May 16, 2024

To exaggerate is to lie. Come and see a 24-chart sample of July 2023 temperatures throughout world; and not merely the cherry picked ones.

Take note: The newspaper article below was written in 1901, 122 years ago, when the atmospheric co2 level was very low.  It reached 109F in Italy in 1901.  The sea water off of Syracuse Sicily was so hot that people stopped going into it.  Italian Vineyards shriveled.  Now, did you hear of this happening in 2023?  If nothing of the such happened, then you were witnessing hyper-exaggerations, false-light reporting, and sleight-of-hand deceptions from the media, throughout the summer of 2023.

Today's media blames every weather event on co2.  In 1901, the people who inhabited the birthplace of the Renaissance knew that the heat came from Sirocco Winds.  A Sirocco Wind is one that comes from the Sahara.  Heat in the Mediterranean has been attributed to Sahara Winds throughout the centuries.  This sounds much more logical than blaming a trace gas that exists in the atmosphere at less than 1/2 of 1% and which is incapable of retaining infrared heat when it is going through a symmetric molecular dipolar vibration, concerning its two oxygen atoms. 

In the Summer of 2023, you witnessed a heat anomaly summer.  But, you did NOT witness the hottest summer in the history of the world ... or of mankind ... or even of Italy.  You did NOT witness the Planet Earth's atmosphere reaching a point of no-return.  Instead, you were witnessing climate activists in search of taxpayer funding, by means of marketing fear of the End of the World.  You were witnessing networks looking for high ratings, under the belief that "fear sales."  You were witnessing politicians trying to get some of that $370 BILLION Congressional climate outlay into their districts before re-election time, in 2024. 
Tell the movie stars whom Al Gore used as useful propaganda idiots that "it" has all happened before, over and over and over again.  After all, the world is round and it travels the same elliptical orbit (with variations thereof, of course).  Moreover, history repeats itself; even weather history.

  The Friday, July 5th, 1901 edition of the Sydney Morning Herald.  Now, this is a report in 1901, 122 years ago.  It shows that weather hasn't changed much on the long-term scale.

Purpose:  To show once again that summertime heat is nothing new.  It's a part of climate history, and history repeats itself.  Proof that this is an authentic early 1900s report exists in the mention that "horse traffic" was "suspended," in New York City, and that 250 animals died in the same New York City ... and that firemen intended to hose down the surviving animals, for relief.  

All of the 2023 (pre-election year) hype is merely because Climate Hysteria has become a Big Money Industry, due to the United States Congress whose members are not very well versed in Atmospheric science.  Some of them want the "taxpayer climate money" to go into their districts ... for re-election purposes.

To Distort a Fact is to Tell a Lie

Now, as far as goes July 2023 being the hottest month in the past 125,000 years, how about it being the hottest July in the past 11 years?  The Year 2012 was searing.  So too was 2011.  So, it's proper to compare July 2023 to 2011 & 12; not to 125,000 years ago.

In addition, how about July 2023 being the hottest summer month since tragic 2003?  Tragic 1976?  Blazing 1936?  Or since 1934, the worst drought year in memory?  Then there was the pole ice cap melt year of 1922.  1921 was a year of searing heat, also.  Then there is tragic 1911.  Searing 1910.  Shocking 1906.  And finally, there was triple digit 1901, when it did reach 109 in Italia.  

Then again, we could call July 2023 the hottest summer month since 1977, when Athens experienced 117F.  Folks, the heat has all happened before, far more recently than 125,000 years ago, and even more recently than 125 years ago.  When the Climate Hysteria People are not outright lying, they are hyper-exaggerating facts so badly that the facts they toot become distorted versions of themselves.  

Newsflash: Climate is cyclical, and the atmosphere is NOT driven by any trace gas, especially co2.  It's driven by the Coriolis Effect, the Tilt (Obliquity) of the Earth, and the Sun which happens to steer Pressure Gradient Force and all of its facets.  And there is nothing new under the Sun.

BTW, average temperatures ... where the average temperatures are in the 90s and even 100s ... do NOT constitute a heat anomaly.  Thus, 111F in Baghdad is NOT an end-of-the-world climate-crisis heatwave.  It's the same old same old for Baghdad.  That range of July heat was ongoing in Baghdad, even before the invention of the automobile ...  when the most popular form of transportation there was none other than ===> the flying carpet.  

Plus, 97F in Dallas is NOT an anomalous heatwave that guarantees the end of the world, either.  The historical monthly average in July for Dallas is 97F.  And concerning Dallas in July, it's easy to see why its NFL franchise chose to hold its yearly summer camp in Oxnard California.  When I was in Oxnard, one late July week, I had to turn on the motel heater in the morning, because it was chilly there during the  a.m. hours in July.

Now, you know that North Africa, Arabia, the majority of India, parts of China, Arizona, Texas, Rome, Granada, Seville, Madrid, and even Wichita Kansas will be hot every summer.  In fact, the historical monthly average for Wichita in July is 93F.  None the less, it's the departure from average temperatures is what counts, along with the number of cities enduring heat anomalies simultaneously ... as well as the frequency, in terms of years.  It's a broad scale equation; not a narrowed one of strategically selected cities that absorb asphalt from every angle, causing the Urban Heat Island Effect.  In as much, there are instances of surface temperature rise that have nothing to do with co2.  It has to do with asphalt.

For now, there are people who need to see that there was NOT a widespread occurrence of record high temperature "anomalies" in July of 2023.  So, take a look at the following photocopies of official temperature reports throughout the world.  You will easily see that the claim of July 4, 2023 being the warmest day in 125,000 years is the next phase of lying propaganda from talentless writers, talentless UN reps, and talentless activists, as well as talentless thinkers.

You say that this was the hottest month ever?  Prove it.  The Years 1936, 1934, 1931, 1922, 1921, 1913, 1911, 1910, 1906, 1901, 1895, 1878, and 1870 were hotter.  Then comes the matter of the Medieval Warm Period, the Roman Warm Period, and the Minoan Warm Period.  

Note:  Cities which do NOT have well established long-term monthly average temperatures will not be used here.

[1]  Let's begin with Mexico and its capital city.  The common citizen assumes that all of Mexico is blazing with heat every summer.  This is especially the case, being that the UN Gen-Sec claims that we are now in the phase of "global boiling." Therefore, if July 2023 is the hottest time in the past 125,000 years, then the summer would be much hotter, and there would be a few 90F temps charted below, along with a couple 100F temps.  The hottest July 2023 day in Mexico City was 82F.  Well, take a look at the Mexico City temperatures for July 2023.  Oh, and by the way, the average July high temperature for "hot-hot" Mexico City is . . . 74 Fahrenheit  ... which happens to be 23.33 Celsius.  No end-of-the-world heat to be found.  No Global Boiling here, folks.  Time to move-on.

[2]  Let's go further south to Venezuela; to its capital.  If July 2023 were the hottest month in the history of Planet Earth ... or in the past 125,000 years ... then surely Venezuela would have had several 90F & 100F July days, in 2023.  It has reached 100F in Caracas Venezuela, in the past.  But not in July of 2023.  83F was the hottest.  The average is 81F. This is far from Global Boiling.  The UN lied.

[3] Let's go to nearby Bogota Columbia.  It's located between the Equator and the tropics.  Surely it was hot there in July of 2023.  Only in your dreams.  The warmest it was in July of 2023 was 71F.  Are you sure that the world is heating out of control?  It looks more like the mouthpieces at the UN and in the Biden Administration are what's out of control.  See for yourself:
[4] Quito Ecuador is actually on the Equator.  The Equator gets direct sunlight.  It surely must be hot there in July.   The answer is, "No it's not."  The hottest it was there in July of 2023 was  69F.  On three of those days, the daily high was only 59F.  On two of those July days, the daily high was only 57F.  No Global Boiling at this part of the Equator, during July 2023.

[5]  To go any further south on the South America map is to go into Southern Hemispheric Winter.  So, let's you and I go north to a place where the average July high temperature is 91F.  Decade after decade, in Panama City Florida, July daytime averaged 91 degrees Fahrenheit.  This means that there would have been a wave of 100+ Fahrenheit during the hottest July in the past 125,000 years.  Well, all of July 2023 was average for Panama City.  In fact, 23 of those days were below average.  Seven of those days were 4 or more degrees below average.  Are you beginning to see how the UN is insulting the reasonable citizen's intelligence with its official lies?  
[6] Let's stay in Florida, for one more example of the UN's lies.   The Key Largo vicinity was recently heralded as the venue of the hottest Atlantic Ocean water in history.  Well firstly, the temperature involved is that of shallow exiting "tributary" Everglade run-off water and NOT Atlantic Ocean surface water.  Plus, years ago, near the same general area, five or ten or so years ago, 102F was reported.   The bottom line is that the July 2023 temperatures for Key Largo are completely average for Key Largo.  The hottest July 2023 day was no more than 2 degrees Fahrenheit ABOVE average.  The lowest temperature day in the same month was no more than 4 degrees Fahrenheit BELOW average.
[7] Let's now float over to San Juan Puerto Rico.  That location is definitively a Summertime hot spot.  In fact, the average July high temperature there is 90F.  Therefore, the hottest San Juan July in the history of all mankind has got to have included 90F & 100F days throughout the month.  Well, throughout the entire month of July 2023, all high temperatures were BELOW AVERAGE, in San Juan Puerto Rico, except for three.  The hottest July 2023 day there was 2 degrees Fahrenheit above average.  
[8] Nairobi Kenya is a capital city.  Kenya is bordered by South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Uganda.  Surely it gets very hot there in July.  Surely it had reached 100F in Nairobi during the hottest July in human history.   Surely it hadn't.  It didn't even come close.  It was literally hotter in Pennsylvania, thousands of miles away.   Look for yourself.
[9] Rabat is the capital city of Morocco.  Surely it would have been over-heated throughout the hottest July in the history of mankind.  This is surely not true, for the capital city, at least.
[10] Next comes the city of Beirut Lebanon.  It's July average temperature is 88F.  Well, throughout the entire month of July 2023, Beirut's temperatures were either average or below average.  This is the opposite of "Global Boiling."

Okay then, take a look below and keep in mind that the average July temperature for Beirut is 88F.  There was NOT a single day ... from June 25 to July 29 ... that was above average.
[11] We now proceed to Southwestern India, between the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer.  The state is Kerala and the city is Iritty.  The average July high temperature there is 88F.  In July of 2023, there was not a single day above average.  The temperature on eight of those days was ten Fahrenheit degrees or more BELOW AVERAGE.  So, where is all this untold heat which makes July 2023 the hottest July in human history?  Not in Iritty Kerala.  That's for sure.
[12] We next go to historic Turkey, at its center, to a city which used to be called, Cappadocia.  Today, the central city is called Avanos, in the Nevsehir Province.  Its average high July temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  This means that it's hot there in the summertime.  Well, in July of 2023, no daily high was more than 3 degrees above average, except for one and only one 99 degree Fahrenheit day.  Twelve of the days were 4 degrees or more BELOW AVERAGE.  And on three of those days, the high temperature was 14 to 21 degrees BELOW AVERAGE.  This is NOT end-of-the-world heat.  Quit scaring schoolchildren. 
[13] Let's go further east, to the Ghazni District of Afghanistan.  That's located in eastern Afghanistan.  The average July high temperature there is 87F.  During July of 2023, not a signal day's high was more than 3 degrees Fahrenheit above average, except for July 3rd, where it was 5 degrees Fahrenheit above average.  Furthermore, ten of those days had highs that were more than 3 degrees BELOW AVERAGE.  In fact, six of those days had highs in the 70s.  This does not constitute historic heat in any capacity.

[14] Let's return to India, to a historic section of it.  Once upon a time, there was the Maratha Empire.  It's capital is found in the present-day Raigad District.  Now, India is reputed to get really hot in the summer.  Now, Raigad's historical monthly average high for July is 86F.  Throughout all of July 2023, Raigad did NOT have a day over the average July temperature.  No Global Boiling here. 
[15]  Let's now address the claim that, in 2023, Atlantic Ocean temps have dangerously rose to the point of an end-of-the-world climate crisis caliber.  Well, there was the MANGROVE SWAMP "101F farce" in Florida, where Everglade run-off was called "101F ocean water."  Now, if the Atlantic Ocean has heated-up above record high temperatures, then the Caribbean and Bermuda should have been saunas in July.  Let's start with Bermuda.  

The historic July temperature average for Hamilton, Pembroke, Bermuda is 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  And of course, Hamilton is in the center of that elongated island.  Throughout the entire month of July 2023, not a signal day resulted in a degree above the average high.  July 2023 was advertised as the month with the hottest Atlantic Ocean water temperatures in history.  Well, there was no record-breaking heat in Bermuda.  There wasn't even slightly-above average heat there.  

There was anomalous heat in Kingston Jamaica, though.  But, NOT it's-the-end-of-the-world-and-we're-all-gonna-die heat.  The bottom line is that the whole world is not on fire, as the media very immaturely claims.
[16] Staying in the Caribbean, we next review Bridgetown Barbados.  It's historical monthly temperature average for July is 85F.  The hottest day in July 2023 was two degrees above average. 

Now, certain "journalists" reported that the Atlantic Ocean water temperatures were higher than they ever were, in 2023.  Well, where?  I went through the official US government ocean coastal water temperature reports.  The hottest water temperature that I saw was 94.1F, off of Louisiana.  Everything else was reasonably within the historical temperature averages.  So, where is this end-of-the-world heat?  Not anywhere near Barbados.  That's for sure.
[17] The next Caribbean temperature we shall view is that of Basse-Terre Guadeloupe.  It's historical monthly average high for July is 89F.   Throughout all of July 2023 not a signal day's high temp was more than one degree Fahrenheit over the July average.   Two of the days were 6 degrees BELOW average, but you can be assured that they are not the harbingers of an oncoming ice age.  The question remains:  Where in the Atlantic Ocean is this end-of-the-world extreme heat?  Nowhere near Guadeloupe.  That's for sure.
[18] We continue to search the Caribbean for any possible signs of extreme heat as was never before encountered on Planet Earth.  Thus far, we have found temperatures hovering around average.  Let's see if there is any indication that extremely high, end-of-the-world temperatures are near Sainte Luce Martinique.   The historical monthly average high there is 86F.  The hottest July 2023 day there was two degrees Fahrenheit above average.  Well, if you can find this alleged raging Atlantic Ocean water heat, then let me know.  For now, I'm going east, to the West African data base.
[19] Let's go east, to West Africa.  The typical novice assumes that Africa per se is hot in July.  This would include Cameroon, a nation which knows what it is to have a competitive world cup soccer team.  Well, Yaounde Cameroon's historical monthly average high is 79F.  During July 2023, there were two 85F days and one 84F day.  But, there was also a 74F day.  However, all of the other days were within 3 degrees of average.  The temperature range went from 5 degrees below average to 6 degrees above average.  No apocalyptic end-of-the-world temperatures here.  Let's move on.
[20] We move on to neighboring Nigeria and its capital, Lagos.  Being that Nigeria is African, it's assumed by the casual novice that Nigeria roars with heat in July.  Well, Lagos Nigeria's average high temp is 83F.  That's a common Pennsylvania July temperature.  As far as went July 2023, Lagos had one day that was 4 degrees above average and two days that were 3 degrees above average.  The July 2023 high temperatures were in the Utterly-Average Range.  The hottest day that was a grand total of 4 degrees above average, and the coolest day there was an equally grand 4 degrees BELOW average.  No climate crisis here, folks.  Time to move onward to the next location
[21]  Ethiopia is a historic African nation bordered east of Sudan.  Now, the capital of Sudan reached 105F in July of 2023.  So, it's only logical to assume that Ethiopia gets as hot in July.  Well, in all of  July 2023, the capital of Ethiopia's highest temperature was 75F.  It's lowest temperature in July was 51F.  No Global Boiling here. The Sec-Gen of the UN needs to resign and be replaced by a honest man.
[22]  Let's go to Central America; to Honduras.  Central America is assumed to have blazing heat in July.  In fact, the average high for Santa Lucia, Honduras is a very counter-intuitive & tame 81 degrees Fahrenheit.  In the month of July 2023, there was one 86F day and one 84F day.  No other day was above the average high temp for July.   Fourteen days were more than 3 degrees BELOW normal.  Therefore, there was no searing heat in Santa Lucia for the entire month of July 2023.  So, where is all of this highly anomalous end-of-the-world heat?  Not in Santa Lucia.  That's for sure.
[23] Costa Rica is the land of tropical forests, waterfalls, and La Pura Vida.  It's capital is between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator.  So, one would except hot hot summers in Costa Rica.  Well, in July of 2023 San Jose Costa Rica's highest temperature did not go above 82F.  That amounts 4F above average.  Furthermore, San Jose's lowest high was 72F, and that amounts to 6F BELOW average.  This sums-up to a typically average month during the month advertised as the hottest one in history.  

Well, in modern history, 1936 was the hottest.  World record heat was in 1913.  The worst drought year, according to NASA, was 1934.  And 1896, 1901, 1911, and 1921 were year of tremendous heat as well.  So too was 1976, 1980, 2003, and 2012. People need to realize that this end-of-the-world heat hype coincides with a recent US congressional appropriation of $370 BILLION for climate activism.
[24] We'll finish at the two dozen mark.  Now, the climate activists were mentioning how incredibly warm the Atlantic has been in the summer of 2023.  And of course, the quintessential mid-Atlantic archipelago is the Azores.  If the Atlantic Ocean is heating up with the highest heat in the history of mankind, then the Azores would be above average in temperature.  Well, in July 2023, the Azores had 7 days in the 80s, 22 days in the 70s, and 2 days in the 60s.  Concerning lows, 26 days were in the 50s.  Okay then, where exactly is the Atlantic Ocean doing the act of boiling?  Not around the Azores.  That's for sure.
With the above evidence having been posted, along with numerous pieces of "evidentiary support" within the Blue Marble Album's 63 climate discourses & tutorials, what will it take to get the mainstream media and the Climate Hysteria activists to cease & desist from insulting the intelligence of the common working man & woman?  This has been ongoing since June of 1988, starting with the Jim Hansen whose predictions of climate doom all failed.  That amounts to 35 years of fear mongering & the intentional infliction of emotional distress heaped upon human after human after human after human.  When's it gonna stop?