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November 20, 2023

Sea level & ice melt reports, ~unhidden temperature decline, ~exaggerated doomsday misinformation

Concerning the media ratings hunt, Project Veritas has a visual & audio recording of one-time CNN technical director, Charlie Chester.  In it, he says that CNN's next campaign will be "Global Warming Awareness," without him having made any mention of the scientifically certified "Global Warming Pause of 1999 - 2016," & without him having mentioned the 1940-1975 temperature decline.  This means that CNN has predetermined what the breaking news is going to be months before breaking news occurs.

27 Gigaton Gain in Five Days.  12 Gigaton Gain in One Day.

Neither are you to expect to hear CNN mention the 27 gigaton snow gain in Greenland, from April 14-18, 2020, as well as similar Greenland snow gains.  Similar gains include the May 26, 2021 snow gain of 12 gigatons --- all in one day.   Concerning that one day:

Observe the blue graph line's vertical end.  It's a line of blue that shoots straight upward.  The chart attached to the blue signifies the "Surface Mass Balance" of Greenland, from Sept 2020 to August 2021.  Incidentally, the gully in the graph, where no snow gain occurred, is called Summertime.  The seasons are caused by the tilt (the obliquity) of the Earth; and not by co2.

Gigatons:  One-day gains also included 6 Gt (5 times), 7 Gt (2 times), & 10 Gt (once).

Of course, do NOT expect CNN to detail Antarctica's Winter of 2021.  It was the coldest Winter in its known history, and the timing of that coldest winter was a wooden stake directed straight into the heart of Global Warming Hysteria.  

Also forgot about hearing the details of the 2021 record high soy crop harvest in America and the 2021 record high wheat harvest of Australian farmers. Also add to the CNN Ignore List the record high agricultural exports from the United States which occurred in the same year of 2021

In like fashion, assume that there will be no attention given to the 21% gain in the 2021 American cotton crop, as well as America's professional success in its 2021 corn crop.  Add to the no-attention list India's record high rice production of approx 121 million metric tonnes which also occurred in the Year 2021.

These things are important to hide from you, because the recent harvest successes prove Al Gore completely wrong in his assertion that an elevated level of co2 will result in a disastrous fate for agriculture on Planet Earth.  Only crop failures will be reported by CNN; not crop triumphs.

See:  Greenland gained 27 gigatons of snow in five days, in 2020

Perhaps you noticed that CNN ratcheted-up the climate doomsday scenario as far back as August 2021, after the MASSIVE Greenland snow accumulation of May & June 2021.  It's explained further inside these written (as opposed to spoken) discourses.  

East Australia Joined in the Record Cold Club

For now, take note that the Australian East Coast, as recently as 2022, was undergoing record lengths in cold phases, while CNN was hyping-up the one July day, and one July day only, when one Carlwood Surrey thermometer read 102.38F (39.1C).  Canada had record cold in 2021 and this year (2022), too.   But, don't expect that to be mentioned by CNN very often, if ever at all.

See:  2022 Australian record cold

See also:  Australian regions coldest in 100 & 33 yrs.

And: Aussie "record long" cold spell during sole London 100+F day

In fact, while CNN was screaming, "Global Warming, Global Warming," the Northeast of the United States experienced record breaking cold in the Winter of 2021/2022.  CNN will remain steadfast in the deliberate infliction of emotional distress upon school children with horror story after horror story of the life-giving photosynthesis molecule, co2.

See:  Record Cold in Northeast America, 2022

See also:  Record breaking cold visits the Northeast of America 

There will also be no expected mention of NASA having reported, with satellite samples, that the Arctic region of Planet Earth has become greener during the Summer.  Nor will there be mention of other geographic sectors of Planet Earth becoming greener. 

A conclusion nine years prior was that the biosphere in a given Arctic latitude is now as green as it was 430 miles more south, in 1982.  MSN News actually reported this in 2013.  Anyway, there are videos testifying to the greening of Arctic latitudes; ultimately testifying to the fact that more co2 is NOT doom.  More co2 simply means more photosynthesis on Planet Earth. 

Lookie see:   NASA affirms that the Arctic is now greener.

If you want to go green, you must increase the co2 level.
At this point, sea levels should be brought into focus.  Now, concerning the reported sea level rise of 2.8 inches in 25 years, it was assessed as such via the Topex-Poseidon Satellite and the Jason series (1, 2, and 3).  No polar bear is drowning in that 2.8 inches.

There was also the report that the average sea level rise since 1880 (to the Year 2020) was 8 to 9 inches.  Doomsayers claim it's ten inches ... in 142 years of time.  Do you see how unremarkable and non-apocalyptic these numbers are?  

Plus, 1880 was shortly after the Mini Ice Age.  Some thawing was to be expected.  The present-day surmise is that the modern-day sea level elevation occurs at a rate of +3.6 mm every year.  At this point, take two pennies, stack them, and look at their sides ... look at their thickness.  The two pennies are 3.5 mm in thickness.  Is that anywhere near end-of-the-world quality sea level rise? 

Catastrophic Sea Level Rise?    Newsflash:  The Piers aren't underwater.

Let's also address the report that, during the 20 twenty year period of April 2002 to June 2021, Greenland lost approximately 4,471 gigatons of snow/ice.  Sounds like a devastatingly high amount which can put the eastern coastlines underwater, correct?  Well, it corresponds to a sea level increase of . . . no more than 1.2 centimeters.  That's one point two centimeters.  That's also .47 inches.   That's half an inch of sea rise ... in 20 years' time.  Excuse me, but where is the end-of-the-world doom in all of this?

Let's go through the numbers, to show how minuscule 4,471 gigatons are, in realtion to the oceans of Planet Earth.

Greenland is three times the size of Texas.  It's one and a quarter times the size of Alaska --- and eight times larger than Colorado.  Massive allotments of ice are there.  Now, 4,471 gigatons of melted ice were reported as having entered the Atlantic Ocean, in a 20 year period.  The news reports acted as if we all were going to drown.  At this point, keep in mind that ALL oceans are connected to each other.  No walls separate them.

Firstly, a gigaton is a billion tonnes.  It's concisely 2,204,622,621,848 lbs.  4,471 gigatons = 9,856,867,742,282,408 lbs.  

The mass of the Earth's atmosphere is 5.5 MILLION gigatons.  That's 5,500,000 gigatons times 2,204,622,621,848 lbs = 12,125,424,420,200,000,000 lbs.

At present, we're speaking of ice melt in Greenland.  So, we need to calculate in terms of gallons of water.  A gallon is 8.333 American pounds (lbs.)  The 4,471 gigatons of melted Greenland ice translates into 9,856,867,742,282,408 divided by 8.333 = 1,182,871,443,931,646 quadrillon gallons of water.   

Now, the Earth's oceans hold circa 352 quintillion gallons of water (add 18 zeros). 

 Gallons of water in all oceans:              352,000,000,000,000,000,000

minus 4,471 gigatons melted Greenland snow  1,182,871,443,931,646 =

                                                                351,998,817,128,557,068,354 gallons

 In adding the melted 4,471 gigatons to existing ocean waters, one yields 352,001,182,871,443,931,646 gallons

Now for a percentage:   The percentage of the 1.182 quadrillon gallons of Greenland water, in comparison to the Earth's 352 quintillon gallon oceans   =    0.000335%

 Compared to the connected oceans of the Earth, 4,471 gigatons coming off the Greenland ice sheet --- in a 20 year period --- is insignificantly tiny.  It's an insult to the common citizen's intelligence, when the common citizen does basic mathematics on the issue.  The ice melt quantity could not yield any sea level elevation more than an equally insignificant 1.2 centimeters (aka .47 inches --- aka a half inch), in 20 years time. 

And this is supposed to be the end of the world.  It's con artistry that is easy to uncover as such.  "They" think that you're stupid and easy to intimidate.  It's the ongoing theft of the American taxpayer.

 Reference:  1.2 cm sea rise in 20 yrs of Greenland ice melt 

Record High Sea Level in 2020 ... a rise of mere inches

The National Centers for Environmental Information, a subsidiary of NOAA, reported the following:  

"In 2020, global sea level set a new record high---3.6 inches (91.3 millimeters) above 1993 levels, according to NOAA."  

That's all?  That is supposed to be Doomsday?  Well, don't go high-diving into 3.6 inches of water.  

The lesson here is that, when a government claims to have broken a climate record or an ocean record, the numbers involved are petty and insignificant.  A 3.6 inch sea level rise is not the end of the world.  Perceive the pettiness under the guise of earth-shattering, record breaking, we're-all-gonna-die, climate change news.

Of course, the response from the Global Warmists is that the fresh Greenland water will lesson the salinity of the Atlantic Ocean and cause an Ice Age in Western Europe.  

Well, the facts are that Spain (the land of some of my people), Sicily, mainland Italy (also a land of some of my people), and Greece (the land of some of my other people) reached temperatures in the 100F and even 110F department as recently as 2022, or even 2021, 2020, etc.   It's the Mediterranean.  That's what it does in the Summer, there.  The 90s are common for parts of Spain, Italy, Greece, etc.  So, where is this new Mini Ice Age caused by CO2's wanton melting off the Greenland ice sheet into the Atlantic Ocean?  

BTW, how can co2 melt Greenland's ice sheet when there is constant albedo deflection/reflection/refraction occurring at the massive ice sheet there?  For those in the American public school system, albedo is the "angle of deflection" when UV rays enter Earth's atmosphere, hit the color white, and literally jet back into space at the speed of light. All in all, where there happens to be no infrared light, there happens to be no heating power for CO2.  Even at that, CO2 action only happens to occur at 3.7 watts per meter squared, anyway.

CO2 is plant food ... not jet fuel.   The greenhouse gas which rules the world is Water Vapor.  In fact, CO2 is to Water Vapor what a pinch hitter is to the lead-off hitter of a baseball team.

CO2 is the key of photosynthesis.  To seek to lower co2 is to be anti-green

The climate hysteria falsehoods that were spread are sleight-of-hand distortions more than they are outright lies, with one exception.  The exception was admitted to have been a common enough practice, according to the 2009 Climategate Emails.  The exception is that record high temperatures were reported in Africa where there were NO WEATHER MONITORING STATIONS.  Those officially stated temperatures have no empirical evidence, and therefore no foundation.

Mostly, however, the fraudulent misrepresentations were/are hyped-up exaggerations, always prodding those unfamiliar with basic atmospheric science to believe that the end is near.  This translates into the uninformed and the misinformed members of humanity believing that they have to submit to Draconian measures, even to the point of killing off a painfully significant percentage of the human population.  This is called Eugenics.  Eugenics includes sterilization, abortion, & "euthanasia."

The other technique in corporate media dishonesty is to omit reports about record cold and the replenishing of glaciers wherever ice re-accumulation is occurring.   Only the ice loss gets reported, as if it were permanent loss, and as if we're all going to die from it.  This is de facto censorship.  This is the act of hiding the truth.  

In a free society, there is Point/Counterpoint, and a second round of debate.  Today, there is only censorship by high tech tyrants and the now-dictatorial corporate advertisement media.  None the less, newspaper archives of decades past can expose false declarative statements spread by Climate Doomsday Racketeers.

For example, the Gore CO2 Doctrine is easily refuted by the 1970s newspaper & magazine articles that addressed the long-experienced cooling trend of the 20th Century.  The New York Times article below is one of many pieces of archival evidence. 

According to Al Gore and company, there should have been temperature increases during and after WWII, due to the tremendous amount of industrial manufacturing that took place at that time.  Ironically, the opposite happened.  The world entered into a cooling phase while the war was still in progress.  An example is the bitter cold endured during the Battle of the Bulge, aka the Siege of Bastogne.   Leningrad & Stalingrad, along with 

Above:  American B-24 crew stationed at an air base in East Anglia England.
There were brutally cold temperatures during the Korean war, also; 1950 to 1953.  American industrialization continued, none the less.  Yet, the temperature decline held its course for 35 or so years. 

                  See:    The depth of cold in the Korean War

A peace time example of the temperature decline was the Big Freeze of 1962.  Having begun in December 22, it did not subside until March of 1963.  It was the coldest winter in Central England since 1740, and 1740 was within the depths of the Mini Ice Age.

By the time 1978 arrived, the climate was already recognized as having gone through a "thirty year cooling trend," despite the industrialized uptick in co2 levels.  This dispels the Gore Doctrine.  This, alone, proves non-scientist Al Gore to be completely wrong.

Gore is as wrong at this atmospheric co2 assertion as he was when he went on the late night NBC show hosted by the extremely intelligent Conan O'Brien.  Gore claimed that the center of the Earth is millions of degrees.  Well, Brain Cells Gore didn't realize that the Earth would have vaporized long ago, if its core were millions of degrees.  The center of the Earth is 9,800F to 10,800F.  That's hot enough.

Yet another scientific finding that disproves Gore's doctrine

The 2017 crystallization of the bottom of the massive Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica dispelled it too, as did the regrowing of the Jakobshavn Glacier, along with the fact that the glaciers of Glacier National Park did not melt into non-existence, by the predicted year of 2020.

While co2 rose, Planet Earth underwent a cooling trend.

An Ultimate Reality Check: A long-term cold trend amidst rising co2 levels.