December 15, 2023

The Reagan Presidency = Deficit Spending Every Year.

I was having a conversation with the executive of a very well known corporation
whose commercials are on TV and whose products are probably in your home.
This individual has an MBA, and we've conversed on a regular basis, whenever
she would fly-in from Chicago.  This is because she is one of the officers of the
moderate-sized construction corporation for whom I work.

Yours truly:  This is where I had the conversation with the
corporate vice president of a very well known corporation.
Incidentally, construction trailer offices can look very "lived in."
Well, shortly after New Year's Day 2015, she flew in from Chicago as she often
does, and we got to talking.  She suddenly said that the Reagan presidency had
budget surpluses.  I then explained to her about Reagan tripling the national debt
and other economic misfortunes that happened under Reagan's watch.  We then
changed the subject.

Anyway, I realized that the lies of the Republican Party are still being reiterat-
ed throughout corporate America and even corporate executives are believing
the lies in good faith.  Therefore, it's time to once again ring out the statistical
truths of the Reagan Years which were an encompassing act of sabotage upon
the United States economy, except where the inflation rate was involved.  We
will re-begin with the fact that 100% of the Reagan Presidential Years were
marked with record DEFICIT SPENDING.

Here is where I had the enlightening conversation
with the Chicago-based corporate exec.

We will adjourn to a work of gentlemen from the University of California at
Santa Barbara.  Their names are Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley.  They
are the compilers of the American Presidency Project and their statistical
outlay of surplus/deficit spending per president can be found at:

Out of respect for copyright law and ethics, I only copied and pasted the stats on
Ronald Reagan.  When you do study him as I did, you find that he is the Great
Republican Lie ... the Republican Con Game ... the Republican Sham.  Present-
ing Reagan as the God of the Universe was the result of diverting from Ameri-
can memory the hideous presidency of George Bush II who literally can be de-
fined as a War Criminal, pursuant to one of the six counts of the Nuremberg
Trials, namely War of Aggression.

If Reagan were the god that the Republican Party made him out to be through-
out the 2008 and 2012 elections, the Republicans would have been singing
Reagan's praises before the Bush Years.

When surveying the national debt through the years, the important statistic is
the budget deficit as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product.  That stat was
lowest during FDR's first five years, George Bush II's second, third, and fi-
nal year in office, and Obama's first three years in office.

At this point, the following excerpt is to prove that Reagan most certainly had
wall-to-wall deficit spending.  In fact, all of the years of deficit spending sur-
passed the one hundred billion dollar per year mark, and no other president up
to that time ever surpassed $79 billion in deficit spending.  In conclusion, you
cannot believe anything that the Republicans say about Reagan.  You have been
duly forewarned.
Ronald Reagan

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