May 27, 2023

Sea level & ice melt reports, ~unhidden temperature decline, ~exaggerated doomsday misinformation

Concerning the media ratings hunt, Project Veritas has a visual & audio recording of one-time CNN technical director, Charlie Chester.  In it, he says that CNN's next campaign will be "Global Warming Awareness," without him having made any mention of the scientifically certified "Global Warming Pause of 1999 - 2016," & without him having mentioned the 1940-1975 temperature decline.  This means that CNN has predetermined what the breaking news is going to be months before breaking news occurs.

27 Gigaton Gain in Five Days.  12 Gigaton Gain in One Day.

Neither are you to expect to hear CNN mention the 27 gigaton snow gain in Greenland, from April 14-18, 2020, as well as similar Greenland snow gains.  Similar gains include the May 26, 2021 snow gain of 12 gigatons --- all in one day.   Concerning that one day:

Observe the blue graph line's vertical end.  It's a line of blue that shoots straight upward.  The chart attached to the blue signifies the "Surface Mass Balance" of Greenland, from Sept 2020 to August 2021.  Incidentally, the gully in the graph, where no snow gain occurred, is called Summertime.  The seasons are caused by the tilt (the obliquity) of the Earth; and not by co2.

Gigatons:  One-day gains also included 6 Gt (5 times), 7 Gt (2 times), & 10 Gt (once).

Of course, do NOT expect CNN to detail Antarctica's Winter of 2021.  It was the coldest Winter in its known history, and the timing of that coldest winter was a wooden stake directed straight into the heart of Global Warming Hysteria.  

Also forgot about hearing the details of the 2021 record high soy crop harvest in America and the 2021 record high wheat harvest of Australian farmers. Also add to the CNN Ignore List the record high agricultural exports from the United States which occurred in the same year of 2021

In like fashion, assume that there will be no attention given to the 21% gain in the 2021 American cotton crop, as well as America's professional success in its 2021 corn crop.  Add to the no-attention list India's record high rice production of approx 121 million metric tonnes which also occurred in the Year 2021.

These things are important to hide from you, because the recent harvest successes prove Al Gore completely wrong in his assertion that an elevated level of co2 will result in a disastrous fate for agriculture on Planet Earth.  Only crop failures will be reported by CNN; not crop triumphs.

See:  Greenland gained 27 gigatons of snow in five days, in 2020

Perhaps you noticed that CNN ratcheted-up the climate doomsday scenario as far back as August 2021, after the MASSIVE Greenland snow accumulation of May & June 2021.  It's explained further inside these written (as opposed to spoken) discourses.  

East Australia Joined in the Record Cold Club

For now, take note that the Australian East Coast, as recently as 2022, was undergoing record lengths in cold phases, while CNN was hyping-up the one July day, and one July day only, when one Carlwood Surrey thermometer read 102.38F (39.1C).  Canada had record cold in 2021 and this year (2022), too.   But, don't expect that to be mentioned by CNN very often, if ever at all.

See:  2022 Australian record cold

See also:  Australian regions coldest in 100 & 33 yrs.

And: Aussie "record long" cold spell during sole London 100+F day

In fact, while CNN was screaming, "Global Warming, Global Warming," the Northeast of the United States experienced record breaking cold in the Winter of 2021/2022.  CNN will remain steadfast in the deliberate infliction of emotional distress upon school children with horror story after horror story of the life-giving photosynthesis molecule, co2.

See:  Record Cold in Northeast America, 2022

See also:  Record breaking cold visits the Northeast of America 

There will also be no expected mention of NASA having reported, with satellite samples, that the Arctic region of Planet Earth has become greener during the Summer.  Nor will there be mention of other geographic sectors of Planet Earth becoming greener. 

A conclusion nine years prior was that the biosphere in a given Arctic latitude is now as green as it was 430 miles more south, in 1982.  MSN News actually reported this in 2013.  Anyway, there are videos testifying to the greening of Arctic latitudes; ultimately testifying to the fact that more co2 is NOT doom.  More co2 simply means more photosynthesis on Planet Earth. 

Lookie see:   NASA affirms that the Arctic is now greener.

If you want to go green, you must increase the co2 level.
At this point, sea levels should be brought into focus.  Now, concerning the reported sea level rise of 2.8 inches in 25 years, it was assessed as such via the Topex-Poseidon Satellite and the Jason series (1, 2, and 3).  No polar bear is drowning in that 2.8 inches.

There was also the report that the average sea level rise since 1880 (to the Year 2020) was 8 to 9 inches.  Doomsayers claim it's ten inches ... in 142 years of time.  Do you see how unremarkable and non-apocalyptic these numbers are?  

Plus, 1880 was shortly after the Mini Ice Age.  Some thawing was to be expected.  The present-day surmise is that the modern-day sea level elevation occurs at a rate of +3.6 mm every year.  At this point, take two pennies, stack them, and look at their sides ... look at their thickness.  The two pennies are 3.5 mm in thickness.  Is that anywhere near end-of-the-world quality sea level rise? 

Catastrophic Sea Level Rise?    Newsflash:  The Piers aren't underwater.

Let's also address the report that, during the 20 twenty year period of April 2002 to June 2021, Greenland lost approximately 4,471 gigatons of snow/ice.  Sounds like a devastatingly high amount which can put the eastern coastlines underwater, correct?  Well, it corresponds to a sea level increase of . . . no more than 1.2 centimeters.  That's one point two centimeters.  That's also .47 inches.   That's half an inch of sea rise ... in 20 years' time.  Excuse me, but where is the end-of-the-world doom in all of this?

Let's go through the numbers, to show how minuscule 4,471 gigatons are, in realtion to the oceans of Planet Earth.

Greenland is three times the size of Texas.  It's one and a quarter times the size of Alaska --- and eight times larger than Colorado.  Massive allotments of ice are there.  Now, 4,471 gigatons of melted ice were reported as having entered the Atlantic Ocean, in a 20 year period.  The news reports acted as if we all were going to drown.  At this point, keep in mind that ALL oceans are connected to each other.  No walls separate them.

Firstly, a gigaton is a billion tonnes.  It's concisely 2,204,622,621,848 lbs.  4,471 gigatons = 9,856,867,742,282,408 lbs.  

The mass of the Earth's atmosphere is 5.5 MILLION gigatons.  That's 5,500,000 gigatons times 2,204,622,621,848 lbs = 12,125,424,420,200,000,000 lbs.

At present, we're speaking of ice melt in Greenland.  So, we need to calculate in terms of gallons of water.  A gallon is 8.333 American pounds (lbs.)  The 4,471 gigatons of melted Greenland ice translates into 9,856,867,742,282,408 divided by 8.333 = 1,182,871,443,931,646 quadrillon gallons of water.   

Now, the Earth's oceans hold circa 352 quintillion gallons of water (add 18 zeros). 

 Gallons of water in all oceans:              352,000,000,000,000,000,000

minus 4,471 gigatons melted Greenland snow  1,182,871,443,931,646 =

                                                                351,998,817,128,557,068,354 gallons

 In adding the melted 4,471 gigatons to existing ocean waters, one yields 352,001,182,871,443,931,646 gallons

Now for a percentage:   The percentage of the 1.182 quadrillon gallons of Greenland water, in comparison to the Earth's 352 quintillon gallon oceans   =    0.000335%

 Compared to the connected oceans of the Earth, 4,471 gigatons coming off the Greenland ice sheet --- in a 20 year period --- is insignificantly tiny.  It's an insult to the common citizen's intelligence, when the common citizen does basic mathematics on the issue.  The ice melt quantity could not yield any sea level elevation more than an equally insignificant 1.2 centimeters (aka .47 inches --- aka a half inch), in 20 years time. 

And this is supposed to be the end of the world.  It's con artistry that is easy to uncover as such.  "They" think that you're stupid and easy to intimidate.  It's the ongoing theft of the American taxpayer.

 Reference:  1.2 cm sea rise in 20 yrs of Greenland ice melt 

Record High Sea Level in 2020 ... a rise of mere inches

The National Centers for Environmental Information, a subsidiary of NOAA, reported the following:  

"In 2020, global sea level set a new record high---3.6 inches (91.3 millimeters) above 1993 levels, according to NOAA."  

That's all?  That is supposed to be Doomsday?  Well, don't go high-diving into 3.6 inches of water.  

The lesson here is that, when a government claims to have broken a climate record or an ocean record, the numbers involved are petty and insignificant.  A 3.6 inch sea level rise is not the end of the world.  Perceive the pettiness under the guise of earth-shattering, record breaking, we're-all-gonna-die, climate change news.

Of course, the response from the Global Warmists is that the fresh Greenland water will lesson the salinity of the Atlantic Ocean and cause an Ice Age in Western Europe.  

Well, the facts are that Spain (the land of some of my people), Sicily, mainland Italy (also a land of some of my people), and Greece (the land of some of my other people) reached temperatures in the 100F and even 110F department as recently as 2022, or even 2021, 2020, etc.   It's the Mediterranean.  That's what it does in the Summer, there.  The 90s are common for parts of Spain, Italy, Greece, etc.  So, where is this new Mini Ice Age caused by CO2's wanton melting off the Greenland ice sheet into the Atlantic Ocean?  

BTW, how can co2 melt Greenland's ice sheet when there is constant albedo deflection/reflection/refraction occurring at the massive ice sheet there?  For those in the American public school system, albedo is the "angle of deflection" when UV rays enter Earth's atmosphere, hit the color white, and literally jet back into space at the speed of light. All in all, where there happens to be no infrared light, there happens to be no heating power for CO2.  Even at that, CO2 action only happens to occur at 3.7 watts per meter squared, anyway.

CO2 is plant food ... not jet fuel.   The greenhouse gas which rules the world is Water Vapor.  In fact, CO2 is to Water Vapor what a pinch hitter is to the lead-off hitter of a baseball team.

CO2 is the key of photosynthesis.  To seek to lower co2 is to be anti-green

The climate hysteria falsehoods that were spread are sleight-of-hand distortions more than they are outright lies, with one exception.  The exception was admitted to have been a common enough practice, according to the 2009 Climategate Emails.  The exception is that record high temperatures were reported in Africa where there were NO WEATHER MONITORING STATIONS.  Those officially stated temperatures have no empirical evidence, and therefore no foundation.

Mostly, however, the fraudulent misrepresentations were/are hyped-up exaggerations, always prodding those unfamiliar with basic atmospheric science to believe that the end is near.  This translates into the uninformed and the misinformed members of humanity believing that they have to submit to Draconian measures, even to the point of killing off a painfully significant percentage of the human population.  This is called Eugenics.  Eugenics includes sterilization, abortion, & "euthanasia."

The other technique in corporate media dishonesty is to omit reports about record cold and the replenishing of glaciers wherever ice re-accumulation is occurring.   Only the ice loss gets reported, as if it were permanent loss, and as if we're all going to die from it.  This is de facto censorship.  This is the act of hiding the truth.  

In a free society, there is Point/Counterpoint, and a second round of debate.  Today, there is only censorship by high tech tyrants and the now-dictatorial corporate advertisement media.  None the less, newspaper archives of decades past can expose false declarative statements spread by Climate Doomsday Racketeers.

For example, the Gore CO2 Doctrine is easily refuted by the 1970s newspaper & magazine articles that addressed the long-experienced cooling trend of the 20th Century.  The New York Times article below is one of many pieces of archival evidence. 

According to Al Gore and company, there should have been temperature increases during and after WWII, due to the tremendous amount of industrial manufacturing that took place at that time.  Ironically, the opposite happened.  The world entered into a cooling phase while the war was still in progress.  An example is the bitter cold endured during the Battle of the Bulge, aka the Siege of Bastogne.   Leningrad & Stalingrad, along with 

Above:  American B-24 crew stationed at an air base in East Anglia England.
There were brutally cold temperatures during the Korean war, also; 1950 to 1953.  American industrialization continued, none the less.  Yet, the temperature decline held its course for 35 or so years. 

                  See:    The depth of cold in the Korean War

A peace time example of the temperature decline was the Big Freeze of 1962.  Having begun in December 22, it did not subside until March of 1963.  It was the coldest winter in Central England since 1740, and 1740 was within the depths of the Mini Ice Age.

By the time 1978 arrived, the climate was already recognized as having gone through a "thirty year cooling trend," despite the industrialized uptick in co2 levels.  This dispels the Gore Doctrine.  This, alone, proves non-scientist Al Gore to be completely wrong.

Gore is as wrong at this atmospheric co2 assertion as he was when he went on the late night NBC show hosted by the extremely intelligent Conan O'Brien.  Gore claimed that the center of the Earth is millions of degrees.  Well, Brain Cells Gore didn't realize that the Earth would have vaporized long ago, if its core were millions of degrees.  The center of the Earth is 9,800F to 10,800F.  That's hot enough.

Yet another scientific finding that disproves Gore's doctrine

The 2017 crystallization of the bottom of the massive Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica dispelled it too, as did the regrowing of the Jakobshavn Glacier, along with the fact that the glaciers of Glacier National Park did not melt into non-existence, by the predicted year of 2020.

While co2 rose, Planet Earth underwent a cooling trend.

An Ultimate Reality Check: A long-term cold trend amidst rising co2 levels.

May 26, 2023

El Nino Southern Oscillation & La Nina and the Global Cooling of the 1940s, 1960s, & 1970s.

 And then there is the alternating of directional ocean flow between El Nino & La Nina.  These are ocean oscillations, located at the Equator.  This is when ocean water does NOT travel like a rotating gyroscope on the large scale, but rather, the current-flow travels west to east to eventually west again, is bordered by a string of smaller gyres, known as eddys. You will see eddy after eddy after eddy, connected like jewelry along one side of the ENSO ocean oscillation.  ENSO stands for El Nino Southern Oscillation. 

Now, the Equator is taught to be equated with the "Intertropical Convergence Zone," where you have little wind, a lot of low pressure, and a lot of rain.  However, the ITCZ is not a straight line across Zero Degrees Latitude.  

 It shifts/bends significantly & seasonally in the Atlantic, Africa, and Asia, into India.  For example, In January, it will cross through Brazil at 10 Degrees Latitude and then rise toward the northwest, into Liberia, Ivory Coast, & Ghana, and then make a diagonal descent though Zambia, Mozambique, and eventually to Northern Australia. 

Then, in July, the Intertropical Convergence Zone travels through a line close to the 23.5 degree Tropic of Cancer, into Southern Saudi Arabia, through the Middle of India, and through Southern China (including Guangdong).  However, in the Pacific, its wavy, but relatively straight in its pathway.  And, it's taught to be a huge influence of American weather.

BTW, speaking of China, Beijing does have a Monsoon season.


The atmosphere is made of intricate gears that are repeatedly counter-intuitive.  Writing everything off as a result of the atmospheric co2 level is frightening mindlessness.

The El Nino & La Nino equatorial currents travel between Longitudes 120E & 80W, and it has had a huge effect on American and Australian weather. 

What is ENSO?

An El Nino event is one that starts during late December and endures for approximately four years (from 2 - 7 yrs, actually).  It was named after the Christ Child, and it is associated with heat in the American Continent.  La Nina is the eventual counteraction of those equatorial ocean currents, and it is associated with colder than usual temperatures on the American Continent.  The Year 1998 was an El Nino Year.  It was associated with a warm American Winter which frightened everyone who had no experience in atmospheric science.  Yet, it was pleasurable.  It was the Winter of little shivering.

The El Nino Southern Oscillation is abbreviated ENSO. 

At this point, it is important to note that, throughout the rest of the Earth, the ocean surfaces are composed of massive GYRES which rotate like gigantic gyroscopes.  This is why ocean waves crash into the shoreline at an angle, instead of doing so in a straight line.  This angular wave motion is one of many proofs that the Earth is round, and it involves something known as the Coriolis Effect which you can look-up at your convenience.

The Coriolis Effect also involves something known as Eckman Transport which can refute one of Al Gore's paranoiac claims about climate doom in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean.  Gore and his team claimed that fresh-water ice from Greenland will progressively melt into the Atlantic, thereby lessening the ocean's salt content, and thereby causing the ocean to stop circulating and to cause an Ice Age in England.  Well, if such a melting scenario were possible, it would only result in suppression of ocean down-welling and upwelling.   In order to get the oceans to stop moving, you need to stop the rotation of the Earth and you need to stop the formation of wind.Drawing of prevailing winds' influence on Atlantic hurricanes in a La Niña summer

Incidentally, if you want to identify a climate fraud, simply ask that person this:  "What is the definition of wind?"  The fraud won't know the answer.  Wind is high pressure air traveling toward low pressure air ... denser air making a route to empty itself into air with less compacted air parcels.  It's high pressure gravitating toward low pressure.   You can even effectively define wind as high pressure air chasing low pressure air.   The concept is understood as such.

Upwelling involves the providing of nutrients to sea life which abides in the Euphotic Zone.  Concerning this, nature apparently has within it compensatory features throughout the Earth.  Nature apparently has a Plan B, when upwelling is mitigated or halted.  This is because a certain food source unexpectedly super-multipled as of recently, and such a thing will prevent any environmental oceanic crisis caused by the blocking of upwelling.  It's called coccolithophore phytoplankton.  

 In fact, there is an area in the Gulf of Mexico which used to be called the Dead Zone, due to the negligent draining of residual industrial fertilizer there, via the Mississippi River.  It's back to life now, and a major presence there is the coccolithophore phytoplankton.

Concerning the effort to understand ocean down-welling, it is needed to look-up Pycnocline.

This discourse also omits mention of Sublimation and Deposition.   Sublimation is when ice turns into vapor without going through the melted liquid stage.  Deposition is when vapor suddenly turns into ice.   

Two points to make about sublimation, before we move on:  A sign that sublimation has occurred is that the ice is jagged.  When ice is partially jagged and only partially smoothed-out, that's the result of partial sublimation, needless to say.  

The greatest example of sublimation is at the top of the Himalaya Mountains.  The greatest example of partial sublimation is seen on the walls of calving ice.  Contrary to mainstream media's explanation thereof, calving ice is NOT the result of melting ice.  Melting ice simply recedes.  It does not perform a grand dive into the ocean.  Calving is the result of an increase of snow toward the center of a landmass, pushing out the snow at the shorelines.  Yes, calving is the sign of increased snow, while calving ice walls are partially jagged and partially smoothed-out.  

Concerning the Thermohaline Circulation which is not to be confused with the Thermocline

An activist giving a speech might simultaneously show a world map projection marked with a colorful band/line traveling through the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.  It looks like a ribbon.  This can deceive the untrained public into assuming that the water motion symbolized by the ribbon is located at the surface of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.  Well, the previously mentioned gigantic OCEAN GYRES are what exist at the surface of the oceans.  In fact, the massive gyre in the American side of the Atlantic ocean is called the Sargasso Sea.  Al Gore is not a good teacher, in his withholding too many facts.

 a map of the earth showing gyres in the world ocean
From the United States National Ocean Service --- (the NOS)

Being that ocean gyres are important in understanding how much of a fraud the Al Gore people have been, one needs to understand the Coriolis Effect.  This involves the rotation and tilt of the Earth (aka the Earth's "obliquity").  Firstly, the Earth presently tilts at 23.5 degree slant. Secondly, the Earth is revolving around the sun at 66,660 miles per hour.  At the Equator it rotates around itself at 1,037 miles per hour.  Moreover, the Earth's Rotation Speed at various latitudes go as follows, in miles per hour (mph) :::

10 degrees: 1021mph    20 deg:  975mph    30 deg: 898mph    40 deg: 795mph

50 degrees:  667mph     60 deg:  519mph    70 deg: 355mph    80 deg: 180mph


Now, keep in mind also that the warmest latitude on Earth is NOT always the Equator.  The warmest latitude is the Summertime Tropic,  at 23.5 degrees,  if a Summertime is in progress, as opposed to an Autumn or Springtime. 

Spring vs Autumn CO2 Levels

Speaking of Springtime, Al Gore stated in his first science fiction movie that, during Springtime, co2 is abundant, and during autumn's harvest season, co2 levels in the atmosphere are low.  The truth is that the difference between the Springtime level of co2 and the Autumn level is no more than 2%.  It's merely a 2% difference.  Again, Gore was a terrible teacher.

Heat's Entrance & Exit Rates at the Earth's Various Latitudes

It would also have helped for someone to have admitted that, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the following occurs ===> From the 40th parallel of both hemispheres to the poles of both hemispheres, more heat exits Planet Earth's atmosphere into outer space than enters Earth's atmosphere from outer space.  The Earth's only viable source of heat is the Sun, and the Earth's storehouse of heat mostly exists from Latitude 40 degrees N to Latitude 40 degrees S  ...  or visa-versa.

Two more things, regarding this :::  1} The Earth is FARTHEST from the Sun during the Northern Hemisphere's Summer and the Southern Hemisphere's Winter.   2} The Earth spins from West to East.

Their Failed Doomsday Predictions & Hypocrisy

The Global Warmists failed in ALL of their doomsday predictions, mostly made circa 1988.  All of the predicted climate doom was supposed to have been complete by 2018-2020.  In fact, during this present time span, when the media obsessively barks out "Climate Change," Antarctica recently had it coldest day in recorded history, so recorded by satellite technology ::: a MINUS 135.7.  

Furthermore, in 2021, the same Antarctica had its coldest six-month period on record.  Even the prejudiced & slanted CNN reported that fact.  BTW, this Antarctic six month period is more commonly known as WINTER.  

The Antarctic held its coldest winter in known history, in 2021.  That's a sure sign that the phenomenon of NOT-Global-Warming is occurring throughout the Earth.  The temperature gets evened-out in such scenarios.

Examples of failed Climate Change predictions go as follows :::  

~The Maldives were predicted to be underwater by 2018.  In 2022, the Maldives are alive and well, with financially affluent human life there.  

~ The glaciers of Glacier National park were supposed to be gone by 2020.   Actually, there were originally predicted to have been gone by 1948.  They are still there, and a lot of snowplowing goes on at Glacier National in April, May, and even June, to make the tourist roads clear. 

~And of course, the Arctic Ocean's sea ice didn't completely or even almost melt away in any Summer since the 1988, or in any Summer since 1388.  However, in 1904 was the sailing of the Northwest Passage, slightly north of Alaska and the such.  

The least amount of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean was during the Summer of 2012.  The remaining ice there was still 1.32 million square miles in size.  In fact, to travel over the Arctic Ocean's 2012 Summertime sea ice sheet was equivalent to driving from Fargo North Dakota to San Diego California, as well as driving from the Southern border of New Mexico to the northern border of Montana.   That is a lot of road travel.  That is a lot of Summertime ice.   Etc go the examples of failed doomsday prophecies. 

There turned out to be a great irony in the Climate Doomsayers having selected of the Year 2020 as the predicted year of completed melting.  It goes as follows:  In the month of May 2020, North American towns & cities underwent 233 record low temperatures vs a mere 18 record highs for the same month.

See and hear: 233 record lows in month of May 2020

In fact:  Antarctica's massive Ross Ice Shelf (the size of Spain) was found to be crystalizing at its bottom, instead of melting in any degree thereof.  This was discovered by New Zealand scientists, and it was a decisive discovery:

See:  The Crystalizing of the Ross Shelf

Incidentally, the Arctic Ocean is the exact same size as is the Antarctic Continent; 5.5 million sq miles.  One more thing ::: The largest and driest desert on Planet Earth is not the Sahara.  It's Antarctica.

BTW, Barack Obama purchased an oceanside mansion located at Massachusetts' Martha's Vineyard.  The president who claimed that ocean levels would tragically rise is literally at an ocean's shoreline, living in luxury.  And Obama cannot claim that he solved any co2-driven Global Warming problem, because co2 levels rose throughout Obama's presidency and throughout every year after his presidency.  None the less, during the final years of his tenure, co2 emissions in America did decline.  But, it had no worldwide effect.  CO2 emissions in the United States also declined during the tenure of President Donald Trump.

In sequence, Hypocrite Extraordinaire, John Kerry, purchased an $11.75 million beachfront mansion which is also in Martha's Vineyard.  It's within walking distance of the ocean shoreline.  In fact, Kerry owns 18 acres of land there.  The logical surmise is that Mr. I'm-Leaving-on-a-Jet-Plane apparently has no belief that the oceans will rise and cause 18 acres of beachfront property to be submerged.  

In 2020, Bill and Melinda Gates spent $43 million on an oceanfront mansion in Del Mar California, doing so the year prior to them parting company and going their separate ways as much as is possible for billionaires in charge of a charity organization.  Yet, Bill Gates repeatedly warns of sea level rise and the eventual submerging of shoreline property.  He spent $43 million on shoreline property.

In the 1970s, there were warnings of Global Cooling and an oncoming Ice Age.

The Climate Doomsday Forecasts of the 1970s involved the conjecture that a mini ice age might be returning.   The '70s involved the "decline" mentioned in the infamous Climategate emails of 2009.  Very simply, it got really cold back then, and this was only 120 years after the last mini ice age ended. Refer to newspaper and magazine archives, to prove that articles were being written on the decline of temperatures throughout the 1960s & 1970s.  I was there, as a young child and then as a teenager.  It was cold in the Wintertime.  It was really cold.

Then came the Global Warming Scare, on June 23, 1988, with James Hansen in front of the US Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources.  The kick-off of Climate Doomsday was being announced by Hansen, such as in his prediction that the Maldives would be underwater within 30 years (by 2018).  Of course, that never happened in any degree.

Moreover, Hansen ... and others ... have taken raw climate data and changed it, and in having done so, they ever so coincidentally fitted the "newly amended" climate record to their co2 warming assertions.  They adjusted the numbers to fit the story line.  Doing the numerical changes was called "homogenization" by those changing the temperatures.  Others called it fraud.  Speaking of government employees committing fraud, watch the following:

 See:  NOAA Gold Medalist accuses NOAA of deliberate temperature record keeping fraud

All in all, none of Hansen's predictions have come true.  Now, in a 2007 deposition, with Hansen being an expert witness in the case, he "averred" (claimed) that most of the Greenland Ice Sheet will have melted by 2107, and that the sea level rise will have amounted to 23 feet.  No such melting at the rate predicted is occurring yet.   At present, the Greenland Ice Sheet is at a range of 6,600 to 9,800 feet high.

The Earth's climate has been a cyclical roller coaster ride throughout its history.

If you want evidence that today's scientists are lying about the 21st Century being the hottest and the one most visited by weather disasters, go to the newspapers archives of 1871, 1878, 1896, 1901, 1906, 1911, 1921, 1922, 1934, 1936, 1954, etc.   In fact, go to the 1970s archives, where an oncoming ice age was the predicted event.  You will find that climate catastrophes were much more intense and more frequent in the past 80-150 years than they are today.    The blame for the climate disasters was originally Solar activity, or the lack thereof.  That which was blamed for those weather disasters of the 1970s was ====> Global COOLING.

None the less, if you want to learn about true atmospheric science, purchase a private pilot training course's textbook on Weather Theory.      

May 25, 2023

Greenhouse Gases with very low Numbers, as in 1 part per THREE million, 1.909 parts per one million, and less than one-half of 1% of the atmosphere.

Thesis Statement of the Hour (or day) (or century):  If the world comes to its end within the next "12 years," it will be from Nuclear Winter, and NOT from any type of Global Warming.  Remember, there was ZERO Global Warming from 1999 until the middle of 2016.  In addition, there was the decline hidden by math trickster Michael Mann who NEVER won or co-won any type of Nobel prize in existence.  Yet, it really did get really cold throughout the 1960s and 1970s.  To deny this is to insult the intelligence of anyone who lived through those two decades.
Question:  Uhmmm, where is the man-man-co2 driven Anthropogenic Climate Crisis, again?
American Sales Training

In American sales training, the trainees are told that one must create a sense of urgency in the potential buyer's mind, in order to make a sale.  The Global Warming Hysteria is the act of scientists trying to make a sale.  They are doing everything they can to create a sense of urgency, allowing school children to be filled with dread, in the process.  

And of course, the goal is to gain massive Congressional funding and/or NGO donations, along with the absolute power one gets when an emergency is declared.  So, the picture constantly being painted by the Michael Manns and John Kerrys of this world is that the world will soon come to an obliterating end, and only they can save it.  So remember, they're too good for you.  You should shut it and say, "Yaas sir" to everything these guys who happen to be white have to say.  They are willing to dictate, but they refuse to debate or to explain themselves to you ... because you and I don't count.

~ ~ ~

Okay now:  Back to trying to make sense out of the constant declarations of a near-death Earth in an emergency, while the stats, facts, plain sight of  Planet Earth, and its history show the exact opposite to the Declaration of Climate Doom.

Let me try again.  Now show me in this graph where the end-of-the-world, man-made climate crisis is, again?  I'm having trouble finding it.

Okay.  One more try.  How about this chart?  Now, the man-made climate crisis which is causing the immediate end-of-the-world is indicated exactly where here?  Me no can find.

We now bring greenhouse gases onto the scene

Climate Doomsayers mention that co2 levels started to rise at the beginning of the Industrial Age which is defined as having begun circa 1760.  Fair enough.  That was 262 years ago.  Well, science data shows that co2 levels have been rising in the Earth's atmosphere for the past 6,700 years.  

Of course, the rate of rise has advanced significantly in the 21st Century.  Therefore, if you are searching for correlations in the rise in atmospheric co2, look at the significantly advanced growth rate of the human population for the same time span.  Then compare it to co2 levels.  

In fact, compare corn crop harvests to human population growth and to the rise of co2 in the Troposphere.  The graphs' lines look very similar.

In as much, Climate Doomsayers have shown definitive signs of being eugenicists at heart, if not manipulative & pernicious ones in application.  After all, do you deny that these same alarmists see humanity as the great enemy of the Planet Earth?  

Whatever be the case with the psychological components of the typical Climate Doomsayer, the center of each one's activism is Carbon Dioxide, when it should be mercury, residual lead, synthetic chemicals, sulfur dioxide, and the irresponsible stewardship of plastics.  So, let us review carbon dioxide, while first making a quick review of the Earth's Troposphere in general:   

The Troposphere's Dry Composition

Dry composition means that you leave out water vapor from the equation.  Water vapor in the atmosphere exists in varying quantities throughout the Earth, ranging from .2% (2/1,000th) of the Troposphere to 4% (4/100th) of the Troposphere.  Thus, it's a variable, as opposed to a constant.

None the less, cold air is always dry air.  This is counter-intuitive, being that hot deserts are associated with dry air.  Well,  Antarctica is the driest desert on Earth. 

For now, water vapor percentage numbers are omitted from the simplex equation below.  When it's included to the dry composition, it's known as the Mixing Ratio .  The following numbers generally apply at a relatively constant percentage:   

The Troposphere comprises 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, & 0.93% Argon.  This means that 99.93% of the Troposphere is NOT carbon dioxide.   This furthermore means that co2 is a Trace Gas which is too small in quantity to drive the climate.  In fact, Climate Change has been naturally occurring throughout the existence of the Earth,'s atmosphere, like a roller coaster, despite the level of co2.  

When Climate Change has arrived naturally in years, centuries, and Millennia past, the change has been sudden.  The only possible drivers of such a sudden impact throughout the Earth is either 1} Sun Spot Activity or other solar behaviors which affect the Earth's Magnetic Field or 2} Ocean Oscillation Behavior.  There is no other known factor which would be a candidate in possessing such potential.  

As a pertinent point made in passing, the Sun's Irradiance is NOT a factor, being that it is mostly constant.  Those emissions from the sun which do vary do matter.  At your convenience, look-up Coronal Mass Ejection (CME).  Look up the Milankovitch Cycles.

A Numerical Review  ===>  Firstly, today's level of atmospheric co2 is 418 parts per million, whereas, during caveman days, it was 260 ppm.  In fact, at the end of the most recent major Ice Age, it was 180 ppm.  Today's co2 level translates into 0.042% of the Troposphere.   In as much . . .

 99.93% of the Troposphere (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon) + co2's 0.042%   =  approximately 99.972%

~ ~ ~

This leaves us with approximately 0.028% of the atmosphere which is occupied by the following Trace Gases:

1} Xenon, 2} Helium, 3} Hydrogen, 4} Krypton, 5} Neon, 6} the vilified Nitrous Oxide, and 7} the vilified Methane which, at last count, existed in the Earth's 21st Century atmosphere at no more than 1.889 parts per million.    That's One-Point-Eight-Eight-Nine Parts Per Million.   And Nitrous Oxide, as was previously stated, is 1 part per 3 million, aka 330 ppb ... with the "b" meaning, billion.

Water Vapor:  80% of all greenhouse gases by mass and 90% of the same, by volume.

Now, water vapor exists in variable proportions throughout the Earth's atmosphere, due to the differences in temperature, pressure systems, & land elevations throughout the Earth.  It's presence in the atmosphere ranges from 0.2% to 4%.  In fractions, water vapor is  1/500th  to  1/25th  of the atmosphere.

In terms of a fraction, as of 2022, co2 amounted to 21/50,000th of the Earth's atmosphere.  If you were to compare the atmosphere's molecules to a Rose Bowl audience, 78,000 of the spectators would be Nitrogen, 21,000 of the fans would be Oxygen, 930 would be Argon, 42 would be Carbon Dioxide.  Methane and Nitrous Oide wouldn't even make the scene.

The Cirrus Cloud Factor, a Predominant One

At this point, another revelation needs to be repeated ===> Cirrus Clouds possess far more ability to capture / absorb / retain infrared heat than does co2.  The great irony here is that cirrus clouds are entirely composed of ice.  

In addition, the irony about Carbon Dioxide goes as follows, especially in light of the fact that modern activists accuse it of orchestrating a conspiracy to heat the world to the point of destruction:  In its liquid state, Carbon Dioxide is commercially used as a  . . .  refrigerant.

Inconvenient Goof

Concerning the large CO2 graph that Al Gore presented to the audience at the beginning of his first science fiction movie, that which actually is shown is that temperature first rises.  Then co2 levels follow ... in terms of centuries later.  The rise in air temperature comes first.  Then the rise in co2 follows.

The understanding is that, as the oceans' surfaces warm, evaporation occurs, and more co2 molecules are released into the air.  But, the warming of the ocean comes first.  All in all, claiming what Al Gore claimed about temperature & CO2 . . .

          . . . is equivalent to claiming that "the steering wheel moves the driver's hands."
Now remember, co2 levels have been rising for the past 6,700 years.

 Concerning that time or two when you heard someone say, "If they could tax you for the air you breath, they would do it."   Remember that, the climate doomsayers are trying to do this in the inverted way.  They are trying to tax you for the air you exhale, proverbially speaking.  Well . . . 

The average human exhales 2.3 lbs (circa 1 kg) a day --- 839 lbs a year x 7.9 billion humans = 6,628,100,000,000 lbs  = 3,314,050,000 US Short Tons per year.  It might sound alarming, but 'tis no big deal in the grand scale of the massive-sized Troposphere.  Don't let anyone spook you into Eugenics.

 Most Important Feature of co2 as it Applies to Infrared Light

CO2 has three varying vibration modes, concerning polarity which, in co2's case, is dipolarity.  In one of those three vibrations, co2 is incapable of capturing infrared heat.  This is how & why there can be an ice age during a time when co2 levels are 9 times higher than today.  Such a thing actually happened on Planet Earth.  During the Ordovician Ice Age, co2 levels were more than NINE TIMES HIGHER than they are today.  This negates the Al Gore & John Kerry assertion that rising co2 levels raise the temperature commensurately.

Extremely Important:   CO2 Vibration Modes   <=====


And remember, it has been recognized that the radiative forcing of co2, when it can capture infrared heat, is 3.7 watts per meter squared.  That's a night light.  After all, CO2 is plant fertilizer ... NOT jet fuel.

And remember folks, photosynthesis comes in many colors.

The True Correlation, or lack thereof, between co2 and land surface temperatures:

 In contrast to the predictions of doom, it has been repeatedly observed that, as the co2 levels on Earth rose throughout the 20th & 21st Centuries, the life expectancy of humans also rose throughout the world.  And amidst the political damning of life-giving co2, the Earth has been increasing its acreage of greenery, as well as enjoying rising crop harvest numbers & record crop harvests.  In as much, if you want to go green, you must first increase the co2 level in the Earth's atmosphere. 

See:  How an increase in co2 increases plant size   

    &  NASA Studies a Greening Arctic  

Also See:  Study Observes Rising co2 Levels & the Re-greening Effect on Earth

All in all, Carbon Dioxide replaced the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction, as an excuse for creating fear amongst Americans.  The Weapons of Mass Destruction Scare was in 2003 & 2004  The CO2 Global Warming Scare started with the first Al Gore movie, in 2006.  Ever-so-Coincidental Timing.

May 24, 2023

Rigging the Media at a Discount Price of only $165+ MILLION (American). It's the Bill Gates Gold Nugget Bargain Bonanza !!!!!Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

That Bill Gates.  He's a regular kidder.   He's one wild & crazy guy.  Well, at least the crazy part.  Through the recent years, he funded the Guardian to the accumulative tune of $12.9 million American.  That's 12.9 million GWs (George Washingtons).  12.9 million Federal Reserve flower petals.  12.9 million inspirational post-it notes.  12.9 million Dollar Store sales slip items.  12.9 million green flags a waving.

This is why you see increasingly audacious claims in their article titles & thesis statements which claim that Climate Change due to the burning of fossil fuels is absolutely, positively, assuredly, and certainly here, bringing to mankind the Doom of the Ages.  One big problem, though.  They forgot to mention that this end-of-the-world Climate Change thing is so ... because Bill Gates said it was so ... and because the same Bill Gates paid the Guardian a sizable amount of money to say it was so.

The Guardian is one of the designated propaganda units of Bill Gates.  It was hired to proclaim everything that Bill Gates wants you to hear ... or read.  The Guardian became one of 'the stages' where the Bill Gates chorus lines are read ... or heard.   In fact, the Guardian wasn't the only media entity to receive Gates' funding. The list goes as follows:


The Gates Foundation also donated millions to educational funds.  This includes scholarship funds.  There were special interest funds as well which received Gates Funding.  But, as far as goes money straight to the operative media, the list above suffices.

In direct contrast to the less-than-stellar writers of the Guardian is history.  This includes captains' logs, monastery ledgers, chronicles, newspaper articles, magazine articles, almanacs, and textbook material, as well as proxy evidence such as leaf stoma (which can show co2 levels at the lifetime of each leaf being studied.)  The evidence shows that worse storms, longer droughts, more severe heat waves transpired long before today, in recent decades & in recent centuries, over and over again.

Example 1:  The Roman Warm Period average temperature was 2 degrees Celsius HIGHER than today, while the CO2 level was two-thirds of what it is today.  

Now, concerning the denial of the existence of the Medieval Warm Period by the less-than-factual & less-than-articulate Michael Mann, there are records of grape harvesting during that time span at places which were unable to grow grapes throughout the Renaissance Era & Enlightenment Era Little Ice Age.  In as much, evidence to undo Michael Mann's lies is out there, and has been found, over and over, again.  The problem was getting the evidence on mainstream media screens and pages.

Example 2: NASA long since defined the Year 1934 as the worse drought year in the past 1,000 years.  Meanwhile, the CO2 level of 1934 was three-fourth (three-quarters) of what it is today (309 ppm vs today's 416 ppm.)

Example 3:   The Eemian Interglacial Period ... Interglacial means "between ice ages."  Such a thing is a warming period, and science marks the Eemian Period as having been a 15,000 year warming trend.  The Eemian Period was 130,000 or so to 115,000 or so years ago (or uniform time units ago).  During that time, its coolest period was 3 Degrees Celsius WARMER than today.  And 4 degrees C was ascertained to have also occurred during that long time span.  Sea level at the time was 18 to 24 to 30 feet HIGHER than today.  

In fact, the Eemian Sea superimposed itself over the Baltic Sea between Sweden & Finland.  In other words, the Baltic Sea was much larger at the time, and it is called the Eeemian Sea in the textbook.  In like fashion, Scandinavia's landmass was smaller.  And all of this occurred when the co2 level was close to 280 to 285 parts per million.  That amounts to 132 to 137 parts per million LOWER than today. 

Example 4: The highest wind-speed cyclone in known history was Typhoon Nancy, in September 1961, when the co2 level was only 3/4 (75% -- three-quarters) of what it is today.  That is 100 parts per million lower than today; 316 ppm vs 416 ppm.  Yet, Typhoon Nancy's wind-speed rose as fast as 213 miles per hour.   Meanwhile, it's pressure was a remarkably low 882 millibars.  Al Gore predicted in 2006 that this type of cyclone would be common and more numerous.  He was 100% wrong.

Australia . . .  © Patrick Anthony Pontillo

There are a number of similar examples to high-velocity cyclones occurring when co2 levels were much lower than  today.  An additional example is 1958's Typhoon Ida.  It rose to a speed of 200 miles per hour, while operating in a pressure as low as 877 millibars.  

The stats of such cyclones are already posted at the Blue Marble Album.  They all testify to the fact that the claim of increased cyclone intensity under increased atmospheric co2 levels is a complete falsehood.  This is especially the case pursuant to the law of Baroclinic Instability & Pressure Gradient Forcing, as well as Barotropic Instability.   This is also explained elsewhere at the Blue Marble Album.'

© Patrick Anthony Pontillo --- Australia East.  Michael Mann completely lied about Australia.

All in all, Al Gore failed in his 2006 prediction that hurricanes would be of an intensity equal to a Typhoon Nancy or a Typhoon Ida.  In fact, ever since Gore's first climate hysteria movie, there has been a grand total of one Category Five hurricane to make landfall upon the Continental United States.  It was Hurricane Michael, in October of 2018.  

Hurricane Michael hit the Florida Panhandle and killed 16 people.  Hurricane Ian was close.  So, you can say that there were "2 high intensity hurricanes" since Al Gore's failed hurricane prediction.  However, Hurricane Andrew, in 1992, snapped off the large-sized palm trees.  Ian did not do that.  Therefore, Andrew was more powerful than Ian, with a power that remains rare today.  Despite the rise in atmospheric co2, there has been no storm as intense as Hurricane Andrew ... or Typhoon Nancy.

Moreover, the recent stats show that there has been a recent increase in - - - - lower-speed, not-even-category-one sub-hurricane tropical storms --- the kinds that leave the palm trees standing, along with everything else except umbrellas. As a reminded, a tropical storm's travels at a max wind speed of 39 to 73 miles per hour.  Anything slower than 39 mph is known as a tropical depression.  

None the less, the power of a cyclone is in its barometric pressure.  On a normal day, sea level air pressure is 1013.2 millibars.  When a storm reaches the mid-900s, you go on alert.  If the pressure goes lower, then you are in for a ride, or you should exist the area immediately.  Below 900 millibars is a storm for the record book charts and front-page news.

NASA's Infrared Look at Hurricane Michael
Hurricane Michael in Radar, 2018.

The "perfectly legal" behind-the-scenes-Bill-Gates-dollar-delivery-system is evidence of the ill-intended con game being played with your head and everyone else's.  This is how an unconscionable human can get his propaganda disseminated throughout the media in such a way that the public will be deceived into believing that his orchestrated propaganda is "the science."  Well, Bill's bull is not the science of the textbooks.  Nor is it the findings set forth in newspaper archives.  Nor does it correlate with the conclusion of proxy evidence.  It's merely bull crap, just like the geologists and 25-year outdoor skilled labor tradesmen said. 

This Gates Donation Tree is equivalent to paying jury members money to vote for your desired verdict.  This is how you buy the media.   It's no different than censorship, when it involves forbidding counterpoint, forbidding debate, and forbidding textbook material from being made known to the public via the commercial media.  This is a return to the Nazi German Third Reich, the Soviet Russian regimes, the Hussein Regime, and all other dictatorships that censored counterpoint, textbook material, and historic fact.

Now remember, due to the large sums of money that Bill Gates appropriated to numerous media outlets, those particular media outlets have a financial conflict of interest, and therefore, you cannot but expect slanted, prejudicial, and non-factual reporting to come from those entities.  This conflict of interest invalidates them all.  After all, it is a form of bribery.  It's stacking the deck.  It's loading the dice.  Nothing more than that.  

In review:  The entities who financially benefited from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation were reported as  having included: {1} CNN, {2} NBC Universal Media, {3} the BBC, {4} NPR, {5} PBS, {6} Gannett (owner of USA Today), {7} The Atlantic, {8} Al Jazeera, {9} Financial Times (founded in 1888), {10} The Daily Telegraph (founded in 1855), {11} Le Monde, {12} Der Spiegel (The Mirror, founded in 1947), {13} Univision (and its 23 stations), {14} Public Radio International, {15} WETA (of Washington DC), and the many more entities, all listed above.


Of course, Gates has a lot of deck-stacking to do, because the working man and woman ... who work outdoors ... know that the man-made-induced climate change assertion is total bull crap.  The same working man and woman know that climate is cyclical, because they witnessed the cycles throughout their decades of outdoor work.

Bill Gates cannot change the mind of experience.

  He can only influence the mind of the inexperienced.  Those inexperienced persons are called school children & high school students, as well as anyone who lived a sheltered life.

In the alternate, as a less damning form of identification, you can regard all of the Gates Foundation donations as advertising expenses, in payment for the Gates narrative to be reported by payed media outlets, as if they were presenting an infomercial.

Then again, you can describe the Gates' outlay of dollars as Bill Gates buying the media.  Same effect, whatever you call it.  You don't get your say.  The true experts don't get their say.  

Whatever be the way in which you define Gates' financial outlays of cash to media entities, you cannot say that the recipient entities are on the 'up-up' in their reporting ... or are clear and to the point in their news articles ... or ever welcome counterpoint ... or are fair in their reporting ... or are even honest. 

No matter how you define it ... be it bribery or de-facto advertising costs or the monopolizing of an industry ... it's a sick joke ... a stacked deck ... a rigged roulette wheel ... a pair of loaded dice ... not honest ... and definitely not educational.

Added Example:  The Finest News Reporting that Money Can Buy

In a number of articles (posts) published by a certain Gates-funded media outlet, the authors' claim of present-tense drought is passed-off by posting photos of POST-HARVEST cornfields.  Actually, each of the photos show that a successful harvest had just been finished.  The proof exists in the fact that those photo contain zero stalks of dried corn, shriveled corn, or discolored corn.  In those photos, the corn is all gone, because it was harvested.   Yet, the authors are trying to deceive the public into thinking that it's viewing a drought-ridden crop that never advanced past a stage of dying brittle dryness.  The reality is that those cornfields were very colorful at harvest time.

It's incredible that these writers assume that humanity is a population of brain-dead morons, easy to deceive ... with little effort done, in the process of trying to deceive all of humanity.  This includes showing videos of a yearly monsoon season, and passing it off as proof of climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels ... in claiming that those monsoon rains never happened before co2 levels rose past 400 ppm.  Well, monsoon season is a phenomenon that has been occurring on a regular basis, throughout the centuries, just like brown post-harvest cornfields.  The monsoons prove that the Earth is round, as they are based on the Coriolis Effect.  This is also mentioned elsewhere in the Blue Marble Album.

Mr. Microbe

And remember, Bill Gates is the guy who wants you to eat mold.  Specifically, he promotes the eating of "microbes."  In as much, can you take someone like that seriously?  Forget about having a chef salad.   NO more stuffed grape leaves in America ... or even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches there.  Oh nooooooo.  Bill Gates has been appointed God, and you can now have a healthy & hearty bowl of microbes.  Hey, how about black mold on a shingle of old drywall, with sawdust topping, for dessert?  Add a side order of cockroaches, and you have it made in the shade.   Just like your grandmother used to make ... according to Bill Gates.  

However, in all seriousness, look at photo below.  Who in his/her right mind would eat this, as a regular diet staple? a holiday treat? a delicacy? an athletic training table meal? anything other than a sign of severe mental illness?  Well, this is what Bill Gates wants you to eat.  Those are "microbes" on those two walls. 

Black Mold
Black Mold, by Satemkemet. 

The reality is that the average reasonable person sees himself/herself as only one person, facing more than one Goliath.   It's a matter of, "I'm only one person.  What can I do about it?"  It's not that they're stupid.  It's that they're powerless.  It's like being in the middle of the road, during a stampede.

Below are the alleged (reported) Gates financial appropriations to media entities.  And remember, this is NOT charity.  It's the act of manipulating the public and taking away its freedom to think ... to weigh the evidence ... to test assertions for cracks ... to review ... and to judge for themselves.  

None the less, do the math on the following dollar amounts, so that you can see for yourself that Bill Gates spent over $165+ MILLION to rig the media.  And quite frankly, that was basically done at a discount price.  That was a pretty cheap price tag, to control America's every thought.  The problem is that the working man does not follow the rules set by the commercial media or nerd-boy public radio.  The working man finds out things on his own, due to the information made available to him through his work.