February 24, 2024

Consumer Reports Magazine Chimes in on Febreze

Before all else, you need to understand that the pertinence of this outline
is that Febreze has been a nightmare to certain patients who suffer from
specific types of respiratory disease.  That is to say, Febreze has been
assault & battery to these persons.  Plus, it was found to contain 87
chemical ingredients, by the scientists of the Environmental Working



Update:  The Consumer's Union of the U.S. Incorporated  has report-
ed that their tests have found Proctor & Gamble to be apparently lying
to the public about its Febreze product line.  All that was surmised was
Febreze's inability to eliminate odors, as this site has long since stated. 

In fact, Consumer Reports Magazine stated that the Febreze product line
is NOT the magical eliminator of odors that it has been advertised to be. 
Thus, those two affiliated entities concur with the article posted below.
The article was originally posted in the Summer of 2011.

Concerning the report, test subjects were placed in a setting which con-
tained long-standing sardines and the litter box scoopings of two large
cats, along with an odor of the Febreze product line.  The non-profit or-
ganization, as well as Consumer Reports, reported that the test subjects
described the affected area in the following ways:

I wanted to throw up.”  ...  “Flowers gone bad, dirty diapers, old
garbage.”  ...  “Like a men’s room in a truck stop.”   ...   “It’s not
exactly pleasant, and I don’t want to inhale.”  ...  “air freshener,
cat urine, and a hamster cage.”

The bottom line is that Febreze didn't eliminate or successfully mask
the other odors that were deliberately placed in the same setting.  More-
over, to people with reactive respiratory diseases, the Febreze odors per-
petually linger in absorbent material such as clothing and upholstery.
The Febreze odor clings and remains, torturing those with Reactive Air-
ways Disease, Irritant-induced Asthma, and other reactive conditions.

In fact, people not chemically sensitive have complained about getting
the smell of Febreze out of fabrics.  This product is a rude invasion of
privacy, where Proctor & Gamble infiltrates clothing & upholstery, in
having Febreze set in fabrics of other people, as if to rule the people
who own the contaminated fabrics.  It's a rude imposition to say the

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