June 30, 2018

Cease & Desist from being Al Gore's useful idiot, while TRUE environmental assaults on our health remain ignored.

Quick Note:  There exists (at the time of this writing) four June
2018 videos of an Arctic Northwestern Passage coastline where
ocean waves are literally frozen on the beach and outward to the
sea's horizon.  More specifically, it's a coastline video of the Arc-
tic's Beaufort Sea, in the middle of the northern Alaska coastline.
That is located at 70 degrees latitude.

The pertinence to the four Arctic videos which were recorded by a
hard-hat worker via his cell phone is that the mainstream media has
been claiming for months that the Arctic's Northwest Passage had
already started melting in March of 2018.  Yet, in June of 2018, the
Arctic was fully covered in ice, varying in thicknesses.

Those four videos are a must-see for anyone who wants to see just
how much Al Gore, Michael Mann, Jim Hansen, & the Mainstream
Media lie to humanity about the present state of the Earth's climate.
You have to be blind not to at least suspect that there might be a
money-grabbing defrauding of the American taxpayer in progress,
especially after the brutal winter of 2018 and 2016 and 2014 and
2011 and 2008, etc.  One-click will get you a succession of all four
Arctic Ocean videos

What the Arctic Looks Like, as of June 4, 2018.
The Not So Devastating Effects of Global Warming
Update on Arctic Ice in Alaska, June 28.
Time Line
(Video to prove that the videoing was done in late June 2018)


We next turn to the fraud of National Geographic Magazine
& documentary producer Ken Burns who will have ended up 
burning his credibility

In the Year 2012, National Geographic Magazine published a photo
of one mere hillside ... probably the leeward side ... within massive
Glacier National Park.  It made the park look as if the it had become
the deathlike ruins of a Global Warming Armageddon.  So, National
Geographic Magazine deceived the non-traveling public into assum-
ing that it hardly snows in the State of Montana, on account of ac-
count of present atmospheric CO2 levels.

The reality is that two and a half continuous months of Springtime
heavy-equipment snow-removal has been a regular event at Glacier
National yearly, throughout the 21 Century.  Of course, the Ken Burns
of PBS fame joined in the propaganda campaign, traveling through the
Glacier National roads that required two and half months of plowing,
so that famous Ken could travel on them and announce that Glacier
National was "melting away."  Yet, if the snow plowing did not year-
ly occur at Glacier National, there would have been at least three new
glaciers (or impressive snowpacks) that would have prevented Burns
from sight-seeing the park via motor vehicle.

None the less, showing the leeward side of a mountain range in the
Summertime, and claiming it to be the sign of catastrophic global
warming, is fraud.

Always omitted from the conversations of global warming scaremong-
ers is the admitting of the existence of a scientific phenomenon known
as SUBLIMATION.  This is the phenomenon where ice can turn into
water vapor, without first becoming a liquid that floods Manhattan or
Florida.  Of course, required for said vaporization is 1} a low pressure
system or the equivalency of the Chinook Winds, 2} 720 calories of
thermal energy per each cubic meter of ice, as is easily provided by

None the less, such SUBLIMATION applies to well-heightened
structures such as Mt. Everest, in Nepal, and the high mountains
of Greenland which span slightly over 1 and 2 miles in elevation.
Therefore, ice disappearance in Greenland does NOT automatical-
ly translate into ice-melt runoff and sea level rise.  Did Al Gore or
Michael Mann or James Hansen ever mention SUBLIMATION?

The Other National/State Parks of High Snow Volume

Crater Lake, in Oregon, had global warming propaganda thrust upon
it one season before it received a record-breaking snowfall (in 2015)
for the month of December.  That snow-ridden month undid the work
of the Global Warming scaremongers.

Barack Obama went to Yosemite Park and had the audacity to make it
appear that Yosemite had a terminal case of Global Warming, when the
fact is that Yosemite is the quintessential American Winter Wonderland.

Then comes Mt. Rainier and Mt. Bachelor whose rangers also have to be
watchdogs for avalanches, as do the rangers of Glacier National.  All in
all, in 2006, Team Gore definitively proclaimed that soon was coming the
time when school children would no longer see snow.  Well, it has now
gotten to the point where the snows get so epic, that you can't see the
school children in the snow storms.  Thus, school children have much
more of a probably to suffer from frostbite than heat prostration.

At this point, know that there presently is online a few YouTube play-
lists showcasing videos that recorded the tremendous amount of snow-
fall & snowplowing which transpired at major American parks such as
Glacier National.  Most of the snow plowing videos are under one and
two minutes in length,  and they should bring the message home to you
instantly.  They include videos of Glacier National, Yellowstone, South
Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Crater Lake, Rocky Mountain National, Lassen
Volcanic Park, Mt. Rainier, Mammoth Mountain, and Mt. Bachelor.

Those are Must-See videos, to enable you to perceive how much the main-
stream media, Al Gore, and government funded climatologists have been
lying to you, over and over again. .

As a bonus, a few videos of the Arctic Ocean's Northwest Passage are
included, being that the mainstream media claimed that that particular
area of the Arctic is a melting catastrophe, when videos showed that it
is/was not.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
Glacier National Park is NOT Melting Away


The Intro goes as follows:

An iconic 2012 National Geographic photo made it look as if Glacier National Park in Montana became a Global Warming wasteland ... as if it rarely snows there, anymore.   Well, Spring snow plowing is yearly performed there for 2 1/2 months, with avalanche guards. Thus, producer Ken Burns couldn't have traveled through the roads of Glacier National and declare it to be "melting-away" without the snow plowing which removes glacier-sized snowpacks from its roads & parking lots.  Real smart, Ken.

All in all, corridors of snow are a common Springtime sight at Glacier National, and its average snowfall exceeds that of Syracuse NY.  In review, that one National Geographic photo became the Shroud of Turin for the Global Warmist religion.  Yet, it was nothing more than a sneaky misrepresentation.  So, click and see how much snow really was at Glacier National, in June of 2012 and in other recent years.

Barack Obama played a similar game of fraud, in acting as if Yosemite National Park was eventually becoming the snowless casualty of CO2.  Well, you can now see for yourself how much of a winter wonderland Yosemite has been this century.

This playlist includes snow videos of Mt Rainier, Lake Tahoe, Crater Lake, Mt Bachelor, a beach at the Arctic's Northwest Passage, and avalanche dogs.  In this way, the next time you hear the Global Warming scaremongers rattle off reports of catastrophic global warming deep in the heart of forests & mountain ranges, you'll know they're lying.

Proof that CO2 is not a pollutant consists in the following: You exhale carbon dioxide thousands of times a day and NO black soot comes out of your mouth.  In fact, sit in a small space for hours and take notice that NO cloud of black soot is hovering in your space.  In fact, cirrus clouds have more long-wave, infrared heat absorption capabilities than CO2.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
Midwestern Prairie Country.  No signs of Global Warming here.
I can personally attest to this.

Humanity is now halfway through the Year 2018, and the Global Warm-
ing Scare can now be shown, in detail, to have been premeditated fraud.
Yet, the hysteria and propagand continues.  After all, Donald Trump
pulled America out of the Paris Agreement, meaning that climatolo-
gists have to scurry for government funding.  Thus, they create even
worse climate change horror tales --- scare tactics.

Global Warming Alarmism's beneficiaries stood to be those 1) vying for
billions more dollars of US taxpayer funding,  2) vying for a  lucrative
carbon credit market, 3) vying for a handsome Carbon Tax revenue,
4) vying for an excuse to thin the human herd, via sterilization &

Of course, the Al Gore people are now claiming that snow storms are the
result of Global Warming, and quite frankly, that is the point when even
the most uneducated layman throws up his hands and realizes that the
Global Warming Scare has been the Global Warming Scam, all along.

In as much, one of the several reasons why businessman, Donald Trump,
won the 2016 presidential election was that the reasonable working man
knew that we weren't immersed in catastrophic Global Warming.  The
common-sensed working man realized that the Global Warming Scare
was yet another excuse for taxing citizens and corporations all the more.

The give-away, in addition to the personal experience of working out-
doors, is that the title, "Global Warming" was replaced by "Climate
Change," tipping-off the reasonable commoner.  We were now going
through the phase of Climate Fraud.  The East Anglia Climategate
emails assisted in the realization, of course.  NOAA gold medalist,
Dr. John Bates, assisted in the realization, in becoming a whistle
blower after his retirement.

As an initial lesson:  1)  If there is no warming in the middle of the
                                   Troposphere, then there is no global warming.

2) Global warming results in a lesser difference of temperance between
the Equator and the Poles (lessor pressure gradient.)  Now, the lesser the
difference of temperature between the Equator and the Poles, the lesser
the turbulence of storms throughout the world.

3) Keep in mind that the raw temperature data showed that there was
    NO TEMPERATURE RISE since 1998.

The playlists linked below will break the hypnotic trance of  Team Gore:

The Global Warming & Arctic Melt Scare: 
   Clone of the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction Scare


Climate Fraud in Review: 
   There was a Medieval Warm Period & Little Ice Age


 Atmospheric Science, in Light of the Global Warming Scare


The intro to each educational playlist goes as follows:

First One:

~ The Arctic's NW Passage was semi-melted & fully navigated in 1903. ~Newspapers reported the Arctic as a melting catastrophe in 1922 AND 1940. ~Yet, June 2018 videos show waves of the Arctic Ocean's Northwest Passage  literally frozen from beach to horizon.  ~NASA showed us that the Earth is getting greener, even around the Arctic Circle.  Until 2017, the U.S. went a record 12 years without a major hurricane.

~In 2015, Antarctic SEA ICE first reached a record maximum. ~Today, the bottom of the massive Ross Ice Shelf is crystallizing, and NOT melting. ~ The polar bear population stands between 22,000 and 31,000.  ~Glacier National, Mt. Rainier, South Lake Tahoe, etc have been having glacier-sized snowfall, yearly.  See:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLH8YDbh9qmDG6_EnHnoCHVzJ89x_Oav0Q&disable_polymer=true

If there's no temperature increase in the middle of the Troposphere, then there's no global warming.  The raw data showed NO warming trend since 1998.
Mann's hockey-stick graph sneakily hid the Medieval Warm Period & the Little Ice Age in that wide & jagged gray background bar of uncertainty-error. NOAA Gold medalist, Dr. John Bates, eventually reported NOAA's post-facto data tampering.

Some cataclysmic weather disasters predicted by Al Gore require low pressure systems, while other ones require high pressure systems.  So, which of the two opposing systems is created by man-made CO2?  It can't be both, Team Gore.

Convection Cells, Pressure Belts, the Coriolis Effect, & Ekman Transport move the Gulf Stream & the great ocean conveyor belt.  To slow either one down, you must slow-down the rotation of the Earth, no matter how much salt-free ice melts off of Greenland into the Thermohaline.  Think!  Salt-free Mississippi River water pours into the salty Gulf of Mexico, 24/7.

Even at that, Greenland mountain snow is always a candidate for SUBLIMATION, where ice crystals turn into vapor without first becoming water that submerges Manhattan.
Instead of finding Waldo, find Global Warming.  Where is it hiding?
Second One:

If this were the warmest decade in human history, we would be reliving Steinbeck's, "The Grapes of Wrath."  Instead, June 2018 videos show Arctic Ocean waves frozen on a beach of the Northwest Passage's Beaufort Sea, even though the media reported that area to be "ice-free."

"Adjustments" were added to the raw temperature data, and data tampering was reported by NOAA gold medalist, Dr. John Bates.  In as much, 1} placing thermometers over asphalt parking lots is dishonest, 2} replacing buoy readings with those of ship readings is disingenuous, 3} and hiding past temperature swings in a graph's jagged gray "bar of uncertainty" was a dirty trick in "hiding the decline."

Plus, the Global Warmists don't inform you of SUBLIMATION, where mountain top snow/ice can turn into vapor, without first becoming a liquid that floods Manhattan, provided that there's a sufficient low-pressure Chinook-Wind and 720 calories of sun-generated thermal energy per cubic cm of ice, to vaporize the ice.

Multitudes have been deceived by those who search for: 1) taxpayer dollars, 2) a profitable carbon credit market, 3) carbon-tax revenue, and 4) a thinning of the human herd via sterilization & abortion.  These people create a sense of urgency, in telling the U.S. Congress that the sky is falling and sea levels are rising, despite the increase in Antarctic SEA ICE which keeps continental glacier ice from exiting.

Global Warming scaremongers showcased Glacier National Park as an apocalyptic CO2 victim, "melting away."  Well, it has been having glacier-sized snowfall & snow removal, on a yearly basis. In fact, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Bachelor, Crater Lake, Mammoth Mountain, and South Lake Tahoe are far more vivid showcases in epic snowfall.

Rising temps, when they occur, make for a lesser temperature difference between Equator & Poles, and therefore, less turbulent frontal storms --- and in the case of the Great Plains Dust Bowl, it makes for no storms at the arid & semi arid latitudes.

When there's no temperature increase in the middle of the Troposphere, there's no global warming.  The "warming pause" started in 1998 and continued. In response, Al Gore acquired a California shoreline mansion, after making millions of dollars telling the world that the shorelines will soon be underwater.  At most, CO2 is 1/2 of 1% of the entire Earth's atmosphere.
Stop Climate Fraud Now
Third One:

Enter the perfect storm of deceit; a taxpayer-swindle; the CO2 Scare, done by those seeking 1) billions more in government funding,  2) an enriching carbon credit market, 3) an empowering carbon tax revenue, and 3) a thinning of the human herd via sterilization & abortion.

Meanwhile, the Earth naturally got greener, desert square mileage shrunk, Glacier National Park repeatedly got plowed of its glacier-sized snowpacks, Antarctic SEA ICE increased, the polar bear population surpassed 20,000, a blanket of frozen waves on the Arctic's Northwest Passage was videoed four times in June of 2018, & the U.S. went a record 12 years without a major hurricane.  Plus, Al Gore made $200+ million via GIM, Apple, David Blood, and the Global Warming Scare.

Omitted from the Team Gore Climate Armageddon conversation was the existence of SUBLIMATION, where mountain ice (such as Greenland's) can turn into vapor, without first becoming a liquid that submerges Manhattan.

This playlist is a continuation of:

Climate Fraud in Review:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLH8YDbh9qmDGhEAdxCaVkCMrqTbwU-DAm&disable_polymer=true
& Glacier National Park is NOT "melting away."  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLH8YDbh9qmDG6_EnHnoCHVzJ89x_Oav0Q&disable_polymer=true

The power of CO2 as a driver of climate, when compared to the Sun, is equivalent to a 3.7 watt light bulb versus a 100 watt light bulb.  Think.  When night comes, the climate cools drastically, especially during cloudless nights, even though CO2 levels remain constant for the day.  The exception is the Nighttime Heat Sink Effect in heavily asphalted cities.

In daytime, any low floating cloud mass blocks the sun's rays, thereby cooling the day, even though CO2 remains constant for the day.  In fact, high level cirrus clouds have more heat retention power than CO2.  Plus, CO2 is being liberally consumed by vegetative life everywhere in the biosphere, including the phytoplankton in the ocean.

Some claim that massive CO2 levels are in the oceans.  Well, CO2 keeps getting consumed by plant life everywhere in the biosphere, including the phytoplankton in the ocean.  At most, CO2 is 1/2 of 1% of the Earth's atmosphere.

Ice cores showed that atmospheric CO2 levels lag behind temperature circa 800 years.  Temperature levels have not been catastrophic.  Therefore, CO2 levels will not become catastrophic, either.

How did Al Gore explain-away the prehistoric time spans which had high levels of CO2 & lower-than-present temperatures, when there were no coal plants or internal combustion engines to elevate CO2 levels?

The oceans ate your CO2?  What about the biosphere of forests, prairies, farms,
and the phytoplankton in the oceans?
There are twice as many humans on Earth today than there were in 1965.
Thus, twice as many crops and cattle are needed.  This means that much
more CO2 is needed, if you do NOT elect the eugenics solution.

Now, the entry level toxicity level of CO2 is 2,000 ppm.  The lethal dose
of CO2 is 10,000 ppm, for those with average health.  We are presently
only at 410 ppm, and in recent millenia past, we were at 280 or so ppm.

Moreover, when the level of CO2 is under 150 ppm, photosynthesis ceases,
and the cessation of all life on earth follows.  Very simply, No CO2 means
no life on Earth, and 280 ppm is very close to the cessation of life on Earth.
In fact, higher levels of CO2 place an ease of vegetative life, as is explained
in the videos listed in the playlists linked below.

Excess CO2 has been reasonably shown to go back into "the biosphere," as
opposed to entirely in the ocean.  Even at that, it was reasonably assumed
that 1/3 of the Earth's CO2 is in the ocean.  In sequence, approximately 1/2
of 1% of CO2 is in the Earth's atmosphere,  If the atmospheric CO2 consti-
tutes all of the CO2 on Earth, then if all of the CO2 would exit the oceans
instantly, the CO2 content in the atmosphere would only comprise 3/4 of
1% of the entire atmosphere.  Keep in mind that the Earth's atmosphere is
approximately 78 % Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 1 % Argon, 1/2 of 1% CO2,
and 1/2 of 1% of everything else ... more specifically, 0.038% of every-
thing else.  CO2 is actually, 0.043%, but it lessens in the Northern Hemi-
sphere Autumn.

In as much, 500 - 600 ppm of CO2 would be the proper working level, for
a planet harboring 7, 8, 9 billion humans and multiple species of plant and
animal life.  That would be 1/4 to 1/3 of the initial toxic level, and many a
human has been in CO2 environments of 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 parts
per million.  Such places are called elevators, submarines, greenhouses,
crowded bars after a college football game, a crowded car, etc.

We must curtail SO2 levels and other toxins, all the while banning artificial
fragrance chemicals which are known as respiratory irritants and/or asthma
allergens.  Letting CO2 run its natural course is NOT environmental anarchy.
CO2 is the red herring ... the decoy ... which prevents true ecology from being
achieved as closely as is possible for a greatly imperfect humanity.

Concerning fossil fuels, a huge campaign in the 1960s was to make unleaded gas-
oline the law.  It happened.  Industry got the lead out of the gasoline, and Al Gore
wants to burden it with removing life-giving CO2.

Floral Life; brought to you by CO2, the fine maker of forests, wetlands,
fertile plains, windward mountain sides, tundra, plankton, farms, & gardens.
Remember, Al Gore was wrong in all of his prophecies, and he even lied in
claiming that he correctly predicted that a hurricane would flood NYC streets,
due to NYC's sea level rise.

Firstly, the NYC sea level rise has been consistently ongoing, since the mid-
1800s, at approx 2.84 mm per year.  Secondly, a temporary foot or two of
water would have slid over NYC during any kind of hurricane, even with-
out its 2.84 millimeter yearly sea level rise.  I lived on the Atlantic Coast-
line for years, and am not a stranger to hurricane behavior.  I was there.
I saw what goes on, during a hurricane.  Al Gore and his minions are
con artists.   Anyway . . .

Gore predicted a permanently underwater NYC, and this never happened.  In
fact, many media corporations hold property in the NYC that Al Gore & Jim
Henson claimed would be underwater by now.

All in all, there are 3 YouTube playlists linked below which have enough mater-
ial to educate a person as to genuine Atmospheric Science and the fraud being
committed by fanatical Global Warmists.  The subject matter there will undo
the terrifying effect on school children that Team Gore and its associates has
imposed upon them.  In as much, Al Gore is most certainly a child abuser,
via psychological terrorism.

At present, the polar bears relatively thrive.  Antarctic SEA ICE reached a re-
cord (wide) level as far back as 2015.  The bottom of the super large Ross Ice
Shelf was proven to be crystallizing and NOT melting.  The Earth is getting
greener.  The vast deserts are getting slightly smaller, step by step.  Glacier
National Park still has lengthy snow plowing tasks from April to mid-June,
etc, etc, etc.  All in all, today's school children have more of a chance of
undergoing frostbite than getting caught in a Category 6 hurricane.

High level cirrus clouds do more to hold in heat (infrared light), than CO2,
and low level clouds are what effectively block the sun's ultraviolet waves.
Plus, cloudless nights are colder, while cloudy nights are warmer.  Yet,
 CO2 levels remain the same during each type of night.  Thus, CO2 is
 not as powerful a heat retainer as Gore makes it out to be.  CO2 only
comprises 1/2 of 1% of the Earth's atmosphere.  Actually, 0.0043%

June 27, 2018

Endocrine Disruptors in Consumer Products

Water, water, everywhere.  Nor any drop to drink developed an entirely different meaning
since the time Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner was first published.  There are 
eight principle endocrine disruptors in America's water supplies. Hermaphrodite frogs have 
been found here, and this is attributed (allegedly) to Monsanto's Roundup.
Posted below is the link to the U.S. government's mainstream medical site which
is an absolute must-read that dispels the defamatory writings of all of the Stephen
Barretts of this world who seek to deceive humanity into believing that chemicals,
at ambient levels, are entirely harmless.

Ironically, after all of his damning literature, Stephen Barret spent a total of one
sentence ... toward the end of an article ... stating that there are legitimate cases
where people who have had long-term exposure to low levels of chemicals or
short-term exposure to high levels of chemicals have had their health compro-
mised ... have been injured.

All in all, Barrett did admit to the valid existence of chemical sensitivity.  Such
chemical sensitivity comes in diagnostic names such as Occupational Asthma due
to Low-Weight Molecular Agents and Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome,
as well as other ones.  The problem is that those who are supportive of chemically
sensitive persons bull-headedly use the phrase, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, only.
So, the Stephen Barretts attacked that one phrase and ignored the undebated chemi-
cal sensitivity diagnoses such as Irritant-induced Asthma.

Multiple Chemical Sensitvity, incidentally, refers to chemical sensitivity affecting
multiple body organs.  A person sufferring from a single illness such as Irritant-
induced Asthma might be reactive to four dozen chemicals or three and four dif-
ferent categories of chemicals.  The stubborn bull-headedness of those writing
on behalf of the chemically sensitive have been sabotaging the cause, all along.
They did much more harm than good in obsessing themselves in a semantics
game.  They are too lazy or stubborn to type-out the various mainstream med-
ical diagnoses that spell chemical sensitivity  in specificity.  This includes the
aforementioned diagnosies and Irritant-associated Vocal Cord Dysfunction,
Airborne Irritant Dermatitis, and other ones.

Anyway, the article linked below is a mainstream, peer-reviewed paper posted
on the United States' government site run by the National Institute of Health.
It's technically known as the National Center for Biotechnological Informat-
ion.  That one government entity trumps all of the Stephen Barretts of this world,
combined.  So, go ahead and read what mainstream medical science actually says
about Chemical Sensitivity.

The paper is titled, Endocrine Disruptors and Asthma-Associated Chemicals
in Consumer Products.  It's the work of six authors.  This denotes diligence
in the writing thereof.


A Sample of the paper goes as follows:
Chemicals contained in consumer products are ubiquitous in human tissues, sometimes at high concentrations [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 2009] and in household air and dust ().   Studies of pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in homes provide some information about sources, exposure pathways, and exposure reduction options ().   However, for many common commercial chemicals, limited information is available about how specific consumer products contribute to exposure. In particular, little information is available about exposures from personal care and cleaning products.
Many of these products may be sources of chemicals that have a diverse spectrum of health effects, including endocrine disruption and associations with asthma.  Endocrine-disrupting compounds (EDCs) are chemicals that can alter hormonal signaling and have potential effects on developing reproductive and nervous systems, metabolism, and cancer ().
Some phthalates inhibit testosterone synthesis (), and antimicrobials such as triclosan suppress thyroid hormone () and are estrogenic () in mammalian models. Some parabens, alkylphenols, cyclosiloxanes, ultraviolet (UV) filters, and synthetic musk fragrance compounds are weakly estrogenic in a variety of experimental models (; ; ; ; ; ).   Factors related to home environments are associated with asthma, although there has been limited study of the role of chemical contaminants (). 
Fragrances have been shown to exacerbate asthma ().   The phthalate bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) in dust was associated with asthma and wheezing in children (), and several phthalates show an adjuvant effect in animal studies ().   The sum of propylene glycol and glycol ethers was associated with increased asthma prevalence in preschool-age children ().   The ethanolamines monoethanolamine and diethanolamine are occupational asthmagens ().

For convenience sake, here is the link once again:
Long overdue has been the movement to end the flooding of the human body with harmful
chemicals.  We have to keep the bull-headed out of it, because they come off as bulls in
China shops.  They come-off as laughing stocks.  This is serious matter, and needed are
people who can be taken seriously.

The first thing is to stop limiting chemical exposure concerns to cancer only.  This is be-
cause cancer is seen as a roulette wheel in your probability of developing it.  When you
mention chemicals causing the development of asthma and triggering the asthm which
was already developed, then there is a more proximate sense of urgency.  After all, there
are millions of asthma sufferers in American, alone.

June 25, 2018

'Air Freshener' ingredients turn testosterone into estrogen via aromatase

Your chemically laden "air fresheners" are the chemical industry's way of  dumping its 
toxic wastes for profit.  It's major stockholders thank you for being so incredibly dimwitted
Why do 20-something year old males want their cars smelling like a sicken-
ly sweet child-molester-mobile, as in "Hey there little boy.  Do you want 
some candy?"  Very non-masculine and very much a trigger of asthma to
those passer-byers with chemical allergies.  That alone makes today's
American millennial male look distinctively out of touch with nature
and human decency, as well as being completely out of touch with
reality.  Your air fresheners are literally turning you into women;
or at the very least, the Tooth Fairy and every other kind of fairy.

You call yourselves Metrosexual, as if you are the most suave and alluring
of men.  But, your cars smell lie sissified Fairyville.   Hello?   Is there any-
one among you with brain cells and who can read anything further than
140 character tweets?  I ask this, because you're all killing us who have
allergic asthma.  Thus, you ARE the sphincter muscles of the universe.

We live in the era of the Great American Glutton ... of the supersizer who
consumes things as if he/she were a bottomless pit.   A number of Ameri-
cans are seen with gluttonous outlays of tattoos speckled  on them to the
point where the natural contour of the human physique is distorted.

In sequence, America is the 2nd most obese nation on Earth, where the
obesity also distorts the natural contour of the human physique, amidst
the inordinate consumption of sugar.    Plus, Americans  emit gluttonous
amounts of asthma triggering fragrance products which serve the function
of endocrine disruptors, thereby disrupting the natural flow of the human

Concerning this, take note of the occasional "Johnny Cool" car owner who
has four, six, eight, and even ten "air fresheners" in his car.  One type is call-
ed Da Bomb, indicating that it emits a high level of fragrance chemicals that
trigger asthma attacks in susceptible persons, such as those who suffer from
Irritant-induced Asthma, Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome, and sim-
ilar respiratory injuries.  Well, the Johnny Cools need to be informed of some-
thing which deletes, step by step, their testosterone machismo.

Air Fresheners are known as XENOESTROGENS which "activate" the enzyme
AROMATASE and turn a man's testosterone into estrogen.  This means that, if
the Johnny Cool Macho Car Guy with his half dozen auto air fresheners thinks
that the air fresheners are making him the epitome of manhood, then he is fool-
ing himself.   He is turning himself into the opposite of a man, via the action of
xenoestrogen-induced endocrine disruption.  So, their greatest accomplishments
in life has thus far been committing assault by menace upon asthmatics whose
airspace are violated by their air fresheners and by causing havoc on their own
endocrine system.

And the ladies who glut-up their cars with air fresheners are emasculating
their men.  Also, Estrogen is well known to be cancer fuel.

Great play, Shakespeares.     Nice shot, Arnold Palmers.    Cool move,
Bobby Fishers.     Smooth landing, Neil Armstrongs.  Nice discovery,

For those of you who are sensible, please spread the word . . . concerning
the subject matter appearing in the articles linked below.  Please help save
America from its own idiocy and self-centered inconsiderateness, as well
its corporate greed.  Fragrance products are the chemical industry's ever-
so-convenient way to dump their toxic wastes and get paid while doing
so.  The fragrance gluttons of today have made their cars & homes toxic
dump sites without even realizing it.

You cannot deny that Americans are embarrassingly gullible on a mass
scale.  The 2003 Weapons of Mass Destruction Scam is an example on
how the American People live in a Barnum & Bailey Circus Scenario,
in "Suckers. There's one born every minute."

Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals:
Associated Disorders and Mechanisms of Action







June 23, 2018

Febreze Air Effects: 86 Chemical Ingredients found by the EWG

Febreze is now being sold as "asthma-friendly," and this is unconscionable,
being that it was found to contain respiratory irritants and known asthmatic
allergens.  Plus, they're now selling Febreze X2, making it a very effective
weapon for those who want to inflict violent assault upon the type of asth-
matic whose respiratory tract is adversely reactive to any of the ingredients
in Febreze,  The victims include those suffering from Reactive Airways
Dysfunction Syndrome, Occupational Asthma due to lmolecular weight
agents, Irritant-associated Vocal Cord Dysfunction, Irritant-induced Asth-
ma, etc.

Febreze Air Effects is showcased as
a technological odor eliminator that
will get you to breathe happily; as if
it were happy pills in a spray - even
space age magic that scientifically
makes odors disappear, despite the
fact that it kills no odor-producing

Febreze was heralded as phthalate-
free.  Yet, an ingredient detected
in it turns into Bis(2-ethylhexyl)
phthalate, a metabolite implicat-
ed in Sick Building Syndrome.

Keep in mind that the manipulative nature of the U.S. Congress is such that
it enabled a law which spares the fragrance industry of revealing their pro-
ducts' ingredients to the public.  In fact, there is even a law which spares
frackers from revealing to the public the chemicals used in their industry.
Plus, a chemical doesn't have to be proven safe, in order to be placed in
a fragrance product.  Rather, a chemical needs to be proven harmful, in
order for the regulating of said chemical to occur.

We in America do not get to know which chemicals are tearing into our
bodies and which are flooding our water supplies.  Thus is the nature of
an oligarchy called the United States which consists in government to the
highest bidder.  The highest bidders are known as lobbyists and campaign
funders.  The lobbyist is the one who destroyed national unity.

At this point, enter the 501(c) non-profit charity organization known as
the Environmental Working Group;  the EWG.  Its mission is that of
using the power of public information, to protect public health and the
environment.  The EWG team comprises scientists, engineers, lawyers,
data analysts, and board members, a few of whom have reputable names.

One of the EWG projects was that of analyzing the contents of Febreze
Air Effects Hawaiian Aloha.   According to the scientists, it was nothing
more than a cauldron of chemicals; 87, to be exact.  In as much, Febreze
has a glut of fragrance chemicals combined with noxious non-fragrance
chemicals that easily drowns-out whatever existing odor was in the air
before Febreze was applied to the airspace in question.

Febreze is neither a 'germ killer' nor a fungicide, meaning that it does not
kill the microbiological beings known the produce odors.  Plus, a Consum-
er Reports test likened to the Febreze 'blindfold commercial' proved that
Febreze certainly does not eliminate odors.  If it did so, then a number of
the test subjects would not have reported being sickened by the smell of
the testing chamber.

If Febreze were an odor eliminator, a person would smell nothing, as soon
as Febreze were sprayed into his/her airspace; not even a fresh, light scent,
and certainly not the gaudy odor that announces Febreze's presence like a
clanging gong ... or like a cheap honky-tonk barroom tramp.  Ladies and
gentlemen, Procter & Gamble has become another Monsanto. 

Categories of Chemicals found in Febreze Air Effects Hawaiian Aloha

The cast of characters detected by EWG scientists in Febreze Air Effects
Hawaiian Aloha includes chemicals which fit the following categories:

1} Genotoxins & Mutagenic chemicals, 2} Bronchoconstrictors & Irritants,
3} Oxidative chemicals that produce allergenic compounds upon being ex-
posed to air, 5} Reproductive Toxins, 6} Indoor Air Pollutants,  7} Hepato-
toxins (liver cell killers,)  8} Cell-mediated allergens which produce skin
reactions upon those allergic.  Therefore, Febreze is not hypo-allergenic.

               The results  of Febreze Hawaiian Aloha Analysis,
              According to the Environmental Working Group:

If the report of the Environmental Working Group analysis is correct, and
if the ingredient formula of Febreze Hawaiian Aloha remained unchanged
since the publication of the EWG report, then the following applies:

Eighty-seven chemicals were detected in Air Effects Hawaiian Aloha, along
with water, amounting to 88 ingredients.  The 89th ingredient was regarded
as Fragrance.  But, fragrance is actually a mixture of molecular compounds.
It's not an ingredient unto itself, when measuring compounds.  Therefore, its
more proper to regard Febreze Air Effects Hawaiian Aloha as an 87 chemi-
cal product.

Only three Febreze ingredients were disclosed on the label by name.  The oth-
er ingredients were labeled under the titles "quality control ingredients" and
fragrance, meaning that their exact identities were hidden from the public.
There was one propellant detected in Febreze, incidentally.

In addition, keep in mind that, in the United States, the safety of any chemi-
cal does NOT have to been proven, in order for it to be used as an ingredient
in any household product.  Also in America is what is popularly called, the
"Trade Secret Law."  Such a law excuses require companies from revealing
their product line ingredients on their products' labels or anywhere else.  Of
course, this ever so conveniently hides from the public the reality of what it

The Chromosome Chain Breaker

Concerning Febreze's mutagenic chemical it's 1,3-Dichloro-2-Propanol.
It's classified as a Clastogen.  Clastogens break chromosome chains.

Below is an outline of the ingredients Americans are purchasing, every time
they rush to a store, to get Hawaiian Aloha Air Effects sprayed throughout
their houses, taxi cabs, houses, apartments, offices, reception areas, storage
areas, classrooms, dance floors, shops, and automobiles.

            The Provider of Interleukin 6, the Inflammation Inducer

1] 2-ethyl-hexanol.  This chemical is a news article unto itself, in that it
     has been categorically identified as an indoor air pollutant which was
     found to activate a type of white blood cell which, in turn, produces a
     major inflammatory mediator, called Interleukin 6.  In as much, CD4+
     cells are activated by 2-ethyl-hexanol.  In sequence, 2-ethyl-hexanol
     has been implicated in the development of Building-related Illness, aka
     Sick Building Syndrome.  In fact:

     It has been reported that the number of people suffering 
     from occupational asthma and skin rashes triggered by 
    various chemicals in indoor air have increased markedly.  
    Two-ethyl-hexanol (2-EH) is known to be an indoor air 
    pollutant and its influence on health is of great concern.

     See:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19038237

   Asthma symptoms may be related to increased humidity in con-
   crete floor constructions and emission of 2-ethyl-1-hexanol, an
   indicator of dampness-related alkaline degradation of plastici-
   ser DEHP.

   Now, it's important for you to know that DEHP is a phthalate that
   comes from Febreze ingredient, 2-ethyl-1-hexanol.  The offshoot
   chemical is Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate.  The pertinence to this is
   that Febreze was showcased as a phthalate-free product.

           See:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20146997

      The Hangover Chemical and Airway Obstructor

 2] Acetaldehyde.  This is the hangover chemical that emerges after
     excessive alcohol consumption.  The Procter & Gamble people
     bring it to you directly.  Incidentally, acetylaldehyde happens to
     be recognized as a cancer risk to the upper digestive tract.  Now,
     as far as concerns its presence in any artificial fragrance product,
     it obstructs the airways.

     See:  Airway obstruction induced by inhaled acetaldehyde in asthma.


     Death at 180 Parts Per Million and Above

 3] Benzyl Acetate.  Produces respiratory tract irritation.  The con-
      tinued exposure to ambient levels of this compound at 50 parts
      per million will cause kidney damage.  Cats have died from this,
      at 180 parts per million.  See:


     A Suspect in Pancreatic Cancer Induction

     According to the University of Berkley, benzyl acetate is linked
     to pancreatic cancer, in addition to it being a respiratory irritant.  


     Automotive Additives and one Plasticizer

 4] Hexadecane.  This is known as cetane, a diesel fuel additive.
 5] Trimethyl  Pentanyl  Diisobutyrate.   A nail polish plasticizer.
 6] Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether.  An anti-freeze additive.

     A Literal Triple Threat to Health

 7] Dichlorohydrin, also known as 1,3-Dichloro-2-Propanol and
     1,3-DCP.   Carcinogenic, Hepatotoxic, and Genotoxic.   In fact,
     Dichlorohydrin was  clearly shown through scientifically valid
     testing, and according to generally accepted principles, to cause 
     Dichloro-2-Propanol (1,3-DCP; α,γ-Dichlorohydrin)
     See:  oehha.ca.gov/prop65/hazard_ident/pdf_zip/13dcp.pdf 

     As was previously mentioned, Dichlorohydrin has been found
     to cause liver damage, commensurate with the level of exposure
     to it.  For example, a 34 year old man suffered from fulminant
     hepatitis after cleaning a tank in which there were traces of
     dichlorohydrin.  In spite of daily plasma exchanges, he died
     10 days after exposure.  A 27 year old man with much lighter
     exposure showed only slight liver dysfunction.

     See:  http://het.sagepub.com/content/13/4/267.abstract

     As far as goes this Air Effects ingredient being a mutagen, it's
     specifically classified as a clastogenic chemical.  As a review,
     a clastogenic chemical literally causes breaks in chromosome
     chains.  Genotoxicity of 1,3-dichloro-2-propanol in the SOS 
     chromotest and in the Ames test.   Elucidation of the geno-
     toxic mechanism.
    See:   http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1913979

     Poison Roulette.  Pick your additive.

 8] Denatured Alcohol, aka methylated spirits.   This is ethanol
      mixed with a poisonous additive that makes the alcohol unable
      to be consumed without extremely ill effects.  Originally, it was
      10% methanol (CH3OH.)   Today, denatured alcohol might con-
      tain methyl denatonium benzoate, methyl isobutyl ketone, ethyl
      ketone, acetone, denatonium benzoate.  Protecter & Gamble's
      people think nothing of you spraying this in the home of chil-
      dren, asthmatics, and pets.

     The Oxidizing Terpene
 9] Linalool.  A terpene that easily oxidizes.  Oxidized linalool is a
     skin sensitizer.  When exposed to air, it readily forms allergenic
     compounds.  It's recognized by experts as something that great-
     ly contributes to fragrance allergy which emphasizes the need 
     of testing with compounds that patients are actually exposed 
     and not only with the ingredients originally applied in com-
     mercial formulations.  Spraying Febreze, therefore, yields
     more chemicals than are in the canister, bottle, clip-on, etc.   

     See:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19125719

      Bronchial Hyperresponsiveness in Spray Form

10] Limonene.  "Bronchial hyperresponsiveness was related to
       indoor concentrations of limonene."  It tortures susceptible
       persons, otherwise known as people who are atopic.  See:
      Asthmatic symptoms and volatile organic compounds,
      formaldehyde, and carbon dioxide in dwellings.


      Limonene is also a contact allergen of the terpene family.  This
      means that, upon being exposed to air, limonene produces the
      allergenic substance that effects the skin, in addition to it being
      an assault upon the respiratory tracts of atopic persons.

      We continue with more ingredients detected by the EWG ...

11] Alpha-pinene.  It's a confirmed allergen.   See:  Gas chrom-
      atography:  an investigative tool in multiple allergies to 
      essential oils.


12] Butylated Hydroxytoluene.  This food additive happens to be a
       well established asthma trigger for a subset of asthmatics.  This
       is BHT.

13] Benzothiazole.  Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis
       showed this to be one of four most toxic chemicals in artificial turf.


14] Cyclamen Aldehyde.  This is member of the Formaldehyde
       family.  Refer to:


15] Geraniol.   A well established B-cell mediated allergen and the
       primary ingredient in Java type citronella oil.  This is a contact
       allergen, even through airborne contact.  See:  Cytochrome
       P450-mediated activation of the fragrance compound 
       geraniol forms potent contact allergens.


16] Methylpyrrolidone.  In Europe, Methylpyrrolidone is regarded
      as a reproductive toxicant.   It is also an irritant, meaning that it
      will make Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome patients fight
      to get a full breath, for as long as they are exposed to it.

17] Alpha-Ionone.  Respiratory sensitizer and skin sensitizer, mean-
       ing that it's something to which a person can become allergic, in
       repeated exposure thereof.  It's also an irritant, meaning that a per-
       son can have an adverse reaction to it without first developing an
       allergy to it.


18]  Butylphenyl Methylpropional.  This is Lilial, a known sensitiz-
        er (an allergen that has the power to make you become allergic
        to it.)  It's also known as Lilialdehyde, a member of the formal-
        dehyde family.  As well as being used as a powerful fragrance,
        it's also an intermediate for the agrochemical synthesis.  See:
        Identification of Lilial as a fragrance sensitizer in a perfume
        by bioassay-guided chemical fractionation and structure ac-
        tivity relationships.


19] Fragrance.  This is actually a mixture of ingredients, and not an
      ingredient unto itself.  None the less, it's pertinent to note that the
      EWG's Further Toxic Concern for "fragrance" is "Neurotoxicity,     
      Allergies/immunotoxicity, Miscellaneous." 

      Febreze Air Effects additionally contains the following,
      according to the Environmental Working Group, as of 2011:




      Note:   There were more chemicals found in Febreze
                  Air Effects than what has been posted above.

      As is cited elsewhere on this site, fragrance is a medically recog-
      nized trigger of flare-ups in Asthma, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Urticaria,
      and Dermatitis, as well as flare-ups in Vocal Cord Dysfunction
      Syndrome,  Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome, and Small
      Airways Disease.  Furthermore, the twenty most common chemi-
      cals found in 31 tested fragrance products are listed at the follow-
      ing web page:

             All the Test Subject Plants Allegedly Died, in Both Tests

There's also the matter of every test plant allegedly dying in a supervised
Quebecois scholastic project.  Febreze was allegedly applied in both series
of tests.  In the second test, Febreze was heavily applied, and it was alleged
to have caused the test subject plants to die in a matter of hours.  In the first
test, it allegedly took a few days for all of the test subject plants to die.  The
conclusion was that Febreze burnt the cell walls of the plants, preventing any
further photosynthesize from occurring.  For the record, I was informed of
this scholastic project, from Quebec, even before it began.


         Lysol undid Procter & Gamble's advertising with one sentence

The 2013 Lysol commercial provides a reality check for Febreze users.  It
mentions that Febreze doesn't kill germs  ...  bacteria  ...  viruses  ...  mold.

Now, the odors of decomposing material usually come from the metabolites
of microbiological beings.  They are the emissions that the microbiological
beings send into the air.  This includes the mycotoxins that emit from mold.
Well, if Almighty & Ever-living Febreze does not kill 'germs,'  then the me-
tabolites and mycotoxins of the various 'germs' are still being emitted into
the air, along with their odors, no matter what quantity of Febreze is spray-
ed into a trash can, on moldy furniture, on a mildewed towel, etc. 

In light of this, Febreze commercials are marked with conflict of interest.
They're designed to persuade you to buy the product line, not to objective-
ly inform the people about Febreze.  After all, Protector & Gamble never
warned the public of the asthma, splitting headaches, etc. that Febreze has
triggered.  Plus, P&G never publicly disclosed the dozens of chemical in-
gredients in Febreze.  In as much, those who do not sale Febreze and who
are not competing against Procter & Gamble in the marketplace are the re-
liable sources of Febreze's metabolic mechanisms.   Thus, whatever Proc-
ter & Gambles' people claim about Febreze must be entirely ignored, due
to Procter & Gamble's conflict of interest and ulterior motive.

There are additional red flags attached to the Febreze product line, along
with the fact that it has triggered brutal asthma attacks and other adverse
reactions.   In fact, the severe reaction scenario was the sole purpose for
having embarked on an extensive research project involving Febreze.

The logic was that something incredibly violent had to have been attached
to Febreze, for it to have triggered asthma no less tortuous than an anaconda
wrapped around your chest.  The respiratory radar turned out 100% correct.
It turned out that there were a number of things deadly wrong with Febreze.

Next came a supervised Quebecois scholastic project that allegedly resulted
in Febreze killing 100% of the test plants, in two different tests.  News of
the project's outcome necessitated even more research on Febreze.

The logic was that any fragrance product that kills tested plant life as quick-
ly as Febreze did, while triggering violent asthma attacks, has got to have
something attached to it which must be banned from civilization.  It turned
out that the product line should instead be called Febreze Air Defects.

In addition, there is a nexus between the infamous Monsanto corporation
and Procter &Gamble.  Firstly, P&G's Chief Financial Officer ever so co-
incidentally is on Monsanto's board of directors; Jon Moeller.  Secondly,
as is shown at the end of this relatively long article, six of Monsanto's top
ten institutional stockholders are six of P&G's top ten.


Incidentally, Procter & Gamble was recently sued in California, for its vio-
lation of Proposition 65; specifically due to the level of 1,4 dioxane in its
Tide Detergent product.   In fact, according to the Environmental Working
Group, Febreze has a Propostion 65 chemical in its formula: acetaldehyde.
It's outlined below.  Thus, it isn't an exaggeration to state that Procter &
Gamble has become another Monsanto.


The Trade Secret Law and the Violation of Americans'
right to know what's going into their respiratory tracts

In America, chemical ingredients don't have to be proven safe, in order
to be included in a fragrance product that sits for sale on store shelves.
Furthermore, the infamous trade secret laws do not require fragrance
manufacturers to disclose to the public any of the ingredients in their
fragrance products.

If it deeply penetrates the fabric, 
it will NOT depart from the fabric.
Such a thing is known as contamination.

Background of that which necessitated further investigations on Febreze

A woman once wrote to me, asking how to get the smell of Febreze out of
her sofa.  The answer is to send it to Procter & Gamble's headquarters and
make its personnel get the Febreze odor out of it.  Another woman wrote to
me and informed me that Febreze is her worst nightmare.  Yet another lady
wrote to me and thanked me for given her the insight to remove Febreze
from her nightstand and entire home, being that the removal of it resulted
in the cessation of her symptoms.  Her letter was the second most detailed
one that I ever received in my life.  In fact, an asthmatic woman who works
in a sporting goods store told me that the Febreze automobile clip-on was
her worse assailant, and that she was able to detect from a notable distance
an automobile that had two Febreze clip-ons attached to its dashboard.  In
addition, another person easily concurs that Febreze clip-ons are the worst
nightmare of any automobile clip-on product, in this age of obnoxiously
invasive chemical fragrance gluttons.

A pharmaceutical ingredient used in 30 drugs 
is heralded as the star of the Febreze Show

The Procter & Gamble Outreach people disseminated the claim that a star
ingredient exists in Febreze which scientifically absorbs odors.  That claim
turned out to be a fraudulent misrepresentation; a severe twisting of the fact.

The heralded Febreze ingredient was/is a pharmaceutical ingredient in 30
or so drugs, mostly oral ones.  It was/is used as a complexing agent and the
transporter of the principle ingredient in a those 30 drugs, thereby making
a drug's active ingredient more readily available to the body.

The heralded Febreze ingredient is a sugar; a cyclic oligosaccharide which
has a cavity at its center that can pick up any one of a number of molecules
temporarily.  Thus, it has the ability to make complex compounds, and thusly
is the reason why it is categorized as a 'complexing agent.'  It's a derivative of  
C42H70O35, a sugar known as cyclodextrin.

This sugar was discovered in 1891.  If it were as divine as Procter & Gamble 
make it out to be, then mankind would have been using it ubiquitously in the 
past 120 years, spraying it everywhere on everything.  The Procter & Gamble 
outreach people make it out to be the ultimate panacea in the history of the 
universe.  But, it isn't a cure of any ailment, especially asthma.  It's a trans-
port molecule. 

This sugar has a cavity at its center which is hydrophobic.  This means that it
will repel water.  Therefore, whatever molecule is absorbed into its cavity will
be released into the first medium of water it encounters.  This is known as be-
ing water soluble.

This sugar was used in 30 or so prescription drugs for the sake of increasing
a drug's solubility in water, thereby increasing the drug's delivery deeper into
the body; to increase the 'bio-availability' of the 30 or so pharmaceutical drugs
that used cyclodextrin as a supporting ingredient.  The cavity is much like a
bomber's bomb bay, opening its doors and dispensing its bombs into a medi-
um of water.

The Impact of this Sugar Molecule on the Human Body

Clearly understand the following:  Cyclodextrin molecules sprayed from a
bottle of Febreze will collect into their cavities any molecule that will fit in-
side of them.  There will be NO covalent bonding involved.  No new sub-
stance is made.  Therefore, cyclodextrin is merely a molecule container;
a molecule's taxi cab - a molecular holding station.  Therefore, Procter &
Gamble lied when it claimed that 87-chemical Febreze eliminates odors
for once and for all.  In fact, in stating that it eliminates odor is to claim
that Febreze has the power to suspend the Law of Conservation of Mass.
Such a claim is psychosis, outside of divine miraculous intervention.

Your lungs are 83% water, and you inhale cyclodextrin molecules whenever
you are in a room where Febreze was sprayed.  This means that those stench-
related molecules you intended to eliminate get carried deeply within your
body and get dropped off inside of you, with NO change in their molecular
constitutions.  Cyclodextin is merely a component in a drug delivery system
that you inhale without a prescription when you enter a room reeking with
Febreze and its other 86 chemical ingredients. 

The one facet in pharmaceutical history which 
proves the Febreze advertisers to be outright liars.

Of course, the Procter & Gamble outreach people say that pharmaceutical in-
gredient cyclodextrin does the odor eliminator job.  Well, if cyclodextrin had
the power to absorb molecules and render them inactive, then cyclodextrin
would never have been used as a carrier molecule, in delivering 30 drugs' 
active ingredients into the depths of the human body.  Cyclodextrin would
have eliminated those 30 active ingredients, too.  Therefore, either the man-
ufacturers of 30 pharmaceutical drugs are lying or Procter & Gamble is ly-
ing to humanity.  Either cyclodextrin causes zero change to molecules that
enter its cavity, or it eliminates the active mechanism in all of them.

The decisive difference between cyclodextrin in pharmaceuticals and cyclo-
dextrin sprayed in an airspace of foul odors and putrefying material is this:  

Pharmaceuticals are made in sterile environments, and no appreciable con-
taminants are involved.  An active pharmaceutical ingredient approved by
the FDA is the molecule that medical cyclodextrin will absorb into its cav-
ity and deposit into the watery human body.  Plus, very little is used, when
comparing a bottle of medicine smaller than your hand to an entire living
room, store, office, taxi cab, or locker room flooded with Febreze.

Procter & Gamble's cyclodextrin derivative absorbs molecules that are not
in any type of sterile environment, but rather in an environment of rotting
fish, mildewed fabric, molding mattresses, musty attic trunks, and the con-
tents of a musty trunk.  The molecules of trash absorbed by cyclodextrin
molecules are then inhaled by those in the room, and the molecules from
the trash can are deposited in the body.  Procter & Gamble simply made
trash molecules, mildew molecules, mycotoxins, and the molecules of de-
caying fish more bio-available to the human body.  Keep the following in

Contamination is synonymous with penetrating deeply, and 
Febreze's sickeningly sweet sugar chemical penetrates & clings,
reminiscient of candida in the intestines.

The P&G Outreach people boldly stated that Febreze is deeply penetrating.
Well, such a thing is known as contamination and/or a staining mechanism.
Blood on fabric/carpeting is an example of how you don't want to penetrate
deeply into fabric.  People experienced in cleaning warn against scrubbing
a blood-ridden carpet too hard, lest the blood penetrate deeply into the car-
peting and never come out of it.

When you are cleaning, you do NOT want deeply penetrating molecules
involved.  Such things are all the more contaminating.  Remember blood
soaked carpeting, all the while keeping in mind that Procter & Gamble
makes  Febreze was made to sound like the air of the gods for no other
purpose than to have Procter & Gamble make hundreds of millions of
fast bucks during this era of the airhead;  during this era marked by the
dumbing down of America.

Febreze's cyclodextrin is an invader that takes over the material it pene-
trates.  It's a thief ... an unwelcome squatter who doesn't go away ... a pig
molecule that settles in fabric and takes control of it.  If you're a notably
sensitive asthmatic adversely reactive to chemicals, or a reactive airways
patient, you will continue to smell Febreze's sugar chemical and the effect
will be like Chinese water torture.

The dominating presence of cyclodextrin becomes obnoxious and sicken-
ingly sweet.  That odor, to persons physically sensitive, doesn't go away.
Rather, the taste of cyclodextrin clings to the mouth.  Such people keep
washing and rinsing clothing reeking with the smell of Febreze to no
avail.  They could not get that smell out. 

No person should be forced to smell the same odor continually.  After all,
you don't eat the same food continually.  You don't look at the same color
continually, and you don't hear the same one song continually.  You should
not be forced to smell the same sickeningly sweet sugar chemical until the
end of days.  Febreze is a contaminant, and certain types of asthmatics, like
coal mine canaries, can smell the contamination of Febreze's deeply pene-
trating substance that will not prevent any kind of bacteriological infection,
will not cure cancer, and will certainly not cure asthma.

Cyclodextrin is attached to a number of toxic drug reactions, notably those
of the lungs and kidneys.  The kidneys are 79% water.  Now, cyclodextrin
was mostly used in drugs that are ingested.  Only once was the cyclodex-
trin world used in a nasal spray; a hormonal spray called 17β-Estradiol,
an estrogenic steroid.  Cyclodextrin was also used rectally and intraven-

When it comes to Febreze, this chemical is inhaled.  The effects of inhaling
this chemical, and applying it topically, as well as ingesting it are different.
Keep in mind that the safety of chronically inhaling this sugar was not estab-
lished when this sugar was being added to oral drugs, made to be ingested. 
The vast majority of drugs containing cyclodextrin are oral drugs ... NOT

The following is an absolute must-read, in order for you to understand how
irresponsible Procter & Gamble is disseminating throughout modern civili-
zation a pharmaceutical ingredient that should never be ubiquitously sprayed
at will, along with 86 other chemicals ...

 ... and that such a chemical should never be put into the hands of cab drivers
who used it to hide the presence of cigarette smoke in those taxi cabs falsely
advertised as smoke-free ...

... and that such a chemical should never be put in the hands of tourists who
rent no-smoking beach houses and then spray Febreze to the point of toxicity,
in the mistaken belief that the smoke is being absorbed and eliminated from
the beach house that is actually being contaminated by Febreze.

                 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
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August 2013 Update:

As of August 2013 there is a new TV commercial advertising something
called Febreze Clear, meaning that the new Procter & Gamble product is
alleged to be free of the glut of fragrance chemicals that EWG scientists
reported to have detected in Febreze Hawaiian Aloha.

Keep in mind that some of the harmful chemicals reported to have been de-
tected in Febreze Hawaiian Aloha were NOT fragrance chemicals.  Thus,
Febreze Free, if it is like Hawaiian Aloha minus the fragrance chemicals,
has all of the menacing chemicals within it, including the following:     

2-ethyl-hexanol,  a diesel fuel additive,  an anti-freeze additive,  a nail polish
plasticizer,  one of the most toxic chemicals in artificial turf,  a chemical that
has been known to kill cats at 180 ppm and cause kidney damage at 50 ppm,
and other chemicals.  Therefore, if the non-fragrance ingredients in Febreze
Free are the same as the ones in Febreze Hawaiian Aloha, you will still have
the same contamination.

For the new Febreze commercial to have had any credibility, a certified ex-
pert in the field needed to state what mechanism in Febreze could eliminate
odors for all time, as if Febreze had the divine power to suspend the Law of
Conservation of Mass.

Of course, Febreze doesn't finish off stench-related molecules for all time.  It
merely delivers molecules deeply into the human body and into mankind's
water supplies.

Here is a quick example as to how Febreze doesn't absorb odors in the way
the Procter & Gamble people claimed Did you ever stand near a taxi cab
or a no-smoking-allowed motel room where Febreze was sprayed days prior,
in the attempt to deceptively hide cigarette smoke?  If so, did you notice, on
every occasion, an odor likened to pasty ash and tarry chocolate ... a type of
chocolate that no Belgian confectioner would ever use?  I did.

In the matter of Febreze, the concern is the bio-accumulative effects of in-
haling a pharmaceutical ingredient for absolutely no medical purpose, on a
daily basis. The other concern is why some people still smell the Febreze
months after it was sprayed near linens, upholstery, kitchen wares, etc. 

Odor Eliminators don't emit odors as gaudy as those emitted from Febreze

The initial gaudy smell of Febreze is following by a persistently sickeningly
sweet smell, due to the lingering effect of the synthesized sugar in Febreze.
The lingering effect of that synthetic sugar molecular is equal to the Chinese
water torture.  It clings and does not politely disappear.  In as much, Febreze's
so-called proprietary "odor eliminator" ingredient has an odor; one likened
to sugar that reportedly clings to the mouth in a very irritating fashion.  In
addition, it is neither a poison eliminator nor a toxin eliminator nor an aller-
gen eliminator.  Rather, it's a phthalate creator and allergen creator, as well
as chromosome chain disruptor, and a severe asthma trigger.

None the less, two woman who have neither asthma nor sinus headaches spoke
of Febreze the same way in which less-than-discrete women spoke about Burt
Reynolds and Robert Redford in the 1970s, George Clooney and Don Johnson
in the 1980s, and Brad Pitt in the 1990s.  Their thesis statement seemed to have
been, "With Febreze around, who needs a man."  Those two women didn't own
Febreze.  Febreze owned them.

Products that have light odors do not trigger such crass fetish behavior, as did
Febreze in two instances.  Thus, it is false advertising to claim that the clinging
odor of sickeningly sweet Febreze is anywhere near light and fresh.  The term
"light & fresh" denotes safe & harmless.  Well, Febreze is a violent asthma trig-
ger, as well as a persistent one.  It's assault & battery on the more vulnerable re-
spiratory tracts of humanity ... all for frivolous vanity.

Bio-accumultive Effect

Plus, there are the 86 other chemicals to consider;  the ones reported to have
been detected in Febreze Hawaiian Aloha.  None the less, the first point of
concern is the fact the Febreze has triggered  gnawing, clinching, gripping
asthma attacks, and that it lingers for far too long a time, making it able to
repeatedly trigger asthma.  This is a rude invasion of personal property and
a ruthless imposition upon the respiratory tracts of a certain class of asthma

Adjuvant Effect

Concerning the pharmacological aspect, there is the matter of Adjuvant
Effect.  This is when a couple of chemicals team-up to cause harm.

Pharmacological Effect

There is additionally the matter of one chemical being consumed by the
body which causes another chemical's level in the same body to be ele-
vated, as if the triggering chemical were a cue ball.  The classic example
of this type of pharmacological reaction is the organophosphate category
of pesticide.  Its presence elevates the level of acetylcholine in the lungs.

Oxidation Effect

There is also the oxidation effect in this falsely advertised product, at
least with the terpenes in Febreze.  Very simply, exposing an oxidative
chemical to the air will result in the formation of allergenic substances.
Such is the case with the fragrance ingredients Linalool and Limonene.
That is to say, spraying Febreze causes the formation of chemicals in
addition to what was put into Febreze at the factory.

Exorbitantly gaudy levels of chemical spray products,
when used by those with deadened senses.

Enter those members of the elderly who never achieved discipline, in
this hedonistic age.  These are the pathological pleasure seekers.  Con-
cerning them, realize the following pattern  The elderly are known to
crank up the volume on a radio and blow out everyone else's ears in
the process.  Elderly women, unaware of how addicted to chemicals
they have become, are known to crank up the volume on the chemic-
ally-laden fragrance products, thereby suffocating nearby asthmatics.

Why would you want to make your home, workplace, auto,
meeting hall, waiting room, or rec room a toxic waste dump?

In light of all the chemicals in Febreze, if you do use this product,
you are doing nothing more than contaminating your home, your
motor vehicle, your taxi cab, your apartment, your office, your
store.  In addition, if you happen to have an asthmatic neighbor,
you are suffocating that person out of house and home.

Now, autism has been statistically linked to the presence of certain
chemical classes and pesticide types.  Therefore, it is advisable to
keep Febreze away from developing children, as well as people
with allergic dermatitis and respiratory disease.

Consumer Reports Magazine wasn't impressed.

Consumer Reports Magazine did its blind test also, and reported that
the responses of the test subjects included those which were less than
laudatory.  There were people sickened by Febreze.  In fact, I received
emails by persons who were ill in an unexplainable fashion, and then,
as soon as they got rid of the Febreze in their bedrooms, kitchens, etc,
their symptoms completely vanished.

The 1980s Cigarette Commercial

In the 1980s, there was a TV commercial which pointed out the truth that
cigarette smoke nestles into all of the clothes in the closet of any cigarette
smoker, thereby resulting in the smell lingering in every piece of clothing
owned by a smoker.  Febreze, with its dozens of synthetic chemicals, in-
vades your life in the same way.  Clothing, upholstery, etc can easily reek
with Febreze.  However, the lingering effect is the sickeningly sweet one.
If you don't notice the smell, then welcome to the world of the neurotoxin

Why would you want your nerve cells killed-off?  Febreze isn't divine, in
any fashion.  Febreze doesn't bring enlightenment, and it doesn't cure any
disease.  It smells like a vandalized fragrance warehouse.

Plus, there is another series of questions you must consider:

Is or is not the Febreze pump and plug-in mostly water, and is or is not the
cyclodextrin ingredient immersed in that base of water, thereby negating the
purpose of the cyclodextrin derivative in Febreze?  Remember, cyclodextrin
is hydrophobic.  It doesn't absorb anything in water, including water spray,
from a Febreze bottle.  Yet, it emits that sickening sweet smell that eventual-
ly has the effect of a perpetual Chinese Water Torture session.  When it's wet
it collects nothing into its cavity.  It's emitted in wet-spray form.

The pharmaceutical world advocated that cyclodextrin be used as a means to
prevent the stomach irritation caused by certain drugs.  However, this involves
orally ingesting a drug ... not inhaling it with 86 other chemicals.

This brings us to a reality check for the users of Mr. Clean with Febreze.  Well,
is Mr Clean or is it not mostly water?  Is or is not cyclodextrin unable to absorb
anything in water?  Plus, is there or is there not dozens of other chemicals in
Mr. Clean?  In as much, is this product Mr. Clean or Mr. Contaminant?

In review:

Procter & Gamble makes that one chemical sound like a cure-all ... as if it were
the solution to all of mankind's ills.  Yet, it was discovered as far back as 1891
and registered in 1953, only having been used in limited drug preparations, and
as an occasional food stabilizer until Proctor & Gamble starting their Febreze
campaign, making it sound like magical fairy dust.  If cyclodextrin is so effec-
tive for the good of manking, then why wasn't it used decades sooner in house-
hold products?

The point in contrasting pharmaceutical preparations with Febreze goes as fol-
lows:  A patient only encountered cyclodextrins in small quantities, such as in
one pill every 2 to 4 to 24 hours.  A person is glutted with the cyclodextrin de-
rivative in Febreze for as long as a person, a dashboard clip-on, a plug-in, or a
canister releases Febreze into the air.

 There are 86 other chemical ingredients to consider

No matter what you say about cyclodextrin and its derivatives, you still need to
justify the inclusion of the other 86 chemicals that qualified scientists detected
in Febreze Hawaiian Aloha.  You must furthermore justify the asthma attacks
and incapacitating headaches that some people were forced to endure, on ac-
count of the rude imposition of Febreze in their airspace.

Quite frankly, the cyclodextrin in the Febreze product line immediately becomes
so overburdened with the task of absorbing the other 86 chemicals in Febreze that
it does not have the room to absorb the stench molecules in your trash can, the
mildew molecules in your towels, musty collectors' items, and moldy furniture.


Posted for a second time, an alleged startling revelation about Febreze, from
Quebec, concerning a supervised scholastic science project there to which I
was confided, even before it began:


The Ultimate Red Flag:  Monsanto's Connection to Procter & Gamble

Here is your reality check, America:  The top institutional stockholders of
Monsanto are mostly the same as those of Procter and Gamble.  Now, a tree
is known by its fruits.  A corporation is known by its affiliations.   Now, it
has been sufficiently ascertained that Monsanto is the corporate personifica-
tion of evil, making Darth Vader look like a merit badge boyscout in com-
parison.  Whatever corporation is owned by the entities who own Monsanto
can reasonably be assumed to operate according to the same unconscionable
lack of moral standards.  Well, observe the major stock owners of Monsanto
and P&G.  Deja vu.  The following is NOT a misprint:

Monsanto's                                             Procter & Gamble's
top institutional stockholders               top institutional stockholders

  1} Fidelity Investments, aka FMR,        1}The Vanguard Group, Inc.
       otherwise known as Fidelity
       Management & Research Co.           2} State Street Corporation.
  2} The Vanguard Group, Inc.                3} BlackRock Institutional Trust Co.
  3} State Street Corporation.                  4} Fidelity Investments, aka FMR,
                                                                     otherwise known as Fidelity
  4} (one which hasn't P&G stock)              Management & Research Co.
  5} BlackRock Institutional Trust Co.   5} (one which hasn't Monsanto stock)
  6} (one which hasn't P&G stock)         6} Northern Trust Corporation.
  7} Northern Trust Corporation.            7} Bank of New York Mellon Corp.
  8} (one which hasn't P&G stock)         8} (one which hasn't Monsanto stock)
  9} Bank of New York Mellon Corp.    9} (one which hasn't Monsanto stock)
10} (one which hasn't P&G stock)       10} (one which hasn't Monsanto stock)

Monsanto's 1st,  2nd,  3rd,   5th,  7th,  and  9th  top institutional stockholders
are  P&G's  4th,  1st,   2nd,  3rd,  6th,  and  7th  top ones.  Keep in mind that
corporate management does what pleases the major stockholders.



There are additional red flags attached to the Febreze product line, along
with the fact that it has triggered brutal asthma attacks and other adverse
reactions.   In fact, the severe reaction scenario was the sole purpose for
having embarked on an extensive research project involving Febreze.

The logic was that something incredibly violent had to have been attached
to Febreze, for it to have triggered asthma no less tortuous than an anaconda
wrapped around your chest.  The respiratory radar turned out 100% correct.
It turned out that there were a number of things deadly wrong with Febreze.

Next came a supervised Quebecois scholastic project that allegedly resulted
in Febreze killing 100% of the test plants, in two different tests.  News of
the project's outcome necessitated even more research on Febreze.

The logic was that any fragrance product that kills tested plant life as quick-
ly as Febreze did, while triggering violent asthma attacks, has got to have
something attached to it which must be banned from civilization.  It turned
out that the product line should instead be called Febreze Air Defects.

In addition, there is a nexus between the infamous Monsanto corporation
and Procter &Gamble.  Firstly, P&G's Chief Financial Officer ever so co-
incidentally is on Monsanto's board of directors; Jon Moeller.  Secondly,
as is shown at the end of this relatively long article, six of Monsanto's top
ten institutional stockholders are six of P&G's top ten.


Incidentally, Procter & Gamble was recently sued in California, for its vio-
lation of Proposition 65; specifically due to the level of 1,4 dioxane in its
Tide Detergent product.   Incidentally, according to the Environmental
Working Group, Febreze has a Propostion 65 chemical in its formula,
namely acetaldehyde which is outlined below.  Thus, it is not a lie to
state that Procter & Gamble has become another Monsanto.


At this point, we need to review the one observation which 
indicts the false advertising of Procter & Gamble's Febreze . . . 

If Febreze were the odor eliminator that Procter & Gamble claimed it was,
a person would smell nothing as soon as Febreze were sprayed into the air.
If Febreze is an odor eliminator, then it would also eliminate the odors of
the many aromatic chemicals that it contains.  In fact, test subjects of a Con-
sumers' Report test smelled, at times, the very things that Procter & Gamble
claims to be eliminated whenever Febreze is used.  Some of the test subjects
where sickened by what they smelled.

The irony is that the ingredient which Procter & Gamble falsely calls an
odor eliminator has an odor.  It's likened to a toxic form of sugar.  It has,
more than once, been reported to cling to the mouth persistently, in a very
annoying way.  It has been a rude intrusion.

In addition, take to heart the following, when you encounter someone who
has a literally fetish for Febreze:  Animals have found anti-freeze to smell
and taste wonderful.  They died after lapping-up a puddle of it.  Simply be-
cause these animals found anti-freeze to have been wonderful in taste and
odor, it didn't make it any less deadly than it is.  Sometimes the most dead-
ly blades are the shiniest.  Sometimes the sharpest shards of glass which
can effectively slit your wrists reflect the colors of the rainbow.

 © Patrick Anthony Pontillo: except for the 1892 satirical masterpiece
                                               drawn by Charles Allan Gilbert titled,
                                                All is Vanity.