December 11, 2023

Blue States pay more tax dollars than they receive.
Red States receive more tax dollars than they pay.

Blue State metropolises are the givers, tax-wise.
Red States, their farms, and military bases are the takers.
Republican States do the tax dollar consuming, on a net basis.  The Democratic States
do the tax giving, on a net basis.  In as much, if the neo-confederates of the South were
to incite their people into enough of a frenzy to once again secede from the Union, the
South would quickly go bankrupt and became insolvent.  The South has been leeching
off of the North and the West Coast, all along.  Quite frankly, the South would literally
do us a favor, if it were to secede from the Union.

The truth of Northern giving and Southern taking is evident by the fact that blue states
are far more populated than red states, and blue states house pivotal metropolises.  Big
cities are the treasure chests of tax revenue.  The farms and military bases of the Repub-
lican states, on the other hand, are NOT treasure troves of tax dollars.  Furthermore, all
military spending yields negative returns on investment.  Meanwhile, American farmers
live off of metropolitan areas, in the form of 1} taxpayer subsidies, 2} taxpayer-funded
operational loans, 3} metropolitan customers who eventually purchase their produce,
even if it be in an indirect way.
The diatribes of the Republican Party are now almost universally proven to be lies.
For example, under Democratic presidents in general, more jobs were created than
under Republican ones.  Yet, the Republicans boasted for years that Democrats lose
jobs, while Republicans create them.  The Republicans lied ... repeatedly.

When it comes to deficit spending, Reagan and Bush II were the kings of it.  Obama
and Clinton saw notable reductions in fiscal spending to the point where Bill Clinton
actually enjoyed three years of fiscal surpluses.  Yet, the Republicans claim to be the
party of fiscal responsibility.

Perhaps the Republicans don't know 1} that  Reagan tripled the national debt, 2} that
George "Read-my-lips" Bush broke his promise of "no-new-taxes,"  3} that George
Bush II sent America to the brink of disaster, 4} and that the Republican-controlled
House of Representatives passed the spending budgets of the past 2 3/4 years that it
ended up damning, even though they amounted to reductions in the rate of spending.

Of course, Clinton didn't inherit the state of anarchy that Barack Obama did, and the
very white Southern Clinton didn't have the chronic sabotage of his financial policy
that the American-born Anglo/African Barack Obama endures to this hour, in the
presence of Johnny Rebs and Confederate flags on Pennsylvania Avenue.  Well,
there is yet another Republican assertion that turned out to be a myth.  It goes as

Fiscal Transfers, state by state, red and blue

Statistically and factually, it turns out the the Democratic States are the givers and
Republican States, in general, are the takers, when it comes to federal income taxes.
Of course, there are two exceptions.  At this point, absorb this:

Republicans spent the past 30+ years damning the Democrats, while placing halos
on their heads, claiming that the Democrats irresponsibly take Republican dollars
and throw them away in their democratic "welfare" States.  This is a lie.  Observe:

Pursuant to the world renown U.S. News & World Report, the following states con-
tribute the most in net income tax dollars, meaning that they give more than they re-
ceive.  These are the Tax Producing States:

1} New Jersey,  2} Nevada,  3} Connecticut,  4} New Hampshire,  5} Minnesota,
6} Illinois,  7} Delaware,  8} California,  9} New York, 10} Colorado.

Examples of the list above go as follows:  For every dollar New Jersey paid in feder-
al taxes, it received only 61 cents in federal subsidies.  For Nevada, it was 65 cents.
For Connecticut, 69 cents was given to it, for every dollar in federal taxes its citizens

The States that took far more federal income tax dollars than they contributed are
the Tax Dependent States:

1} New Mexico,   2} Mississippi,   3} Alaska,   4} Louisiana,   5} West Virginia,
6} North Dakota,   7} Alabama,   8} South Dakota,   9} Kentucky,   10}Virginia.
Virgina and New Mexico are military and federal research states.  After all, New
Mexico is where the first nuclear detonation occurred, under the auspices of the
United States government.

Some examples:  For every dollar that Mississippi residents paid in federal tax, they
received $2.02.  Alaska received $1.84 for every dollar its citizen paid in federal in-
come tax, showing how much of a liar Sarah Palin was, in making it look as if the
State of Alaska pays its own way through life, when the truth is that it was one of
the largest taxpayer dollar recipients in history.  None the less, for every dollar of
federal income paid by Louisianans, they received $1.76 in federal subsidies.

So, let's absorb more considerations, at this point:  New York, the home of New
York City, along with Illinois, the home of Chicago, are stereotyped as welfare
city-states that leech off of good hard working farm folk from the heartland.  No,
Rush Limbaugh followers, you need to learn how to read more than NASCAR
programs.  The farmlands of America have been making their profits off of the
northern and west coast metropolises, all along.

New York, Chicago and other northern metropolises, along with the "Left Coast,"
have been carrying the Southern Baptist States, all the while being damned by the
neo-secessionist Southerners and recipients of farm subsidies.  That is to say, if
there were no northern and west coast metropolises, there would be no heartland
of America.  This illustrates that Supply Side Economics is an illusion.

Now, North Dakota is important to feature, because of its low unemployment rate.
In as much, it's low unemployment rate was a result of federal tax dollar subsidies,
and neither Reaganomics nor Capitalism.  In as much, for every dollar in federal in-
come tax that came from the State of North Dakota, $1.68 was given to it.  Thus,
North Dakota is a Taker-State, and not a bastion of capitalism.

US News & World Report defined blue states as those where Obama won the elector-
al college votes in the 2012 election.  Red states are those where Romney won the
electoral vote.

Incidentally, FoxNews outright lied when it stated that Romney won the popular vote.
Obama won the popular vote by 3,500,000 votes.  This is one of numerous instances
where FoxNews, due to its chronic lying, should be stripped of it license and taken
off the air.  They are literally as bad as the Nazis, the Soviets, and other dictatorship
propaganda machines. 

A Review of One Reason why Democratic States Fund Republican States

A mathematical reason why the Blue States keep the Red States alive is because the
population of the blue northern state heavily exceeds that of  Red States.  In addition,
there are more metropolises in the blue states, and a metropolitan is a heavy source
of tax revenue source.  In as much, if the saber rattlers of the neo-secessionist South
actually did start the second American civil war, the South would quickly undergo
economic disaster.  This is because the North and California would cut off federal
funding to the South.  The Blue States have been bailing out the Red States, in
terms of tax dollars, for years.