February 1, 2024

Greenhouse Gases with very low Numbers, as in 1 part per THREE million, 1.909 parts per one million, and less than one-half of 1% of the atmosphere.

Thesis Statement of the Hour (or day) (or century):  If the world comes to its end within the next "12 years," it will be from Nuclear Winter, and NOT from any type of Global Warming.  Remember, there was ZERO Global Warming from 1999 until the middle of 2016.  In addition, there was the decline hidden by math trickster Michael Mann who NEVER won or co-won any type of Nobel prize in existence.  Yet, it really did get really cold throughout the 1960s and 1970s.  To deny this is to insult the intelligence of anyone who lived through those two decades.
Question:  Uhmmm, where is the man-man-co2 driven Anthropogenic Climate Crisis, again?
American Sales Training

In American sales training, the trainees are told that one must create a sense of urgency in the potential buyer's mind, in order to make a sale.  The Global Warming Hysteria is the act of scientists trying to make a sale.  They are doing everything they can to create a sense of urgency, allowing school children to be filled with dread, in the process.  

And of course, the goal is to gain massive Congressional funding and/or NGO donations, along with the absolute power one gets when an emergency is declared.  So, the picture constantly being painted by the Michael Manns and John Kerrys of this world is that the world will soon come to an obliterating end, and only they can save it.  So remember, they're too good for you.  You should shut it and say, "Yaas sir" to everything these guys who happen to be white have to say.  They are willing to dictate, but they refuse to debate or to explain themselves to you ... because you and I don't count.

~ ~ ~

Okay now:  Back to trying to make sense out of the constant declarations of a near-death Earth in an emergency, while the stats, facts, plain sight of  Planet Earth, and its history show the exact opposite to the Declaration of Climate Doom.

Let me try again.  Now show me in this graph where the end-of-the-world, man-made climate crisis is, again?  I'm having trouble finding it.

Okay.  One more try.  How about this chart?  Now, the man-made climate crisis which is causing the immediate end-of-the-world is indicated exactly where here?  Me no can find.

We now bring greenhouse gases onto the scene

Climate Doomsayers mention that co2 levels started to rise at the beginning of the Industrial Age which is defined as having begun circa 1760.  Fair enough.  That was 262 years ago.  Well, science data shows that co2 levels have been rising in the Earth's atmosphere for the past 6,700 years.  

Of course, the rate of rise has advanced significantly in the 21st Century.  Therefore, if you are searching for correlations in the rise in atmospheric co2, look at the significantly advanced growth rate of the human population for the same time span.  Then compare it to co2 levels.  

In fact, compare corn crop harvests to human population growth and to the rise of co2 in the Troposphere.  The graphs' lines look very similar.

In as much, Climate Doomsayers have shown definitive signs of being eugenicists at heart, if not manipulative & pernicious ones in application.  After all, do you deny that these same alarmists see humanity as the great enemy of the Planet Earth?  

Whatever be the case with the psychological components of the typical Climate Doomsayer, the center of each one's activism is Carbon Dioxide, when it should be mercury, residual lead, synthetic chemicals, sulfur dioxide, and the irresponsible stewardship of plastics.  So, let us review carbon dioxide, while first making a quick review of the Earth's Troposphere in general:   

The Troposphere's Dry Composition

Dry composition means that you leave out water vapor from the equation.  Water vapor in the atmosphere exists in varying quantities throughout the Earth, ranging from .2% (2/1,000th) of the Troposphere to 4% (4/100th) of the Troposphere.  Thus, it's a variable, as opposed to a constant.

None the less, cold air is always dry air.  This is counter-intuitive, being that hot deserts are associated with dry air.  Well,  Antarctica is the driest desert on Earth. 

For now, water vapor percentage numbers are omitted from the simplex equation below.  When it's included to the dry composition, it's known as the Mixing Ratio .  The following numbers generally apply at a relatively constant percentage:   

The Troposphere comprises 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, & 0.93% Argon.  This means that 99.93% of the Troposphere is NOT carbon dioxide.   This furthermore means that co2 is a Trace Gas which is too small in quantity to drive the climate.  In fact, Climate Change has been naturally occurring throughout the existence of the Earth,'s atmosphere, like a roller coaster, despite the level of co2.  

When Climate Change has arrived naturally in years, centuries, and Millennia past, the change has been sudden.  The only possible drivers of such a sudden impact throughout the Earth is either 1} Sun Spot Activity or other solar behaviors which affect the Earth's Magnetic Field or 2} Ocean Oscillation Behavior.  There is no other known factor which would be a candidate in possessing such potential.  

As a pertinent point made in passing, the Sun's Irradiance is NOT a factor, being that it is mostly constant.  Those emissions from the sun which do vary do matter.  At your convenience, look-up Coronal Mass Ejection (CME).  Look up the Milankovitch Cycles.

A Numerical Review  ===>  Firstly, today's level of atmospheric co2 is 418 parts per million, whereas, during caveman days, it was 260 ppm.  In fact, at the end of the most recent major Ice Age, it was 180 ppm.  Today's co2 level translates into 0.042% of the Troposphere.   In as much . . .

 99.93% of the Troposphere (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon) + co2's 0.042%   =  approximately 99.972%

~ ~ ~

This leaves us with approximately 0.028% of the atmosphere which is occupied by the following Trace Gases:

1} Xenon, 2} Helium, 3} Hydrogen, 4} Krypton, 5} Neon, 6} the vilified Nitrous Oxide, and 7} the vilified Methane which, at last count, existed in the Earth's 21st Century atmosphere at no more than 1.889 parts per million.    That's One-Point-Eight-Eight-Nine Parts Per Million.   And Nitrous Oxide, as was previously stated, is 1 part per 3 million, aka 330 ppb ... with the "b" meaning, billion.

Water Vapor:  80% of all greenhouse gases by mass and 90% of the same, by volume.

Now, water vapor exists in variable proportions throughout the Earth's atmosphere, due to the differences in temperature, pressure systems, & land elevations throughout the Earth.  It's presence in the atmosphere ranges from 0.2% to 4%.  In fractions, water vapor is  1/500th  to  1/25th  of the atmosphere.

In terms of a fraction, as of 2022, co2 amounted to 21/50,000th of the Earth's atmosphere.  If you were to compare the atmosphere's molecules to a Rose Bowl audience, 78,000 of the spectators would be Nitrogen, 21,000 of the fans would be Oxygen, 930 would be Argon, 42 would be Carbon Dioxide.  Methane and Nitrous Oide wouldn't even make the scene.

The Cirrus Cloud Factor, a Predominant One

At this point, another revelation needs to be repeated ===> Cirrus Clouds possess far more ability to capture / absorb / retain infrared heat than does co2.  The great irony here is that cirrus clouds are entirely composed of ice.  

In addition, the irony about Carbon Dioxide goes as follows, especially in light of the fact that modern activists accuse it of orchestrating a conspiracy to heat the world to the point of destruction:  In its liquid state, Carbon Dioxide is commercially used as a  . . .  refrigerant.

Inconvenient Goof

Concerning the large CO2 graph that Al Gore presented to the audience at the beginning of his first science fiction movie, that which actually is shown is that temperature first rises.  Then co2 levels follow ... in terms of centuries later.  The rise in air temperature comes first.  Then the rise in co2 follows.

The understanding is that, as the oceans' surfaces warm, evaporation occurs, and more co2 molecules are released into the air.  But, the warming of the ocean comes first.  All in all, claiming what Al Gore claimed about temperature & CO2 . . .

          . . . is equivalent to claiming that "the steering wheel moves the driver's hands."

Now remember, co2 levels have been rising for the past 6,700 years.

 Concerning that time or two when you heard someone say, "If they could tax you for the air you breath, they would do it."   Remember that, the climate doomsayers are trying to do this in the inverted way.  They are trying to tax you for the air you exhale, proverbially speaking.  Well . . . 

The average human exhales 2.3 lbs (circa 1 kg) a day --- 839 lbs a year x 7.9 billion humans = 6,628,100,000,000 lbs  = 3,314,050,000 US Short Tons per year.  It might sound alarming, but 'tis no big deal in the grand scale of the massive-sized Troposphere.  Don't let anyone spook you into Eugenics.

 Most Important Feature of co2 as it Applies to Infrared Light

CO2 has three varying vibration modes, concerning polarity which, in co2's case, is dipolarity.  In one of those three vibrations, co2 is incapable of capturing infrared heat.  This is how & why there can be an ice age during a time when co2 levels are 9 times higher than today.  Such a thing actually happened on Planet Earth.  During the Ordovician Ice Age, co2 levels were more than NINE TIMES HIGHER than they are today.  This negates the Al Gore & John Kerry assertion that rising co2 levels raise the temperature commensurately.

Extremely Important:   CO2 Vibration Modes   <=====


And remember, it has been recognized that the radiative forcing of co2, when it can capture infrared heat, is 3.7 watts per meter squared.  That's a night light.  After all, CO2 is plant fertilizer ... NOT jet fuel.

And remember folks, photosynthesis comes in many colors.

The True Correlation, or lack thereof, between co2 and land surface temperatures:

 In contrast to the predictions of doom, it has been repeatedly observed that, as the co2 levels on Earth rose throughout the 20th & 21st Centuries, the life expectancy of humans also rose throughout the world.  And amidst the political damning of life-giving co2, the Earth has been increasing its acreage of greenery, as well as enjoying rising crop harvest numbers & record crop harvests.  In as much, if you want to go green, you must first increase the co2 level in the Earth's atmosphere. 

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All in all, Carbon Dioxide replaced the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction, as an excuse for creating fear amongst Americans.  The Weapons of Mass Destruction Scare was in 2003 & 2004  The CO2 Global Warming Scare started with the first Al Gore movie, in 2006.  Ever-so-Coincidental Timing.