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May 3, 2024

Michael Mann's Australia-is-doomed narrative is easily provable bull crap. It's just another con artist scare tactic.

close-up photography of koala bears eating leaves during daytime
So, where is all this end-of-the-world Australian doom Michael Mann was talking about?

My many 2022 Australian phone conversations informed me that hockey stick man, Michael Mann, was & is COMPLETELY full of fraud, in his dramatic, end-of-the-world theatrics, regarding his Australia-is-Doomed Show.  It started a couple years or so ago.  Nothing of the Doom Story that he has thus far told has been occurring in the proportion of time & space & intensity that Mann has been insinuating.  In fact, the opposite happened in Victoria and in the Coral Reef, as well as elsewhere in Australia.  
Now remember, according to Michael Mann, you should never spend any money on a vacation to Australia.  That's a form of false light defamation against the Australian tour industry.  After all, if people listen to Mann and decide to avoid Australia like a disease, then he basically robbing the Australian tour industry of its income.
Mann spoke of a possible future of Australian climate refugees.  Well, let's see.  We can start with the news that there definitely are Victorian dams which are full, as of 2022.  The others have been filling without impediment.  Some are overflowing.  No drought there.  Therefore, all of the predictions of a permanent Australian drought prove to be a matter of total incompetence on the part of the predictors.   They literally need to be removed from their posts, and their funding be revoked from them.  Not a joke.  They're emotional terrorists who spent at least 16 years terrifying schoolchildren.  And it's not a matter of them being well-meaning, though bumbling, buffoons.  They are deliberate liars who do things such as "hide the decline."

Now, remember what I wrote ... and what others have said:  Climate IS Cyclical.
 See: Melbourne's dams are full to the brim . . .    <========= <========= <=========


Below:  Dartmouth Dam, Oct 12, 2022: 101% capacity.   Hume is at 93%.  No drought there.
You can be assured that the Global Warming Profiteers will claim that the naturally gained water supply a deadly sign of evil evil Climate Change.  Thus, if it doesn't rain, it's Climate Change and the End of the World, and if it does rain, it's also Climate Change and the End of the World.  If you inhale, it's Climate change.  If you exhale, it's also Climate change.  Every type of weather event has recently been claimed to the result of the burning of fossil fuels & deadly Climate Change.  It's always the end of the world with the Climate Change People.  
                      The 2022 chart below is found at Elders Weather: Sydney Dam Levels

And to think, Obama's own EPA head was UNABLE to tell the House of Reps, during a hearing, what percentage of the atmosphere is CO2.  Well, it's less than one-half of 1%, at 42 parts per 100,000.  Nitrogen is 78,000 parts per 100,000, incidentally, and Oxygen is 21,000 parts per 100,000. 

                             We continue to the Indian Ocean side of the continent, with  Perth.

Perth, Australia.  Okay, where are all the dead leafless trees?

But of course, ever so coincidentally, Australia is on the other side of the world.  So, it looks as if Mann could easily get away with lying about things on the other side of the world, without 300+ MILLION Americans ever finding out about it.   Well, for starters, Australia recently had record cold and it had ski lodges open-for-business.   Yes, Australia gets snow.
New South Wales, Australia.  A nation the size of the U.S. has snow.

Now, Australia is the size of the continental (contiguous) United States.  And of course, the weather is nowhere near the same throughout the United States.  So, you can't use one sentence to describe all of Australia as much as you cannot use one sentence to describe all of the United States.  We in America have snow country and desert-land ...  mountain ranges and flat lands ... hard water and soft water ... clay land and shale land ... as well as a corn belt that overlaps the Goiter Belt where iodine is non-existent.  

For the record, Australia is 2.9 million square miles in size.  It's the 6th largest nation on Earth and 1.7 MILLION square miles larger than India (which happens to be the 7th largest nation on Earth.)  It's also 2.2 million square miles larger than Texas.  This is why a person halfway around the world can instantly tell that any Australia-Is-Doomed tale is another Climate Nazi lie.  It's because the doomsday tales omit mention of the diversity and size of the Australian landmass.  

In addition to snow, Australia even gets Monsoons.   Remember, 370 BILLION American taxpayer-indebtedness dollars have been shelled out for this game-playing.  This game was taken to Australia.   So, where is all this end-of-the-world climate doom in Queensland, anyway?

Chevron Island, Queensland.  So, where is the drought and the brown tree leaves?

Moreover, it was in the Year 2022 when it was officially reported that two of the three Great Barrier Reef regions had the most coral cover in 36 years.  The third region of the Great Barrier Reef became a smorgasbord for hungry crown-of-thorn starfish.  All in all, the Great Barrier Reef is categorically regenerating, and this news invalidates Michael Mann's predictions of doom, as much as it negates his competency.  Mann looks to be too incompetent to make any forecast longer than five days into the future, if that long.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
See:   Most Coral Cover in 36 Years at two-thirds of the area of the Great Barrier Reef

See furthermore:  But, in 2022, Australia DID have a "brutal cold snap" & record cold.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

 Now, the 30th Parallel South Latitude runs through Southern Australia.  That latitude is where the Hadley Convection Cell exists, thereby causing the existence of deserts.  Thus, the desert lands of Australia are only there, because of a high pressure descending air convection cell, and NOT because of CO2  or  N2O  or  Methane  or whatever else the Global Warmists claim to be the cause of doom.   

For those unaware, all major deserts are on the 30th parallel, North & South, due to super large convection cells that circumference the Earth.  In addition, there are moderate deserts located on the Leeward side of Mountain ranges.  So stated for the record.

In addition, the Northern territory of Australia can be rough, and the Tropic of Cancer runs through the center of Australia.  Rugged land, yes.  But, Michael Mann is trying to deceive humanity into thinking that co2 only recently caused Australia to look the way it has looked for thousands of years.  You had to have heard of the Australian Outback.  Correct?  CO2 did NOT create it.   It has been around for a long time.

All in all, in my opinion (protected by U.S. Supreme Court case-law authority Times vs Sullivan) Michael Mann is a premeditated liar ... an outright con artist.  It's no mystery why Tim Ball said that Michael Mann belongs in the State Pen.  Lots of money was conned out of Congress, in the name of man-made-co2-driven Climate Change.  There still exists "theft by deception" in the law books, and there still exists in the U.S. Code, the False Claims Act. 

It would have been nice if someone would have told the public that only 42 parts per 100,000 is the concentration of atmospheric co2 --- that co2 only comprises 0.042% of the Troposphere.  It would have been nicer if someone would have told the public that far worse weather disasters, in number and in intensity, occurred in recent decades and in recent centuries, as well as in distant centuries.  In fact, it would be nice to have a government who doesn't constantly lie to its people.

Free photos of Kangaroo
Okay,  I'm ready to see all the Australian climate change doom that Michael Mann's talking about.  Hey, where'd it go?  All I see is Woodstock for seemingly well-fed kangaroos.

Yet Another Michael Mann Lie

As a refresher, keep in mind that Michael Mann falsely claimed to be a co-winner of some kind of Nobel Prize.  The link below will take you to the video recording of a Nobel Foundation rep emphatically & clearly stating that Michael Mann NEVER won or co-won any type of Nobel Prize.

See:  A representative of the Nobel Foundation clearly stating that Michael Mann is NOT a Nobel laureate of any kind. 

And remember, ladies & gentlemen, if it weren't for Michael Mann pushing his fraudulent end-of-the-world hockey stick graph, in his claiming that doom is soon to be here, you would not have to have payed $4.50, $5.50, and even $6.50 per gallon for fuel, just so that you could go from Usual Point A to Usual Point B.  After all, it was Mann who claimed that the Planet Earth's climate was mild for a thousand consecutive years, and then was made into a tempest by the Industrial Revolution.  

The truth is that turbulence is an aspect of the round, rotating, and tilted Earth's atmosphere.  Look at the time-lapsed video of cloud masses, if you don't believe this to be the case.  Then, simply look into the history of shipping, during the Age of Exploration ... and colonization.   

In summary . . .  in the past one thousand years, there have been hundreds and hundreds of documented sea storms and the accompanying destruction of ships and even fleets.  For example, there were 120 Spanish-language documentations of sea storms, for the 16th Century alone.  Even the Famous Ponce de Leon reported a 1508 storm.

During the past one thousand years, there were also numerous droughts, floods, early frosts, diseased crops, failed crops, diseased orchards, heatwaves, famines, rain storms, lightning storms, snow storms, floating icebergs, deep freezes, ice stacking, glacier rise, glacial melt, landslides, avalanches, wildfires, forest fires, plagues of insects, epidemics, pandemics, etc, all when atmospheric co2 levels were very low.

Mann made it sound as if, not listening to him would cause climate chaos and World War III.  Wrong.  Listening to him and following his Nazi guidelines is what is causing World War III to transpire, if not a dominoes effect of civil wars.

Tim Ball

You know, when the Mann v Tim Ball lawsuit came to a close, Tim Ball let me know that he intended on letting the world know how much suffering Michael Mann caused him to endure.  All that Tim Ball said, to trigger the lawsuit, was that, "Michael Mann is at Penn State, and he should be in the State Pen."  That one sentence caused Tim to release his financial reserves, out of desperation.  

Tim could not spend the remaining years of his life in peace.  He had to be tortured by Michael Mann.  Michael Mann showed that he does not care about humanity.  He has no sensitivity for human suffering, evidenced by him causing human suffering.  After all, how much money do the poor have to pay at the gas pumps, during the Biden administration years?

BTW, Tim Ball extended courtesies and diplomacy toward me, because I am the son of an United States Air Force decorated combat vet, and Tim was a pilot in the Canadian Air Force.  So, Tim reached out to me, out of respect for my father.  Plus, I did ask Tim for some advise on undoing the blatant meteorological, statistical, and historical lies told by the Gore-Hansen-Mann cabal.  
This Climate Con Game is so blatant.  It's like reading a trick question.  How could people not instantly see it ?  Oh, they were never taught textbook material that was known long before Al Gore put his face in front of a camera.  
In not allowing that textbook material to be readily spoken on TV, it is equivalent to doing a Nazi book burning, on a Crystal Night.  Nice Freedom of Speech that Al Gore, Michael Mann, and Captain Bow-tie allow, not to mention . . .           Oh, that's right.  I can't mention it.