January 25, 2019

The Perfect Storm of Deceit: The Global Warming Scare.

Quick Note:  There existed four June 2018 videos of an Arctic
Northwestern Passage coastline where ocean waves were literal-
ly frozen on the beach and outward to the sea's horizon. 

More specifically, it was a coastline video of the Arctic's Beaufort
Sea, in the middle of the northern Alaska coastline.  That's located
at 70 degrees latitude.  The Arctic technically begins at the 66°33′
latitudinal line, and approximately 4 million humans live in the
Arctic, most of human are in Norway, Sweden, and Russia, as
well as Finland.

Earlier in 2018 was media fireworks, in reporting that the Arctic
had a 31F degree day in February.  That which the media didn't re-
port was that during the following week, the same Arctic town had
-4F & -20F days and -21F & -35F nights.  This all occurred in the
town of Barrow Alaska, but the media make it sound as if the 31F
day occurred at the 80th parallel of the Arctic.  The media no long-
er reports the news.  It spreads propaganda. 


We next turn to the fraud of National Geographic Magazine
& documentary producer Ken Burns who will have ended up 
burning his credibility

In the Year 2012, National Geographic Magazine published a photo
of one mere hillside ... probably the leeward side ... within massive
Glacier National Park.  It made the park look as if the it had become
the deathlike ruins of a Global Warming Armageddon.  So, National
Geographic Magazine deceived the non-traveling public into assum-
ing that it hardly snows in the State of Montana, on account of ac-
count of present atmospheric CO2 levels.

The reality is that two and a half continuous months of Springtime
heavy-equipment snow-removal has been a regular event at Glacier
National yearly, throughout the 21 Century.  None the less, showing
the leeward side of a mountain range in the Summertime, and claim-
ing it to be the sign of catastrophic global warming, is fraud.

Always omitted from the conversations of global warming scaremong-
ers is the existence of a phenomenon known as SUBLIMATION, where
ice can turn into water vapor, without first becoming a liquid that floods
Manhattan or Florida.  Of course, required for said vaporization is:::

1} a low pressure system or the equivalency of the Chinook Winds,
2} 720 calories of thermal energy per each cubic meter of ice, as is
     easily provided by sunlight.

None the less, such SUBLIMATION applies to well-heightened struc-
tures such as Mt. Everest, in Nepal, and the higher mountains of Green-
land, not to mention those of Antarctica.  Therefore, ice disappearance
in Greenland does NOT automatically translate into ice-melt runoff
and sea level rise.  Did Al Gore or Michael Mann or James Hansen
ever mention SUBLIMATION?

Other Facts Omitted by Global Warming Scaremongers

CO2 comprises less than 1/2 of 1% of the Earth's Environment.  For
every 2,433 molecules in the sky, only one is carbon monoxide.

NASA satellites have shown the public that the Arctic Curcle has got-
ten greener, compliments of the added CO2.

In its solid state, CO2 is a refrigerant.  Without infrared light, it has
no heating power.  Even at that, CO2 only absorbs infrared light at
the 2.7,  4.3,  and  15 micron bandwidth of the infrared spectrum.

Cirrus clouds and HFCs have far more infrared absorption power
than does CO2.  In fact, the most abundant greenhouse gas is none
other than water vapor.  None the less, water vapor eventually con-
denses into clouds which cause the sun's UV rays to bounce back
into outerspace,  The same water vapor then becomes precipitation
and is no longer a greenhouse gas.  Thus, water vapor CANNOT
trigger an irreversible positive feedback mechanism that will ev-
er turn the Earth into Venus.

Speaking of Venus, it is true that its atmosphere is 96.5% CO2.  But,
frigid Mars is similar.  CO2 comprises 95.3% of its atmosphere, qne
it is not a global warming inferno.  Moreover, CO2 only comprises
1/2 of 1% of the Earth's atmosphere.  In fact, for every 2,433 mole-
cules in the sky, only one of them is CO2, 

And why is this so, in comparison to the CO2 concentration on Venus
and Mars?  ANS":  Venus and Mars doesn't have a BIOSPHERE of
plantlife consuming the CO2.

In continuing :::

If there is no warming in the middle of the Troposphere, then there's
no global warming.  Since the end of the 1998 El Nino, raw data &
satellites showed no warming trend, until 18 and a half years later,
during an El Nino.  The Warming Pause existed between two El

Moreover, CO2's power of warming, when compared to the Sun,
is equivalent to a 3/7 watt nightlight vs a 200 watt bulb minus the
Aerosol Effect.  (An aerosol is that which causes cooling.  A major
aerosol is the SO2 which comes from volcanic eruptions.) 

Most importantly, the lesser the difference in temperature between
the Tropics and the Poles, the lesser the turbulence in frontal storms. 
Global Warming lessens the difference.  The idea of Global Warm-
ing causing massive hurricanes is contrary to atmospheric physics.
Hurricanes are heat transport systems from the Tropics to the Poles.
If the heat difference between the two realms are not as great, the
heat-transport storms will not be as great.

The Other National/State Parks of High Snow Volume

Crater Lake, in Oregon, had global warming propaganda thrust upon
it one season before it received a record-breaking snowfall (in 2015)
for the month of December.  That snow-ridden month undid the work
of the Global Warming scaremongers.

Barack Obama went to Yosemite Park and had the audacity to make it
appear that Yosemite had a terminal case of Global Warming, when the
fact is that Yosemite is the quintessential American Winter Wonderland.

Then comes Mt. Rainier and Mt. Bachelor whose rangers also have to be
watchdogs for avalanches, as do the rangers of Glacier National.  All in
all, in 2006, Team Gore definitively proclaimed that soon was coming
the time when school children would no longer see snow.  Well, it has
now gotten to the point where the snows get so epic, that you can't see
the school children in the snow storms.  Thus, school children have
much more of a probably to suffer from frostbite than heat prostration.

At this point, know that there presently is online a few YouTube play-
lists showcasing videos that recorded the tremendous amount of snow-
fall & snowplowing which transpired at major American parks such as
Glacier National.  Most of the snowplowing videos are under one, two,
and two minutes in length.  They should bring the message home to you
instantly.  They include videos of Glacier National, Yellowstone, South
Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Crater Lake, Rocky Mountain National, Lassen
Volcanic Park, Mt. Rainier, Mammoth Mountain, and Mt. Bachelor.

Those are Must-See videos, to enable you to perceive how much the main-
stream media, Al Gore, and government funded climatologists have been
lying to you, over and over again.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
Glacier National Park is NOT Melting Away


The Intro goes as follows:

An iconic & deceptive 2012 National Geographic photo made it look as if Glacier National Park became a Global Warming wasteland, "melting away."  Well, so much snow falls there that it undergoes 60-75 consecutive days of Springtime snowplowing every year ... with avalanche guards on duty.

Documentary producer Ken Burns couldn't have traveled through Glacier National's roads and declare it to be "melting-away" without its 2+ months of snowplowing.  Ken Burns = Al Gore's Useful Idiot ... or an accomplice in Climate Fraud.

Concerning co2, it comprises less than 1/2 of 1% of the atmosphere, and satellites have shown that the Arctic Circle has become greener, due to the added co2.

As far as being a driver of temperature, when compared to the sun,  CO2 is a 3.7 watt nightlight and the sun is a 200 watt bulb minus the Aerosol Effect.  Concerning Antarctica, it has been undergoing record SEA ICE EXTENT for years, and the massive Ross Ice Shelf was found to be crystallizing and NOT melting.

Keep in mind that, 12 years ago, Team Gore claimed that snow will become a thing the past.  Well, corridors of snow are a common Springtime sight at Glacier National, and its average yearly snowfall exceeds that of Syracuse NY.

Barack Obama played a similar game of fraud, in acting as if Yosemite National Park was eventually becoming the snowless casualty of CO2.  Well, you can now see for yourself if Yosemite constitutes a Winter Wonderland.

This playlist includes snow videos of 1) Mt Rainier, 2) Lake Tahoe, 3) Crater Lake, 4) Yellowstone, 5) the French Alps, 6) cute little furry avalanche dogs, etc, in addition to 7) Glacier National &  8) Yosemite.  In this way, the next time you hear Global Warming scaremongers rattle off reports of catastrophic global warming deep in the heart of forests & mountain ranges, you'll know they're lying.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   
Midwestern Prairie Country.  No signs of Global Warming here.
I can personally attest to this.

Humanity is now in the Year 2019, and the Global Warming Scare can
now be shown, in detail, to have been premeditated fraud.  Yet, all that
is to be expected is a propaganda blitzkrieg from the Global Warmists.
 After all, Donald Trump pulled America out of the Paris Agreement,
meaning that climatologists have to scurry for government funding. 
Thus, they create even worse climate change horror tales.

Global Warming Alarmism's beneficiaries stood to be those 1) vying for
billions more dollars of US taxpayer funding,  2) vying for a  lucrative
carbon credit market, 3) vying for a handsome Carbon Tax revenue,
4) vying for an excuse to thin the human herd, via sterilization &

Of course, the Al Gore people are now claiming that snow storms are the
result of Global Warming, and quite frankly, that is the point when even
the most uneducated layman throws up his hands and realizes that the
Global Warming Scare has been the Global Warming Scam, all along.

In as much, one of the several reasons why businessman, Donald Trump,
won the 2016 presidential election was that the reasonable working man
knew that we weren't immersed in catastrophic Global Warming.  The
common-sensed working man realized that the Global Warming Scare
was yet another excuse for taxing citizens and corporations all the more.

The give-away, in addition to the personal experience of working out-
doors, is that the title, "Global Warming" was replaced by "Climate
Change," tipping-off the reasonable commoner in realizing that we
are now going through Climate Fraud. 

The East Anglia Climategate emails assisted in the realization.  Then,

NOAA gold medalist, Dr. John Bates, assisted in the realization, in be-
coming a whistle blower after his retirement.  Keep in mind that the raw
temperature data showed that there NO TEMPERATURE RISE between
the El Nino of 1998 and the El Nino of 2015-2016.  My!  What a coinci-

The playlists linked below will break the hypnotic trance of  Team Gore:

Global Warming Scaremongering:   
   Clone of the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction Scare


Climate Fraud in Review: 
   There was a Medieval Warm Period & Little Ice Age


 Atmospheric Science, in Light of the Global Warming Scare


The intro to each educational playlist goes as follows:

First One:

~ The Arctic's NW Passage was semi-melted & fully navigated in 1903. ~Newspapers reported the Arctic as a melting catastrophe in 1922 AND 1940. ~Yet, June 2018 videos show waves of the Arctic Ocean's Northwest Passage  literally frozen from beach to horizon.  ~NASA showed us that the Earth is getting greener, even around the Arctic Circle.  Until 2017, the U.S. went a record 12 years without a major hurricane.

1) If there's no temperature increase in the middle of the Troposphere, then there's no global warming.  The raw data & satellites showed NO warming trend for over 18 years.  Those years were between two El Ninos.   2) CO2 only absorbs infrared light at the 2.7... 4.3 ... and 15 mircon bandwidths.  For every 2,433 molecules in the atmosphere, only one is co2.  Meanwhile, 20% of the infrared spectrum is incapable of being captured by any greenhouse gas.  The atmosphere is a molecular pinball game. 

3) In its solid form, co2 is a coolant.  Cirrus clouds & HFCs have far more infrared absorption capacity than co2.  Meanwhile, water vapor is the most abundant greenhouse gas.  Yet, after it condenses into a cloud mass, it can block UV rays and become precipitation, no longer being a greenhouse gas.  Liquid water & crystallized water are NOT gases.

4) Michael YAD061 Mann hid the 1961-1975 temperature decline of the Briffa Climate Graph, by pasting thermometer readings to bristlecone interpretations.  Phil Jones merely deleted it on his line.  Years later, NOAA Gold medalist, Dr. John Bates, reported the NOAA's data tampering.

5) Some cataclysmic weather disasters predicted by Al Gore require low pressure systems, while other ones require high pressure systems.  So, which of the two opposing systems is created by man-made CO2?  It CANNOT be both.

6) Convection Cells, Pressure Belts, & the Coriolis Effect move the oceans' surface currents.  To slow down the ocean, you must slow-down the rotation of the Earth, no matter how much salt-free ice melts off of Greenland.  The Thermohaline only involves very slow deep ocean currents which exist under a benchmark layer called the Pycnocline.

Climate Change is part of the natural history of the Earth.  Carbon dioxide isn't the danger.   Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, & hydrocarbons are.  CO2 is NOT a hydrocarbon.

Instead of finding Waldo, find Global Warming.  Where is it hiding?
Second One:

 If this were the warmest decade in human history, we would be reliving either the Dust Bowl Days of the 1930s or the mild Medieval Warm Period.   "Adjustments" were added to the raw temperature data, and data tampering was reported by NOAA gold medalist, Dr. John Bates.

CO2 comprises less than 1/2 of 1% of the Earth's atmosphere, and it only absorbs infrared light at the 2.7 ... 4.3 ... & 15 micron bandwidths.  Venus is 96.5% co2, and Mars' atmosphere houses 95.3% of the same co2.  HFC's are more powerful infrared light absorbents than co2, as are Cirrus Clouds.

Water Vapor is the most abundant greenhouse gas.  Yet, it changes forms and therefore can NOT induce a run-away positive feedback that renders the Earth like Venus.  Meanwhile, 20% of the long-wave infrared band is incapable of being captured by any greenhouse gas.

IF there's no warming in the higher regions of the Troposphere, then there is no global warming.  Plus, the lesser the difference in temperature between the Equator and the Poles, the lesser the turbulence in storms.  Global Warming decreases the difference.

Antarctica is experiencing record levels in SEA ICE EXTENT, and the snowless parts of Antarctica are long-term deserts with Category 5 windspeeds.  Being that convection cells make co2 levels consistent throughout the Earth, and being that Antarctica is undergoing record sea ice extent, CO2 is NOT melting one part of Antarctica while freezing the other part. After all, you need UV light for warming and Antarctica is dusk-twilight-night for 6 months a year.

Global Warming scaremongers showcased Glacier National Park as a CO2 wasteland, "melting away."  Well, it has been having 2+ months of Springtime snow removal on a yearly basis.

The "warming pause" started after the 1998 El Nino, and continued 18+ years, until the El Nino of 2016.  Concerning the claim of sea level rise, the real estate industry continues in its massive investment of oceanside property.  Do the math.

Stop Climate Fraud Now
Third One:

The motive for promoting Climate Fraud & Data Tampering:  1) Billions of US taxpayer dollars in "adaptation" & "research".  2) Windfall carbon credit profits.    3) Carbon-Tax revenue.  4) The eugenicist's excuse for thinning the human herd.

CO2 comprises less than 1/2 of 1% of the Earth's atmosphere.  It's power as a driver of temperature, when compared to the Sun, is a 3.7 watt nightlight vs a 200 watt light bulb minus the Aerosol Effect.

Cirrus clouds & HFCs have more infrared absorption power than does CO2.  CO2 only absorbs the 2.7 ... 4.3 ... and 15 micron bandwidth of the long infrared spectrum.  Ironically, solid CO2 is called DRY ICE (cardice) and is used as a cooling agent.

~NASA satellites showed us that the Arctic Circle became greener (compliments of CO2).  ~Simultaneously, Antarctic SEA ICE EXTENT hit record highs.  ~Glacier National Park got at least two months of Spring snowplowing every year. ~The polar bear population surpassed 20,000. ~The bottom of the massive Antarctic Ross Ice Shelf was found to be crystallizing and not melting.

~A 31F degree February day in Barrow Alaska was amplified by the media as proof of irreversible Global Warming and a catastrophically melting Arctic.  It was followed shortly thereafter with -4F & -20F degree days and -21F & -35F degree nights.

Meanwhile, Water Vapor is the most abundant greenhouse gas.  Being that it turns back into water and ice, it does NOT trigger positive feedback amplification and run-away Global Warming.  20% of the infrared spectrum is never captured by any greenhouse gas, at all.

Proof that the "97%-of-all-climate-scientists-consensus" is a lie consists in the fact that 100% of the college Atmospheric Physics books teach contrary to Bill Nye & Al Gore.  See for yourself.

How did Al Gore explain-away the prehistoric time spans which had high levels of CO2 & lower-than-present temperatures, when there were no coal plants or internal combustion engines to elevate CO2 levels?

The oceans ate your CO2?  What about the biosphere of forests, prairies, farms,
and the phytoplankton in the oceans?
There are twice as many humans on Earth today than there were in 1965.
Thus, twice as many crops and cattle are needed.  This means that much
more CO2 is needed, if you do NOT elect the eugenics solution.

Now, the entry level toxicity level of CO2 is 2,000 ppm.  The lethal dose
of CO2 is 10,000 ppm, for those with average health.  We are presently
only at 410 ppm, and in recent millenia past, we were at 280 or so ppm.

Moreover, when the level of CO2 is under 150 ppm, photosynthesis ceases,
and the cessation of all life on earth follows.  Very simply, No CO2 means
no life on Earth, and 280 ppm is very close to the cessation of life on Earth.
In fact, higher levels of CO2 place an ease of vegetative life, as is explained
in the videos listed in the playlists linked below.

Excess CO2 has been reasonably shown to go back into "the biosphere," as
opposed to "entirely in the oceans."  Even at that, it was reasonably assumed
that 1/3 of the Earth's CO2 is in the ocean.  In sequence, approximately 1/2
of 1% of CO2 is in the Earth's atmosphere,  If the atmospheric CO2 consti-
tutes all of the CO2 on Earth, then if all of the CO2 would exit the oceans
instantly, the CO2 content in the atmosphere would only comprise 3/4 of
1% of the entire atmosphere.  Keep in mind that the Earth's atmosphere is
approximately 78 % Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 1 % Argon, 1/2 of 1% CO2,
and 1/2 of 1% of everything else ... more specifically, 0.038% of every-
thing else.  CO2 is actually, 0.043%, but it lessens in the Northern Hemi-
sphere Autumn.

In as much, 500 - 600 ppm of CO2 would be the proper working level, for
a planet harboring 7, 8, 9 billion humans and multiple species of plant and
animal life.  That would be 1/4 to 1/3 of the initial toxic level, and many a
human has been in CO2 environments of 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 parts
per million.  Such places are called elevators, submarines, greenhouses,
crowded bars after a college football game, a crowded car, etc.

We must curtail SO2 levels and other toxins, all the while banning artificial
fragrance chemicals which are known as respiratory irritants and/or asthma
allergens.  Letting CO2 run its natural course is NOT environmental anarchy.
CO2 is the red herring ... the decoy ... which prevents true ecology from being
achieved as closely as is possible for a greatly imperfect humanity.

Concerning fossil fuels, a huge campaign in the 1960s was to make unleaded gas-
oline the law.  It happened.  Industry got the lead out of the gasoline, and Al Gore
wants to burden it with removing life-giving CO2.

Floral Life; brought to you by CO2, the fine maker of forests, wetlands,
fertile plains, windward mountain sides, tundra, plankton, farms, & gardens.
Remember, Al Gore was wrong in all of his prophecies, and he even lied in
claiming that he correctly predicted that a hurricane would flood NYC streets,
due to NYC's sea level rise.  The water was literally ankle-high only.

Firstly, the NYC sea level rise has been consistently ongoing, since the mid-
1800s, at approx 2.84 mm per year.  Secondly, a temporary foot or two of
water would have slid over NYC during any kind of hurricane, even with-
out its 2.84 millimeter yearly sea level rise.  I lived on the Atlantic Coast-
line for years, and am not a stranger to hurricane behavior.  I was there.
I saw what goes on, during a hurricane.  Al Gore and his minions are
con artists.   Anyway . . .

Gore predicted a permanently underwater NYC, and this never happened.  In
fact, many media corporations hold property in the NYC that Al Gore & Jim
Henson claimed would be underwater by now.

All in all, there are 3 YouTube playlists linked below which have enough mater-
ial to educate a person as to genuine Atmospheric Science and the fraud being
committed by fanatical Global Warmists.  The subject matter there will undo
the terrifying effect on school children that Team Gore and its associates has
imposed upon them.  In as much, Al Gore is most certainly a child abuser,
via psychological terrorism.

At present, the polar bears relatively thrive.  Antarctic SEA ICE reached a re-
cord (wide) level as far back as 2015.  The bottom of the super large Ross Ice
Shelf was proven to be crystallizing and NOT melting.  The Earth is getting
greener.  The vast deserts are getting slightly smaller, step by step.  Glacier
National Park still has lengthy snow plowing tasks from April to mid-June,
etc, etc, etc.  All in all, today's school children have more of a chance of
undergoing frostbite than getting caught in a Category 6 hurricane.

High level cirrus clouds do more to hold in heat (infrared light), than CO2,
and low level clouds are what effectively block the sun's ultraviolet waves.
Plus, cloudless nights are colder, while cloudy nights are warmer.  Yet,
 CO2 levels remain the same during each type of night.  Thus, CO2 is
 not as powerful a heat retainer as Gore makes it out to be.  CO2 only
comprises 1/2 of 1% of the Earth's atmosphere.  Actually, 0.0043%

January 23, 2019

'Air Freshener' ingredients turn testosterone into estrogen via aromatase

Your chemically laden "air fresheners" are the chemical industry's way of  dumping its 
toxic wastes for profit.  It's major stockholders thank you for being so incredibly dimwitted
Why do 20-something year old males want their cars smelling like a sicken-
ly sweet child-molester-mobile, as in "Hey there little boy.  Do you want 
some candy?"  Very non-masculine and very much a trigger of asthma to
those passer-byers with chemical allergies.  That alone makes today's
American millennial male look distinctively out of touch with nature
and human decency, as well as being completely out of touch with
reality.  Your air fresheners are literally turning you into women;
or at the very least, the Tooth Fairy and every other kind of fairy.

You call yourselves Metrosexual, as if you are the most suave and alluring
of men.  But, your cars smell lie sissified Fairyville.   Hello?   Is there any-
one among you with brain cells and who can read anything further than
140 character tweets?  I ask this, because you're all killing us who have
allergic asthma.  Thus, you ARE the sphincter muscles of the universe.

We live in the era of the Great American Glutton ... of the supersizer who
consumes things as if he/she were a bottomless pit.   A number of Ameri-
cans are seen with gluttonous outlays of tattoos speckled  on them to the
point where the natural contour of the human physique is distorted.

In sequence, America is the 2nd most obese nation on Earth, where the
obesity also distorts the natural contour of the human physique, amidst
the inordinate consumption of sugar.    Plus, Americans  emit gluttonous
amounts of asthma triggering fragrance products which serve the function
of endocrine disruptors, thereby disrupting the natural flow of the human

Concerning this, take note of the occasional "Johnny Cool" car owner who
has four, six, eight, and even ten "air fresheners" in his car.  One type is call-
ed Da Bomb, indicating that it emits a high level of fragrance chemicals that
trigger asthma attacks in susceptible persons, such as those who suffer from
Irritant-induced Asthma, Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome, and sim-
ilar respiratory injuries.  Well, the Johnny Cools need to be informed of some-
thing which deletes, step by step, their testosterone machismo.

Air Fresheners are known as XENOESTROGENS which "activate" the enzyme
AROMATASE and turn a man's testosterone into estrogen.  This means that, if
the Johnny Cool Macho Car Guy with his half dozen auto air fresheners thinks
that the air fresheners are making him the epitome of manhood, then he is fool-
ing himself.   He is turning himself into the opposite of a man, via the action of
xenoestrogen-induced endocrine disruption.  So, their greatest accomplishments
in life has thus far been committing assault by menace upon asthmatics whose
airspace are violated by their air fresheners and by causing havoc on their own
endocrine system.

And the ladies who glut-up their cars with air fresheners are emasculating
their men.  Also, Estrogen is well known to be cancer fuel.

Great play, Shakespeares.     Nice shot, Arnold Palmers.    Cool move,
Bobby Fishers.     Smooth landing, Neil Armstrongs.  Nice discovery,

For those of you who are sensible, please spread the word . . . concerning
the subject matter appearing in the articles linked below.  Please help save
America from its own idiocy and self-centered inconsiderateness, as well
its corporate greed.  Fragrance products are the chemical industry's ever-
so-convenient way to dump their toxic wastes and get paid while doing
so.  The fragrance gluttons of today have made their cars & homes toxic
dump sites without even realizing it.

You cannot deny that Americans are embarrassingly gullible on a mass
scale.  The 2003 Weapons of Mass Destruction Scam is an example on
how the American People live in a Barnum & Bailey Circus Scenario,
in "Suckers. There's one born every minute."

Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals:
Associated Disorders and Mechanisms of Action







January 21, 2019

The asthma-triggering fad of letting cars reek with sickingly sweet amounts of chemically laden fragrance products.

If the new Xenon HIDs don't too much eye damage, then the gluttonous reeking
of automobile fragrance products will.

1} A very nice young lady who works at the
deli section of an Akron area grocery store
told me that some cars today reek with such
a gluttonous supply of synthetic fragrances
that she literally was choked a few times,
when in the presence of those cars, such as
when she was at a red light or in a parking
2} A female Bank of America employee said that she got overwhelmed
     by the gaudy odors reeking from the same type of vehicles ... those
     that emit sickeningly sweet artificial fragrances, including those cars
     that have three, five, even seven and nine chemically laden fragrance
     products hanging from their rearview mirrors or clipped on to the car

3}  A very athletic young lady in the Pittsburgh area who has the physique
      of an Irish River Dancer concurred, in that some cars today are noxious-
      ly repugnant, due to the glut of synthetic fragrance products reeking
      from them.

 4} Her manager agreed.  In fact, both ladies responded with their eyes
      wide open, in confirming that they, too, were overwhelmed by inor-
      dinate amounts of synthetic fragrances that reek from today's cars..

5}  An aging cashier of a spacious Pittsburgh-area health food store told
      me that the artificial fragrance odors reeking from cars gave her split-
      ting headaches ... and she had to walk through a parking lot at least
      twice a workday.

6}  Two retail store employees in Saint Augustine Florida also admitted
      that they get assailed by the gluttonous levels of synthetic fragrance
      products that reek from certain cars and pick-up trucks.

7}  A sporting goods cashier mentioned how Febreze clip-ons are the
      worst triggers to her asthmatic respiratory tract.  She even stated
      that she once detected from a distance an automobile reeking with
      the asthma-triggering smell of Febreze, with her husband as a wit-
      ness to the event.  It turned out that there were two Febreze clip-
      ons attached to the dashboard.  Her radar was on track.

8} Concerning Febreze, a woman who communicated to me several times
     even during my 12,000 mile road trip, stated that Febreze was her worst

9} Yet another woman ... from the other side of America ... let me know that,
      as soon as she removed Febreze from her night stand, her symptoms van-
      ished.  Febreze Air Effects was found to have 86 chemicals in it.

10} A social worker concurred on how intense are the odors that radiate from
       heavily fragranced automobiles.

11} A Western Pennsylvania police officer also concurred that some cars reek
       hideously with sickeningly sweet levels of fragrance products.

12} A volunteer of the homeless shelter who has asthma concurred to how
       intensely assailing the levels of fragrances are that reek from American

For the reality check on Febreze, incidentally, refer to the following:


When we were young, we were told to never overdo it with cologne.
Two dabs will do.  If you go any further, you'll reek and drive people
away from you.  Today, that rule of nature has been forgotten.  Yet,
there are far more asthmatics in the world today, some of which are
reactive to fragrance chemicals.  Even automobiles reek hideously
today, illustrating a generation of humanity entirely out of touch
with perception reality and proportionality ... of a generation en-
tirely inconsiderate to other people ... kind of like right winged
conservative Republicans:

When you're at a red light, in a parking lot, or in a traffic jam, while
driving a car or truck that has in it 2 to 4 to 6 chemically-laden fra-
grance products in it, and there.  If you're hiding the odor of illegal
substances that you smoke, by means of putting high levels of sick-
eningly sweet fragrance chemicals in your car, know that you're at-
tracting attention.  That's not how you hide things.

If this applies to you, know that the American Lung Association and
other organizations of trusted reputation publicly acknowledge that
"air fresheners" are asthma triggers.  This means that, if you have a
gluttonous amount of synthetic "air fresheners" in your car, your car
is an asthma attack waiting to happen to an asthmatic somewhere.
The person merely needs to be relatively near your car; not in it and
not beside it. 

An anti-cigarette commercial explained it correctly, years ago

An anti-cigarette commercial, years ago, explained it properly, by re-
minding the viewers that the clothing in the closet of any cigarette
smoke reek with cigarette smoke.  The same applies to chemically-
laden fragrance products.  They are cigarettes with a wider reach-
ing delivery system, meaning that chemical fragrance odors travel
much further than cigarette smoke, because the smoke vs vapor/fume

 The airspace in your car or truck is very small.  The glut of chemical
fragrance products in those vehicles don't achieve what you think they
do, because they reach a saturation point in your vehicle's cab, and the
rest the fragrance compounds leak out of the cab, making your vehicle
reek.  Your car isn't airtight.  If it were, you would suffocate in it.  The
scenario goes as follows:

Saturation Point ==> Leakage ==> a car that reeks ==> asthma attack
to any poor soul afflicted with asthma and stuck at a red light next to
(or behind) a reeking auto.


The United States Environmental Protection Agency concurred with the
American Lung Association, concerning synthetic "air fresheners" trig-
gering asthma.  So, why not start protecting the American environment,
for a change?   Now, Dick Cheney and his cohorts succeeded in dumb-
ing down America.  The fragrance industry is succeeding in numbing it
down, as in neurotoxic chemicals, sensitizers, clastogens (chromosome
chain slicers), endocrine disruptors, hepatotoxins (liver cell killers),
irritants, etc.


Even an RN (registered nurse) writing for About.com mentioned that
"air fresheners"are common asthma triggers.  Therefore, when you have
three, four, or five of those automobile air fresheners reeking from your
car, your car is literally a vehicle of toxic battery.  The operative phrase
in the article linked below is "common asthma trigger."


You're first response will be to say that you can do whatever you damn
please in your car.  ANS:  Not when it's invading an asthmatic's respira-
tory tract, suffocating that person, in his own car.  You're invading some-
one's personal space and injuring his health.  There is also the matter of
exposing gluttonous amounts of chemically-laden fragrance products to
children and small animals.  Remember:  The asthma rate is on the rise,
and has been so for years. 

Why would you want to have your car smell like a child molester's
car, with a sugary sweet lollipop odor?

Some of your cars smell as if you are trying to attract children to your
car,  with the now-familiar sickeningly sweet smell encountered time
and time again.  Why would you want your car to smell like a molester

Everyone needs air.  
No one needs a gluttonous amount of chemical fragrance products.

Asthmatics have the inalienable right to be on State and Federal roadways.
Today, a person can't even sit at a red light without being assailed by one
or more cars that contain obnoxiously high levels of chemical fragrance
products.  This noxious fad began in the summer of 2012.

If you ever have had an asthmatic attack triggered while sitting at a red
light, day after day, you would understand.  Why do you insist on having
two, three, four, and even seven of  these things in your car?   Do you know
that chemicals in America do NOT have to be tested for safety, in order for
them to be marketed?

Putting four clip-on "air fresheners" on the dashboard of one car is chemi-
cal assault, via Saturation Point ==> Leakage ===> Reeking Auto.  This is
four times the recommended dose.  I literally witnessed the four clip-on ha-
bit, as much as I repeatedly witnessed up to seven pine tree fragrance pro-
ducts hanging from a single rear view mirror.  There were even automobile
fragrance products encountered by me this past summer on a hand grenade
template.  Each one was especially odorous, and thus, especially chemical.

These things are not air fresheners.  Nature is the air freshener ... not a
chemist's lab.  The other thing which helps one's auto is the heater and
air condition, due to their ability to dry the air in your vehicle's cab.  Dry
air stops the molding and mildewing.

Have not you heard of the "Trade Secret Law?"  If not, the following can
educate you.  However, if you are a person who does the seven pine tree
thing, the probability is that you are too lazy to read.  In fact, it's unlikely
that this is being read by anyone to whom it's addressed:


Triggering respiratory ills isn't the new cool.  Thus, when it comes to assault-
ing an asthmatic's respiratory tract with a reeking vehicle carrying two, four,
and even seven fragrance products, something needs to be understood:

1}  Nuisance Law.
2} Aggravating a pre-existing condition.
3} The Americans with Disabilities Act,
      concerning those persons who have a right to be on a State road with-
      out being suffocated by gaudy amounts of chemicals reeking from 
      cars that have far too many fragrance products in them.

4} Cars have license plate numbers on them, and trucks have the employ-
     er's name written on them ... and sometimes the phone number. 

January 19, 2019

Chemical Allergies Were Proven to Exist Long Ago

Stephen Barrett "MD" is an outspoken individual who retired from
psychiatry in 1993 and then proclaimed himself  "the media" in 2001.
He was never board-certified in psychiatry, and he was never board
certified in any other discipline.   He has zero experience as a practit-
ioner in every form of internal, dermatological, and dental medicine.
He was not a researcher in any capacity, either.   Neither was he a
biochemist nor a vaccinologist nor a pharmacologist nor a medical
technologist nor anything similar.  He spent inordinate amounts of
time suing people, including a disabled woman to whom he lost.

In the late 1980s he wrote an article titled, "Unproven Allergies."  Big
problem with that title, though.  Those allergies were proven to exist,
in the world of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, even during
the writing of the deceptive text.  Take note of the following:

       * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
       The testing for IgE-mediated chemical allergies has been con-
       ducted via mainstream medical RAST testing.   The specific
       chemicals tested are found in the OCCUPATIONAL PANEL
       of a  RAST TEST order form.   This means that mainstream
       medical science recognizes the existence of chemical allergies.
       Case closed.  
        * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

An Allegation of  Stephen Barrett that Calls for a Response:

Stephen Barrett alleged, throughout his anti-MCS literature, that
a primary test for chemical sensitivities consists in ...

(I)   ... a very subjective and non-quantitative form of testing ...

(II)  ... by which a diluted chemical solution is placed under ...
           the tongue of a patient (or injected through his skin), ...

(III) followed by nothing more than the patient reporting if whether or
       not he experiences any symptom from the administered chemical

       This allegation, in combination with numerous omissions of  fact,
       can easily deceive a beginner into assuming that there has never
       been a test to prove the existence of chemical sensitivities.  This
       allegation, therefore, calls for a response.

The Response:

(1)  The testing for chemical sensitivities has included, but has not been
       limited to, ...

(I) ... the traditional skin prick test, otherwise known as the SPT.

(II)  In skin prick testing, a test-subject is regarded as having  tested
       positive when a visible and measurable wheal, equal to or larger
       than a designated size, appears as a result of the skin test.

(III) The size of  the wheal is then recorded in numerical form, and
        numerical measurement constitutes objectivity.       

IgE-mediated Chemicals, via the Process of Haptenation

(2)  The purpose for the SPT is to test for immediate onset hyperreac-
       tivity.  This is a Type I reaction, and such a reaction occurs within
       one hour of  exposure.

(I)   IgE stands for Immunoglobulin E, and an immunoglobulin is a pro-
       tein produced by plasma cells & lymphocytes, serving the function
       of  an antibody.

(II)  A number of chemicals have been found to trigger immediate on-
       set reactions, and a subset of  those have been discovered to be
       IgE-mediated, via a process known as "haptenation."

(III) Haptein is a greek word which means "to fasten," and a hapten is
        a low weighted molecular agent that reacts with an antibody, but
        cannot induce the formation of an antibody until it is fastened to
        either a carrier protein or to a large antigenic molecule.  Chemi-
        cals happen to be agents of  low molecular weight.     

Type IV Hypersensitivity Reactions

(3)  In addition, there are a significant number of chemicals that have
       been found to induce the Type IV, cell-mediated hyperreactivity.
       This is known as "delayed allergic reactivity," and this type hyper-
       sensitivity results in dermatitis or anaphylaxis.

(I)  Concerning the Type I and Type IV hyper-reactivity, the Practice
      Parameter for Allergy Diagnostic Testing, as is issued by the Joint
      Council of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, states:          

       "Many chemicals (e.g., sulfonechloramides, azo dyes, par-
        abens, fragrances) used as additives in foods, drugs, and
        cosmetics may induce either IgE-mediated reactions or
        contact dermatitis, or both." Ann Allergy 1995; 75:543-625      

Non-immunological Chemical Sensitivity Reactions,      
Including Anaphylaxis

(4)   In addition, a number of chemicals have been identified as irritants,
        being that they trigger "nonimmunological" responses.  There is ev-
        en a nonimmunolgical form of  anaphylaxis, known as the "anaphy-
        lactoid reaction."   Such a reaction produces the same final result
        as doe an immunologic anaphylactic reaction.  The only difference
        between the two types of  reactions is in the triggering mechanism
        of them.  That is to say:             

      "An anaphylactoid reaction is another type of immediate 
       reaction that mimics anaphylaxis.  While symptoms and 
       treatments are the same the reason for the reaction is not.  
       An anaphylactoid reaction doesn't involve IgE antibodies' 
       immune system and is not considered a true allergic reac-
       tion.  Even so, the reaction can be just as serious."  [Amer-
       ican College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology]  See:


(I)    Thus, there is Allergic Asthma, and then there is Irritant-induced
        Asthma. One type of asthma is immunologic, while the other type
        is not. You are not inclined to run a 26 mile marathon whenever
        you are exposed to your asthma triggers.      

Allergic Sensitization, Direct Irritation, 

and Pharmacological Reactions

(5)  Hypersensitivity reactions can be triggered via:

(a)  Allergic Sensitization.   This is induced by repeated exposure to
       a sensitizing agent such as formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, or phenyl
       isocyanate.  Then, upon becoming sensitized, further exposure to
       the same agent results in an antibody release or an inflammatory
       chemical release.

(b)   Direct Irritation.   This is induced in those who are "atopic," in
        person who possess chronic vulnerabilities aand/or pre-existent
        conditions.   Such persons develop "symptoms immediately af-
        ter exposure to substances such as chlorine, ammonia, sul-
        fur dioxide, and environmental smoke."

(c)   Pharmacological Reaction.   This comes as a result of the fact
        that some chemicals and nonchemical agents elevate the produc-
        tion of chemicals that naturally exist in the body.  An example of
        a naturally existent chemical in the body, able to have its level ele-
        vated by nontoxic chemical exposure, is acetylcholine.   A case
        in point is the organophosphate/carbamate class of pesticide.  At
        nontoxic levels, it can elevate the level of acetylcholine in the lungs,
        because that class of  pesticide inhibits acetylcholinesterase, the
        enzyme which displaces/dissolves acetylcholine.

        For further understanding on this, see the Mayo Clinic's teaching
        on Occupational Asthma.   It is found at:

http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/occupational-asthma /DS00591/DSECTION=3&

A Sample of IgE-mediated Chemicals

(6)   For confirmation purposes, examples of IgE-mediated chemicals
        which can be involved in skin testing, include the following:

(a)   The disinfectant Ortho-phthalaldehyde.        

        It has even resulted in anaphylaxis, via "Cidex OPA." See:

<>  Nine episodes of anaphylaxis following cystoscopy caused by 
       Cidex OPA (ortho-phthalaldehyde) high-level disinfectant in 
       4 patients after cystoscopy.  {J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2004 Aug;
       114(2): 392-7}

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd= Retrieve&db=PubMed&list_uids=15316522&dopt=Citation

(b)  Formaldehyde.

        It is masked behind a number of aliases, and it outgases from the
        shampoo and liquid soap ingredients, imidazolidinyl urea, DMDM
        hydantoin, diazolidinyl urea, and quaternium-15.   See:

<>   IgE-mediated urticaria from formaldehyde in a dental root 
        canal compound.  (The full text describes 28 cases of Formalde-
        hyde Sensitivity.  {J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol., 2002;12(2):

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve &db=PubMed&list_uids=12371530&dopt=Abstract

<>   Exposure to gaseous formaldehyde induces IgE-mediated 
        sensitization to formaldehyde in school children. {Clin Exp
        Allergy, 1996 Mar;26(3): 276-80}

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve &db=PubMed&list_uids=8729664&dopt=Abstract

<>   IgE allergy due to formaldehyde paste during endodontic
        treatment.  Apropos of 4 cases:  2 with anaphylactic shock 
        and 2 with generalized urticaria. {Rev Stomatol Chir Maxillofac.
        2000 Oct;101(4):169-74}

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve &db=PubMed&list_uids=11103423&dopt=Abstract

(c) Vinyl Sulphone Reactive Dyes.

       They are also known as fiber-reactive dyes, as well as azo dyes.
       They include Remazol Black B.   See:

<>   Roll of skin prick test and serological measurement of  
        specific IgE diagnosis of  occupational asthma resulting 
        from exposure to vinyl sulphone reactive dyes.  {Occup
        Environ Med. 2001 Jun;58 (6):411-6}

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve &db=PubMed&list_uids=11351058&dopt=Citation

<>   Asthma, rhinitis, and dermatitis in workers exposed to re-
        active dyes.
{Br J Ind Med. 1993 Jan;50(1):65-70}

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve &db=PubMed&list_uids=8431393&dopt=Abstract

(d)  Cyanuric Chloride.

     It is used in the production of  plastics, herbicides, pharmaceuticals,
     and fiber-reactive dyes.  It is also a structural component of mono-
     chlorotriazine and dichlorotriazine dyes. See:<>   Immunologic cross-reactivity between respiratory chemical
       sensitizers: reactive dyes and cyanuric chloride
.    {J Allergy
       Clin Immunol. 1998 Nov;102(5): 835-40}

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve &db=pubmed&dopt=Abstract&list_uids=9819302&query_hl=9

(e)  The disinfectant Chlorhexidine.  It even triggered anaphylaxis:<>   
       FDA Public Health Notice:  Potential Hypersensitivity Re-
        actions to Chlorhexidine-Impregnated Medical Devices


<>   Immediate hypersensitivity to chlorhexidine: literaure re-
        view. {Allerg Immunol (Paris) 2004.  Apr;36(4):123-6}

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve &db=pubmed&dopt=Abstract&list_uids=15180352&query_hl=16

(f)   Phthalic Anhydride.

       Nail polish ingredient, ingredient in specific spray paints, and
       an agent used in the making of  unsaturated polyester resins,
       alkyd resins, polyester polyols, and insect repellents.     

<>   Detection of specific IgE in isocyanate and phthalic anhy-
        dride exposed workers:  comparison of RAST RIA, Im-
        muno CAP System FEIA, Magic Lite SQ.  {Allergy. 1993

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve &db=PubMed&list_uids=8116862&dopt=Abstract

<>   In vitro demonstration of  specific IgE in phthalic anhydride 
        hypersensitivity.  Am Rev Respir Dis, 1976 May;113(5):701-4

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve &db=PubMed&list_uids=1267268&dopt=Abstract

(7)  The test which Barrett condemns in his anti-MCS literature is the
       provocation-neutralization test.  In fact, the only type of medical
       practitioner that he mentions in the same literature is the so-called
       clinical ecologist.  Barrett inaccurately explained the provocation-
       neutralization test, in his omitting of pivotal fact, and he additional-
       ly gave the illusion that the only people on earth who test for chem-
       ical sensitivity are the so-called clinical ecologists.

(I)   Firstly, the diagnosing of  the various forms of chemical sensitivity
       has been occurring in the worlds of the Nose, Throat, & Allergy
       Specialist, the Occupational and Environmental Health Specialist,
       the Dermatologist, and even the Chest Physician.   In fact, from
       the world of  the chest physician came the golden rule for diag-
       nosing Irritant-associated Vocal Cord Dysfunction.  In addition,
       two pivotal papers on chemical sensitivity were produced by the
       head of  the department of  emergency medicine of an American
       university.  Yes, Emergency Medicine.      

(II)  Secondly, Stephen Barrett failed to mention that the provocation-
       neutralization test has included the measuring of objective skin
       wheals, and it was also used to detect allergies to insect stings.

Barrett Failed to Mention that it is an Offshoot
of  the Serial Endpoint Titration Skin Testing
Procedure, Covered by Aetna Insurance

(8)   The provocation-neutralization test is actually an offshoot of the
        serial endpoint titration skin testing procedure, covered by Aetna
        Insurance.  This is pertinent to note in light of the observation that
        Stephen Barrett has repeatedly stated what Aetna covers, as if
        Aetna alone is the ultimate benchmark in diagnostic testing.

(I)    Now, the Skin Endpoint Titration seeks to first identify a patient's
        allergens or hymenoptera venom hypersensitivities (such as to that
        of hornets, bees, wasps, fire ants, and/or yellow jackets.)   That is
        to say, the Skin Endpoint Titration first seeks to find the triggering
        dose of  a hypersensitivity reaction.

(II)   The same testing then seeks to find the neutralizing dose of the
         same allergen or venom.  Now, this is done for immunotherapy
         purposes and the neutralizing dose is found in a series of skin
         prick tests.  The dose at which a patient no longer experiences
         a hypersensitivity reaction is the "endpoint."   It constitutes the
         neutralizing dose.    It then becomes the "safe starting dose" for
         immunotherapy.   Thus originates the name "neutralization" in the
         provocation-neutralization test.  The set goal of a provocation-
         neutralization test is to identify the "neutral dose."

(III)   In summary, the provocation-neutralization test looks for 
         objective skin wheals, while simultaneously asking the pa-
         tient how he/she feels when, of  course, such testing involves
         skin prick testing.  The appearance of wheals have been docu-
         mented in such testing.

(IV)  The diagnostic parameters become exceeded when the testing is
         considered positive on an either/or basis; on the basis of either
         the appearance of an objective skin wheal or the subjective re-
         porting of a symptom.  However, this is test concerns itself with
         prognostic parameters, also.

(V)   Nonetheless, to consider a test positive exclusively on the merits
         of an objective skin wheal is to keep the diagnostic part of skin
         prick testing within acceptable parameters.  It's the sublingual
         drops version of such testing which raises eyebrows.

Wheal Reactions Showed a Distinct Pattern

(9)   Objective skin whealing was consistently documented
        during a research undertaking that tested the reliability
        of the provocation-neutralization test.   The result of
         the research goes as follows:            

       "Reaction by symptoms to foods, chemicals, and normal sa-
        line solution showed a random pattern, although wheal
        reactions showed a distinct pattern."

(I)   Thus, in the skin test version of the provocation-neutralization
       test, "wheal reactions showed a distinct pattern."

(II)   The conclusion of that research undertaking goes as follows         

         "Skin response alone may be a more reliable indicator
          and require cross-validation with other tests, such as
          oral and inhalation challenges and comparison with 
          a control population." See:

<>    Intradermal skin testing for food and chemical sensitivities:  
         a double-blind controlled study.  J Allergy Clin Immunol. 1999
         May;103(5 Pt 1): 907-11}

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd= Retrieve&db=PubMed&list_uids=10329827&dopt=Abstract

(III)  Concerning the prognostic aspect of the provocation-
         neutralization test, the Aetna Insurance Company states:

        "Since provocation-neutralization requires the provoking 
         and neutralizing of symptoms to a single item at a time, 
         a patient could be required to undergo hundreds of indi-
        idual tests requiring weeks or months of full-day testing."
         (Well, this is what Aetna states and its bottom line is money.)

(IV)   The bottom line is that skin testing has been used to identify indi-
          vidual chemical sensitivities to chemicals such as formaldehyde
          and phenyl isocyanate, and phthalic anhydride.  Tested patients
          produced the objective medical finding of visible and measurable
          wheals.  This has included forms of testing other than that of the
          neutralization-provocation test.  In fact, this has included RAST

(V)   Chemically sensitive patients have tested positive in inhalation
         challenge testing, as well as in patch testing (the testing which
         seeks to detect delayed hypersensitivity responses.)  Chemical-
         ly sensitive patients were also documented as having objective
         medical findings via the fiberoptic rhinolaryngoscopy and even
         the fine needle biopsy.  Some chemically sensitive patients were
         found to have inflamed air sacs of the lungs, while other patients
         were found to have hepatic injury in the absence of viral infection.
         Other ones were found to have upper-respiratory erythema and

         Chemical Sensitivity exists in a number of forms.   It's very real,
         and it can be quite brutal.   It has been repeatedly documented
         that chemicals, at ambient (nontoxic) levels, are not universally

January 17, 2019

Avoidance, aka Environmental Control:
Board-certified doctors' orders.

The AMA, the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology
(the AAAAI), and the American Lung Association (the ALA) have all
acknowledged the following:

They acknowledged the existence of Chemical Sensitivity as it applies
to Asthma and Asthma-like conditions, as well as sinusitis and adverse
skin conditions such as dermatitis and urticaria (rashes.)  This includes

1}  Occupational Asthma due to Low Weight Molecular Agents,
2}  Irritant-associated Vocal Cord Dysfunction.
3} Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome,
4)  Irritant-induced Asthma, .
5} Small Airways Disease.

All three associations have acknowledged that chemical-bearing agents can
trigger asthma attacks in susceptible persons. This includes chemically laden
fragrance products.  In as much everyone on earth needs air to breath.  No one
needs vain and gluttonous amounts of artificial fragrances products.

Each organization advocates the practice of Environmental Control; 
of avoiding airborne agents which trigger one's asthma.   In fact, the
AMA has formally referred to Avoidance as "Control of Factors Con-
tributing to Asthma Severity."   In French medical Literature, avoid-
ance is known as "Strict Eviction."  

Examples of recognized asthma triggers in the chemical category

[A] "NO2" from gas stoves and fireplaces,  fumes from
        kerosene heaters, and volatile organic compounds
        from carpeting, cabinetry, plywood, particle board,
         and fumes from household cleaning products."

[B] "Air pollutants such as tobacco smoke, wood smoke,
        chemicals in the air and ozone"

      "Occupational exposure to vapors, dusts, gases or fumes"

      "Strong Odors or sprays such as perfumes, household clean-
        sers, cooking fumes (especially from frying), paints, or var-

[C] "Perfume, paint, hair spray, or any strong odors or fumes."







An American Lung Association already stated:

"Perfume, room deodorizers, cleaning chemicals, paints, and
  talcum powder are examples of triggers that must be avoided
  or kept at very low levels."

The same American Lung Association furthermore states:

"These 'triggers' can set off a reaction in your lungs and   other 
  parts of your body." Now, place an emphasis on "other parts
  of your body," and keep in mind that:

Avoidance also applies to Anaphylaxis, Chemically-induced Hepatitis,
Irritant Rhinitis, Dermatitis, Urticaria (rashes), Irritant-associated Vo-
cal Cord Dysfunction, Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome, etc.

The AMA's Admitting to the Converse Relationship Between 
Pollution Levels and Hospital Admissions Due to Asthma

Five to six thousand people die each year from asthma, in the United
States alone, and one of the highest asthma-related death rates has
been in Harlem, NY, as well as Detroit.   Ever so coincidentally, the
environs of Harlem are venues for NYC waste sites. Concerning this,
the AMA has expressly stated that:

"fluctuations in the levels of air pollution correlate with asth-
 ma symptoms and hospital admissions."   [Report 4 of the AMA's
 Council on Scientific Affairs (A-98)]

The segment posted below appears in another Atlantic America article.
This means that it might look familiar to you.  In fact, the information in
quotations, as well as the asthma chart, was provided by the American
Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, in its publican information
literature.  Needless to say, charts can be invaluable for individuals seek-
ing to learn fact. 

The AAAAI's public education material 
on the subject of Occupational Asthma

Concerning the AAAAI that Barrett cited in his campaign to convince
mankind that Environmental Illness is merely a matter of mental illness,
it published an instructional website about Occupational Asthma.  The
AAAAI has already acknowledged that Occupational Asthma can be
caused by a number of chemicals at nontoxic/ambient levels, afflicting
a number of  workers employed in a number of  industries.

     Acrylates  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Adhesive handlers
     Amines  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Shellac & lacquar handlers
     Anhydrides . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Plastic, epoxy resin users
     Chloramine-T . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Janitors, cleaning staff
     Dyes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . Textile workers
     Fluxes   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Electronic workers
     Formaldehyde/glutaraldehyde . . .  Hospital staff
     Persulfate  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hairdressers
     Isocyanates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Spray painters, Insulation
                                                               installers; plastic, rubber,
                                                               foam manufactory workers.

         The same public education material of  the AAAAI states:

          "The cause may be allergic or nonallergic in nature,
            and the disease may last for a lengthy period in some  
            workers, even if they are no longer exposed to the
            agents that caused their symptoms

           "Inhalation of  some substances in aerosol form can
            directly lead to the accumulation of  naturally oc-
            curring chemicals in the body, such as histamine or 
            acetylcholine within the lung, which in turn lead to 

            "For example, insecticides, used in agricultural work,
            can cause a buildup of  acetylcholine, which causes
            airway muscles to contract, thereby constricting air-

           "Allergic occupational asthma can occur in workers
            in the plastic, rubber or resin industries following
            repeated exposure to small chemical molecules in 
            the air."

          "If occupational asthma is not correctly diagnosed
           early, and the worker protected or removed from the
          exposure, permanent lung changes may occur and 
          asthma symptoms may persist even without exposure."

          "Up to 15% of  asthma cases in the United States may
           have job-related factors."

          "Isocyanates are chemicals that are widely used in many 
           industries, including spray painting, insulation installa-
           tion, and in manufacturing plastics, rubber and foam.
           These chemicals can cause asthma in up to 10% of ex-
           posed workers."

The aforementioned illustrates that Chemical Sensitivity, as it applies to
asthma and rhinitis, is acknowledged as valid and authentic by the same
AAAAI that Barrett elected to use, in order to support his assertion that
chemical sensitivity is merely a psychological illness.


Stephen Barrett can mock the diagnostic title, Multiple Chemical Sensi-
tivity, all that he wants to.  It will not take away the fact is that chemical
sensitivity has already been recognized in case specific form.  Nor will
it take away the fact that the sufferers of those case-specific forms of
chemical sensitivity need to avoid the chemicals which exacerbate their
medical conditions.
The following quote is
directly from the AMA 

Avoidance and AMA (CSA) Report 4 (A-98)

Avoidance is not 'detrimental.'  Nor is it nonsense.  Avoidance is a
medical necessity.  And as it applies to asthma, the AMA has stated:

   Regardless of the efficiency of clinician assessment and pa-
   tient self-monitoring, if the patient's exposure to irritants
   or allergens to which he or she is sensitive is not reduced 
   or eliminated, symptom control and exacerbation rate may
   not improve.  Formerly titled 'Environmental Control,' the
   key points in this area logically include efforts by clinicians
   to pinpoint causative agents and to provide specific advice 
   on how to avoid or reduce exposures to environmental or
   dietary triggers and drugs that may provoke or exacerbate 
   symptoms." AMA Report 4, Council on Scientific Affairs (A-98)