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May 11, 2024

The Heat Island Effect & Asphalt: Absorbing solar radiation at the surface

Chicago:  The huge asphalt maze.  Yet, I stood outside here, during -7F and -11F Arctic Nights.

From the telescope data analysts:   The Earth's lower Tropospheric temperature anomaly for July 2022 was +0.36C.  (Anomaly means deviation from the normal.)  The commercial media placed July 2022 in neon-lights, and then proceeded to put it in a false light.

Of course, the multiple temperature measurements of the lower Troposphere aren't the proverbial tale of the tape.  When  it comes to monitoring the atmosphere for the presence or absence of actual Global Warming, the following rule applies:

"If there is no temperature increase in the Middle of the Troposphere, then there is no Global Warming." 

Moreover, there is a difference between surface temperatures and air temperatures.  None the less, we now direct our attention to surface temperatures in the modern world, being that it can be a health issue, as was the repeatedly tragic case in France, during 1976, 2003, & 2019.

The middle of Earth's Troposphere is approximately 30,000 ft in height, except for the Poles where it's half as high.

So, what is providing the added heat to the cities during Summertime?

ANS:  The great solar radiation absorber, asphalt.  More specifically, the Heat Island Effect and/or Heat Sink Effect.  So, add to the effect the heated exhausts of air conditioning units.

~Now, the July 2022 hype about London has been easily proven a farce, in light of the fact that the 610 sq mile area known as Greater London has been having almost half the fires it experienced in the 1980s and 1990s, as well as far less the number of fires that transpired in the mid-1960s.

~The Southwest of the United States is a desert and does have a history of naturally occurring long-term droughts. 

~Lake Superior had near record cold temperatures during July 2022.  See:  Lake Superior near record cold in July 2022

~Throughout South America, there has been record cold in 2022, including the coastal nation of Uruguay.   Throughout South America in 2022, there has been record heat, including the coastal nation of Uruguay. 

~Patagonia (the Southern half of Argentina) was reported as having record heat in 2022. The same Patagonia was reported as having had record cold in 2022.   This is when you toss up your hands and say, "What's the point?"  

Okay.  Time-out, for a Review

The Year 1936 had the hottest Summer in the known history of the United States, and according to NASA, 1934 was the worst drought in 1,000 years.  This was when co2 levels were 310 ppm, meaning that they were 108 ppm LOWER than today.

The highest temperature ever recorded on Planet Earth was recorded in 1913, at Death Valley's Furnace Creek, California.  It was 134F there, and co2 was 301 ppm at the time.   That was 117 ppm less than today.  

The longest heat wave of consecutive 90+F days transpired in New York City in 1953, for 12 consecutive days.   The co2 count at the time was 313 ppm.  This amounts to 105 ppm LOWER than today.  So, where is the causation (or even the correlation) of co2 levels in the surface temperature records?  ANS:  It went out the door.

In fact, the second most severe heat wave & drought was the Great Tudor Drought of 1540-41.  This occurred when co2 was at pre-fossil-fuel levels.  

Meanwhile, the Great Drought of the American West occurred between 1276 and 1299 C.E, when co2 levels were as low as they were during the Roman Empire years of carts, chariots, and cavalry units.  Thus, co2 is not lighter fluid.  Nor is it a Roman Candle, pun intended.

The 16th, 17th, & 18th Centuries, as well as the first half of the 19th Century were centuries of turbulent --- and then scorching --- and then flooding --- climate conditions.  Add crop failures and ice stacking to the list, as well as the Thames River Frost Fairs.  And then came entire military fleets being decimated in massive sea storms, during that time span

All in all, it is a complete lie to claim that the past 1,000 years were years of mild weather.  The entities pushing this lie should be sued for fortunes worth of compensation.   After all, why do you think Northern Europeans and American colonists were putting woman after woman to death, for witchcraft?   Well, it had to do with the outrageously unsettling weather.  But, it had nothing to do with fossil fuels.  People in NORTHERN EUROPE thought that witches were changing the weather for the worse.

Despite the long historical records which do show that there's NOT a historical correlation between co2 levels and surface temperatures, the climate change marketeers will always claim that the hottest and worst weather had transpired last month --- and that we're all gonna die in the next 5 to 10 years, if we don't drastically reduce co2 levels now. 

This is the Five & Dime Store Doomsday Script, and it has been ongoing since June 1988.  It's beyond tiring to hear this, due to the repetitively failed doomsday predictions of the past 34 years which keep being predicted anew, with the designated dates of doom being pushed back to the next 34 years.

It's definitively true that the predictions of climate doom never came true.  After all:  {1} the Maldives are very much above water with financially fit Arabians enjoying the premises.  {2} No coastal city has gone even halfway underwater.  {3} Your shoes are still dry after walking throughout Lower Manhattan, and {4} You still can't go water skiing in the Summertime Arctic Ocean without you crashing into 1.3 million to 1.9 million square miles of ice.

And remember, the Global Warming, End-of-the-World hysteria was ratcheted-upwards only because Joe Biden took up residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  It's an advertising gimmick.  After all, in 2021, throughout Biden's first year, fanatical doomsayer announcements were repeatedly being published.

Moreover, neither China nor India nor often frigid Russia are going to try to reduce co2 levels.  Even if you wiped North American off the map, the co2 levels would still rise pursuant to Chinese, Indian, and Russia industrial output.  So, nagging and punishing Americans would NOT work, if it mattered that co2 levels were rising.

The Climate Change Pitch is a Sales Pitch

As a note, American sales managers teach their new employees that, when you are trying to make a sale, you are to create a sense of URGENCY in the prospective buyer.  So, climate change activists are simply trying to make a sale.  However, American workers who spent decades working outdoors don't buy the Climate Change hysteria.  They are experienced in experiencing all sorts of climatic conditions.  And they realize that climate per se is ......... cyclical.

It even got to the point where the Climate Change salesmen blamed snow on man-made co2 and Global Warming.  As I previously explained, a water molecule will stay in the atmosphere for approximately NINE days.  Any January snow storm that comes 182 days after a humid July heatwave is NOT caused by that July heatwave.  And concerning the oceans warming, the majority of ocean water is dark & 39F.  That's all.

It's now the Summer of 2022.  A hundred years prior were news reports of a detailed Arctic meltdown.  The heat of the prior year, 1921, was a contributing factor.  

Other dreaded heat years near that time span included 1871, 1878, 1895, 1896, 1901, 1911, 1913, 1922, 1931, 1934, 1935, and 1936, as well as 1947, 1988, 1998, 2012, and 2016.   All in all, climate is cyclical.  To claim today to be far worse than decades prior can be easily disproved.  Let's take China's weather history as an example.

In the "table" of China's worst natural disasters, six are Earthquakse.  They are NOT applicable in this discourse.  There are two epidemics which don't apply, unless a melting Arctic Circle is involved.  This leaves us with 17 natural disasters.  

View the year of each disaster, and take account of the much smaller atmospheric co2 content than exists today.  Then take note of the death tolls, and remember what the U.N. stated in September 2021.  The Chinese death tolls contradict what news writers and certain U.N. people were claiming.  Chinese disaster years included 1906, 1909, 1911, 1922, 1930, 1935, 1939, 1949, 1954, and 1959 being the most recent intense disaster year.  The co2 levels of these years ranged from 298 to 315 ppm.  This is 102 to 120 ppm lower than today.  This would serve as prove that a rise in atmospheric co2 does NOT automatically cause intensification of disastrous weather events.

This brings the reasonable person's thoughts to the Eleven Year Sunspot Cycle --- which is not to be confused with relatively stable solar irradiance.

We begin with 2022.  Eleven years prior was the July 2011 heatwave marked by high humidity.  The following year was the Drought of 2012.  Therefore, if the Eleven year sunspot cycle has any causation or correlation to it, then 2023 should be another year with a notably hot summertime.  A cooling should be evident in 2025 or 2026, IF ...

Eleven years prior to the 2012 Drought was the 2001 Eastern North American Heat Wave which even saw Nova Scotia reach 95F.  Meanwhile, New York's Central Park reached 103F.  Moreover, the co2 count that year was 371 ppm; 47 ppm LOWER than today.

Eleven years prior to 2001 was the final year of the 1988 to 1990 North American Drought.  The co2 level was 351 ppm; 67 ppm lower than today.  

Eleven years prior to the 1990 drought was 1979. Well, one year after 1979 was the 1980 United States Heat Wave which took 1,700 lives.

Next comes eleven years before 1979, namely 1968.  Well, in 1968, there was the dustfall thunderstorms in 'Britain'; the worst in 200 years.  It comprised a layer of mineral dust that came out of the Sahara and found its way to England, much like the temporary heat of mid-July 2022.  

Also in 1968, there was a January hurricane that made landfall in Scotland.  It reached a speed of 134 mph.  The co2 level at the time was 321 ppm; 96 ppm lower than today.  If that hurricane would have happened this past January, we would never have stopped hearing about it from the Climate Change Activists and the commercial media.  Sirens would have gone off, in concert.

The year prior, in 1967, a heatwave took 70 lives in Mexico City, and Seattle had its longest heatwave, equaling the New York City heatwave of 1953.   

Next comes eleven years before 1968,  namely 1957.  Subtract another eleven years and you also have 1946.  Well, from 1947 to 1957 was Texas' worst drought.  In fact, 1956 was Texas' second driest year on record at the time.   The CO2 level was 310 to 316 ppm during this time frame.  More than 100 ppm less than today.

Also in 1957 was NYC reaching its record high temperature, and Kentucky having a devastating flood, much like in the Year 2022.  History repeats itself.

Eleven years before 1957 was 1946, and it was the year of the Heat Wave in Rome, and the Drought & Famine which hit Moldavia and the Ukraine hard.

Eleven years before 1946 was 1935, and it was especially disastrous a year.  There was the Black Sunday Dust Storm, for starters.  All in all, 1934, 1935, and 1936 were absolute weather disaster years.

 1935 - 124 Degrees In India, 23 Inches Of Rain | Real Climate Science

The aforementioned things are historic fact.   There is correlation in this Eleven Year Sun Spot Cycle.  But, is there causation to the aforementioned coinciding events?  Or is it just a matter of statistical probability?  Is it simply a matter of there being so many heat waves in history that some of them will land on the 11 year sun spot cycle points.

One lesson to be learned here is that heat waves are a common occurrence of life on Earth.  Heatwaves are everywhere throughout the history of Summertime.  Therefore, the hyper-exaggerating of heat waves today is the act of lying via false light misrepresentation --- the committing of fraud --- bearing of false witness --- being unable to be trusted, ever again.  

 Concerning this, instead of journalists constantly writing, "record breaking heat wave," (in order to intimidate you)  they should be writing how to survive a heat wave.  This shows that they do NOT care about you.  They are trying to push one declarative sentence, concerning co2, disregarding the fact that co2 is the key to Life on Earth ... being that photosynthesis is the key to life and co2 is the key to photosynthesis.

All in all, there are many more factors involved in the making of weather & climate than co2.  CO2 plays a minor role in Earth's heat budget, but it plays the star role in activating PHOTOSYNTHESIS throughout the Earth, even in the Arctic Circle.

And remember, 90% of all Greenhouse Gases, by volume, is WATER VAPOR.  Water Vapor leaves behind ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT.

Southwest U.S.

There is the present saga of the man-made Lake Mead (near Las Vegas) which is dependent upon the man-made reservoir of Glen Canyon Dam which, in turn, was in a more dire situation than was Lake Mead.  So, it was given priority in water acquisition, by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.  It's name is Lake Powell, located in Northern Arizona.

Southern California's Mojave Desert, 2012.   I didn't bring anyone with me into that desert which was 102F at the time.

At this point, let us remember an official statement of the (pre-Biden) United States government: "Drought is a normal climate pattern that has occurred in varying degrees of length, severity, and size throughout history."

The exact same United States government declared that:

"Tree ring archives indicate that agricultural droughts such as those that happened in the United States during the 1930s Dust Bowl era have occurred occasionally over the last 1,000 years, and climate model simulations suggest that droughts that may last several years to even decades OCCUR NATURALLY in the southwestern U.S."   

The other thing that naturally occurs in states such as Nevada and Arizona is MONSOON SEASON.  Okay then.  This brings us to France.

The media is obsessed, due to a severe lack of intelligence, with blaming all unwelcome weather events on CO2, while occasionally mentioning "greenhouse gases" in general.

Meanwhile, the same media never explains what constitutes a greenhouse gas, and the same media surely doesn't have the habit of informing its viewers that the #1 greenhouse gas is Water Vapor which constitutes 90% of all greenhouse gases, by volume ... and which has a zero carbon footprint.  The same media doesn't explain "heat transference," as in the three ways in which it occurs.  The media only conveys hype and bullying.

They don't mention Southwestern Monsoon season on a national scale, so that schoolchildren could be placed at ease. They're emotional terrorists looking for taxpayer dollars, NGO grants, etc.  If there is money in terrorizing schoolchildren, they'll do it.

As I have already illustrated elsewhere in the Blue Marble Album, in the July 2022 London hype, as well as in the July 2021 Biden administration's NOAA hype, a lot of falsehoods are flying through the media and the Internet, about July 2020, 2021, and 2022, as well as Greenland snowfall and the ocean sea level reports.

In fact, NOAA has changed historical graphs, to makes the temperatures of the very hot 1910s, 1920s, and 1930s look much cooler and more mild.  This makes that time span's temperatures look colder and much more mild than today's temperatures, and this is outright criminal fraud.   

This is why I advise everyone who is honest to gather as many newspaper and magazine articles about the blazing heat of the early 20th Century as possible, to show how the present employees of NOAA are literally fraudsters.  Include the newspapers of the 1870s and 1890s.  The newspapers of old are the original Climate Record, and they will serve as evidence to prove the fraud.

Of course, being that opinion polling showed "climate change" to often be the least concern amongst American voters, the climate change salesmen realized that they were engaged in a losing proposition.  So, they had to take the hottest month of the year and hyper-exaggerate it's thermometer readings and yearly wildfires, to make a sale ... all the while altering the past temperature graphs, to make the past look degrees colder than those heat-stricken days actually were.

The man-made-co2 salesmen (aka marketers) repeatedly had to exaggerate July's natural heat to the point of making it sound as if the end of the world were once again five or ten years away --- and that only the climate change marketeers can save you.  

So, what actually is a climate marketeer?  ANS: Someone who puts a price on climate-related activity.  Some of that money gets directed into the activists' pockets.

Well, the media has definitely been serving the climate change salesmen, as if to be their campaign volunteers.  So, go to the old newspaper archives, and make a library of temperature records and weather event reports.  That's how you can save the Truth from being hidden away from mankind for all time.

Of course, dispel from your mind the belief that an amount of CO2 as small as 420 ppm, could ever drive a climate the size of Earth.  After all, it's Water Vapor that comprises 90% of all greenhouse gases ... by volume.  But, why do not college students ever mention Water Vapor in their videos?  None the less, pre-Biden NASA, itself, publicly stated the "SUNLIGHT DRIVES THE CLIMATE."
NASA did not include co2 as a driver.  It limited the driver to Sunlight.  So, when you encounter a hot environment in the city or in suburbia or on a military base or at a mall parking lot or at a college campus, think the following:

The heat island effect --- being heavily assisted by asphalt.  It involves Albedo.  Actually, the heat part involves the lack of Albedo.

Albedo is the scattered (the diffused) reflection of solar radiation (aka sunlight) back into outer-space, after making contact-encounter-incidence with some material object on Earth, and doing so without heating that object beyond the percentage of sunlight absorbed by that object.  
That is to say, Albedo involves the encountering of a material without heat conduction occurring in the encountering thereof.  Albedo is like a boomerang effect performed with light --- with solar rays.
Albedo is measured on a scale from 0 -1, where 1 is the reflecting of 100% of the solar radiation back into outer-space.  The only material object on Earth which can make this happen in 100% completeness is a mirror positioned at the correct angle toward the sun.  Thus, whatever be the other materials on Earth, sunlight is partially absorbed by them and partially deflected from them.   However, the one earthly material that absorbs solar radiation (aka sunlight)  most efficiently is ASPHALT.  It absorbs approximately 95% of the solar radiation that makes contact with it.  That heats things up.

Runners-up in the solar radiation absorption contest include, soils, wet sand, dark clay, grasslands, the tundra, and coniferous forests, as well as black acrylic paint which is equal to new asphalt.
This solar radiation absorption will increase surface temperatures  in the cities, at mall parking lots, etc.  Then, when night comes, the heat gets released from the asphalt, etc.  All in all, CO2 has been blamed for causing what is being caused by asphalt and even coniferous forests.

Now, as far as goes Ocean Albedo, it's true that 94% of the sunlight which reaches ocean waves does not rocket back into outer-space.  But, the 94% of sunlight does not entirely get absorbed into ocean water.  If it did, there would be much more of an evaporation cycle and much more flooding on Earth.
Now, sunlight at the higher latitudes of the Earth makes contact with the Earth's surface at different angles than at the lower latitudes.  Higher latitudes have too much solar diffusion and do not capture as much sunlight as do the lower latitudes.   Thus, the lower latitudes are warmer and therefore develop the hurricanes which perform the task of heat transfer.  
Again, hurricanes are further evidence that the oceans are NOT hording heat.  The oceans are not depositories or vaults for added heat.  In fact, hurricanes can be regarded as substitutes for Albedo that do NOT develop according to sunlight, as Albedo does, but rather develops according to the lessening of air pressure.
BTW, the average Albedo for all of Planet Earth is .3 (30%)
Incidentally, there are 332,519,000 cubic miles of ocean water on Planet Earth, and as I long since stated, the majority of ocean water is dark and 39F.  So, don't fall for the phrase, "the oceans are all warming 60% faster than originally thought and we're all gonna die."  That was already disproved.  None the less, the 39F temperature is the case for 9,000 vertical feet of the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans ... 7,000 vertical feet for the Southern Ocean ... and 653 feet of the Arctic Ocean.  
In as much, another mechanism of heat transfer happens with ocean water, due to the fact that water interfaces with air.  In brevity, it goes as follows:  Firstly, ocean waves create an interface with the air, due to the constant moving of waves and their mixing with air.  This means that the heat budget of any ocean surface interface is dominated by short wave irradiance, as opposed to there being an even exchange of short wave and long wave radiation.  
Elsewhere on Earth it's a matter of "shortwave in" (from outer-space) and "long-wave" out (from Planet Earth into outer-space.)   
So, an airborne "upwelling" occurs slightly above the oceans, and NOT in the oceans.  This is regarded as Latent Heat.  This process can be regarded as the inversion of heat.  The bottom line is that the oceans are not becoming bathtubs of scalding water, as certain political propagandists are claiming.  The existence of hurricanes prove this to be so.  Hurricanes are heat delivery systems.  Thus, the ocean isn't hording any excess heat, and hurricane make sure that they do not do so.
Next comes the ocean winds.  It is always the case, everywhere on Earth, that wind is a matter of high pressure air following (gravitating toward) low pressure air.  Low pressure is equated with warmer and more moist air.   Such air rises until it dries and compresses, it then descends toward Earth.  This is known as convection, and there are massive convection cells on Earth.  
This convection caused the existence of the Earth's major deserts being on the 30th parallel of both hemispheres, as well as at the Poles.  Yes, Antarctica is the largest desert on Earth, at 5.5 million square miles.  The Sahara is 3.5 million sq miles.

BTW, it can get really cold in the desert at night, due to "radiational cooling" (which is not to be confused with radiative cooling.)  Radiational cooling occurs when no clouds are present, to keep the heat from rising out of the desert.  In fact, cloudless winter nights are the coldest ones.
Concerning this, that which Al Gore and a couple former Russia Today hosts claimed about an Ice Age coming to Western Europe was proven completely false by the Summer heat of 2022.  Yes, the very heat used by TV news reporters as proof of co2-driven Climate Change actually disproved it.  Let us review:
The Climate Change marketers' claim was that global warming was causing excessive fresh-water snow & ice to melt off of Greenland, into the Atlantic Ocean.  The Freshwater would then lessen the salinity of the ocean, and would cause the flow of the Atlantic to slow down to point of causing an ice age in England, French, and Spain.  Well, in 2022, France endured the opposite of Ice Age weather.  All in all, the Greenland Freshwater Melt theory is a false one.

And concerning the "rising sea levels," it has been officially reported that the average sea level rise of Planet Earth was 7 to 9 inches since 1880.  That's a 140 year time span.  The yearly sea level rise average that was reported is equal to the thickness of the sides of two American pennies; about 3.5 or 3.6 mm.  Elsewhere come different numbers for yearly sea rise, such as 2.84 mm.  All numbers are quit small, but the essence is in the accumulative effect of ten, twenty, and thirty years.  This is explained elsewhere at the Blue Marble Album.

Back to Heat Island Effect
An example of how the heat island effect can become effectively deadly was the 2003 heatwave in France.  France?  How ironic!  Oh yes, I forgot.  Climate is cyclical and history repeats itself.  Incidentally, the other modern-era French climate tragedy was the heatwave of 1976.  You still remember 2019, so that is more current events than history.

Concerning the re-visitation of climate tragedy to France in 2022, remember that Global Warming is a habit.  It's an oft repeating pattern.  Sometimes, there is the emergence of a pattern, but such a thing turns out to be a cyclical one.  None the less, once-in-twenty-year events are not signs of global warming.  The warming in the middle of the Troposphere is.

There needs to be a cessation of the demonizing of co2.  Asphalt is a different story, even to the point of adopting the slogan, "Keep the co2, but replace the asphalt" (in reasonable time, after a replacement for asphalt has been prepared --- or by perhaps adding an environmentally friendly material that will lighten the color of asphalt and thereby increase asphalt's degree of Albedo.  After all, aged and grayed asphalt doesn't have the heat absorption power of new asphalt)  
However, don't think about adding a dye.  For the record, the early 20th Century research on chemical weapons used the dye industry for their deadly poison inventions.  Miles of molecular agents of that type placed on the major highways of America is social sabotage.  
Whatever be the case, literally keep Bill Gates out of the equation.  The guy wants you to eat mold, instead of consuming common dinner ingredients, such as steak, eggs, veggies, grain products, beets, potatoes, dairy products, protein powder, collagen powder, herbal teas, green tea, black tea, grapes, grape leaves, etc.  That one guy is Creep-out City.

None the less, that which the modern cities need the most is anything that will give a large area umbrella effect --- that which  makes large areas of shade.  The thing about the heat island effect in a city is that the heat contacts horizontal material like asphalt lots, and it contacts vertical structures called walls.  That adds to the heat effect.  So, shading, shading, shading does bring down the heat effect upon people enduring the heat.

Would anyone be interested in very large helium cartridge umbrellas that float over city blocks?  Just a thought.
Degrees of Albedo
~Green grass retains more heat than does desert sand.  Grass will absorb 75% of the solar radiation that lands on it, while desert sand will absorb 60%.  And yes, this fact is counter-intuitive, being that you have no problem walking on grass, compared to the burning sensation you get walking on summertime beach sand.  Therefore, green grass albedo is .25, and desert sand albedo is .40.  
So remember ===> Asphalt will retain and detain on the surface of the Earth 20% more heat than will a field of grass ... as in a baseball field.   At night, the heat releases from asphalt.
~The albedo of Arctic Ice and glacial ice in the average July is about .70.  Ice will absorb 20% to 30% of sunlight, during the six months when the sun never disappears behind Earth's horizon ... in the Arctic, that is.  In March or April, Arctic ice can have an albedo of .85 or so.  So, do not be deceived into thinking that ice reflects back 100% of the solar radiation into outer-space.

~In addition, the albedo of white clouds is about .80.  Clouds are not a 100% returner of sunlight, either.  Some heat is still retained.

In addition, an average sized cloud weighs over a million lbs. A floating cloud mass is millions of lbs.  This, too, is counter-intuitive, until you realize that millions of pounds of snow fall from those clouds during a substantial snowstorm.  In fact, a lot of atmospheric science is counter-intuitive or outright contradictory.   Atmospheric physics can be intricate, requiring equations in its understanding, just like any other science.  It's not as simplex as Al Gore made it out to be, in one of his absolutely worthless videos.

You perhaps have the general idea of Albedo, by now.   In as much, a lying propagandist looking for government funding, NGO donations, or the instituting of the carbon tax will say to an audience that CO2 drives the climate.  As was previously mentioned, NASA had a different answer.  NASA claimed in public print that SUNLIGHT drives the Earth's climate.    My answer was that the Coriolis Effect and the Tilt of the Earth drive atmospheric climate, while Eckman Transport drives oceanic climate.  Just a thought.
Let us repeat.  The pre-Biden NASA managers publicly stated that:
"SUNLIGHT drives the Earth's climate."   Therefore . . .
You don't have to submit to the Climate Change bullies, even those bullies at the UN who don't belong to nations who landed on the Moon, landed on Venus, landed on Mars, landed on an occasional asteroid, sailed to the BOTTOM of the ocean, operate an Antarctic science research station, created long bridges and maintain long tunnels, manage shipping lanes, etc.  The truth is NOT on their side ... not even concerning July 2022.   They are blaming their poverty on the United States and Western Europe and even Japan and South Korea. 
They are merely looking for an excuse to obtain sizable amounts of U.S. taxpayer dollars, by creating a sense of guilt in the U.S. taxpayer's mind, claiming that any heat wave is cause by the American automobile driver.  Are you holding back a giggle, yet?
Let's review:   You drive a car.  You crash into no one, yet you killed people by driving your car.  That's the Climate change activists' summary.  Meanwhile, they expect you to take them seriously.