April 8, 2023

An Examation Report

The Chemically Sensitive Woman with More
Than a Dozen Objective Medical Findings:

Let us review.  The stereotypical pro-chemical and pro-corporate
propaganda has repeatedly been that chemically sensitive persons
have no objective medical findings to validate their symptoms, de-
spite the fact that RAST TESTING includes tests for chemical al-
lergies ... despite the recognition of Reactive Airways Dysfunction
Syndrome ... despite the fact that the golden rule for diagnosing
Irritant-associated Vocal Cord Dysfunction is the very objective 
Fiberoptic Rhinolaryngoscopy ... and despite the existence of the 
diagnosis of Occupational Asthma due to Low Weight Molecular 

Posted below is one of  the pages in the medical record of  the pa-
tient high-lighted in The Chemically Sensitive Woman Who Has
More Than a Dozen Objective Medical Findings.  The report
records grossly enlarged turbinates, shoddy adenopathy, and a 
thickened coating over the dorsum of  tongue, among other things.
Quite frankly,  the grossly enlarged turbinates were enough to illu-
strate the presence of  a physical illness.   In the total tally, her med
records report her as having:

- Wheezing.
- Tachycardia.
- Hypopotassemia.
- Gruntled breathing.
- Rales and crackles.
- Erythematous uvula.
- Blistering of the tongue.
- Grossly enlarged turbinates.
- Erythema of the oropharynx.
- Edema of the true vocal cords.
- Adenopathy in the left postauricular region.
- Thickened coating over the dorsum of the tongue.
- Productive response in Spiriva challenge testing.
- A circumscribed nodule in the left occipital region.
- A firm 1x1 cm nodule in the right postauricular region.
- A couple additional findings consistent with Rhinitis.

The bottom line concerning this woman is that, whatever be her ill- 
ness, it's one of  a physical nature and not a matter of  psychiatric
illness.   The more universal bottom line is that there are chemically
sensitive people who have objective medical findings that validate
their sufferings.  In all such cases, allegations of  mental illness con-
stitute a defamation of  character hurled against an entire class of
people.   Clicking on the photo below will enable you to read the
medical report.  In addition, Glossitis mentioned in the following 
report is inflammation of the tongue.