May 26, 2024

The Great "London-is-burning" Lie of July 19, 2022 ... conjured by the media

Let us begin with the various fire & incident frequency charts provided to the public by the London Fire Brigade.  Concerning Greater London's size, it encompasses an area of 610 square miles.  

Keep in mind that, during July of 2022, the media kept stating that the rise in atmospheric co2 was finally causing an out-of-control rise in Greater London fires.  Well, the opposite is true.

From the Year 2004 to the Year 2022, the annual number of London Area fires were cut in half, in comparison to the fire numbers ranging from 1969 to 2004. In fact, each individual year ... from 2004 to 2022 ... was 1/3 of what it was in 1976.  

Moreover, the year prior (2021) was the year of the least number of fires in the record-keeping history of Greater London.  Meanwhile, the Year 2022 had the fourth least number of fires in the Greater London area ... since the beginning of record-keeping there.  In fact, while the atmospheric co2 level was rising throughout the years 2004 to 2022, the number of Greater London fires continuously decreased.  Therefore, an elevation of co2 will NOT cause your city or town to dry-out & burn-up.  See for yourself.

In July of 2022, the media claimed that atmospheric co2 finally reached a tipping point.  In July of 2022, the same media began the countdown to the End of the World ... proverbially speaking.   On the 19th of that month, the London Area thermometers went above 100F.  In London, the official reading was 102F.  In a town located 11 miles west of London, the reading was 104F, for two hours only.

The claim was that co2 was saturating the atmosphere so badly that it was now causing London to dry-out and burn out-of-control.   The newscasters claimed that, on July 19th, the London Fire Brigade had its "most incidents" since the bombing of London, in WWII.  

The same media said that the London Area had the most fires in any one day, on July 19, 2022.  The truth is that July 19, 2022 wasn't anywhere close to that.  In comparison to any WWII air raid, the July 19th incidents was less than chump change.  Compared to the daily average of fires in 1976, the number of fires on July 19th was 52 fires LESS.  

Compared to the daily average of Greater London fires in 1970, 1975, 1979, 1983, 1984, 1989, 1990, 1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2003 and a few other years, the number of July 19th fires were 24 to 38 LESS.  At the very least, there were approximately 2,500 Greater London days that had more fires than did July 19th day.  Reporting July 19th as the worst day since a world war was like lighting a candle with one matchstick and claiming it to be a 5-alarm fire.

In the entire Year of 2022, there were 19,297 fires in the 607 sq mile area known as Greater London.  In 1976, there were over 60,000 fires in the exact same area. In 1989, 1990, 1995, and 2003 there were over 55,000 fires EACH YEAR, in the exact same Greater London region.   More important is the fact that, in every year from 1969 to 2005, there were at least 40,000 fires.  That amounts to 37 consecutive years when the yearly fire count was at least TWO TIMES MORE than it was in 2022.   This also amounts to an average of 164 fires per day during 1976 versus an average of 53 fires per day in 2022.

Now, July 19 was an average day in terms of "incidents."  The daily average for 2022 was 343 incidents per day.  In 2022, 47% of all Greater London incidents were false alarms; 59,415 of them.

On July 19, 2022, there were 362 incidents.   On that same day, there were 142 false alarms.  There were 112 fires on that day, and that number has an ironic twist to it.  This is because the daily averge of fires from 1970 to 2004 were at least 109.  Thus, July 19, 2022 was an average day, when looking at the big picture. 

A complete London Fire Brigade Incident Record for July 19 can be found directly below, via 7 photo-copies.  You can do the statistics yourself.

Let's review this correctly, without any sleight of hand con artistry:

Between 1970 and 2004, the 610 square mile region known as Greater London had between 109 to 164 fires PER DAY.  This translates into 60,000+ fires per year and 40,000 fires per year.  Then, in the Year 2009, yearly London fires decreased below 30,000.  Then, in 2014, yearly fires decreased to 20,000 per year.  So, between 2015 and 2022, Greater London had an average of between 41 to 55 DAILY fires.  Thus, it was an unconscionable lie to have stated that Greater London's climate had gotten out of control.  The opposite was true.

The number of London fires were literally cut in half, while co2 increased significantly in the atmosphere.   Thus, a courtroom lawyer could actually tell a jury that the rise in co2 caused a decrease in London fires.  Yet, the truth is that co2 remains at such a small atmospheric level that it can't affect the air, either for good or for bad.  The only greenhouse gas which holds influence is water vapor.  In fact, Cirrus clouds retain infrared light more effectively than does co2.  

The atmosphere is humongous.  Acres of plants, trees, weeds, and blades of grass are all tiny, in comparison.  CO2 drives the biosphere; not the atmosphere.  The other greenhouse gases ... other than water vapor ... are too small in quantity to drive any air mass greater than a laboratory experiment chamber.

Ther article below is "truncated."  It's only part of the whole.  The entire article can be found by clicking here:


Back to 2022

The pronounced decrease in Greater London fires occurred while the population of the area increased by 1,300,000 people.  Now, an increase in population brings with it an increased probability of fires.  However, despite the simultaneous increase in the London Area population and in the atmospheric CO2 level, Greater London achieved an eighteen-year-long streak of consistently decreased fire event numbers.  Thus, CO2 is not as powerful as the media claims it to be, in killing-off society.   The asininity of demonizing CO2 is that, without CO2, life on Earth ceases.  After all, CO2 is the activator of photosynthesis. 

At this point, keep in mind that the media in July of 2022 showed houses or small buildings on fire, as if CO2 caused spontaneous combustion throughout London.  "Chart #17" below is from the London Fire Brigade, and it mentions that "House fires in Greater London have reduced drastically since 1981."  This decrease occurred while co2 levels were rising and while the population of Greater London was rising by an additional 1.3 million people.

This proves that in no way did the constant rise of atmospheric co2 cause an increase in Greater London fires.  Thus, the 2022 London news reports were all scams.  It was one big false alarm.   In as much, let's view additional evidentiary support provided by the London Fire Brigade:

Above:  The stats of 2021.  That's last year.  Last year was the year of the LEAST NUMBER OF FIRES in the London Area, in all of London's recorded history.  In as much, 14,929 is much less than 40,000.

Most important is that the co2 level of 2021 was the exact same co2 level of 2022, minus an insignificant one and a half parts per million.  The exact same co2 level gave the 610 square mile London Vicinity its LOWEST AMOUNT of fires-per-year, ever since record keeping began.  Thus, we have 100,000% proof that the co2 level of 2022 did NOT cause London to catch on fire, as the media very falsely claimed, to its future legal detriment. 

Above are the stats for the Year 2020.  This is the year with the second LOWEST number of fires.  17,409 is also much less than 40,000.

Directly below are the stats for the Year 2022, as of October of that year.  The Year 2022 will be one of the lowest incident & fire years on record.  In fact, it thus far is the year with the least number of incidents, depending on the November & December stats.  But as far as goes its final tally for fires, that is projected to be about 18,000 to 19,000, if this chart (posted in November) includes the October fire statistics.  If the chart below only includes the stats up to September, then the projected sum total is 20,000 to 21,000 for the year.  This also is much less than the typical 40,000+ yearly fires that occurred between 1968 and 2004.

This was "as of September 2022."
This was 2022 in its entirely; the fourth lowest number of fires in its record-keeping history.  Take note that there were 59,415 false alarms in the same year.
Below is the Year 2009.  It's posted here to show you that other years had many more fires than did the Year 2022, in addition to what the 2014 London Fire Brigade graph showed.  The 29,591 fires of 2009 are much more than the 14,929 fires of 2021 and the 19,297 fires of 2022.
Below is the Year 2010, posted to show the same.   The 27,462 fires of 2010 are a whole lot more than the 14,929 fires of 2021 ... and the 19,297 fires of 2022.  Thus, there was no co2 saturation burning-up Greater London.  It was all a lie.

And of course, in order to show that there is no cherry picking going-on here, the Year 2011 is included.  Its fire numbers are also much higher than those of 2022, as well as 2021.  Thus, 2022 was NOT the tipping point in any capacity.  It was merely another year where the media once again lied to the public.
Many other years had averaged many more calls (incidents) per day than 2022 ... and 2011.  In fact, the Year 2009 had an average of 370 "incidents" (fire calls) per day.  After all, it had 134,379 incidents.  There has always been a high number of fire-calls ("incidents") in Greater London, in any one day.   There were 350 "incidents" throughout Greater London, in 2022.  The average daily incidents for the entire year of 2022 was 348.  That was typically average ... not a record-breaking day.
UK's 2022 crop yields also prove the London-is-burning-due-to-co2 alarm to be a false one.

Now, when you see a fire occurring near green grass and green leafage, the fire is not fueled by dried-out grass and leafage.  Moreover, being that the media claimed England to have been the victim of drought and heatwaves in the Summer of 2022, one would logically conclude that the 2022 harvests of the UK would be dismal crop failures.  Well, they turned out to be very healthy crop yields, thereby showing the July 2022 media members to be a cabal of sophomoric liars.  Observe:

No downhill sliding board here.  Steady crop yield pattern, with increases, since the Year 2000.

In 2022, the UK enjoyed an 8 1/2% increase in cereal grains.  It was simply that there was an approximate 1% less and a 1 1/2 % less moisture content in the harvested grains than average.  So, where is the great co2 disaster in Britain, during 2022.  The agricultural industry didn't see one, at all. 

None the less, wheat was up 11% and barley was up 6%.  The UK's main oilseed harvest was up by 39%, but the crop yield increase was only 17%, being that the UK used more farmland for planting its main oilseed crop.  In fact, the UK used 13% less farmland for oats, and the oats yield for 2022 was surmised (estimated) to be 10% less than last year.  Technically, this translates into a humble 3% increase for UK oat farmers, per acre. 

Conclusion:  There is no man-made-co2 driven climate catastrophe occurring in Greater London.  

Concerning the commercial media networks' claim that mankind has to aggressively rid the atmosphere of the industrial "carbon footprint," you need to understand the following facts:  The atmosphere is made of [1] 78% carbon-free Nitrogen, [2] 21% carbon-free Oxygen, [3] 0.93% carbon-free Argon.  Thus, the Earth's atmosphere is already at least 99.93% carbon-free.  
Know that the concentration of co2 in the atmosphere is so low that, for every 2,398 molecules in the sky, only one of them is co2.  One more time:  Outside in the sky, there is 1 and only 1 co2 molecule for every 2,398 molecules out there.  Round it off to 1 co2 molecule for every 2,400 molecules in the atmosphere. 
China, India, & Indonesia are the present concerns:  Not London.
The only valid present concern is whether the construction of multiple Chinese, Indian, & Indonesia coal power plants will result in the aggressive rise in atmospheric co2, or will there be carbon capture technology provided with each new coal plant.  An aggressive rate of rise changes the picture, moderately for the present --- but significantly for the distance future, as in the next century.
At present, there's not an immediate hysteric concern.  No scientist publicly claimed that the world is coming to an end, due to "greenhouse gases" in twelves or in 112 years.  However, the recent history of Beijing does not give humanity much trust in the ruling political political of today's China, not to mention the ruling parties of India & Indonesia.  So, we cringe, wondering what will become of the atmosphere in the decades to come.  
This is why hoaxes like the London one have to be ejected from society's concerns.  China, India, & Indonesia are what count.  Not London and not healthy Australia ... and not the American Southwest which got its share of monsoon rains in recent years.  Moreover, there is the issue with Mercury and Sulfur Dioxide when it comes to coal use.  That must be addressed more so.  BTW, refusing to go to high school in Sweden isn't going to help, at all. 
Qualifying Note:  The Sulfur Hexaflouride issue is the other important concern at present.  That one can still be proverbially nipped at the bud, though.  However, you don't jag around with something like Sulfur Hexaflouride.  You cut to the chase and get the task done.  The task is finding its substitute.   It's all too tempting for industry not to do so.

We proceed to 1901, 121 years before the July 2022 day placed under amplified attention by the media.  July 19, 2022 was presented as the unprecedented beginning of the End of the World.  The media claimed that it was a day unprecedented in the history of England.  They lied.  The truth is the climate is CYCLICAL --- unless something.   In as much, the Year 2022 was little more than the Year of the Great Deja Vu ... of 1922.  Enough newspaper photocopies on that year are already posted at thr Blue Mrble Album.  We'll go back further, to 1901, so that you can see that "this" has all been seen and experienced before, time after time.

Let's sail over to Italy, to see how it was doing in August of 1901.

It is often stated that "history repeats itself."  Well, that is the historically proven case, concerning Climate History.  And remember, in 1901 the co2 level was a mere 296 parts per million.  The co2 count was 121 ppm LESS than today.  It was 29% LOWER than today.  Yet, sweltering heat & much more dry drought-inducing heat occurred and reoccurred throughout the first four decades of the 20th Century than today.  This was when the co2 level was much lower than today.  

 In 2014, NASA declared that the worst drought year in the past 1,000 years was 1934.  The co2 level at he time was 309 ppm.  That's 108 ppm LOWER than today.  Yet, according to the Al Gore theory, 2020, 2021, and 2022 should have been the worst drought years.  Well, contrary to what the media claimed, Arizona & Nevada have been getting yearly monsoon rains.  This neglect of reporting the truth is the result of media's managers wanting to deceive you into thinking that we are trapped in a deadly circle of Dante's Inferno.  The truth is that we are doing nothing more than repeating history in a cyclical fashion.

In caveman days, the co2 level was 260 ppm.   And during recent heated eras, such as the Roman Warm Period & the Medieval Warm Period, co2 was only 280 ppm.  Today, atmospheric co2 is 421 ppm, and today's heat is quit  only a repeat performance of the past.  The two 1901 articles above are a small sample of the hundreds of pieces of documentary evidence which show that a rise in temperature is not dependent upon a rise in co2.  Rather, according to ice core analysis, a rise in temperature historically came first, resulting in added evaporation of ocean water and the simultaneous emission of additional co2 into the atmosphere.

Climate is a pattern --- not a week-long event or even a month-long event.  July 18th & 19th were the the result of a dry air mass from Northern Africa.   And yes, there were a couple weeks of no rain --- in July, when such a thing is likely to happen.  However, after July 19th, everything instantly went back to normal.  The "back-to-normal" part is the climate.  

To call July 2022 "unprecedented" makes knowledgeable people roll their eyes and say, "Give me a break, and cut it out with the theatrics."  After all, there was such a thing as the Great Fire of London in 1666, along with ~the Great Fire of Tooley Street, 1861, ~the Burning of the Parliament, aka the Palace of Westminster (which was a complex of buildings), 1834, ~the Whitehall Palace Fire, 1698, ~the London Bridge Area Fire, 1633, the first London Bridge Fire, 1135, ~the Southwark Fire of 1212, ~the Great Fire of 1087, ~the Great Fire of Aldgate which burned all the way to Ludgate and which included St. Paul's Cathedral, 961, ~the Fire of 120 AD, when the Romans ruled.  

And of course, there were the fires caused by Boudicca's rage.  Those were not atmospheric science issues.  In fact, the Great Fire of 120 AD could have been an act of war, as well.  None the less, calling the July 2022 London fires unprecedented invalidates a journalist, as much as does calling July 2022 a co2 cataclysm.  After all, the rise in co2 for the last 19 years was accompanied by a major decrease in London fires.

Now, Planet Earth has had atmospheric co2 at  levels 9 times and even 16 times HIGHER than today.  In fact, during the height of atmospheric co2, the Cambrian Explosion occurred, resulting in the emergence of multi-celled sea life.  And later in history, when atmospheric co2 was 9 times higher than today, the Ordovician Ice Age was in progress.  This assertion, of course, is all a matter of "ice-core proxy evidence," inter alia. --- (Inter alia means, "and other things.")  Incidentally, the "inter alia" included the stoma-count of fossilized leaves.  Stoma are openings in the leaves, where co2 is absorbed.
 Anyway, London had two back-to-back heat days, one week apart.  The first week comprised two 87 degree Fahrenheit days.  One week later, there was a 99 degree Fahrenheit day, followed by a 103 degree Fahrenheit day.  After the 103 Fahrenheit day of July 19, the temps immediately went back to normal.  But, the propaganda machines had a field day with Britain's sole 100+  Fahrenheit day.  Oh, it was Armageddon 3.0, the Apocalypse 4.0, and the End of the World, squared & cubed.

Needless to say,  it was everybody's fault, for riding in motor vehicles and keeping warm in the Wintertime, as well as using evil evil air conditioners in the Summertime. 

Below is the London Temperature Calendar, for July 2022.  Here's the London that was presented by the media as an overly heated inferno.  Show me where this super oppressive, long-term, human-body-killing heat is, in the London Summer of 2022.  Yes, there are a couple of weeks of temperature anomalies, in London.  But, there was nothing that resulted in the death phrases "may have caused" and "likely to have caused."  This was followed by a ridiculous number Paris experienced in 1976 & 2003.

And of course, there was so much misinformative hype about Paris in July of 2022 that it insults the intelligence.  Those news articles use the phrases, "likely to have caused" and "may have caused" a certain number of deaths that equaled the deaths suffered by Britain, during the first day of the Battle of the Somme.  None the less, deadly heatwaves, deadly droughts, deadly storms, deadly floods, deadly pestilence, deadly algae blooms, hurricanes, blizzards, cold snaps, Yellow Sky days, ice stacking, glacier growths, glacier meltdowns, etc, etc, etc.  It all happened throughout the past 700 years.  

The sophomorically trained and sophomorically educated journalists look for that one tipping point moment.   Climate is an habitual trend ... NOT a one-day, two-day or even two-week event.  Here, see the temperatures of July 2022 yourself.

In Celsius:

In Fahrenheit:


May 25, 2024

The actual Great London Fire Brigade Incidents Report of July 19, 2022, showing that the media lied to humanity, as usual.

Prelim Note: Photocopies of the official July 19, 2022 London Fire Brigade's Incident Report are posted below, at the end of this post.  Also posted within this post are other official London Fire Brigade statistical products that were published for public view.   Such a conveyance of information is known as "public relations."

Let's review another insult to the intelligence, compliments of the modern commercial media.  July 19, 2022 was the day.  A dry wind had been in England from Africa.  Such a thing will reduce humidity considerably ... but only temporarily.   Also, the high temp of the day was over 100F.  Eleven miles from London, for two hours, the temperature was 104F.   Elsewhere nearby, it was 102F.

The day prior, it was an equally rare 98F.  Even the week prior had a few days in the mid-80s Fahrenheit, for the high of each day.  Other than that, England had no dreadful climate condition.  It was far from Paris during its 1911 heatwave, its 1976 heatwave, and its 2003 heatwave, as well as Paris' 2022 heatwave.  None the less, the media had to hyper-exaggerate the weather in London, telling the world that life-given co2 was now burning down London.  The actual claim was that the rise in co2 caused London area wooden structures and wooded areas to be easily vulnerable to igniting and burning.

So, the media showed the video of a regular, ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill fires.  The narrator was mentioning that that fire was ignited because the atmospheric co2 level had risen to an intolerable level.  It was said that the London Fire Brigade (the LFB) had its most "incidents" since World War II. It was said that the fire brigade was sooooo overwhelmed that it couldn't keep-up with all the calls made to its dispatcher offices.

The bottom line ... the conclusion ... was that the world had now reached a tipping point, and that the number of fires throughout the 607 square mile terrain called Greater London would keep increasing, month by month ... and year by year ... until complete catastrophe would prevail.

Now for the truth:  You need to begin with the statistical graph below, produced and published by the London Fire Brigade, itself.  It shows that, as of the Year 2014, the yearly number of fires which occurred in Greater London decreased by more than 50%.  Greater London fires were cut in half.  This, alone, invalidates the July 2022 doomsday claim of media reporters who are apparently far too lazy to do a little homework, before opening their mouths and causing emotional trauma amongst schoolchildren, their moms, and people who never do any true fact-checking.
Now, record-keeping of the fire calls to the Greater London Fire Brigade ... and the results of those phone calls ... began in 1966.  As you can see in the graph below, from 1970 to 2005, there were at least 40,000 fires per year in the 607 square miles area called Greater London.  In 1976, there were over 60,000 fires.  And in the Years 1970, 1979, 1983, 1984, 1989, 1990, 1995, 2001, and 2003, there were more than 50,000 fires per year in Greater London.

In contrast, in the Year 2022, when the media claimed that London was now being overwhelming with increasing fires, there were only 19,298 fires in Greater London.  More impactfully is the fact that, in the Year 2021, there were the LEAST NUMBER OF FIRES in any one year since Greater London record-keeping began.  In 2021, there were 14,929 fires.  

So, let us compare:  60,000+ fires in 1976 vs 14,929 fires in 2021.  Moreover, 50,000+ fires per year in 1970, 1984, 1990, 1995, 2001, and 2003 VERSUS 19,298 fires in 2022.
Now, compare the fire states in the incident record below to the graph above.  A lot loess fires during the year when the mainstream media very falsely claimed that Great London fires were now on the rise, due to co2.  Fires in each year of the 2010s & 2020s had become half of what they were in the 20th Century.  Also take note that, in 2022, there were 59,415 false alarms.
For the record, below is the year with the least number of Greater London fires, namely 2021.  In addition, there were 53,486 false alarms in 2021.  Thus, the July 2022 news reports about London catching on fire in great numbers was a complete falsehood.
Below:  And of course, we need to contrast 2021 & 2021 with an yearly year.  Well, the earliest available is 2009.  There were more incidents and fires in 2009.  There were also 62,991 false alarms in 2009.

Below:  The LFB officially reported that house fires have reduced "drastically" since 1981.  Thus, the 2022 claim that co2 levels reached a tipping point that caused London fires to increase is a complete lie.

Below is yet another publication of the London Fire Brigade which reported that yearly fires between 2010 to 2016 were much lower than those which transpired from 1970 to 2005.  The yearly fires from 2017 to 2023 have even been lower in number.   This also shows that July 2022 media to have been a gang of liars, in asserting doomsday claims that were the opposite of the doomsday reports.

Now for the temperature record of July 2023, one year later.  If co2 caused Greater London to reach a tipping point, then the temperatures of this past July have been alarmingly high.  Below is the July report from the world-renown Weather Channel.  Look and see for yourself if the July 2023 were a month of blazing heat or a month of moderate and quite tolerable temps.

Directly Below: 
The Month of July 2023 temperature report, by the equally renown Accuweather Corporation.
Below:  The actual July 19, 2022 London Fire Brigade Incident Report in detail.  Compare the statistical numbers of this day to those within the Years 1970 to 2005.  You will realize that in no way was July 19, 2022 the day of the most incidents or fires since WWII.  In fact, count all of the FALSE ALARMS for that one day.  You will end up counting 142 ... for only one day.  Even at that, the number 142 is not far away from the usual daily number of false alarms ... the average ... the median ... the expected.

May 24, 2024

The Claim of 101F Florida Ocean Water Is 101% Fraud. It was Everglade "run-off" water from the "Taylor Slough" & Mangrove Swamp.

The following has been written by an alumnus of one of Florida's coastal universities.  And of course, every coastal university in Florida had an oceanography department

On July 25th & 26th, media outlets of all categories were reporting that ocean water off of South Florida reached a record-breaking high temperature of 101F, and that this was proof that the planet is in a climate crisis.  The UN Sec-Gen claimed that Planet Earth was now in the phase of Global "Boiling."

The media then mentioned that this 101F reading was at Manatee Bay, as if Manatee Bay were a large and integral part of the Atlantic Ocean.  Therefore, take note that Manatee Bay is a shallow and insignificant shoreline basin that is NOT even worthy to be named on Florida maps.  It's inside of "Barne's Sound," near a Hwy 1 bridge.

Now, the media stated that the 101F reading came from a buoy.  This deceptively made it sound as if the 101F temperature existed three or four miles away from the Florida shoreline.  The reality is that the 101F temperature came from estuary water which, in turn, was actually Everglade run-off water from Mangrove Swamp ... and even water from something known as the Taylor Slough.  All in all, the measurement was that of swamp water, very near shore and near Hwy 1 which is also called, the South Dixie Hwy.   

On the day reported, the true nearby ocean water was 86F, and that was about three degrees BELOW average.  That amounts 15 degrees Fahrenheit LESS THAN the crisis-stage temperature reported.  It's time for some journalists to be fired.    . 

Plus, the media also reported that the area underwent coral bleaching.  Stop there.  Another false light deception.  Penalty marker time.  This only happened in Islamadora which is 18 miles southwest of Key Largo.  It is located on the main archipelago, and it's known for its "fly fishing."  Key Largo is also on the same archipelago.  Across the Florida Bay from Key Largo is Mangrove Swamp, and in between the two places in Cross Keys.  Lots of keys in the Florida Keys, and lots of run-off water too.

Directly below here is a second map, in order to clarify how much of a deliberate farce this 101F report was and is.  The bottom line is that the news media was reporting on SWAMP run-off water ... and NOT Atlantic Ocean water which is technically on the southeastern side of the South Florida Archipelago where one finds Key Largo and Key West.  Furthermore, if you travel southwest from Key West, you will find yourself in the Florida Straits which pass by northern Cuba.
On the map above, Manatee Bay is located where the red circled #4 is located.  Take note that it's semi-surrounded to its east,  by a small archipelago.  North Key Largo is at the top righthand side of this map, on the main archipelago.  Key Largo is at lower central, on the same archipelago.  At the lower lefthand corner, it is written "Florida Bay."  Technically, the whole area, including very insignificant Manatee Bay, is Florida Bay, until you reach the long archipelago.  More technically speaking is that the area east of the famous archipelago is the Florida Straits.  The important feature is that the current of the Southern Florida border travels west to east.  

East of the archipelago is regarded to be the Atlantic Ocean --- the Florida Straits.   The true ocean water there, at the time of the 101F swamp water run-off reading was approximately 84.9F to 86F.   Average for July is 89.1F.

The Hwy 1 seen on the two maps above is actually the South Dixie Hwy.  The locals call it "the Stretch."  That highway --- that "stretch" --- travels over Surprise Lake, into Key Largo.  Then it suddenly becomes the Overseas Highway.  If you go south on the Overseas Highway for 98 miles, you will arrive at Key West.  

And of course, the ocean water between Cuba and Florida is the Straits of Florida.  That water is quite different than ye olde estuary shoreline runoff water.

Quick lesson:  Estuary water is actually where river water meets an area subject to the tides; where river water becomes effected by tidal action --- and where river water mixes with salt water.  The bottom line here is that the true ocean water temperature in the area was 15 or so Fahrenheit degrees LOWER than what was claimed by media anchormen & women who are basically clueless and uneducated in matters of atmospheric science and oceanography.

Note:   The source of this article includes the temperature data from the United States' own NCEI-NOAA.  A reference link to that government entity is posted below, at the very end of this post.

One more preliminary statement, to show the hypocrisy of Climate Hysteria Activists

It's now said that fresh water run-off from the Florida Everglades and elsewhere must stop, or else the Atlantic Ocean's Gulf Stream will have reduced saltiness and will then stop moving --- at least beginning at the 45th Parallel.  This includes the temporary & seasonal ice melt run-off of Greenland.  Okay then, explain to me how the Climate Hysteria activists are in a state of cricketed silence on the following:

During every second of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year of every decade of every century, for thousands of years:

4 MILLION GALLONS of fresh Mississippi River water has been flowing into the Mississippi Delta and emptying itself into the salty Atlantic Ocean.  How do you explain that the Gulf Stream has been flowing sufficiently and effectively throughout millennia, despite the massive fresh-water contribution made to it every minute for the last 4,000 years?  What is the point in stopping Everglade run-off water, while a much more massive amount of fresh water flows into the Atlantic Ocean hourly?

Concerning the 4 million gallon claim, if you don't believe it, then you need to see:

The Preview-Prelim Stage is concluded.  The conclusion is that a number of media networks need to have their FFC licensing revoked, and certain politicians need to be replaced with people who possess common sense.  We now go to the starting point of the original post - article - report - tutorial - discourse - writing - whatever-you-want-to-call-it  ====>

Another news report which constituted yet another easily provable Climate Hysteria lie

In July of 2023, it was reported that coastal ocean water near Southern Florida reached "the possible record-breaking temperature" of 101F ... or at least 100F.  Stop.  Big lie.  Penalty Marker Time.   Let's get this correct, for the sake of a constantly deceived public.

To start, the actual time when this 101F thermometer reading was alleged to have occurred was July 24th or so.  Available herein are the official coastal water temperature stats for July 28, compliments of the NCEI-NOAA.   

Now, as a preview: The actual coastal ocean water temp at the time was 86 degrees Fahrenheit.   Next:

[1a] The water that was measured was NOT ocean water.  It was NOT "coastal water."  It was estuary water, located between two pieces of land, and NOT located out in the ocean.  The water which was measured (via buoy) is extremely close to the Florida Everglades, on its northwest ... and Florida Bay on it's west southwest.  This translates into marsh water which can be as hot as a sports team's whirlpool in the training room.  And we are talking about a very shallow water basin.

[1b] In other words, the water measured was Everglade Runoff Water, and a few years ago --- I think it was in 2017, if memory serves me correctly --- that same water measured at 102F.  Yet,, nobody was squawking, running out into the streets, screaming that it was the End of the World.  None the less, the water there is very shallow and the area involved is the border between marsh water and salt water.

[2a] Now, the general area involves water that runs through "the Taylor Slough," into the Florida Bay.  The slough, incidentally, was designed to provide water to the Florida Everglades which are located on the Southwestern tip of the state.  

[2b] Also involved is a manmade canal that was built in 1968 and then recently altered.  It's known as the C-111 Canal; the C-111 "Spreader" Canal.  It was originally designed to send water through the Everglades, followed by the water running off at the southern border of Florida.  Next came the decision to prevent fresh water from rolling off into the Atlantic Ocean as much as is possible.  That resulted in the C-111 "Spreader" project which is completely pointless in light of the fact that the Mississippi River, at New Orleans, unleashes 4 million gallons of FRESH (unsalted) water into the Gulf of Mexico per second.  

[2c] This is why it is such hypocrisy for Climate Hysteria Salesmen to obsess people with the seasonal "ice melt run-off from Greenland" (into the Atlantic Ocean), all the while claiming that it's going to cause a Siberian England, the halt of the Atlantic Ocean, and the End of the World.  

[2d] Incidentally, in order to get the Atlantic Ocean to stop flowing, you must stop the rotation of the Earth.  Plus, you must then rid Planet Earth of either all low pressure systems or all high pressure systems.  That is to say, in order to get the Atlantic Ocean to stop moving, you must stop the winds from blowing, as well as stopping the Earth from rotating.  Do you yet see how incredibly asinine the Climate Change activists & politicians are?  They are literally a danger to society, whenever they are in power.

[2e] In addition, the same Southern Florida Everglades Region is quite close to the Dixie Highway which suddenly becomes the Overseas Hwy, upon crossing a bridge.  That highway literally takes you to Key West.  Locals call the Dixie Hwy "the Stretch."

[3a] As far as goes real coastal ocean water in the area which is measured regularly for its temperature, the two nearest places would undoubtedly be Vaca Key and Duck Key.  Now, the temperature of water changes much slower than does air above land.  After all, water has much more heat capacity, and this particular subject is for another post.  None the less, as of July 28, 2023 (July 29 in Coordinated Universal Time), the ocean water temperature near Vaca Key was 86.0F.  The July average there is 89.1F.  At Duck Key, the ocean water was 84.9F, and it's July average is 87.4F.  This was three or four days after the super bogus & hysterical climate news report.

[4] During this time, the ocean water surrounding the United States' southern states predominately ranged in temperature between the low-to-mid 80s Fahrenheit and 90F.  In one rare section near Texas, it rose to 94.1F, and that's it.  Later in the month was a 94.1F off of Louisiana, and that was it.  Nothing else higher.

[5] So, the July 2023 reality is this:  During the general time span when the ocean water temps were said to have reached 101F, they actually were 3.3 degrees Fahrenheit BELOW AVERAGE in one nearby area of coastal water, and 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit BELOW AVERAGE in another nearby section of the Atlantic Ocean.  All in all, that area which was said to have been 101F was actually 14 to 16 degrees Fahrenheit BELOW 101F.  It wasn't even close to what the Climate Hysteria Media claimed.  

This is yet another piece of evidence which shows that the "Global Warming," "Climate Change," "Climate Crisis," "Global Boiling" activists are lying con artists . . . of very low intelligence.  They are of very low intelligence, because it is soooooo easy to catch their lies and con games.  Concerning the fact that all Florida coastal water temperatures were very much BELOW 100F, see for yourself:

Below is the July 28th report.  If I had learned of the 101F temperature report sooner, I would have gone to the NCEI tally board sooner.  

To the righthand side of the government chart (above) are the monthly averages.  This photocopy is "truncated."  It was cut at the righthand side, after the July monthly average column.  At the righthand side of each row's blue-tinted temperature number is the average temp for Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, and July.  Aug to Dec was cut-out, for convenience.  

All in all, the hottest temp in the Southern Florida waters at the time was 89-90F, around Key West, Florida.  Nowhere was it anywhere near 101F.  As far as goes as any ocean temperature being in the critical end-of-the-world-and-we-are-gonna-die-tomorrow stage:  Nada.  Niente.  Zipparooski.  Nic.  Niets.  Give-me-a-break. Nekas.  Pagh.  Running-on-empty.  Intet.  Xejn.  Take-a-hike, you-taxpayer-thieves.  Nichts.  Faic.  That's Fraud City, baby, and big-ticket frauds belong in handcuffs, for starters.

Now, if you want to see all of the coastal ocean water temperatures around America ... and their monthly average temps for each month ... go to the following site.  There is where you will be able to see if the "Climate Crisis" & "Global Boiling" activists are honest people or a bunch of deliberate liars, in quest of fraudulently gained U.S. taxpayer funding and deceptively gained NGO grants:

National Centers for Environmental Information, Coastal Water Guide, found at:

May 23, 2024

The Fort Lauderdale storm of April 2023 was NOT a 1,000 year storm. There were far more severe ones on record, in the 16th, 18th, 20th, & 21st Centuries.

Newsflash:  Florida's record rainfall within a 24-hour period did NOT occur on April 12-13, 2023, as the media and Michael Mann very falsely claimed.  That event occurred on September 5, 1950, when the atmospheric co2 level was much lower than it is today ... and when the atmospheric methane level was less than 2 parts per million, just like it is today.  On that day, it rained 38.70 inches near the Tampa area, within 24 hours of time.  

In April 2023, the Fort Lauderdale rain reached 25.6 inches.  A number of American rainstorms in the past century measure higher.  Now, you may call the Fort Lauderdal a "big storm" --- or "a really big storm."  But, it wasn't the only one in the past 1,000 years.  It's on a list of many, one of which was so severe that it literally realigned the coastline of the Netherlands.  The Ft Lauderdale rain of April 2023 was tame in comparison to many other storms of the past 1,000 years.  The Climate Doomsayer always hyper-exaggerate things to the pointing of lying about them.

Thirty years later, on November 11-12, 1980, a total of 23.38 inches of rainfall came upon the Key West international airport ... also in Florida.  In fact, up north in Pennsylvania, the rain of July 17, 1942 was regarded as the greatest amount of rainfall outside of the Tropics, to the tune of 34.5 inches rainfall.  Thus, the April 2023 rain event was not anywhere near a unique or unheard-of "thousand year storm."  

Next comes Texas.  On July 24-25, 1979, a grand total of 42 inches of rain fell upon the Houston area within a 24 hour period.  Plus, in September of 1921, 36.40 inches of rain fell on Thrall, Texas, in an 18 hour period.  An even more rapid water accumulation occurred in 1942, near the Pennsylvania-New York border.  That is when 30.70 inches of rain fell in four and a half hours. 

In addition, on July 19-20, 1997, it was at Dauphin Island, Alabama, where 32+ inches of rain fell within 24 hours of time.  Alabama also got 22-24 inches of rain on another 1997 day, also within a 24 hour period.  Prior to that time, in 1943, California received 25.83 inches of rain within a day's time.  Other states had notable amounts of rainfall within a 24 hour period, also.  Historic fact shows that the Fort Lauderdale Rain Storm of 2023 was and is NOT anywhere near a "thousand year storm." 

Yes, there were photographs of downed light-material structures that were alleged (by the media) to have been caused by the April 12-13 storm.  HOWEVER, none of the damage was able to have been caused by any strong winds.  This is because there were no strong winds there at that time.  The Broward County wind speed was very much below cyclone speed, on April 12 and 13.  

The wind speed of April 12 did not exceed 20 mph.  After 12 noon, the wind speed did NOT exceed 15 mph.  And after 6:00 pm, the wind speed did NOT go over 10 mph.  In fact, at the start of the rainfall, the wind speed was already reduced to 15 mph (miles per hour.)  By nightfall, the wind speed was reduced to a mere 9 miles per hour.   Thus, there were no winds in Fort Lauderdale to tip any highway vehicle.  Bad driving on wet roads can cause such a thing, though.

Then came the 13th of April.  The Broward County wind speed on that day did NOT exceed 10 mph.  In contrast, the historic Hurricane Camille of 1969 had winds of 175 miles per hour.  175 mph vs 10 mph.   Huge difference, indeed.  Look for yourself, to see how exaggerated the media reports on the Broward County rain have thus far been.

Now, it takes 74 mph to declare a storm a Category 1 hurricane, and it takes 96 mph to declare one a Cat 2.  Thus, the April 12th wind was 27% the speed of a Cat 1 hurricane, and only 21% of a Cat 2 hurricane.   The April 13th wind speed was only 14% the speed of a Cat 1 hurricane, and only 10% the speed of a Cat 2 hurricane.  

Even for a mild cyclone, 39 miles an hour is the wind speed needed, in order for the weather authorities to declare the existence of a Tropical Storm.  And of course, the April 12th wind speed of Ft Lauderdal was less than half the speed of a tropical storm at the start of the rain.  The speed then was only 1/4 the speed of a tropical storm, when nighttime came.  All in all, there was no wind on those two days which would cause massive destruction.  So, the burden of proof is on the media, in its claim that $100 million in damages occurred during the April 12-13 rain.  All damage would be limited to water damage ... not wind damage.

It was later claimed that damage was done to 1,100 houses.  However, included as damage costs were the days of work lost by employees of businesses affected by the rainfall.  So, remember that damage costs are NOT limited to physical damage.  Financial damage in the form of "opportunity cost" is included.  "Opportunity Cost" is better understood as "opportunity LOST."  This includes work hours lost; aka "lost wages."

Even moderate hail storms throughout history have been costly to insurance companies.  Yet, none of those storms were called "Thousand Year Storms."  I personally know what it is to return before sunset to my former seaside dwelling, after a Category 1 hurricane paid a visit to it.  In as much, the April 12-13 storm wasn't even worse than a Category 1 storm's aftermath, when viewing the media's April 2023 photography slideshow.  The lack of wind guaranteed that a massive tragedy was not going to happen there at that time.  Thus, it's fraud to call the Broward County rain of April 2023 a "thousand year storm."

As a case study for media deception, if you look through a photograph slideshow of post-rainfall Broward County, you will see one long "tractor trailer" on its side, as if a mighty windstorm blew it over.  You will also see a van on its side, as if it too were blown over by a mighty wind gust.  Well, you can see in the chart above that the April 12th & 13th wind speeds were too slow to blow over any motor vehicle.  Slick roads and bad driving, as well as slick roads and the effort to avoid bad drivers, can cause a motor vehicle or two to be turned on their sides. 

In 20-35 mph winds, the only way in which a tractor trailer is going down on its side is IF the box trailer is empty, while the truck is going around a curve, and the wind hits the truck broadside.  Remember, disastrous storms are perfect storms that have the ingredients mix all at once.  The ingredient of wind was absent on April 12 & 13 in Broward County.  It was no thousand year storm.

Moreover, there is more of a population on American coastlines today than there were in the 1920s.  There is much more coastline infrastructure in America, too.  Thus, there are all the more buildings and homes to get caught in storms.  And due to the failure of the Biden administration, prices have been jacked-upward.  This means that it costs more today to do post-storm repair work than it did 5, 10, and 15 years ago.  Such an economic fact might deceive people into thinking that the storms are worse today.  There has not yet come into existence even the rare occurrence of the Cat 6 hurricane, as was erroneously prophesied by the False Prophet, Al Gore, in his 2006 movie.  Today, it's simply a matter of things having become more expensive to fix.  That's all.

Concerning the April 2023 Fort Lauderdale Rain

The type of cloud mass which brought the rain used to be called, "an Anvil Cloud" which is ironically very dry at the top.   Today, it's called a "supercell," and such a name is an attempt to hyper-sensationalize something that has been happening throughout the centuries, only to make it sound so scary that people will demand the US Congress to shell-out billions of more taxpayer dollars to the weather & climate people who always predict doomsday, but whose doomsday predictions NEVER materialize.

Technically, such a cloud is a cumulonimbus cloud that was formed in the middle altitude of the Troposphere, but which began to grow upwards into the high altitude zone, almost to the ceiling of the Troposphere.    The ceiling is called the Tropopause, and it's actually the boundary between the Stratosphere and the Troposphere.

Even more technically speaking, a supercell is regarded as a thunderstorm which has a "mesocyclone" within it.  This means that the center of it is an updraft that travels like a cork screw.  It actually starts from horizontal wind shear which causes the corkscrew motion.  The draft then turns upside, being that low pressure rises.  The anvil shape at the top is a weather gauge, revealing the direction of the wind at high altitude.

Tornadoes can form in an anvil cloud (supercell.)  None the less, the "forward flank downdraft" is where the rain travels.  Meanwhile, the "rear flank downdraft" is where the wind unleashes.  All in all, being that supercells are "hybrid storms," they are NOT limited to one predictable type.  These are custom-built storms.

The April 12th storm wasn't deadly.  In contrast, the 1887 Yellow River Flood (Huang-Ho River Flood), in Qing China, killed 930,000+ human lives.  Plus, there were multiple catastrophic Yellow River floods throughout history, all transpiring when the atmospheric co2 level was very low.  The April 12, 2023 Fort Lauderdale rain compares to none of those floods.  The temporary flooding did NOT even rise above the height of a compact car, in April of 2023.  And then, the water dissipated very swiftly.  

There was no receding of water, being that this was wide open, unimpeded flat land.  There was run-off into guess-where.   Oceans are gigantic, and there is such a thing as low-tide.  Low Tide on April 12 was at 7:38am and 8:06pm.  On April 13, it was at 8:48am and the at 9:19pm.  Thus, April 12 saw no "1,000 year storm," or even a "50 year storm." 

 Johnstown 1889.  A true catastrophe, caused by the neglect of a dam located 15 miles northeast.   The 2023 Fort Lauderdale Rain, in comparison, was little league and harmless, being that there were no components for a disaster there. Deadly storms are perfect storms that have the needed variables for destruction.  Fort Lauderdale didn't come close to doom.  The Missoula and Palouse River Flood of 15,000 years prior was the epic flood; not Fort Lauderdale 2023.

Pennsylvania ... a place much closer to Florida than is China ... had some of the most powerful flood waters in history.  In fact, the April rain of Fort Lauderdale doesn't begin to compare with those waters.  On May 31, 1889, 1,600 Johnston buildings were simultaneously demolished and swept away, by the power of 16 million tons of water which created a 40 foot high channel of raging water, a half mile wide.  The water was traveling at 40 mph.  And it was the result of negligence; not the burning of fossil fuels.

Perhaps you have heard the claim, year after year, that "last year's level of co2 has been the highest in the past 6 million, 12 million, or whatever million years will cause shock & submission in the "little people" who never studied atmospheric science.  Well, this was true for every year since 1815.  It was true for 1915, as well as 2015.  Despite the hundreds of record-breaking co2 years, the world has not yet come to an end, and no mass extinction event occurred --- since 1815.  

Incidentally, an 1815 volcano caused the 1816 "summer that never was."  And of course, it was caused by the so2 released by the volcano ... the 13,000 foot high Mount Tambora, in Indonesia.

 Incidentally, the number 1 instantaneous killer of mankind, in terms of natural disasters, has nothing to do with the atmosphere or the oceans.  The Number 1 killer has been . . . earthquakes.  Next comes famine, and then comes floods.

The April 12th storm's biggest impact was very limited in area.

The 25.6 inches of rain (later amended to 5.91 inches) on April 12 (2023) only fell upon an exceptionally small piece of Southeastern Florida real estate, according to NWS prelim records.  The real estate that surrounded the 25.6 inch (25.91 inch) rainfall zone was visited with much less rain at the exact same time.  Observe one of the NOAA & NWS (National Weather Service) prelim reports:    

~ Slightly South of  the 25.91 inch rainfall zone, only 7.22 inches of rain fell.  That equals  28% of 25.91 inches.  Slightly Northwest of it, a mere 4.20 inches of rain fell, and that constitutes only 16% of 25.91 inches.  

~ Slightly north of that zone, at Fort Lauderdale proper, no more than 6.11 inches of rain fell.  One step further south, in Hollywood Florida, it rained 9.82 inches, and this number only equals 38% of the heavily advertised 25.91 inches that fell upon a very small patch of Broward County land.

~  Directly West, it rained 6.59 & 8.14 inches. ---  One step further southwest, at Pembroke Pines, it rained a mere 5.16 inches.  One step further northwest, it rained 9.60 inches . . . all occurring in 24 hours of time.   

In fact, at Pompano Beach, it only rained 3.39 inches.  At Boca Raton Florida, it only rained 2.24 inches.  And at Miami proper, there was a range of 3.51 inches to 4.92 inches of rain.  Meanwhile, down on Miami Beach, it rained no more than 2.02 inches, on the exact same day.

Such numbers are not Thousand Year Events --- or even 150 Year Events --- or even 75 year events.  Now, this hyper-exaggerated doomsday report, in my opinion, was Michael Mann's attempt to rationalize and justify that outrageously exorbitant 370 BILLION taxpayer dollar allotment recently made to less-than-honest activists & scientists (as well as activist scientists.)  That Congressional allocation was done in the name of an apocalyptic climate crisis that certainly does not exist any more than a climate crisis existed throughout in the 1500s or  1700s, or even the 1900s.  

The 25+ inch rain of Apr 12, 2023 only fell on a small patch of Florida land, with the neighboring areas getting much less in the same time span  This shows that the media and Michael Mann lie and lie and lie, again and again and yet again.  Furthermore,  25+ inches in 2023 is NOT Florida's record.  38.70 inches in 1950 is.

Florida has 67 counties, while the United States has 3,243 counties (including Louisiana parishes).  A fraction of one county getting a lot of rain for only one day, while the surrounding patches of land only get 2/3 to 1/2 to 1/3 to 1/5 of that amount, is no climate crisis.  You gotta do better than that, if you want people to believe that the world is soon coming to a watery end.  

A second NWS prelim report for Broward County, April 12-13, 2023

Now, this one makes a list of 11 places that have much higher rainfall numbers.  They are simply places much nearer to the Fort Lauderdale 25 inch zone.  In fact, 5 of the 11 places contain the name Lauderdale or Lauderhill.  That's compact geography.

Now, when viewing the NWS prelim report below, keep in mind that the NWS Miami twitter account admits that a portion of the rainfall numbers on its Apr 13, 9:30am tweet are NOT regarded as official numbers --- that some are numbers gathered by volunteers, and that the numbers came from several sources.  No matter what stats or illustrations you view, only a small patch of land ... relatively speaking ... was involved in the April 12, 2023 rain.  There were far worse flooding events and longer consecutive rain days in the 19th & 20th Centuries.  This was already addressed ... with examples ... at the Blue Marble Album.

The most important thing is that climate is "the prevailing weather TREND," ... usually throughout the most recent thirty-year period.  A mere 24, 48, or 72 hours doesn't indicate any kind of trend.  Something so short in time is an event for the insurance adjuster and NOT a trend for the real estate investment firm.  

As far as goes climate indicators from real estate investors and developers, the coastlines still have the investment green-light.  There is no coastline exodus known to be occurring.  In fact, I spent ten years at the Atlantic coastline, and I repeatedly saw firsthand how the climate doomsday predictions showed no sign of materializing in any degree of reality.  The coastline real estate investors didn't see it, either.  All that I saw was . . . consumer demand for the coastline ... for the beach ... for the daytime sea breeze.  People kept coming and coming and coming some more.  There were no climate refugees needing to take flight from there.

Any one-day event has zero bearing on climate.  There is less than 1/2 of 1% of co2 in that sky out there, and in the same sky methane exists at LESS THAN two parts per million.  During the Cambrian Explosion, when sea life inclusively & vastly came into existence, there literally was 16 and two-thirds times MORE co2 in the sky.  You need to quit doing your Al Gore impersonation of his climate-doom-coming-tomorrow routine.  It is assured that the end of your world (on this Earth) will come a whole lot sooner than will the end of "THE WORLD."

10.22 inches of rain is still only half of the 25.91 inches placed in neon lights by the Bill-Gates-friendly press.  The April 12th event was NOT a long-term, repetitive event.  Going tunnel-vision on one day's rain is defined as "the media doing some cherry picking," with the intent of terrifying school children so much so that their parents will be effected and then demand hundreds of billions of more taxpayer dollars to be tossed into the hands of the climate doom scientists who have thus far been completely wrong in all their predictions, dating back to 1970.   

The specific predictions of climate doom, massive crop failure, and drowning coastlines have been addressed in other texts.  All in all, the Maldives are still there.  The Great Barrier Reef is still there.  Summertime Arctic Ice is still there.  The glaciers of Glacier National Park are still there.  The Daytona Beach and Miami Beach coastlines are still there.  Etc, etc, etc.

As far as goes the world record for the most rainfall to have transpired in a 24 hour period:

It occurred on January 7-8, 1966.  It rained 71.8 inches on Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean, east of the island known as Madagascar --- which is east of the African continent.   And of course, the Year 2023 minus the Year 1966 = 57 years ago;  NOT 1,001.

As far as goes the longest dry period:  Between October 1903 and January 1918, it did not rain in Arica, Chile --- which is located 11 miles south of the Peru border.  That dry spell occurred 105 to 120 years ago.  That rainless dry spell lasted for 15 years.

In fact, during 1913, in Death Valley USA, the hottest temperature ever recorded was recorded there.  And the years 1920 to 1922 were years of drastic heat and glacier melt, including the melting of Arctic sea ice up to the 82nd parallel.  As a comparison, know that the North Pole is at 90 degrees.  Thus ice melt occurred 8 latitudinal degrees from the North Pole, in 1922; 101 years ago --- NOT 1,001 years ago.

Moreover, the Years 1927 to 1943 were years of massive forest fires in the western United States.  In addition, 1934 was the year of the worst drought in a thousand years, according to NASA.  Meanwhile, 1936 had the hottest summer on record.  So, you lie when you say that the worse weather conditions are occurring today.

Compliments of the U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.  One correction needs to be made:  Florida's record is 38.70 inches, accomplished on September 5, 1950, during Hurricane Easy. 

Of all the years which can be categorized as the year of the Thousand Year Storm, it is without a doubt . . . 1931, when the atmospheric co2 level was 307 parts per million, and therefore, 73% of today's atmospheric co2 level of 424 ppm.   Rainfall from June to August, along with a build-up of silt & sediment, caused the Yangtze River Flood of 1931. Deaths directly resulting from the flood numbered 400,000+.  Deaths resulting in a dominoes-effect was an additional 2 to 3 million.

Yet, 47 years prior to the 1889 Johnstown Flood was the Indus River Valley Flood (in Pakistan).  It hosted the most disastrous flood in modern history.  It included 100 foot high flood waters.  In fact, also in 1841 was a flood on the Salisbury Plain of England, called the Great Till Flood of 1841, referring to the Till River.

Then comes the Great California Flood of 1862, when it rained from December 9, 1861 to January 20, 1862.  Flooding extended into Idaho, Washington, Nevada & Utah.  4,000 died from the flood, during a time when the atmospheric co2 level was very low and when the human population there was also low.

If you want to know of additional epic storms and/or floods in the past 1,000 years ... in comparison to the non-deadly, chump change Fort Lauderdale Rain of April 2023 ... then familiarize yourself with any or all of the following storms, and know this:  Both Michael "hockey-sticks" Mann, & David Attenborough lied every time they asserted that the weather in the past 1,000 years was mild & stable.  

BTW, if you ever see David Attenborough or Michael Mann in a restaurant or any public setting, IGNORE THEM AND LET THEM BE.  Do NOT even hurt their eardrums by yelling at them.  Write or speak in detail about their falsehoods, for the sake of those who have been deceived by these non-truth-tellers.  The following list shows that Attenborough and Mann are blatant liars, in their claim that the weather was calm for 1,000 years, before the start of the Industrial Revolution.  They should know better:

~ The Divine Winds of 1274 and then 1281 which utterly destroyed two different armadas (military fleets) of Kublai Khan;   ~the South England Flood of Feb 1287, annihilating Romney Marsh & Winchelsea;   ~the December 13,1287 St. Lucia Day Flood effecting the Netherlands;   ~the Grote Mandrenke, aka the St. Marcellus Day Flood of Jan 16, 1362, hitting England, the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark;   ~the St. Felix Day Flood of Nov 5, 1530, killing 100,000+ in the Netherlands;   ~the Bristol Channel Flood of 1607 - 200 sq miles flooded and 2,000 people washed away;   ~the 1780 Philippines Typhoon, killing approx 100,000;   ~the 1824 St. Petersburg Flood (of Russia);     ~the Coringa India Cyclone of 1839, destroying 20,000 sea vessels at port and killing 300,000;   Plus . . .

~ The Heppner Flood of 1903 (Oregon);    ~ The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927;   ~ The Ohio River Flood of 1937;   ~The 1911 & the 1935 Yangtze River Floods;   ~The Yellow River Flood of 1938;   ~The Rejputana Flood of 1943;   ~the Great Appalachian Storm of 1950, impacting 22 American states;   ~Hurricane Camille, 1969;    ~the Boha Cyclone of 1970, (Bay of Bengal), killing 500,000;   ~the Bangladesh Cyclone of 1991, killing 138,000+, while effecting 10 million with homelessness.   

There are a lot more, but the above-cited are enough to get your heads out of the brainwashing machine into where Michael Mann dunked it.   These all show how the April 12 rain of Fort Lauderdale is completely chump change.  It doesn't even rank ... rate ... count.  

It's just that the Michael Mann People were looking for a "scare," in light of their recent prophesies of doom failing; namely those of an apparently healthy & exotic Australia and a replenished American West.  This is why ... in my opinion ... you now hear the petty report of added occasions of air turbulenceee in modern aviation, allegedly being caused by the 1 part per 8,000 parts increase in atmospheric co2 over the past 125 years.  Do you mean to tell me that that's the best Michael Mann and Al Gore can do, in scaring mankind into submission?  

Below here is a world record rainfall video that mentions many heavy storms and NASA data tampering, as well as droughts and heat waves that made many a newspaper:

The New Fear-Mongering Tactic of the Media

The media continues to deceive the civilian body politic, presenting a new climate deception as soon as the current one gets exposed or fades away with no lasting impact.  For example, as of May 2023, the media started reporting that the extremely small amount of co2 in the sky is causing more air turbulence with airline flights.  The simple answer to this assertion is that there are far far far more airliners in the sky today, everyday, than there were 30, 60, and 90 years ago . . . except during WWII bombing.  Therefore, there is going to be more encounters with air turbulence.

Now, being that I am the son of an airman who paid Adolph Hitler 35 unfriendly visits in a B-24, I can testify that he told me ... in the 1970s ... that air turbulence during a bombing mission was a common thing.  This was told by him during a civilian airliner flight in the 1970s, when the airliner encountered a few seconds of turbulence, thereby frightening everyone on board except him.  His fear was NOT air turbulence.  His fear was that of the guns firing from the Focke-Wulf 152s and the ME 262s in the German sky, as well as flack fired out of 88mm and 128mm German cannon barrels.

The climate crisis media has been doing nothing more than lying to the public.  Its technique of lying has been the use of:  [1] false light disinformation & [2] sleight-of-hand deception.  This was 100% the case with the July 19, 2022 Great London Fire Stats, as well as the climate refugee predictions about an Australia that has recently been replenishing quite well, thank you.  

This incessant deceit of the media ... which is simultaneously in line with Jim Hansen's incessant failure at weather predictions ... included the 35 year old watery doom prediction of the Maldives which has recently built 5 NEW autonomous airport landing fields, to accommodate the tourist popularity of those very healthy, above-water islands.   

This failed prediction is always accompanied by the prediction that the Arctic Ocean will "very soon" be free of sea ice during some upcoming month of August.  Yet, the closest that the Arctic Ocean came to an ice-free Summer was in 2012, when 1.32 MILLION  square miles of ice covered the Arctic Ocean.  

Now, the square root of 1.32 MILLION square miles is 1,148 linear miles.  Thus, the least amount of ice that the Arctic had was equivalent to the straight-line distance from New York City to Omaha, Nebraska ... and then from Omaha to South Padre Island, Texas ... and then from South Padre Island to Miami ... and then from Miami to New York. 

The size of the Arctic is 5.5 million sq miles.  That is equal to flying from Boise Idaho to Boston ... and then from Boston to Panama City, Panama ... and then westward, from Panama City, for 2,340 miles ... and then north, for 2,340 miles, to Boise Idaho.

Let it also be reminded that the glaciers of Glacier National Park were NOT "gone by 2020."

Then comes the matter of the Biden administration deleting from government charts & graphs the massive forest fire frequency of the late 1920s and entire 1930s.  This was done ... in my opinion ... to make the much lesser number of fires since 1983 look like the end of the world.  Today, students fail to realize that the creation of Smoky the Bear campaign in the early 1940s was a sign that forest fires of the 1930s had the attention of an entire nation, due to the traumatic size and even more traumatic effect that those fires had on the American psyche.   Even the extended tragedies of WWII did NOT make Americans ignore the massive American acreage charred by forest fires.  Thus, while Hitler was ripping through Europe, forest fires were ripping through the American West.

You need to understand that Michael Mann utterly failed in his apocalyptic prediction about Australia.  It did NOT become a land vacated by climate refugees, as he confidently predicted  This is because the rains healthfully returned to Australia, along with coral cover that regenerated 2 of the 3 sectors of the Great Barrier Reef, as well as weather conditions bringing back the return of profitable Australian ski resorts. 

Then came the failure of the 2022 predictions of "a prolonged American drought," "added forest fire devastation," and "record heat."  The 2022 doomsday predictions literally got washed away and "whited out" by means of early 2023's rainfall, snowfall, and snowpacks in the American West.  This all happened as soon as La Nina ended.  (See: ENSO.)  

Moreover, the record snowfall in England ... and in Japan, along with record cold in one part of China .. showed the relief that was granted by nature to have had a global effect.  Meanwhile, the accompanying replenishment of American dams also made Michael Mann look like a bumbling buffoon who was clueless to the true climate conditions of Planet Earth.  

If you want to see how far off were the climate doomsayers in their 2022 drought & excessive heat predictions for 2023 and beyond, take a look at: