April 8, 2024

The UK in 2022: Increased crop yields, and NO "End of the World," "Climate Crisis," "CO2 Tipping Point," "London's-on-fire" crop failures.

Cauliflower field, Isle of Wight, southwest of Portsmouth, Sept 2022 (by "ITookSomePhotos")
Perhaps you remember the July 19, 2022 reports out of London.  [1] Pursuant to the media mouthpieces, the atmospheric CO2 level reached a tipping point.  CO2 was now causing Greater London's fire numbers to escalate, even though, in 2014, it was reported that yearly fires in the 607 square mile London vicinity were at least half of what they were in each individual year, from 1969 and 2008.  [2] None the less, the less-than-honest media mouthpieces said that England was undergoing heat like never before.  [3] Simultaneously, journalists were stating that the heat would cause crops to dry-out, turn brown, and die in massive volumes of acreage.  

A killer famine was now inevitable ... all because of that darn co2.  The Year 2022 was declared a founding date for Climate Enlightenment.  But, the reality was that it was nothing more than another year of climate activist lies, taken from a page in the Climate Con Game Handbook.  

For starters, Greater London's number of fires decreased significantly from 2008 to today.  And in 2021, Greater London had the LEAST number of yearly fires in record-keeping history.  The Year 2022 was the year with the fourth lowest yearly fires.

Keep in mind that certain journals would headline their climate doom articles with photos of a parched stalk of corn or a dried-out patch of grains.  Thus, it is always a prediction that crops will dry and die, due to the present level of co2 which is less than 1/2 of 1% of the atmosphere.  However, in the middle of July 2022, that which England was experiencing was a Sirocco Wind, and NOT a co2 attack.  A Sirocco Wind is a wind that comes out of the Sahara.  Such winds are dry.

The Year 2022 has passed, and record-keeping has continued.  This included the UK's 2022 crop yields report of December 2022.  Now, according to the climate hysteria people, England was going to have low crop yields, due to the Summer of 2022.   Well, it is once again proven that the Climate Hysteria People have no idea what they're talking about.  The UK had crop yield gains across the proverbial board.

The two photo-copies below are from an official United Kingdom government site.  Those two photo-copies illustrate yet again that the Climate Doom People spent the last 35 years failing in every one of their doomsday climate predictions.  Contrary to the theatric "dire-consequence" predictions about 2022, it turns out that wheat production, barley production, total cereal production, and oilseed production were all up, in the United Kingdom, in 2022.  

As far as goes Oats, there was a "per capita" gain at harvest time; a gain "per acre planted."  You see, in 2022, 13% less acreage was used in planting oats.  On a per capita basis ... concerning the lesser amount of land used in oat farming ... there was a 2.9% increase in the harvesting thereof.  Therefore, the only reason why the UK had 10% less oat production than in 2021 was because less land was used in the planting of oats.  All in all, these 2022 UK Crop Yield Gains are the opposite of the dire predictions of the Global Warming People ... of the Climate Change People ... of the Climate Crisis People.

In addition, the 2022 harvest of British wheat & Winter barley both contained, on average, 93.7% of the 14.5% UK moisture content standard.   Spring Barley contained, on average, 92.4% of the moisture content standard.  Oats contained, on average,  91% of the British standard.  And oilseed contained 84.4% of its  9% moisture standard content.  Thus, parched crops waving in the Autumn air throughout British farmland was not occurring in 2022.

And of course, people of reason instinctively know that an increase in atmospheric co2 will cause an increase in crop harvesting, instead of it causing the End of the World.  The UN climate activists are people from Second World and Third World countries.  Thus, they have third world minds.   It's super-easy to catch them when they are lying.  But, the big question at present is:  When are they ever telling the truth?  Well, directly below is a public transmission from a department of the United Kingdom's government.

Now for the irony of 2022:  There was one crop which yielded 18% less than in 2021.  HOWEVER, the cause of this was ...  none other than ... cold and NOT heat.  The crop was sugar beets.  

"The first two weeks of December were the coldest start to the winter since 2010, according to Britain's Met Office.  Farmers have said the cold weather damaged sugar beet crops which were still in the ground."  (Nigel  Hunt;  Reuters)

Usually, the UK produces 7.5 million tonnes.  But, in 2022, it was approx 6 million.  That's not an end-of-the-world crop failure.  

In as much, the hysterical theatrics of the media in its climate reports don't come close to the reality you see when you do something called, "go outside and look around" ... or when you study crop reports ... or hospitals admissions ... or any number of things that the media never reports above and beyond a fleeting & token amount.