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May 13, 2024

Antarctica's smallest "sea ice extent maximum" (2023) was the size of RUSSIA.

This is an October 2023 NASA satellite product.  Take a look at the vastness & magnitude of sea & land ice that was present at the Southern Polar Cap, during a time when certain propagandists claimed that Antarctica was in an "once-in-a-7.5-million-year" "extreme ice melt."  Well, that's extreme bull crap.  Compare the ice sheet's size to Australia and South America.   
Newscasters of 2023 reported that Antarctica was in the process of "extreme" ice melt during its 2023 Winter Season ... during its six months of sun-deprived darkness.  In fact, one journalist claimed that the Weddell Sea was a melting mess.  Well, the asininity in believing this assertion is that the Weddell Sea comprises 1.08 MILLION square miles of surface area, and its widest section spans 1,200 miles across.  Something that size will not melt while there is no sunlight to melt it.

Furthermore, the Weddell Sea's continuous ice sheet is connected to the Ronne-Filchner Ice Shelf which happens to have the same surface area as does California.  Historically speaking, the gigantic Weddell Sea has been known to have tight ice packs.  Moreover, temps throughout Antarctica are usually -10 to -60 degrees Fahrenheit, during wintertime.  Therefore, to claim that air temperatures were drastically melting Antarctica during the dark & sunless wintertime is to spread two pivotal lies in one statement.  

[1a] The actual fact is that not as much sea ice formed around the Antarctic Continent in 2023, as it did last year ... or the year prior (when Antarctica had its coldest winter in recorded history) ... or during any year of the Satellite Era.  This means that 2023 was declared to be the year with the least amount of MAXIMUM sea ice extent.  Yet, 90% of the sea ice which usually forms around Antarctica each winter did form in 2023.  As you can see in the NASA product above, there is still a super massive amount of ice within ... and also beyond ... the Antarctic Circle.  The concept of "massive ice loss" is a massive lie.

[1bi] Let it be repeated:  The Antarctic Winter of 2023 was NOT a matter of melting ice.  It was a matter of not as large an amount of sea ice being formed around the Antarctic continent as usually forms there.  Even at that, only 10% less was formed there.  There was no "warm air" melting Antarctic sea ice during the Winter of 2023.  Antarctica was simply forming only 90% of the sea ice that it usually does.

The Russian landmass is 6.32 MILLION square miles.  The 2023 Antarctic Maximum Sea Ice Extent was larger than Russia, at 6.55 MILLION square miles.  And 2023 was the year of the least amount of sea ice surrounding Antarctica, during Antarctic wintertime.  The lesson here is that Antarctic wintertime sea ice extent has been massive every year.
[2a]  The lowest amount of "maximum sea ice extent" is not that much less than the usual amount that has been measured, year after year, from 1981 to 2010.  The usual amount of Antarctic sea ice extent is known as the "median."  The median is the middle number in a list of numbers.  

[2b] In addition, "sea ice extent" is defined as being any surface area of the sea which is comprised of 15% or more of ice.

[2c] Likewise, the highest amount of Antarctic sea ice extent ... which occurred in 2014 ... was not at all very much higher than the median --- than the usual amount.  All in all, there was no extreme ice melt in 2023, and there was not even "extreme" sea ice absence in the same year.  Likewise, there was not any extreme sea ice gain in 2014, even though 2014 was the year of the most sea ice area in the Satellite Era.  The hyper-exaggerations must cease on both sides of the equation.  

We now proceed to the Sunspot Cycles Illustrated ... throughout the past.

Notes:  [1] In 1980, during a high sunspot year ... during a sunspot cycle summit ... Dallas Texas had FORTY-TWO consecutive 100F+ days.  [2] The Year 2003 ... a high year for the Sunspot Cycle ... was tragically hot, especially for Paris.  [3] There was a drought in America from 1988 to 1990, and that was during a very high sunspot activity time span.  [4] 1983 was recognized by NOAA as the most active sunspot year, for most of the months in that year.  Go and read about the North American Drought of 1983-1985.  It was during that drought when global warming was first mentioned on TV. 

In going further back into history, the highest sunspot activity between 1600 and 1800 C.E. occurred two years prior to the year of the most deadly hurricane in history.  The deadliest Atlantic hurricane emerged in October of 1780.  It resulted in 22,000 or more deaths.

In the following year, the French Navy made sure that it was not going to get caught in another Caribbean hurricane season.   So, the French fleets travelled northward, to help General George Washington in the Battle of Yorktown.

However, this 1780 hurricane would usually be a contradiction, pursuant to the law of Pressure Gradient Force.  This is because cooler atmospheric conditions are accompanied by the more turbulent skies than the much warmer ones.  So, the question for this event would be ===>  'How much cooler was the Arctic than the Equator at this time?'  After all, the more distant the temperatures between the Polar regions and the Equator, the more turbulence there is.  The point to mentioning this hurricane is that far more destructive natural disasters occurred when atmospheric co2 level was much lower than it is today

In addition:  [I] There was the Blizzard of 1996, during a low sunspot year.  [II] The Winter of 2007-2008 had record cold weather, and that occurred during a low sunspot cycle year.  [III] Accuweather regarded 2009 as having been "defined by snowstorms of historic proportion and record cold."  This was during a solar cycle low.  [IV]  The Winter of 2009-2010 started with a great blizzard.  It also occurred during a solar cycle low period.  

And of course, this is posted pursuant to the U.S. Fair Use Act; 17 USC, section 107.

Added Examples, compliments of the Royal Observatory of Belgium, in Brussels

WWII was known for viciously cold weather during some of its battles.  Bastogne, in late 1944, is one such example.  Below is the sunspot record for 1944, and of course, the index below is posted pursuant to the US Fair Use Act.
Below:  1958 had its share of heat, and the sunspot record of that particular year goes as follows:
The lesson is that, it's very immature, asinine, and narrow-minded to reduced all considerations for climate assessment to the trace amount of co2 that exists in the Earth's atmosphere.  Doing so is merely a ploy to deceive you into thinking that you cannot live without Al Gore and other propagandists whose names aren't worth mentioning.  In reality, the doomsayer projections ... based on computer models and NOT based on observed outdoor reality ... claims that feedbacks will cause a revving-up of heating.  Yet, most feedbacks in nature are negative & depletive; not positive and accumulative.  In the past, cold periods and hot periods came all at once . . . not after a mythological "tipping point" is achieved.

Concerning any of those occasional heated-years not coinciding with the solar sunspot cycle, check to see if it were an El Nino Year.  This includes the El Nino year of 1976, when the solar cycle was at it low-point.  There was a tragic heatwave that year, especially in Paris.

Even though 2014 was a peak year in sunspot activity, it was in one of the lowest Solar Cycles, compared to the other ones in recent record-keeping.  That low-activity cycle was SC24.  And of course, 2014 was the year with the most sea ice extent maximum in Antarctica's modern record-keeping.  Yet, two years prior was the heat wave of 2012.  

Moreover, in the 1700s, co2 was far less in the atmospher than it is today, at 280 ppm.  Compared to today's 420 ppm, co2 was two-thirds of what it is today.  Yet, 1780 was the year of the most disastrous hurricane of them all ... thus far, in human history.   Thus, the claim that major hurricanes are more frequent and vicious today is a lie.  So too is the case with droughts.  

Climate is much more intricate than what the doomsayers claim it to be, as they reduce all consideration of climate to co2 which comprises less than 1/2 of 1% of the atmosphere.  Specifically co2 is 1/2,381st of Earth's Atmosphere.   This means that, for every 2,381 molecules in the sky, only one of them is co2.  That's not very much.  

If you were to compare the atmosphere to the Rose Bowl, then only 42 of the 100,000 seats would be occupied by co2.   78,000 of those seats would be occupied by Nitrogen, and 21,000 of those seats would be occupied by Oxygen.  In addition, argon would occupy 930 seats.

Concerning methane, only one seat would be occupied for every 5 Rose Bowls.  Methane exists at 2 parts per million on Earth, and it ready converts into co2 within Earth's atmosphere.  

Within the atmospheres of Venus and Mars, co2 exists at approximately 960,000 parts per million.  So, compare Mars' 960,000ppm to Earth's 420ppm.  There is literally 2,285 times more co2 on a much colder Mars than on Planet Earth.  Thus, there's no comparison between Mars and Earth, as well as Venus and Earth.

Water Vapor, aka Humidity, is the only greenhouse gas that affects Planet Earth

As far as goes "greenhouse gases," only water vapor carries any weight in this matter.  You have probably heard the phrase, "It's not the heat.  It's the humidity."  Well, the heat is literally in the humidity.  And of course, humidity is defined as "the concentration of water vapor in the air."  Moreover, cirrus clouds have infrared-heat-retaining ability also.  Cirrus clouds are ice.  Take note of the contradiction, where ice in the sky helps to keep the Earth from turning into a globe of ice.

Also keep in mind that one of the three molecular vibrations of co2 causes co2 to be incapable of retaining any infrared heat.  This is why there was an ice age when the co2 count was 9.5 times higher than it is today ... the Ordovician Ice Age.  BTW, the vibrations are called "dipole moments."

As far as goes the total amount of the September 2023's maximum Antarctic sea ice extent, it was literally the size of 81 Minnesotas ... or ...  115 Michigans.   That is NOT extreme Antarctic ice loss in any capacity or in any definition thereof.  You need to realize that you're being conned by the media, by your government, by in-your-face activists, and by scientists who want a share of that $370 billion US Congressional "climate appropriation."

The climate doomsayers hyper-exaggerated the whole thing, in order to scare you into submission.  For people who simply viewed a bit of weather history, by means of looking at archived newspapers, almanacs, weather reports, and magazines, the whole Antarctic Scare was so ridiculous that the "global boiling" people lost their credibility . . . as usual.  Temperatures were extremely hot in 1895-96, 1901, 1905, 1911 (tragic death toll), 1913, 1921-22, 1931, 1934-36, 1958-59, 1976 (tragic death toll), 1988-90, 1998, 2003 (tragic death toll), and 2012, as well as 1757, 1540, 1279, etc, etc, etc, etc.  Climate is cyclical.

[BTW]  Concerning the claim that the "burning of fossil fuels" destroyed the Florida coral reefs, it only takes one hurricane to uproot coral.  That is par for the course.  Moreover, when a hurricane comes and goes, it causes "upwelling."  This results in colder water and life-giving nutrients coming to the surface of the ocean area where a hurricane recently passed-by.  It's the sign of a money-grabbing fraud to blame every weather event on co2 and the "burning of fossil fuels."

[A] Remember, politicians hyper-exaggerate weather & climate circumstances to the point of claiming the existence of a crisis, in order to get taxpayer dollars into their districts, thereby getting themselves re-elected.  Activists do so, in order to get money into their 501C corporations' bank accounts and also into their own bank accounts, as commission salary.  United Nations personnel do the same hyper-exaggerating, in order to get money and influence also.  The whole thing is a money-grab & a power-grab.

[B]  Yet, the vocal & visual media mentions nothing of the real environmental disaster of today, namely =====> the glut of synthetic chemicals thrusted upon humanity, thereby affecting endocrine systems, respiratory systems, DNA chains, vulnerability to cancer development, and additional medical conditions.  Chemical influx is a form of assault and battery on susceptible bodies.  This too was previously explained at this site.  There's a search box at the top righthand side of this page.

[C] In review, the Antarctic "once-in-a-7.5-million-year" doomsday hoax and other climate hyper-exaggerations were a matter of nerd boys, politicians, and in-your-face activists vying for a share of that $370 BILLION (US taxpayer dollar) appropriation made by the US Congress.  The climate crisis town-criers want a chunk of that taxpayer dough.  They want a lot of G.W.s (George Washingtons).  They want Chase Manhattan cabbage leaves ... Crane and Company's finest greenery ... the Bureau of Engraving & Printing's finest scripted legal tender.  Yes, that is what they really mean when they say that they are "going green."  And green they have gone.

Going Green, anyone?   All aboard, as we terrify schoolchildren with predictions of climate woe.
[i] Now, the newscasters & journalists stated that the 2023 "loss of" Antarctic sea ice extent --- when comparing it to the usual "median amount"  --- was equal to the size of British Columbia.

[ii] The newscasters & journalists also stated that the "loss of" Antarctic sea ice extent in 2023 was equal to the size of British Columbia & Alberta Canada combined, when comparing it to the highest amount of sea ice extent ... of the sea ice which surrounded Antarctica in 2014.

[iii] The newscasters and literary journalists reported that the 2023 sea ice extent area was 398,000 square miles less than the previous record-low year of 1986.  And of course, this is literally the square mileage of 5 Minnesotas ... or ... 7 Michigans.  It's also the size of the Western African nation of Mauritania.  It surely seems like a lot of missing ice, until you realize how much sea ice extent did form around the Antarctic Continent in the Winter of 2023.  Observe:

 2023's Sea Ice Extent Max       The median Sea Ice Max         The 2014 Sea Ice Max

   6.55 MILLION sq miles             7.23 MILLION sq miles         7.72 MILION sq miles

Now, the difference between the most sea ice extent ever recorded during the Satellite Era and the least amount is 15.2%.  That is to say that 2023's sea ice extent was 84.8% of Antarctica's known record high.  This also means that the 2023 Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Maximum was the size of ELEVEN British Columbias.  The size of the 2023 Antarctic sea ice extent max was also equal to 25 Alberta Provinces.   It's furthermore 7.88 times the size of British Columbia & Alberta Province combined. 

For the record, British Columbia's land area is 574,884 square MILES.  The land area of Alberta Province (Canada) is 255,541 square MILES.  Together, both provinces comprise  830,425 square miles.  That happens to be the size of Greenland.  This means that the least amount of wintertime Antarctic sea ice extent was the size of SEVEN & a half Greenlands.  Greenland is 836,330 sq miles in surface area.  BTW, Saudi Arabia is the size of Greenland, in surface area.

Furthermore, the difference between the highest Wintertime sea ice extent and the usual amount (aka, the Median) is 7%.  Yes, the usual & expected amount of wintertime Antarctic sea ice extent is 93% of the record-breaking 2014 high.  Then there is the matter of 2023's sea ice extent being 90% of the usual Antarctic sea ice extent maximum.  Now, 90% of 7,230,000 square miles is a lot of ice.  Where is this "extreme ice loss?"

In review, NASA and other entities long since stated that it's expected for 85% of the wintertime Antarctic sea ice to melt, by the end of the Antarctic summer.  The same agencies stated that it's normal for 60% of the wintertime Arctic sea ice to melt, by the end of the Northern Hemispheric summer.  Thus, at the end of Antarctic summer, approx 15% of the sea ice should be remaining.  At the end of Arctic summer, a third of the Arctic wintertime ice should be remaining ... and less will be remaining during an El Nino year ... and also during the high year in the 11 year sunspot cycle.  (The sunspot cycle is a discourse of its own.)

Antarctica's South Pole & Dome C (southeastern AQ) in September of 2023.

It's not exactly April in Paris, boys & gargoyles.  When you pack for your trip to Antarctica, you do not need to take any suntan lotion ... or sunscreen.  The temperatures on the two calendars below here are 2023 temperatures.  Well, 2023 was supposed to be a once-in-a-7.5-million year Antarctic meltdown.  The two temperature calendars below show the opposite.

We continue with "the math"

It is a pivotal lie to claim that Antarctica has been going through a trend of ice loss and temperature increase for years.  This is because the coldest known wintertime in Antarctic history occurred two years ago, in 2021.  This, alone, destroys the entire co2 narrative.  CO2 was on the rise for decades, before & while Antarctica had its coldest known winter in history.  If the "CO2 Narrative" were true, then Antarctica would not have come close to having had its coldest winter two years ago ... or four years ago ... or six years ago ... or 26 years ago.

Plus, the Antarctic Peninsula is a lot closer to Chile than it is to the South Pole.  The distance between the South Pole and  the Antarctic Peninsula is 1,550 miles (from Rothera Station), 1,712 miles (from Vernadsky Station), and 1,840 miles (from Esperanza Station) to the South Pole.  Thus, one expects the Antarctic peninsula to be less cold than the interior sections of the 5.4 million square mile Antarctic Continent.  Part of the Antarctic Peninsula is outside of the Antarctic Circle.

Antarctica is a desert.  There are places there which have not received rain or snow in extremely long time spans.  Both Polar Caps of Planet Earth are high pressure & dry air convention cells.  Furthermore, when you have extremely cold weather, you have dry air.  

Now, a newscast claimed that the 9.5% less of the wintertime sea ice median harms penguins.  The claim was that penguins need ice to spawn a new generation of penguins.  Well, penguins look for dry land, in order to enable them to keep their eggs warm.  If you want penguins to become extinct, make sure that all of the Antarctic Continent is under a sheet of ice.

Now, look at the NSIDC's October visualization for Antarctica below.  You will see a lot of area occupied by ice.  There is no super massive Antarctic ice loss transpiring.  The Antarctic climate hysteria is merely a pathetic attempt at con artistry.  These people should be sued for gigantic amounts of money in a class action lawsuit, for the Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, especially upon the schoolchildren they have been unjustly terrifying since 2006 and the showing of Al Gore's absolutely pathetic science fiction movie.  

BTW, the glaciers on Kilimanjaro do NOT undergo melting.  They undergo "sublimination."  That's when ice turns into water vapor without first melting into the liquid state.  I've already explained sublimation at this site, in another discourse ... in another post.  There's a search box above, to the right.

Federal Communications Commission

Those climate-hysteria entities should also have their FCC licenses revoked, based on "failure to serve the Public Interest."  The doomsday scientists, activists, and politicians are inciting violence, in telling weak minds that the world will soon come to an end, if you let people use gas stoves.  

There is also the matter of the False Claims Act which involves whistleblowers filing a civil action in federal court.  The original complaint is then kept confidential for a short period of time, and there's more to mention about the procedure.  It can be learned online ... or in a law class.  I don't have the time to explain it.  Others have already done so.  

BTW, when a False Claims Act complaint is filed, keeping it temporarily confidential is known as placing the complaint "in camera."  This refers to being kept in "a private chamber," so that no one can read it.   In Latin, it was known as "in pectore," meaning "held to the breast," so that no one could it.  Some American legal language needs to be changed, pursuit to the change in language since the 18th Century.

The thesis statement is that you are being lied-to massively.  All you have to do is look at weather history & newspaper archives, NASA satellite imagery,  NSIDC visualizations, an atmospheric science book or two, a bit of oceanography textbook material, etc.  

When you find the textbook material, look up [1] Pressure Gradient Force (as in Baroclinic and Barotropic stability/instability,) as well as Eckman Transport & the Coriolis Effect.  All in all, the media and certain scientists ... along with in-your-face activists ... think that you are far too lazy to read and far too stupid to understand anything that you read, anyway.  Yet, the material which proves their assertions to be blatant falsehoods is easily attainable at present.  The politicians, activists, and scientists see themselves as superior minds, possessed with the ability to cleverly trick you . . . to trick you, a member of "the little people."  

Yes, you're the "little people."  The problem is that they are the stereotypical high school, [1] nerds, [2] dorks, [3] wedgie-boys, [4] dweebs who repulsed us during our high school years.  And of course, they are still creeping us out, to this day.  Are you going to let nerd boys dictate your life?