April 3, 2024

Climate Hysteria now includes lies about Mediterranean temperature history

Climate Hysteria is a diversion that prevented true environmental ills to be remedied

The over-riding intent of this post is to remind the under-informed public that the Number #1 environmental mission is to rescue humanity from the effects of unfiltered SYNTHETICAL CHEMICALS & the such.  This includes [1] Forever Chemicals, [2] certain petro-chemicals, [3] Sulfur Hexaflouride, [4] hormone disruptor chemicals, [5] clastogen chemicals, [6] respiratory sensitizers, [7] dermal sensitizers, [8] respiratory irritants, [9] hepato-toxins --- aka liver cell killers --- such as certain P-450 cytochrome inducers.  And of course, there is also the matter of [10] carcinogenic chemicals to address.  In summary, co2 is your friend.  To sabotage co2 is to sabotage Life on Earth.  (BTW, a clastogen is a molecular substance that severs DNA strands.) 

The Mirror Image of Time

It's Deja Vu Time, 117 years later in one instance, 122 years later in another instance, and 145 years later in yet another one.  Directly below is a 1906 newspaper article that reads a lot like an internet post of today.  It highlights an individual who would be disrespectfully called a climate denier, by the useful idiots of Al Gore & Michael Mann.  In 1906, he was regarded as a Harvard University assistant professor of climatology and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

His name was Robert DeCourcy Ward, and his task was to assure people that no weather event of any type that was transpiring in the early 1900s was part of any apocalyptic package.   History repeats itself, even when it comes to weather events.  This includes heat waves.  This includes mild winters.  This also includes droughts, Chinook Winds, Foehn Winds, cold snaps, blizzards, floods, cyclones, tornadoes, deadly air stagnation, dust storms, ice stacking, glacial melt, glacial gain, and algae blooms that date 
back to Ponce de Leon.  Additional evidence is included herein, dating back to publications of 1901 & 1878, to prove the aforementioned point.

The only difference in today's climate and that which transpired from the late 19th to the mid-20th Century is that the weather events of the past were often (but not always) more intense, and many more people died from them.  Some of the weather events were epic, in as far as went the death toll and the time duration of the disasters, as well as water weight ... and even water height.  

Some of the disasters have already been stated in a list at this Blue Marble Album.  Enough of them were listed at this site, to prove a point.  The point is that Al Gore, David Attenborough, and Michael Mann are blatant liars.  The other point to prove is that Americans and Europeans are very easy to deceive, due to the arrangement of power & influence in the modern world.  

For those unaware, David Attenborough and Michael Mann both publicly stated that the weather was mild for the past one thousand years, until the Industrial Revolution advanced in Europe & America.  However, the Hunger Stones of Central Europe's Elbe River, alone, proves this assertion to be a sick joke.  There were numerous natural disasters, sometimes on a massive scale, in the past thousand years.  It all happened while atmosphere co2 was at a very low level.  Many disasters are already cited at this Blue Marble Album.  That's why there's a search box at the top righthand corner of this site.

Climate is cyclical.  Every type of weather event that transpired in the past 3 years, past 30 years, and even in the past 130 years has repeatedly occurred before --- within intervals of time.  In fact, the Hunger Stones in Central Europe's Elbe River attest to the revisitation of disastrous droughts throughout multiple centuries that each had very low atmospheric co2 numbers.  Yet, in 2016, as if she never read a history book in her life, Sigourney Weaver went on live network television and spoke of recent storms and other weather events, by concluding that, "This we have never seen before."  She was completely out of touch with historic fact.  See for yourself. 
Let us confirm that the weather was brutal 122 to 133 years ago, when the atmospheric co2 count was quite low.  Below is a 1901 newspaper article that gives some details on what life was like, during the heated years that transpired over a century ago.  
Below:  A deja vu of 122 years ago.  Even when it comes to weather events, history repeats itself.  That which transpired in the land of my ancestors in July of 2023 transpired there 122 years prior, when my ancestors were actually living there.  It occurred during several other years too, in intervals of time.  

Below: News article covering an epic heatwave of 145 years ago, when the co2 count was very low.  The newspaper photocopy below is not a mere newspaper article.  It's an obituary.  It's a requiem.  
By now you should understand the message, unless you're an avowed liar with an ulterior motive.  

The Global Warming Scare simply replaced the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction Scare

The claim that climate today is unprecedentedly brutal and is quickly driving us toward the End of the World is a sophomoric con game designed to obtain billions of American taxpayer dollars and millions of NGO grants.  Atmospheric Science is intricate & involved.  It cannot be written off as a simpleton's subject the way in which Al Gore presented it in his very non-factual 2006 movie.  

The first gamble of the Climate Scam people was that you would be too lazy to confirm their doomsday assertions and familiarize yourself with basic weather theory ... or at the very least ... familiarize yourself with weather event history.  

The second gamble was that the mainstream media would help the climate scam people, by hindering all people from presenting to the public the evidence which proves the Al Gore Theory of Climate to be so lacking in bio-markers & climate benchmarks that it was less reliable than a fortune teller's crystal ball.  Limiting all considerations of climate to co2 is a superstition.  It's equivalent to flying a jet without looking at the dashboard of the jet.
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             The following description is that of the mindset of the Millennials' Gen Z subset:

They stand upon the very false concept of Weather Gradation.  It's the concept of Accumulative Effect.  It's the idea of a "tipping point."  It's the concept of temperature or rainfall increasing, segment of time by segment of time, until there comes a storm or heatwave or even drought, where a certain number is reached.  That number then qualifies the world as being in a climate crisis. 

This tipping point number would constitute "a turning point" where the climate activists see themselves as having the right to take control of all national governments and rule the world through the UN.  

Weather Gradation ... or Weather's Accumulative Effect .. or the Tipping Point Number ... is the belief that a rise in atmospheric co2 (all one-half of 1% of it) is causing higher temps and longer rains, as well as higher wind speeds which will kill tremendous amounts of humanity.  It's the belief that weather disasters are increasing commensurately with the rise in co2 --- that the frequency of weather disasters are rising parallel to the rise in co2.  This is super easy to prove false.  But, the mainstream media won't let any of the numerous pieces of evidence be seen.

None the less, the actual word that describes "severe weather events" in academic & research venues is ======> Turbulence.  This is where the law of Pressure Gradient Force comes into play, along with Baroclinic Stability/Instability & Barotropic Stability/Instability.  Severe weather is turbulence.

Here is the fatal error in searching for a tipping point event:  Climate is a trend ... NOT a one-time event.  And it certainly is NOT a "once in a thousand year event."  In the recent hyped-up news reports, weather events were placed in the spotlight.  But, none of those events repeated themselves.

Tipping Point Events are one-time only occurrences, as in once every 5, 10, 20, or 30 years.  Politically minded climate activists look for that one weather disaster, so that they can say, "Gotcha."  They believe that one event will give them license to make all energy grids and sources of power illegal.  Then mankind can resort to burning wood and re-polluting the air in mass quantities, as was being done in the 1800s and half of the 20th Century ... before the 1970s filtration systems were installed.  

Being that it's guaranteed that Communist China will NOT comply with the climate activists, coal will become the most used fuel source.  Cityscapes will then be called, Smogscapes.  Activists are not deep thinkers.  They are emotional powder kegs.

Well, in the Summer of 2023, the Bill-Gates-funded media outlets have been hysterically claiming that the Summer temperatures of the Mediterranean have recently risen beyond anything imaginable ... beyond mankind's ability to survive.  They are claiming that the temperatures of 2023 have never happened previously, meaning that the world has reached a turning point, where you must submit to Bill Gates and the climate activists, thereby allowing them to take over the world and rule you without question.

Now for the truth.  

The Summer temps of 2023 are common, when comparing them to the known history of the Mediterranean.  Now, at this Blue Marble Album, it has already been illustrated (with 32 pieces of evidence) that parts of Africa, parts of Spain, parts of Italy, parts of Mexico, etc, have regions where the temperatures are moderate and even mild.  That which needs to be shown now is that the regions where the temperatures are commonly higher --- aka, the Hot Spots --- are presently hovering around the long-term average, in this Year of 2023, for the majority of the days.  A two-week heatwave does NOT define a landmass & its climate.

Very simply, Rome, Madrid, Athens, Beirut, etc, have all seen 100F, 102F, 103F, etc, time and time, again.  In fact, 1964 was the year of a heatwave so severe in Rome that water rationing was ordered by the local government.  And Athens went as high as 118.4F, in 1977.  So too did nearby Elefsina.  Then, in 2003, the southern Portuguese District of Beja went as high as 117.3F.  Greece also endured notable heat in 1955 and 2007.  In fact, Lamia reached 117F in 1973, and Rome reached 109F in 1901.  So, the heat of 2023 is nothing earth-changing for the Mediterranean.

Being that high temperatures are nothing new in Rome ... or Greece ... the media had to become ridiculously unrealistic with its temperature predictions in 2023, so as to ensure that the Body Politic would be a frightened public.  The media claimed that temperatures in Italy were going to reach 110F and 113F.  Well, Italy is a peninsula surrounded by sea breezes, and inland are mountains.  In fact, Italy hosted the 2006 Winter games.  Thus, in Italy there is the matter of altitude in addition to sea breezes.  

Athens is near water, too.  So, how did it reach 118F in 1977?  ANS:  Athens is in the rain shadow of the Prokletije and Pindus mountains.  It's on the Leeward Side thereof.  This translates into "Orthographic Lifting" & "Adiabatic Heating," from time to time.  Adiabatic Heating and Chinook Winds (aka Foehn Winds and Santa Ana Winds) are already explained here, at the Blue Marble Album.

For the Purposes of this Internet Post

The example for here & now is a city well known for hot Summertime temps --- Madrid.  Showing that Madrid's temperatures of ten, twelve, and fourteen years ago are basically the same as in 2023 will shut down the Bill Gates's con game, at least in the minds of people who have not yet been brainwashed by the Climate Hysteria propaganda.

One more thing:  Climate is cyclical ... like the spherical Earth ... actually like a roller coaster.  And and and, that which causes the seasons is the 23.5 degree tilt of the Earth.  Thus, if you want to change the seasons, you have to change the tilt of the Earth ... not the already-low co2 content in the atmosphere.  In as much, 423 parts per million is 1 part per 2,364.  At 3.7 watts per meter squared, while only 2 of its 3 vibrational modes can capture infrared light, co2 is NOT the king of greenhouse gases.  Water Vapor is.  In fact, Water Vapor is the Emperor of Greenhouse Gases.


The blatant proof which shows that co2 in no way drives the climate is found in the deserts on the 30th parallel, north and south.  It shows that water vapor is the determinant of temperature.  It's quite simple to explain.  In a desert, there is only 0.2% of water vapor in the air.  There is 20 times more water vapor in the Tropics.  Now, during daytime, deserts are oppressively hot.  Yet, when night comes, deserts get colder than one would expect.   

This firstly shows that the only true heating source for 30 degree parallel deserts is insolation --- the sun's rays.  If co2 ruled the atmosphere, then those deserts would remain warmer than they usually are at night.  Very simply, they get cold in the dark, sunless hours, because there is no insolation & hardly  any water vapor there.  This always shows the co2 does not have the warming power that Al Gore claimed it did.  CO2 is a catalyst for photosynthesis and the greening of the Earth ... and even the shallow parts of the oceans.  It's not the flamethrower of doom that Al Gore made it out to be.  Atmost, co2 is a back-up singer.  Water Vapor is the headline singer.

Once again, if co2 were a powerful warming agent, then the deserts would be relatively warm at nights.  And if that's the case, the water vapor would be a nuisance causing more warming than is beneficial.  But, the truth is that there is simply not enough co2 in the sky for it to be a heating system.  Thus, the deserts are deprived of heat at night, because that there is only 0.2% water vapor there.   BTW, cloudlessness at night causes what is known as "radiational cooling."


Concerning Madrid, we begin with the last five days in July of 2010.  That was thirteen years ago.  Q: What do you see?  ANS:  Two one-hundred degree Fahrenheit days, a 99F day, a 97F day, and a 93F day. 

BTW, it never goes above freezing on Mt. Kilimanjaro.  The highest temp to expect there is 20F ...  -6.67C.  Mount Kilimanjaro's condition is based on sublimation, and not melting.  Sublimation is already explained at this Blue Marble Album.

Now, the atmospheric co2 level in 2010 was 390.10 ppm.  As of July 16, 2023, the present co2 level is 421.99.  In 2010, the co2 level was 31.8 ppm lower than today.  However, the temperature of July 2010 was NOT tremendously lower than in recent years, generally speaking.  According to Al Gore and Michael Mann, it should have been lower. 

Let's now go to early July 2010, concerning the days July 6 to July 11..  Q: What do you see?  ANS: Three 99F days, one 100 degree Fahrenheit day, a 95F day, and a 91F day.  Is July 2023 much worse than July 2010?

Let's jump to July 17 to July 22, in the Year 2012.  Q: What do you see?   ANS: One one-hundred degree Fahrenheit day, two 99F days, two 95F days, and a 93F day.  Is this much lower than July of 2023?  Is July 2023 much worse than July 2012?

Now for the 4th of July to the 9th of July, 2013.  That was ten years ago.  Q: What do you see?  ANS: One 102 degree Fahrenheit day, one 100F days, two 99F days, and one 97F day.  Now, is this much different than today?  And . . . did the world come to an end after July 2013?
Let's next jump to July 12 to July 17, 2015.  This was eight years ago, when the co2 count was 18.77 ppm LOWER than today.  Q:  What do you see?   ANS: Two 104 degree Fahrenheit days, two 102 degree Fahrenheit days, and two 100 degree Fahrenheit days.  Now, is 2023 any worse than this?  And, was there a mass extinction event in 2015?  

The climate propagandists are acting as if this type of weather didn't start until 2023.  We survived 1878, 1896, 1901, 1911, 1931, 1934, 1936, 1954, 1976, 1988, 2003, 2012 and 2022.  We'll survive 2023.

Now, in 2015, Antarctica had its largest sea ice extent.  The Winter of 2014 was declared the coldest winter in 40 years.  Somewhere around this time was when New Zealand scientists discovered that the bottom of the Ross Ice Shelf was crystalized and NOT smooth.  Smooth is a sign of melting.  Crystalized ice is the opposite.  All in all, climate is as cyclical as a roller coaster.

Let's now proceed to February 18, 1925, when it was reported that the Gulf Stream's temperature rose 3 to 4 degrees "Centigrade" higher than it was in 1900.  Three degrees Centigrade = 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit, and 4 degrees Centigrade = 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit.  Now, certain media outlets regarded it as the eventual end of civilization if the global temperature rose 2.7 degrees Celsius by the end of the 21st Century.  Well, this temperature rise was surpassed in the first 25 years of the 20th Century, in the long-traveling Gulf Stream.

And of course, the early 20th Century temperature increase was as temporary as a rollercoaster ride.  It's simply not noticed anymore, because Michael Mann hid the decline.  The decline he hid was the temperature decline of the 1940s to the late 1970s.  It's the temperature decline clearly posted on the Briffa Temperature graph which has already been addressed & taught at this Blue Marble Album, with a photo of the Briffa graph, itself.  Also reported in 1925 was that glaciers were shrinking at a total length of 3 to 4 miles.  

This 1925 news report looks exactly like the ones of 2023 ... 98 years later.  Climate is a cycle.  Climate repeats itself.  When it comes to weather events, "it" has all been done before --- especially those events which the modern news outlets claim to be unprecedented and new ... or unprecedented and not seen for a thousand years.  In as much, the April 12 Fort Lauderdale rain was seen as recently as 1950 in Tampa, Florida when it rained more than it did on April 12.  

A number of places in 20th Century America had more rainfall in one setting than did Ft. Lauderdale in April of 2023.  This included Pennsylvania, Texas, and California.  And then there are places where it rained as much (or almost as much) as it did on April 12 in Fort Lauderdale. 

Once again, absorb into your mind the fact that this 1925 newspaper article sounds like (looks like) a 2023 report ... or several 2023 reports.  In the grand pattern of earthly existence, nothing has changed.  It's the same old long-term cycles that keep appearing on Planet Earth ... within alternating intervals of time ... over and over again.

Nothing has changed in over 100 years.  Climate is cyclical.  Period.