May 2, 2024

El Nino Southern Oscillation & La Nina and the Global Cooling of the 1940s, 1960s, & 1970s.

 And then there is the alternating of directional ocean flow between El Nino & La Nina.  These are ocean oscillations, located at the Equator.  This is when ocean water does NOT travel like a rotating gyroscope on the large scale, but rather, the current-flow travels west to east to eventually west again, is bordered by a string of smaller gyres, known as eddys. You will see eddy after eddy after eddy, connected like jewelry along one side of the ENSO ocean oscillation.  ENSO stands for El Nino Southern Oscillation. 

Now, the Equator is taught to be equated with the "Intertropical Convergence Zone," where you have little wind, a lot of low pressure, and a lot of rain.  However, the ITCZ is not a straight line across Zero Degrees Latitude.  

 It shifts/bends significantly & seasonally in the Atlantic, Africa, and Asia, into India.  For example, In January, it will cross through Brazil at 10 Degrees Latitude and then rise toward the northwest, into Liberia, Ivory Coast, & Ghana, and then make a diagonal descent though Zambia, Mozambique, and eventually to Northern Australia. 

Then, in July, the Intertropical Convergence Zone travels through a line close to the 23.5 degree Tropic of Cancer, into Southern Saudi Arabia, through the Middle of India, and through Southern China (including Guangdong).  However, in the Pacific, its wavy, but relatively straight in its pathway.  And, it's taught to be a huge influence of American weather.

BTW, speaking of China, Beijing does have a Monsoon season.


The atmosphere is made of intricate gears that are repeatedly counter-intuitive.  Writing everything off as a result of the atmospheric co2 level is frightening mindlessness.

The El Nino & La Nino equatorial currents travel between Longitudes 120E & 80W, and it has had a huge effect on American and Australian weather. 

What is ENSO?

An El Nino event is one that starts during late December and endures for approximately four years (from 2 - 7 yrs, actually).  It was named after the Christ Child, and it is associated with heat in the American Continent.  La Nina is the eventual counteraction of those equatorial ocean currents, and it is associated with colder than usual temperatures on the American Continent.  The Year 1998 was an El Nino Year.  It was associated with a warm American Winter which frightened everyone who had no experience in atmospheric science.  Yet, it was pleasurable.  It was the Winter of little shivering.

The El Nino Southern Oscillation is abbreviated ENSO. 

At this point, it is important to note that, throughout the rest of the Earth, the ocean surfaces are composed of massive GYRES which rotate like gigantic gyroscopes.  This is why ocean waves crash into the shoreline at an angle, instead of doing so in a straight line.  This angular wave motion is one of many proofs that the Earth is round, and it involves something known as the Coriolis Effect which you can look-up at your convenience.

The Coriolis Effect also involves something known as Eckman Transport which can refute one of Al Gore's paranoiac claims about climate doom in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean.  Gore and his team claimed that fresh-water ice from Greenland will progressively melt into the Atlantic, thereby lessening the ocean's salt content, and thereby causing the ocean to stop circulating and to cause an Ice Age in England.  Well, if such a melting scenario were possible, it would only result in suppression of ocean down-welling and upwelling.   In order to get the oceans to stop moving, you need to stop the rotation of the Earth and you need to stop the formation of wind.Drawing of prevailing winds' influence on Atlantic hurricanes in a La NiƱa summer

Incidentally, if you want to identify a climate fraud, simply ask that person this:  "What is the definition of wind?"  The fraud won't know the answer.  Wind is high pressure air traveling toward low pressure air ... denser air making a route to empty itself into air with less compacted air parcels.  It's high pressure gravitating toward low pressure.   You can even effectively define wind as high pressure air chasing low pressure air.   The concept is understood as such.

Upwelling involves the providing of nutrients to sea life which abides in the Euphotic Zone.  Concerning this, nature apparently has within it compensatory features throughout the Earth.  Nature apparently has a Plan B, when upwelling is mitigated or halted.  This is because a certain food source unexpectedly super-multipled as of recently, and such a thing will prevent any environmental oceanic crisis caused by the blocking of upwelling.  It's called coccolithophore phytoplankton.  

 In fact, there is an area in the Gulf of Mexico which used to be called the Dead Zone, due to the negligent draining of residual industrial fertilizer there, via the Mississippi River.  It's back to life now, and a major presence there is the coccolithophore phytoplankton.

Concerning the effort to understand ocean down-welling, it is needed to look-up Pycnocline.

This discourse also omits mention of Sublimation and Deposition.   Sublimation is when ice turns into vapor without going through the melted liquid stage.  Deposition is when vapor suddenly turns into ice.   

Two points to make about sublimation, before we move on:  A sign that sublimation has occurred is that the ice is jagged.  When ice is partially jagged and only partially smoothed-out, that's the result of partial sublimation, needless to say.  

The greatest example of sublimation is at the top of the Himalaya Mountains.  The greatest example of partial sublimation is seen on the walls of calving ice.  Contrary to mainstream media's explanation thereof, calving ice is NOT the result of melting ice.  Melting ice simply recedes.  It does not perform a grand dive into the ocean.  Calving is the result of an increase of snow toward the center of a landmass, pushing out the snow at the shorelines.  Yes, calving is the sign of increased snow, while calving ice walls are partially jagged and partially smoothed-out.  

Concerning the Thermohaline Circulation which is not to be confused with the Thermocline

An activist giving a speech might simultaneously show a world map projection marked with a colorful band/line traveling through the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.  It looks like a ribbon.  This can deceive the untrained public into assuming that the water motion symbolized by the ribbon is located at the surface of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.  Well, the previously mentioned gigantic OCEAN GYRES are what exist at the surface of the oceans.  In fact, the massive gyre in the American side of the Atlantic ocean is called the Sargasso Sea.  Al Gore is not a good teacher, in his withholding too many facts.

 a map of the earth showing gyres in the world ocean
From the United States National Ocean Service --- (the NOS)

Being that ocean gyres are important in understanding how much of a fraud the Al Gore people have been, one needs to understand the Coriolis Effect.  This involves the rotation and tilt of the Earth (aka the Earth's "obliquity").  Firstly, the Earth presently tilts at 23.5 degree slant. Secondly, the Earth is revolving around the sun at 66,660 miles per hour.  At the Equator it rotates around itself at 1,037 miles per hour.  Moreover, the Earth's Rotation Speed at various latitudes go as follows, in miles per hour (mph) :::

10 degrees: 1021mph    20 deg:  975mph    30 deg: 898mph    40 deg: 795mph

50 degrees:  667mph     60 deg:  519mph    70 deg: 355mph    80 deg: 180mph


Now, keep in mind also that the warmest latitude on Earth is NOT always the Equator.  The warmest latitude is the Summertime Tropic,  at 23.5 degrees,  if a Summertime is in progress, as opposed to an Autumn or Springtime. 

Spring vs Autumn CO2 Levels

Speaking of Springtime, Al Gore stated in his first science fiction movie that, during Springtime, co2 is abundant, and during autumn's harvest season, co2 levels in the atmosphere are low.  The truth is that the difference between the Springtime level of co2 and the Autumn level is no more than 2%.  It's merely a 2% difference.  Again, Gore was a terrible teacher.

Heat's Entrance & Exit Rates at the Earth's Various Latitudes

It would also have helped for someone to have admitted that, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the following occurs ===> From the 40th parallel of both hemispheres to the poles of both hemispheres, more heat exits Planet Earth's atmosphere into outer space than enters Earth's atmosphere from outer space.  The Earth's only viable source of heat is the Sun, and the Earth's storehouse of heat mostly exists from Latitude 40 degrees N to Latitude 40 degrees S  ...  or visa-versa.

Two more things, regarding this :::  1} The Earth is FARTHEST from the Sun during the Northern Hemisphere's Summer and the Southern Hemisphere's Winter.   2} The Earth spins from West to East.

Their Failed Doomsday Predictions & Hypocrisy

The Global Warmists failed in ALL of their doomsday predictions, mostly made circa 1988.  All of the predicted climate doom was supposed to have been complete by 2018-2020.  In fact, during this present time span, when the media obsessively barks out "Climate Change," Antarctica recently had it coldest day in recorded history, so recorded by satellite technology ::: a MINUS 135.7.  

Furthermore, in 2021, the same Antarctica had its coldest six-month period on record.  Even the prejudiced & slanted CNN reported that fact.  BTW, this Antarctic six month period is more commonly known as WINTER.  

The Antarctic held its coldest winter in known history, in 2021.  That's a sure sign that the phenomenon of NOT-Global-Warming is occurring throughout the Earth.  The temperature gets evened-out in such scenarios.

Examples of failed Climate Change predictions go as follows :::  

~The Maldives were predicted to be underwater by 2018.  In 2022, the Maldives are alive and well, with financially affluent human life there.  

~ The glaciers of Glacier National park were supposed to be gone by 2020.   Actually, there were originally predicted to have been gone by 1948.  They are still there, and a lot of snowplowing goes on at Glacier National in April, May, and even June, to make the tourist roads clear. 

~And of course, the Arctic Ocean's sea ice didn't completely or even almost melt away in any Summer since the 1988, or in any Summer since 1388.  However, in 1904 was the sailing of the Northwest Passage, slightly north of Alaska and the such.  

The least amount of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean was during the Summer of 2012.  The remaining ice there was still 1.32 million square miles in size.  In fact, to travel over the Arctic Ocean's 2012 Summertime sea ice sheet was equivalent to driving from Fargo North Dakota to San Diego California, as well as driving from the Southern border of New Mexico to the northern border of Montana.   That is a lot of road travel.  That is a lot of Summertime ice.   Etc go the examples of failed doomsday prophecies. 

There turned out to be a great irony in the Climate Doomsayers having selected of the Year 2020 as the predicted year of completed melting.  It goes as follows:  In the month of May 2020, North American towns & cities underwent 233 record low temperatures vs a mere 18 record highs for the same month.

See and hear: 233 record lows in month of May 2020

In fact:  Antarctica's massive Ross Ice Shelf (the size of Spain) was found to be crystalizing at its bottom, instead of melting in any degree thereof.  This was discovered by New Zealand scientists, and it was a decisive discovery:

See:  The Crystalizing of the Ross Shelf

Incidentally, the Arctic Ocean is the exact same size as is the Antarctic Continent; 5.5 million sq miles.  One more thing ::: The largest and driest desert on Planet Earth is not the Sahara.  It's Antarctica.

BTW, Barack Obama purchased an oceanside mansion located at Massachusetts' Martha's Vineyard.  The president who claimed that ocean levels would tragically rise is literally at an ocean's shoreline, living in luxury.  And Obama cannot claim that he solved any co2-driven Global Warming problem, because co2 levels rose throughout Obama's presidency and throughout every year after his presidency.  None the less, during the final years of his tenure, co2 emissions in America did decline.  But, it had no worldwide effect.  CO2 emissions in the United States also declined during the tenure of President Donald Trump.

In sequence, Hypocrite Extraordinaire, John Kerry, purchased an $11.75 million beachfront mansion which is also in Martha's Vineyard.  It's within walking distance of the ocean shoreline.  In fact, Kerry owns 18 acres of land there.  The logical surmise is that Mr. I'm-Leaving-on-a-Jet-Plane apparently has no belief that the oceans will rise and cause 18 acres of beachfront property to be submerged.  

In 2020, Bill and Melinda Gates spent $43 million on an oceanfront mansion in Del Mar California, doing so the year prior to them parting company and going their separate ways as much as is possible for billionaires in charge of a charity organization.  Yet, Bill Gates repeatedly warns of sea level rise and the eventual submerging of shoreline property.  He spent $43 million on shoreline property.

In the 1970s, there were warnings of Global Cooling and an oncoming Ice Age.

The Climate Doomsday Forecasts of the 1970s involved the conjecture that a mini ice age might be returning.   The '70s involved the "decline" mentioned in the infamous Climategate emails of 2009.  Very simply, it got really cold back then, and this was only 120 years after the last mini ice age ended. Refer to newspaper and magazine archives, to prove that articles were being written on the decline of temperatures throughout the 1960s & 1970s.  I was there, as a young child and then as a teenager.  It was cold in the Wintertime.  It was really cold.

Then came the Global Warming Scare, on June 23, 1988, with James Hansen in front of the US Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources.  The kick-off of Climate Doomsday was being announced by Hansen, such as in his prediction that the Maldives would be underwater within 30 years (by 2018).  Of course, that never happened in any degree.

Moreover, Hansen ... and others ... have taken raw climate data and changed it, and in having done so, they ever so coincidentally fitted the "newly amended" climate record to their co2 warming assertions.  They adjusted the numbers to fit the story line.  Doing the numerical changes was called "homogenization" by those changing the temperatures.  Others called it fraud.  Speaking of government employees committing fraud, watch the following:

 See:  NOAA Gold Medalist accuses NOAA of deliberate temperature record keeping fraud

All in all, none of Hansen's predictions have come true.  Now, in a 2007 deposition, with Hansen being an expert witness in the case, he "averred" (claimed) that most of the Greenland Ice Sheet will have melted by 2107, and that the sea level rise will have amounted to 23 feet.  No such melting at the rate predicted is occurring yet.   At present, the Greenland Ice Sheet is at a range of 6,600 to 9,800 feet high.

The Earth's climate has been a cyclical roller coaster ride throughout its history.

If you want evidence that today's scientists are lying about the 21st Century being the hottest and the one most visited by weather disasters, go to the newspapers archives of 1871, 1878, 1896, 1901, 1906, 1911, 1921, 1922, 1934, 1936, 1954, etc.   In fact, go to the 1970s archives, where an oncoming ice age was the predicted event.  You will find that climate catastrophes were much more intense and more frequent in the past 80-150 years than they are today.    The blame for the climate disasters was originally Solar activity, or the lack thereof.  That which was blamed for those weather disasters of the 1970s was ====> Global COOLING.

None the less, if you want to learn about true atmospheric science, purchase a private pilot training course's textbook on Weather Theory.      

May 1, 2024

Michael Mann was never even nominated for a Nobel Prize. He's a con artist, and scientists looking for congressional funding keep silent about it.

Contrary to his public claim and the claim of Democracy Now, Michael Mann is NOT recognized by the Nobel Foundation as any type of Nobel laureate.  This was confirmed by the official Nobel Foundation Office, itself, in an audio recording.  Michael Mann was NEVER nominated for a Nobel Prize, in the first place.  Being that he was NEVER on the nomination list, he surely was NEVER on the laureate list.  Case Closed.  He's a con artist.  The only question that remains is if whether or not the personnel of Democracy Now were a bunch of dupes or contributory con artists.  They are very prejudiced and agenda-driven.  So, do the math.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** *

Audio Proof that Michael Mann's Nobel Prize Claim is a fraudulent misrepresentation (aka lie) 

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

That particular recording assures us that Michael Mann is NOT on the list of Nobel Prize sole-winners or co-winners, in any category.  So, you do NOT have to submit to him, no matter what he says or writes.  And you surely don't have to submit to the present-day media who happens to be filled with personnel not known for common sense, honesty, reason, diligence, ... or humility.  BTW, stubbornness is not diligence.

NEITHER has any group affiliated with Michael Mann won or co-won the Nobel prize in Physics ... or in Chemistry ... or in Physiology, aka medicine ... or in Literature ... or in the Economic Sciences.  

There is one and only one group which co-won the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore, in 2007.  That was the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  

Take note that they did NOT win the Nobel Prize in Physics.  The Nobel Peace Prize is only one of the several yearly prizes awarded by the Nobel Foundation, and Michael Mann's name is NOT on any of those peace prize awards ... or any other Nobel award.

All in all, Mann is fraudulently passing himself off as the ultimate end-all scientist of his particular field of study which happens to be "surface temperatures."  

In addition, he's a notably dull and boring speaker.  If you have insomnia, simply go to a Michael Mann talk, and voila!  No more insomnia.  He makes the End of the World sound all so boring.  Therefore, the best thing to wear to a Michael Mann talk is pajamas.  Bring a pillow. 

The great self-negating feature to Michael Mann, decline hider extraordinaire, is something known as evidence.  Take notice:
Above:  Introducing ... in printed legacy ... the Temperature Decline that Michael Mann was hiding, yet which was declared to fully exist, by an unanimous field of specialists ... as far back as 1961.

At this point, it's also important for you to realize that Al Gore NEVER co-won the Nobel Prize in Physics or in Chemistry or in Physiology or in Economic Sciences or in Literature.  Al Gore, at best, is a remedial science student who went on Conan O'Brien's talk show and confidently stated that the center of Planet Earth is millions of degrees.  Try 9,800F to 10,800F, instead.  If the core of Planet Earth were millions of degrees, vaporization & annihilation would have occurred long ago. 

BTW, do you remember reading-of or hearing Michael Mann's doomsday predictions about Australia soon becoming a "climate refugee" nation?  Well, 2022 was a year of record high crops in East Australia.  Also in 2022 was the announcement that  two of the three major sectors of the Great Barrier Reef was replenished to the point of having the most coral cover in 36 years.   The guy lied about Australia, probably assuming that Americans are too stupid to find out what's going-on on the other side of the planet.  Michael Mann is a protected jerk.  One day the protection will suddenly vanish.  The puppeteers will cut the strings.  For now, stay away from the guy.

All in all, Michael Mann is the ultimate Climate Denier in having denied the existence of the Medieval Warm Period & the Mini-Ice-Age, not to mention part of the 1940 to 1979 temperature decline, with all of his "math trick" talent.   See: climategate emails.  

See:  =====>   The Climategate Emails w/ introductory narrations.   <=====

Now, concerning the 1950s (in part), the '60s (in whole), & the '70s (predominately so), the cooling trend had gotten to the point where England's growing season was shortened by two weeks.  No matter what today's lying propagandists publish, it was very cold back then.  In fact, as American schoolchildren walked toward their homes, they had to turn around and walk backwards, so that the bitter cold wind would not directly stream down their shirt/blouse collars.  

It was assumed at the time that Winters were to be bitterly cold, as a rule.  This is why the warming trend of 1983 & 1984 surprised people.  In fact, February 1998 was so nice that it scared people, including radio icon Paul Harvey.  Then, when the coldest winter in 40 years arrived (in 2014), humanity realized that the climate is cyclical.

See:   New York Times, May 21, 1975

Briffa (2000) Reconstruction (before fitting to temperature). Left-version from Briffa (2000); right-varying the Tornetrask and Urals versions to newer versions.
The proxy evidence showed a decline in surfaces temps from the WWII period to the new millennium.

Enter Keith Raphael Briffa (1952 - 2017).  He was the quintessential tree ring proxy advocate.  This means that he was an aficionado in Dendroclimatology.  His climate "reconstruction" of the past 1,000 years -- abridged into 600 years -- goes as follows:
The red section above is what Mann was praised for hiding, in the Climategate emails.

Below: Look at the YELLOW LINE, toward the right side of the predominately blue graph.  Look closely at the "0.0C" temperature anomaly X-axis.  If the Briffa reconstruction were not deleted, Michael Mann could not have drawn a steeply upward sloping line to represent drastic warming. 

Now, the Y-axis scale on the chart below is not remarkable, because the whole chart involves no more than 1.5 degree Celsius in variability.  Thus, the chart only deals with small increases or decreases in the temperature anomaly (aka temperature changes.)  Using smaller increments exaggerates the slope of a graph and serves to deceive people, instead of enlightening them.  It makes that which is little look much more pronounced than it really is.

BELOW:  Look at the Briffa Reconstruction again, in a more clear view.  It's based on tree ring density only.  The Briffa line is green and it starts at the Year 1400 or so.  

As far as goes Mann, he has two lines on that graph.  The thinner line is dark blue and it doesn't begin until 1580.  That was ever-so-coincidentally after the great heatwave & drought of 1540.  None the less, that thinner dark blue line only involves temperatures from Latitude 30N to 70N.  This means that it does NOT involve global temperatures.  After all, no southern hemispheric temperatures are involved, and no northern tropical temperatures are involved.  

The Tropics are 23.5 degrees latitude, north & south.  Yet, Michael Mann's math doesn't begin until the 30th parallel north.  Welcome to Michael Mann's real math trick.  It's the trick where you leave numbers out of the equation.

The other line of Mann, the black one, involves all Northern Hemispheric temps from 1000 C.E to 2000 C.E.  However, it's the dark blue "30N-70N" line which is the one able to hide the decline.

Note that the slope of the temperature decline was very pronounced.  So, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change simply cut off the decline at the Year 1960.  Then came Michael Mann and his bag of tricks. The disappearing act ensued.

The MBH Hockey Stick Graph--- was never test driven or tested for cracks.  (M=Mann, B=Bradley, H=Hughes)

Michael Mann, Decline Hider Extraordinaire, never revealed the data sets that he used to justify the drawing of his asininely ridiculous hockey stick climate graph.  Thus, he never justified why he deleted the historically known Medieval Warm Period and the very well chronicled Mini Ice Age.  

Rumor had it that Mann dropped the use of proxy evidence as soon as it showed a decline in surface temperatures.  He then included thermostat stats, in its place.  This is the act of mixing apples with oranges.

The irony to that graph was that it was a straight declining line for 1,000 years, by a half degree, as if Climate were in a perpetually stagnate coffin, except for handful of upticks.  One uptick on his very fraudulent graph was during the Wolf Minimum.  Oops.  He denied the Little Ice Age at its historic beginning. 

The Wolf Minimum came in 1280 and preceded the Great Plague of 1348.  The Great Plague is often regarded as the start of the Mini Ice Age.  Actually, 1280 C.E. can be regarded as the start of the 550 year age of Ice Dominance.  

None the less, the Briffa reconstruction had temperatures that were higher at the start of the 20th century.  Thus, the real decline was a sharper downward slope. Mann decided to make the slope much more gradual.  This meant that, according to Michael Mann, there are no natural mechanisms to create weather variations on an upward temperature trend more than half a degree.  According to Mann, upward trends can only be accomplished by the use of the combustible engine.   Yet, drastic weather changes occurred throughout history ... long before the invention of the combustible engine and the Mack Truck. 

Well, there were a number of climate change scenarios in the past 4,000 years, when there were no combustible engines or coal power plants.  In some cases, there weren't even chariots.  Michael Mann's graph is an insult to human intelligence.  Well, all of Michael Mann is an insult to human intelligence ... not merely his hockey stick graph.

During the Renaissance Era Ice Age, there were still occasional warm Summers and hot days throughout that time.  One example was the June 28, 1778 Battle of Monmouth which involved 25,000 troops.  It was fought in present-day Freehold New Jersey.  That was a huge number of soldiers for the American Revolutionary War.  The June 1778 battle ended with the British withdrawing its troops at night, incidentally.  

In addition, there were droughts during those centuries, including the 1540s Tudor Drought.  There were catastrophic hurricanes, too, even though the atmospheric co2 count was very low, when compared to today.  As an example, 1780 was a catastrophic year with hurricane damage being its highlight.  One hurricane killed 22,000 people, in 1780.

The 2nd most asinine thing Michael Mann ever said in front of a camera.  

Michael Mann was asked how much CO2 must be removed from the atmosphere.  Mann confidently said, "Half the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in ten years," ... in order to prevent a 1.5C catastrophic temperature rise.  Stop there.  That spoken line shows that Mann either knows nothing about the new findings in atmospheric physics or he is just not thinking when he talks.

Proxy history showed that not even a 2C rise is catastrophic, but rather, a 2C rise accompanied the rise of the great & historic Roman Empire.  For the record, it was scientifically & professionally surmised, via Mediterranean proxy material, that the Roman Warm Period was TWO degrees CELSIUS warmer than it is today.

Plus, the temperature rise helped the Romans finally conquer the hard hitting Gaul army of Chieftain Vercingetorix, in an eight year-long war --- in a land known as present-day France.  Thus, a 1.5C rise in surface temperature is NOT anywhere near catastrophic.  

For the record, the Gauls used to terrorize Italy ... demand tribute, take Italian gold, etc.  So, Julius decided to stop the terror attacks and bring back to Italy the Roman gold that had Vercingetorix's fingerprints on it.

None the less, here is the supreme asininity of that one Michael Mann assertion, concerning deleting half the CO2 from the atmosphere:

{1} Half of today's level of co2 = 210 parts per million (ppm).  That constitutes 50 ppm LESS THAN during cave-man days.  That constitutes 73 ppm LESS THAN the start of the 19th Century, aka the Napoleonic Era.  Both time periods occurred when the human population was much smaller than today.

See for yourself:  ***>  Atmospheric CO2 graph, starting at 1800  <***

{2a}  Today's population is 8 BILLION in human beings, meaning that much more crop harvesting is needed today than during the Napoleonic War Years when the world population was approximately 1 billion.  Thus, much more CO2 is needed today, and coincidentally enough, the atmosphere is presently providing the extra needed amount of CO2 for our era.  

{2b} CO2 is the KEY to PHOTOSYNTHESIS.  When CO2 goes below 150 ppm, all photosynthesis halts.  Life on Earth soon follows suit.  Dropping the CO2 count to 210 ppm is irresponsible.

{2c} NASA has already reported on the added greening of the present-day Arctic Circle during the Summer months.  Extra CO2 increases photosynthesis throughout the Earth.  In as much, IF you want to "go green," the first thing that you have to do is INCREASE THE ATMOSPHERIC CO2 LEVEL.  Growers do this to their greenhouses, as a rule.

See:  NASA's Satellite Technology shows the greening of the Earth 

          NASA reports a greener Earth of recent

           CO2 levels making Earth Greener

            Added co2 and added plant growth demonstration

The asininity of Michael Mann and his fellow racketeer, Al Gore, is that they are doing the opposite of what it takes to "go green."  This anti-co2 mindset is the Supreme Asininity of the climate doomsayers.

In as much, pursuant to the NY Times vs Sullivan case law authority, I, a private citizen, state my opinion of public figure, Michael Mann:  

Michael Mann is a contrived fad.  He's an artificially propped-up mouthpiece, presented as the wisdom of the ages. 

Mann is only famous, because of the hockey stick graph.  Yet,  he never showed the public the data sets upon which his neon-lighted hockey stick climate graph came to be.   He could have made up that graph as much as some people made-up record breaking high temperatures in those parts of Africa which had NO WEATHER MONITORING STATIONS.

Thus, the one hockey stick graph which made Mann a contrived news show icon has never been tested for cracks.  It has never been test-driven.  Would you buy a car you never test-drove?  Of course not.  So, we the People of the United States do NOT buy Michael Mann's untested climate change hockey stick graph.  

This is especially true for those of us who worked outdoors, year after year, and decade after decade.  This is because we are experienced enough to know that ====> Climate is cyclical.

Plus, Michael Mann has a very financial conflict of interest in the promotion of his hockey stick graph which omits the historically supported Mini-Ice-Age which included:

{1a} the great frosts, great floods, crop failures & mass starvation often mentioned in the Bristol Chronicles.

{1b}, the Sporer Solar Minimum which has now been concluded to have actually existed from the starting point of 1460 C.E.

{2} The irony & counter-intuitive hot year of 1540, followed by the cold account of 1640, in showing how Mann's virtual straight-lined graph needed more spikes in it, to reflect historic climate reality.

{3} The North American drought year of 1580, showing more of the need of upward spikes in the Mann Hockey Stick graph.

{4} The Grindelwald Fluctuation of 1560 - 1630, which even included out-of-season snowfalls.

{5} The well-known Maunder Solar Minimum which included warm Summers, in addition to ice-ridden Winters.

{6} The Dalton Solar Minimum of 1790 - 1830 which included the 1816 Summer That Never Was.

All in all, the "Mann, Bradley, & Hughes" graph is typically Orwellian, in that it rewrites history. 

Why don't the newscasters ask Michael Mann how much personal money he personally made since the publishing of his hockey stick graph?  Why doesn't Michael Mann simply come out and let us Americans know how much currency was transacted into his financial portfolio in the form of taxpayer dollars?

None the less, for the past 4,000 years, climate change has literally been occurring every 124 to 600 years.  Climate is a long-term roller coaster ride.   Climate is cyclical.

Ah, yes.  Michael Mann.  Hiding the Decline Since 1999.

Michael Mann proved himself to be utterly heartless, if not an indifferent psychopath, against an elderly retired Air Force pilot, on account of the pilot saying that, even though Michael Mann was teaching at Penn State, he should have been at the State pen (penitentiary), instead.   One sentence was spoken, and a ridiculous amount of Canadian civil lawsuit attorney fees ensued.

The retired & elderly pilot who earned a doctorate degree let me know how much suffering Mann put him through, and he informed me that he intended to let the world know about those sufferings after the lawsuit ended.  Well, the lawsuit ended.  There was no communication between me and the Canadian gentleman since I left Chicago, in 2019.  He recently passed-on into eternity.  His videos are his legacy.

And remember, pursuant to NY Times vs Sullivan, a private citizen may publicly state his opinion of a public figure, in the United States.  I'll be politely reserved for now.  I only stated half of my opinion thus far.

It suffices to state that some people in this world are really sick jokes, and for long periods of relative time, it appears that they will get away with every wrong they have ever performed.  But, appearances are not all what they appear to be.  History repeats itself.  

Do the math on this one ... on the person who caused schoolchildren dread, and who caused gasoline prices to skyrocket, in his role as an advisor to the Dementia-ridden president.  The same person caused an elderly former air force pilot the loss of his life savings and the gain of accompanying dread.  Justice, in the end, prevails.

For now, be like a charming Latin gentleman, even if you hate us Latins to the marrow of our beings.  Do NOT write to Michael Mann.  Only address his superiors and the Court of Public Opinion, as well as a RICO court.  Do NOT walk up to Michael Mann in a restaurant.  Let him have a relaxing time.  Do NOT picket in front of his house, his office, etc.  Be as charming as a Ricardo Montalban.  Charm doesn't hurt anyone.   Meanwhile, simply boycott Michael Mann.

The goal is to see to it that humanity clearly sees that Michael Mann and the less than brilliant Al Gore have been lying, in sleight-of-hand deceit, all along.  In order to achieve this goal, it is NOT necessary to harass anyone in a restaurant or to picket in front of a domicile.

People like Michael Mann are necessary to avoid, because he's a liar who will claim that you threatened him, if you get anywhere close to him ... or he will tell some lie about you.  So, stay away from Hockey Sticks Mann.  Simply boycott him.


                        Private US Citizen #40,801,958.

                      There is a meaning to that number                                        

April 30, 2024

Opposite Directions

We were traveling
 in the same car,
 when, all of a sudden,
 our minds crashed into each other.

We both got out and started to run
 fast away from each other.

One of us wanted to run away from lies,
while the other one wanted to run away from truth.

A 1,700% population increase in the cactus-arrayed desert called Arizona & Nevada. And news reporters wonder where the man-made lake water went.

      Take note of the illustration below: The Y-axis is in millimeters, and not very many of them.

We start the conversation with the largest desert on Planet Earth

Concerning the illustration above, take note that East Antarctica's contribution to sea level rise was negative digits until at least 2016 or 2017.  In 2015, Antarctica had its highest amount of sea ice extent.  So, that accomplished the opposite of sea level rise.

Meanwhile, the sea level rise contribution from elsewhere in the Antarctic was embarrassingly minuscule, since 1995.  The end-of-the-world claim that the oceans are rising at catastrophic rates has been all hype, all the time, since the release into classrooms everywhere in America the sophomoric and non-factual Al Gore movie of 2006.

Keep in mind that scientists are salesmen, looking to get funding from the US Congress, the UN, a corporate NGO here, a 501(c) NGO there, and even grassroots fund-raising.  They think that, in order for them to make a sale, they need to create a sense of urgency in the minds of the holders of the largest of purses.  Thus, all of the end-of-the-world, sea-level rising, world-catching-on-fire hype has been nothing more than a money-grab game.  He who lies the most gets the most money.

In this game of obscenely high national debt, the Youth of America loses.  Look and see how much debt was accumulated in such a short amount of time by people who claimed to care about "the children."  They have given American children Instant Bankruptcy.  In addition, the graph below is more steep than the co2 graph that Al Gore paraded around various TV studios ... during the Global Warming Pause which necessitated East Anglia scientists to change the name of their sales pitch to "Climate Change."

Wow!  The US National Debt Graph looks like Michael Mann's Hockey Stick Graph

Proof that politicians & scientists didn't take their "climate crises" monologues seriously consists in the fact that multiple celebrities purchased beachfront property, despite ranting that sea level rise is soon to be catastrophic. 

Sea level rise?  What sea level rise?  It was reported as having been 8 to 9 inches in the past 140 years.
Barrack Obama, himself, purchased a multi-million dollar Martha's Vineyard mansion on the Atlantic Coastline, a mere 3 ft above sea level.  You can easily walk from the front door to the shoreline.  Thus, Obama didn't believe that the oceans' water levels were rising in any catastrophic pace.  He invested millions of dollars next to an ocean.  That Martha's Vineyard mansion, incidentally, constitutes Hypocrisy Central.

All in all, a 1.5C increase throughout a 100 year period which occurred directly after 500 consecutive years of Global Cooling, in a phase of time called, the Little Ice Age, isn't the end of the world.  After all, crops grow in warm weather ... not in fields of ice.

The years of my ancestors' Roman Empire was found ... through Mediterranean proxy evidence ... to have transpired at an average temperature of 2C higher than today.  Things didn't collapse in the Western sector of that empire until the 470s.  So, there were approximately 500 years of Global Warming during the days when no combustible engine existed ... and when co2 levels were 138 parts per million lower than today. 

Ancient Arch in Rome, by Jahoo Clouseau

We now proceed to inland water levels in a vast desert that contains cacti that remind us of its natural drought features.

Here's a quick update on the Lake Mead water level which was showcased by the commercial media in 2022 as one of the five signs of the End of the World (unless we hand over 1/3 of our yearly income and all of society's behavioral control to Michael the Decline-Hider Mann and Jim the Air-Conditioning-Repairman Hansen, as well as to Bill Thermohaline Nye.)

First, we need to be reminded of the much belated news dating back to the 1930s.  It's history, but to today's 10 second sound-byte fed public, it's news to them:  {1} Lake Mead was put into operation around 1936.  Yet, it was still filling-up in 1937.  None the less, the 1940 US census marked Nevada as having had a population of 113,000.  That was literally the stadium attendance of the October 11, 2014 football game between Penn State and Michigan.  

As of the 2020 census, Nevada was marked as having a population of 3,114,000.  This means that there are 27 times MORE people in need of water in Nevada today than during the first years of Lake Mead's operation.  For those in the American public school system, this translates into 27 times more demand and usage of water ... in a desert filled with various types of cactus.  Add to the equation the water needs of cattle, horses, and house pets.

See:  Census Graph for Nevada

In like fashion, the 1940 population count for Arizona was 499,000.  As of the 2020 census, the Arizona population was 7,100,000.  This means that 14 times MORE people are in Arizona in need of water today than in the first years of Lake Mead's operation.   

This also means that there are 9,600,000 more people in need of water in Nevada and Arizona today than in 1940.  Do you think that co2 was drinking all of that Lake Mead water?  Well, the human population of Nevada and Arizona today is 10,214,000 vs the 613,000 which existed in 1940.

See for yourself and know that you are repeatedly being conned by politicians and the commercial media, as if you are too stupid to catch the Multi-Billion Dollar Climate Con:   

Go ahead.  Lookie see:  Arizona Population Graph

There is also the matter of Colorado River water being delivered to the Morelos Dam, in Mexico, (as a result of a 1944 treaty).  

The treaty designated 1.5 million acre-feet per annum from the United States to sovereign Mexican territory where within are people in need of water.  It's the amount of water needed to cover one acre of land 12 inches deep, one and a half million times within one year's time.

The human expansion into Arizona and Las Vegas was a gamble.  (Pun not intended.) Lessening the amount of co2 molecules in the air isn't going to get water to the 25 million desert people dependent on Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam.  Increasing Yankee Ingenuity will do so. Take note that Al Gore is a Southerner, and NOT a Yankee.  He's out of his league.  

Also take note that Al Gore is a politician and NOT a scientist.  After all, he was the one who said in front of Conan O'Brien that the center of the Earth is millions of degrees Fahrenheit, when it's between 9,800F and 10,800F.

Remember the Cacti and you will remember the fraud of the Climate Change Profiteers

It's absolute fraud to claim that the lack of water in a cactus-filled desert is the sign of catastrophic Global Warming (Climate Change).  The lack of water in Arizona is a sign that it actually is a cactus-filled desert.  Period.  So, remember the cacti, my students, and you will be reminded of the fraudulent dishonesty of the Climate Hysteria Profiteers.  And of course, Flagstaff & the Coconino Forest, Prescott National, and the lane of land called the Santa Rita Mountains are exceptions to the general Arizona landscape ... cactus-scape.

Lake Mead Update

Water has been returning to Lake Mead to the point where crews had to adjust a dock's boat ramps to a higher level.  So, the water level has increased at Lake Mead (Northern Arizona.)   The media is not reporting this with any air of hopefulness.  The media message is that we are using "fossil fuels" and we're all gonna die.  Yet, 90% of all greenhouse gases (by volume) have ZERO CARBON footprint.

See the Lake Mead update:   Lake Mead water level rise & boat ramp rise 

Being that London was claimed to be on fire, on account of co2:

Newsflash:  Fires in the London Area did NOT suddenly start in the Summer of 2022.  Concerning the 2010s, it was in 2014 when the London Fire Brigade announced that the number of Greater London Area fires had been cut to almost half since the 1980s & 1990s.  Three years later, 2017 would be the year of the least number of London Area fires --- 17,993.  

There were years from 1966 to present when the Greater London Area had 50,000+ fires, 40,000+ fires in a single year each year.   Yes, fires are that common in Greater London and many other places throughout Planet Earth.  Meanwhile, co2 remains rare in the atmosphere, at less than one-half of 1% of the Troposphere and Stratosphere.  Here: Lookie see how deceptive the 2022 commercial media is.  This official graph is opposite of the "London-on-fire-due-to-co2" assertion of charlatans.

Greater London, incidentally, comprises 610 square miles.

Penguins waiting in line, to see the new Al Gore movie, Money to THE Bank.

We now adjourn to Greenhouse Gases

Here's an irony or two about greenhouse gases (GHGs), in relation to today's blatant and sophomoric propaganda:

Firstly, the most abundant GHG is water vapor.  Secondly, the most powerful one is something known as Sulfur Hexaflouride.  It's 2,200 times more powerful than co2.  The irony is that it has ZERO CARBON footprint.  In addition, it only exists in the Troposphere at 10.5 parts per TRILLION.  It increases one part per trillion every three years.

In addition to sulfur hexaflouride, there is nitrous oxide which also has ZERO CARBON footprint, even though it's 330 times more powerful than co2.  Yet, it only exists at 1 part per three million, in the air.  Needless to say, water vapor has ZERO CARBON footprint, also.

We have been observing Grand Larceny via Theft by Deception since 2006.  The fraud became blatant in 2009, with the Climategate Emails.  Yet, the brainwashed youth of today ... or those who want to cash-in on Climate Crisis hysteria ... defend the emails to the death.  They don't realize that the US Congress put the American youth into an obscenely high & life-long national debt ... in the name of going green.  

The greatest irony is that, if you want to go green, you must increase the catalyst of photosynthesis.  Ever-so-coincidentally, the catalyst of photosynthesis is CO2.  Politicians want to kill off the one thing that causes everything to go green.

Have you been snapped out of the hypnotic trance, yet?

After these 22 Blue Marble Album climate articles (with 4 additional ones on the way)  --- and with the aid of numerous government docs, newspaper archives & history chronicles  --- do you see a pattern of deceit transpiring throughout the United States?  Do you see how much of a sophomoric con job this "climate crisis" hysteria is?  

After all, the etched hunger stones of the Elbe River show that severe droughts existed repeatedly, during years when co2 levels were 108 to 138 parts per million LESS than today.  The years of severe heatwave and drought included 1417, 1473, 1616, 1666, 1681, 1707, 1746, 1778, 1790, 1800, 1811, 1830, 1840, 1842, 1847, 1850, 1857, 1858, 1859, 1862, etc.  There was also the famous Tudor Drought of 1540-41 in the history of Europe.

BTW, did you know that the American Civil War was fought during a drought?  Actually, it was known as the North American Drought of 1856-1865.  And quite frankly 1856 and 1864 were the driest years over-all, with a few years almost exclusively hitting Texas and the Oklahoma Territory hard, with average drought condition elsewhere in other years. None the less, co2 levels were much lower in the 1860s than they are today.  Yet, there was a drought in the midst of all that hatred and hunger and marching and terror and canon fire and surgery and the incendiary March to the Sea, aka the Atlantic Coastline.

In addition, the worst flood experienced by Oregon, Nevada, and Northern California also occurred in 1862.  After all, in a round planet, one man's year of drought is another man's year of flooding. And of course, co2 levels were just as low on the West Coast in 1862 as they were elsewhere; far lower than today.  So, according to the "carbon footprint activists," there shouldn't have been any long-term drought or any major flood anywhere in the 1800s, including 1862.

The Oceans and the claim that they are soon to boil-over.

Concerning the oceans, a certain "peer reviewed" paper that was retracted due to decisive mathematical errors claimed the following:

It was claimed that the oceans were heating 60% faster than originally thought.  There are two reasons why this is instantaneously understood to be a falsehood.  No one had to wait for the faulty "peer-reviewed" paper to be math-checked.  One of those reasons was mentioned on the Blue Marble Album a dozen or so articles ago.  The other one is this:

Above the ocean surface is ====> latent heat.  It's heat that is released by the ocean water, itself.  Thus, the ocean isn't hoarding heat.  It's launching heat into the air, thereby making vapor which gets transferred via wind, eventually becoming cloud masses and ultimately making its way to the colder latitudes of Planet Earth.  Case closed.  Some scientists are such incredible liars.

See:  Latent Heat of Vaporization (and Fusion) tutorial for beginners

Also see: Additional tutorial for beginners on Latent Heat

Let us review:

The oceans are NOT storage vaults of CO2-captured-heat.  They're launching pads of LATENT heat which gets carried away by the wind and which ends up in cooler latitudes

And concerning the amount of co2 in the oceans:  Where there is no infrared heat, there is no greenhouse gas capturing the heat that's not there, in the first place.  Below 656 feet, there is no sunlight in the oceans and no photosynthesis.  At that point, things go from 55 degrees Fahrenheit to 39F, all the way to the bottom, where occasional volcanoes restricted by the massive weight of a massive water basin release some heat and black smoke in a narrowed and organized way.

And of course, co2 is very finicky (selective) about the IR that it does "capture-retain."  Plus, in one of its three "dipole moments", (aka vibration modes --- aka resonance effects), co2 is incapable of capturing infrared radiation, being that it's overstretched to the limit, in that dipole-vibration position.  This was illustrated at the Blue Marble Album already, with pertinent links to brief educational videos having been posted.  Two are posted here.

One is only 45 seconds in length, and it's contents are worth memorizing.  The other one is only 1:10, and it is slightly more detailed, giving an extra section of needed information that can relieve the stress in beginners' minds caused by the end-of-the-world hype spread by the commercial media and the American Public School System.

View the following videos and receive a healthy measure of peace.  After all, propaganda is deadly ... and very bad for your health.  Plus, fear is the #1 impediment to learning.  It's a roadblock to learning ... and to the state of understanding.  So, remember the cacti and enjoy getting unblocked ... and to be bullied by Michael Mann and Al Gore no more.

See:  CO2 Vibration Modes, aka Dipole Moments, aka Resonance Effect

See:  Resonance Effect of Capturing or Not Capturing Infrared Light.

April 29, 2024

But, Northern Arizona did have abundant rainfall in the Summer of 2022. Name the issue, and the media has been endlessly lying to you about it.

Driving through the Oklahoma Panhandle during the drought year of 2012. (Cell phone photo)

Before anything else, in the event that you are a beginner to atmospheric science and/or American geography, know this:  In the dry dry regions of the United States, namely in Arizona, Nevada, & Utah, there is actually a Monsoon season.   This is important to mention, being that certain unconscionable individuals obsessively claim that the American Southwest has been going through its worse drought in the past 1,200 years. 

In fact, they claim that Arizona has been in a drought for the past 22 years.  Well firstly, Arizona in 2022 actually was above-average in its Summertime rainfall.  And secondly, if Arizona were enduring a drought for that length of time, there would be nobody living in Arizona today.  It's interesting how liars are not any good at lying.  Take note:

This is additionally mentioned, because the media made the Year 2022 out to be a dry & heated start of the End of Humanity & Life on Earth.  Well, climate IS cyclical, and there was a return to drought conditions in Continental Europe.  But, it takes much more to bring about the End of the World.

None the less, in the Summer of 2022, Arizona's Lake Mead water level actually rose ... about 15 inches.  Moreover, record cold temperatures and cold persistence records occurred in the Year 2022, in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.  Concerning the year prior, Antarctica had its coldest winter in known history.  That was 2021.

Also needed to be mentioned is that, as far back as the Year 2014, the London Fire Brigade reported that the 610 square miles known as Greater London was now having half the fires it used to have in the 1980s & 1990s.  In fact, 2019 was the year of its least fires which was 17,993.  

This is mentioned, because the media claimed that the elevation of co2 levels caused more fires to be produced in the Greater London Area.  The opposite happened.  Fires decreased significantly.  Take note:

The Greater London Area has had years when it had over 50,000 fires; approximately eleven of the years since 1966.  In one year, back in the 1970s, Greater London had over 60,000 fires.  

One more introductory point:  In 1540-41 and in 1616 Europe had horrendous droughts.  This occurred when co2 levels were 281.3 ppm (1540) and 275.3 ppm (1616).  That amounts to 136 ppm and 142 ppm LOWER than today.  According to Al Gore and Michael Mann, those droughts were impossible.  But, the Central European hunger stones, in there etchings throughout the centuries, show otherwise.

Concerning the "hunger stones" that were recently found in central Europe, it proves that Climate is CYCLICAL.  This is because there are multiple etchings on those relatively large stones, with different dates on them.  This means that water levels in Europe decreased significantly multiple times, when the co2 levels were much much lower than they are today.  Each time the water level lowered significantly, someone would carve an etching at the lowered water line.  

Even the Year 1921 is etched on such a stone.  Those stone etchings are a climate record which proves that, in centuries past, lower water levels could occur, even in a climate low in atmospheric co2.  Thus, co2 alone does NOT cause droughts.

New Mexico, at the southern edge of the Rockies.  Technically, this is the Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Scientists and archeologists have repeatedly conjectured the existence of a 150 year mega-drought in the American West, starting in the final century of the Medieval Warm Period.   In confirmed specificity, (via tree ring analysis), there was a Great North American Drought which occurred between 1276 & 1299 C.E.  

This occurred long before the invention of the gasoline engine, when co2 levels were notably lower than they are today.   This shows that the Medieval Warm Period WAS a global event occurring in more than one Hemisphere, and not merely something limited to Northern Europe.

For the record, the Medieval Warm Period endured from circa 800AD to 1348AD.  In addition, the Mini Ice Age which followed endured from 1348AD to circa 1850AD.  

The precursor to the Mini Ice Age can be regarded as 1280, when the Wolf Minimum came into being.  But, the beginning of the Black Death was regarded as the starting point of the Mini Ice Age.  

The depth of the Mini Ice Age, as far as goes the least amount of Sunspots generated, was between 1645 and 1710.  Yet, cold conditions, mingled with summertime heat waves and even droughts, ensued into the early 19th Century.  

The Mini Ice Age is regarded as having ended with the Irish Potato Famine.  Well, it would have ended directly before the famine.  This is because the Irish Potato famine was the result of too much water and warmer than usual temperatures which became a breeding ground for the phytophthora infestans fungus.  

None the less, if that famine ... that "blight infestation"... would have happened this year, the media throughout the world would have blamed it on co2 levels and the "burning of fossil fuels."  Yet, the co2 level in 1847 was 284.7 ppm.  That's 133 ppm LESS than today.

Despite the scientific discovery of a great Medieval drought in America, it was in 2014 when NASA released the details of a study which found that the Drought of 1934 was the worst one in a thousand years.  That drought encompassed 71.6% percent of the western North American land mass.  This is more than the land mass affected by the Drought of 2012, which encompassed 59.7% of the same geographic area in general.  

In 1934, during the worst drought in 1,000 years, the atmospheric co2 level was 309 ppm.  That was 109 ppm LESS than it is today.  In all that is statistically being shown to you, you would had to have been brainwashed by public school teachers to deny that Al Gore spoke falsehood each time he said that a rise in co2 automatically results in a rise in temperature ... and drought ... and hurricanes ... and tornadoes ... and sea level rise ... and whatever else he mentioned.

None the less, the second most severe drought in America, as recognized by scientists, was the one of 1580, when co2 levels were significantly lower than in 1934 ... and today ... when the invention of the combustible engine was 310 years away.

See: NASA Study finds that the worst drought in the past 1,000 years was in 1934

Also See: The Worst Drought in a Thousand Years

Historical Palmer Drought Indices | Temperature, Precipitation, and ...
May 1934 was only the beginning of it all.  Summertime was yet to come.

The media deception employed today is to deceive the public into believing that no heat wave or drought in the past thousand years comes close to the one of 2022.  This also diverts attention away from the fact that, the year prior, Antarctica underwent its COLDEST WINTER in known history.  

The drought of this Summer (2022) extended thus far to 39.8% of the US.  The droughts of 1934, 1580, and 2012 have got it beat.  Plus, 1954 was a year of severe drought, as was 1936, not to mention the trio of 1988, 1989, & 1990.  There is also a drought list of centuries prior.  All in all, the United States government officially asserts that "Drought is a normal climate pattern that has occurred in varying degrees of length, severity, and size throughout history."

The exact same United States government declared that:

"Tree ring archives indicate that agricultural droughts such as those that happened in the United States during the 1930s Dust Bowl era have occurred occasionally over the last 1,000 years, and climate model simulations suggest that droughts that may last several years to even decades OCCUR NATURALLY in the southwestern U.S."   (This negates Michael Mann's and David Attenborough's claim that the weather/climate of the past one thousand years was predominately benign and stable.)

This recognition of the American Southwest's natural drought potential also includes Southern California.  In fact, it includes what is properly regarded as the Leeward Side of California, as well as the Santa Ana Side, and as well as the Death Valley side of the state.  Therefore, Gavin Newsom was 100% lying to you, when he stated that co2 levels finally reached the stage where the Apocalypse came to California.  

The lack of "controlled burns" in California for consecutive decades caused the disastrous volume of burnt acreage, in recent years.  When you let massive acreage of fallen trees sit for decades, you create kindling wood that can easily torch forestland as easily as can gallons of gasoline.   Even at that, the forest fires of the 1920s, 1930s, & 1940s, in acreage burned, were far worse than the ones in the 21st Century ... the Century of Liars in Power.

  See:   US National Integrated Drought Information System 

The horror stories of present doomsday droughts have one huge folly which makes the scientists announcing the dreadful conditions look like the stereotypical high school ~nerds, ~dorks, ~dweebs, ~geeks, ~wedgy boys, ~swirly boys, etc.  And that is this ====>  No one in America is thirsting to death in societal quantities.  Bodies are not strewn throughout the lands, in heart-wrenching scenes.  Houses are not covered with windswept dust.

The other outrage is in claiming that certain victims of war are victims of Climate Change.  In as much, there is a difference between a drought refugee and a war refugee coming out of Adiabatic Heating deserts or 30th Parallel convection deserts.   Example, Syria does have a desert and has had it for a long while.

It then got to the point where large snowstorms & record colds were attributed to evil evil Climate Change.   Sometimes, it was done by misinterpreting "Lake Effect Snow."  At other times, subtropical low pressure systems were called the cause of such storms, in a delayed effect of moisture retention in the sky.  However, it does not work "that way" when the time delay goes from August to December.  This is because, according to NASA, a water molecule endures in the atmosphere for an average of nine days only.  Therefore, a heated August will NOT be the cause of heavy January snow.