January 24, 2024

Gettysburg, where the guns are forever silent

                                 Located below: Gettysburg presented as a silent movie
                                 without the captions.  The irony about this battlefield is
                                 that you find yourself engulfed in a tremendous feeling
                                 of  peace while walking throughout it.   Incidentally, the
                                 town of Gettysburg looks nostalgically preserved in time.
                                 Its ambiance reminded me of Meadeville Pennsylvania.

                                 Meadeville was a town where I vividly felt the Spirit of
                                 the Union, as union was defined between 1862 and 1865.
                                 In the South, there are places where you can feel the Spirit
                                 of the Confederacy.  Well, Meadeville was where a person
                                 can vividly feel the spirit of the Union ... the Yankee Union: