February 3, 2024

The Nature of Politics, in a line itemized summary

They overthrew the monarchs and replaced them with politicians who brought
us worse wars.  Those politicians also brought us chattel slavery, John Calhoun, 
the Trail of Tears, the Know Nothing Party, Teapot Dome, and Tammany Hall,
followed by politicians bribed by Al Capone.  Then came Stalin, HItler, Mao, 
and a roll call of other deadly dictators.  Add the Lockheed Bribery Scandal,
the disarray of Boeing, the many Biden LLCs, foreign sweatshop labor and
the accompanying trade balance deficit, water supplies drowning in endocrine 
disruptor chemicals, the converting of the American legal system into one
contiguous kangaroo court system, and the disintergretion of society.

The lesson is that you can implement the best form of governmentbut if you have unconscionable manipulators running it, then you have an evil government.  It's the people in government which counts; not the form of government.  Evil governors = Evil government.

1a] Politics is a tug of war where manipulation and
      compromise hold opposite ends of the same rope.

  2] The common man possesses something known as common sense.  This means
       that he should be granted easy access to common law courts, as well as class-
       ical chancellery offices without the exorbitantly high attorney fees of this era.
       In fact, the America Organization of States' 1948 Universal Declaration of Hu-
       man Rights needs to be enforced.

 3a] Where there is the presence of organized crime, there
        are police officers and government officials on the take.

 3b] The system of local police breeds corruption and abuse.  Their arrogance comes
        from believing that they have immunity.  Firstly, it's known as qualified immun-
        ity, and no such immunity exists in the presence of malice.

   4] Deregulation is lawlessness and lawlessness is anarchy.  Republicans are no-
       thing more than self-seeking anarchists, being that they are obsessed with de-
       regulation.  Democrats are far successful at being cold-blooded killers than a
       pack of wolves.   You can land 12 Americans on the moon, but you can't pro-
       duce a descent political party in America.  This would only be because poli-
       tics, per se, is intrinsically evil.  The constant warring between political parties               robs a nation of its peace.  One side in politics does, and then the other side                   immediately seeks to undo.

  5] Campaign mud slinging is White Trash Politics.  Other races have done it, too.

6a]  If the French are such gutless cowards who instantaneously surrender to an
       invading army, then how do you explain: 1] Charles Martel, 2] Charlemagne,
       3] the Norman Conquest, 4] the French victory over the Vikings during the
       Siege of Paris,  5] Saint Joan of Arc,  6] Simon of Montfort,  7] Simon V of
       Montfort,  8] King Louis XIV,  9] Napoleon's army,  10] the French Empire,
      11] the Comte de Rochambeau,  12] the Marquis de Lafayette,  13] the Battle
      of the Somme,  14] the Battle of the Marne,  15] the French Underground,
      16] the French Exocet Missile?   Remember that France was the third high-
      est military spender in the Year 2010.

7b] When referring to the French as cowardly sissies, keep in mind that some of
       the northwestern French are the descendants of Danish Vikings.  As a gener-
       al rule, French towns ending in "x" were once Viking settlements.  It's foolish
       to call Viking descendants a bunch sissies.

7c]  The animosity between the French and British was explained to me by a na-
        tive of England in the following way: "The French look down on everyone,
        and the English don't like being looked down upon."

  8] Donating to a political campaign is no different than bribing a politician,
       when the candidate knows that you made the donation.

  9] The most asinine campaign maneuver is that of a candidate giving voters a card
       which states only the candidate's name, without mention of the candidate's pol-
       itical stance, telling the voter to vote for the candidate.  This leaves a voter en-
       tirely clueless as to the politician's stance on the issues.  When you say, "Vote
       for Joe American Shmoe," you have to give cause why people should vote
       for him.

10a]  A person who states that monarchy is intrinsically evil is a paranoid in-breeder
        at heart.  He doesn't believe that God has the power to make anyone good.

10b]  This paranoiac inbreeding mentality includes persons who have stated that the
         papacy is intrinsically evil.  Such defamatory people include the preachers who
         see themselves in competition for tax-free collection basket money.  This speak-
         ing ill of the Catholic Church becomes a business venture, in the quest to get as
         many Catholics as possible to leave the Catholic Church and put money into the
         preachers' tax-free collection baskets.  Yee haw there, Reverend Jim Bob.

10c]  Popes come and go.  Some were holy.  Some were heart touching.  Some were
        negligent.  Some caused the Catholic world grief.  No individual pope defines
        the papacy of the past 2,000 years.

11]   If America remained a colony of England, slavery
        would have been made illegal decades prior, in 1834.

12]   Why exchange one tyrant located 3,000 miles away for 3,000 tyrants located
        one mile away?  Republics, as opposed to merely Republicans, have provid-
        ed humanity with unconscionable politicians such as George "WMD" Bush,
        Dick "the Waterboarder" Cheney, Richard "Watergate" Nixon, Mitt "Factory 
        Gate Padlock" Romney, John "Shackle them" Calhoun, NAFTA Newt Gingrich,
        Jefferson "Confederacy" Davis, George Segregation Wallace, those on the pay-
        roll of Al "Buy a Judge"Capone, Ronald "Triple the National Debt" Reagan,
        and Joe "there's a commy under your bed" McCarthy.   Add to this Jim Crow
        laws, the klan, Teapot Dome,
        Gerrymandering, the Wickersham Commission, Tammany Hall, the Lockheed
        Bribery Scandals, The Knapp Commission, MK-Ultra, and much more.

        In fact, George Washington proved his dictatorial prowess in the Whiskey Re-
        bellion that never was, along with him having his own soldiers shot to death at
        various firing squads.  In addition, the American South became a chattel slave
        dictatorship, despite it claiming itself to be the Land of Liberty.  This was ac-
        companied by a slave owner saying, "Give me liberty or give mes, death."  To
        him, liberty was the ability to keep people enslaved.  Patrick Henry, hypocrite
        extraordinaire, was a slave owner.

       The lesson learned from the many American outrages throughout the centuries
        is that it isn't the form of government that matters.  It's the type of people in
        government that does. The kings were overthrown and replaced with multiple
        tyrants.  Thus, effacing monarchy cured nothing.  What is required in govern-
        ment is that it be run by persons with consciences.  Today, an honest politician
        is an oxymoron.

13]  The Duke of Wellington was not named Wellington.  He was Arthur Wellesley.
       In fact, he was the prime minister of England when slavery was made illegal
       and Catholicism was once again made legal for the first time in 1834.

14] Abraham Lincoln's fatal error was that of not prosecuting Jefferson Davis.  If he
      would have hung Davis from the gallows, he would not have been assassinated.
      No one would have had the audacity to have even tried.

15] Mao Tse Tung's writings have ZERO social value.

16] Prince Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli was a borish windbag.

17] An activist Republican is someone who doesn't want to pay his workers and who
      doesn't want to pay his taxes, all the while whining and complaining as a martyr 
      if he doesn't own all the money in the world.

18]  An activist Democrat is someone who wants to have sex, drugs, and rock & roll,
       as well as an abortion after having messed up having sex, drugs, and rock & roll.

19] A non-activist Republican is either someone who thinks that the Republican party
      platform was brought down from Mount Sinai by Moses or someone who would
      like to belong to a country club without partaking in right wing fanaticism.  They
      are two types of people.

20]  A non-activist Democrat is someone who doesn't want to have to live out of trash

21]  The Eternal God does not recognize State's Rights; only human rights.  Instead,
       God follows the rule of a leader's accountability.  It's based on the premise that
       the more given to you results in the more being expected from you.  At this point
       in time, Remember Nuremberg, because history repeats itself.  In fact, always re-
       member Nuremberg.  Today's politicians obviously do not do so.  In fact, send
       them a history book about the French Revolution and the European revolutions
       of 1848 as soon as you can.  If they don't learn from history, they will be repeat-
       ing it very soon.  Qaddafi already did.