December 19, 2023

France had an empire and still exists. There is no more Confederacy.

                             In re:  The conservative right wing's hatred toward the French.
Gettysburg was the beginning of the South going down on its knees.
During the government shut down of 2013, a Republican politician, in the spirit that preceded the burning of Atlanta, spoke of his resolve in this way: "We're not French.  We don't surrender."  He surrendered.

Southerners surrendered during the first American Civil War, to the tune of 462,634 troops, twice the number as Union troops.  It's Southerners who are the cowards, hiding behind their guns.  

All in all,  Americans do NOT appreciate the aggressive operatives in our country trashing our European allies.  In as much, I would like to take the opportunity to apologize to the French, on behalf of Americans, for the insults hurled at you from those who live between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans also, but who have zero sense of civility.  I am so sorry that they repeatedly did that to you.  My dad had the kindest regards for you, and he was a decorated Air Force combat vet who witnessed fellow airmen literally go up in flames or hurl down toward the earth in a black trail of smoke..

The United States Needs France.
It Does NOT Need the Oppressive South.

For the record, I lived in the South for the vast majority of ten years, heading back to the North for a few Spring/Summer months.  I even then returned to the former Confederate South for a while, to the Shenandoah Valley.  Thus, I have experience with the Southern mindset, up close and personally.  Thank God for the North and West.

I can assure that we can do well without North and South Carolina.  But, we can't do will without France or England.  Add the Netherlands and Belgium, too.   In fact, I would love to see America substantiate an alliance with the Ukraine.  In as much, if you're an American vehemently against the idea of having foreign allies. then I can assure you that you're an inbreeder at heart.  

All in all, the South has always been detrimental to the United States.   The South has been a total pain.  If it  were to secede from the Union, it would be doing America a favor.  Northerners would be spared of a lot of tax dollars draining into the good ole boy South.

Let us begin:

In the proud, stubborn, and very short-lived Confederacy,  the national pastimes came to be:  1} primitive surgery,  2} surrendering,  3} watching its cities burn; literally.  NO joke.  No sarcastic statement.  The South was completely conquered and completely at the mercy of the North.  They still are.  The Northern states are the taxpayer states.  The Southern states are the tax-taker states.  The South has been leeching off of the North, and then the Sean Hannitys of this world get
the rural dwellers to believe the exact opposite of the statistical truth.

In contrast, the France whom the typical neo-confederate mocks, still had free forces throughout WWII, along with an effective underground network.  In fact, during the Battle of France, in 1940, the allies inflicted heavy casualties upon the Germans.  The Germans did NOT stroll into Paris.  

The historian tally for Nazi German casualties during the Battle of France (1940) was  27,074 KILLED and 111,037 wounded.  Thus, the French weren't the pansies that the White Trash and ornery right wingers of America made them out to be.  

During the Battle of France, the German Luftwaffe lost 1,129 aircraft in combat, according to the official stats.  So, it is a fatal error to think of the French as push-overs.  I would fight next to a Frenchman in a heartbeat.  I'm never willing to fight next to any Southerner who is not from Louisiana or Texas or the northern half of Mississippi.  Period.  As far as goes the eastern part of the American South, no dice.  
Spare me.

Even during the Battle for the Hague, in the Netherlands, the Germans lost half of its 8,000 paratroopers to death and prisoner-of-war status.  In their capturing of Holland, Belgium, and France, the Germans lost more troops and aircraft than assumed by those who never looked at a history report on the subject.

One more thing:  The French almost won the Battle of Waterloo.  The Prussians showed-up at 4 in the afternoon.  That was when the French split their forces into two parts and weakened.  The stereotypical American Southerner is simply jealous and tells lies.  There is nothing American about Southerners.  To be American is to give people the chance to talk things out and figure out what's going-on.

Unlike the sum total of Confederate forces, the French Free Forces NEVER surrendered.  If this were not true, then Charles de Gaulle would have never become a household name in the decades to follow.  In the darkest hours that France was enduring, De Gaulle remained poised at recapturing Paris.  Thus, the Southerners of today have the untold ... and bratty ... audacity to mock the French, after all of the surrendering the South did.  Proof that Southerners have a history of cowardice exists in the white hoods that cover their faces during cross burnings.

Incidentally, the Nazis broke international law, in order to takeover Paris.  They went  through Belgian territory, and the French didn't think that the Germans would do so.  In as much, the Germans had to CHEAT, in order to beat the French.

The French Underground who never surrendered to the Nazis inflicted strategic damage upon the Nazi infrastructure, while keeping the Jedburgh airbase (in Ain) perfectly in tact.  Simultaneously, the French underground delivered to the allied command a lot of needed information, thereby saving thousands of allied lives.  This included the details of the Atlantic Wall.

Plus, the French rescued a lot of downed U.S. airmen.  The French rescued these airmen at their own peril, and is this the thanks that the  France get from America?  Only the Southern trash we find throughout the congressional seats of government would be so ungrateful.  Without the French underground, there would have never been the concise information direly needed by the 8th Army Air Force who ended up destroying Nazi Germany's war-making capacity.

The Confederates had raiders during the American Civil War, but they never came close to the operational effectiveness of the French underground in Nazi territory.  Moreover, the French had their nation returned to them in complete victory.  The South suffered a 100% loss, including the loss of cities by means of fires started and finished by Northerners who became tired of the games Southerners were 

In Light of the Oppressiveness of the Southern Mindset

I can assure you that a Rand Paul presidency or a TEA Party congress will result in far worse upheaval than that which was witnessed in 1968/69.  Southerners are very oppressive.  That is their history.

By the way,  Texans will be scheming to get the price of gasoline to rise to previously crippling levels.  That is when the North will blow a gasket, because the South has been leeching off the North and its higher population, all along.

Let us review:  There is STILL a landmass called France.  There is NO landmass called the Confederacy in any form of power, at all.  There are just cross burners in the woods.  In the end, the French were victorious in WWII.  They won back their nation and prevented many 8th Army Air Force debacles.  This White Trash Talk of the South must end.  They have been doing this since the end of the Civil

So, here is the situation:  The South suffered complete defeat, while hundreds of thousands of Southerners surrendered to Northerners.  Yet, the redneck congressmen had the audacity to mock the French who kept fighting at the Somme, the Marne, during the Siege of Parish, during the Norman conquest of the English, and at many other venues marked by French victories.  All in all, I would be willing to have American forces fight along side a Dutchman, a Frenchman, or an Italian before any unit of Southerners, being that the aforementioned Europeans would be much more adaptable on a battlefield, with a Plan B & Plan C ready to be employed.

If the French are a nation of surrendering sissies, 
then how do you explain the following?

1} Napoleon's army.   2} the Parisians who defeated the Danish Vikings during the Siege of Paris.   3}  Charles Martel,  4} Charlemagne,  5} William the Conquerer's French army,  6} Simon of Montfort,  7} Simon V of Montfort,  8}  Joan of Arc's army,  9} Gilbert du Moitier (also known as the Marquis of La Fayette),  10} the General Rochambeau who rescued George Washington from his military incompetence, 11} the French Underground,  12}  those Frenchmen who fought in the Battle of the Somme, as well as 13} the Battle of the Marne,  14} the French marine units who went over the Iraqi fire trenches during the First Gulf War, 15} the French Revolution, 16} the vast French Empire.

A lot of pampered Americans spoke as if they could easily take-on and subdue the French with a bag of Doritos in their hands, while listening to the rotund chicken hawk, drug addict, and college fail-out, Rush "the Viagra Smuggler" Limbaugh ... and doing so without breaking stride.  Firstly, America is the second fattest nation on earth, and Limbaugh is one of the pioneers in American obesity.  Secondly, on a per capita basis, the French have been taking home more Olympic medals than the Americans.  This is also the case with Australia and Hungary, as it applies to the Summer Olympics only.

Furthermore, a Special Forces American told me in Florida that the French special forces troops are the ones who are the most knowledgeable in war technology, while on the field.  Now, he said that the Italian special forces personnel are the acrobats of the Western allies, but it's the French who can improvise on the battle field, as if to be college professors.

In conclusion, you can call the French rude, but you can't call them a bunch of sissies.  Of course, the French enigma came from France losing to Hitler.  Well, jn order for the Nazis to conquer France, it had to bypass the massive Maginot Line, and break international law by invading France through neutral Belgium.

During the battle for Paris, 15% of the French  army was out of the equation manning the Maginot Line that the Nazis avoided, because they knew they couldn't beat the French in any one on one match.  The Nazis KNEW that they were no match for the French, in a head-to-head conflagration.  The French would have mangled their armored units.

Southern man, according to his own history, only understands low wages, good ole boy cronyism, crying wolf, using religion to deceive the people, lying about other people, lying about other nations, gerrymandering, complaining about environmental law, cross burning, lynch mobbing, despising the UN, and cursing international law.  Such is the mindset of an isolationist inbreeder.  Southerners do NOT deserve to be called Americans.   They would dismantle the United 
States and reestablish the Confederacy instantly, if they had a chance to do so.

Do not be deceived by their obsessive flag waving.  They would replace the Stars and Stripes with the Johnny Reb flag in one mere heartbeat ... from my personal observations ... in my opinion.

France:  A Imperial Power ... Unlike the Confederate South

A nation of sissies doesn't amass an empire reaching from Southeast Asia to Northern Africa to Central Africa to North America and the northern tip of South America.  Yes, even from the Three Rivers region of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to as far South as New Orleans, was French imperial territory.

The British Empire which was at its height shortly after World War I lost much of its influence.  In a dominoes effect, long after having lost America, it lost its jewel.  Its jewel was India.  Then, the United Kingdom lost its Opium War prize, Hong Kong, along with Burma (aka Myanmar), Ceylon, most of Ireland, Ghana, the Gold Coast, Kenya, Zanzibar, rainless Botswana, Gambia, Lesotho, Bahrain, Qatar, Tonga, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Belize, and other nations which have a right to independence.  Simply because the United Kingdom downsized itself, it does not make the English sissies.  The same goes for the French Empire.  Southerners always have to belittle someone, in order to make themselves feel great.

So, why would Americans think that the American Empire is immortal, especially now that it has been sabotaged by Reaganomics and the ensuring of long-term Trade Balance Deficit, as well as Johnny Reb politicians who did shutdown the federal government, in the Spirit of attacking Fort Sumter?

Any new West Hemisphere empire ... any replacement American empire in the near future, will either be that of Brazil or a new political entity in the landmass now recognized as the United States ... but such a land will have to weed out the backward, neo-confederate, self-seeking, good ole boy operatives.  

It was the Johnny Reb and the Jerry Falwell Fundamentalist who shutdown our federal government.  They then blamed it on Obama, as if we in the north are so stupid as to believe them.  Well, they're the ones with the embarrassing low SAT scores and every other type of test score.  In fact, high tech companies refused to relocate to South Carolina, because, according to the assessments, the state which started the first civil war didn't have people in the 21st Century intelligent enough to perform the high tech work.

The Ted Cruz Irony

Ted Cruz was hailed as the great prophet of the TEAS, and therefore, the great prophet of the Southern mindset.  What is wrong with this picture?  ANS:  Cruz prided himself on graduating from an Ivy league school ... a Yankee school ... a northern school.  Well, if the South is so superior, then Cruz must be regarded persona non gratis, for his Yankee influence.

The other irony of the South is that former Georgia congressman Newt Gingrich was a native of Harrisburg Pennsylvania.  That's near the Gettysburg which was the beginning of the end for the Johnny Rebs.

Southern politicians need to quit insulting our intelligences up here ... up here in the land of MIT, the Ivy League, the Big Ten, Lehigh, Pitt, Notre Dame, Case Western Reserve, the Cleveland Clinic, the Mayo Clinic, Mt. Sinai Med Center, the Seven Sister Colleges, Chicago Univ, Carnegie-Mellon, Williams College, Amherst, Swarthmore, Haverford, Middlebury, Colgate, Bowdoin, etc.  They also need to do something about the ridiculously high cost of a college education and end the college loan trap.