November 24, 2023

"They" are now claiming that Autumn leaf colors will weaken, due to co2.

From the Climate Whistleblower Corner of the Anti-Brainwashing Unit.  Autumn 2023.
Look at the leaves on the ground, there.  They are very red, and this is an Autumn 2023 photo.  It looks like the PBS  people aren't the masters of knowledge that they make themselves out to be.  Incidentally, there are a dozen  natural setting photos below, along with two city photos ... to prove a point.
 Recently, PBS claimed that the increase in atmospheric co2 will be causing autumn leaves to be dull & lackluster in color, from henceforth.  Well, the first asininity of the PBS editors is that co2 is the reason why generations of trees came into existence, in the first place.  Do you actually think that a co-factor in the creation of trees is the simultaneous killer of trees, in sending them off, into a slow undoing?  Life on Earth is a matter of cycles.  Tree leaves follow a cycle.  Meanwhile, climate on Earth is a cycle.
November 2023.  Leaf colors haven't faded in the rain ... or in the co2 which only comprises 0.042% of Earth's atmosphere.
The second asininity of today's PBS editors is this:  Autumn leaf color will only be weaker than it was decades prior if and only if the Summertime leaf colors of the exact same year are also weak.  However, if you do want to find out if PBS is telling the truth, then simply go outside next autumn and look at all the trees yourself.  You do not need a heavily funded scientist to tell you what you are seeing.

In the early 2020s, in the entire 2010s, and in the years surrounding the turn of the Millenium, satellites and humans ... as well as wildlife ... saw very green leaves throughout Planet Earth.  In fact, NASA officially reported that the rise in co2 made the Earth greener.  Very green summertime leaves result in very colorful autumn leaves.  All that PBS can do is brainwash you into thinking that the new autumn leaves you will be seeing just aren't as colorful as they were when you were a kid.  It's all a brainwashing technique.  Been there.  Done that.  Nothing new about this approach.

One more very important point:  The more the co2 that is in the atmosphere, the less the water that is needed by the vegetation on Earth.  See:  Stoma or Stomatae --- Photorespiration --- C3 Plants such as rice, soybean, spinach, tomatos --- C4 Plants such as sorghum, maize, sugar cane, yams.

In addition, undoctored photos of recent Autumns can prove or disprove the most recent climate assertion made by the mainstream media.  So, what happens when the undoctored Autumn photos of 2024, 2025, and 2026 show vivid Autumn landscapes?   If that occurs, then PBS will have to find a new way to drain the life out of all the schoolchildren of America and make them relentlessly feel dread.
Autumn & its non-faded colors, 7 years after the Al Gore movie told us that co2-driven climate doom had arrived.  If I'm still on Earth, and if that building is still there, I can photograph it next autumn, to see if there has been much change since 2013.

The media apparently does not realize how annoying this type of report is to the common working man.  In fact, the media doesn't realize how annoying their obsession with climate indoctrination is.  Every year is declared the hottest year ever.  The vast majority of temperature reports come from heavily asphalted venues where jet engines, in all their heated glory, rule.  Why don't the radio stations report the temperature of nearby grasslands or woods?  After all, asphalt is the Number 1 retainer of solar heat.  Therefore, at present, radio stations are only reporting on the Urban Heat Island Effect.

The extremely high amount of forest fires in the late 1920s, entire '30s, and early '40s were deleted from the fire frequency graph, during the Biden Administration years, while youths --- whose only reality is the cell phone --- deny that massive acreage burned during the Roaring Twenties, the Dust Bowl Days, and at the start of WWII.    The new graph starts at 1983.  That is the year of the least forest fires in American record-keeping history.  Thus, the Bidens wanted to deceive us all into thinking that 1983 was an average year ... and that all of the following years had a trend of rising wildfire frequency, due to the burning of fossil fuels.

Certain collegiate youth, in their school-board-certified delusions, were bolsterous enough to claim ... even in writing ... that the high number of yearly fires of the first half of the 20th Century never existed.  Well, these youth are the true deniers of reality & textbook material.  Needless to say, these climate deniers were too foolish to realize that the newspapers, magazines, logs, coroner registries, county building administrators, and almanacs of the Forest Fire Era all reported on the vast amount of American acreage that was burning.  That knowledge was NOT hidden from humanity.  So, you cannot deny such a truth as widespread as the one which reminds humanity that there were significantly more wildfires of the United States in the first half of the 20th Century.  

Add proxy evidence to the forest fire equation.  This includes the forests that were newly formed in the late '20s, the entire '30s, and the early '40s.  As a note, keep in mind that the end of one forest, due to fire, is instantly the beginning of another forest.

Enlightening video:  Why certain naturally occurring wildfires are necessary --- TED-Ed

As an example of the many droughts & famines that did occur during the centuries when the outdoor co2 count was much lower than today, the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society published the following paper: 

The abstract of a peer reviewed paper:  Climate and the Global Famine of 1876-78

Now for Antarctica

Then came the  Winter of 2023 and the claim that Antarctica was experiencing an "extreme melting" event that hasn't happened in the past seven million years.  Apparently, the people who published this claim didn't realize that this was during the time of the year when there is no sun in the Antarctic sky, to melt anything.   This has been the most asinine and buffoonish lie told thus far by the climate hysterical society.

Winter in Antarctica is the long-term time of darkness, when the sun is never seen above the horizon.  In fact, some of the 2023 Antarctic Doom news articles were accompanied  by daylight photos of partially melted ice in a body of water.  Well, those were not photos of Antarctica in the Winter of 2023 or during any other Antarctic Winter.  This is because there is no daylight in Antarctica, during its winter months.  Antarctic winter photos are photos of darkening twilight and extended nighttime.  Con artists aren't very smart; especially the young ones brainwashed by Al Gore, Michael Mann, and the American Public School System.

That which made this the most sick joke thus far is the fact that, in 2021, two years prior to the doomsday report, Antarctica had its coldest winter in recorded history.  In order to understand why it gets so cold at the Poles, look-up Circumpolar Vortex.  If you learn at least the basics of atmospheric science, you won't go through life with a sense of dread.  You'll see that the Climate Hysteria people hyper-exaggerate, in their changed charts and graphs, as they erased any statistic that destroyed the co2-global-warming narrative --- that disproved Al Gore's theory of total planetary control by a molecular compound that amounts to 0.042% of the Earth's atmosphere.

Florida was the destination for another climate con game

The climate hysteria people then reported the temperature of Florida Everglade water that spills into the ocean near the Hwy 1 Bridge to Key Largo.  They never mentioned that the true ocean water was literally 15 degrees Fahrenheit COLDER than was the Florida Everglade water.  

Then comes long-term adulterer Charles III who long-ago predicted the End of Mankind in a "96 month" countdown and who was completely wrong in his prediction.  He now has a new countdown clock, as if he were the prophetic expert of the ages.  And keep in mind that this is a con artist who took wedding vows in front television cameras, while have no intention on being faithful to his wife.

The endless End-of-the-World climate countdowns are extremely annoying to those of us who worked outdoors throughout the past two or three decades and who saw all types of weather.  Those people are --- we are --- the people who know what has been occurring in nature for the past 10, 20, and 30 years.  Such working-class people have much more experience with the climate than do comfy computer modelers and the stereotypical geektoid, dweeb-ridden nerds whose reality has been the cell phone and the texting app.  

Centuries of Witch Hysteria & Witch Trials Prove that Weather Disasters were the Trend

Of course, Michael "hockey sticks" Mann & David "I am the Walrus" Attenborough assured humanity that the climate was calm and mild for a thousand consecutive years before the Industrial Revolution.  Well, there were numerous weather disasters throughout the time said to be calm by Mann & Attenborough.  The chronicles, almanacs, captain's logs, and newspapers of old reported on numerous disasters during that specific time span.  Then comes proxy evidence.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, during the Little Ice Age, women in Northern Europe and in the Alp region of Europe were either torched or hung or fatally submerged in the tens of thousands, for "Making Weather."  Drastic weather events were occurring repeatedly, when the co2 count was extremely low.  Someone or something needed to be blamed.  So, alleged witches were blamed.  

Incidentally, the co2 count at the time was 276 ppm to 283 ppm.  Today the co2 count is 420 ppm.  Thus, the era of the Witch Trials occurred when atmospheric co2 was 144 to 137 ppm LOWER than today.  This proves that co2 does NOT cause major weather disasters & atmospheric turbulence.  It proves that Al Gore, Michael Mann, David Attenborough, and Charles the Adulterer are invalid in their climate declarations.  And you must admit that there has got to be a measure of psychopathic tendencies in grown men who think nothing of frightening schoolchildren with Climate Doomsday talking points.

The outdoor working-class people know that the obsessively endless End-of-the-World "climate doomsday" reports are a collective swindle --- mostly done for American taxpayer dollars.  In fact, there is a movie called, "The Great Global Warming Swindle."  It explains how Margaret Thatcher tried to use the co2 Scare to defeat the coal miner labor unions.  It also illustrates that a rise in atmospheric temperature usually precedes the rise in co2.  And quite frankly, the time intervals of co2 quantity change in the past millenia has been insignificantly petty -- small -- inconsequential -- nothing apocalyptic -- no big deal.


It will help you understand the concept of weather disasters by understanding that such things are all a matter of ATMOSPHERIC TURBULENCE.  This involves the textbook-defined law of Pressure Gradient Forcing.  I already explained this in other posts.  Others have explained this quite well in their  internet posts.  Involved is "baroclinic instability/stability" and "barotropic instability/stability."  Understanding 'vorticity' and the Coriolis Effect is needed, as well.  Plus, "Eckman Transport" (an ocean motion phenomenon) is entirely based on the Coriolis Effect.

Understanding the three "vibrational modes" of co2 is also needed, especially in understanding that co2 is incapable of capturing infrared heat while its stretching motion is "symmetric."  It furthermore helps you to understand that cirrus clouds have significant infrared heat-retaining capacity.  So, what is King Charles going to do about it?  Ban clouds?  This has been explained in previous posts at this particular site and elsewhere on the internet by very competent people.  

There are some really good websites & video channels in this world, involving true climate science, history, language learning, math & geometry, athletics, physical conditioning, nature & herbal studies, forestry, chess, agriculture, carpentry, music, archeology, aerodynamics, satellite technology, and more.  The real threat to Planet Earth's survival are nuclear weapons.  The true environmental emergency today is the glut of synthetic chemicals in societies and anything that emits unfiltered out of a coal power plant.  

Filtration science does exist.  So, you don't have to panic as Al Gore, David Attenborough, and Michael Mann would love to see you do.  Actually, they merely want you to surrender and submit to them, as their puppets.  However, you only need to ignore them and live.  In fact, live and let live.  Where there is life there is always hope.

I could explain the science of Autumn leaf color change later.  It's elementary, Watson, and it includes the science of chlorophyll.  I can even use a Smithsonian Institute writing on Autumn leaf color change.  I'll categorize this post as a "to be continued one," unless I find it too petty to address.  

One point to make here:  As far as goes autumn leaf colors, it depends on the species of the tree in focus.  Leaf color change is NOT arbitrary.  It's not a Las Vegas dice toss.  Leaf color change is also dependent upon latitude, altitude, and moisture content.

1960 = World Population of 3 billion.  2023 = World Population of 8 billion

Being that there are many more people on Earth today, much higher crop yields are needed.  Thus, longer growing seasons are needed throughout Planet Earth.  PBS mentioned that autumn leaf color change has been coming later than in previous decades.  If true, then that is a relief.  That's encouraging.  

Planet Earth needs longer growing seasons and NOT another Hitler exterminating the inconvenient people and the much much hated Jews.  Yes, genocide is not the cure to any population problem.  Concerning this, would you have ever expected to see in the United States the return of Hitler's Jew Hating Brown Shirts?  America turned Nazi Germany into the craters of the moon.  Yet, under Biden came organized Jew Hating in the good ole US of A.  Why is this happening?  Is it because the Israeli politicians didn't pay Joe Biden enough bribery money?  And of course, I state this pursuant to NY Times v. Sullivan.

Glaciers not Conducive to Record Crop Production

Keep in mind that no crop ever grew on a glacier.  Even concerning the claim of glacier meltdowns, I previously illustrated that Glacier National Park goes through a long time span of snow plowing every year, meaning that it's not Miami weather up there yet.  

This and the entire American West is for another post, due to the writing space needed to address the climate fraud being done in the name of the American West.  For now, it suffices to state that it is a false light hyper-exaggeration to claim that alternating drought conditions amongst subsections of the same one landmass constitute a long-term drought of the entire landmass.  It only constitutes a temporary & separate drought condition for each individual subsection of that landmass.  

Very simply, the Climate Doomsayers hyper-exaggerate everything to the point of constituting deceit.  Perhaps you noticed that every weather event reported in the past two years was reported as a never-before-happening End-of-the-World event.  An example is the claim of Forth Lauderdale having a once-in-a-thousand year rainstorm.  There was a far worse rainstorm in Florida in 1950, and in a few other years, there were comparable Florida rainstorms.  There were several worse rainstorms in America in the past one hundred years than in Fort Lauderdal in 2023.  There most certainly was NOT a once-in-a-thousand year storm in Florida, in 2023 ... or anywhere else in America.  

Concerning glaciers, in early November 2023, I spoke in person with a northern Indian Himalayan native.  When I said, "And I guess that the glaciers in the Himalayas are melting," his response was, "Getting bigger."  He was personally there.

Michael Mann has repeatedly been proven to be a teller of false tales, along with David Attenborough.  This is especially the case concerning the claim that the climate of Planet Earth was mild for a thousand consecutive years, until the start of the Industrial Revolution.  Mann should have been dismissed from his employment posts.  However, it's apparent that Mann was given his posts, in order to solidify and reinforce the Climate Doomsayers' lies.  So, it blatantly seems as such . . . ALLEGEDLY ... "in my opinion."  (So stated as such, pursuant to NY Times v. Sullivan, 376 US 254, 1964.)

BTW, a private citizen in the US may give his opinion of a public figure without being censured, censored, deleted, sued, fired, expelled, etc.  My opinion of Michael Mann is that he is a heartless con artist; heartless for what he did to Tim Ball.  

Also BTW, the last time Dr Tim Ball wrote to me, he stated that he intended to go on a tour and tell audiences what torment Michael Mann made him endure.  Unfortunately, Tim became too ill to do so.  He died shortly thereafter.  

Mann sued Tim, because Tim said that "Michael Mann is teaching at Penn State, when he should be in the State Penn."  Well, Mann does deserve to be brought to justice.  The available means today is in the False Claims Act.  This is an act for whistleblowers which was enacted during the American Civil War of the 1860s.  Incidentally, the entire American Civil War was fought during a drought, when atmospheric co2 levels were quite low.

Smithsonian and Federal Funding

If I do post a Smithsonian Institute writing on Autumn foilage, the reason why is this:  Concerning the Smithsonian Institute articles, know that the Smithsonian is heavily funded by United States taxpayer dollars.  When you perform a function with a public effect that advances "a compelling government interest," while being funded by American taxpayers, you are "acting under the color of law" --- no pun intended with the mention of color.  The point is that it's not a copyright violation to copy something that came into being by means of your tax dollars.  There does exist the concept of Public Domain in American law.

Climate Con Artists

"Annoying" is the best way to describe the Climate Indoctrination People.  They pick at every little thing, in the hope of terrifying you into begging your senators to throw billions of dollars more toward the climate change campaigners --- toward the climate hysteria profiteers.  Meanwhile, the true environmental nightmare, namely the irresponsible glut of synthetic chemicals throughout society, goes ignored by the Climate Indoctrination People.

Below, all photos are either mine or were given to me by close friends in Australia and Massachusetts.  You can look at them, to see if there is any sign of a ruptured climate ... or a climate swindle.

For now, take a look at real encounters with the outdoors.  To base one's scientific stance on computer models, while never looking out the window, is the act of being at variance with reality . . . being disassociated with reality ... being not ratified by experience ... being unproven.  

And of course, the Climate Hysteria movement bases its horror stories on  [1] computer models and [2] the claim of irreversible "feedback mechanisms" that will increase something that will cause runaway Global Warming.  However, most feedbacks in nature result in negative effects . . . not the overproduction of an event such as a Category 6 hurricane.  For the record, Al Gore's prediction of the Category 6 hurricane being common never came true.  There is no such thing as a Category 6 hurricane, unless you want to recategorize the legendary hurricanes such as 1969's Hurricane Camille.  

Incidentally, you youths out there need to study Hurricane Camille.  It was epic.  It occurred when the atmospheric co2 count was 95 ppm LESS THAN what it is today.  In as much, 1969 = 325 ppm.  2023 = 420 ppm.  This translates into 1969 co2 being approx 77% of what it is in the atmosphere today.  This also translates into atmospheric co2 in 1969 being 22.6% LESS THAN what it is today.  

The point to make is that major weather catastrophes occurred century after century, when the co2 level was very very low.  To claim that the rise in co2 causes more natural disasters is a major lie.  The rise in co2 will cause you to have to pull out more weeds and to rake more leaves.  However, it will cause more hemlock and atropa belladonna (deadly nightshade) to grow.  So, you better ban all co2 and make Al Gore king.

Eastern Australia, October 2023 (Australian Springtime.)  As El Nino proceeds, grasses in Australia will be getting drier ... not because of co2 ... but because the Trade Winds are presently not travelling East to West.  Indonesia experiences dry weather during El Nino, too.
Massachusetts, October 2023.  What?  This isn't colorful enough for PBS?
They lied and lied and lied again and again to Greta.  That was a form of child abuse.
Ten years prior, in Western Pennsylvania.  Is this not colorful enough for PBS?
The following year, at Cuyahoga National Park, in Ohio.  Is this not autumny enough for PBS?

Western Massachusetts, in the Summer of 2023.  This doesn't look very much like the Enod of the World to me.  How about you?  After all, where's the weakened & faded green foilage?  Where's the parched & whithering foliage?  This is a place where you can appropriately sing the opening song of the Sound of Music in front of a film and/or video crew.
Near Chicago, the Summer of 2018.  Where's the faded foilage there?
Even butterflies remain colorful today, from my personal experience.
Back to Cuyahoga National Park.  This is the definition of going green, compliments of CO2.
So, is this not colorful enough for PBS?  
Back to Massachusetts in 2023.  That is a carpet of leaves that are red on one side and whitish on the other.  Or are they not red & white enough for PBS?
The Univ of Pittsburgh campus in the mid-2010s.  It looks a lot like the Autumns of the 1960s & 1970s.  All in all, PBS should conduct a class called "How to Transmit Bull Crap 101." 

BTW, Pittsburgh is where public broadcasting was founded.    This photo is located a few blocks from the world's first public broadcasting TV station.  Technically, it was regarded as the first community-sponsored educational television station in America, back in 1954.  PBS pioneer, Fred Rogers, lived in Pittsburgh and did his shows for WQED, Pittsburgh.  The idea of PBS reporting anything with straight-foward honesty, minus any propagandist's slant, is a nostalgic idea.