May 18, 2024

Come & Learn more of what CNN, MSNBC, & ABC declined to teach you

New England in the Summer of 2023.  Now, does this look like a Climate Crisis to you?

Social Hypnotism 

The Concept of leaving your "Carbon Footprint" in the sky shows that the Climate Propagandists do NOT realize how asinine they come-off to the adult working class.  They come off as asinine buffoons to the men & women who have been working outdoors for years and even decades.  Wings, clouds, kites, and precipitation are what people see in the sky; not hooves.   None the less, in light of the fact that the Earth's atmosphere is already more than 99.9% carbon-free, the endless harping of "carbon footprint" is merely another form of empty propaganda, much like the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction campaign.  

The repetitive use of one-liners is the blatant sign of a brain-washing con artist at work.  It's a form of hypnotism.  In as much, the mainstream media cannot show anything contrary to the prevailing campaign bumper sticker slogan which, today, involves your "carbon footprint."  .

At the Sky High Inn, there is a lot of room for Carbon Dioxide

Now, the Number 1 Proof which shows that co2 is NOT a pollutant is this:  If co2 were a pollutant, then every time you exhaled, soot would be coming out of your mouth.  A human exhales 40,000 ppm of co2 every time he/she fully exhales.  CO2 only exists at 420 ppm in the sky.  This means that you exhale 95 times more co2 into your immediate air space than exists in any equally-sized sector of the sky.  

More specifically, a human usually inhales 0.042% of co2 when outdoors.  But, he/she exhales 4% of it, meaning that the human body makes co2.  The fact that humans and cattle do not exhale soot is the sign that Climate Hysteria is founded upon a fraudulent precept.  However, it took years and years of endless brain-washing to make America's school students disregard their natural observations of life and to live in terror for the rest of their lives.  

The big "however" is that the United States' Occupational Health & Safety Administration officially declared that exposure to 5,000 ppm of co2, for 8 consecutive hours, is the "permissible exposure limit."  That is a concentration of  11 to 12 times more co2 than exists outdoors.  Yet, co2 is presented as the new demon and Michael Mann is promoted as the new Messiah, while Al Gore is treated as the high priest of the new Climate Religion.  

The problem here is that all the vegetation on Earth dies when the atmospheric co2 count goes below 150 ppm.  CO2 is the bringer of photosynthesis.  CO2 is the molecule of life.  Yet, it's treated as the Angel of Death, Doom, & Destruction by the mainstream media.

 ACGIH stands for American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists.
                                            Meanwhile, FSIS stands for Food Safety Inspection Service.                         
Below:  The results of testing done on 36 qualified submarine crew members after exposure to either 600 ppm or 2,500 ppm or 15,000 ppm of co2 exposure, in a "subject-blinded" testing.      The conclusion is that people who are used to levels of co2 higher than outdoor concentrations do well, such as at the 5,000 ppm level.  Those not used to such levels of exposure will have trouble with decision maker, but will  be able to  perform base-line functional tasks.  There's more, including other studies.  But, that is for another discourse.  The bottom line here is that co2 is NOT the hazardous poison Barrack Obama fraudulently made it out to be.                         

So, let's review the molecular composition Planet Earth.  

The atmosphere of Planet Earth comprises:  [1] 78.08% Nitrogen, 780,800ppm   [2] 20.95% Oxygen, 209,500ppm  [3] 0.934% Argon, 9,340ppm  [4] 0.042% Carbon Dioxide, 420ppm  [5] Neon at 0.001818%, 18.18ppm  [6] Helium at 0.000524%, 5.24ppm   [7] Methane at 0.00019%, 1.9ppm   [8] Krypton at 0.000114%, 1.14ppm    [9] Hydrogen at 0.00005%, 0.5ppm   and [10] Xenon at 0.0000087%, 0.087ppm . . . minus .01% to 4%, for Water Vapor.

At this point, do the math.  In as much, the sky outside is composed of 0.0422% carbon.  This would mean that the Troposphere is 99.9578% CARBON-FREE.  BTW, Sulfur Hexaflouride is the most potent greenhouse gas, and it contains no carbon.  However, it's presence in the atmosphere is 2.5 to 3 parts per TRILLION.  However, it's alleged to be 23,500 times more potent at capturing infrared heat than is co2.


Now, yearly co2 emissions due to human activity has reached the 35 to 37 billion tonne mark.  A certain writer whose name will politely be kept confidential stated that 40 billion tonnes of co2 per year would occupy 1,045,911 square miles of Planet Earth 9 yards high.  Well, Planet Earth is 197 MILLION square miles in area, and the height of the Troposphere averages 8 miles.  This translates into 1,576,000,000 cubic miles of Tropospheric space.  That's One Billion, Five Hundred Seventy Six million cubic miles of Troposphere.

Welcome to the Wide World of Mainstream Media's CONSTANT DISPROPORTIONALITY 

Now, a mile is 1,760 yards in length.  Eight miles is 14,080 yards in length.  Thus, 14,080 yards divided by the previously mentioned "9 yards high" translates into 1,564 layers of Troposphere.

At this point, call to mind that the unnamed writer stated that 40 billion tonnes of co2 generated per year translates into 1,045,911 square miles outward & 9 yards upward being occupied by co2.  Also call to mind that the 197 MILLION sq mile area of Planet Earth divided by the previously mentioned 1,045,911 sq mi = 188.35.  At this point multiply the 1,564 layers of Troposphere by the 188 sections of Planet Earth's surface area.  1,564 * 188 = 294,032.  

At a yearly emission of 40 billion tonnes of co2, it will take approximately 280,000 to 320,000 YEARS for man-made co2 to saturate the Earth's Troposphere as much as co2 occupies the atmosphere of Venus.  

Moreover, to make the Troposphere of Earth even reach the 0.1% mark in co2 concentration, 580 ppm needs to be added.  Thus, if the co2 count increased 2 to 3 ppm per year, it would take 193 to 290 years to accomplish this.  That's 1/10th of one percent and nothing more.

In order to raise the co2 count to a mere 1% of the Earth's atmosphere, you would have to add 9,580 ppm of co2.  Thus, if you were to add 3 ppm of co2 per year, from January 2024 onward, it would take you 3,193 years to simply raise co2 to the one percent mark.  If you were to add 2 ppm of co2 to the Earth's atmosphere yearly, it would take you 4,790 years to achieve the 1% mark.  In the atmospheres of Venus and Mars, co2 stands at the 96% mark.  

The lesson here is that the Climate Hysteria propaganda teams scare schoolchildren with disproportionality.  The numbers used to scare children ... and to alarm their parents ... are low for a planet the size of Earth.  

Here's another example:  LIGHTNING:  According to the United States' CDC, lightning strikes Planet Earth an average of 8 MILLION times a day & 6,000 times every minute.  This could sound scary to a vulnerable schoolchild, if a propagandist is trying to frighten schoolchildren.  But, it's an amount of lightning that Planet Earth can easily handle.

One more example involves rainfall:  One inch of rainfall upon one square mile of the Earth's surface comprises 17.4 MILLION gallons of water, weighing 145 MILLION pounds. One gallon of water is 8.333 lbs.  It sounds like terrifyingly high numbers, but the Earth has been handling much wider and longer rainstorms throughout the millennia.  It's no problemo for the Earth.  Yet, a Climate Hysteria activist would try to twist the numbers into an End of the World scenario, frightening youth in the process. 

Enter the Decline of Carbon Emissions in the skies of Integral Nations

The present Climate Hysteria propaganda is that the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, etc must decrease their carbon dioxide emissions, as if they haven't been doing so for years.

Firstly, 90% of all of Planet Earth's greenhouse gases, by volume, is water vapor.  Now, 97% of all of Planet Earth's water is in its oceans.  Plus, the quantity of ocean water on Earth is 352 QUINTILLION gallons.  So, in order to truly decrease the Earth's greenhouse gases, you have to drain some ocean somewhere.  And to where would the ocean water go?

None the less, the emissions of greenhouse gases that are not water vapor have been on the decrease for years in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, and even in Syria.  So, how much more does the modern alliance of America, England, and France have to do?  

Of course, there is not enough co2 in the atmosphere to drive the climate, in the first place.  The climate is driven by the Sun & the Coriolis Effect, as well as the juxtaposition of air pressure systems & the variable types of surface area of Planet Earth.  So, the lesson here is that the media repeatedly hid encouraging truths from humanity once again.  CO2 emissions have been on the decrease in specific nations.  Yet, the people of those nations get no credit.

Let's start with the good ole USA.  Per capita co2 emissions there reached their peak in 1973.  Since then, emissions went on the decline.  In fact, in 2007, co2 emissions in the United States began the process of significantly declining.

Below:  The USA's aggregate (total) annual co2 emissions have been on the decline since 2007,

Below:  The total annual co2 emissions of the UK have been on a steady decline since 1991.

Below: Per Capita co2 emissions for the UK have been on the decline since 1971.  In the 21st Century, the UK's per capita emissions have been on a cliff-like decline.  This means that the UK has long since cut its per capita co2 emissions in half.  Has CNN or MSNBC ever reported this?

Below:  CO2 emissions in North America reached their height in 1973 and then went on the decline.  CO2 emissions there have been on a more pronounced decline since 2005.
Below: Total annual co2 emissions in North America  have been on a steady decline since 2007.

Below: Total annual co2 emissions in France went on a sharp decline in 1979.  It leveled out and then went on a steady decline in the 21st Century.

Below: Al Gore claimed that climate refugees were coming out of Syria in droves.  No, they were War Refugees.  Syria's annual co2 emissions have been on the significant decline since 2008.
Below:  Italy's annual co2 emission have been on a significant decline since 2005.
Below:  The annual co2 emissions of oil-rich Venezuela has dropped significantly since 2013.  Did CNN or MSNBC let you know about this?

Below:  Poland's annual co2 emissions started a significant decline in 1987, before the dissolution of the Soviet Union.  It's emissions then leveled-out in 2001.  Has CNN, MSNBC, PBS, DemocracyNow, or the Guardian ever mentioned this?

Below:  Hungary reached its co2 emissions peak in 1984, before the dissolution of the Berlin Wall.  The annual emissions of co2 in Hungary steadily declined to the point where Hungary's 2013 emissions were half of its 1984 emissions.  This translates into a significant decline.  But, did CNN, MSNBC, the Guardian, or DemocracyNow let the public know this?

Hopefully you've gotten the message, by now.  If not, then view some of the other posts at this Blue Marble Album site.  The media, certain governments, and other public entities have lost their credibility.  You do NOT have to let them bully you into believing what they want you to believe.  You do NOT have to let them bully you about anything, actually.