December 29, 2022

London Fire Brigade statistics & healthy 2022 UK crop yields expose the very pushy London's-on-fire-because-of-co2 hoax of July 2022

Let us begin with the various fire & incident frequency charts provided to the public by the London Fire Brigade.  Concerning Greater London's size, it encompasses an area of 610 square miles.

In July of 2022, the media claimed that atmospheric co2 finally reached a tipping point.  The claim was that co2 was saturating the atmosphere so badly that it was now causing London to dry-out and start burning.  The same media failed to mention that the average number of Greater London fires went from 156 per day in the 1970s, '80s & '90s, to 41-55 per day in the 2020s.   In fact, when the Year 2014 came, the yearly number of Greater London fires had decreased to one-half of what they were in the 1970s, '80s, & '90s.  

The Earth's atmospheric co2 level rose unhindered year after year.   Simultaneously, Greater London fires decreased a pronounced amount, year after year.  This is 100,000% proof that an increased level of co2 does NOT cause a pattern of increased London fires.  And co2 definitely did NOT cause the two-day heat occurrence of July 18 & 19.  Now, July 19 did have a high statistical number of "incidents" attached to it, including a high number of false alarms (reported with "good intent.")  But so too did numerous other days throughout the history of Greater London. 

Let's review this correctly, without any sleight of hand con artistry:

Between 1969 and 2004, the 610 square mile region known as Greater London had between 110 to 156 fires PER DAY.  Throughout that same time period, Greater London averaged 40,000+ & 50,000+ fires per year.  Then, in the Year 2009, yearly London fires decreased below 30,000.  Then, in 2014, yearly fires decreased to 20,000 per year.  So, between 2015 and 2022, Greater London had an average of between 41 to 55 DAILY fires ... approximately. 

The number of London fires were literally cut in half, while co2 increased significantly.   Thus, a courtroom lawyer could actually tell a jury that the rise in co2 caused a decrease in London fires.  Yet, the truth is that co2 remain at an extremely small atmospheric level that it can't affect the air, either for good or bad.  It can only affect living species of vegetation, one plant and one grain at a time.  The atmosphere is humongous.  Plants, trees, weeds, and blades of grass are all tiny, in comparison.  CO2 drives the biosphere; not the atmosphere.  Cirrus clouds retain the infrared light with significance, as does water vapor.  The other greenhouse gases are too small in quantity to drive an air mass greater than a laboratory experiment chamber.

For the sake of a brainwashed generation, let it be repeated:  Greater London fires decreased significantly & constantly while atmospheric co2 was increasing notably & constantly.  Therefore, there was no way in which the co2 level of July 2022 was suddenly causing London to catch on fire.  Equally high co2 levels of 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017 resulted in Greater London having its lowest number of yearly fires ever --- in its recorded history, that is.

The news article below is "truncated."  It's only part of the whole.  The entire article can be found by clicking here:

Back to 2022

The pronounced decrease in Greater London fires occurred while the population of the area increased by 1,300,000 people.  Now, an increase in population brings with it an increased probability of fires.  However, despite the simultaneous increase in the London Area population and in the atmospheric CO2 level, Greater London achieved an eighteen-year-long streak of consistently decreased fire event numbers.  Thus, CO2 is not as powerful as the media claims it to be, in killing-off society.   The asininity of demonizing CO2 is that, without CO2, life on Earth ceases.  After all, CO2 is the activator of photosynthesis. 

 The important note here is that, from 1968 to 2004, yearly Greater London Area fires occurred in excess of 40,000 each year.  In fact, 2001 & 2003 each had over 50,000 fires, as did 1970, 1976, 1989, 1990, and 1995.  Then, the yearly number of London Area fires had progressively diminished to less than 20,000 per year, by 2017 --- in addition to the Year 2014, when only 19,621 fires occurred in Greater London.  Then, in 2021, the Greater London fire tally was under 15,000.  From 2003 to 2021, it went from 50,000+ to under 20,000.

At this point, keep in mind that the media in July of 2022 showed houses or small buildings on fire, as if CO2 caused spontaneous combustion throughout London.  "Chart #17" below is from the London Fire Brigade, and it mentions that "House fires in Greater London have reduced drastically since 1981."  This decrease occurred while co2 levels were rising and while the population of Greater London was rising by an additional 1.3 million people.

This proves that in no way did the constant rise of atmospheric co2 cause an increase in Greater London fires.  Thus, the 2022 London news reports were all scams.  It was one big false alarm.   In as much, let's view additional evidentiary support once provided by the London Fire Brigade, but which was ever-so-coincidentally taken offline three days after this discourse was originally posted:


Above:  The stats of 2021.  That's last year.  Last year was the year of the LEAST NUMBER OF FIRES in the London Area, in all of London's recorded history.  In as much, 14,929 is much less than 40,000.

Most important is that the co2 level of 2021 was the exact same co2 level of 2022, minus an insignificant one and a half parts per million.  The exact same co2 level gave the 610 square mile London Vicinity its LOWEST AMOUNT of fires-per-year, ever since record keeping began.  Thus, we have 100,000% proof that the co2 level of 2022 did NOT cause London to catch on fire, as the media very falsely claimed, to its future legal detriment. 

Above are the stats for the Year 2020.  This is the year with the second LOWEST number of fires.  17,409 is also much less than 40,000.

Directly below are the stats for the Year 2022, as of October of that year.  The Year 2022 will be one of the lowest incident & fire years on record.  In fact, it thus far is the year with the least number of incidents, depending on the November & December stats.  But as far as goes its final tally for fires, that is projected to be about 18,000 to 19,000, if this chart (posted in November) includes the October fire statistics.  If the chart below only includes the stats up to September, then the projected sum total is 20,000 to 21,000 for the year.  This also is much less than the typical 40,000+ yearly fires that occurred between 1968 and 2004.

Below is the Year 2009.  It's here to show you that other years had many more fires than did the Year 2022, in addition to what the 2014 London Fire Brigade graph showed.  The 29,591 fires of 2009 are much more than the 14,929 fires of 2021, the most recent year with "completed statistics."  Remember, 2022 still has at least November and December to be counted in its stats.
Below is the Year 2010, posted to show the same.   The 27,462 fires of 2010 are a whole lot more than the 14,929 fires of 2021.  Thus, there was no co2 saturation burning-up Greater London.  It was all a lie.

And of course, in order to show that there is no cherry picking going-on here, the Year 2011 is included.  Its fire numbers are also much higher than those of 2022, as well as 2021.  Thus, 2022 was NOT the tipping point in any capacity.  It was merely another year where the media once again lied to the public.
Now, the media reported that, on July 19, the London Fire Brigade had its busiest day since WWII.  Well, look at the charts above, at the "All Incidents" window.  Those are "fire calls" to which the London firemen and women must respond, firstly to see if it's a false alarm or not.  The Year 2011, for example, had 115,130 "incidents."  Amongst them, 55,724 were false alarms.  Divide the incident number by 12 (12 months.)  115,130 divided by 12 is 9,594 fire calls per month.  That translates into an average of 318 calls per day.  There were far more "daily incidents" (daily fire calls) in the 1970s, '80s, & '90s.
Many other years had averaged many more calls (incidents) per day than 2022 ... and 2011.  In fact, the Year 2009 had an average of 370 "incidents" (fire calls) per day.  After all, it had 134,379 incidents.  There has always been a high number of fire-calls ("incidents") in Greater London, in any one day.  Were the number of fire calls (incidents) for July 19, 2022 that much higher than any other London day, in light of the fact that the London Fire Brigade gets hundreds of calls everyday? 
UK's 2022 crop yields also prove the London-is-burning-due-to-co2 alarm to be a false one.

Now, when you see a fire occurring near green grass and green leafage, the fire is not fueled by dried-out grass and leafage.  Moreover, being that the media claimed England to have been the victim of drought and heatwaves in the Summer of 2022, one would logically conclude that the 2022 harvests of the UK would be dismal crop failures.  Well, they turned out to be very healthy crop yields, thereby showing the July 2022 media to be a cabal of sophomoric liars.  Observe:

No downhill sliding board here.  Steady crop yield pattern, with increases, since the Year 2000.

In 2022, the UK enjoyed an 8 1/2% increase in cereal grains.  It was simply that there was an approximate 1% less and a 1 1/2 % less moisture content in the harvested grains than average.  So, where is the great co2 disaster in Britain, during 2022.  The agricultural industry didn't see one, at all. 

None the less, wheat was up 11% and barley was up 6%.  The UK's main oilseed harvest was up by 39%, but the crop yield increase was only 17%, being that the UK used more farmland for planting its main oilseed crop.  In fact, the UK used 13% less farmland for oats, and the oats yield for 2022 was surmised (estimated) to be 10% less than last year.  Technically, this translates into a humble 3% increase for UK oat farmers, per acre. 

Conclusion:  There is no man-made-co2 driven climate catastrophe occurring in Greater London.  

Concerning the commercial media networks' claim that mankind has to aggressively rid the atmosphere of the industrial "carbon footprint," you need to understand the following facts:  The atmosphere is made of [1] 78% carbon-free Nitrogen, [2] 21% carbon-free Oxygen, [3] 0.93% carbon-free Argon.  Thus, the Earth's atmosphere is already at least 99.93% carbon-free.  
Know that the concentration of co2 in the atmosphere is so low that, for every 2,398 molecules in the sky, only one of them is co2.  One more time:  Outside in the sky, there is 1 and only 1 co2 molecule for every 2,398 molecules out there.  Round it off to 1 co2 molecule for every 2,400 molecules in the atmosphere. 
China, India, & Indonesia are the present concerns:  Not London.
The only valid present concern is whether the construction of multiple Chinese, Indian, & Indonesia coal power plants will result in the aggressive rise in atmospheric co2, or will there be carbon capture technology provided with each new coal plant.  An aggressive rate of rise changes the picture, moderately for the present --- but significantly for the distance future, as in the next century.
At present, there's not an immediate hysteric concern.  No scientist publicly claimed that the world is coming to an end, due to "greenhouse gases" in twelves or in 112 years.  However, the recent history of Beijing does not give humanity much trust in the ruling political political of today's China, not to mention the ruling parties of India & Indonesia.  So, we cringe, wondering what will become of the atmosphere in the decades to come.  
This is why hoaxes like the London one have to be ejected from society's concerns.  China, India, & Indonesia are what count.  Not London and not healthy Australia ... and not the American Southwest which got its share of monsoon rains in recent years.  Moreover, there is the issue with Mercury and Sulfur Dioxide when it comes to coal use.  That must be addressed more so.  BTW, refusing to go to high school in Sweden isn't going to help, at all. 
Qualifying Note:  The Sulfur Hexaflouride issue is the other important concern at present.  That one can still be proverbially nipped at the bud, though.  However, you don't jag around with something like Sulfur Hexaflouride.  You cut to the chase and get the task done.  The task is finding its substitute.   It's all too tempting for industry not to do so.

We proceed to London, in 1901, 121 years  before the July 2022 day placed under amplified attention by the media.  July 19, 2022 was presented as the unprecedented beginning of the End of the World.  The media claimed that it was a day unprecedented in the history of England.  They lied.  The truth is the climate is CYCLICAL --- unless something drastic occurs.   In as much, the Year 2022 was little more than the Year of the Great Deja Vu.  This has all been seen and experienced before.

As an added piece of documentary evidence, lets see how things were across the Atlantic Ocean, in New York City, during the same July 1901:

Let's sail over to Italy, to see how it was doing in August of 1901.

It is often stated that "history repeats itself."  Well, that is the historically proven case, concerning Climate History.  And remember, in 1901 the co2 level was a mere 296 parts per million.  The co2 count was 121 ppm LESS than today.  It was 29% LOWER than today.  Yet, sweltering heat & much more dry drought-inducing heat occurred and reoccurred throughout the first four decades of the 20th Century than today.  This was when the co2 level was much lower than today.  

 In 2014, NASA declared that the worst drought year in the past 1,000 years was 1934.  The co2 level at he time was 309 ppm.  That's 108 ppm LOWER than today.  Yet, according to the Al Gore theory, 2020, 2021, and 2022 should have been the worst drought years.  Well, contrary to what the media claimed, Arizona & Nevada have been getting yearly monsoon rains.  This neglect of reporting the truth is the result of media's managers wanting to deceive you into thinking that we are trapped in a deadly circle of Dante's Inferno.  The truth is that we are doing nothing more than repeating history in a cyclical fashion.

In caveman days, the co2 level was 260 ppm.   And during recent heated eras, such as the Roman Warm Period & the Medieval Warm Period, co2 was only 280 ppm.  Today, atmospheric co2 is 417 ppm, and today's heat is only a repeat performance of the past.  The two 1901 articles above are a small sample of the hundreds of pieces of documentary evidence which show that a rise in temperature is not dependent upon a rise in co2.  Rather, according to ice core analysis, a rise in temperature historically came first, resulting in added evaporation of ocean water and the simultaneous emission of additional co2 into the atmosphere.

Climate is a pattern --- not a week-long event or even a month-long event.  July 18th & 19th were the the result of a dry air mass from Northern Africa.   And yes, there were a couple weeks of no rain --- in July, when such a thing is likely to happen.  However, after July 19th, everything instantly went back to normal.  The "back-to-normal" part is the climate.  

To call July 2022 "unprecedented" makes knowledgeable people roll their eyes and say, "Give me a break, and cut it out with the theatrics."  After all, there was such a thing as the Great Fire of London in 1666, along with ~the Great Fire of Tooley Street, 1861, ~the Burning of the Parliament, aka the Palace of Westminster (which was a complex of buildings), 1834, ~the Whitehall Palace Fire, 1698, ~the London Bridge Area Fire, 1633, the first London Bridge Fire, 1135, ~the Southwark Fire of 1212, ~the Great Fire of 1087, ~the Great Fire of Aldgate which burned all the way to Ludgate and which included St. Paul's Cathedral, 961, ~the Fire of 120 AD, when the Romans ruled.  

And of course, there were the fires caused by Boudicca's rage.  Those were not atmospheric science issues.  In fact, the Great Fire of 120 AD could have been an act of war, as well.  None the less, calling July 2022 London fires unprecedented invalidates a journalist, as much as does calling July 2022 a co2 cataclysm, when the truth is that the rise of co2 for the last 19 years was accompanied by a major decrease in London fires for the past 19 years.
Now, Planet Earth has had atmospheric co2 at  levels 9 times and even 16 times HIGHER than today.  In fact, during the height of atmospheric co2, the Cambrian Explosion occurred, resulting in the emergence of multi-celled sea life.  And later in history, when atmospheric co2 was 9 times higher than today, the Ordovician Ice Age was in progress.  This assertion, of course, is all a matter of "ice-core proxy evidence," inter alia. --- (Inter alia means, "and other things.")  Incidentally, the "inter alia" included the stoma-count of fossilized leaves.  Stoma are openings in the leaves, where co2 is absorbed.
 Anyway, London had two back-to-back heat days, one week apart.  The first week comprised two 87 degree Fahrenheit days.  One week later, there was a 99 degree Fahrenheit day, followed by a 103 degree Fahrenheit day.  After the 103 Fahrenheit day of July 19, the temps immediately went back to normal.  But, the propaganda machines had a field day with Britain's sole 100+  Fahrenheit day.  Oh, it was Armageddon 3.0, the Apocalypse 4.0, and the End of the World, squared & cubed.

Needless to say,  it was everybody's fault, for riding in motor vehicles and keeping warm in the Wintertime, as well as using evil evil air conditioners in the Summertime. 

Below is the London Temperature Calendar, for July 2022.  Here's the London that was presented by the media as an overly heated inferno.  Okay, Bill-Gates-funded-journalists, I'm all ready for this climate crisis, end-of-the-world doomsday stuff, now.  Show me where this super oppressive, long-term, human-body-killing heat is, in the London Summer of 2022.  Where is that darn Climate Crisis that the media kept talking about?  Come out, come out, wherever you are.  Wow.  The End of the World is right in front of my face, and I can't even see it.  Silly me.  

In Celsius:

In Fahrenheit:


December 28, 2022

1878 & 1896: Extreme heat. Yet, co2 was 127 & 122 ppm LOWER than now.

   Quick Note:  Today, atmospheric co2 is now 419 ppm.  In 1878, it was 290.  In 1896, it was 295.

Fraud is all throughout the "Climate Change" movement, and it resulted in schoolchildren --- and now adults --- being emotionally traumatized.  It was simply a matter of:

[1] altered temperature graphs done in the name of "homogenization," WITHOUT showing any METHODOLOGY in the changing-of-numbers.

[2]  It was also a matter of hiding the decline of the Briffa Graph  (hiding the global cooling of the 1960s & '70s from Michael Mann's overtly fraudulent Hockey-stick Graph.).  And it was a matter of ...

[3] hiding the US forest fire stats of 1926 to 1982, [4] hiding the wonderful turn-of-events in exotic Australia, [5] hiding the raw temperature data of the early & very heated 1920s, [5] hiding the fact that the angel fish of Brazil do well in 5.9 PH water, [6] hiding the fact that an abundant supply of co2 is needed in the vast, salty oceans, so as to prevent a corrosive 11.2 PH water inventory.  And it was a matter of . . .

[7] hiding the fact that the atmosphere already is 99.93% carbon-free, [8] hiding the fact that carbon-free cirrus clouds are a principle retainer of infrared heat, [9] hiding the drought history of the 19th Century, as well as the 13th & 16th Centuries, [10] hiding the hurricane history of the 16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries, 

[11] hiding the geo-markers and historical evidence which prove the existence of the Medieval Warm Period, [12] hiding the historical evidence of the 500+ year-long Little Ice Age, [13] hiding the intensely elevated sea level of the Eemian Period, when co2 levels were much lower than today, [14] exaggerating the small amount of sea level rise in the past 140 years,  and ...

... [15] hiding the many reports of glacier melt, glacier recession, and glacier disappearance in the 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, and early 1950s, not to mention hiding the exteme heat of 1871, 1878, and 1896, when co2 levels were almost as low as during caveman days.

Therefore, the entire Climate Sector of the Blue Marble Album was dedicated to undoing the emotional terror caused by Climate Fraudsters and their useful idiot teenage activists.  The Blue Marble Album was dedicated to climate article, to literally prevent suicides and to assuage very unfounded fears.

Below:  A newspaper article illustrating that the heat of the Summer of 2022 was nothing new ... nothing that brought change to the world.  Similar weather was scientifically & historically documented as far back as 1878, when the co2 level was 290 parts per million.  That's 127 ppm LESS than today.  Yet, 1878, as well as 1896, had as high temperatures throughout the world as any year in recorded history.  

Yes, 1896 was a year of brutal heat, without high concentrations of co2 being in the air.  This proves that co2 does NOT drive the climate in any capacity at all, whatsoever, in the least.  Read-up on the heat, and note that 116 & 117 Fahrenheit heat was present, during days of low co2 numbers.  In fact, it was simultaneously above 100F at 44 weather stations, in the Sydney Australia vicinity, during that time span.

Examples of "Climate Hysteria" fraud are illustrated all over the Blue Marble Album, such as Michael Mann's claim that Australia is doomed and will be a venue of numerous "climate refugees."  Well, the Great Barrier Reef replenished.  Australia recently had a couple record crop yields.  The drought is over, and was dependent on the shifting of the Equatorial ENSO which has nothing to do with co2 levels.  Plus, Australian ski lodges had ample snow fall on them, etc, etc, etc.

On and on go the examples of sleight of hand --- "false light" --- misrepresentation & climate fraud.  It's an involved con game, where the sought-for treasure is massive Congressional funding and other types of donations.  So, the US taxpayer loses, in the end.  However, suicides are now occurring, and this Climate Con Game has got to be curbed.  Emotionally terrifying less-than-intelligent people into suicide is Wrongful Death.

Below:  A newspaper article which concurs with the general reports of the heat of 1896 being a global occurrence, and not something limited to one or two locales.  And it was brutal heat, during that year; far worse than what England experienced for two days only, during the Summer of 2022.  In 1896, there were sunstroke deaths in England. 

 The Climate Fraudsters ... or their deceived useful idiots ... act as if life-giving co2 is the greatest enemy of mankind.  Not even close.  The greatest enemy of mankind ... in the physical realm ... throughout vast quantities of human history ... has been none other than:


That was a real crisis.  Today's co2 alarm is a red herring, a false alarm,  a subterfuge.  After all, the Congress recently appropriated $370 BILLION U.S. taxpayer dollars to climate activism interests.  Thus, the motive for all of this fraud was & is in plain site.  The Congress and the American citizen was being bombarded with Climate Hysteria Propaganda.  So, an outrageous high amount of Congressional Funding resulted.

Below: The NYT article of August 18, 1896 shows that Michael Mann was only 124 years too late, in his dismal diagnosis of Australia.  The huge difference between then and now is that the co2 level in 1896 was 295 ppm.  That amounts to 122 ppm LOWER than today.  According to Al Gore, there should not have been any heat waves in the 19th Century.  Well, he was wrong.  This means that his unqualified theory is completely contrary to historic reality: ppm

Below:  Even the Year 1878 had extreme heat.  The co2 level for that year was 290 ppm.  That's 127 ppm LESS than today. 

And of course, in the Summer of 2016, screen star Sigourney Weaver boldly stated, "This we have never seen before," when talking about every form of natural disaster and ice melt scenario that can be typecast in Hollywood and that can be viewed through a satellite.   

Her thesis statement was that the use of fossil fuels was causing disastrous weather extremes.  Of course, the suspect was the trace gas, carbon dioxide, which activates photosynthesis and abundant vegetation, in certain latitudes and altitudes of Planet Earth.  But, there is only one greenhouse gas which has any efficacy above the ability of cirrus clouds to retain infrared heat.  That's carbon-free water vapor.  The other greenhouse gases are too small in quantity to drive the climate in any capacity.  

As a transitory caveat, the only greenhouse gas exception is a conditional one.  And that exception is Sulfur Hexaflouride.  If that stable, man-made compound becomes a common household item, then we actually will be trouble . . . if and only if.  It is necessary to deep-six Sulfur Hexaflouride sometime in the near future, and to search for a substitute compound now.

Back to the regularly scheduled post:

Sigourney's timing, in boldly proclaiming what she did, was ironic.  This is because she publicly recited her script one calendar year after the Antarctic Continent had it's largest "sea ice extent" in its known history.  This was also a year after it was found that the bottom of the Ross Shelf was crystallizing in ice, and not melting away.  In fact, Sigourney's Democratic National Convention speech was two years after the coldest Winter in 40 years.  Her script writer was apparently clueless to atmospheric science, weather history, and oceanography.  In fact, the cover of Sigourney's Democratic National Convention script should have read, "For morons only."

It was double ironic that Sigourney spoke as a card-carrying prophetess, due to the fact that five years after her prime-time speech, Antarctica would have it's coldest Winter in known history.  Her speech writer definitely didn't see that one coming, and it basically would put anyone out of the prophesying business. 

MOREOVER, Weaver spoke her words the year after Planet Earth underwent its 16 year-long "Global Warming Hiatus."  That was the time span when no temperature rise was detected in the middle of the Troposphere.  It endured from 1999 to 2015, necessitating propagandists to change the name, "Global Warming" to :climate change."  In now changing the name, Global Warming, to Climate Change, the propagandists admitted that Global Warming had ceased ... at least for 16 years ... as well as during the 1960s & '70s which was called the "decline" in Climategate emails ... and even in the first part of the 1990s, when cold and snow made headline news.  So, Sigourney Weaver 's script writer struck out.   

Below:  A newspaper entry which concurs with the claim of 1878 being a very heated year.  It's a letter to the editor which mentions temperatures stated in an annual climate report.  Heat paid a visit to 1835, 1862, and 1876. as much as 1878.

Below: Now for America:  Evidence shows that 1878 was deadly in the States, too.  Yet, co2 was too low to have caused the heat, according to the Al Gore Theory of Climate.  Thus, why would anyone in his right mind think that co2 all of a sudden drives the climate today, when there was not enough of it in the 19th Century to cause the major droughts and heatwaves which occurred directly after the end of the Little Ice Age?  The conclusion is that Al Gore and Hockey-stick grapher, Michael Mann are con artists who need to be brought to justice, due to the tremendous amoun of money that ended up in their pockets, from claiming the co2 today is too high and is causing never-before-seen heat events.  Well, they were never-before-seen, except for the past 6,000 years, in intervals of time ... in cycles of time.  The evidence thus far shows that . . . Climate IS cyclical.  But, of course, you can't make lots of money saying that truth.

Since 1988, "fund-raising scientists" and political figures kept stating in public that humanity has 10 to 12 years to get rid of half of the trace gas known as co2, or else the world will come to an end.  They asserted that:  

{1} The sea level will rise, drowning millions along the coastlines, thereby resulting in the Statue of Liberty submerging into the Upper New York Bay.   No, wait!  {2} Drought will takeover the world and the ground will become too hard for planting crops, causing mass starvation.  But before that, millions will die in yearly heatwaves that will catch all of London on fire.  No, wait!  {3} All the diseases of the world will come out of the melted Arctic permafrost and will kill everybody, even though there has only been one Russian Arctic anthrax outbreak in Russian history, resulting in one and only one death.  

No, wait!  {4} All of the Himalayan glaciers will melt and cause everyone in Southern Asia to thirst to death.  No, not that.  Instead: {5} There will be no more snow storms and the dams will go dry.  No, no, no. {6} They'll be too much snow falling.   Hold it.   {7}  Forest fires will burn everyone in California.  No, wait! {8} Californian forests  will contract bacteriological infections that will kill all the trees and all the birds in the trees.  Plus . . .

{9} The oceans will turn acidic corrosive and will cause all the fish there to dissolve.  No, wait!  Better yet:  {10}  Wild animals will come out of the woods and attack humanity.  

However, in reality, during a congressional hearing, it was literally said that: {11} The animals have gotten smaller, even though the large fossilized animals --- such as 6 ft tall penguins --- existed when co2 levels were really high.  

Then came the assertion that elevated co2 ... {12} ... will cause people to become stupid and be unable to read, preceded by a decade of faulty decision-making.

Next comes the second biggest thing to come out of the mouths of activists:  {13} August will have no ice in the Arctic really really soon.  This iceless Arctic prediction has been occurring for decades.  None the less, 2012 was the year of the least amount of ice cover over the Arctic Ocean, to the tune of 1.32 square  miles of ice cover.  In order to drive or fly from one end of that ice sheet the its opposite end was equivalent to driving from Fargo North Dakota to San Diego California ... literally.  And that was when Arctic ice was at its lowest, after five or six months of the sun never being covered by the Earth's horizon.

Now for the grand event of every year . . . year after year, until we yawn ourselves to a state of much welcomed and much needed unconsciousness

And then, there is the annual tradition of stating that this past year was the hottest year ever, every single year, year after year.  Now, if every year has been the hottest year ever, then we all should have caught on fire by now, from the constant temperature rise.  But, in reality . . . 

... They've been crying wolf, over and over again, in order to get Congressional Funding and NGO Money Grants.  As a result, the grown-ups of America became tired of hearing the predictions that never come true.  So, the politicians and the "fund-raising scientists" targeted the youth, doing so with the help of the commercial & subscription media, as well as the teachers' union  ... telling the youth terrifying tales that still don't come true.  The end of the world keeps getting postponed.  Yet, it's always around the corner.  It's a tiring and blatantly annoying con game.

In reality, the climate is cyclical, and everything therein is a repeat performance of another era of time ... and never "unprecedented."  On occasion after occasion, outright fraud has been committed by "fund-raising scientists" and politicians looking to inject money into their districts (or states.)  Money is always the motive.  After all, if you tell Congress that all is fine --- and that the world isn't coming to an end in 10 to 12 years --- you get no funding.  It's that simple, and they are that much a crew of simpletons that they think that the grown-ups haven't noticed their very sick game.

Below: Yet another piece of evidence showing that there was excessive heat 144 years ago, when co2 levels were too low to cause Global Warming.  Yet, the Globe warmed many a times, when co2 levels were not much higher than during caveman days.  So, you need to truly awaken, and discover that you are in the middle of a massive, money-making swindle, where you are expected to be nothing more than a very useful idiot. 

December 27, 2022

From the Ghost of Glaciers Past: Glacier melting also occurred when atmospheric co2 was much lower; 70, 86, 95, 117, and 120 years ago.

The regrowth of the Jakobshavn Glacier made national news.  Yet, scientists are always making climate out to be a horror story, so as to get funding.  They're the dorks, the dweebs, the nerd-boys, & the wedgie boys you thought were so weird in high school.  Well, they're still weird, and thoroughly vicious, in hyper-exaggerating everything, causing severe anxiety.

Report from the Ghost of Glaciers Past

This post is for all of you who have read or heard that the world is undergoing "unprecedented" glacier melt and the subsequent End of the World.  The reality is that all weather events and melting scenarios happened before --- long before --- over and over again --- and sometimes in greater intensity --- when atmospheric co2 was very low, such as the early 20th Century's 297 to 312 ppm.  In comparison, 2022's atmospheric co2 count has been 417 ppm.  Glacier melt made the papers, back in the early 20th Century, when the co2 count was much lower than today.  Therefore, it's not unprecedented.  Go look it up, yourself. 

The photocopies of twelve archived newspaper articles of varying length are located below, for evidentiary support purposes.  Their datelines are  1902,  1903,  1905,  1907,  1910,  1912,  1927,  1934,  1936,  1939,  1950, and 1952.  Their topics are Melting Glaciers, Shrinking Glaciers, and Vanishing Glaciers.  It has been the same old story, all along, within intervals of time, being that Climate is Cyclical.

Now, there's a lot on this subject to convey.   The point at present is to show you that this phenomenon occurred WHILE ATMOSPHERIC CO2 WAS LOW --- from 297 to 312 ppm. 

 Below:  Braidwood Dispatch & Mining Journal, New South Wales; Weds, Sept 28, 1910, pg 4.

NOW REMEMBER:  This was when the co2 level was much LOWER than today.
The co2 count in 1927 was 306 ppm.  Today it's 417 ppm. 

This was published 72 years ago, when the co2 level was 312 ppm.

Above: Prediction that the SVARTISEN GLACIER of Norway would be gone by the Year 2000.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 Below:  Today, in 2022, the Svartisen Glacier is the 2ND LARGEST in Norway, at 142 sq miles in size.  It certainly did NOT disappear by the Year 2000, as was predicted by experts of the era, and as was reported by AAP-Reuters.
This is only a small part of the glacier which did NOT vanish in the Year 2000.

Below is a super important lesson in how fast glaciers form.  In 1916, there was no glacier there, in Mounta Danello, Italy.  Rather, there were 15 Austrian soldiers there.  Twenty years later, a glacier melts and reveals the soldiers' remains.  It didn't even take twenty years for the glacier to form.  Thus, glacier size is quite flexible over relatively short periods of time.  Glaciers can form quite rapidly.

Below:  A receding glacier in 1912, when co2 was at 301 ppm.  It was receding a mile a year.  Thus, we have yet more evidence that the 2020s are not unprecedented or unique, in any capacity at all, whatsoever, in the least.  Even the lying scientists and lying media members of today is nothing new.  It's all the same old same old.  Greed.  And the American taxpayer gets to be the swindled sucker.

Below: Newspaper report of  January 14, 1939, when the co2 count was 311.  That's 106 ppm LOWER than today.  Yet, it states that "geologists all over the world" were puzzled by the continuous retreat of ice glaciers.  That worldwide glacier retreat occurred 83 years ago.  Thus, any glacier retreat reported today, tomorrow, or next year is NOT something unprecedented.  It's the same old same old.  So, don't let Michael Mann's false science provoke you into suicide ... or even clinical depression.  

BTW, Michael Mann was NEVER nominated as "co-winner" of any type of Nobel Prize, and therefore, he NEVER was co-awarded (or exclusively awarded) any Nobel Prize in anything.  Democracy Now lied on air.  Michael Mann's lawyer lied on paper, and Michael Mann repeatedly lied, period.  In fact, Michael Mann simply lies, per se.  In as much, the weather and/or climate was NOT mild throughout the 1,000 years preceding the Industrial Age.  

If the atmospheric co2 level gets cut in half, as Michael Mann said it should be, then the co2 level will be very near the level where photosynthesis stops occurring.  Australia is resilient, and NOT dying, as Michael Mann said.  

Plus, Mann did NOT submit to Dr. Tim Ball the data set for Mann's ridiculous hockey-stick temperature graph, as Mann promised a Canadian court he would do.   And Mann did hide the 1960s & '70s temperature decline of Briffa's much more honest temperature graph.   And all that Tim Ball wanted was for Mann to show his methodology, in arriving at the hockey-stick graph which omitted the existence of the Medieval Warm Period and Renaissance-era & Baroque-era Little Ice Age. 

One more thing: Michael Mann is not going to get China to cease its extensive coal plant construction projects.  And concerning India, in the Years 2021 & 2022, it commissioned EIGHT coal plants with 4.49 GW (gigawatt) capacity.  Plus, 39 coal plants are under construction there --- in India..  What is Michael Mann and John Kerry and Bill Nye and Al Gore doing about it?  

Coal releases mercury.  Mercury is obviously not good for health.  Sulfur Dioxide gets released during coal-burning.  Not good, either.  Fly-ash too, as well as certain nitrogen oxides, emit from coal when coal is being burnt.   So, instead of suing Tim Ball, Rand Simberg, and Mark Steyn, Mann should have been reaching out to India and China. 

Mann's purported "expert witnesses" were declared invalid by a DC court judge, incidentally.  They were officially declared NOT experts in the lawsuit which has been dragging-on for years.  The reason is that they did NOT show the methodology that resulted in their conclusions.  And of course, they claim that the Little Ice Age & Medieval Warm Period were only local events, and not worldwide.  They showed zero methodology for their conclusions which are contrary to chronicles, ledgers, journals, and strontium isotope analysis.

Go through newspaper archives, and you will see that Mann, Al Gore, PBS, & taxpayer-money-grabbing scientists have been lying to you, in a "false light," sleight-of-hand fashion.  They have been omitting lots of facts.

Below:  Swiss glaciers shrinking in 1907, when co2 was 299 ppm; 118 ppm LOWER than today.

Below:  In 1905, Swiss glaciers were known to be shrinking.  Yet, the article had a global reach to it.  It mentioned "the fact seems to be that glaciers all over the world are shrinking," even though the co2 count was only 298 ppm; 119 ppm LOWER than today.

Below:  This article mentions that Swiss glaciers were shrinking since 1922.  And of course, I called 1922 "the Year of the Great Meltdown."  None the less, did you ever hear about the 36 year glacier cycle by which a glacier waxes and wanes, like the phases of the moon?  Well, it's mentioned here:

This article was truncated ... cut ... for the sake of space.
Below:  As far back as in 1902, people were noticing the gradual shrinking of the Alpine glaciers, to the demise of the tourist industry there.  That's 120 years ago.  So, this phenomenon is NOT new.  It's apparently cyclical, because, during that general time span, glaciers were mentioned as having a waxing and a waning to them, a lot like the phases of the moon.  

All in all, glacier melt is NOT a new 2022-only phenomenon, or even a 21st-Century-only problem.  It was happening as far back as the beginning of the prior century, and one can logically deduce that glacier melt was rampant during the [1] Medieval Warm Period, [2] Roman Warm Period, and  [3] Minoan Warm Period, as well as the Eemian Warm Period (when seas level was 8 to 12 to 16 feet higher than today.) 

The media was completely wrong about Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction, and it was wrong about several other things, including climate doom predictions.  The media is not the Eternal God.  It has been repeatedly shown to be wrong, time after time.  It's an industry run by people looking for ratings and profit ... or sizable Congressional (Public TV) funding.   Let's be really honest here:  Truth & Justice is NOT the American Way, Superman.

In 1902, the co2 level was 296 and a half ppm, 120+ ppm LOWER than today.

  Below:  At the very least, look at "July 27, 1903."  Then look at, "MELTING GLACIERS."  This is a report that the famous Jakobshavn Glacier of Greenland was receding --- 119 years ago, when co2 was 297 ppm.  Well, in the vicinity of 2016 to 2019, the same glacier was reported as having had three consecutive years of ice gain.  Climate is cyclical, much like the phases of the moon.  It waxes and it wanes.

70 years ago, when co2 was 312 parts per million, 115 ppm lower than today.

All twelve of these samples should help you realize that you have been told a long line of lies about climate history and the present climate.  Look through newspaper and magazine archives, yourself.  The recent claim of a "climate crisis" has all been a con game, played by the media, fund-raising scientists, money-grabbing politicians who want re-elected, ex-politicians who want a second or third home. The doomsayers all have a financial conflict of interest.  Thus, they are NOT unbiased.  You don't have to submit to Mind Dictators.  Go and be free.


The Ghost of Glaciers Past

December 26, 2022

2022 was the Year of the Great Deja Vu
[1] In 1922, just like in 2022, people were talking about the glaciers retreating and the polar caps melting, with good cause to do so, both times.   [2] In 1922, people saw global warming as good ... for growing luxurious things.  As an added point, Wodonga is in Victoria Australia, and the Wodonga Express stopped publishing around 1938 or '39.

Concerning the claim of 2022 being the year of doomsday heat: {1} Australia went through record cold weather in June of 2022, and two of the three sectors of the Great Barrier Reef were reported to have replenished very successfully.  The third sector was dinner for hungry crown-of-thorn starfish.  {2}   In fact, Australia enjoyed one type of record crop yield in 2022, while enjoying a record high yield in another type of crop in 2021 (already covered at the Blue Marble Album.) {3} Ireland reported record crop yields for 2022, as in:


{4} Brazil went through record cold weather in May 2022.  {5} The Midwest of the United States went through record cold in October of 2022.  {6} And in the middle of November 2022, the South Pole went through back-to-back-to-back record cold temperature days, thereby negating the claim that Antarctica is on a crash-course to catastrophic ice melt and a sea level rise that will drown humanity.   In fact, Antarctica had the coldest Winter in its recorded history as recently as 2021.  Observe the most recent news from Antarctica, as of November 2022:

This Stefano Di Battista is not to be confused with the jazz musician who has the same name.

But of course, the focus was on the heated areas of Planet Earth, during the SUMMER of 2022.  The fact is that the equally hot summers of 1900, 1901, 1903, 1910, 1911, 1913, 1921, 1922, 1931, 1934, 1935, and 1936 all transpired when the atmospheric co2 level was much lower than today; at only 296 to 309 parts per million.  That is 108 to 121 parts per million LESS than today.  In fact, during the heatwave years of 1871, 1878, and 1896, the co2 level was even lower.  So, how could co2 be the cause of heat waves during heat waves that transpired while the co2 level was too low to effect a change?   Cirrus clouds have more heat retaining capacity than does co2, and water vapor is 90% of all greenhouse gases.  Thus, water vapor is the determinant greenhouse gas, and it's carbon-free.

Meanwhile, the 1880s, the 1940s, the 1960s, and the 1970s were generally perceived as "Decades of Cooling."  The 1910s, the 1920s, the 1950s and the 1990s were regarded as half-and-half.  For example, 1921 and '22 were ferociously hot years, while 1928 & 1929 saw some of the coldest winter weeks in history.  And of course, the 1930s were years of ferocious warming and even drought, as were the 1870s, a decade that transpired shortly after the end of the Mini Ice Age.

In sequence, 2012 was a year of heat waves.  Yet, 2014/2015 gave humanity the coldest winter in 40 years.  And 2015 was the record year of the most Antarctic sea ice extent.  Then came heat in 2016, followed by cold blasts in 2017 & 2018, followed by heat yet again.  Once again, over and over again, climate has been shown to be cyclical, like a roller coaster.

The bottom line is that the media and grant-seeking scientists stated that the weather of 2022 was "unprecedented."  They are complete liars.  The events of 2022 were very precedented.  It all happened before, tragic time and tragic time, again and again ... all when co2 levels were very low.  Casualties were still high, despite the low co2 count.  Far more people died during natural disasters in 1922 than in 2022 and several other years combined.
CO2 was 304 ppm --- 113 ppm LESS than today.  This typhoon killed 50,000-100,000.

Plus, on September 13, 1922, El Azizia Libya was reported to have undergone the hottest temperature ever  measured on the surface of the Earth, at 136.4 Fahrenheit --- 58 "Centigrade."  That temperature was put into doubt, being that El Aziza is 520 feet above sea level, in semi-arid land.  However, the Jabal Nafusah mountains (located northwest) are 2,500 feet high, and this translates into the Adibiatic Heating phenomenon called the Santa Ana Winds, the Chinook Winds, and the Foehn winds.  

Such winds come from "Orographic lifting" which renders an air parcel (air quantum) dry, when the air reaches a mountain top.  Then, as the air parcel (air quantum) travels down the "leeward side" of the mountain, it compresses, it heats-up, and this process results in the sudden arrival of high temperatures at the lower surfaces of the Earth.  In Libya, they are called, Ghibi Winds.  So, that particular 1922 temperature reading has credibility too it.  In fact, in 1923, the same region recorded a 135F temperature, when the co2 level was at 304 ppm; 113 ppm LOWER than today.

Despite the obvious cycle of climate between 1922 and 2022, the refrain was sung once again ... by the usual singing suspects, namely the less than factual Al Gore and the less than honest Michael Mann.  Once again, youths are being used as useful idiots.  History does repeat itself ... far too often.   

Yes, mommy and daddy won't buy into the con game.  So, schools get invaded by a predictable con artist politician bearing a very non-factual movie that told the children that massive flooding and Category 6 hurricanes would invade their homes, if they did not follow an Al Gore who was caught expending outrageous amounts of electricity at one palatial domicile, alone.  In the end, the children get recruited, in place of mommy and daddy.  And all that you have to do, to make it happen, is turn teaching into the dissemination of propaganda.   It's the Hitler Youth, all over again.

Gore's energy-consuming hypocrisy goes as follows:

      "The Associated Press reviewed the Gores’ energy bills and reported that the family consumed 191,000 kilowatt-hours in 2006. This was considerably more than the amount of electricity used by the typical house in Nashville, about 15,600 kilowatt-hours a year.

       An older version of the e-mail claimed that "Gore’s average monthly electric bill topped $1,359." That figure was just about right, according to the numbers crunched by the AP."

 Take a free look at: 

Of course, in all of the propaganda that transpired, the teachers forgot to tell the students that the $31 TRILLION debt accrued by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, all the "going-green" myna birds, and the military industrial complex is debt for the youth to pay ... in maybe 62 to 93 to 124 to 186 years.  Or else all Americans will be caught in the middle of the nationally catastrophic bankruptcy of a worthless dollar, all caused by big mouths who were constantly given sound byte time on commercial & subscription television.

The accruing of an outrageously high debt was either an ongoing act of incompetency or outright theft done under the guise of lawfulness.  In either way, the youths pay, while the co2 level keeps on rising, anyway.  

Meanwhile, the politicians ignore the true enemies of Life on Earth, namely Mercury, Sulfur Dioxide, Lead, and  even forms of fly-ash, along with those synthetic (high volume production) chemicals not yet under the laboratory scrutiny of the Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act.  For those unfamiliar, the Lautenberg Act is as effective as a band-aid in a four car collision.

Next to be addressed is the commercial media networks' claim that mankind has to aggressively rid the atmosphere of the industrial "carbon footprint."  You need to understand the following facts:  The Earth's atmosphere is already at least 99.93% carbon-free.  The atmosphere is made of 

[1] 78% carbon-free Nitrogen, [2] 21% carbon-free Oxygen, [3] 0.93% carbon-free Argon.


        The prevailing amount of carbon-free water vapor which ranges from 0.1% to %4.

The same atmosphere additional contains minute amounts of Hydrogen, Helium, Neon, and Xenon, all of which are carbon-free.  And of course, 90% of all greenhouse gases (by volume) is the carbon-free water vapor which comprises as much as 4% of the atmosphere in the Tropics, while comprising very low amounts in deserts such as Antarctica and the Sahara.

Do you detect the con game that has been played with humanity since 2006?  2006 was the year of the first Al Gore movie which was an insult to the intelligence of anyone even slightly familiar with Atmospheric Physics ... especially in what was falsely said about Lake Chad.

At this point, keep in mind that Cirrus Clouds have more infrared heat retention capacity than does the trace gas co2.  Also keep in mind that it is generally understood that, if the man-made compound, Sulfur Hexaflouride gets mass marketed, then there will be a dreadful measure of man-made Global Warming.  Sulfur Hexaflouride is a world apart from co2, in heat retaining capability, because it's so stable.  In review, CO2 is fine.  Sulfur Hexaflouride is potential grief.  Period.

CO2 easily becomes plant food, tree refreshment, and phytoplankton subsistence.  Thus, it will not build-up to the point of disaster, any time soon.  And 417 ppm is not anywhere near the End of the World.  After all, Venus and Mars have co2 levels at 965,000 ppm & 953,000 ppm.  Meanwhile, CO2 is in great demand on Planet Earth, because it empowers nature's oxygen-making machines ... and because it is the key to photosynthesis.  The co2 levels of Venus & Mars prove that there is no life on those two planets.  There's nothing on those planets that consumes co2 and changes it into another molecular structure.

File:Venus from Mariner 10.jpg File:Hubble's Closest View of Mars in 60,000 Years- August 27, 2003.jpg

Back to Planet Earth:  Now, 2022 was proclaimed to be the hottest, most ice-dissolving year of them all, by media members who have no experience in atmospheric physics or meteorology or geology or in working outdoors for decades ... or in being honest.  The untrained folk with microphones and computer keyboards used the word, "unprecedented."  They claimed like faithful Nazi Party members who do not allow dissent that never before in the history of mankind have the weather events of 2022 been seen.  Well, for starters, try the Year 1922 .... one hundred years prior.   One certainty is that there was much more Arctic Ice in existence today, in 2022, than there was in 1922.  In fact, 1922 actually was the Great Melt-down.

In addition, the Years 1910 & 1911 were also far worse than 2022, as is illustrated in a previous post, with photos of 1910 & 1911 newspaper articles included.  The Year 1913 brought record heat, in fact, until 1922 broke it.

And then there was the trio of 1934 to 1936, with 1934 having been declared by NASA to have been the worse drought year in 1,000 years.  In sequence, the Year 1936  hosted the hottest Summer of the 20th Century --- far worse than anything that the 21st Century thus far had to offer, including the heatwave year of 2012, 2016, and the overly exaggerated 2022.

Observe the examples below which prove this to be very true about the Years 1922 & 1923, as well as 1923 & 1925.  We begin with the 1923 news report that Glacier National Park was melting at a rapid rate.  At the time, the prediction was that all of the glaciers at Glacier National were going to be melted-away, by the Year 1948.   It was an ongoing false prophecy.   The most recent failed prediction was that the glaciers were going to be gone by 2020.  They are still there.  
 None the less, the articles posted below show the severity of heat during the 1920s.  This shows that it is a complete falsehood to claim that there were no severe heat years until recently.  The heat and the forest fires were far worse in the 1870s, 1890s, 1901, 1910, the 1920s, and the 1930s.  As far as go droughts, the worse ones were in the later part of the 19th Century in addition to 1934.  
And as far as goes the worst flood year, it would be 1927, for sure.  Yet, in the same 1927, there was also a brutal drought.  In as much, on a planetary globe that is tilted at its axis, one man's drought is another man's flood.  
And then there is the matter of the worse of winters.  That was definitely the Winter of 1880-1881.  There was also the Great Blizzard of 1888.  The 1880s did not have the heat experienced in the 1870s and 1890s.  The Winter of 1928-'29 was brutally cold, too.  The winters of the 1960s were physically painful events, as well.  I should know.  I was there.  The 1970s were painfully cold times, too.  I was there, too.  Thus, climate is cyclical.

Needless to say, newspaper archives of decades and centuries past contain the evidence which shows that the recently altered climate graphs and charts of the U.S. government are outright fraudulent misrepresentations.  
The government has a conflict of interest here, being that members of governments throughout the world advocate imposing "the carbon tax" upon humanity.  Thus, their "sales pitch" is that there never was weather like the weather of 2022, when the truth is that many years were far worse --- and when the truth is also that 2022 was greatly exaggerated.  Yet, 90% of all greenhouse gases, by volume, is Water Vapor.  Water Vapor has no carbon footprint.  So, why put a carbon tax on air that is 99.93% carbon-free?
In review, the atmosphere is 78% carbon-free Nitrogen, 21% carbon-free Oxygen, and 0.93% carbon-free Argon.  This equals a 99.93% carbon-free atmosphere.  Do you sense a scam amongst the Carbon Tax Lobbyists, yet?  No?  Well, enjoy paying the massive national debt that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer dumped on you.  In fact, even enjoy the day when, suddenly, the American dollar will no longer have value.  After all, when you keep printing dollars, you keep devaluing dollars, and you can't get lower than the number ZERO.  
So, have fun in all the chaos to ensue, all because you listened to Al Gore, Michael Mann, and Nancy Pelosi, as well as other people who were not fit for leadership posts.  There is a difference between being a leader and being in power.  Non-leaders in power always abuse their power and pocket large sums of money in the process. 
The Year 2022 brought nothing new; not even the predictable con artist media personalities who told the citizenry yet another science fiction horror story, all the while neglecting to tell the public that the Year 2022 also had record cold temperatures within it, along with a restored Great Barrier Reef.  Huge news.  But not for the con artists. 

All of this coincides with the presidency of known liar, Joe Biden.  For the record, his lies, as much as his public hair-sniffing, are on video ... and on film.  This was especially the case during the 1988 presidential campaign, when Joe Biden became Liar Extraordinaire.  Only later did he become Hair-Sniffer Extraordinaire.

All of this also coincides with the $174 million worth of grant dollars given to a multiplicity of media outlets, compliments of none other than Mr. Microbe ... Bill Gates.  My!  What a coincidence!  BTW, take a look at:  

                   Bill Gates rigging the media at a discount price of 174 million "grant" dollars.

All in all, in 1922 and 1923, it was reported that the Arctic was melting severely.  Well, Arctic Ice replenished in the 1960s and 1970s, indicating that climate IS cyclical, and not at all driven by the trace gas co2 ... or by methane which only exists at 2 parts per million in the atmosphere ... or by nitrous oxide (N2O) which exists at ONE part per THREE million.

Keep in mind that this is the report of 1922 ... NOT 2022.  There is much more ice on Earth today than there was in 1922, when the atmospheric co2 level was no more than 304 parts per million.  Today, co2 is at 417 parts per million.  

When I polled people, asking them what percentage of the atmosphere is CO2, the common response was, "I would say 30%."  They were only off by 29.95%.  Only one person gave me an answer that was almost correct, concerning the co2 level, and that was while I was in Chicago.  One person east of Ohio, incidentally, gave the answer of 70%.  Yet, he was a very rational person who assumed that the level had to be ridiculously high or else Al Gore wouldn't have been obsessively harping about it for decades.  

None the less, the visual aid which helps the co2 count be understood is the one which compares the various atmospheric molecules to a Rose Bowl audience.  In as much, if the atmosphere's constituents were Rose Bowl fans, 78,000 of them would be Nitrogens.  21,000 of them would be Oxygens.  930 of them would be Argons, and only 42 of them would be CO2.  

As far as goes methane, there would be one methane for every FIVE Rose Bowl stadiums.  Methane is only 2 parts per million in Planet Earth's Troposphere.  That's it.  N2O is only one part per THREE million, in the same Troposphere.  That amounts to one nitrous oxide molecule for every 30 Rose Bowl stadiums.

This shows the failure of the commercial media and the American public school system, as well as Al Gore, Bill Nye, Michael Mann, and Bill Gates.  Then again, it shows the success of those people spreading misinformative and disinformative propaganda, thereby deceiving anyone too lazy to read & check things for himself/herself.   Add to the contributors of disinformation certain personnel of the United Nations who are simply trying to con American government officials out of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars.

In addition, when Obama's EPA chief was asked the percentage of atmospheric co2 during a congressional hearing, she did not know the answer.  This is beyond pathetic.

© Patrick Anthony Pontillo, taken during the coldest winter in 40 yrs.

The journalists' ironic contradiction

A great irony in co2 climate reports is that one type of journalist describes co2 as causing humid and sweltering days, while another type of journalist describes co2 as causing hot, brittle dryness.  So, which one is it, journalists?  In can't be both.  In fact, there are weather disasters which require low pressure systems, and there are weather disasters which require high pressure systems.  So, which one does co2 cause?  It can't be both.  As you can see, when it comes to scientific details, journalists are not on the same page with each other. 

Moreover, in 1922, there were official reports that amounted to far less Arctic ice in 1922 than in 2022.  After all, in the middle of September 2022, when the Arctic Summer came to a close, there was still 1.8 MILLION square miles of ice remaining in the Arctic Ocean.  In 1922, there was a scarce amount of ice up to the 81st parallel.    

As a reference point or two, the North Pole is the 90th Parallel, while Helsinki and Oslo are near the 60th parallel, with Moscow being near the 56th Parallel.  Stockholm is near 60 degrees parallel, also.  Thus, 1922 was the Great Meltdown, when co2 was only at 304 ppm (parts per million).  Therefore, co2 did NOT cause the Meltdown of 1921, 1922, & 1923.  Nor did it cause the heatwaves of 1871, 1878, 1896, 1901, 1910, etc.  Therefore, it didn't cause the heatwaves of 2012 or 2022, either.   Water Vapor is the Greenhouse Gas that rules Planet Earth, and it has ZERO carbon-footprint.  After all, Planet Earth IS the Water Planet, so do the math on this one.

The truth is that, if you want to go green, then increase the level of atmospheric CO2.  It's quite simple.  It simply doesn't make as much money as does claiming that CO2 is going to wipe out humanity, unless you give hundreds of millions of dollars to Al Gore.  Meanwhile, hundreds of billions of United States taxpayer dollars were appropriated to those activists and "scientists" who found favor with Al Gore, compliments of congressional "leaders" who dwell in mansions and who do all so exceptionally well in their stock investments.  What a coincidence that the most successful investors are U.S. congressional members!!!  But of course, no insider trading is permitted.  Or is it?