April 9, 2024

Crop harvest record highs in 2021, ~the deception of the July 2021 temperature claim, ~Antarctica's coldest Winter was 2021.

Greater London had
. . . Also in 2021, Greater London had its least number of yearly fires in its record-keeping history which goes back to 1966.  In fact, Greater London had at least twice as many fires that it did each year, from 1969 to 2005, than 2021 had.  Moreover, 1976's 60,000+ fires were three times more than 2022's 19,297 fires.  And 2022 had the fourth lowest number of yearly fires in Greater London's recorded history.  Yet, the year prior, namely 2021, had the least number of yearly fires, to the statistical tune of 14,929.

Certain scientists of varying fields, as well as politicians and activists, make surprisingly large sums of money promoting the "Sky-is-Falling-due-to-Man-Made-CO2."  Therefore, they have a massive conflict of interest.  Doubly therefore, you will NOT hear the truth or even counterpoint from them.  

Incidentally, did you ever wonder why Al Gore refuses to debate anyone on atmospheric science?  Well, the answer is summed-up in the following instance:  Al Gore once went on the late night NBC talk show (hosted by high IQ bearer, Conan O'Brien) and Gore proceeded to state that the center of the Earth is millions of degrees.  Try 9,800F to 10,800F.  If the Planet Earth's interior were millions of degrees, it would have long since vaporized, literally.  

Anyway, that one video clip shows how entry-level and how lazy in education Al Gore is when it comes to any of the Earth sciences.  He's simply a con artist who holds an obscenely high amount of money that he didn't have in his possession, until after his very non-factual movie came out in 2006.  That movies' assertions (aka declarative statements) are easy to pick apart ...chess piece by chess piece.

Needless to say, the goal in all the climate exaggerations and in  all the censorship of climate whistleblowers, is this:  To keep all of mankind convinced that a rise in the co2 level will automatically result in a rise in temperature and a rise in "weather disasters;" --- and to simultaneously have mankind believe that all of the weather disasters are caused by industrial factories and the operating of combustible engines, instead of decadal ocean oscillations and/or the Sun Spot Cycle (aka the Milankovitch Cycles) and/or orbital forcing (the slow change in the earth's degree of tilt.)

BTW, the end of the last Glacial Maximum (aka Major Ice Age) came about from heat rising from the oceans.  It took that heat 1,300 years to rise to the top.  To understand that long length of time, you need to understand Eckman Transport (kind of a cork screw rotation of the layers of ocean water, due to the Coriolis Effect) ... and you have to understand the behavior of an ocean layer called the Pycnocline and "density gradients."  All in all, atmospheric science and oceanography are not as simplex as Al Gore made them out to be.  Al gore is what is simplex; not the oceans and definitely not the atmosphere.

Even in mentioning coal, the media only mentions its emission of life-giving co2 in a demonizing fashion, all the while omitting from the conversation the true pollutant in coal --- namely, deadly airborne mercury.  Coal needs high tech filtration processes --- or coal needs a clever natural filtration process that only the common-sensed worker can conjure.

The great outrage of obsessing over man-made co2, in a Troposphere that contains less than one half of one percent of co2, is that the true environmental enemies of mankind are ignored and neglected for the most part.  Today's great environmental enemy is ===>  

. . . the irresponsible distribution & use of synthetic chemicals, as well as the dissemination of any petrochemical that goes unfiltered or unregulated. Add to this short list, the use of toxic construction material and furniture-making material.  Fracking liquid need to be audited and then amended, too. Plus, lead lateral lines count too as toxic enemies of mankind and life on Earth, along with the aggravation of leaded gasoline residuals.  CO2, however, is the friend to life on Earth.

BTW, it was found that the largest cause of diesel particulate pollution was engine part abrasion.  The larger particulates simply succumbed to gravity, while the more light weight particulates floated about.  So, it wasn't a fossil fuel problem as much as a metal abrasion problem.   None the less, petrol requires filtration.

Even at that, before you replace a major commodity of society, you first arrange of its replacement to be made available in abundance.  You do not cut mass populations off of the needed commodity, and expect them to buy things too expensive for the average human, as well as not in an inventory abundance equal to the population.  The most asinine of people are presenting running society.

A review of the contradictions of the corporate advertising media, in its collective man-mad-co2 doom predictions, includes the following:

{1} CO2 levels having been 9+ times higher during the Ordovician Ice Age than today.  {2} The graph presented by Al Gore at the start of his first movie having been narrated backwards, in that ice-cores showed that a rise in global temperatures came first, followed by relatively a small rise in the co2 level.  Plus ===>

{3} The atmospheric physics rule of pressure gradient forcing which means that warm periods do not have hurricanes and other low pressure storms in high numbers.   {4} The Year 2021 having been a year of record high crop harvesting and record high agricultural exportation for India, Australia, and the United States, thereby proving wrong Al Gore's predictions of crop disaster in any heightened co2 environment.

In fact, growers purposely add co2 to their greenhouse air.  Those growers proved that, if you want to go green, you must increase the co2.

Another great irony in co2 is that, in its liquid states, co2 is commercially used as ... a refrigerant.  

Zero major hurricanes made landfall in the U.S. between Wilma (2005) and Harvey (2017)

In fact, the great irony about the first Gore movie is this:  The year after the movie was released, the U.S. did NOT have a major hurricane making landfall on its shores for 12 consecutive years.  The opposite of what Gore predicted in that movie occurred.  It's now 18 years later, and there still has NEVER been a Category 6 hurricane.  Plus, NO hurricane ever rose to the speed of an EF4 or EF5 (T10+) tornado.  Hurricanes did NOT become more intense, in any capacity, as Gore's predicted. 

The hurricane record, alone, proved that Gore was and is a lying & thieving  charlatan.  None of his doomsday predictions ever came true. 

Failed doomsday predictions:::  1} The Maldives did NOT go underwater, but instead, became frequented by financially affluent Arabians who are apparently really really happy with the place.  

2} The Arctic Ocean has not even come close to an ice-free Summer.  The closest to Gore's prediction was 1.32 MILLION square miles of ice remaining intact at the end of the Drought Year of 2012.  That's the lowest. 

3} The previously mentioned "Category Six Hurricane" prediction & the general intensification of hurricanes prediction.   Include the previously mentioned fact that never in known history was there any hurricane equal to an F4, EF4, or an F5, EF5 tornado.

4} Gore predicted that lower Manhattan would go underwater.  Everyone in New York, New Jersey, and everywhere else knows that it didn't do so.

The true carbon footprint left behind by co2.  CO2 is the "going-green" molecule.

Now, there was the relatively recent change of data numbers of past charts, tables, and grafts related to climate and weather. They are now the amended charts & graphs, done in the name of "homogenization."   Thus, the record heat that was reported in hundreds of newspapers in the 1930s is now recorded by NOAA as not worth our attention.  And even though research scholars proved, via proxy evidence, that 1934 was the worst drought in one thousand years, it will no longer indicate this on certain adjusted government graphs of recent.

The De Facto Original Climate Record

Keep in mind that the newspapers of old (as in the weather disaster Years 1871, 1878, 1911, 1913, 1921, 1922, 1934, 1936, etc) additionally reported on the human pain experienced, as well as the heat deaths, the fire deaths, the crop losses, and the mass exodus from cities during heat waves; not just the temperature numbers.  Thus, the newspapers are the original climate record.  

This means that, if today's amended numbers in the charts, tables, and graphs of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration fail to reflect the newspaper reports of the actual temperatures, the pain, and the loss reported at the time of the actual weather disasters, then you have yourself a case of massive fraud, with the motive being the predictable ploy for Congressional money, NGO money, publishing prestige, etc.  

Let us review a couple of these weather disaster allegations which either qualify as outright frauds or as gross misinterpretations of valid data or erroneous data --- and therefore they constitute artificially created media hype designed to capture higher ratings:

Sample #1 of the endless end-of-the-world climate hysteria being once again disseminated throughout the airwaves ===>

August 2021:  Media giant CNN & US government administrator NOAA reported with full certainty that July of 2021 was the hottest MONTH for the entire planet in our collective lifetime.  Now, this would infallibly translate into guaranteed crop failure in major proportions, by September or October of 2021, according to the Al Gore Pretend School of Atmospheric Physics.  This would have also guaranteed that there would be no positive record-breaking crop success anywhere in the same year.  

 Newsflash:  The 2021 American, Indian, and Australian harvests were the opposite of the type of harvest that results from disastrous heat.  NOAA's Rick Spinrad has a lot of 'splaining to do.

Undeniable Fact #1:  The United States Department of Agriculture officially reported that the soybean harvest of 2021 resulted in the United States' all-time record HIGH.  The same USDA reported that the corn harvest of 2021 was near the United States' all time record HIGH.  In fact, 2021 cotton production was up 21% from 2020.   Thus, there was no heat-related weather disaster in the American farmlands, in 2021 ... especially in July.

See: soy at record high, corn near record high, cotton up 21%.

Moreover:   In the Year 2021 . . . in the year that was reported to have had the hottest month of July ever, and which would have infallibly resulted in widespread crop disasters . . .

 The USDA furthermore reported that the United States of America's "AGRICULTURAL EXPORTS SHATTERED RECORDS IN 2021," "eclipsing the previous record, set in 2014, by 14.6%."

 See:  U.S. agricultural exports shatter records in 2021.

In re: India's record rice production 

See:  India's rice exports up 46% in 2021

See also: India's 2021 rice production, 121 million metric tonnes.

In re: Australian Agriculture

 See:  Australian farmers harvest record wheat crop

Antarctica had its Coldest Winter in Known history in 2021

Yes, the supreme asininity of NOAA's doomsday heat claim of July 2021 consisted in the fact that Antarctica ended up having its coldest Winter in recorded history in 2021.  July 2021 was during the coldest Antarctic Winter in history.  This negated everything that the NOAA asserted.

The reason why July 2021 was claimed as such by NOAA was this:  In May & June of 2021, Greenland underwent winter conditions which was the undoing of the co2 Global Warming theory.  Then, in July, Greenland's surface temperature went up significantly.  So, the NOAA used the July temperature record to hide the cold temperature record of the preceding months.  This is a form of deception.

We continue with the sham report (or else the heavily misinterpreted report) about July 2021.  Now, it was reported to have been the hottest month worldwide, in the lifetimes of everyone alive.  Well, observe the temperature reports of the entire month of July 2021, in the following sample of international cities.  So, where is all this man-made co2 driven temperature anomaly doom?

Ladies & gentlemen, I first present to you Mexico City, a place far south of the hot hot southern states of the United States.  Looking at its July temperature record instantly makes you ask, "Where are all the hideously high Summertime doom temperatures, during the hottest July of our lifetime?"   During July 2021, a person literally had to wear a light jacket at night, in Mexico City.

Let's now go to the capital city of the African Congo.  It's called Kinshasa, and it should have been exceptionally hot in that African town, during the hottest month in human memory.  Right?  Well, there was nothing to write home about.  All July 2021 days there were in the 80s Fahrenheit, except for three days in the low 90s.  Two days were at 90F and one day was at 91F.  This does NOT constitute the kind of weather disaster you would expect to witness during the hottest month known to living beings.   

]In all honesty, the hottest of the hot years were 1931, 1934, and 1936.  In fact, the hottest daily temperature ever recorded occurred during 1913.  Hottest months should be located within those years.

We now travel to the African capital of Kenya, Nairobi City.  It should have been super hot there, during the hottest month in human memory.  Right?  Not even close.  In July 2021, there was NOT a day over 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  So, where is all this Kenyan Global Warming doom that Al Gore mentioned in his 2006 movie?  It looks like someone was committing pretty intense fraud, in the making of that movie.

Let's take a look at Los Angeles, in July of 2021.  LA should be a high temperature place during the hottest month known to all the living.  Well, it wasn't.  It was average Summertime temperatures.  Nothing epic. Nothing apocalyptic.  Only one out of 31 days in the low 90s.  You could find this kind of weather up north.

We travel further eastward, to the modernized megacity of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.  It's located at the center of the Western Indian coastline, next to the Arabian Sea which, too, is supposed to be undergoing ocean warming at the hands of evil evil man-made co2.  

Plus, Mumbai is a Northern Hemispheric city, at the same latitude as is Mexico City.  Well, in July 2021 not a single day was over 92 degrees Fahrenheit, and after July 7, 2021, there was not a single day over 89F, in Mumbai.  And remember, there are cities, such as New Dehli and Phoenix Arizona, where temperatures are habitually over 100F, two weeks in succession, even with temps going into 111F or 112F for consecutive days at a time.  Mumbai is not one of them.   July 2021 was a typical month there; not the hottest in memory.

We continue our rotation around the Earth and land in Quito, Ecuador.  Now, this is a place where the angle of the sun makes a direct hit.  So, the hottest month in the memory of every living human should have been one where Quito was absolutely cooking.  Well, there was no heat wave in Quito that month.  Throughout that entire month (July 2021) in Ecuador, it was Autumn coat weather.

I can go further, with numerous examples.  But, hopefully you get the message.  You have been the recipient of distortion and dishonesty, at the hands of power abusers.