January 17, 2023

Parts of Medical Exam Reports

                                                    First Page of Allergy Test Results
                                        Part of a Transcription after an Exam

A Summary of Medical Condition

January 16, 2023

Detox Pathway Test Results

The inordinate level of acetaminophen mercapturate in the test results is a sign of a high
level of a toxic metabolite known as N-acetyl-p-benzoquinoneimine (NAPQI) which is
produced in persons hypersensitive to acetaminophen and other "Cytochrome P-450 

The damage cause by NAPQI is reversible liver damage, on the cellular level.  The
mercapturate simultaneously is produced as an antidote during a hypersensitivity re-
action.  It neutralizes the NAPQI.  Now, it is possible that more NAPQI exists than 
mercapturate.  So, the test result only showed how much mercapturate was being 
produced during an adverse reaction to acetaminophen.  It didn't show how much 
NAPQI was being produced during the same reaction.

In chemistry, amine (a-m-i-n-e ) or eimine ( e-i-m-i-n-e)  signifies an ammonium 
compound.   Plus, cyto (c-y-t-o) refers the cells, in chemistry vernacular. 


Also in the test result chart is an extremely high level (literally off-the-chart) of  Sali-
cyluric acid.  It is proof of salicylate (aspirin) hypersensitivity.   In fact, a combination
of salicyluric acid and glucuronic acid forms salicyl acyl and phenolic glucuronide.
Moreover ... in quotations:

  "One possible origin of the type I hypersensitivity reaction is reaction of drugs such 
    as acetylsalicylic acid and its metabolites being complexed with human serum al-
    bumin.  Albumin, being transporting molecule abundant in blood plasma is able 
    to bind large array of ligands varying from small single carbon particles to long 
    hydrophobic tailed lipidic acids (e.g. myristic acid). 

  This non specificity is possible because of multi domain scaffold and large flexibility 
  of inter-domain loops, which results in serious reorientation of domains.  Hypothesis 
   that acetylsalicylic acid metabolites may play indirect role in activation of allergic re-
  action has been tested.    Binding of acetylsalicylic acid metabolites in intra-domain 
  space causes significant increase of liability of domains IIIA and IIIB. 

  One of metabolites, salicyluric acid, once is bound causes distortion and partial unfold-
  ing of helices in domains IA, IIB and IIIB. Changed are both directions and amplitude 
  of relative motions as well as intra-domain distances. In result albumin is able to cross-
  link of adjacent IgE receptors which subsequently starts allergic reaction.


January 4, 2023

I didn't stop traveling after the 12,000 mile road trip; nor stop learning.

For those unfamiliar, in the Summer of Year 2012, I road traveled solo for six-
ty days, covering 12,000 miles in the process.  My travels didn't end with the
12,000 road trip, even though I intended it to be so.  I eventually ended up in
the Shenandoah Valley early in 2013, for a couple of months, after a stay in
Pittsburgh.  I then went to the Midwest, in the general Great Lakes vicinity,
and next back to Pittsburgh, only to take an unplanned trip into Florida.  In
fact, my trip to the Shenandoah Valley was due to the death of an individual
whose longevity evaporated, due to a medical condition that accompanied him
at birth. 

The Long Distance Learning Session

In having covered the distance that I did, I learned things that aren't learned
by politicians who show-up at airports, in order to stay in comfortable hotels
and give campaign speeches on what needs to be done in today's world in a
world to which they're completely out of touch, outside of listening to lobby-
ists who don't lobby for the common good, but only for self-seeking interests.

Below are photographic mementos of my recent travels, after the 12,000 mile
road trip of 2012.  If time permits, I'll include those one-line lessons I learned
on the road which I wouldn't have learned otherwise.  It's that which the Newt
Gingriches & Rush Limbaughes, as well as the John Kerries & the Joe Bidens
of this world, won't otherwise perceive & absorb.

As a score-keeper's note:  I traveled as far north & east as Boston/Cambridge,
as far west as Oxnard California, and as far south as the Space Coast of Florida.
My travels took me through:  1} Massachusetts, 2} Connecticut, 3} New York,
4} Pennsylvania,  5} Maryland,  6} West Virginia,  7} Virginia,  8} N.Carolina,
9} South Carolina,  10} Georgia,  11} Florida,  12} Alabama,  13} Mississippi,
14} Louisiana,  15} Tennessee,  16} Arkansas,  17} Texas,  18} Oklahoma,
19} New Mexico,  20} Arizona,  21} California,  22} Missouri,  23} Iowa,
24} Illinois,  25} Indiana,  26}Ohio.

If I ever come to have the time do so, I guess that I could state which state had
the best & worst of this & that.  For now, prudence.
The northeast coast of Florida.
Downtown Saint Augustine, oldest city in the United States.
At port, in downtown Saint Augustine.
Metropolitan psychedelia, via sunlight & plate glass, Downtown Pittsburgh.
More psychedelia in the Pittsburgh region.
Progressive Field, Cleveland, in contrast to ...
... Heinz Field, in Pittsburgh
The Space Coast of Florida
The famous race track is on the main highway, in plain sight.
Baltimore trolley
A Chesapeake area suspension bridge
One of my alma maters: Located at the Gulf coast of Florida.
Add Chicago to the equation