting YOUR TAX DOLLARS into their pockets.  That's how they make their money.  

Only people who have no financial interest in stating "it's-true" or "it's-a-scam" have the right to assess the credibility of the present greenhouse gas assertion that [a] 2 per parts per million of methane is going to cause the world to come to an end, along with [b] one part per 3 million of Nitrous Oxide, [c] co2 which exists at less than one-half of 1% of the atmosphere es  of either yes or no, as true the credibility of that hysteric and overly exaggerated assertion.  At this point in time, the two things which are 100% sure is that 1} Planet Earth is NOT at a point of no return, 2} Climate is cyclical.  Within that cycle are very nice weather seasons and very deadly ones, depending on the stage of the cycle.

Secondly, in order to get your dollars into their pockets (via congressional funding or ngo funding), they have to create a catastrophic disaster that will result in the immediate end of the world, without their taxpayer-funded services.  Third, they constructed a narration of pending doom which is really easy to refute, concerning what was stated in congressional committee & subcommittee meetings.  Her is an example of the Climate Change Movement being a total farce:

A certain individual who should be prosecuted for lying to Congress stated that the added atmospheric co2 will soon make all the ocean corrosive, killing all the ocean life.  He said that this will happen when the ocean water's PH reaches 7.7.  STOP right there.  This was a blatant lie that even someone as clueless as an American politician could catch.  Observe . . .

A 7.7 PH is alkaline, also known as BASE.  Neutral is a 7.0 PH.  At present, the ocean is 8.1.  PH does not acquire corrosive properties until it reaches either 4.0 to 11.0.

Newsflash:  Planet Earth can survive without them.  What mankind needs is freedom from the which will injure, impair, or even kill the body over time.  That would be synthetic chemicals of varying sort.  Money needs to be invested in that scandal ... not in going to war against life-giving co2.

 Let's review once again:  Claims of melting glaciers were in progress as far back as over one hundred years ago.  This is NOTHING NEW.  The concept of "global warming," "climate change," and "glacier retreat" existed over a hundred years ago.  Yet, all of those glaciers are still with us to one extent or another, except for the Okj√∂kull glacier in Iceland.  One missing glacier isn't the End of the World.  In fact, it's cold temperatures that kill humans, wild animals, pets, crops, leafage, etc.

December 26, 2023

Climate Hysteria now includes lies about Mediterranean temperature history

Climate Hysteria is a diversion that prevented true environmental ills to be remedied

The over-riding intent of this post is to remind the under-informed public that the Number #1 environmental mission is to rescue humanity from the effects of unfiltered SYNTHETICAL CHEMICALS & the such.  This includes [1] Forever Chemicals, [2] certain petro-chemicals, [3] Sulfur Hexaflouride, [4] hormone disruptor chemicals, [5] clastogen chemicals, [6] respiratory sensitizers, [7] dermal sensitizers, [8] respiratory irritants, [9] hepato-toxins --- aka liver cell killers --- such as certain P-450 cytochrome inducers.  And of course, there is also the matter of [10] carcinogenic chemicals to address.  In summary, co2 is your friend.  To sabotage co2 is to sabotage Life on Earth.  (BTW, a clastogen is a molecular substance that severs DNA strands.) 

The Mirror Image of Time

It's Deja Vu Time, 117 years later in one instance, 122 years later in another instance, and 145 years later in yet another one.  Directly below is a 1906 newspaper article that reads a lot like an internet post of today.  It highlights an individual who would be disrespectfully called a climate denier, by the useful idiots of Al Gore & Michael Mann.  In 1906, he was regarded as a Harvard University assistant professor of climatology and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

His name was Robert DeCourcy Ward, and his task was to assure people that no weather event of any type that was transpiring in the early 1900s was part of any apocalyptic package.   History repeats itself, even when it comes to weather events.  This includes heat waves.  This includes mild winters.  This also includes droughts, Chinook Winds, Foehn Winds, cold snaps, blizzards, floods, cyclones, tornadoes, deadly air stagnation, dust storms, ice stacking, glacial melt, glacial gain, and algae blooms that date 
back to Ponce de Leon.  Additional evidence is included herein, dating back to publications of 1901 & 1878, to prove the aforementioned point.

The only difference in today's climate and that which transpired from the late 19th to the mid-20th Century is that the weather events of the past were often (but not always) more intense, and many more people died from them.  Some of the weather events were epic, in as far as went the death toll and the time duration of the disasters, as well as water weight ... and even water height.  

Some of the disasters have already been stated in a list at this Blue Marble Album.  Enough of them were listed at this site, to prove a point.  The point is that Al Gore, David Attenborough, and Michael Mann are blatant liars.  The other point to prove is that Americans and Europeans are very easy to deceive, due to the arrangement of power & influence in the modern world.  

For those unaware, David Attenborough and Michael Mann both publicly stated that the weather was mild for the past one thousand years, until the Industrial Revolution advanced in Europe & America.  However, the Hunger Stones of Central Europe's Elbe River, alone, proves this assertion to be a sick joke.  There were numerous natural disasters, sometimes on a massive scale, in the past thousand years.  It all happened while atmosphere co2 was at a very low level.  Many disasters are already cited at this Blue Marble Album.  That's why there's a search box at the top righthand corner of this site.

Climate is cyclical.  Every type of weather event that transpired in the past 3 years, past 30 years, and even in the past 130 years has repeatedly occurred before --- within intervals of time.  In fact, the Hunger Stones in Central Europe's Elbe River attest to the revisitation of disastrous droughts throughout multiple centuries that each had very low atmospheric co2 numbers.  Yet, in 2016, as if she never read a history book in her life, Sigourney Weaver went on live network television and spoke of recent storms and other weather events, by concluding that, "This we have never seen before."  She was completely out of touch with historic fact.  See for yourself. 
Let us confirm that the weather was brutal 122 to 133 years ago, when the atmospheric co2 count was quite low.  Below is a 1901 newspaper article that gives some details on what life was like, during the heated years that transpired over a century ago.  
Below:  A deja vu of 122 years ago.  Even when it comes to weather events, history repeats itself.  That which transpired in the land of my ancestors in July of 2023 transpired there 122 years prior, when my ancestors were actually living there.  It occurred during several other years too, in intervals of time.  

Below: News article covering an epic heatwave of 145 years ago, when the co2 count was very low.  The newspaper photocopy below is not a mere newspaper article.  It's an obituary.  It's a requiem.  
By now you should understand the message, unless you're an avowed liar with an ulterior motive.  

The Global Warming Scare simply replaced the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction Scare

The claim that climate today is unprecedentedly brutal and is quickly driving us toward the End of the World is a sophomoric con game designed to obtain billions of American taxpayer dollars and millions of NGO grants.  Atmospheric Science is intricate & involved.  It cannot be written off as a simpleton's subject the way in which Al Gore presented it in his very non-factual 2006 movie.  

The first gamble of the Climate Scam people was that you would be too lazy to confirm their doomsday assertions and familiarize yourself with basic weather theory ... or at the very least ... familiarize yourself with weather event history.  

The second gamble was that the mainstream media would help the climate scam people, by hindering all people from presenting to the public the evidence which proves the Al Gore Theory of Climate to be so lacking in bio-markers & climate benchmarks that it was less reliable than a fortune teller's crystal ball.  Limiting all considerations of climate to co2 is a superstition.  It's equivalent to flying a jet without looking at the dashboard of the jet.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
             The following description is that of the mindset of the Millennials' Gen Z subset:

They stand upon the very false concept of Weather Gradation.  It's the concept of Accumulative Effect.  It's the idea of a "tipping point."  It's the concept of temperature or rainfall increasing, segment of time by segment of time, until there comes a storm or heatwave or even drought, where a certain number is reached.  That number then qualifies the world as being in a climate crisis. 

This tipping point number would constitute "a turning point" where the climate activists see themselves as having the right to take control of all national governments and rule the world through the UN.  

Weather Gradation ... or Weather's Accumulative Effect .. or the Tipping Point Number ... is the belief that a rise in atmospheric co2 (all one-half of 1% of it) is causing higher temps and longer rains, as well as higher wind speeds which will kill tremendous amounts of humanity.  It's the belief that weather disasters are increasing commensurately with the rise in co2 --- that the frequency of weather disasters are rising parallel to the rise in co2.  This is super easy to prove false.  But, the mainstream media won't let any of the numerous pieces of evidence be seen.

None the less, the actual word that describes "severe weather events" in academic & research venues is ======> Turbulence.  This is where the law of Pressure Gradient Force comes into play, along with Baroclinic Stability/Instability & Barotropic Stability/Instability.  Severe weather is turbulence.

Here is the fatal error in searching for a tipping point event:  Climate is a trend ... NOT a one-time event.  And it certainly is NOT a "once in a thousand year event."  In the recent hyped-up news reports, weather events were placed in the spotlight.  But, none of those events repeated themselves.

Tipping Point Events are one-time only occurrences, as in once every 5, 10, 20, or 30 years.  Politically minded climate activists look for that one weather disaster, so that they can say, "Gotcha."  They believe that one event will give them license to make all energy grids and sources of power illegal.  Then mankind can resort to burning wood and re-polluting the air in mass quantities, as was being done in the 1800s and half of the 20th Century ... before the 1970s filtration systems were installed.  

Being that it's guaranteed that Communist China will NOT comply with the climate activists, coal will become the most used fuel source.  Cityscapes will then be called, Smogscapes.  Activists are not deep thinkers.  They are emotional powder kegs.

Well, in the Summer of 2023, the Bill-Gates-funded media outlets have been hysterically claiming that the Summer temperatures of the Mediterranean have recently risen beyond anything imaginable ... beyond mankind's ability to survive.  They are claiming that the temperatures of 2023 have never happened previously, meaning that the world has reached a turning point, where you must submit to Bill Gates and the climate activists, thereby allowing them to take over the world and rule you without question.

Now for the truth.  

The Summer temps of 2023 are common, when comparing them to the known history of the Mediterranean.  Now, at this Blue Marble Album, it has already been illustrated (with 32 pieces of evidence) that parts of Africa, parts of Spain, parts of Italy, parts of Mexico, etc, have regions where the temperatures are moderate and even mild.  That which needs to be shown now is that the regions where the temperatures are commonly higher --- aka, the Hot Spots --- are presently hovering around the long-term average, in this Year of 2023, for the majority of the days.  A two-week heatwave does NOT define a landmass & its climate.

Very simply, Rome, Madrid, Athens, Beirut, etc, have all seen 100F, 102F, 103F, etc, time and time, again.  In fact, 1964 was the year of a heatwave so severe in Rome that water rationing was ordered by the local government.  And Athens went as high as 118.4F, in 1977.  So too did nearby Elefsina.  Then, in 2003, the southern Portuguese District of Beja went as high as 117.3F.  Greece also endured notable heat in 1955 and 2007.  In fact, Lamia reached 117F in 1973, and Rome reached 109F in 1901.  So, the heat of 2023 is nothing earth-changing for the Mediterranean.

Being that high temperatures are nothing new in Rome ... or Greece ... the media had to become ridiculously unrealistic with its temperature predictions in 2023, so as to ensure that the Body Politic would be a frightened public.  The media claimed that temperatures in Italy were going to reach 110F and 113F.  Well, Italy is a peninsula surrounded by sea breezes, and inland are mountains.  In fact, Italy hosted the 2006 Winter games.  Thus, in Italy there is the matter of altitude in addition to sea breezes.  

Athens is near water, too.  So, how did it reach 118F in 1977?  ANS:  Athens is in the rain shadow of the Prokletije and Pindus mountains.  It's on the Leeward Side thereof.  This translates into "Orthographic Lifting" & "Adiabatic Heating," from time to time.  Adiabatic Heating and Chinook Winds (aka Foehn Winds and Santa Ana Winds) are already explained here, at the Blue Marble Album.

For the Purposes of this Internet Post

The example for here & now is a city well known for hot Summertime temps --- Madrid.  Showing that Madrid's temperatures of ten, twelve, and fourteen years ago are basically the same as in 2023 will shut down the Bill Gates's con game, at least in the minds of people who have not yet been brainwashed by the Climate Hysteria propaganda.

One more thing:  Climate is cyclical ... like the spherical Earth ... actually like a roller coaster.  And and and, that which causes the seasons is the 23.5 degree tilt of the Earth.  Thus, if you want to change the seasons, you have to change the tilt of the Earth ... not the already-low co2 content in the atmosphere.  In as much, 423 parts per million is 1 part per 2,364.  At 3.7 watts per meter squared, while only 2 of its 3 vibrational modes can capture infrared light, co2 is NOT the king of greenhouse gases.  Water Vapor is.  In fact, Water Vapor is the Emperor of Greenhouse Gases.


The blatant proof which shows that co2 in no way drives the climate is found in the deserts on the 30th parallel, north and south.  It shows that water vapor is the determinant of temperature.  It's quite simple to explain.  In a desert, there is only 0.2% of water vapor in the air.  There is 20 times more water vapor in the Tropics.  Now, during daytime, deserts are oppressively hot.  Yet, when night comes, deserts get colder than one would expect.   

This firstly shows that the only true heating source for 30 degree parallel deserts is insolation --- the sun's rays.  If co2 ruled the atmosphere, then those deserts would remain warmer than they usually are at night.  Very simply, they get cold in the dark, sunless hours, because there is no insolation & hardly  any water vapor there.  This always shows the co2 does not have the warming power that Al Gore claimed it did.  CO2 is a catalyst for photosynthesis and the greening of the Earth ... and even the shallow parts of the oceans.  It's not the flamethrower of doom that Al Gore made it out to be.  Atmost, co2 is a back-up singer.  Water Vapor is the headline singer.

Once again, if co2 were a powerful warming agent, then the deserts would be relatively warm at nights.  And if that's the case, the water vapor would be a nuisance causing more warming than is beneficial.  But, the truth is that there is simply not enough co2 in the sky for it to be a heating system.  Thus, the deserts are deprived of heat at night, because that there is only 0.2% water vapor there.   BTW, cloudlessness at night causes what is known as "radiational cooling."


Concerning Madrid, we begin with the last five days in July of 2010.  That was thirteen years ago.  Q: What do you see?  ANS:  Two one-hundred degree Fahrenheit days, a 99F day, a 97F day, and a 93F day. 

BTW, it never goes above freezing on Mt. Kilimanjaro.  The highest temp to expect there is 20F ...  -6.67C.  Mount Kilimanjaro's condition is based on sublimation, and not melting.  Sublimation is already explained at this Blue Marble Album.

Now, the atmospheric co2 level in 2010 was 390.10 ppm.  As of July 16, 2023, the present co2 level is 421.99.  In 2010, the co2 level was 31.8 ppm lower than today.  However, the temperature of July 2010 was NOT tremendously lower than in recent years, generally speaking.  According to Al Gore and Michael Mann, it should have been lower. 

Let's now go to early July 2010, concerning the days July 6 to July 11..  Q: What do you see?  ANS: Three 99F days, one 100 degree Fahrenheit day, a 95F day, and a 91F day.  Is July 2023 much worse than July 2010?

Let's jump to July 17 to July 22, in the Year 2012.  Q: What do you see?   ANS: One one-hundred degree Fahrenheit day, two 99F days, two 95F days, and a 93F day.  Is this much lower than July of 2023?  Is July 2023 much worse than July 2012?

Now for the 4th of July to the 9th of July, 2013.  That was ten years ago.  Q: What do you see?  ANS: One 102 degree Fahrenheit day, one 100F days, two 99F days, and one 97F day.  Now, is this much different than today?  And . . . did the world come to an end after July 2013?
Let's next jump to July 12 to July 17, 2015.  This was eight years ago, when the co2 count was 18.77 ppm LOWER than today.  Q:  What do you see?   ANS: Two 104 degree Fahrenheit days, two 102 degree Fahrenheit days, and two 100 degree Fahrenheit days.  Now, is 2023 any worse than this?  And, was there a mass extinction event in 2015?  

The climate propagandists are acting as if this type of weather didn't start until 2023.  We survived 1878, 1896, 1901, 1911, 1931, 1934, 1936, 1954, 1976, 1988, 2003, 2012 and 2022.  We'll survive 2023.

Now, in 2015, Antarctica had its largest sea ice extent.  The Winter of 2014 was declared the coldest winter in 40 years.  Somewhere around this time was when New Zealand scientists discovered that the bottom of the Ross Ice Shelf was crystalized and NOT smooth.  Smooth is a sign of melting.  Crystalized ice is the opposite.  All in all, climate is as cyclical as a roller coaster.

Let's now proceed to February 18, 1925, when it was reported that the Gulf Stream's temperature rose 3 to 4 degrees "Centigrade" higher than it was in 1900.  Three degrees Centigrade = 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit, and 4 degrees Centigrade = 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit.  Now, certain media outlets regarded it as the eventual end of civilization if the global temperature rose 2.7 degrees Celsius by the end of the 21st Century.  Well, this temperature rise was surpassed in the first 25 years of the 20th Century, in the long-traveling Gulf Stream.

And of course, the early 20th Century temperature increase was as temporary as a rollercoaster ride.  It's simply not noticed anymore, because Michael Mann hid the decline.  The decline he hid was the temperature decline of the 1940s to the late 1970s.  It's the temperature decline clearly posted on the Briffa Temperature graph which has already been addressed & taught at this Blue Marble Album, with a photo of the Briffa graph, itself.  Also reported in 1925 was that glaciers were shrinking at a total length of 3 to 4 miles.  

This 1925 news report looks exactly like the ones of 2023 ... 98 years later.  Climate is a cycle.  Climate repeats itself.  When it comes to weather events, "it" has all been done before --- especially those events which the modern news outlets claim to be unprecedented and new ... or unprecedented and not seen for a thousand years.  In as much, the April 12 Fort Lauderdale rain was seen as recently as 1950 in Tampa, Florida when it rained more than it did on April 12.  

A number of places in 20th Century America had more rainfall in one setting than did Ft. Lauderdale in April of 2023.  This included Pennsylvania, Texas, and California.  And then there are places where it rained as much (or almost as much) as it did on April 12 in Fort Lauderdale. 

Once again, absorb into your mind the fact that this 1925 newspaper article sounds like (looks like) a 2023 report ... or several 2023 reports.  In the grand pattern of earthly existence, nothing has changed.  It's the same old long-term cycles that keep appearing on Planet Earth ... within alternating intervals of time ... over and over again.

Nothing has changed in over 100 years.  Climate is cyclical.  Period.

December 25, 2023

Michael Mann was never even nominated for a Nobel Prize. He's a con artist, and scientists looking for congressional funding keep silent about it.

Contrary to his public claim and the claim of Democracy Now, Michael Mann is NOT recognized by the Nobel Foundation as any type of Nobel laureate.  This was confirmed by the official Nobel Foundation Office, itself, in an audio recording.  Michael Mann was NEVER nominated for a Nobel Prize, in the first place.  Being that he was NEVER on the nomination list, he surely was NEVER on the laureate list.  Case Closed.  He's a con artist.  The only question that remains is if whether or not the personnel of Democracy Now were a bunch of dupes or contributory con artists.  They are very prejudiced and agenda-driven.  So, do the math.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** *

Audio Proof that Michael Mann's Nobel Prize Claim is a fraudulent misrepresentation (aka lie) 

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

That particular recording assures us that Michael Mann is NOT on the list of Nobel Prize sole-winners or co-winners, in any category.  So, you do NOT have to submit to him, no matter what he says or writes.  And you surely don't have to submit to the present-day media who happens to be filled with personnel not known for common sense, honesty, reason, diligence, ... or humility.  BTW, stubbornness is not diligence.

NEITHER has any group affiliated with Michael Mann won or co-won the Nobel prize in Physics ... or in Chemistry ... or in Physiology, aka medicine ... or in Literature ... or in the Economic Sciences.  

There is one and only one group which co-won the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore, in 2007.  That was the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  

Take note that they did NOT win the Nobel Prize in Physics.  The Nobel Peace Prize is only one of the several yearly prizes awarded by the Nobel Foundation, and Michael Mann's name is NOT on any of those peace prize awards ... or any other Nobel award.

All in all, Mann is fraudulently passing himself off as the ultimate end-all scientist of his particular field of study which happens to be "surface temperatures."  

In addition, he's a notably dull and boring speaker.  If you have insomnia, simply go to a Michael Mann talk, and voila!  No more insomnia.  He makes the End of the World sound all so boring.  Therefore, the best thing to wear to a Michael Mann talk is pajamas.  Bring a pillow. 

The great self-negating feature to Michael Mann, decline hider extraordinaire, is something known as evidence.  Take notice:
Above:  Introducing ... in printed legacy ... the Temperature Decline that Michael Mann was hiding, yet which was declared to fully exist, by an unanimous field of specialists ... as far back as 1961.

At this point, it's also important for you to realize that Al Gore NEVER co-won the Nobel Prize in Physics or in Chemistry or in Physiology or in Economic Sciences or in Literature.  Al Gore, at best, is a remedial science student who went on Conan O'Brien's talk show and confidently stated that the center of Planet Earth is millions of degrees.  Try 9,800F to 10,800F, instead.  If the core of Planet Earth were millions of degrees, vaporization & annihilation would have occurred long ago. 

BTW, do you remember reading-of or hearing Michael Mann's doomsday predictions about Australia soon becoming a "climate refugee" nation?  Well, 2022 was a year of record high crops in East Australia.  Also in 2022 was the announcement that  two of the three major sectors of the Great Barrier Reef was replenished to the point of having the most coral cover in 36 years.   The guy lied about Australia, probably assuming that Americans are too stupid to find out what's going-on on the other side of the planet.  Michael Mann is a protected jerk.  One day the protection will suddenly vanish.  The puppeteers will cut the strings.  For now, stay away from the guy.

All in all, Michael Mann is the ultimate Climate Denier in having denied the existence of the Medieval Warm Period & the Mini-Ice-Age, not to mention part of the 1940 to 1979 temperature decline, with all of his "math trick" talent.   See: climategate emails.  

See:  =====>   The Climategate Emails w/ introductory narrations.   <=====

Now, concerning the 1950s (in part), the '60s (in whole), & the '70s (predominately so), the cooling trend had gotten to the point where England's growing season was shortened by two weeks.  No matter what today's lying propagandists publish, it was very cold back then.  In fact, as American schoolchildren walked toward their homes, they had to turn around and walk backwards, so that the bitter cold wind would not directly stream down their shirt/blouse collars.  

It was assumed at the time that Winters were to be bitterly cold, as a rule.  This is why the warming trend of 1983 & 1984 surprised people.  In fact, February 1998 was so nice that it scared people, including radio icon Paul Harvey.  Then, when the coldest winter in 40 years arrived (in 2014), humanity realized that the climate is cyclical.

See:   New York Times, May 21, 1975

Briffa (2000) Reconstruction (before fitting to temperature). Left-version from Briffa (2000); right-varying the Tornetrask and Urals versions to newer versions.
The proxy evidence showed a decline in surfaces temps from the WWII period to the new millennium.

Enter Keith Raphael Briffa (1952 - 2017).  He was the quintessential tree ring proxy advocate.  This means that he was an aficionado in Dendroclimatology.  His climate "reconstruction" of the past 1,000 years -- abridged into 600 years -- goes as follows:
The red section above is what Mann was praised for hiding, in the Climategate emails.

Below: Look at the YELLOW LINE, toward the right side of the predominately blue graph.  Look closely at the "0.0C" temperature anomaly X-axis.  If the Briffa reconstruction were not deleted, Michael Mann could not have drawn a steeply upward sloping line to represent drastic warming. 

Now, the Y-axis scale on the chart below is not remarkable, because the whole chart involves no more than 1.5 degree Celsius in variability.  Thus, the chart only deals with small increases or decreases in the temperature anomaly (aka temperature changes.)  Using smaller increments exaggerates the slope of a graph and serves to deceive people, instead of enlightening them.  It makes that which is little look much more pronounced than it really is.

BELOW:  Look at the Briffa Reconstruction again, in a more clear view.  It's based on tree ring density only.  The Briffa line is green and it starts at the Year 1400 or so.  

As far as goes Mann, he has two lines on that graph.  The thinner line is dark blue and it doesn't begin until 1580.  That was ever-so-coincidentally after the great heatwave & drought of 1540.  None the less, that thinner dark blue line only involves temperatures from Latitude 30N to 70N.  This means that it does NOT involve global temperatures.  After all, no southern hemispheric temperatures are involved, and no northern tropical temperatures are involved.  

The Tropics are 23.5 degrees latitude, north & south.  Yet, Michael Mann's math doesn't begin until the 30th parallel north.  Welcome to Michael Mann's real math trick.  It's the trick where you leave numbers out of the equation.

The other line of Mann, the black one, involves all Northern Hemispheric temps from 1000 C.E to 2000 C.E.  However, it's the dark blue "30N-70N" line which is the one able to hide the decline.

Note that the slope of the temperature decline was very pronounced.  So, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change simply cut off the decline at the Year 1960.  Then came Michael Mann and his bag of tricks. The disappearing act ensued.

The MBH Hockey Stick Graph--- was never test driven or tested for cracks.  (M=Mann, B=Bradley, H=Hughes)

Michael Mann, Decline Hider Extraordinaire, never revealed the data sets that he used to justify the drawing of his asininely ridiculous hockey stick climate graph.  Thus, he never justified why he deleted the historically known Medieval Warm Period and the very well chronicled Mini Ice Age.  

Rumor had it that Mann dropped the use of proxy evidence as soon as it showed a decline in surface temperatures.  He then included thermostat stats, in its place.  This is the act of mixing apples with oranges.

The irony to that graph was that it was a straight declining line for 1,000 years, by a half degree, as if Climate were in a perpetually stagnate coffin, except for handful of upticks.  One uptick on his very fraudulent graph was during the Wolf Minimum.  Oops.  He denied the Little Ice Age at its historic beginning. 

The Wolf Minimum came in 1280 and preceded the Great Plague of 1348.  The Great Plague is often regarded as the start of the Mini Ice Age.  Actually, 1280 C.E. can be regarded as the start of the 550 year age of Ice Dominance.  

None the less, the Briffa reconstruction had temperatures that were higher at the start of the 20th century.  Thus, the real decline was a sharper downward slope. Mann decided to make the slope much more gradual.  This meant that, according to Michael Mann, there are no natural mechanisms to create weather variations on an upward temperature trend more than half a degree.  According to Mann, upward trends can only be accomplished by the use of the combustible engine.   Yet, drastic weather changes occurred throughout history ... long before the invention of the combustible engine and the Mack Truck. 

Well, there were a number of climate change scenarios in the past 4,000 years, when there were no combustible engines or coal power plants.  In some cases, there weren't even chariots.  Michael Mann's graph is an insult to human intelligence.  Well, all of Michael Mann is an insult to human intelligence ... not merely his hockey stick graph.

During the Renaissance Era Ice Age, there were still occasional warm Summers and hot days throughout that time.  One example was the June 28, 1778 Battle of Monmouth which involved 25,000 troops.  It was fought in present-day Freehold New Jersey.  That was a huge number of soldiers for the American Revolutionary War.  The June 1778 battle ended with the British withdrawing its troops at night, incidentally.  

In addition, there were droughts during those centuries, including the 1540s Tudor Drought.  There were catastrophic hurricanes, too, even though the atmospheric co2 count was very low, when compared to today.  As an example, 1780 was a catastrophic year with hurricane damage being its highlight.  One hurricane killed 22,000 people, in 1780.

The 2nd most asinine thing Michael Mann ever said in front of a camera.  

Michael Mann was asked how much CO2 must be removed from the atmosphere.  Mann confidently said, "Half the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in ten years," ... in order to prevent a 1.5C catastrophic temperature rise.  Stop there.  That spoken line shows that Mann either knows nothing about the new findings in atmospheric physics or he is just not thinking when he talks.

Proxy history showed that not even a 2C rise is catastrophic, but rather, a 2C rise accompanied the rise of the great & historic Roman Empire.  For the record, it was scientifically & professionally surmised, via Mediterranean proxy material, that the Roman Warm Period was TWO degrees CELSIUS warmer than it is today.

Plus, the temperature rise helped the Romans finally conquer the hard hitting Gaul army of Chieftain Vercingetorix, in an eight year-long war --- in a land known as present-day France.  Thus, a 1.5C rise in surface temperature is NOT anywhere near catastrophic.  

For the record, the Gauls used to terrorize Italy ... demand tribute, take Italian gold, etc.  So, Julius decided to stop the terror attacks and bring back to Italy the Roman gold that had Vercingetorix's fingerprints on it.

None the less, here is the supreme asininity of that one Michael Mann assertion, concerning deleting half the CO2 from the atmosphere:

{1} Half of today's level of co2 = 210 parts per million (ppm).  That constitutes 50 ppm LESS THAN during cave-man days.  That constitutes 73 ppm LESS THAN the start of the 19th Century, aka the Napoleonic Era.  Both time periods occurred when the human population was much smaller than today.

See for yourself:  ***>  Atmospheric CO2 graph, starting at 1800  <***

{2a}  Today's population is 8 BILLION in human beings, meaning that much more crop harvesting is needed today than during the Napoleonic War Years when the world population was approximately 1 billion.  Thus, much more CO2 is needed today, and coincidentally enough, the atmosphere is presently providing the extra needed amount of CO2 for our era.  

{2b} CO2 is the KEY to PHOTOSYNTHESIS.  When CO2 goes below 150 ppm, all photosynthesis halts.  Life on Earth soon follows suit.  Dropping the CO2 count to 210 ppm is irresponsible.

{2c} NASA has already reported on the added greening of the present-day Arctic Circle during the Summer months.  Extra CO2 increases photosynthesis throughout the Earth.  In as much, IF you want to "go green," the first thing that you have to do is INCREASE THE ATMOSPHERIC CO2 LEVEL.  Growers do this to their greenhouses, as a rule.

See:  NASA's Satellite Technology shows the greening of the Earth 

          NASA reports a greener Earth of recent

           CO2 levels making Earth Greener

            Added co2 and added plant growth demonstration

The asininity of Michael Mann and his fellow racketeer, Al Gore, is that they are doing the opposite of what it takes to "go green."  This anti-co2 mindset is the Supreme Asininity of the climate doomsayers.

In as much, pursuant to the NY Times vs Sullivan case law authority, I, a private citizen, state my opinion of public figure, Michael Mann:  

Michael Mann is a contrived fad.  He's an artificially propped-up mouthpiece, presented as the wisdom of the ages. 

Mann is only famous, because of the hockey stick graph.  Yet,  he never showed the public the data sets upon which his neon-lighted hockey stick climate graph came to be.   He could have made up that graph as much as some people made-up record breaking high temperatures in those parts of Africa which had NO WEATHER MONITORING STATIONS.

Thus, the one hockey stick graph which made Mann a contrived news show icon has never been tested for cracks.  It has never been test-driven.  Would you buy a car you never test-drove?  Of course not.  So, we the People of the United States do NOT buy Michael Mann's untested climate change hockey stick graph.  

This is especially true for those of us who worked outdoors, year after year, and decade after decade.  This is because we are experienced enough to know that ====> Climate is cyclical.

Plus, Michael Mann has a very financial conflict of interest in the promotion of his hockey stick graph which omits the historically supported Mini-Ice-Age which included:

{1a} the great frosts, great floods, crop failures & mass starvation often mentioned in the Bristol Chronicles.

{1b}, the Sporer Solar Minimum which has now been concluded to have actually existed from the starting point of 1460 C.E.

{2} The irony & counter-intuitive hot year of 1540, followed by the cold account of 1640, in showing how Mann's virtual straight-lined graph needed more spikes in it, to reflect historic climate reality.

{3} The North American drought year of 1580, showing more of the need of upward spikes in the Mann Hockey Stick graph.

{4} The Grindelwald Fluctuation of 1560 - 1630, which even included out-of-season snowfalls.

{5} The well-known Maunder Solar Minimum which included warm Summers, in addition to ice-ridden Winters.

{6} The Dalton Solar Minimum of 1790 - 1830 which included the 1816 Summer That Never Was.

All in all, the "Mann, Bradley, & Hughes" graph is typically Orwellian, in that it rewrites history. 

Why don't the newscasters ask Michael Mann how much personal money he personally made since the publishing of his hockey stick graph?  Why doesn't Michael Mann simply come out and let us Americans know how much currency was transacted into his financial portfolio in the form of taxpayer dollars?

None the less, for the past 4,000 years, climate change has literally been occurring every 124 to 600 years.  Climate is a long-term roller coaster ride.   Climate is cyclical.

Ah, yes.  Michael Mann.  Hiding the Decline Since 1999.

Michael Mann proved himself to be utterly heartless, if not an indifferent psychopath, against an elderly retired Air Force pilot, on account of the pilot saying that, even though Michael Mann was teaching at Penn State, he should have been at the State pen (penitentiary), instead.   One sentence was spoken, and a ridiculous amount of Canadian civil lawsuit attorney fees ensued.

The retired & elderly pilot who earned a doctorate degree let me know how much suffering Mann put him through, and he informed me that he intended to let the world know about those sufferings after the lawsuit ended.  Well, the lawsuit ended.  There was no communication between me and the Canadian gentleman since I left Chicago, in 2019.  He recently passed-on into eternity.  His videos are his legacy.

And remember, pursuant to NY Times vs Sullivan, a private citizen may publicly state his opinion of a public figure, in the United States.  I'll be politely reserved for now.  I only stated half of my opinion thus far.

It suffices to state that some people in this world are really sick jokes, and for long periods of relative time, it appears that they will get away with every wrong they have ever performed.  But, appearances are not all what they appear to be.  History repeats itself.  

Do the math on this one ... on the person who caused schoolchildren dread, and who caused gasoline prices to skyrocket, in his role as an advisor to the Dementia-ridden president.  The same person caused an elderly former air force pilot the loss of his life savings and the gain of accompanying dread.  Justice, in the end, prevails.

For now, be like a charming Latin gentleman, even if you hate us Latins to the marrow of our beings.  Do NOT write to Michael Mann.  Only address his superiors and the Court of Public Opinion, as well as a RICO court.  Do NOT walk up to Michael Mann in a restaurant.  Let him have a relaxing time.  Do NOT picket in front of his house, his office, etc.  Be as charming as a Ricardo Montalban.  Charm doesn't hurt anyone.   Meanwhile, simply boycott Michael Mann.

The goal is to see to it that humanity clearly sees that Michael Mann and the less than brilliant Al Gore have been lying, in sleight-of-hand deceit, all along.  In order to achieve this goal, it is NOT necessary to harass anyone in a restaurant or to picket in front of a domicile.

People like Michael Mann are necessary to avoid, because he's a liar who will claim that you threatened him, if you get anywhere close to him ... or he will tell some lie about you.  So, stay away from Hockey Sticks Mann.  Simply boycott him.


                        Private US Citizen #40,801,958.

                      There is a meaning to that number