October 29, 2023

The UK in 2022: Increased crop yields, and NO "End of the World," "Climate Crisis," "CO2 Tipping Point," "London's-on-fire" crop failures.

Welcome to the REAL ENGLAND, and not to the science fiction version that can gain for dishonest scientists and activists a chunk of the US Congressional 10-yr climate funding appropriation of $370 BILLION, as seen in Lying for Dollars.
Perhaps you remember the July 19, 2022 reports out of London.  [1] Pursuant to the media mouthpieces, the atmospheric CO2 level reached a tipping point.  CO2 was now causing Greater London's fire numbers to escalate, even though, in 2014, it was reported that yearly fires in the 607 square mile London vicinity were at least half of what they were in each individual year, from 1969 and 2008.  [2] None the less, the less-than-honest media mouthpieces said that England was undergoing heat like never before.  [3] Simultaneously, journalists were stating that the heat would cause crops to dry-out, turn brown, and die in massive volumes of acreage.  

A killer famine was now inevitable ... all because of that darn co2.  The Year 2022 was declared a founding date for Climate Enlightenment.  But, the reality was that it was nothing more than another year of climate activist lies, taken from a page in the Climate Con Game Handbook.  

For starters, Greater London's number of fires decreased significantly from 2008 to today.  And in 2021, Greater London had the LEAST number of yearly fires in record-keeping history.  The Year 2022 was the year with the fourth lowest yearly fires.

Keep in mind that certain journals would headline their climate doom articles with photos of a parched stalk of corn or a dried-out patch of grains.  Thus, it is always a prediction that crops will dry and die, due to the present level of co2 which is less than 1/2 of 1% of the atmosphere.  However, in the middle of July 2022, that which England was experiencing was a Sirocco Wind, and NOT a co2 attack.  A Sirocco Wind is a wind that comes out of the Sahara.  Such winds are dry.

The Year 2022 has passed, and record-keeping has continued.  This included the UK's 2022 crop yields report of December 2022.  Now, according to the climate hysteria people, England was going to have low crop yields, due to the Summer of 2022.   Well, it is once again proven that the Climate Hysteria People have no idea what they're talking about.  The UK had crop yield gains across the proverbial board.

The two photo-copies below are from an official United Kingdom government site.  Those two photo-copies illustrate yet again that the Climate Doom People spent the last 35 years failing in every one of their doomsday climate predictions.  Contrary to the theatric "dire-consequence" predictions about 2022, it turns out that wheat production, barley production, total cereal production, and oilseed production were all up, in the United Kingdom, in 2022.  

As far as goes Oats, there was a "per capita" gain at harvest time; a gain "per acre planted."  You see, in 2022, 13% less acreage was used in planting oats.  On a per capita basis ... concerning the lesser amount of land used in oat farming ... there was a 2.9% increase in the harvesting thereof.  Therefore, the only reason why the UK had 10% less oat production than in 2021 was because less land was used in the planting of oats.  All in all, these 2022 UK Crop Yield Gains are the opposite of the dire predictions of the Global Warming People ... of the Climate Change People ... of the Climate Crisis People.

In addition, the 2022 harvest of British wheat & Winter barley both contained, on average, 93.7% of the 14.5% UK moisture content standard.   Spring Barley contained, on average, 92.4% of the moisture content standard.  Oats contained, on average,  91% of the British standard.  And oilseed contained 84.4% of its  9% moisture standard content.  Thus, parched crops waving in the Autumn air throughout British farmland was not occurring in 2022.

And of course, people of reason instinctively know that an increase in atmospheric co2 will cause an increase in crop harvesting, instead of it causing the End of the World.  The UN climate activists are people from Second World and Third World countries.  Thus, they have third world minds.   It's super-easy to catch them when they are lying.  But, the big question at present is:  When are they ever telling the truth?  Well, directly below is a public transmission from a department of the United Kingdom's government.

Now for the irony of 2022:  There was one crop which yielded 18% less than in 2021.  HOWEVER, the cause of this was ...  none other than ... cold and NOT heat.  The crop was sugar beets.  

"The first two weeks of December were the coldest start to the winter since 2010, according to Britain's Met Office.  Farmers have said the cold weather damaged sugar beet crops which were still in the ground."  (Nigel  Hunt;  Reuters)

Usually, the UK produces 7.5 million tonnes.  But, in 2022, it was approx 6 million.  That's not an end-of-the-world crop failure.  

In as much, the hysterical theatrics of the media in its climate reports don't come close to the reality you see when you do something called, "go outside and look around" ... or when you study crop reports ... or hospitals admissions ... or any number of things that the media never reports above and beyond a fleeting & token amount.  

October 28, 2023

The heat of July 1852 and other years, when atmospheric CO2 was very low.

Above: A news article published on July 27, 1852.  Atmospheric co2 was 285 ppm.  In of September 2023, it was 418 ppm. 
The article above shows that people in the 1850s commonly accepted the concept of the Medieval Warm Period.  This is indicated by mention of "the burning plough-shares of medieval times."  The article below (at the very end of this post) shows the 1850 understanding of the past 1,000 years weather not being mild, as con artists Michael Mann and David Attenborough very falsely claimed.  

There needs to be a Reality Check, concerning the proven FALSE ASSERTION that rising CO2 levels cause more severe weather events .... and more damage to Planet Earth.  After all, the textbook-defined "Pressure Gradient Force" is a law of nature by which the closer the temps between the poles and the Equator happen to be, the lesser is the turbulence in the atmosphere.   

For those in the American public school system, phases of global warming (such as the absolutely proven Medieval Warm Period) are times by which temperatures between the poles and the Equator come closer to each other.  Global Cooling phases (such as the 1284-1840 Little Ice Age) are accompanied by temperatures between the poles and the Equator getting further apart from each other.  

This means that global warming = less atmospheric turbulence, while global cooling = more atmospheric turbulence   Plus, El Nino brings with it "wind shearing propensity." And of course, El Nino directs heat in an Eastward direction.

All in all, Planet Earth has a mechanism by which the planet takes action to balance itself.  When the DIFFERENCE in temps between the poles and the Equator increase, the Earth experiences an imbalance.  So, it goes about,  to balance things out.  Thus come hurricanes which happen to be nature's way of sending excess heat from the Tropics northward.

It's during global cooling phases when more turbulent hurricanes such as Camille occur.  Camille occurred during the 1940-1979 temperature decline that Michael Mann hid in his hockey stick graph.  This decline was mentioned in the Climategate emails of 2009.  If you have viewed recent hurricane season stats, you would see that there are now more low-speed cyclones called Tropical Storms.  

BTW, during pronounced global cooling phases, there still occurs droughts and heatwaves, such as the Great Tudor Heatwave & Drought of 1540.  More importantly, the repeated assertion that "None of this has ever happened before" must be recognized as the lie it is, when talking about any recent heatwave, cyclone, or flood.  "It" all happened previously, in more pronounced severity --- in tragic proportions ... in more pronounced turbulency & in many more deaths.  So, historical accounts easily provide the evidence to show that the demonization of CO2 is a propagandist's lie.  

The motive for demonizing co2 was and is  1] U.S. Congressional taxpayer dollar appropriations.  2] the establishment & maintenance of the blatantly bogus "carbon credit market."  3] the equally bogus "carbon tax."  4] governmental control over every citizen's private daily life activities,  5] an equally bogus excuse for sterilization and abortion,  6] NGO financial donations which have a way of getting into activists' personnel bank accounts.  Thus, the motive has been to acquire ===> easy money. 

Below: An 1878 article which also shows that dreadful heat certainly occurred when the atmospheric co2 level was too low to have caused any of the many heat waves throughout history.  Statistically speaking, 1896 was the year of the hottest heat waves, and 1934 was the year of the worst drought in the past one thousand years; so stated for the record.
Below is a Sunday newspaper article, from London's The Observer newspaper, dated July 18, 1852.  In 1852, atmospheric CO2 was very low, and the news article below recounts disastrous weather years which occurred in the centuries when the atmospheric CO2 level was always extremely low --- (between 275 to 285 ppm).  This level was not far away from the atmospheric CO2 level during Caveman days (260 ppm) ... Fertile Crescent Days ... Assyrian Empire Days ... Alexander the Great Days ... Roman Empire Days ... Justinian Plague Years ... Medieval Warm Period Years ... and even Renaissance Era Years.

A certain British speech giver, along with the hockey stick graph drawer, Michael Mann, asserted that the past one thousand years were years of ongoing & non-stop mild weather, up and unto the Industrial Revolution.  For anyone enterprising enough to have studied even a small sample of the historical chronicles, the almanacs, the ship logs, the temperature reports, the newspaper articles, and the magazine articles on the subject, this mild-weather assertion is an insult to the reasonable person's intelligence.

The historical accounts, the military logs, the monastic records, the proxy evidence, the Elbe River "hunger stones" of Central Europe,  all show that life on Earth has been a challenge even when co2 was  very low.  Life on Earth has been tragic, even during low co2 levels.  It drained people.   Yet, civilization continued and mankind survived.  A Candyland is something that Planet Earth is not.

October 26, 2023

Antarctic Ice Gain, 2009 to 2019: 661 gigatons (2,048 sq miles of growth)

Credit goes to Julia R. Andreasen, Anna E. Hogg, and Heather L. Selley.
For those in a hurry, between 2009 and 2019, Antarctica had a net ice gain of 661 gigatons.  A gigaton is a billion tons.  Therefore, contrary to the climate doomsayers' claims that Antarctica is rapidly losing ice, there was actually a massive gain of surface mass balance there.  
The climate crisis propagandists were committing the predictable "false light deception" on the topic, when they kept speaking as if all of Antarctica were losing a massive amount of ice.  The climate doomsayers only focused on the ice shelves of West Antarctica which certainly have been retreating.  But, they occupy much less space than the ones of East Antarctica.  

More specifically, there are 34 ice shelves attached to Antarctica.  Of these, 18 have been retreating.  However, 16 of them having been growing, and two of those are the size of nations.  Antarctica is 5.5 MILLION square miles in size.  This means that it's 21 times LARGER than Texas and 134 times LARGER than the State of Ohio.  In fact, it's 4.25 times LARGER than India.

Plus, West Antarctica includes the Antarctic Peninsula which happens to NOT be within the Antarctic Polar Circle.  That peninsula is closer to Argentina than it is to the South Pole.  This means that it is not the End of the World when its summertime temperatures go above freezing, into 45F, and even into 65F.

The 2009 to 2019 Antarctic surface mass balance gain of  661 gigatons  was due to Eastern Antarctic ice gain which includes the two largest ice shelves in the continent.  Both of those ice shelves are actually attached to West Antarctica and to East Antarctica.   But, their ice gains are not counted as West Antarctic ice gains; only as East Antarctic ones.

None the less, one of those East Antarctic ice shelves is the size of Spain (The Ross Ice Shelf).  The other one is the size of California.  In fact, it's 16,000 square miles LARGER than Montana. (The Filche-Ronne Shelf ).   The net of ice gained in Antarctica, from 2009 to 2019, was 2,048 sq miles.  

          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

See: (European Geosciences Union, Volume 17 / issue 5 / TC, 17, 2059-2072, 2023 / May 16, 2023.) 

[Andreasen, J. R., Hogg, A. E., and Selley, H. L.: Change in Antarctic ice shelf area from 2009 to 2019, The Cryosphere, 17, 2059–2072, https://doi.org/10.5194/tc-17-2059-2023, 2023.]

Important   ====>   https://tc.copernicus.org/articles/17/2059/2023/?mc_cid=7a3485fd02

          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
At this point, it's important to note that ...

[1] ... in 2015, Antarctica had its LARGEST sea ice extent in recorded history.  

[2] ... and the bottom of the massive Ross Ice Shelf was found to be crystalized, and NOT melting.

[3]  Moreover, Antarctica had its coldest recorded Winter in the Year 2021.  

In conclusion, for a person to claim that Antarctica is massively loosing ice is to contradict scientifically observed reality. 

The Year 2019, another year of super hysteria  

In the Year 2019, after the massive Antarctic ice gain of ten years, an individual without any kind of Ph.d claimed that the Ross Ice Shelf & elsewhere were massively losing so much ice that the melted ice was going into the Southern Ocean and creating a disaster to soon come upon humanity.  She asserted that Antarctica will melt to the point of soon creating a global sea level rise of 23 feet.  

Then the assertion suddenly changed to a sea level rise of 38 feet, all because of runaway Antarctic ice shelves and glaciers sliding into the Southern Ocean.  Then, the averment morphed into another change, where it was claimed that today's state of Antarctica will cause a global sea level rise of 45 feet.  And we are supposed to take people as idiotic as her seriously.

Antarctic ice shelves are already deeply within water.  In fact, concerning the northern top of Planet Earth, if all the ice on the Arctic Ocean (surrounding the NORTH POLE) were to melt tomorrow, there would be no sea level rise.  It's the same science as when all of the ice cubes in your ice tea glass melts.  The melted ice cubes don't cause the tea glass to overflow.

Being that the Antarctic ice shelves are already mostly submerged into the ocean, when a 15 mile-long piece of the Filche-Ronne Ice Shelf broke-off in 2019, Scientific America stated:

"Because the ice shelf that this berg calved from was already floating on water, the event won't directly impact sea levels."      (Note:  It's only correct to state, "already floating deeply within sea water."  But of course, today's scientists see how much money one can deceptively con out of Congressional members who seek re-election votes and who know that the average American voter is simply misinformed when the average voter is not being kept uninformed.)

The hysteric 2019 article then stated that it will cause Antarctic glaciers to slide into the Southern Ocean and create global sea level rise.  The claim was that the relatively minor piece of ice shelf was catching all glaciers up to the time of dislocating itself from the super-massive ice shelf.  The truth is that the inland glaciers become part of the ice shelves, themselves.  So, for any one glacier to fall into the Southern Ocean and cause Florida tourists to move their lounge chairs & sun tan lotion bottles five feet inland, that glacier needs to take a number, just like customers at an American bakery, waiting to be served.

Now, the Filche-Ronne Ice Shelf is bigger than Montana.  How long will it take an inland glacier to slide across a plain of ice the size of  Montana and fall into the ocean?   Yes, the ice shelves breathe, in that their sizes change according to the season ... as in Summer and Winter.   But, glaciers first become the ice shelf itself, and every ice shelf is like an iceberg.  The vast majority of each ice shelf is mostly underwater, already.

This type of hysteria has been ongoing since June of 1988, when Jim Hansen made his doomsday predictions in front of a few United States senators.  Yet, Saint Augustine Florida, the oldest city in the United States, is still NOT underwater, as of 2023.  

All in all, if the world comes to an end in the next ten years, it will do so by either [1] Nuclear Winter, [2] or a wave of meteoroid landings on Planet Earth, likened to the 1913 Tunguska Event, or an [3] an unexpected plague.  Even another Carrington Event (1859) wouldn't end life on Planet Earth.  However, it will have tragic consequences, resulting in human suffering squared and cubed ... and even hysteric warfare, where man turns into an animal.  

The confidently stated assertion by climate doomsayers is that Antarctica keeps losing gigatons of ice.

In review:

It was found that, between 2009 and 2019, sixteen of the 34 ice shelves of Antarctica were growing enough to produce a surface mass balance gain (an increase of ice) amounting to positive 661 Gigatons.  

It was found that East Antarctica's ice shelves let Antarctica grow another 5,305 square kilometers in ice, despite the 18 ice shelves in the West of Antarctica and on its peninsula which were retreating.  This translates into an aggregate ice growth of 2,048 square miles.   

Keep in mind that Antarctica's peninsula is outside of the Polar Circle of the Southern Hemisphere.  Thus, summertime temperatures above freezing there are not a sign of the End of the World.  In fact, the Antarctic Peninsula is closer to Argentina than it is to the South Pole.  This is understandable when you take into account the reality that Antarctica is 5.5 MILLION square miles wide.  It's the exact same size as the Arctic Ocean, on the other side of Planet Earth.  This brings the rationally minded person to a question:  Why is the South Pole all ice-covered terrain, while the North Pole is all ice-covered water the exact same size as Antarctica?   ... that is, why, in addition to the centipedal force caused by the Coriolis Effect?

October 25, 2023

The Ballad of Today's Polar Ice

The following was written by an individual whose DNA literally matched that of a Greenland Viking found at an archeological site (in Greenland, of course) ... as well as the DNA of Vikings found at archeological sites in Southern Sweden, Oxford England, and Iceland, not to mention Denmark itself.  Thus, the true existence of the Medieval Warm Period is literally in this author's DNA.  More importantly, the paranoiac hyper-exaggerations about Greenland melting into the pits of doom is a super-annoying insult to his intelligence.

Let's start with an instant thousand words.  For those of you in the American Public School System, know that there used to be an axiom which said, "A picture's worth a thousand words."  In this particular case, the 1,000 words are in the NASA Earth Observatory illustration below which shows that Antarctica is not going through any once-in-a-7.5-million-year meltdown --- or any "plummeting ice levels," either.  This picture shows you that CNN lied to humanity ... as usual.   

The amber perimeter line in the illustration is the median.  That's sort of the average.  Actually, it's the middle number in a list of data numbers.  When it comes to the lowest statistical number in the 5.48 MILLION square mile Antarctic continent --- and its surrounding ocean water --- the "lowest" is not much different than the average ... the usual ... the regular.   

In fact, as of  September 14, 2023, Antarctic Sea Ice Extent amounted to 6.54 MILLION square miles in area.  Now, add Antarctica's land ice of 5.31 million sq mi to Antarctica's sea ice of 6.54, and you have an ice sheet that is 11.85 MILLION SQUARE MILE ice sheet.  Now, the entire Antarctic Circle is 7.7 million sq mi in area.  11.85 minus 7.7 =  4.15.  This means that there is so much ice in Antarctica that 4.15 million square miles of it is located outside of the Antarctic Circle, even though it's attached to the ice within the 7.7 million square mile Antarctic Circle.

Above is a NASA & NSIDC product for public view.  According to the media, 2023 was a disastrous time of melting for Antarctica.  Antarctica was reported as having had it lowest wintertime "sea ice extent" ever known to mankind.  Well, here is your Antarctica, as of September 14, 2023.  The official NASA/NSIDC report is that the Antarctic sea ice extent for Sept 14, 2023 was 6.54 MILLION square miles.  

This means that the amount of continuous ice in the Antarctic Circle & beyond ... minus 2% of ice-free Antarctic desert land ... is 11.8 MILLION square miles.  This is the combined size of Canada, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.   Therefore, there has been NO Antarctic sea ice climate crisis at any time in 2023 or in any other year since the invention of the camera.  

And yes, a very long strand of East Antarctica is also located outside of the Antarctic.  This means that there is also sea ice which exists outside of the Antarctic Circle, all the while being connected to the Antarctic continent.  None the less, concerning Antarctic land, observe:

                               Ice-covered Antarctic terrain = 5,300,000 sq miles (approximately)
                                      Ice-free Antarctic terrain =   110,000 sq miles (approximately)   

Concerning the illustration above, the jagged amber line encircling the Antarctic sea ice extent and all of Antarctica itself, is the "median ice edge."  That's the middle number in a list of statistical ice measurement numbers dating back to 1981.   Technically, it goes from 1981 to 2010.

Concerning this, whenever you see the word, "median" in science or statistics, think "middle number" in a list of numbers --- middle number in a set of numbers.  It's somewhat like the average number.  

The reason why the illustration above is important is because certain "journalists" have recently claimed that Antarctica is in a chaotic crisis stage of "plummeting ice levels."  They stated that Antarctica is undergoing a once in a 7.5 million year event, where Antarctica is losing massive amounts of ice.  They make it sound as if Antarctica is melting all over the place, because of the burning of fossil fuels.  

In fact, one journalist added that there are long stretches of the Antarctic coastline which have no ice, even though it is wintertime there.  This deceives the reader into assuming that ice was formerly in those places, but is now only recently gone.  This deceives the reader into assuming that Antarctica will only have the skeletal remains of sea ice extent in a relatively short time.

The unconscionable omission of the journalists is that they kept hidden from the readers the fact that Antarctica is the driest desert on Earth, and snowfall there is an extreme rarity.  So, two percent of Antarctica has actually been ice-free for a very very very long time.  But of course, media entities such as CNN and the Guardian have to over-sensationalize everything to the point of lying about it.  

The reason why the media portrayed Antarctica as being in an apocalyptic meltdown is because [1] it was recently reported that, in July of 2023, Antarctica had its least amount of July sea ice extent, during any July, since record-keeping began.  [2] And in February of 2023, Antarctica had the lowest summertime sea ice extent.  [3] Then, a year prior, in 2022, Antarctica also had the lowest summertime sea ice extent ... until 2023 came along.  So, CNN had to embellish.  What CNN forgot to mention was that after every Antarctic summer, the sea ice extent is low . . . always low.  Thus, every single year, Antarctica literally performs a 'reset.'  

As you can see in the July 2023 illustration below (as opposed to the August 23rd illustration above), the least amount of Antarctic ice encircling Antarctica ... during any July ... wasn't that much different than the average amount of ice that specifically encircled the Antarctic continent during July 2023.

Throughout each year, any ice decrease in Antarctica was slight.  Any ice increase there was slight.  It all hovers around the same general & approximate equilibrium.  Video theatrics concerning Polar ice is nothing more than a con artist's ploy to absorb inordinately large & undeserved amounts of American taxpayer dollars.  It's all a matter of theft by deception --- theft of the American taxpayer which includes the American working class.  

They act as if to be all so charitable, saving you from heated doom, death, and destruction.  They then go into overdrive, getting you to pay for the money given to other people in your name ... and not given to you directly ... so done under the guise of saving you from a carbon footprint which is supposed exist in an atmosphere that is already 99.9734% carbon-free.  

Needless to say, CNN's corporate song is that Antarctica is now in a chaotic meltdown, because of the burning of fossil fuels.  None the less, the heat of 2022 and 2023 matches the heat of 2011 and 2012, in the Eleven Year Sunspot Cycle Theory.  In sequence, 2000 and 2001 are 11 years prior to 2011 and 2012.  Now, there was a deadly heatwave in the Southern states of America in the Year 2000.  In 2001, the northeast of the United States got hit with a deadly heatwave.  I continued the trend in other posts, admitting that this is still only a theory, but one backed-up by some measure of evidence.

Even at that, I showed in detail how the mainstream media lied and exaggerated the temperatures of the Summer of 2023.  This includes the extremely bogus 101F ocean water claim, when the truth is that the water in focus was Florida Everglade run-off water, next to the Hwy 1 Bridge which leads to Key Largo.  


I also showed that the mainstream media LIED in 2022, when it claimed that, on July 19 2022, the London Fire Brigade had the most "incidents" in its history, since WWII.  I did this by posting the OFFICIAL London Fire Brigade July 19, 2022 Incidents Report.  On that day, the London Fire Brigade had no more than ten incidents more than the daily average of incidents for the Year of 2022.  And of course, numerous days in many prior decades had far more daily incidents than did July 19, 2022.  


I uncovered lie after lie after statistical lie.  One more thing.  I work alone.  Michael Mann tried to get Climate Hysteria Dissenters criminally indicted under the RICO Act.  He wanted dissenters who consult with each other to be criminalized.  Basically, he wants dissenters to be left isolated.  Well, you can amass a lot of information while isolated and working alone.

Welcome to the Antarctic Box Score (the stats)

Now, the official science is that 98% of Antarctica is covered in ice.  Yet, the 2% of Antarctica which is NEVER covered in ice comprises 110,000 square miles of Antarctic terrain.  That is the same area as is the state of Nevada, and such iceless Antarctic terrain is predominately expanses of barren rock which look like the surfaces of another planet.   This is why a dishonest journalist can claim that long stretches of Antarctica are without ice, all the while deceiving people into thinking that all of Antarctica is having a meltdown, due to the burning of fossil fuels.  

The truth is that the barren rock lands of Antarctica were caused by convection & high pressure air coming from the Tropopause.  It's called, the Polar Cell.  Likewise, there is the Hadley Cell, at 30 degrees parallel, in both hemispheres.

Whereas the iceless parts of Antarctica combined is the size of Nevada, the ice-covered parts of the same Antarctica are collectively is the size of 20 Texases or 33 Californias . . . or even 82 Floridas.  When it comes to natural iceless terrain in Antarctica ... not caused by the burning of fossil fuels ... it's a matter of comparing one Nevada to 82 Floridas.  Or it's like comparing one Nevada to 48 Nevadas.

As was previously reported, when mid-August 2023 came, the Antarctic sea ice extent exceeded the size of the Antarctic continent to the tune of 5.84 million sq miles.   And this "low low low" 2023 sea ice extent, as of mid-August, was SEVEN TIMES LARGER then all of the area of Greenland.  Greenland is 836,000 sq mi.

Antarctic Coastline: 11,164 miles in length

Then comes the coastline length of Antarctica which happens to be 11,164 miles ... or 17,968 kilometers.  Now, 2% of 11,164 miles is 223 miles.  Thus, if you have 223 miles of ice-free Antarctic coastline, you also have 10,940 miles of coastline where the ice cover extends hundreds of miles into the ocean.  Thus, it's 223 vs 10,940.  If you want to round-off the numbers, then it's a matter of 10,800 miles vs 300 miles ... or even 10,500 miles vs 500 miles.   Yet, CNN claims that Antarctica is in the dire straits of a meltdown apocalypse.  Needless to say, it most certainly is NOT.  It's just that CNN is a harassing annoyance upon humanity.

Below:  Observe the amount of ice is surrounding 10,800+ miles of the Antarctic coastline.  Meanwhile 200-300 miles of ice-free coastline aligns the Palmer Peninsula and Wilkes Land, as well as Victoria Land & Ross Island (near McMurdo Station).  Thus, thousands and thousands of miles of Antarctic coastline was engulfed in massive widths of sea ice, while CNN claimed there to be an apocalyptic meltdown there.   

Now for the Arctic Ocean, aka the North Pole, as is illustrated below.  The Arctic Ocean was simply described as having had its twelfth lowest July sea ice extent on record.  Okay, but look at the illustration below and see how much sea ice extent that happens to be.  That's 3.16 million square miles of sea ice.  That's the size of 48 Floridas ... or 12 Texases . . . or even 69 Pennsylvanias.  

Even at the Arctic Ocean's lowest sea ice extent (in 2012), the area of sea ice there was the size of 28 Pennsylvanias.  A way of fathoming the massive size of even the smallest square acreage of Arctic sea ice extent is to drive from Miami to Baltimore to Minneapolis to Houston and back to Miami.  At it's smallest, Arctic sea ice was 36% the size of the United States ... slightly largest in area than India ... and 5 times larger than Texas.  

In wintertime, at it's lowest maximum measurement, Arctic sea ice area was the size of 20 Texases.  At its highest maximum, Arctic sea ice area was the size of 22 Texases.  So, you need to understand that there is not much of a difference between highest and lowest in the Arctic.  You also need to understand that climate doomsayers are con artists looking for massive amounts of federal funding ... or NGO grants.  Such a thing is known as Theft by Deception, and there does exist something known as the False Claims Act.
Above:  Now, this is at the end of July.  That's an area of  3.16 MILLION square miles of sea ice.  The Arctic Ocean's surface is 5.4 MILLION square miles in area.  Thus, 58% of the Arctic Ocean was still covered by ice when August 2023 commenced.
Let it be repeated from a previous post:  Before all else, there's one simple observation which proves that 2023 did NOT come close to having the hottest summer in the past 7.5 million years or 125,000 years or even 87 years. The observation consists in the fact that the Arctic Ocean is not anywhere near ice-free, and it's already the 25th of August.  Life is simple and con artists overlook the simplest of things.  So too do the ones who get conned by the con artists. 

There is still a massive amount of ice in the Arctic, as is the case every year, even in its lowest year.  It's simply that a perpetual climate doomsday narrative is being propagated by [1] money-seeking activists, [2]  media managers in search of high ratings, and [3] scientists who want into their personal portfolios some of that recently passed $370 BILLION Congressional "climate appropriations" money.  That is what they really mean when they say they are going green.

This is what activists, scientists, and network news producers mean when they say they are "going green."  After all, Al Gore went green 250 million times, so far.

Unless the I.R.A. (the inappropriately named, Inflation Reduction Act) gets repealed ... rescinded ... amended ... abrogated ... abolished ... scientists will spend the next ten years lying about the climate, creating hyper-exaggerations in the process thereof.  They will do so, with the intention of getting for themselves and/or their universities and/or their networks some of that climate money.  It's elementary, Watson.  If the scientists say that the atmosphere is fine and well balanced, then they get no grant money.  If they say that the atmosphere is in a state of crisis, then they get money that rivals the military industrial complex's financial rates of return.

The Dust Bowl Observation

There is another blatant observation which shows that 2023 was not the hottest summer in even the past 87 years.  There were not the dust storms of the 1930s anywhere in America in 2023.  The daily damage done to farmers in 1936, alone, when measured by today's dollars, eventually reached an equivalency of  $530 MILLION per day.  At the time, the accountants surmised that $25 million per day of property was being lost to dust storms, drought, and searing heat.  The Year 1936 was the End of Many Worlds.  

One more reminder:  CNN was dead set on pushing the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction Hoax.  CNN turned out to be completely wrong.  CNN was also instrumental on pushing other hoaxes, annihilating its credibility amongst reasonably minded people.  When it comes to CNN's Climate Hysteria, do the math when calculating the probability that it's journalists are being honest.  

Let us review the July sea ice reports:

Now think.   El Nino arrived on June 8th.  This means that the Pacific Ocean got an extra dose of heat from a "westerly source."  In the illustration below, take note that the Atlantic side of the Arctic is as ice-packed as ever, concerning the 1981-2010 "median ice edge."  The Pacific side got the expected effects of El Nino, to the point where the coveted Northwest passage is open for sailors.  Even at that, there is still a massive amount of ice on and in the Arctic Ocean.   The NASA & NSIDC illustration below is marked as August 28, 2023.

ABOVE:  During this El Nino Summer, there still remains ice all the way up to Cape Morris Jesup, in Greenland. The ice extends from Northern Greenland, all the way past the Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago, which happens to be 25 miles away from the coast of Central Siberia.  The distance between the North Pole and Severnaya Z is 725 miles.  The distance between Cape Morris Jesup and the North Pole is 440 miles.  Thus, there exists a 1,165+ mile stretch of Arctic Ice, as of late August 2023.  This is because 2023 did NOT have the hottest Summer in the past 125,000 years ... or even in the past 87 years.  None the less, don't be surprised if the Arctic sea ice extent of 2023 ends up 3rd to 6th lowest, in the satellite era.

The lesson here is that even the lowest amount of Arctic sea ice minimum is absolutely massive.  In fact, the 2012 sea ice extent had an area slightly larger than that of the subcontinent of India.  For the record, India is the 7th largest country in the world, and it's much bigger than Greenland.

Moreover, NASA reported that the Summertime Arctic ice-loss rate was around average until the beginning of August.  Then ice-loss accelerated.  Now, if co2 were the cause of Arctic ice loss, then the summertime ice loss would have occurred in a uniform manner, each month.  This is because the atmospheric co2 level did NOT suddenly ratchet upward in August.  In fact, when the Earth approaches Northern Hemispheric harvest season, co2 levels slightly drop.  Yet, as co2 levels were slightly dropping, Arctic sea ice loss increased.

Ironically, science recently found that, in the past 2,000 years, eras of slight warming coincided with Greenland ice cap growth.  We start with the following research field scientist's quote:

"Because we're collecting a climate record from the coast, we're able to document for the first time that there were these large shifts in temperature, snowfall and melt over the last 2,000 years, showing much more variability than is observed in records from the interior of Greenland."  

The lesson here is that co2 is NOT the driver of Planet Earth's atmosphere.  The indication here is that decadal ocean oscillations are the determinant of climate ... or at the least, they are the determinant of the surface temperature of the area near the oscillations.  And of course, each decadal oscillation is of a massive size.  

The "Global Boiling" Propagandists' diversionary tactic

At the surface of every ocean are gyres.  Each ocean gyre is massive, and each ocean gyre is far far far more important than the unraveled-bowtie-looking current often highlighted by Climate Hysteria Activists.  The current obsessively presented in Climate Hysteria propaganda is called, the Thermohaline Circulation.  The Climate Change People often put it in neon lights without ever mentioning that it actually exists at the bottom of the oceans and that you walk faster than it moves.  In fact, it used to be called [1] the Deep Circulation.  At other times, it was called [2] the Abyssal Circulation.  And yes, it IS synonymous with 'abysmal.'

The Global Warming People accentuate the sea floor circulation, to scare an under-educated public about unsalted fresh water pouring into the salty oceans.  They keep saying that very soon all of the fresh water run-off from Greenland will reduce the Atlantic Ocean's salinity so much so that the warm Gulf Stream will stop flowing north, and England will turn into Siberia.  

The great falsehood here is the fact that dozens of major fresh-water rivers throughout Planet Earth pour into the salty oceans of the Earth every second of every minute of every day.  This is where the delta, the estuary, the lagoon, the slough, and the sound come into play.  Such fresh water rivers flowing into salty ocean water include:

[1] the Columbia,  [2] the Snake,  [3] the Stikine (of British Columbia),  [4] the Sacramento,  [5] the Mississippi,   [6] the Hudson,  [7] the Connecticut,  [8] the Amazon,  [9] the Orinoco,  [10]  the Yenisei,  [11] the Lena (of Siberia),  [12] the Mekong,  [13] the Mackenzie,  [14] the Congo,  [15] the Niger,  [16] the Magdalena,  [17] the Yukon,  [18] the Kapuas (of Borneo),  [19] the Essequibo (of Guyana),  [20] the Ogowe (of Gabon),  [21] the Hong,  [22] the Kolyma (of Siberia),  [23] the Atrato (of Columbia),  [24] the Zambezi,  [25] the Tabasco (in Mexico),  [26] the Rajang (of Malaysia),  [27] the Fraser,  [28] the Khatanga, [29] the Pulau,  [30] the Sao Francisco (Brazil),  and the list goes on.  

Due to the fact that the Climate Hysteria Activists bark like dogs at the seasonal ice melt of Greenland, while keeping entirely silent when it comes to dozens of large fresh water rivers emptying-out into oceans, they have a lot of  'splaining to do, Lucy.

And concerning the Amazon River, to make a long story short, a 2017 paper surmised that the climates of ages past would have been warmer without Amazon river water running off into the Atlantic Ocean.  This is beyond the scope and allotted space of this particular discourse.

Mention of the ocean gyres isn't in the vocabulary of climate activists.  And of course, they are blaming the ice-free coastline of southern Greenland on CO2 and even other greenhouse gases which only exist in the atmosphere in very small trace amounts.  The official United States' own NASA explained the ice-free borders of Greenland in a much different way:

"The surface ocean current brings new water to this region from the South Atlantic via the Gulf Stream and the water returns to the South Atlantic via the North Atlantic Deep Water current. The continual influx of warm water into the North Atlantic polar ocean keeps the regions around Iceland and southern Greenland mostly free of sea ice year round."  

The lesson is that an ice-free January in southern Greenland is NOT due to co2 levels or the burning of fossil fuels.  In fact, southern Greenland is outside of the Arctic Circle.  None the less, as recently as in 2022, honest-enough scientists surmised that it was the ocean waters themselves that were causing the ice-melt of the southern Greenland coastlines. 

In conclusion, the proximate driver of the Earth's climate is either decadal ocean oscillation or the behavior of the Sun.  Now, when it comes to the ultimate driver of the Earth's atmosphere, NASA officially stated that "the Sun is the driver of the Earth's climate."  But, such a thing effects air pressure systems.  This, in turn, translates into Pressure Gradient Forcing driving the climate ... but driving the climate in conjunction with none other than the Coriolis Effect AND the tilt of the Earth, otherwise known as "the obliquity of the Earth." 

The bottom line is that Al Gore gave humanity the proverbial red herring when he obsessed his 2006 movie with life-giving co2, making it the villain of his thoroughly asinine movie, and by making it the great enemy of mankind.  Without co2 we all die.

Now, concerning the Southern Hemisphere

The 2% of ice-free land on a polar continent 5.5 million square miles in size can deceptively make the 2% look like a pandemic of ice loss.  There is no Antarctic coastline not covered by massive amounts of ice, except for the tip of the Palmer Peninsula at the Drake Passage, Wilkes Land, Victoria Land, and the Ross Island near the McMurdo station.

That Antarctic peninsula tip is outside of the Polar Circle, to the tune of 1,840 miles away from the South Pole.  It's only 540 to 600 miles away from the southern tip of Chile, where one finds Cape Horn.  Other than that peninsula tip, Antarctica, during winter, is encased in massive quantities of ice.

So, why is the peninsula tip not submerged in ice?  ANS:  The Drake Passage's effect on the extremely massive Antarctic Circumpolar Current (the ACC).  It causes eddies to flow toward Antarctica, thereby providing a South Pole wintertime rarity, called warmth, to the peninsula's tip.   Eddies are small vortices ... whirlpools ... and they ever so coincidentally exist in two lanes, during El Nino, with the Equatorial current in the middle of the two eddy lanes.  During El Nino they sort of work like highway guardrails.  Actually, the work sort of like train tracks.

The ACC is the strongest current on Earth, and it does NOT merely occupy a layer of the Southern Ocean near Antarctica.  It encompasses all of the Southern Ocean near there, from the surface to the bottom.   It transports approximately 225 MILLION cubic yards of ocean water per second.  It causes a circular current that keeps the cold within the Antarctic continent.  When a ship sails outside of that ocean water circle, the ocean's heat-increase is suddenly noticeable.  It's not a gradual effect.  It's kind of like the St. Lawrence River's point where predominate salt water becomes predominate fresh water.

Every summer, the Antarctic sea ice extent recedes almost to the continent's shoreline ... except where there are ice shelves.  NOAA long since observed that approximately 15% of Antarctic wintertime sea ice remains in tact at the end of the Antarctic summer.  But, the most important thing to note is that there is no noticeable sea level rise after the end of Antarctic summertime, despite the disappearance of sea ice there.  In as much, the summertime ice loss of Antarctica is NOT a once in a 7.5 million year event.  It's a once in every one year event, year after year.

NASA attributed at least "some" of this effect to the gradual lessening of albedo in the Southern Ocean.  The lesser the sea ice, the more the surface water, and the lesser the albedo.

Albedo is the amount of the sun's energy that reflects back into space.  Now, snow-covered ice has much more albedo than does ice alone.  That is to say, more of the Sun's energy bounces back into space after hitting snow covered ice than hitting uncovered ice.  And of course, Antarctica is a desert.  Snowfall there is a rarity.  Each Pole is a high pressure convection zone, thereby translating into desert.  This is the same as both 30th parallel convection zones, north and south.  The 30th Parallel, north and south, is/are where the major deserts of Planet Earth are located.

None the less, when sunlight hits ice, snow, etc, most of the sunlight reflects back into outer-space.  When it hits water, most of it does not bounce back into space.  In fact, water, sand, grass, leaves, and dirt have very low "albedo values."  Furthermore, asphalt has the lowest albedo, meaning that it absorbs solar radiant heat the most.  Thus, when you are in the city, it's NOT co2 that's causing the "urban heat island effect."  It's asphalt.   

When it comes to water, there are exceptions in the "albedo value," where the majority of sunlight reflects back into space upon hitting certain types of water.  This depends on the Sun's angle.  The lower the angle, the higher the albedo.  

There is much more to include which can be considered "beyond the scope" of this discourse.  Explaining it all would take three posts, and there would still be decisive questions left to be answered about Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.  The bottom line is that atmospheric science & oceanography are very intricate sciences, and you cannot be a stereotypical corporate television airhead and reduce every weather condition on Planet Earth to "the burning of fossil fuels" and "co2" ... or even "greenhouse gases." 

Concerning the volume of greenhouse gases throughout the Earth's atmosphere, 90% of them is WATER VAPOR.  Needless to say, you cannot sequester the oceans and their 352 quintillion gallons of water.   You cannot ban water.  Where are you gonna hide it?

The other way in which ice can literally disappear

As a quick note, ice loss can also occur via "sublimation," where ice turns into vapor without first turning into a liquid called water.  Fast winds require this.  So, how were the Rossby waves/winds this Summer?  Some of us don't have the luxury of time to look into every type of file and report,  including updates on Rossby wave action.  None the less, the Year 2023 is NOT NOT NOT anywhere close to becoming the first ice-free August and/or September in the Arctic Ocean since who-knows-when.  

Then comes the Antarctic Ice Gains Hidden by the Mainstream Media

Between 2009 and 2019, East Antarctica had 661 gigatons of ice GAIN.  See:


It's West Antarctica where ice is receding, and ironically the vast majority of Antarctica's subglacial volcanoes are in West Antarctica, positioned like a "string of fire."  

Now, before 2017, it was taught that 91 subglacial volcanoes sit in Antarctica.  After 2017, the conjecture was that 138 volcanos in all are in Antarctica.  Thus, there are 7 to 11  dozen volcanos on Antarctica's continent.  

And finally, there were 34 ice shelves studied, out of Antarctica's 48 major ones.  Eighteen of those ice shelves were found to be retreating (receding.)   Sixteen of them were found to be growing.  Two of them are the largest ones on Antarctica.  One of them is the size of Spain, and the other one is slightly bigger than Montana.  They are the Ross Ice Shelf and the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf.

The decisive question is how much of this maximum Antarctic ice extent is the "least"?  The answer is 5.84 million square miles as of mid-August 2023, with approximately four weeks of Wintertime ice accumulation remaining.  

Now, the record high is 7.78 million sq miles which occurred in September of 2015.  More importantly, as recently as two years ago, the Antarctic maximum sea ice extent was 7.12 million sq mi.  Last year, the maximum extent was 7.02 million sq mi.  Thus, there is NO ongoing trend of disastrous ice decline in Antarctica.  In fact, the US government's Boulder Colorado crew stated, "In the past decade, the September winter maximum has been extremely variable, hitting record and near-record highs, as well as near-record lows."  

The bottom line is that the Antarctic continent remains surrounded by an overly massive amount of sea ice, during winter.  The equally important bottom line is that today's journalists, especially those who work for Bill-Gates-funded media outlets, are unconscionable liars who apparently don't care about the disgraceful legacy that they will leave behind them.  

Even though there is presently a stranglehold on the media outlets by outright liars, it won't always be that way.  The truth will eventually come forth, in a number of topics that are being misrepresented to the public, by CNN and similar unconscionable entities.  The con game will be out in the open for everyone to see, years, decades and even centuries from now.  The arrogant of today will be forever humbled.

Below:  Official stuff.  This IS a product of NASA, and it shows no end-of-the-world type of ice loss, even if 2023 comes to be the year with the least Antarctic maximum sea ice extent or the least sea ice concentration in known history.  When it comes to Antarctica, even the least is an astoundingly massive amount.

October 24, 2023

Would be nice to have a government that doesn't constantly lie to its People

Certain individual are calling Jim Hansen a prophet, even though 100% of his climate predictions failed. This including the Maldives going underwater by 2018, as well as lower Manhattan being perpetually submerged by water, at least up to ankle height, or car tire height, or similar. 

In fact, almost everything predicted by the climate doomsters since the late 1960s failed to come true. After all, the number of 95F+ days significantly decreased.  Crop yields have been mostly healthy, with exceptions of course.  Deaths due to natural disasters declined tremendously.  The wildfire count is much lower than in the first-half of the 20th Century.  The Arctic has not come close to being ice free.   Etc.  Etc.  Etc.

In re:  The above chart. The most amount of Arctic Ice volume was in 1979.  Needless to say, the present powers-that-be in the United States use 1979 at the starting point in their Arctic Ice Volume graph.  This deceives the common layman into assuming that 1979 was an ordinary year, and that co2 caused Arctic Ice to get trapped in a one-way runaway ice melt.  That's a falsehood.

Concerning Jim Hansen, all that ever-so-coincidentally happened was that government charts & graphs of the 1990s and turn of the Millenium were altered.  An excuse was given.  That topic would take up the space of two posts.  None the less, in the first week of November 2023, I was speaking in person to a Northern Indian native of the Himalayan region.  After I said, "I guess that the glaciers there are shrinking."  His answer literally was "Getting bigger."  

I remained low-key composed after learning, once again, that our government & media lies and lies and lies again and again to Americans.  In my emotional silence, I thought to myself, "It figures."  After all, in all my studies, the media & government has been caught lying about every topic I've researched thus far.  The Himalayan glaciers will apparently follow suit.  

I regarded the Himalayan glaciers as the final frontier in climate studies, in as far as concerns verifying or debunking all the things claimed by Gore, Mann, Hansen, and the fairytale story teller, David Attenborough.  BTW, Attenborough is advanced in years.  After all, he was born in 1926.  So, leave him alone.  Don't confront him, etc.   All that is necessary is that you know he was quite the lying con artists, in his days.  You then move-on.    
Well, the Atlantic would soon cool down thereafter, and sea ice would increase and then decrease and then increase the most in 1979.  But, the present administration is stingy and miserly with the truth.

As a reinforcement of learning, here is a chart that concurs with the reality that there were low-volume (low-cover) Arctic ice years before the high volume ice year of 1979.  Thus, it has NOT been a one-way decrease of ice into nothingness.  Climate is cyclical, like a roller coaster:

The pink-shaded part is the part that the government no longer shows the People.  None the less, Arctic Ice cover was low (at times) even before the "Global Warming" Scare began.  Showing this chart to the public would negate the entire hysteria of it all.  "They" can't bring themselves to let the People be at Peace.  "They" have to keep the People in a state of fear, or "they" will lose power.  This is why Michael Crichton wrote, A State of Fear.

Let's also address the altered Forest Fire Chart, compliments of the less-than-honest Biden People.  Today, that chart begins with the year of the least number of forest fires ... 1983.  Thus, the Biden People make it look as if 1983 were an average year, and all the other years to follow had doom-ridden increases of fire ... presumably caused by increased atmospheric CO2.  However, CO2 was far less in the atmosphere, when burnt fire acreage exceeded 40 million acres per year.  In as much, I would like to introduce you to the true United States forest fire acreage chart which has NO CORRELATION to any level of CO2. 

Speaking of liars, there is also the matter of Michael Mann claiming to be the co-winner of the Nobel Prize.  Concerning this, it was NOT the Nobel Prize in Science that he claimed to have co-won.  He claimed to be the co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

None the less, the following link will take you to the video which will show you that the Nobel Foundation does NOT recognize Michael Mann as the winner or co-winner of any kind of Nobel Prize.  This illustrates that Michael Mann is nothing more than a lying con artist who has no problem absorbing American taxpayer dollars ... like a vacuum cleaner ... on steroids.  You are living in the Age of Climate Racketeering.

See & Hear:  A representative of the Nobel Foundation emphatically stating that Michael Mann NEVER won or co-won any type of Nobel Prize

The Next Total Falsehood from the Climate Nazi Klan:  London Fires. 

The following chart comes from the London Fire Brigade.  It shows that the number of yearly fires in the 610 square mile range of Greater London has decreased significantly.  The significant DECREASE occurred, while atmospheric CO2 levels consistently increased.  In fact, it was the Year 2014 when the London Fire Brigade officially announced that present London Area fires have dwindled in number to almost half of the number of fires in the 1980s & 1990s, per year.  

However, in 2022, a few liar journalists claimed that rising CO2 levels caused an untold number of fires to ignite London.  Very False.  The number of London Area fires SIGNIFICANTLY DECREASED throughout the exact same time span when co2 levels were incrementally rising.  The London Area fires also DECREASED, while the London Area population increased by 1.3 million people, since the Year 2000.

Keep in mind that this chart was officially released by and through the London Fire Brigade.

This shows that there is NO CORRELATION between co2 levels and British fires, as well as population increase and British fires.   Liar journalists should be fired and sued for the intentional infliction of emotional distress.  Scaring schoolchildren endlessly is a form of child abuse.  It's the molestation of a schoolchild's mind.

In order to put things into perspective, know that Oxygen, Nitrogen, & Argon comprise 99.93% of the atmosphere ... minus the percentage of water vapor in the air.  NOT much room left for much of anything else.  

I repeatedly asked people, as a poll, what percentage of the atmosphere is co2.  The majority said "30%."  Only one person got the question almost correct.  He was in Chicago, where I experienced the coldest temperatures in my life ... and I worked during -30F wind chills in Pennsylvania, and I endured brutal cold in Massachusetts. 

Well, everything that needed to be said was spoken in the facial expressions of the people who realized that they have been severely deceived by an orchestrated con game.  They instantly saw things differently as soon as they learned that CO2 is only 416 parts per million ... 42 parts per 100,000 ...  4.2 parts per 10,000 ...  1 part per 2,403.   

Meanwhile, nitrogen exists at 1,874 parts per 2,403.  Oxygen exists at 504 parts per 2,403.  Argon exists at 22 parts per 2,403 ... vs 1 part per 2,403 for carbon dioxide.

Think further:   If CO2 were a group of sports fans at Rose Bowl Stadium, CO2 would only occupy 42 seats.  Nitrogen would occupy 78,000 of the seats.  Oxygen would occupy 21,000 of the seats, and Argon would occupy 930 of the seats.  In addition, Methane would only occupy one seat every FIVE Rose Bowl games.  Methane presently exists at 1.909 parts per million; basically 2 parts per million ... 1/500,000.   Once again, remember:  You are living in the Age of Climate Racketeering.
We return to Arctic Sea Ice.  As was previously mentioned, the year of the MOST arctic sea ice was 1979.  Needless to say, this is the year of the starting date for the Biden People.  That's where the altered charts and graphs begin.   HOWEVER, Arctic sea ice was very low in the 1930s and in some of the years of the 1970s.  Plus, 1954 was a low-ice year.  And let us not forget the extreme Arctic Ice loss reported in 1922, exactly one hundred years ago.  There is much more Arctic Ice today than there was in 1922.

All in all, starting the sea ice chart at the year of the most accumulated ice accomplishes a predictable deception.  It made it appear that the recent decline of sea ice were a never-before seen phenomenon.  Yet,  that depth of decline already occurred in the 1930s & 1970s (after man landed on the moon with technology advanced enough to detect Arctic sea ice volume.)  Those two decades are not too far off in time.

The great mystery is how long will the politicians and their accomplices think that they can deceive all of mankind?  The evidence proving them liars is blatant.  The only trick is to hide the evidence from the People.  It didn't universally work.  Some people made copies of the evidence.

At this point, remember how confident everyone was on the "Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction."  It was ALL an illusion ... a costly illusion ... a deadly illusion. 

Climate IS cyclical, like a roller coaster.

October 23, 2023

Springtime 2023: The American West's Water Levels

New Mexico, during one of my long distance road trips.
Note:  The current Spring 2023 lake level tables for California, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, & Texas appear at very end of this post.  If you are short on time ... or if you have trouble reading (which is understandable) ... then skip down to the tables, aka charts, so that you can sigh with some measure of relief.

Hello there, boys & gargoyles.  Welcome to Pat the Wonder Rat's School for Figuring Stuff Real Good ... or Really Well ... as in "Let's make this real."  Let's find out the truth, once and for all, about the topic at hand:  

It's another one of those Chicken Little topics.  This topic involves the claim that the American West is presently undergoing its worse drought in the past 1,200 years.  In fact, it's attached to the claim that, in 2022, a five mile stretch of the Rio Grande River dried-up.  

At the outset, this allegation is contradicted by the fact that NASA had already declared the Year 1934 as having been the worst drought year in the past 1,000 years.  And that Rio Grande River report was easily proven to have been a complete lie, and evidence showing the Big Rio Lie is here, at this site.

Preview:  It's very elementary, Watson.  If there were a 20 year drought in the American West, the entire West would have become an array of ghost towns by now, with little more than tumbleweeds remaining.  Liars have a way of failing to match observed reality while telling their lies.  After all, during the time span when the former Wild Wild West was supposed to be having its worst drought in the past 1,200 years,  [1] Texas' population grew 20.68% and  [2] Nevada's population grew by 19.45%.   Meanwhile, [3] Utah lead the nation in population growth, to the tune of 23.88%.  This pertains to the US Census Years of 2009 to 2019.  

A  memento of my time out West ... in the former Wild Wild West.
Funny how the End of the World keeps getting postponed, decade after decade

It was the Year 2006 when Al Gore made his bold hurricane prediction, along with his sea level rise prediction.  (A) Since then, a grand total of one and only one Category 5 hurricane made landfall upon the continental United States.  It was Hurricane Michael, in 2018; twelve years after Gore made his Category 6 hurricane prediction.   (B) Since 2006, eight Category 5 hurricanes developed in the Atlantic Basin, and that's an average of one Cat 5 hurricane every two years.  (C) As far as goes Category 5 hurricanes making landfall upon the continental United States in the past 100 years, the number is ONLY FOUR --- (i) The 1935 Labor Day Hurricane, (ii) Hurricane Camille in 1969, (iii) Hurricane Andrew in 1992, and (iv) Hurricane Michael in 2018.  

(D) As far as goes all Category 5 hurricanes that developed in the Atlantic Basin in the past 100 years, the number is 39.  This amounts to one Cat 5 hurricane every two-and-a-half years.  

These are NOT end-of-the-world numbers, especially when making comparisons to the past seven centuries.  Florida's history of approximately or exactly 180 cyclones since 1523 will be the example for you to gloss-over, skim-through, or even peruse like Sherlock Holmes, if you desire.

                  See: https://detailedpedia.com/wiki-List_of_Florida_hurricanes_(pre-1900)

          Also see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Florida_hurricanes_(pre-1900)

These are the tracks of each Florida Cyclone, from 1851 to 1899 ... and only from 185 to 1899.  In that time span, atmospheric co2 was 285 ppm to 295 ppm.  That amounts to 125 ppm to 135 ppm of co2 LOWER than today's atmospheric amount.  According to Al Gore & Michael Mann, those cyclones and cyclones dating back to 1523 should not have occurred so frequently.   
And for the record, the most recent stat on sea level rise is that it rose 9.96 inches, from the Year 1890 to the Year 2021.  That amounts to one inch every 13 years.   

From 1970 to 2021, sea level rose 8.8 mm -- 3.46 inches.  However, a non-government entity who will remain nameless out of politeness claims that the sea level rise was much higher.  The claim was that sea level rose 3.6 inches since 1993, instead of 3.5 inches since 1970.  

During the "Biden Years," it is now being claimed that, all of a sudden, sea level rise will occur at a rate of one inch every 6 1/2 years.  Being that this is not intended to be a political post, nothing more will be stated here.   However, the following may enlighten you.  It deals with the fact that Joe Biden had TWO brain surgeries due to aneurysms, in 1988.  No further comment on this will be made.

See: https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1988-02-14-mn-42679-story.html

Also: https://apnews.com/article/e35733e8b2c96e0f46608c4773700292

None the less . . .

This brings us to a question:  Whom are we to believe about conflicting sea level reports and predictions?  ANS:  The ones who have been living on the coastlines for the past 20 and 30 years.  They'll tell you if there is an encroaching sea level rise that will wreck civilization or not.

(E) And of course, the continental United States went 12 consecutive years without being visited by any major hurricane.  This occurred between Hurricane Wilma and Hurricane Harvey.  The years spanned from 2005 to 2017.  The irony is that the longest absence of major hurricanes in the history of  America began the very year Al Gore predicted that an onslaught of Category 6 hurricanes would smash into American regions such as  . . . all of Florida.   

BTW, in 2022, Hurricane Ian arrived as a Cat 4 hurricane ... and not as a Cat 5.  

(F) In sequence, neither the Maldives nor Lower Manhattan went underwater, as was predicted to US senators in June of 1988.  All in all, the disasters predicted by Al Gore .. and Jim Hansen ... did NOT materialize.  Gore basically got the Nobel Prize for being a False Prophet, all the while making himself outrageously rich.

As a quick observation, if these predicted  calamities are finally going to come true now, then the hundreds of billions of US taxpayer dollars paid to scientists (to prevent climate disaster) was a complete waste of money, hundreds of billions of times over.  All of the UN climate conferences have been a waste of time and money, also.  This is because co2 rose from 360 ppm (in 1995) to 421 ppm (in early 2023).  

A 61 ppm rise in a full 22 years proves the climate conferences to be worthless as to their stated goals.  And the fact that there were far more turbulent weather events decades prior and centuries prior proves blatantly false the Al Gore Theory of Climate & Surface Temperatures.  A rise in CO2 does not accompany more turbulent and more frequent weather disasters, especially during the 12 years between Hurricane Wilma and Hurricane Harvey.

During the days when this type of ship ruled the seas, there were many weather disasters.  This meant that the winds & pressure systems on the high seas ruled the ships, instead.

Nothing New Today & Nothing More Severe than in Former Centuries

The great falsehood of the climate doomsayers is the claim that severe weather events only began with the invention of the internal combustion engine.  For example, both David Attenborough & Michael Mann claimed that the climate and all weather conditions were stable and calm for one thousand years prior to the 20th Century.  Disgraced NY Governor Cuomo said similar.  The truth is that weather events were more turbulent in centuries past, due to one scientific mechanism which appears in textbooks under the title, Pressure Gradient Force.

And of course, Sigourney Weaver became Hillary Clinton's surrogate liar in 2016, by claiming on national TV that, "This we have never seen before" ... concerning severe weather.  No Sigourney.  You were wrong.  It has ALL been done before.  

The truth is that history is filled with multiple weather disasters, even when the atmospheric co2 count was only 65% (two-thirds)  of what it is today (in 1610)   And for the record, the co2 count during caveman days was 61% of what it is today. 

There has not been any adverse climate trend or severe weather event today that was any worse than any weather event or climate trend of the 1500s, 1600s, 1700s, 1800s, and 1900s.  Throughout those centuries, there were horrendous weather disasters & life-changing weather trends which were far more turbulent than the vast majority of today's events.  In fact, there were life-destroying trends back then.  This included the December 1287 flood which killed 50,000 to 80,000 people and altered the coast of the Netherlands.  

The weather of the past 700 years included heat waves, droughts, crop failures, severe winds, cold snaps, blizzards, ice stacking, glacier growth, glacier melt, severe floods, epic Rocky Mountain forest fires, and sea storms that annihilated a couple military fleets, as well as numerous individual ships separated from their fleets ... along with ships that launched & traveled alone.  

Even if you go back a thousand years, you will find disasters such as the Great Coastal Flood of 1099 which killed approximately 100,000 Europeans in the British Isles & in the Netherlands.  The weather disasters included the 1315-1322 Great Famine of Central Europe which killed over 7 million people.  

The weather disasters of the past 700 years also included the 11 month-long Tudor Drought of 1540, along with the Great Storm of 1674 near St Augustine Florida, the oldest established city in the United States.  Then came the July 1743 China Heat Wave that reached 112F and killed approximately 11,400 people.  The disasters also included the ultra-devastating Yellow River Flood of 1887 which killed 930,000 people.  All in all, the weather events that today's climate doomsayers amplify are chump change in comparison to what came before us, throughout past centuries, with exceptions such as 1969's Hurricane Camille.

The pre-modern weather disasters included the Newfoundland Grand Banks Hurricane of 1775 which took 4,000+ lives.  Also in line was the 1776 Pointe-a-Pitre Hurricane which sunk 60% of the French and Dutch ships caught in its winds, as well as killing 22,000 people.  Six thousand of those fatalities were on Guadeloupe when the hurricane arrived.  

The Great Hurricane of 1780 followed suit, taking also 22,000 lives in the Caribbean.   In the Pacific was the JULY TYPHOON OF 1780 which was estimated to have killed 100,000, in the Philippines.  Typhoons would also hit the Philippines in 1782, 1783, 1792, 1793, 1795, 1797, 1802, 1803, 1804, 1809, 1810, 1812, 1819, 1820, 1824, and 1825.  Also in 1780 came New England's Dark Day, recorded by George Washington and others as having been on May 19.  

 There was the Miramichi Fires of October 1825, in New Brunswick, incinerating 2.5 to 5 million acres of forest, while killing approximately 200 to 300 humans.  This was when the co2 count was 284 ppm and during a month when things were supposed to be cool and moist.  If this happened today, the Bill-Gates-funded media would have blared it through trumpets, claiming it to be the sign of the End of the World.  Well, the world didn't end in 1825.

Later came the two most encompassing fires of them all, namely the Peshtigo Fire of 1871 (in Wisconsin) and the Great Michigan Fire, also in 1871.  The two fires charred 4 MILLION acres of Midwestern America.  Then came the Year 1881 which brought a true Yellow Day fire in Michigan, and it was followed by the Big Burn of 1910, effecting Idaho and Western Montana. 

Pre-modern weather events included the 1886 Great Fire of Calgary, in ALBERTA CANADA ... and the 1886 Great Vancouver Fire, also in CANADA ... along with the relatively nearby Great Fire of Spokane and the Great Fire of Seattle, as well as the Great Ellensburg Fire (also in Washington State), all occurring in 1889.  This was followed by the Great Fire of 1919, also in ALBERTA CANADA, as well as in Saskatchewan.  That fire incinerated 5 million acres of forestland.

Moreover, this all occurred when the co2 level was 295 to 303 ppm; 117 to 125 ppm LOWER than today.  Therefore, there is nothing new or apocalyptic about the 2023 Alberta Fires, other than it served as a reminder that neglected, "downed," and lifeless timber dries out, thereby becoming effective kindling.  Those were all tragic fires, throughout the centuries.  Today's fires are not more superior than fires of centuries past.  In fact, when comparing the aforecited fires to the historic Great Chicago Fire, the Great Chicago Fire doesn't even compare slightly.

Ice Jam Floods of the Renaissance & Elizabethan Era

And of course, there was the matter of "ice jam floods," during the Little Ice Age.  These consisted in wedges & blocks of ice lodged in waterways, causing water to backup.  These consisted in natural dams made out of ice ... and NOT caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

Incidentally, the Little Ice Age began with the arrival of the Wolf Minimum in 1284, and it ended with the arrival of the warm rain which incubated the very mobile water mold, Phytophthora infestans, in 1845.  The Year 1845 was the start of the Great Potato Famine  ... in Belgium & the Netherlands.  The water mold quickly spread to elsewhere, including Ireland.   None the less, in 1284, the atmospheric co2 count was 282, and in 1845, the co2 count was 284.  Yet, tremendously damaging natural disasters occurred during that time and long before it.  

The weather disasters during the Little Ice Age were many, and a few of them even included birds falling out of the sky, during sudden weather changes.  The raining of birds is not at all suspiciously non-believable, being that, in the 20th and 21st Centuries, it has rained small silvery fish, small frogs, and crayfish.  As a specific example, in 1873, it rained frogs in Kansas City.

In scouring through the chronicles, almanacs, captains' logs, and newspapers, you can add to the weather equation the wind-swept decimation of Kublai Khan's first invasion fleet of 1274 and the massive splintering of his second invasion fleet, in 1281.  Also add the Spanish Armada disaster of 1588.  This all happened when co2 levels were 120 to 160 ppm LOWER than today.  PPM stands for parts per million, incidentally.

As you can see, mankind survived very turbulent centuries, as well as having survived the horrendous 6th Century, with the Year 536 being the most traumatic of them all.  All in all, the most devastating of weather disasters did NOT come about by the burning of fossil fuels, especially when such burning was accompanied by modern filtration systems and catalytic converters.  The most disastrous climate disasters were the result of ===> volcanic activity which resulted in disastrous cooling trends.  

The disastrous result was due to sulfur dioxide blasting out of a volcano, into the atmosphere, causing sunlight to be reflected back into outer-space.  This is known as "albedo."  This is also known as the "aerosol effect."  And of course, no crop grows on glaciers or on frost or during frozen temperature intervals.  

What actually does cause deadly "turbulent weather?"

The reason why a mini ice age will result in more turbulent weather than a warming period is because of Pressure Gradient Force.  Very simply, the closer the temperature that exists between the Poles and the Equator, the more stable the atmosphere.  The greater the temperature difference between the Equator and the Poles, the more turbulent will be the atmosphere.  

During global warming phases, the temperatures between the Poles and the Equator become closer to each other.  After all, it's during Wintertime when the Polar Jet Stream meanders; not during Summertime.  In fact, in order for any tornado to form, a cold front literally has to "drop in."  Tornadoes are the opposite of global warming events.

All in all, remember the introductory law of Pressure Gradient Force, and even look-up "baroclinic instability," as well as "barotropic instability."  Add Eckman Transport to the reading list.  Eckman Transport addresses the oceans' angular staircase motion throughout layers of ocean water.  You need to learn these specific elements of atmospheric science & oceanography, in order to avoid being the useful idiot of Al Gore, Michael Mann, David Attenborough, the Third World Reps of the UN, and other individuals who have set their income goals upon American taxpayer grants and donation money from people who know nothing about atmospheric science. 

Australia Today.  Okay then, show me the Michael Mann Climate Crisis here.  Looks like he has been lying all along, and living without a conscience.

In direct contrast to the various End of the World Reports that never resulted in the End of the World, the following has recently occurred:

[1a] the Great Barrier Reef of Australia recently enjoyed replenishment.  [1b] Australia received its inland rains & ski lodge snow, as well.   [2]  The dams of the American West predominately enjoyed all of the ingredients that successfully replenish water levels there. 

[3a] Antarctica had its coldest recorded Winter in 2021, [3b] as well as having had its largest sea ice extent in 2015.  

[3c] In fact, it was found that, between 2009 and 2019, sixteen of the 34 ice shelves of Antarctica were growing enough to produce a net ice mass balance gain of positive 661 Gigatons.  It was found that East Antarctica's ice shelves let Antarctica grow another 5,305 square kilometers in ice, despite the 18 ice shelves in the West of Antarctica and on its peninsula which were retreating.  This translates into aggregate ice shelf growth of 2,048 square miles.   Basically, the climate doomsayers were lying to the world about Antarctica, hiding the fact that it was gaining ice mass, all along.

See: (European Geosciences Union, Volume 17 / issue 5 / TC, 17, 2059-2072, 2023 / May 16, 2023.) 

[Andreasen, J. R., Hogg, A. E., and Selley, H. L.: Change in Antarctic ice shelf area from 2009 to 2019, The Cryosphere, 17, 2059–2072, https://doi.org/10.5194/tc-17-2059-2023, 2023.]

Important   ====>   https://tc.copernicus.org/articles/17/2059/2023/?mc_cid=7a3485fd02

BTW, Antarctica's peninsula is outside of the Antarctic Circle.  In fact, it's closer to Argentina than it is to the South Pole.  This is understandable when you take into account the reality that Antarctica is 5.5 MILLION square miles wide.  It's the exact same size as the Arctic Ocean, on the other side of Planet Earth.  This brings the rationally minded person to a question:  Why is the South Pole all ice-covered terrain, while the North Pole is all ice-covered water the exact same size as Antarctica?

[4] Concerning the other side of Planet Earth, even in Western Greenland, the Jacobshavn Glacier was found to be regrowing, in 2017, 2018, and 2019, at last count.  [5] Also up north is England whose landmass experienced record low temperatures in 2023, despite the July 2022 claim that England was now going to be experiencing only dry record heat and fires all over the place.  

[6] Meanwhile, a multiplicity of nations enjoyed record crop yields recently.   [7] And you now have a new weather occurrence, as of 2023, and it is completely opposite of that which was predicted by Michael Mann, Jim Hansen, Al Gore, John Kerry, Bill Gates, David Attenborough, and a number of others who recently came into lots of American taxpayer dollars, ever so coincidentally =====>

421% of the normal for May.  319% & 327%, as well, thereby summing the equation up to a plentiful water supply ... and NOT a 20 year-long drought.  This summarily invalidates all of the climate doomsayer assertions, especially those from the ever so arrogant mouth of the present governor of California who blamed co2 on his absence of foresight.

Okay now.  We've been told that the American West has been enduring its worst drought in 1,200 years.  Well, the truth is that the worst drought there transpired between 1276 and 1299 C.E.  (Common Era.)  In fact, between 1903 to 1918 (when atmospheric co2 was very low) Arica Chile did NOT receive a drop of rain.  And NASA officially stated that the worse drought year in the past one thousand years was 1934.  This and other related topics were already addressed at the Blue Marble Album.

We have also been told that there is a Western American drought that has been ongoing for 20+ consecutive years, despite the Monsoon seasons that regularly visited the American West and which actually came from the Gulf of Mexico ... and NOT from the Pacific Ocean, during any La Nina weather system.  

In as much, wherever there are monsoons, there are NO droughts.  And what is a monsoon?  It's a sea breeze on a continental scale ... on a massive scale.  Even England has a Monsoon season.  It's called, the Return of the Westerlies. This explains the British male stereotype.  It was that of a man wearing a black derby hat, while carrying an umbrella with him everywhere he goes in England.

In re: The present dishonesty of the climate doomsayers, despite 35 years of failed doomsday predictions by which they should have admitted being in error long ago: 

Let's continue with the issue of the climate "experts" stating that the American West is trapped in a long-term drought.  Directly below is another official State of California conveyance, as of May 2023.  Ladies & Gentlemen ... Boys & Gargoyles ... this is the OPPOSITE of a long-term drought or a long-term "climate crisis."  This is the state of the State of California less than one calendar year after it was proclaimed that Planet Earth was in a catastrophic heat, drought, and city fire mode, as well as a forest fire mode.

You need to understand that politicians seek to deceive, while activists seek to intimidate.  Below is an official government illustration, aka chart, aka supplement to an official government report that certain politicians and activists do not want you to view.  The map up top focuses on specific locales.  This one covers all of California.

This is one of the many pieces of evidence ... spanning a 35 year period ... which shows that Michael Mann & Al Gore, as well as Jim Hansen, are NON-factual in their doomsday prophecies.


Despite the contrary reality, the hyper-theatrics of the climate doom scientists were megaphoned by the commercial media, Democracy Today, the U.N., and the state-funded National Public Radio.  Such propaganda would rationalize the $370 BILLION U.S. taxpayer outlay for the climate doomsayers.  There was also an outlay of $424 BILLION, during the final two years of the Obama administration.  So, I'll go look at the pertinent official statistics ... yet again ... and assess this doomsday drought assertion of the Michael Mann Hockey Sticklers, the John Kerry Frequent Fliers, & the Al Gore Carbon Taxers.  

If those doomsday assertions are correct, then the water levels of all the dams and tributary lakes (also reservoirs) in the American West will be near their "dead pool" levels.  And if this is the case, we have to immediately move tens of millions of people out of California, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas, as well as the Red Desert of Wyoming.  

For those unaware, "dead pool" is the water level at which a reservoir or basin or tributary lake can no longer flow downstream.  It's technically known as Minimum Power Pool Elevation.  In addition, when it comes to a water level enabling turbine power generating, "INACTIVE POOL," becomes a serious concern.  Inactive Pool is the minimum water level elevation for generating electrical power.

As an added educational note: When you see the phrase, "tributary lake" or "tributary river," think of a moving body of water "contributing its water" to another river or lake.

I shall return in a few hours, after checking out Western lake & dam water levels.   Tic/tic ... tic/tic ... tic/tic/tic.  Tic again. Tic some more.  Ticarooski. 

Okay, I'm all back and everything from doing all of that fact checking stuff, to see if there really is a drought in the American West by which the World needs to be saved by that muscular model of manliness, Michael hockey-sticks Mann, and that electricity-sparing wise budgeteer, Al carbon-credit Gore.  The conclusion is  ====>

Someone needs to grow up.  Or someone else needs to file a number of False Claims Act lawsuits, where "treble damages" are exacted upon the fraudulent receiver of federal dollars.  Treble damages mean "three times the liability price tag, exacted upon the wrong-doer."  A wrong-doer is known as a tort-feasor, in American law.   

All in all, you do NOT need to fear the doom-ridden 1988 predictions of the former director of NASA's NYC branch, Jim Hansen, in his 35 year old predictions which never came true.  After all, the Maldives did NOT go underwater, lower Manhattan did not go underwater, and the Arctic's closest event to an ice-free August was in 2012, when 1.32 MILLION square miles of ice remained on top of the Arctic Ocean during the hottest time of the year.  That is the size of India plus another 0.8 million square miles.  (India is 1.24 million sq mi.)

Covering the perimeter of that distance of ice was equivalent to flying 1,148 miles east to west and then 1,148 miles north to south.  That's close to flying from Boston to Milwaukee, and then from Milwaukee to Houston, followed by flying from Houston to Miami, and then from Miami back up to Boston again.  That sheet of Arctic ice was 6 times LARGER than the size of France, and it was the lowest amount of Summertime Arctic ice in modern history.  Yet, it was a lot of remaining ice.

Moreover, the UN recently lied when stating that worldwide fatalities due to weather disasters are on the rise.  The opposite is true.  Observe:
Looks like a Choir of Liars were singing to Greta T., deceiving her into believing opposite of the facts.

In the sample graph below ... of 2019 ... take note that the least frequent cause of death were "natural disasters."  IF and ONLY IF the climate doomsayer claims were true, the number of deaths caused by natural disasters would have had skyrocketed decades prior.  However, that type of cause of death is still at the bottom of the statistical list.  

This is yet another piece of evidence proving that the hysterics presented by Al Gore, Michael Mann, the third-world-country reps at the UN, Jim Hansen, Bill Nye, and several others are outright fraudulent.  Deaths by cause of Natural Disasters have ridiculously low numbers compared to all of the other causes of death.  Heart disease is the #1 cause, as in 18,560,000 vs 6,076 natural disaster deaths.  Look for yourself.  In like fashion, cancer surpassed "natural disasters" to the tune of 10,080,000 to 6,076.


It was very falsely reported that 5 million people die each year die from heat.  The reality is not even close, no matter which data set you use.  Example: In the chart above, the statistical claim is that 48,000 people died from heat and cold exposure, in the Year 2019 ... not 5 million.  According to USA TODAY, two million people died from "extreme temperatures" since 1970.  This averages-out to 40,000 deaths a year in a 50+ year period, where heat deaths and cold deaths were counted together.  However ...

There was another statistical presentation which claimed that, in 2019 alone, there were 356,000 heat-related deaths.  However, the same paper stated a statistic which lessened the impact of the 356,000 heat-related deaths.  There was the statistical allegation that 1,300,000 deaths of the same year were due to freezing.  This is not believable.  The allegation that 356,000 people died from heat, in 2019, is also not believable.  So, which data set are we to believe?

The Reason why "Global Warming" was changed to "Climate Change"

An undeniable scientific fact ... as undeniable as Medieval Viking artifacts being found in formerly warm Southern Greenland ... is that there was NO GLOBAL WARMING FROM 1999 TO 2016.  Thus, in order to retain the psychological terrorism on the under-educated human population of teenagers and pre-teen schoolchildren, the climate activists needed to delete the phrase, "global warming," and replace with something that sounded frightening.  As is proven in the very revealing Climategate Emails, the replacement phrase of "climate change" was conjured.  

This is a foolishly selected phrase, because climate can also change for the better.  That phrase was actually replaced by "Extreme Weather Events."  And, when one scours through the history sources such as chronicles, nothing is more extreme today than in centuries past, when it comes to weather events.

The important point in mentioning the aforementioned paragraph is that you can instantly detect a fraudulent academic paper, IF and ONLY IF the claim is that there was "global warming" for the first 15 years of the 21st Century.  For example, one very worthless paper claimed that mankind endured global warming from the Year 2000 to the Year 2018, and it resulted in 5 million heat-related deaths per year.

Once again, science officially identified the Years 1999 to 2016 to be years of NO GLOBAL WARMING.  And more importantly, there is nowhere in worldwide statistics & in the record-keeping world that a number exists even close to five million people dying of heat per year.  The highest statistical number was 356,000, and the lowest statistical number was 40,000.

You need to understand that climate doomsayers outright lie about the facts.  And of course, the number 1 piece of evidence proving these doomsayers to be liars are the newspaper editions of the 1870s, 1890s, 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, and 1930s, when it comes to heat ... and the editions of the 1940s, 1960s, and 1970s concerning the temperature decline which was correctly reported in the Briffa temperature graph, but which was fraudulently omitted from Michael Mann's blatantly fraudulent hockey stick graph.  Then comes almanacs, chronicles, captains' logs, and even monastery receipts.  Those receipts proved that grapes were being successful grown in Northern England and Denmark, during the Medieval centuries.

Briffa Included the Temperature Decline of the 1960s and 1970s

Mention of the Briffa graph was already addressed at the Blue Marble Album, and there is a search box at the top right-hand corner of the Blue Marble website.

The doomsayers' claim of a Western US drought worse than anything in the past 1,200 years

The West has been known to get yearly Monsoons as recently as last year (2022).  If there presently is the worst drought in 1,200 years, then Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, California, and Utah would have become ghost town states, by now.  Texas would be the land of the great climate exodus, with Texas "climate refugees" endlessly rolling into Louisiana.  Yet, the population of Texas has grown, along with those of Nevada and Utah.

Such a drought would have been front page news, with graphic photography that can fill a museum.  We've had no such iconic American drought photos since 1936, except for some California fire photos & videos which reminded us that neglected fallen-trees become dried kindling that does a much better job than do blue-tip matches, when it comes to starting and perpetuating a massive fire.

The government employees, grantees, and contractors who make these "alarming climate calamity" predictions get LOTS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS, if and only if they claim that things are terrible and that the world's going to end soon without the American taxpayer shelling-out billions more (to the exact same scientists who failed to decrease co2 in the past 22 years), to save the planet.

Conversely, those same people get no taxpayer money at all, if they say that the climate is under control ... and that there is no climate crisis today any worse than there was in the 1500s or in the 1700s or in the 1900s.  So, they cry out the most profitable phrase of them all, namely "Climate Wolf!"  

In the alternate, they cry-out, "The sky is falling, from all that co2 up there" --- all one-half of one percent of it in the Troposphere (0.042%)... and much less than 0.042% in the Stratosphere.  As a result, an entire generation of useful idiots joined the political movement of the enriched doomsayer scientists and the heavily enriched non-scientist activists.  

That generation will be expected to pay-off the overwhelming American national debt of $32,000,000,000,000 ... thanks to the 108th U.S. Congress all the way to the 117th U.S. Congress, and all of the long-term politicians who inhabited the U.S. Congress from 2003 to 2022.  The youth of today will have to pay the bill for all of the unjust enrichment that scientists and activists enjoyed, under the claim that we are in a climate crisis.

Australia & America:  A climate world apart, due to the Coriolis Effect

Concerning Michael Mann's audacity in stating that both the American West and Australia are going to very soon create mass sums of climate refugees, let's review:   Firstly, he and Hansen and even Gore stated similar things years prior, and this has not happened.

Secondly, due to the existence of  ENSO (already mentioned multiple times at the Blue Marble Album and elsewhere), the weather of Australia and Western America has "an inverse relationship."  So too is this the case with Indonesia and America.  That is to say, the opposite happens in Australia to that which happens in the American West.  Indonesia, too.  Those two general geographic territories are not on the same page.  After all, look at a globe or a world map.  The only way in which these two different and very distant parts of Planet Earth can have the same weather is if and only if Planet Earth suddenly becomes flat.

The reality is that, from 1895 to the Year 2010, an average of 14% of America endured a D2 drought (severe) and/or a D3 drought (extreme), constantly.  Of course, co2 levels were quite low from the 1890s to the 1920s to the wartime 40s and even during the Vietnam-era 1960s.  In fact, even in 1965, when the Beatles made world  history, the co2 count was 100 parts-per-million LOWER than it is today.  Even when the co2 count was below 300 ppm, the American West hosted long-term droughts, in the plural, long before the arrival of the European explorers. 

This indicates that somewhere in the continent of America there are always drought conditions.  This includes today.  As for the Spring of 2023, where would the drought be, if not in the former Wild Wild West?  ANS:  For mid to late May 2023, try Kansas and Oklahoma, as well as the Tampa Bay area, ironically enough.  Florida was supposed to have gotten a thousand year storm in April.  Yet, the West Coast of that State is in need of rainfall in May ... of the same year.  True thousand year storms aren't so narrow in scope.

USA, May 2023.  Look at the "Bread Basket of America" and remember the 14% observation.

Okay then, back to the claim that the American West has been under a dreadful drought for decades.  Well, if this is the case, then the water levels of all the dams and/or tributary lakes and/or reservoirs in the West will be drained down to their dead pool levels.  The reality is that no such thing is even closely occurring out West, despite the increase in a water-consuming population there, dating back to the opening of Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam.  Look for yourself.  BTW, there is an article (discourse or post or writing) on Lake Mead at the Blue Marble Album.  This is why it isn't mentioned in this post.  And of course, the Blue Marble Album still has a search box at its top right-hand side.

State by State Analysis

Firstly, New Mexico was mentioned by name as being a sovereign state severely afflicted by drought. Well, its four major dams are almost topped-off.  Where's the drought there?

Note:  The Navajo Dam is on the San Juan RIVER.  That river is a tributary river to the famous Colorado River.  Plus, the Ute Dam is on the Canadian River, in Logan, N.M. That river is a major tributary river to the Arkansas River.  The Ute Dam was constructed in 1963.

Let's see the sovereign state of California which is said to be in the death-throes of drought. It looks like you have a greater chance of drowning in California than dying of dehydration there.

Utah was also reported as being severely water-deprived more than usual.  False report.

Arizona was said to be in really really desperate conditions:

And next, Oregon. Drought?  What drought?

Texas was said to be one big dried-out desert.  Well, if there were no water there, there wouldn't be people there, either.  It appears that there's a lot of water in dry dry Texas.  Let's see for ourselves:

Colorado was mentioned too, in all of the doomsday reporting.  Let's see how doomsdayish Colorado looks in the Springtime of 2023. 
Do you get the message, yet?  Or have you been so severely brainwashed by commercial TV, the American Public School System, Michael Mann, Jim Hansen, John Kerry, & Al Gore that you are incapable of thinking your own free thoughts?   Do you miss your own personal opinion, or do you bind yourself to whatever your fifth grade teacher told you to do for the rest of your life, in the name of  your carbon blueprint, for the sake of an atmosphere which is already 99.9734% carbon-free?
Also for the record, the most recent End of the World prediction ...
... before the 2030 end-of-the-world prediction ... before the 2020 Glacier National Park failed prediction ... before the failed Maldives-sinking-in-the-ocean prediction for 2018 ... before the failed Ice-free Arctic prediction assigned for the Year 2014 ... 
... there was a doomsday prediction for the Year 2000, and it came from the U.N. in 1989.  Observe:  "... official says entire nations could be wiped off the Face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the Year 2000."  That prediction was yet another FALSE PROPHECY.  And the false prophesying continues. 

The world is always coming to an end, when it comes to money-grabbing activists and unemployed scientists.   The truth is that you have more of a chance of dying during a Nuclear Winter than during a phrase of Global Warming.  Such phases have come in cycles, mostly due to multi-decadal ocean oscillations and perhaps due to sunspot activity.  The opposite thereof was the case between the Years 1645 and 1710, when sunspot activity was often on vacation, and when ice festivals on the Thames River were an easily accommodated Winter tradition.

This trend of climate doomsayer theft-by-deception has been ongoing for over THIRTY-FIVE YEARS.  Some of us are old enough to have remembered the original bull crap.  Others are not old enough to have remembered, and they ended up making worldwide jackasses out of themselves on national & international TV.
Well, at least the CO2 police assigned the predicted doom-events to be even-numbered years ending in zero.  This includes the Next End of the World (having been assigned the Year 2030) and the Former End of "Entire Nations" (having been assigned to the Year 2000), as well as the Extinction of Glacier National Park's several glaciers (predicted to be gone by 2020.)  By the way, are those pesky things still up there?