December 14, 2023

CIA Report: Reagan was complicit in Iraq's chemical attacks against Iran.

Plus, he saw no evil during the Kurdish genocide campaign.  Add the Argentine Dirty War, Pinochet's Chile, & S. African Apartheid.  Quit praising him as God.  He was
a mere C student and only had the prowess of a 1930s book-keeper.

A ranking  member of the United States Congress went on a FoxNews broadcast and
boldly proclaimed that Ronald Reagan would have never tolerated the Assad regime
gassing its own people.  She made it sound as if Reagan would have pounded his gold-
en fist on a table and magically sent forth a myriad of heavily armed John Waynes, to
avenge the citizens of Syria.

Bill O'Reilly did the same thing and then proceeded to belittle the rapidly graying
President Obama.  O'Reilly made it look as if  Reagan were a superhero walking
onto a battlefield, crushing chemical warfare canisters with his hands.  Well, the
truth is that Ronald Reagan tolerated Saddam Hussein's gassing of Iranians and
Kurds, as a matter of course ... habitually so.  Thus, if Reagan were here today,
he would be looking the other way, ignoring the entire scenario.

The ranking congressional member, incidentally, was Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, chairwoman
of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Middle East.  This is an example of
American taxpayer dollars in action.

In addition, weapon's grade anthrax was sent to Iraq during the Reagan years, via the
U.S. Dept of Commerce ... under the Reagan-appointed supervision of none other than
Donald Rumsfeld.  In fact, Iraq purchased eight strands of anthrax from the U.S.A, dur-
ing Reagan years, specifically during the time when the Iran/Contra pea & shell game
was transpiring.

Let us not forget that the Argentine Dirty War transpired during the Reagan years, with
Reagan doing nothing about the genocide committed against the Argentinian people.
Thus, Reagan's track record shows that he would have looked the other way, as soon
as Assad unleashed his chemical ordnance upon his own people.

The Reagan administration provided Hussein with intelligence disclosures, as to the
Iranians' battlefield locations, during the long Iran/Iraq War.  In the process, Reagan
served the function hypocrite, in having his personnel condemn Hussein publicly, all
the while accommodating him privately with the gassing of Iranian positions.

The United States and the nation of Iraq were signatories of the 1925 Geneva Protocol.
This is a treaty which banned the use of asphyxiating chemicals in warfare.  So, Ronald
Reagan, liar that he was, hid the fact that, without the technology of the United States,
Saddam Hussein wouldn't have been successful at gassing the Iranians.  This assistance
constituted Reagan bieng an accomplice in violating the Geneva Protocol.

Now, when a nation signs a treaty, it becomes law.  The signing nation is bound to the
treaty, by law.  So, Reagan violated United States law in the case of Saddam Hussein.

In addition, the Republicans made Reagan look like a mighty lion who would not re-
treat from anywhere or back down to anyone.  Well, Reagan pulled the U.S. marines
out of Lebanon, after having put them there to serve the function of scarecrows.  The
problem is that they were sitting ducks, 241 of whom died at the hands of merely one
terrorist act.  In as much, Reagan's track record shows that he would NOT have stood
up to Assad in any capacity.  After all, the Syrians weren't white enough for Reagan's
concern, in the first place.

Proof that the previous statement was true, and not merely sarcastic snideness, Ronald
'Racist' Reagan vetoed the Comprehensive Apartheid Act.  In addition, while campaign-
ing for the governorship of California, he defended 'the right' of white home owners to
refuse to sell their homes to African-American buyers.  In the 1960's, there were places
called "Restricted Neighborhoods."  It meant "White Only."  Reagan defended racism
in the 1960s.

Back to Reagan's complicity in the violation of the 1925 Geneva Protocol:

The tactics of Iran's notorious Ayatollah Khomeini were not foreseen by the authors
of the Geneva Protocol, because no one would have expected the rise of a ruthless
dictator who would have the youth of his nation walk unarmed into land mines and
enemy machine gun fire.  This tactic was referred to as the Human Wave Tactic.

Yes, thousands of Iranian citizens would literally be recruited to be sacrificial lambs
and walk into Iraqi machine gun fire, as well as in mine fields.  The tactic would re-
suIt in Iraqi machine guns overheating, buckling, and locking.  Therefore, the only
way to stop a human wave, concluded the Iraqis, was by chemical ordnance.  Of
course, a B-52 air raid could have decimated the wave, but that tactic was for the
world powers who could afford strategic bombing techniques.

Keep in mind that the human wave of Iranians constituted a threat to the lives and
safety of Iraqi soldiers.  They became belligerent soldiers, themselves.  Thus, it was
permitted to fire upon them.  It's just that the 1925 Geneva Protocol did NOT antici-
pate someone as lawless as the Iranian dictator who, in the name of religion, sent
unarmed civilians to certain death.  HOWEVER, Hussein dedicated himself to the
annihilation of the Kurds in the north of Iraq.   This is where the line was drawn,
ethically speaking.  This policy cannot be defended in any court of public opinion.

This extermination campaign against the Kurds endured from 1986 to 1989.  It con-
sisted in sending Kurdish males to "detention camps," such as the one in Kirkuk.  It
was very intense times that didn't get detailed press in the West.  None the less, the
Iranian ayatollah of the 1980s manipulated the assassination of Egyptian president,
Anwar Sadat.  He targeted Sadat for assassination, simply because Sadat called him
a mad man on commercial television ... CBS newsman Mike Wallace who ended up
being treated for severe depression, allegedly because Vietnam chief of staff, Gen-
eral Westmoreland sued Mike for liable.  However, Mike Wallace triggered the
words which got Sadat killed.

During Ronald Reagan's final year as president, on the eve of Saint Patrick's Day,
the Iraqis committed chemical genocide upon a region that fell out of the hands
of the Iraqi government two days prior.  It started on March, 16, 1988, in Halabja,
northern Iraq.  There were 10,000 to 15,000 casualties, 3,000 to 5,0000 of whom
were fatalities.  Lingering illness resulted.  Even ten years after the attack, there
were about 700 people who remained ill.

The United Kingdom expressly stated that punitive actions against Iraq would have
a detrimental effect.  The policy was to continue to have dialogue and interaction
with Hussein.  Of course, the United States previously helped England during the
Falkland Island War.  So, no one was going to expect England to have a policy con-
trary to Reagan's policy.  Of course, Margaret Thatcher, the British prime minister
infamous for siding with dictators was in power at the time.

Documents dating as far back as 1983 show that the United States government was
well aware that Hussein was using chemical weaponry.  In fact, the genocide cam-
paign against the Kurds began two calendar years before the Halabja chemical at-
tack.  Yet, Reagan didn't intervene.  He basically gave Hussein a proverbial blank
check ... a get out of jail free card.  Thus, if Reagan would have put his first down,
concerning Saddan Hussein, we would never have been the two Iraq wars.  This
is because Hussein was emboldened by Reagan's negligence and complicity.

Reagan most certainly set up the world for the first Iraq War, but only in combina-
tion with the fact that George Bush I told the Hussein regime that its dispute with
Kuwait was not the Americans' concern.  Hussein took that message to be a green
light for invasion.  After all, Hussein used chemical weaponry repeatedly, with no
objection from the United States government.  Thus, Reagan's complicity with
Hussein is what created a middle eastern Frankenstein ... a pit bull unleashed
again Iran. 

As Argentina goes, so goes the world ... spoken in the early 20th Century

Let us not forget that the Argentinian Dirty War transpired during the Reagan years,
with Reagan doing nothing about it ... about the genocide committed against the Ar-
gentinian people.  Thus, Reagan's track record shows that he would have looked the
other way, as soon as Assad unleashed his chemical ordnance upon his own people. 

Reagan's support of the Pinochet dictatorship, in obstructing 
any justice to be administrated upon the Chilean tyrant.

During Reagan's first year in office, he abrogated ... rescinded ... made null and void
the sanctions that the Carter administration imposed upon Pinochet's Chile.  Reagan's
excuse for supporting dictators who committed crimes against humanity was that he
was fighting the injustices of Soviet Russian expansionism.  Thus, in the name of
justice, Reagan allowed criminal injustices.

Reagan became another George Wallace, Strom Thurmond, and Jefferson Davis in
vetoing the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986.  In fact, he became the
trio of racism a month earlier, in a vehement speech condemning the congression-
al act.  The act officially included the US Congress calling for the release of polit-
ical prisoner, Nelson Mandela.  Thus, Reagan had no problem with the idea of
Nelson Mandela being a prisoner perpetually.

America, you need to stop worshiping the buffoon and coward, Ronald Reagan, be-
cause collective psychosis turns nations into mutations of Nazi Germany.

In conclusion, FoxNews once again aired a person who lied about Reagan, making
that pathetically remedial actor look like the Messiah of humanity.  Reagan did on-
ly a few good things ... most of which were done at the prompting of Tip O'Neill.

None the less, by his actions one could tell that Reagan despised equality.  He did
did what it took to bring back a robber baron class to the States, solely out of his
apparent disrespect for the working man ... including the workers who built air
ports, docks, bridges, and skyscrapers ... who farmed the fields and maintained
the orchards ... who kept automobiles from being death traps ... who delivered
material to stores, hospitals, and construction sites ... who kept society from
turning into a mass of chaos.  All that Reagan did was create a rust belt.