May 20, 2017

The Vicious WalMart Cycle

Let us begin with the Vicious WalMart Cycle:

WalMart has been importing slave labor merchandise since the mid-1990s.  It was
in the mid-1990s when Sam Walton died, along with his motto of "Buy American."
The exploitation of foreign labor contributed to the loss of America's livable wage
jobs by the millions, as well as the accumulative half-trillion dollar per year United
States Trade Balance Deficit, and the loss of 60,000 manufacturing outlets.

The people who lost their livable wages jobs could no longer afford basic household
necessities above the lowest priced items.  Thus, those who lost their livable waged
jobs on account of WalMart and other exploitative corporations ended up becoming
dependent upon the same WalMart and similar exploitative retail outlets who caused
the unemployment, in the first place.

The Newt Gingrich Catch 22:  Tell this to the closest Sarah Palin follower

The more powerful WalMart became, the more unemployed the American work-
force became.  The more powerful WalMart became, in its exploitation of foreign
labor, the more dependent upon WalMart merchandise became the unemployed 
of America, because they couldn't afford anything else in America's retail world.
WalMart and other unfairly advantaged corporations caused the unemployment
in the first place.   

As a result, overseas workers became WalMart's slaves, as well as did the workers
stationed on the lowest end of the American totem pole.  This is the Newt Gingrich
Catch-22.  Gingrich was the Speaker of the House when NAFTA came into being,
resulting in America no longer being a manufacturing nation.  Of course, the law
of nature is that any nation the size of a continent (possessing temperate climate)
must be a manufacturing nation or it will become a coast to coast version of Oliver
Twist's England.  Except for Dick Cheney & George Bush II, no one caused more
damage to America than did Newt Gingrich.

As a qualifying statement, international exchange ... if it's fair and non-criminal ...
is good.  In fact, it's a necessity.  However, being an accomplice to labor exploita-
tion is NOT cultural exchange.  It's the suffocation of it.
1 Yi Jiao
Due to the Gingrich-based Republican Party of the 1990s, as well as the president from
the former slavery State of Arkansas, humanity saw an Arkansas-based WalMart trans-
form from a "Made in the USA" corporation into the most nightmarish labor exploiter
in world history.  Slavery made its way back to Southern living, via proxy.  It was a
suspicious coincidence that an Arkansas corporation gained retail mogul status during
the presidency of an Arkansas native.

Bill Clinton, the least democratic of the 20th Century Democratic presidents, mocked
those who objected to the crime against laboring humanity that he signed into law.  He
described the conscientious objectors as isolationists.  Bill Clinton committed defama-
tion and set the stage for the Battle of Seattle.  He made these people sound paranoiac,
illiterate, and inbred.

There was no cultural exchange occurring in the trade practices that the Gingrich Con-
gress authored.  Nor was there economic exchange, being that the exploited workers
of Central American and Asia could not afford to buy American.  It was one-way im-
porting and one-way buying.

Americans were expected to furnish their own American homes with merchandise from
China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, El Salvador, & Guatemala, as well as the cocoa
fields of the Ivory Coast.  But, workers from labor abusive nations were not expected to
buy American, in any type of fair exchange.  In as much, it was untold audacity to call
the new form of labor exploitation Free Trade.  Newt Gingrich and his associates need
to one day be brought to trial in an international court of law.  He and they need to be
Nuremberged.  He did nothing but destroy a lot of American dreams and created a lot
of foreign nightmare scenarios which even recently occurred in Bangladesh.

Wal*Mart's unfair trade advantage was the same unfair advantage given to all of the
U.S. corporations who ended up sending manufacturing overseas.  It was the same
unfair trade advantage that the slave-owning South had over the North.  That injust-
ice lead to an extremely bloody war.

The more powerful Wal*Mart became, in suppressing American workers' ability to
find livable wage work, the more dependent upon Wal*Mart became the cheated
American workers.  As far back as 2010, it was easily ascertainable that the five
principle Wal*Mart heirs held as much wealth as did the bottom 41.5% of Ameri-
cans.  In 2007, it was 30.5%.   The amount is approximately $89.5 billion.

The Wal*Mart heirs hold the money owed to underpaid sweatshop workers and cheat-
ed Americans who lost business opportunities and jobs.  Americans can't hired other
Americans at 85 cents an hour.  Incidentally, when slave labor importation began, it
began during the Reagan years.  The wage paid to the adult workers was 24 cents a
hour.  In 2010, Cantonese worker made 75 cents an hour.

One more thing:  A tree is known by its fruits.  If American corporate management
could get away with paying Americans as little as they do Bangladesh workers, what
makes you that they wouldn't do so?  The practice of paying extremely low wages in
America occurred throughout the 1890s and turn of the century.  The South spent a
number of centuries not paying their African workers.

May 16, 2017

The multipler effect, the SNAP food stamp program, and the TEA Party's mask of religion in condemning food stamps.

In September 2013, a well-fed
and highly paid Republican U.S.
House members voted to cut the
SNAP allotments of the disabled,
the elderly, the working poor, and
children by $39 billion/10yrs, all
the while doing nothing to lower
food prices or to create jobs.

Having the poor endure the George
Bush II economy wasn't enough
suffering for them, apparently.
The present state of affairs show that the only effective thing that TEA Party Re-
publicans are doing is turning the lower economic strata of America into an out-
casted population of Acceptable Loss.  Yet, all that they have to do is end the on-
going rise in the Trade Balance Deficit that has been rising to the tune of a half
trillion dollars per year for decades.  It's done by bringing back to America or its
territories the lost 5 million jobs and 60,000 lost manufacturing enterprises that
vanished at the hands of Newt Gingrich, George Bush, and other Republicans
who served the very rich at the expense of the very poor, the working poor, and
those one step from poverty.

None the less, macro-economic behavior is such that a food stamp program takes
zero dollars out of any national economy.  Rather, such a system serves as a stim-
ulus program, on account of a mathematical phenomenon known as the Multiplier
Effect.  It's one of the first things taught to college economics students. 

November 1, 2013:  An automatic decrease of $5 billion in food stamp allotments
went into effect.  It was the result of a 2009 stimulus feature expiring.  Therefore,
it was a matter of reducing a percentage of the SNAP food stamp budget to the tune
of 5%.   Now, this decrease is in addition to the $39 billion SNAP budget reduction
which still needs to be passed by the US Senate and signed into law by the president.

U.S. House Republicans failed to cooperate with the Senate in passing any jobs bill,
and they simultaneously neglected to do what is needed to trigger a decrease in food
prices that rose during the Great Recession and remain hovering at a level too high
for the present American Economy.  Yet, in keeping with their economic incompe-
tence, as if to be purposely sabotaging the U.S. economy for the sake of those who
fund their re-election campaigns, House members succeeded in getting food stamp
benefits cut, as if no one really needs food for survival.  All the while, the reduction
will reduce grocery retail incomes.

An Illustrated Version of the Multiplier Effect
The multiplier effect involves the dominoes effect of spending the same one
dollar and how much that dollar travels in a string of consecutive purchases.
It is the flow of money in a society, resulting from spending.  It's measured in
relation to a change income and a responding change in what is known as the
multiple propensity to consume; the MPS.  Translated into English, the MPS
is the repeated likelihood of a certain percentage of your income being spent,
as opposed to being saved.

The formulas involving  this are reminiscent of hieroglyphics, at first look.
But, the concept is simple logic and it permeates throughout economic math.

The multiplier effect of the food stamp program is such that, for every food
stamp dollar spent, $1.74 in economic activity is generated.  This translates
into business income being generated.   Thus, businesses throughout Ameri-
ca will lose approximately $8.5 billion in income, on account of the Novem-
ber 1 food stamp allotment cut.  Grocery stores lose out when food stamp al-
lotments are reduced.  Thus, food stamp cuts reduce a nation's GDP.

Now, former Reagan budget director, David Stockman, pointed out that the
congress appropriated far too much money on military spending, even to the
point of saying on-air that America can defend itself on $400 billion a year,
instead of the $689 and $633 billion plus CIA, NSA, & HLS costs of recent
years.  This $400 billion mark was the usual budget during the Clinton years.

During the Bush and TEA Party years, however, the military price tag became
obscenely high, equaling the accumulative military budgets of the next 22 high-
est military spender nations, as I illustrated in 2011 research on military spend-
ing.  In as much, the proper compromise between TEA Party spending and
economic expert David Stockman's recommendation would be $500 billion.

Incidentally, all that you need to know is entry-level economics, in order to see
how erroneous the Republican Party platform on economics is.  Only when it
comes to derivatives, juxtaposing ratios, and advanced Cost Accounting do you
need an advanced prowess in econ.  None the less, you don't have to be an eco-
nomics expert to understand the overall picture of a nation's economy.  He only
have to be a man of goodwill, a person with a sense of decency, someone in
possession of a conscience.

None the less, the Southern congressman who went on national TV and claimed
to have been an economics expert on account of having raised a family was en-
tirely asinine.  This is because there are different phases and categories of eco-
nomics, such as Macro-economics, Micro-economics, and International Eco-
nomics.  Running a household in micro-economics.

Economics expert, David Stockman, knows economics efficiently and he under-
stands the mechanism of the multiplier effect on an economy. The SNAP food
stamp program increases the multiplier effect.  Meanwhile, tax cuts given to the
greed-stricken wealthy takes money out of the circular flow of currency such
that the money which ended up in overseas tax havens and foreign sweatshop
investments cost America 5 million jobs and 60,000 manufacturing outlets.

In memory of the Pittsburgh steel industry which dissolved in the smelter of Reaganomics.
The obvious on-air liars of the Right Wing, such as Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly,
and the Glen Beck who admitted that he does ZERO FACT CHECKING, kept
stating that food stamps go to lazy able-bodied people who have large TV sets,
autos, cell phones, etc.  Well, the vast majority of recipients are children, the
elderly, and the disabled, as well as those who do work but are underpaid.  In
fact, 5,000 active-duty military personnel were reported as being food stamp

Concerning children on food stamps, there are red state regions where the per-
centage of them are high ... according to PBS.    This is especially the case in
Rush Limbaugh's native state of Missouri.  In as much, red state TEA Party
voters are sabotaging their own businesses, especially their grocery stores.
There are simultaneously being vicious to children, the elderly, & disabled.
Below is a very partial list from the pertinent PBS publication found at:

              Percentage of children dependent upon food stamps

The $39 billion food stamp reduction vote:

The vote of September 19 was very close; 217 to 210.  The House of Reps voted to
delete $39 billion from the food stamp budget for the next ten years.  Ironically, the
farm subsidies which yearly range from $15 to $35 million will be kept in tact.  The
hypocrisy is that the Republican Party did ZERO to reduce the cost of food which
started elevating during the Bush Recession.

The estimate is that approximately 3 million Americans will become ineligible for
any food stamp allotment, and 850,000 will have their allotments reduced.  Furth-
ermore fifteen Republicans actually voted against the cuts.   Due to the sequester,
the Meals on Wheels program already was reduced. 

Ignoring the Multiplier Effect:  The TEA Party Way

Despite the existence of the Multiplier Effect in the universe of mathematics, Ted
Cruz, Michelle Bachmann, the overpaid & airheaded Sarah Palin, Stephen Fincher
and other TEA Party politicians ignore it.  Interestingly enough,  the aforementioned
persons all adhere to the "Evangelical," "Born-Again," "Fundamentalist," "Southern
Baptist," "Neo-Confederate," "Tent Revivalist," "Saved" religion of the extremely
backward, crass, isolated, segregationist, anti-federal, and rural culture of White
Anglicized America.

In this religion, its adherents believe that each one has the power to interpret the
Bible on his/her own.  So, they decided to take out of context one sentence of the
Bible, as an excuse to take away needed food from the needy, while not reducing
their own congressional pay checks and/or speech fees by even a penny.

As if to be establishing a religion ... namely the religion of Southern slave owners,
cross burners, lynch mob coordinators, and segregationists ...  they also made sure
to keep active the subsidies that gained for Southern Congressman Stephen Finch-
er $3.48 million.

The quote Fincher and Bachmann blasphemously used out of context came from
Saint Paul.  He was writing to a community whose members included people who
believed that the End of World was a few days to a few months away.  This belief
was erroneous, because it contradicted the prophecy that the Faith spread by Peter
and the apostles would first be spread throughout the entire world, before the world
would come to an end.  So, Paul wrote that he did not advise that anyone who was
unwilling to work should be a part of the dining tables ... until they stopped believ-
ing that the world was soon to come to an end.

Concerning the true Christian religion, and NOT the one disfigured through the
centuries by those who broke away from original Christianity, the following is
what the Son of Man will say to those consigned to eternal damnation at the end
of the world, after the Resurrection of the Dead. It directly hits at the heart of the
miserly mindset of the TEA Party Republican:

Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you accursed, into the
eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.  For I was hungry and you
gave me no food, I was thirsty and you gave me no drink, a stranger and you
gave me no welcome, naked and you gave me no clothing, ill and in prison, 
and you did not care for me.’

Then they will answer and say, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty
or a stranger or naked or ill or in prison, and not minister to your needs?'
He will answer then, "I tell you solemnly, what you did NOT do for one of
these least ones, you did not do for me."  And these will go off to eternal
punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.” 

According to the Bible, therefore, Stephen Fincher, Michelle Bachmann, and oth-
er TEA Party Republicans are on the road Hell.  At this point, keep one more thing
in mind:  The Bible, the Fathers of the Church, the Doctors of the Church, and the
Papal teachings always refer to Jesus the Nazarene as Christ the King and NOT as
Christ the Republican.  That's King and NOT Republican.  In fact, Christ is surely
not referred to as Christ the TEA Party Republican.  Thus, the TEA Party claim
that Christ was the quintessential TEA Party Republican is literally blasphemy,
according to true Christianity, and NOT the grotesque caricature of it that accom-
panied Cross Burnings, Lynch Mobs, and the 2013 shutting down of the United
States government.

Bill O'Reily and his Doctrine of Hatred

Bill O'Reilly was wrong in his audacious assessment of Christ.  In fact, he claim-
ed that Jesus never said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."
Well, contrary to non-physician O'Reilly's assessment, crucifixion does not cause
suffocation.  Roman crucifixion results in hypovolemic shock and the complica-
tions involved with it.  If it involved suffocation, then Roman convicts wouldn't
have lasted days on their crosses, at times.  O'Reilly, filled with the hated with
which he is, denies that Christ has mercy.   So, he called the Gospel authors liars,
as if he is now the true voice of truth.

O'Reilly calls himself Catholic, but the center of Catholicism is the Mercy of God.

Thus, in denying that Christ ever said, "Father forgive them," O'Reilly lies. He
lies, due to the hatred that consumes him.  In addition, Bachmann and Fincher
misinterpreted one Biblical sentence, as a ploy to intimidate the public into think-
ing that giving Stephen Fincher $3.48 million is the will of a God who will crush
you, if you don't give Fincher $3.48 million taxpayer dollars.

Concerning this, a FoxNews regular went on air, and as a propaganda ploy, he
asked if food stamp recipients feel shame for using food stamps.  This ploy sug-
gested that food stamp allotments are a disgrace.

ANS:  Food stamp recipients feel a number of things.  They feel hungry and/or
wracked and/or drained and/or burdened and/or one step away from destitution
and/or relief.  Food stamp recipients also feel the cancer and/or the aging and/or
the severe-level asthma attacks and/or the muscle weakness and/or the back pain,
and/or other physical pains.  Yet other food stamp recipients feel their tininess and
frailty, concerning those in the childhood age group.  The children felt hunger too.

One thing is for certain:  The FoxNews people,  morbidly obese Limbaugh, the
admitted alcoholic Glenn Beck who equally admitted to having done ZERO fact
checking all feel no one's pain.  Let it be repeated.  They feel no one's pain.  They
are the ones in the state of delusion.

Of course, the Republicans, dating back to Ronald "Rust Belt" Reagan, stereotype
food stamp recipients as blacks driving Cadillacs.  The truth is that 36% of the food
stamp recipients of America are white.  One point to make at this point is that food
stamp money goes back into the American economy.  Romney's money went to the
Cayman Islands and Switzerland.  Thus, what Romney did damaged America in its
time of need.  What food stamp recipients did was spread money amongst the groc-
er industry.  Incidentally, over 60% of Republicans were indifferent to the idea of
the United States defaulting on its debts.

A couple weeks of the TEA Party way cost America $24 billion.  They should, by
law, be required to reimburse America.  This is because what they did was intention-
al blackmail.  One would state that they are immune.  However, in the presence of
malice, there is no immunity.  What they did was malicious ... or so stupid that they
have the moral duty to resign from their posts, being that they proved that they do
not do what they are doing.

May 15, 2017

The Reagan Presidency = Deficit Spending Every Year.

I was having a conversation with the executive of a very well known corporation
whose commercials are on TV and whose products are probably in your home.
This individual has an MBA, and we've conversed on a regular basis, whenever
she would fly-in from Chicago.  This is because she is one of the officers of the
moderate-sized construction corporation for whom I work.

Yours truly:  This is where I had the conversation with the
corporate vice president of a very well known corporation.
Incidentally, construction trailer offices can look very "lived in."
Well, shortly after New Year's Day 2015, she flew in from Chicago as she often
does, and we got to talking.  She suddenly said that the Reagan presidency had
budget surpluses.  I then explained to her about Reagan tripling the national debt
and other economic misfortunes that happened under Reagan's watch.  We then
changed the subject.

Anyway, I realized that the lies of the Republican Party are still being reiterat-
ed throughout corporate America and even corporate executives are believing
the lies in good faith.  Therefore, it's time to once again ring out the statistical
truths of the Reagan Years which were an encompassing act of sabotage upon
the United States economy, except where the inflation rate was involved.  We
will re-begin with the fact that 100% of the Reagan Presidential Years were
marked with record DEFICIT SPENDING.

Here is where I had the enlightening conversation
with the Chicago-based corporate exec.

We will adjourn to a work of gentlemen from the University of California at
Santa Barbara.  Their names are Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley.  They
are the compilers of the American Presidency Project and their statistical
outlay of surplus/deficit spending per president can be found at:

Out of respect for copyright law and ethics, I only copied and pasted the stats on
Ronald Reagan.  When you do study him as I did, you find that he is the Great
Republican Lie ... the Republican Con Game ... the Republican Sham.  Present-
ing Reagan as the God of the Universe was the result of diverting from Ameri-
can memory the hideous presidency of George Bush II who literally can be de-
fined as a War Criminal, pursuant to one of the six counts of the Nuremberg
Trials, namely War of Aggression.

If Reagan were the god that the Republican Party made him out to be through-
out the 2008 and 2012 elections, the Republicans would have been singing
Reagan's praises before the Bush Years.

When surveying the national debt through the years, the important statistic is
the budget deficit as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product.  That stat was
lowest during FDR's first five years, George Bush II's second, third, and fi-
nal year in office, and Obama's first three years in office.

At this point, the following excerpt is to prove that Reagan most certainly had
wall-to-wall deficit spending.  In fact, all of the years of deficit spending sur-
passed the one hundred billion dollar per year mark, and no other president up
to that time ever surpassed $79 billion in deficit spending.  In conclusion, you
cannot believe anything that the Republicans say about Reagan.  You have been
duly forewarned.
Ronald Reagan

        ReceiptsOutlays       Surplus


May 14, 2017

Trickle-down Reaganomics is Oligarchy; NOT Democracy

The United States government was
designed to be a bicameral federal
republic; two legislative chambers
in two tiers --- state and nationwide.
It's foundation stones were electors
& representatives who were meant
to check and balance the senate.

The US government was never de-
signed to be a democracy.  Nor was
it designed to be a corporate dictator-
ship of lobbyists.  Decision-making
was intended to involve more than
1%.  Reaganomic Trickle Downism
is unAmerican.  The idea of wealth
trickling from a few is repugnant.
It leaves the majority of Americans
unable to steer their own destinies.
The trickle-down mindset only values a human life according to each individual's bank
account holdings.  The trickle-down theory reduces life's goal to nothing more than the
ringing-up of a cash register, thereby showing how uncreative, vain, lifeless, and void
of personalities the present-day wealthy are.  All that they can think of is getting a hand-
ful of surrogates with loud and disrespectful mouths to badger and harass the middle
class and poor who already have more than enough burdens to carry in life.

In addition, the George WMD Bush years proved that Trickle-down Reaganism does
NOT work.  The trickles went overseas, to places such as Mitt Romney's Swiss and
Cayman Island bank accounts, as well as to numerous low-waged nations, for the sake
of giving an unfair benefit to a few who leech off of burdened sweatshop workers
who operate as slaves throughout the earth.

It's extremely anti-American to limit the decision-making process to a mere 1% of the
population, all the while expecting hundreds of millions of North and South Americans
to be powerless sheep, subject to the whims of ultra-rich people who, in reality, only
hold ultra-wealth because they either profited from underpaying workers and/or over-
charging customers and/or unfair commercial advantages that only they were granted.
The bottom line is that the rich hold the wealth owed to underpaid workers and over-
charged customers.  This is why Nuremberg-type trials continue to emerge.

In a previous article, I mentioned the thesis statement of the truly successful:

You don't have to work hard, you have to work smart(ly).

Well, there is one more feature that separates the successful person from the
non-successful one.  It goes as follows:

It's not what you know that counts.   It's who you know that does.

The diatribes of those who spoke for the wealthy, in contempt of the burdened in
society are the diatribes of those who leech off of the wealthy, in the form of cor-
porate media payroll checks. These people do not go on air and assassinate the
character of the burdened for free.  Also keep in mind that the head of FoxNews
is a repulsively obese individual who shows himself to be as lazy as laziness itself,
in said obesity.  That is to say that FoxNews people work for a pig ... literally.
In fact, Republican politicians cow-tow to the rich, only because the burdened
middle class and poor can't as easily fund their re-election campaigns.  In similar
fashion, the same middle class and poor can't as easily pay the ridiculously high
salaries to radio talk show hosts, television commentators, and similar operatives.
Therefore, right wing bully pulpit radio talk show hosts go about lambasting and
ridiculing the burdened,  assuming that they personally don't get any self-seeking
benefit from the poor.

It's the poor and middle class who work for the holders of wealth.  Therefore, it's
the working poor who make wealth for the wealthy.  The rich don't create more
jobs.  The working poor do so, in enabling more sales and consumer demand.  In
as much, the right wing radio talk show host who lambasts the working poor has
been benefiting from them, in that the talk show hosts' paychecks are signed by
those who benefit from the working poor.  This is the ultimate ingratitude.  In fact,
this is why things such as the French Revolution occurred in the past and is in the
process of reoccurring in the present tense, on an entirely different continent.

Keep in mind that the Tunisian Revolution already came and went, having started
the ball rolling.  The Occupy Wall Street movement was the warning shot fired
across the bow.  The rich of today, like the aristocrats of Louis XVI's court,
paid no heed.

The bottom line is that anything which shrinks the number of people involved in
America's decision-making processes is un-American, anti-patriotic, & treason-
ous to the ideal of We, the People.  America is supposed to consist in We, the
People, and NOT We, the 1%, along with an entourage of our loud mouthpieces
who hog the air waves as much as possible.  This means that Ronald "Triple the
National Debt" Reagan, George "WMD" Bush, Dick "Waterboarder" Cheney,
NAFTA Newt Gingrich, Rush "Viagra Smuggler" Limbaugh, and Mitt "Cayman
Island" Romney have thus far been the most anti-American & unpatriotic people
you've seen and heard in the past 34 years.  They have been antagonists to the
vast majority of Americans  ...  for decades. ____________________________________________________________

May 13, 2017

Ronald Reagan, the Great Liar ... not great communicator.

Hundreds of millions of Americans need
more than a Reaganomic trickle.  They all
need the main stream.  The rich never create
jobs.  Only shoppers do ... only an increase
in demand does.

The Communist Sweatshop Dictatorship of
China has proven that it's falsehood to state,
"If you built it, they will come."  The dozens
of newly built Chinese Ghost Cities prove this
to be so.  Reagan is the one who opened trade
with Communist China, claiming that it would
become a capitalist nation.  Communist China
only become more ruthless & irresponsible.
Even though Establishmentarian & Closet Republican Hillary Clinton would have
been far worse as president, at best, Ronald Reagan was a very mean April Fool's
joke.  At worst, his numerical record tells the tale.  The worship of Ronald Reagan
was false-advertising hype, for the new conservative Republican Way.  It was/is a
way where only the rich who need no help are helped all the more.  Meanwhile, the
working poor were left to endure all the more heavily weighted burdens.

Incidentally, keep in mind that Hillary was a Goldwater Girl, she was the loudest
advocate of the economic crime against humanity known as NAFTA, and she did
not believe in due process of law and fair trials, as it applied to Northern African
heads of state whose overthrows literally resulted in anarchy and a slave trade in
that Northern African nation.  In as much, White Anglo-Saxon Protestants such
as Hillary Clinton and George Bush mangle nations when they intervene in them.
The wrongest people have been in power for too long a time.

Keep in mind that the original Republican platform was low military spending.
The Republican party of Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Gerald Ford was
completely different than that of today.  Today, a Republican is locut eating
up the land.

Contained herein are links to a number of newspaper articles written about Ronald
'S&L Crisis' Reagan during the actual Reagan years.  Those articles are journalism
at point zero range, chronologically speaking.  They constitute journalism complete-
ly free of time distortions and altered historical accounts.  They serve the function
of the evidence that Reagan was neither the great prophet, nor the enlightening sage,
nor the fearless warrior that the right wing world made him out to be ... that he was
NOT Mount Rushmore material, to state it politely.

Reagan caused a lot of harm to Americans who weren't the richest of the rich.  He
caused so much harm to America that the Reagan years consisted in picking up the
pieces of American wreckage, after he signed something into law or set forth an
executive order.

            By his life and by his deeds, Reagan taught us one thing:
. . . that the exceptionally stupid lie an exceptional amount of times.

For those of you brainwashed into believing that Ronald 'O-Ring" Reagan was the
greatest man to ever live, the following links will provide you with an eye-opening
and mind-liberating education.  Reagan was a chronic liar during an era when there
was no internet fact checking capability.

The news articles linked from this page are in the Must Read status.  Included are a
few commentaries written around the general time span of Reagan's 100th birthday.
They mostly concentrate on how much of a liar Reagan was.  Those added articles
are also Must Reads.  They'll answer all questions but one:  When did Reagan not 
lie?  If you were there, in the Reagan years ... and if you were not a yuppie ... you
would understand.

As an added preparatory section:

Under Reagan, in 1985, the U.S. became a net debtor nation for the first time since

In fact, in 1985, the United States became the largest debtor nation on earth.  Yet,
when Reagan entered office, the U.S. was the largest creditor nation on earth.

In contrast, under Gerald Ford, the United States was the second largest exporting
nation in the world.  Plus, under Gerald Ford, the number of Americans living be-
low the poverty line diminished.  Despite this successful economic state of affairs,
Reagan ran against Ford in 1976, as if there were cause to do so.,6797126

Under Reagan, from 1981 to 1983, the number of Americans living below the
poverty line went from 31,822,000 to 35,303,000.  The comfortable Ronald
Reagan was NOT one of them.
In 1987, the U.S. was still the top debtor nation on earth.  Reagan kept making
America weaker.,6267900&dq=reagan+america+largest+top+debtor+nation&hl=en
In 1988, Reagan's last year in office, the U.S. remained the top debtor nation.,121573&dq=us+world%27s+top+creditor+nation&hl=en
The Ronald Reagan propaganda machine made it sound as if the state of the Ameri-
can economy was consistently improving with time.  Well, Reagan entered office in
January of 1981.

1} The worst unemployment rate since the Great Depression emerged.  2} As was
previously mentioned, in 1985 the US turned from top creditor nation to top debtor
nation.  3} What wasn't mentioned yet was that, also in 1985, the first of many S&L
bank failures occurred.  It resulted in a bank holiday being declared in an Ohio where
the deposit-insurance reserve had been drained.  4} Then came the following year,
when the Tax Reform Act of 1986 was signed into law, along with the repeal of a
real estate investor's "passive activity deduction" which turned the Ohio S&L Crisis
into an eventual national phenomenon, in combination with fraud, deregulation, and
Reagan's obsession with decreasing inflation, while not keeping the prime interest rate
down.  5} The piece de resistance of the Reagan Years occurred on October 19, 1987.
That was when the Stock Market Crashed.

This leads us to the ultimate and quintessential question for the Reagan Propaganda
Machine:  What Reagan Recovery?

Black Monday: 25th anniversary of 1987 stock market crash; ABCNews, 2012

Reagan's Leadership, Too, Was Questioned After 1987 Stock Market Drop;
NPR News, 2011

A Brief History of the 1987 Stock Market Crash with a Discussion of the Federal
Reserve Response;  issued by the Federal Reserve Board, 2006
The Savings & Loan Crisis began on Reagan's watch, and eventually cost the Ameri-
can taxpayer $124 billion.  Now, the S&L Crisis and the Stock Market Crash occurred
late in Reagan's presidency.  Therefore, they were the product of Reagan's configura-
tion of the economy (his sabotage of it.)  Furthermore,  being that they occurred so
late in his presidency, he couldn't blame them on Jimmy Carter.
The commentaries written in the vicinity of Reagan's 100th birthday are also posted
here, after the 1960s, 70s, and 80s articles.  A few articles written at the turn of the
century are also linked here.  The 100th birthday commentaries were published by
the various media entities with the intent to inform the world that the adulation of
Ronald 'Iran/Contra' Reagan was nothing more than lying propaganda, in order
to deceive humanity into making the obscenely wealthy more obscenely wealthy.
Here is the block of Reagan-era articles: 

Reagan's Liar Charge Backfires, by Drew Pearson  1967 (famous writer at the time.)
Article of paramount importance, showing Reagan to be the quintessential liar:

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *,3419605&dq=reagan+liar&hl=en
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  *
Callaway Cites Reagan's Past; Concord Monitor article in Nashua Telegraph, 1975.
Another article of paramount importance, showing Reagan contradicting his rhetoric.
Callaway was Gerald Ford's 1976 campaign director.,5553232&dq=reagan+national+debt+poll&hl=en 
Reagan: Credibilty Gap, by Jack Anderson; St. Petersburg Times, 1967,5589852&dq=reagan+credibility+gap&hl=en

Seventeen years later ...

Reagan's Credibility Gap; Schenectady Gazette, 1984,3331713&dq=reagan+credibility+gap&hl=en

Now, observe:  Twenty years later ...

Reagan's Credibility Gap; Glasgow Herald, 1987,3142601&dq=reagan+credibility+gap&hl=en 
Reagan Scandal Probe; TheVillage Voice, 1976.  The article begins as follows:

"There is a storm brewing which will provide major embarrassment to former
Governor Ronald Reagan.",3301495&dq=reagan+scandal&hl=en
President (Jimmy Carter) says that Reagan Lied,
and pulls out the record to show it.,37883&dq=reagan+lied&hl=en
Reagan's Unemployment Thicket; Milwaukee Journal, 1982,85225&dq=reagan+unemployment+rate&hl=en 
Reagan:  Job Rate 'Tragic';  Pittsburgh Press, 1982, two years after Reagan was
sworn in as president.,3010082&dq=reagan+unemployment+rate&hl=en
10.8% Jobless Rate Highest Since 1940; Palm Beach Post, 1982,2268825&dq=reagan+unemployment+rate+10.8&hl=en
Deficit Picture Worsens; 1982 NYT News Service,4866000&dq=reagan+deficit+lied+national+debt&hl=en

Civil Rights Protection Down, Records Show; Bangor Daily News, 1982
(Illustrates that Reagan lied when he said that his administration processed civil
rights cases more frequently than the Carter administration.),4912193&dq=reagan+numbers+contradict&hl=en
Reagan backs gas tax hike; Youngstown Vindicator 1982,2984038&dq=reagan+lower+wages&hl=en
Still Unemployment Rate Confounds Reagan Aids; Spokesman-Review, 1983,1829364&dq=reagan+unemployment+rate&hl=en
Indians call Reagan liar, deceiver; Lakeland Ledger 1983,354705&dq=reagan+liar&hl=en

News articles about polls taken in 1987, an Iran/Contra year:

Most in poll believe Reagan may be lying; Mohave Daily Miner, 1987,1826341&dq=reagan+lied+iran-contra&hl=en

Poll finds most think Reagan lied on knowing, Pgh Post Gazette, 1987,5801538&dq=reagan+lied+iran-contra&hl=en

Poll still shows Reagan lying on Iran/Contra; The Miami News, 1987,4733433&dq=reagan+lied+iran-contra&hl=en

Poll:  North telling the truth, Reagan lying; Pgh Post Gazette, 1987,3745682&dq=reagan+poll+truth&hl=en

Iran-Contra Hearings; 
A Majority in New Poll Still Find Reagan Lied on Iran-Contra Issue, NYT 1987
The quintessential article which summarizes the failure known as the Reagan ad-
ministration, written while Reagan was still president is found through the follow-
ing link.  It's titled, The Sad Legacy of Ronald Reagan, and it's brought to you
through the Ludwig von Mises Institute, 1988:

Articles written after the Reagan years:

Reagan broke promises and lied; others pay; Wilmington Star (NC) 1990.,343057&dq=reagan+broke+promise&hl=en
Reagan (was) behind lies, (Oliver) North says; Milwaukee Sentinel, 1994,7373083&dq=reagan+lied+iran-contra&hl=en
(Oliver) North said he lied to protect Reagan's role in Iran/Contra;
based on a 1994 CBS Face the Nation interview.,7601288&dq=reagan+lied+iran-contra&hl=en
Observe how Reagan was not the iron lion he was made out to be;
how he waffled like Romney, the other intense liar:

Reagan:  Marines to stay in Lebanon; Pgh Post Gazette, Aug 1983,6952425&dq=reagan+lebanon+marines&hl=en

Marines prepare to leave Beirut; Deseret News (Salt Lake City), Feb 1984,3020961&dq=reagan+withdraw+from+lebanon&hl=en
Reagan's Legacy:  Homelessness in America
Published on Friday, March 10, 2000 in The Nation:

Ronald Reagan Was Many Things,
But Most Undeniably He Was A Pathological Liar,
by Eric Alterman
The Reagan Fraud, by Jeff Riggenbach, 2009
Why not let Reagan rest in peace?  Because many of the most 
serious problems facing America today began on his watch,
by Peter Dreier  2011

May 2, 2017

Blue States pay more tax dollars than they receive.
Red States receive more tax dollars than they pay.

Blue State metropolises are the givers, tax-wise.
Red States, their farms, and military bases are the takers.
Republican States do the tax dollar consuming, on a net basis.  The Democratic States
do the tax giving, on a net basis.  In as much, if the neo-confederates of the South were
to incite their people into enough of a frenzy to once again secede from the Union, the
South would quickly go bankrupt and became insolvent.  The South has been leeching
off of the North and the West Coast, all along.  Quite frankly, the South would literally
do us a favor, if it were to secede from the Union.

The truth of Northern giving and Southern taking is evident by the fact that blue states
are far more populated than red states, and blue states house pivotal metropolises.  Big
cities are the treasure chests of tax revenue.  The farms and military bases of the Repub-
lican states, on the other hand, are NOT treasure troves of tax dollars.  Furthermore, all
military spending yields negative returns on investment.  Meanwhile, American farmers
live off of metropolitan areas, in the form of 1} taxpayer subsidies, 2} taxpayer-funded
operational loans, 3} metropolitan customers who eventually purchase their produce,
even if it be in an indirect way.
The diatribes of the Republican Party are now almost universally proven to be lies.
For example, under Democratic presidents in general, more jobs were created than
under Republican ones.  Yet, the Republicans boasted for years that Democrats lose
jobs, while Republicans create them.  The Republicans lied ... repeatedly.

When it comes to deficit spending, Reagan and Bush II were the kings of it.  Obama
and Clinton saw notable reductions in fiscal spending to the point where Bill Clinton
actually enjoyed three years of fiscal surpluses.  Yet, the Republicans claim to be the
party of fiscal responsibility.

Perhaps the Republicans don't know 1} that  Reagan tripled the national debt, 2} that
George "Read-my-lips" Bush broke his promise of "no-new-taxes,"  3} that George
Bush II sent America to the brink of disaster, 4} and that the Republican-controlled
House of Representatives passed the spending budgets of the past 2 3/4 years that it
ended up damning, even though they amounted to reductions in the rate of spending.

Of course, Clinton didn't inherit the state of anarchy that Barack Obama did, and the
very white Southern Clinton didn't have the chronic sabotage of his financial policy
that the American-born Anglo/African Barack Obama endures to this hour, in the
presence of Johnny Rebs and Confederate flags on Pennsylvania Avenue.  Well,
there is yet another Republican assertion that turned out to be a myth.  It goes as

Fiscal Transfers, state by state, red and blue

Statistically and factually, it turns out the the Democratic States are the givers and
Republican States, in general, are the takers, when it comes to federal income taxes.
Of course, there are two exceptions.  At this point, absorb this:

Republicans spent the past 30+ years damning the Democrats, while placing halos
on their heads, claiming that the Democrats irresponsibly take Republican dollars
and throw them away in their democratic "welfare" States.  This is a lie.  Observe:

Pursuant to the world renown U.S. News & World Report, the following states con-
tribute the most in net income tax dollars, meaning that they give more than they re-
ceive.  These are the Tax Producing States:

1} New Jersey,  2} Nevada,  3} Connecticut,  4} New Hampshire,  5} Minnesota,
6} Illinois,  7} Delaware,  8} California,  9} New York, 10} Colorado.

Examples of the list above go as follows:  For every dollar New Jersey paid in feder-
al taxes, it received only 61 cents in federal subsidies.  For Nevada, it was 65 cents.
For Connecticut, 69 cents was given to it, for every dollar in federal taxes its citizens

The States that took far more federal income tax dollars than they contributed are
the Tax Dependent States:

1} New Mexico,   2} Mississippi,   3} Alaska,   4} Louisiana,   5} West Virginia,
6} North Dakota,   7} Alabama,   8} South Dakota,   9} Kentucky,   10}Virginia.
Virgina and New Mexico are military and federal research states.  After all, New
Mexico is where the first nuclear detonation occurred, under the auspices of the
United States government.

Some examples:  For every dollar that Mississippi residents paid in federal tax, they
received $2.02.  Alaska received $1.84 for every dollar its citizen paid in federal in-
come tax, showing how much of a liar Sarah Palin was, in making it look as if the
State of Alaska pays its own way through life, when the truth is that it was one of
the largest taxpayer dollar recipients in history.  None the less, for every dollar of
federal income paid by Louisianans, they received $1.76 in federal subsidies.

So, let's absorb more considerations, at this point:  New York, the home of New
York City, along with Illinois, the home of Chicago, are stereotyped as welfare
city-states that leech off of good hard working farm folk from the heartland.  No,
Rush Limbaugh followers, you need to learn how to read more than NASCAR
programs.  The farmlands of America have been making their profits off of the
northern and west coast metropolises, all along.

New York, Chicago and other northern metropolises, along with the "Left Coast,"
have been carrying the Southern Baptist States, all the while being damned by the
neo-secessionist Southerners and recipients of farm subsidies.  That is to say, if
there were no northern and west coast metropolises, there would be no heartland
of America.  This illustrates that Supply Side Economics is an illusion.

Now, North Dakota is important to feature, because of its low unemployment rate.
In as much, it's low unemployment rate was a result of federal tax dollar subsidies,
and neither Reaganomics nor Capitalism.  In as much, for every dollar in federal in-
come tax that came from the State of North Dakota, $1.68 was given to it.  Thus,
North Dakota is a Taker-State, and not a bastion of capitalism.

US News & World Report defined blue states as those where Obama won the elector-
al college votes in the 2012 election.  Red states are those where Romney won the
electoral vote.

Incidentally, FoxNews outright lied when it stated that Romney won the popular vote.
Obama won the popular vote by 3,500,000 votes.  This is one of numerous instances
where FoxNews, due to its chronic lying, should be stripped of it license and taken
off the air.  They are literally as bad as the Nazis, the Soviets, and other dictatorship
propaganda machines. 

A Review of One Reason why Democratic States Fund Republican States

A mathematical reason why the Blue States keep the Red States alive is because the
population of the blue northern state heavily exceeds that of  Red States.  In addition,
there are more metropolises in the blue states, and a metropolitan is a heavy source
of tax revenue source.  In as much, if the saber rattlers of the neo-secessionist South
actually did start the second American civil war, the South would quickly undergo
economic disaster.  This is because the North and California would cut off federal
funding to the South.  The Blue States have been bailing out the Red States, in
terms of tax dollars, for years. 

April 23, 2017

Putting an end to the very Fictional 9/11 U.S. gov conspiracy accusations

For the record,  I'm in construction and I am
very familiar with the power of gravity.  I
was almost killed in a trench wall collapse.
Later, I knew that a certain brick wall was
about to explode, and I had about ten se-
conds to run to safety.  Then ... kaboom.
The World Trade Towers succumbed to
gravity and weaked A36 steel.  Period.
I have a lot to do and have very little time at the moment.  So, perhaps can start
with the following video and learn how common-sensed and predictable was the
collapse of WTC Building #7.  This can spare you from being an embarrassment
to your friends and family.  There's more to add, in order to show you that there
was no controlled implosion, otherwise known as RDX (Thermite) demolition.
The evils of America are in front of everyone's face.  You don't have to look for
darkroom conspiracies.

By the way, concerning the claim that no fire can severe steel beams, uhhhhhhm
we used a torch in government contract work to sever A36 steel beams.  We used
fire to cut steel in half.  So, listen to the ones with experience, as opposed to those
who never was involved in any type of structural work.    10 Q Berry Mulch.


In January of 2014, while I was in Florida, I spoke with a retired carpenter who did
work on the NYC World Trade Towers in the 1970s.  It's confirmed.  Both towers
were made from weaker-than-needed material, and the design was something much
to be desired.

The carpenter spoke from memory and correctly described the design of the towers
as was published in print.  For example, he mentioned the notably small windows on
the outer walls of the towers, as well as the fact that the elevators & stairwells were
in the center of the buildings.  He also mentioned how narrow the hallways were, in
relation to the width of each tower.  So, this man was clearly credible & on target.

The retired carpenter also stated that the Trade Towers weren't intended to be any type
of architectural masterpiece, on account of the fact that the Port Authority was the de-
signer and developer of the project.  He even went as far as satirically saying that the
Trade Towers were of such a sophomoric design that it was a surprise that the Towers
didn't collapse sooner than they did.  He, all by himself, had enough fire power in his
narration to debunk all conspiracy theories attached to the fall of the World Trade Ctr
Perhaps you know the psychosis It's the accusation that the United States government
purposely detonated the World Trade Center towers, as an excuse to invade Bin Laden's
cave in Afghanistan, and even Iraq, in an eventual chase for fantasy WMDs.  Well, the
outlay of stats on the Trade Towers illustrate that the previously mentioned accusation
is a fallacy of the highest degree.  In addition, the United States government would not
sabotage it's own war headquarters in the process, namely the Pentagon.

The World Trade Center theory of an American government demolition conspiracy is
the result of prolonged distrust of a government which repeatedly lied to its citizens
throughout a time span ranging from:  the 1950s Operation Paper Clip days, to the
1950s McCarthysm days, to the Vietnam days, the Agent Orange days, the Water-
gate days, the Iran/Contra days, the Savings & Loans crisis days, the Iraq WMD
fraud, along with the Mortgage Crisis and the cause of, the Great Recession.

The WTC theory is merely a sign of our tabloid times.  It's also a sign of Americans
being so bored with life that they exhilarate themselves by adhering to melodramatic
fiction, such as was the case with the Mayan calendar scare of 2012.

Americans need to deep-six their conspiracy theories and composite paranoia.  That
which needs to be addressed are the injustices blatantly in front of everyone's face.
The borderline psychotic conspiracy theories that you hear on the all night coast to
coast tin foil hat show are nothing more than the diversionary tactics which keep
humanity from righting the wrongs sitting directly in front of mankind.  They are
campfire ghost stories, and the radio show is so popular, because everything else
on nighttime talk radio is so incredibly boring.  For now, however, people need to
understand the following things about each of the two World Trade Center towers
which actually did pancake in September of 2001

The Anatomy of the Trade Towers

The core of each tower was essentially hollow, in that the cores housed the elevators
and stairwells of the towers.  There was no interior wall and no corner-to-corner brac-
ing involved.  The main structure of each tower was a hollow tube comprising close-
ly spaced steel perimeter columns.  The floor trusses were supported by the columns,
and such a design is why the towers fell as they did.  The towers fell from the top
downward.  Demolition involves taking out the supporting structures near and at
the ground floor level.  Thus, there was NO demolition involved on 9/11/01.

In combination, the floor trusses and perimeter columns of the towers formed a steel
lattice which acted as a wind brace, thereby keeping the central core unaffected by any
wind.  Plus, the central core was NOT a part of the main structural system.  The job of
the central core was to support the gravity load imposed upon the building, all the while
supporting the elevator system of each building.  Each system comprised more than 100
elevators per tower.  Incidentally, the outer face of each tower handled horizontal stress.
This translates into handling the wind sheer.

The Trade Towers were extremely light weight, in comparison to their heights which
vertically spanned slightly more than 1,360 feet (415 meters.)   Of each tower's  110
stories, six of them (per tower) were underground.  Each tower was built on landfill.
The bed rock existed 65 feet below ground level.  None the less, a semispherical ex-
cavation was performed, followed by coating the bowl-like hole with a slurry contain-
ing bentonite clay.  The clay's purpose was to keep the Hudson River out of the towers.
However, the danger wasn't going to come from the river.  It would come from the sky.

The reason why the debris of two 110 story buildings comprised a height equivalent
to a few stories was because of the existence of spacious air between the light weight
materials.  According to journalist Jackie Craven, the NYC Trade Towers were 95%

Now, the outer box was 208 x 208 feet (63 x 63 meters.)   On two parallel sides of
the 208 feet span was 120 feet of open plan office space.  On the other two parallel
sides of the towers were 70 feet of open office space, thereby illustrating the hollow
tubular nature of the tower.   In fact, the inner core measured 135 x 87 ft.

Concerning the hollow nature of the towers, the underground car park of each one
held a capacity of 2,000 automobiles, in spacious parking allotments thereof.  Yet,
amidst the spaciousness was 100,000 tons of steel constructed into each tower.

The steel beams of the outer face of the towers were 14 inches wide; 59 columns
per each of the four facades.  Between columns were 22 inch windows.  The win-
dow size was small, only because a principle structural engineer had a pronounced
fear of heights and said that the 22 inch span made a person feel safe in the towers.

In addition, each tower floor consisted in 4 inches of light concrete, placed upon a
33 inch thick prefabricated steel truss laid upon rubber dampers/padding.   In fact,
10,000 dampers were used per tower.  Dampers reduce the forces on a building by
reducing vibrations.

  The Four Most Important Four Things to Keep in Mind about the Trade Towers

- The design of the building was such that there would be NO outward buckling.  This
   is due to something known as a rigid diaphragm design.

- The floor trusses didn't fall first, when the Trade Towers collapsed.  Rather, trusses
   lost their fireproofing and absorbed a tremendous amount of heat, thereby pulling the
   columns inward.  This explains the absence of outward buckling when the towers fell
   straight downward.

- There was thousands of gallons of combustible jet fuel causing intense heat.  Keep in
   mind that the fuel capacity of the Boeing 747, depending on the model thereof, ranges
   from 48,445 to 52,410 U.S. gallons.

- If the jets didn't dislodge the nearby fireproofing, the towers would not have fallen.

Let us review.  Certain individuals claim that members of the United States government
purposely flew remote-controlled jets into each World Trade Tower, and then detonated
the buildings, so as to have an excuse to invade Afghanistan and/or Iraq.  If this were the
case, then why would government members have a jet fly into American military head-
quarters, namely, the Pentagon?  If the government conspirators wanted to have an ex-
cuse to start a war, then why would they sabotage the one place needed to conduct the

In addition, what was the purpose for the Shanksville crash, if all that was needed
was the downing of two skyscrapers in New York City?   In addition, there is cell
phone evidence that foreigners did hijack the four jetliners.  Or were those phone
calls a collective hoax, too?  Are the passengers who never came home living on a
remote island, as a part of this conjectured hoax?   Where are each of the missing
crew members?   In fact, how do people secretly wire two of the most populated
and frequented buildings in the world without anyone taking notice of the wiring?
How is it that no one tripped over the wiring, if wiring had been done shortly be-
fore September 11, 2001?

Republicans, in general, aren't smart enough to do what conspiracy theorists claimed
them to have done.  George Bush Jr wasn't even in the ball park when it came to bas-
ic common sense.  Cheney shoots his own friends.  Sarah Palin has been regarded as
an idiot by more than one person, and Ron Paul allowed a bogus conspiracy claim to
be posted on his site, showing that the absence of discernment and the lack of com-
mon sense actually is contagious.

John McCain is the one who presented Sarah Palin as a viable presidential replace-
ment, yet he never apologized for creating this Frankenstein.  She tested the waters
for a presidential campaign inconsiderate of the fact that, if Americans didn't want
her to be the Vice President, they surely don't want her to be the Commander-in-

Then there's Rick Perry, the power predator who skewed his explanations, concern-
ing the less-than-inspiring statistics about the State of Texas.  Next comes Michele
Bachman who doesn't even know the difference between John Wayne and John
Wayne Gacy.

Now, men of Arabic and anti-christian persuasion attempted to topple one of the
Trade Towers in 1993, because they believed that the effort to destroy said tower
was a holy act that would win for them favor from the Eternal God.  In fact, one
of the failed saboteurs, while being taken away, expressly said that those towers
were going to eventually go down.   Thus, the logical conclusion is that an anti-
American Arabian faction busied itself with taking down those towers, for reli-
gious purposes.  In reality however, it was nothing more than the mass murder
of unarmed civilians.

The 2001 suicide attacks were also meant to frighten people into joining the attack-
er's religion.  The attacks were an act of duress.  An act of intimidation.  Well, the
Nazi regime tried to intimidate other nations into succumbing to its will.  The end
result was that American, Canadian, Russian, British, Norwegian, Polish, Dutch,
Belgian, and French citizens went after the Nazis until the Nazis were no more.

Intimidation is a fatal policy.  You don't want people to be afraid of you.  You want
them to love you.  God made humanity to love, as its ultimate purpose.  In fact, it's
not natural to kill your own kind.  None the less, thousands of unarmed civilians
were killed on September 11, 2001 in the name of God.  The result was that the
Name of God, the Giver of Life, was being presented as the author of hijacking
& death.

Most importantly, the Trade Towers both pancaked, though at different time seg-
ments.   This means that they collapsed from the top downward.  There is no de-
nying this observation.  In demolition, the bottom of the structure is taken out,
and the building succumbs to the laws of gravity, generally speaking.  It's more
detailed than that, of course.  The bottom line is that the Trade Towers weren't
part of a demolition plot of U.S. government officials looking for an excuse to
get America into a war.  There were too many witnesses at the Trade Towers.
Excuses to go to war include remote places that have little to no onlookers.

In the phenomenon of pancaking, only one floor is needed to collapse as a result
of incendiary heat melting the adjacent steel girder frame ... in order for the dom-
inoes to fall.  The heat-severed floor and all floors above it then comprised the
weight that came crashing down on the one floor below.  The additional floor's
weight, along with the weight of the floors above it, crush the next floor.  The
process continues, and the building falls quickly.

Now, proof that there was NO government demolition job on the Trade Towers
consists in the fact that there are survivors who were toward the bottom when the
collapsing started.  This means that there was NO detonated explosives near the
ground floor.   If there were an explosion, those survivors would have been dead
or notably wounded.

When a collapsing building reaches the ground, segments of the building buckle in-
to each other, meaning that there are always to be found open spaces at the bottom
of the collapsed building.  In any of those pockets can be survivors.   This was the
case with the Trade Tower collapse.  Humans in the pockets of WTC buildings were
not killed or wounded by explosions.  Therefore, there was no government conspira-
cy comprising demolition.

Concerning the surrounding buildings, think "trampoline effect."  Place a book or
other small item on one end of a bed and then jump on the other end.   Watch the
book or other small item leap.  It was a tremendous amount of weight which hit the
ground in Manhattan.   When weight so tremendous lands on land, something is go-
ing to be dislodged from its foundation.  Gravity will eventually win out and a per-
ipheral building or two will collapse.  If there were an incendiary flash seen coming
out of the window of an adjacent building, then why is that so surprising?   We live
in the age of electricity and natural gas.  

The claim that the government performed a demolition job on the Trade Towers is,
by far, the single most asinine theory ever.   Bush went into Iraq without having the
excuse of a building being sabotaged.  His excuse was Weapons of Indiscriminate
Destruction.  He called them "weapons of mass destruction."

Know that this text is being written by someone who does have a construction back-
ground, meaning that he learned how gravity works the hard way.  The same author
is a native of the former steel capital of Planet Earth.  His father was a research en-
gineer in the Pittsburgh steel industry who even taught him why the Titanic sheered
open the way it did.  In addition, the author of this text has a sibling who, as a com-
manding officer, was called out to Logan International Airport on 09-11-2001.  Fur-
thermore, the same author spoke with two retired intelligence specialists in 2011 on
a number of topics.  Guess what?   There actually were hijackers on 9-11 and the laws
of gravity are powerful things.   So too is the weight of a skyscraper.  Think of George
WMD Bush as an unconscionable opportunist after the fact, and not an ingenious con-
spirator before the fact.

The Trade Towers were taken down by fanatics who thought that they would enjoy
paradise after murdering thousands of unarmed civilians.   However, you only get in
the afterlife what you give in this life.   If you give people nightmarish Hell scenarios,
your eternal destiny will be the nightmarish Hell scenario that you gave to others.  In
retrospect, there is ZERO evidence and ZERO motive of a 9/11 United States govern-
ment demolition conspiracy.   Some people need to grow up.


Patrick Pontillo