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April 10, 2024

The Biden & Kamala Death March. No falling nation should be without one.

   Keep in mind that neither HITLER nor the BIDEN ADMINISTRATION nor MSNBC in 2024                                     ever allowed Counterpoint or Debate or a Fair Trial or Honest Reporting.
    As far as goes Freedom of Speech on the mainstream media's airwaves, don't even consider it.
He (or she) who fails to learn from the mistakes made in history are always condemned to repeat them.  Always remember:  History repeats itself.  Only the faces change.

Meanwhile, the former "left-arm girl" of Montel Williams  ... and ALLEGED private session holder of a former San Francisco mayor ... obsesses herself with getting Roman Catholics to pay for the excommunicable act of murder, known as abortion on demand.   Kamala is the actual  threat to freedom ... in seeking to take away Freedom of Religion which includes Freedom of Speech & Freedom of CONSCIENCE.  This includes the right to NOT be an accomplice to Factory Line Murder.  In addition, she deprives newly conceived humans of their Right to be Alive; the most basic of rights.

Once, a certain female rock star said that she absolutely had to have her abortion, or else her famous rock group would never have come to be.  NEWS FLASH:  1] No rock group is needed to be in existence, in order for humanity to survive.  2] the rock group in question already published TEN ALBUMS before this woman joined the band.  It was in existence for EIGHT YEARS, before she joined.  3a] A pregnant woman is still very much able to sing.  3b] A pregnant woman is very much able to compose music and make recordings.  4] A woman can give her child to adoption agencies, thereby enabling the child to live.  5] A rich rock star can afford a nanny or two or three.  

The lesson here is that pro-abortion propaganda is always senseless, illogical, and easy to refute.  The problem is that modern America's mainstream media operatives in the mode of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.  The Counterpoint is censored.  Debate is banned.  The other side never gets heard on mainstream media.  MSM is an oppressive dictatorship.

Just the Fact Ma'am, Instead of the Mental Mayhem

Concerning any pregnant woman ... aka "woman with child" ... the child inside her is NOT her body.  It's the body of a completely distinct human being who will perhaps one day have his/her own separate identity, if he/she survives the abortioin gauntlet of the US.  He/she will get a social security number separate from the mother, as well as a driver's license number of his/her own, and other identifying marks.  

Killer Kalama ... the toxic repellent of staff members ... once asked if there are any laws that put limits on the male body.  There are hundreds of laws of nature, laws of morality and laws of governments which do this.  For examples, all male bodies are prohibited from taking certain drugs.  The male body is not allowed to stand in the middle of a traffic lane during rush hour.  And no male body is allowed to hurl itself off of a bridge, at any time of the day or night.  

In addition, some male bodies have the power to save lives and are required to do so, at certain times.  When a child is drowning and a well-trained male body is present, that male body must jump in the water and save the child.  In fact, each time when a lifeguard gets into action, it's his MALE BODY which risks drowning while he tries to save someone in peril of death. 

I worked with males whose bodies had to endure very oppressive weather, to get construction field work done.  This included having to work in MINUS 30 DEGREE FAHRENHEIT windchills.  We adapted and endured.  None the less, each one of us could have said,  "It's my body!!  Why do I or anyone else have to go out there, when it's so inconvenient?"  Well, sometimes someone needs to do it, to spare people from the elements, as well as wild animals and other perils.

Farm hands endure what they do, to keep humanity alive.  Firemen get called to the scene when a disaster occurs.  It's their MALE BODIES which go there and face the possibility of harm.  Why should they have to do it?  Someone needs to do so, or else disaster will spread.  

In fact, I once had a great uncle who was a fireman in NYC.  During one fire in 1942, things did not go well for him.  He got counted amongst the heroes in NYC.  Meanwhile, the pro-abortion activists are nothing but anti-heroes.

And then there those who lost their lives while building the Hoover Dam.  There were 96 of them.  The building of the dam spared millions from death by thirst.
The memorial honoring the 96 workers who died during the construction of the Hoover Dam.
 And finally, when the American GIs went out into European fields and towns, to save the world from a maniac who was killing Jews by the truckload and who was bombing London civilians at will, it was the GI male body which risked death ... and sometimes underwent the ultimate sacrifice to his MALE BODY.  

In this realm of existence, people are eventually called to heroism.  It's the evil people who refuse to be heroes.  The complaint of the baby-killing hags in political activism is the complaint of a selfish whiner who cares only for her selfish little self.  

A human being is always sacrificing his/her body and his/her time for other humans.  It's the real human condition.  The abortion factionists' solution to every problem amongst humanity is to kill the people having the problem.  There are more creative solutions.

The Smug & Arrogant Kamala who kept driving away staffer after staffer 
Kamala the Arrogant:  It's bad when you make the Wicked Witch of West look more friendly and approachable than you.  Kamala's face was the most arrogant one on the night of March 7th, as if she's going to become the master & the Nazi-like ruler ... as well as the smug dictator ... of a 2,000 year old church which has brought forth numerous charity organizations, miracles, saints, kings, architects, scholars, warriors, martyrs, peace-makers, negotiators, inventors, scientists, authors, artists, composers, and transformers of the meaning of human existence.  

To her I say, "Nuremberg American Style," coming soon to a theater or drive-in near you ... you mass murdering baby-killer and all-around cop-out ... all-around evasive coward ... thoroughtly uncreative one with no solutions to any problem ... you mental runt of the litter.  

BTW, nice border you got there, Czarina of the Border.  It has had a tremendous affect on people such as Laken Riley, Aiden Clark, Kate Steinle, Shannon Jungwirth, Melissa Powell, Catalina Andrade, Ruby Garcia, and Travis Wolfe.  Because of you, they'll never be the same, Kamala.

Of course, Kamala and Mayorkas said that the border was safe.  Well, yes.  This is absolutely true.  The border is safe for the illegal immigrants destined to kill more Americans. 

Justice, Truth, & the Value of a Single Human Being --- This was a quote out of Nuremberg.

Concerning history's cycle phase where those formerly in power are brought to accountability, anyone who amends his/her life to the point of ceasing & desisting from the modern-day Crimes against Humanity will be immune to any & all prosecution.  In fact, the repentant ... the ones who reactivated their consciences ... will provide their services as witnesses and evidence gatherers against the unrepetent.

Expect ye good olde plea bargaining to transpire too, at the next version of the 1793 Tribunals R√©volutionnaire, the post-Civil War Andersonville Trials, and the WWII Nuremberg Trials.  Of course, the 1948 Genocide Convention will be the concurrent case law authority in this matter, along with the Nuremberg Trials.  None the less, when it does come to be, watch how the co-defendants will be selling each other out.  

At Nuremberg, the common defense was, "I was only following orders."  Well, international law recognizes the premise that an officer must decline to follow criminal orders.  If an act is genocide, you have no defense in stating that you committed genocide only because you were following orders.  

The only defense that anyone in the political realm will have in the near future will be that of having ceased the habit of wrong-doing in question, as in amending one's life and in  refusing to participate any further in the worldwide genocide of present days.  Abortion on demand is genocide.  HOWEVER, when a mother's physical life is in direct medical danger, then such a thing becomes an act of self-defense.   Self-defense is a defense.

Such Nuremberg-type trials only involve the proverbial big fish ... or entire groups of people who get verbally condemned and then banned as an entity.  The next type of Nuremberg Trial setting will have nothing to do with Donald Trump and/or his cabinet members and/or MAGA hat wearers.  Donald Trump is the present pro-life candidate who will be getting the vast pro-life vote in 2024.  He will be one of the victims of the future Nuremberg-American-Style Trials.  And a victim can't be the judge.  So, do the math on this one.  

At present, those involved in the Great Government Hijack are trumping up any charges they can conjure, all the while insulting our intelligences with the court procedures & pleadings.  The anti-Trump venues are nothing more than Kangaroo Courts.  People who conduct Kangaroo Courts end up being defendants in future courtroom proceedings.  After all, in the cyclical phases of history, there always comes a time when the police get policed, the judges get judged,  the lawmakers get declared lawless, and the hangmen get hung.

In addition, there is such a thing as a Judicial Review Board, a Malicious Prosecution Lawsuit, and even Nuremberg.  The American abusers of justice are NOT immune to destiny.   However, their brain cells appear to be immune to thinking-things-out & in considering the consequences of their actions.

Nothing in this life of lasts forever.  Even the Holy Roman Empire disbanded after 1,009 years.

In the near future, the political map will change, being that politics is cyclical.   Thus, as time proceeds, Donald Trump will literally be on the sidelines ... in the dugout ... retired ... in one way or another ... when the Battle between Heaven & Hell reaches its summit.  If you have studied the political cycle theory, then you know what comes after Anarchy, aka Ochlocracy, aka Okhlokratia.  You can't deny that we've gone from Oppressive Oligarchy to Mob Rule.  Next in line will be the return of the ...

Donald Trump, the Decoy on the Hunter's Lake

The presidency of Donald Trump taught all people how vicious the pro-abortion crowd is.  It taught us what to expect from them, and in as much,  being forewarned is being forearmed.  That is to say, the pro-aborts will have wasted all their energy and resources on Trump.  Then the second wave of Life-protectors will enter the scene, and they will come from multiple directions.  The final trick will be to get the pro-aborts to turn against themselves and to fight with each other.

The bottom line is this:  Donald Trump is the unplanned & unintended decoy.  The Dems will waste all resources on him and then be unarmed.  They will not be able to stop those who will succeed Trump.  Those who will succeed Trump will NOT be Ronald Reagan Republicans.  These will NOT be "Donny & Marie" Republicans.  In fact, they will not even be Republicans.  Some will be disgruntled Democrats with Voter's Remorse.  Some will come from Central America, bearing a sense of justice fitting for the Hollywood silver screen.  Others will come from elsewhere.  This is what happens when you develop a global political system.

The schemers who turned crimes against humanity into factory line productions are the ones to be called to accountability.  None the less, concerning the Biden People's goal to make Catholics become the tax-funder accomplices to their organized crimes against humanity, consider the following:

Demographic Time

At the end of 2021, there were 1.375 BILLION human beings on Planet Earth who were baptized CATHOLIC.  In fact, there were 407,872 priests on the same planet, at the same time.  This means that there are 4 times more people on Earth who were baptized CATHOLIC than there are citizens of the United States.  This also means that there are 9.5 times more people on Earth who were baptized Catholic than there are citizens of Russia.  

In the good ole USA, alone, 69 MILLION people here were baptized Catholic.  Oh, and there are millions and millions of Catholics in Africa, as well as in South America.  Lebanon, too.  And very much so in the Philippines.  In fact, East Timor ... in South Asia ... has a very high percentage of Catholics, there.  Moreover, in Brazil alone, there are 175 MILLION people there who were baptized Catholic.  This is super undeniable proof that Catholicism is NOT just a white thing.

                                                                                                                             on Planet Earth
Let's Review:                                           People Baptized Catholic  =              1,375,000,000
One Kamala Harris who said that she smoked weed and listened to ye        =            290
olde Snoop Dog, followed by her hypocritically prosecuting 1,500 black   
American youths for doing nothing other than smoking weed ... PLUS  
approx 213 democrat House Reps, PLUS 51 democrat-leaning senators,
and 25 Biden Administration Cabinet Members.            
                                                                                                                            in the good ole USA
                                                                               Those Baptized Catholic =      69,000,000 
                                                                                    Baby Killing Kamalians =      290

The following is a message for the "Saved," "Born-again," Evangelical Baptist crowd who claims that God has chosen America to rule ... and that God protects America from all other nations:

No Divine God is going to bless a nation that murders its most helpless of people by the million every year.  You forgot to take into account that the Eternal God is "slow to anger."  You people are waving the losing flag.  

The shame is that this nation had such a meaningful national anthem which will soon be shelved.  The present people on screen & in video are the ones engaged in the true insurrection.  It started with the manipulation of the judicial system to the point of turning the courts into Kangaroo Courts.  These folk play the race card, all the while ignoring the fact that over 389,000 WHITE MEN IN BLUE DIED TO FREE THE BLACK SLAVE, in the 1860s.  In fact, 110,000 of those white Yankee deaths came during the terror of battle.  That's ingratitude, squared & cubed, on behalf of the race card-dealer blacks who are seething with hatred and who smirk in self-worshipping arrogance.  

To them, playing the race card is a lucrative industry.  To others, it's a scam.  To others, it's the deliberate Incitement of Rioting.  It's a calculated provocation to do violence to "whitey."  To people of Faith, it's a sure way to get oneself a oneway ticket to Hell where you don't get out once you are in.

So remember.  There are 11 times more black CATHOLICS in Africa alone than there are blacks in all of the United States.  You hate-filled racist activist blacks in the United States have nothing to teach the blacks of your motherland.  Rather, the reality is in reverse.  They have a lot to teach you.  Anybody has a lot to teach you.  

If you shut-up and listen for ten minutes, you might learn something ... especially you, super comfortable & wealthy loud mouth of no wisdom, Maxine Waters.  You're 85 and are too greedy to give up your seat in Congress.  Why can't you give someone else a chance?  We know the condition of California's 43rd District.  You're a failure.  You live in a mansion.  Go enjoy it, and let someone honest take over.

Joe Biden is NO Catholic, in the least.  He was automatically excommunicated long ago.

Concerning Joe Biden claiming that he's a devout Catholic, that is one of his lies, to get the Catholic vote.  Biden is no such Catholic.  He didn't even know the concept of Declaration of Nullity, as it applies to Jill.  Every devout Catholic knows the basics of such things.  When it comes to Catholicism, Biden is an airhead.

As far as goes Joe, he was long-since automatically excommunicated for DIRECTLY procuring abortions.  Accomplices of murder are murderers, also.  Joe Biden is a killer.  This is why he chose Killer Kamala.  She was the most vehment candidate for abortion on demand.  Concerning this, Kamala is a seething wolf.

Can it, Kamala.  You're annoying.

Now, [1] if the Ancient Roman Empire couldn't succeed in destroying the Catholic Church ... [2] if Attila the Hun couldn't succeed in doing the same ... [3] if the maurading Saracens & the invading Moors couldn't exterminate the Catholic Church in Western Europe ... [4] if the Ottoman Empire couldn't do the same in Eastern Europe ... [5] if King Henry VIII couldn't supercede the Catholic Church ... [6] if the French Revolution couldn't write the last chapter on the Catholic Church ... [7] if the Napoleon Bonaparte who died in 1821 couldn't make the Catholic Church obsolete ... [8] if the American Know-Nothing Party of the 1840s couldn't exterminate the same one Catholic Church ... [9] if the KKK which started in 1865 couldn't burn-down the same Church ... [10] if the German Kulturalkampf of 1870 couldn't topple the Catholic Church ...

...  [11] if the Adolph Hitler who sent priests to die at Dachau could NOT asphixiate the Church founded by Jews ... [12] if Soviet Communists who even controlled Poland & Hungary couldn't evaporate the Catholic Church ... [13] if Madalyn Murray O'Hair & her mainstream media coverage couldn't render the Catholic Church null & void ... and [14] if the aging Benghazi Barbie ... aka Hillary Clinton ... couldn't re-shape the Catholic Church into her own image & likeness with her "Catholic Spring" bullo crappio, then [15] Giggling Bimboo Kamala Harris and her band of Richmond Virginia FBI agents will NOT be able to destroy or control the Catholic Church, either.  So ...

[1] Do the math.  [2] Study history. [3] And use your brain cells, for a change.  You are arrogantly positioning yourself to start a war you cannot possibly win.  Such a war usually changes geo-political maps.  In considering all of this, remember the phrase, NUREMBERG AMERICAN STYLE which will be adjudicated by those who do not wear those silly red caps which only look appropriate on golf courses, anyway.

Add to the equation the Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, and Serbian Orthodox church-goers of the United States.  That amounts to 1.1 million more people against whom Kamala stands.  

Next, add to the math equation the world population of Orthodoxy Adherents in Greece, Russia, the Ukraine, and Serbia.  That is over 100 million human beings.  In fact, Roman Catholics in the Philippines amount to 86 million.   Kamala Harris and her Richmond FBI agents are extremely outnumbered.  To the Catholic Church founded by a Jew in Jerusalem, Kamala and her FBI buddies are ants.

And concerning the supreme asininity of an ever-so-arrogant Hillary Clinton who  planned to start a "Catholic Spring" in 2016:   Wow, that's arrogant.  Tell Hillary that the Catholic Church already has a Messiah, and the Catholic Church has been having a Catholic Spring every year for the past 2,000 years.  It's called Pasqua in Italy and Easter in the British Speaking nations such as America & Australia.

Catholicism in Africa

Meanwhile, Africa has millions and millions of Roman Catholics living in it, too.  For example, Nigeria has 23.9 to 31 million of them thare Catholics there.   Angola has between 13 and 20 million Roman Catholics, as well.   Burkina Faso has over 4 million Catholics, and Burundi has over 7 million of them.  Meanwhile, Kenya has 9.8 million baptized Catholics, while Tanzania has 16 to 20 MILLION baptized Catholics.  Moreover, Equatorial Guinea is 80% Roman Catholic.

In continuing, did you know that the Democratic Republic of Congo has 41 Catholic dioceses & 6 archdioceses, along with a population which is 53% baptized Catholic ... and which amounts to 49.3 MILLION very non-white & non-European people?  Well, if your only source of information is CNN & MSNBC, then you didn't know this.  In fact, if your only source of information is MSNBC & CNN, then you are only receiving FALSE information.  You hear lies, and you have no idea how much out of touch with reality CNN keeps you.

Catholicism in Asia

As far as goes Asia, South Korea has 5.9 MILLION baptized Catholics.  Sri Lanka has 1.2 million of them.  India has 14 to 20 MILLION citizens who were baptized Catholic.  Japan has approximately 380,000, and Thailand has a Catholic population of 388,000.

All in all, there were, as of 2021, twice as many dark-complected seminarians in African seminaries than there were in "too pale" whitey Europe.  There were also twice as many seminarians in Catholic seminaries in ASIA than there were in very white, crackerville, "too-pale," honkey-boy Europe.  

Now for Worldwide Catholic Seminary Stats

Below:  As of 2021 there were twice as many darkly-complected Catholic African seminarians ... in African seminaries ... than there were of those "too pale" white "cracker" seminarians in Europe.  Likewise, there were twice as many Asian Catholics in seminaries ... in Asia itself ... than there are white seminarians in very white "crackerville, "honky-boy" Europe.  

Catholicism is NOT just a white thing.  To claim that it is ... while speaking in front of a TV camera of MSNBC, CNN, DemocracyNow, PBS, ABC, CBS, and NBC ... is to be a seethingly white-hating racist who despises moral codes & moral theology.  Such a person tries to "blame" the Catholic pro-life stance on white people.  Well, take your complaint to the 150 million black African Catholics ... and take your complaint to the Asian Catholics, 86 million of whom are in the Philippines.

Above:  This proves that Catholicism is NOT just a white thing, and Killer Kamala, the goddess of abortion-on-demand is far more outnumbered than she can possibly imagine.  The history books ... especially in Roman Catholic countries ... will describe Kamala as a cackling airhead from Hell who cared about nothing other than killing babies.   Many a black Catholic recognizes her as lost.  Then comes the matter of Black American Protestants.  None the less ...

Protestant sects will not be added here, because Protestantism is anarchic, chaotic, and entirely undependable as to its sects' varying doctrines.  In Protestantism, anything goes ... eventually.  

Even at that, there are approximately 54 million or so Protestants in America, and millions of them are staunchly pro-life.  So, Kamala is outnumbered by many more millions of people who happen to have consciences.  And her boss is a rambling ranter who suddenly goes zombie in front of the cameras, when he doesn't have enough of whatever supplement ... if any ... he was administered on March 7th, 2024.  Concerning this, take note that Biden showed up noteably late for the 2024 address.  That is another sign of incompetency.  

Official Internet Link:  Catholic population statistics

Abortion: the deciding issue for 2024, while the catalyst for party-line voter change is the UNAFFORDABLE BIDEN ECONOMY for the working poor, as well as the wreckless endangerment of all common citizens, at the hands of border invaders who were NOT vetted.

Gerrymandering via population influx

Let it be repeated:  The 2024 election will come down to one issue --- Abortion.  Secondary variables comprise the issues of risen prices that just don't decline and Southern Border Anarchy, as well as intercity crime.  And of course, when it comes to the border crossers of recent, Biden, Kamala, Mayorkas, and Company are merely looking for more registered democrats, as well as population growth in democrat party strongholds.  This can get extra congressional seats in democrat party territory. 

Immigrant Roulette:  It's safer to play Russian Roulette with a revolver.

As soon as Biden was sworn-in, America became likened to a carnival game of chance called, Grab Bag.  This is because you do NOT know what you're going to get.  Well, you know that you are not going to get disciplined Rhodes Scholars sneaking into the United States from the Southern Border.  But, you don't know if you're going to get yet another murderer or assault & batterer or rapist or fentanyl supplier or outright thief.

Now, as far as concerns the white-hating black racists in politics, these unvetted immigrants are seen as "the soldiers" who are gonna put "whitey" down.  And as far as goes the claim that blacks are incapable of racism, the proof which shows that assertion to be one big lie was in all the experiences that us "white boys" had, while trying to catch bus, to get home, on weekends, during our college days.  

Think:  It's the 1980s.  You are (I was) standing at a bus stop, and suddenly, a voice rings out at night, saying,  "What are you doing in our neighborhood, white boy?" Etc.  

Stated for the record, that's racist ... and threatening.  Doing such a thing is a great way to prevent white business owners from opening businesses in black neighborhoods, thereby reducing the availability of jobs and local circular income flow and local tax dollars.  Violence keeps business people away, and it keeps the violent neighborhood violent.

Blacks can be and have been murderously racist.  Those of us who were victims of an attempted murder (or an aggravated assault), at the hands of a black man or two, know what it's like.  I personally know what it's like, and it happened only because I caught a fellow employee "taking" 19 company tools simultaneously for himself.  

He was definitely not a white guy.  A white guy would have offerred me a bribe instead ... or else the white guy would have given me a sob story (a feel-sorry-for-me tale) as to how he has to get food on the table for his child(ren.)  That feel-sorry-for-me technique works far better than trying to kill the witness.

None the less, he and his "buddy" were blaming all the missing tools on me.  Yet, they were all in that one man's possession.  And then came his ridiculous defense, made in front of the sole shareholder of the company.  In the end, he went after me ... very physically ... in front of the shareholder.  Not smart.

Needless to say, Biden is well protected from the influx of the unvetted humans whom he, Kamala, and Mayorkas allowed to cross unquestioned.  None of those "spontaneous border crossers" are high class members of society.  None are accomplished peace-time scientists or physicians.  If more murders likened to that of Laken Riley occur, Kamala and Joe will have no need to care, because your tax dollars protects Kamala & Joe, while Kamala, Joe, and Mayorkas continue to endanger you.  

It's to be noted that the Pro-Abortion candidates are the ones who let you be in danger of your own life.  Pro-life candidates think in terms of "protecting the citizens."  Of course, if you do not protect the citizenry, you don't have a government.  You instead have a tyranny, operated by pushy, shovey, in-your-face bullies.  Biden is a bully with obvious dementia.

Proof that the United States is a Pro-life Nation is also blatant

There is a blatantly large piece of proof which shows that America is basically a pro-life nation.  The proof comes in comparing the population of the United States to the population of formerly pro-abortion Russia ... formerly godless, Anti-Christian Russia.

The estimated population of Russia, in 2024, is 144 million.  In contrast, the United States population of the 2020 census was 331 million.  America's population is well over twice that of Russia.  Yet, the landmass of the Continental United States is less than half of Russia's.   

This proves that the United States most certainly is a pro-life nation.  Of course, the poll-takers who claim otherwise include in their polls the subtitled question, "in case of rape or incest."  Take away that phrase from the pollster's question, and America soars into the pro-life percentage range.  Well, the statistic of 331 million Americans vs 144 million Russians is enough to prove the Pro-life status of America. 

One more pertinent statistic:  Between 1973 and 1980, the abortion rate in the heavily propagandized United States peaked at 29.3 abortions per 1,000 pregnancies.  In 2020, there were 11.2 abortions per every 1,000 pregnancies in the same United States.  Thus, the abortion rate in the United States DECREASED by 61.7%.  That's significant, and it shows that the efforts of pro-life Catholics were NOT in vain.  

It also shows that the true sleeping giant, at present, is the Catholic Church.  You can try to shut it down, all you want.  But, it's NOT going to happen.  Kamala Harris is a bigoted, anti-Catholic runt, seething with hatred.  This explains why the pro-murder Bidern Administration seeks to prosecute Catholic families who go to pro-life rallies.  Biden is a pushy-shovey bully with no conscience.  Meanwhile, Kamala Harris is the Airhead of Death.

BTW, the Philippines has the largest per capita population of Catholics, and Honduras is the nation where the Catholic Faith is taken most seriously.  The lesson is that Catholicism is embraced like a life raft where evil thrives to the point of turning a society into a sinking ship, soon to drown in sin.

All in all, numerical stats show the United States to be a pro-life nation.  Therefore, the American mainstream media has been lying to Americans about the pro-life issue as much as it has been lying to Americans about everything else.  Case Closed.

Joe Biden: Decades of Palatial Comfort, while a great number of us suffered

Biden has been living in palatial pleasure for decades.  He feels no one's pain.  He only causes pain.  He had no idea what it is to strive to survive.  In fact, Biden is the one who caused many of us to have to endure hardship.  This  included the hardship of being a sweatshop worker, as well as the hardship of losing your American job to an underpaid sweatshop worker in Asia or El Salvador or Mexico, etc.  Biden supported NAFTA.  He also supported all which resulted in the major Trade Balance Deficit between the USA and Atheist Communist China.  

Electing Biden & Kamala again is not only grounds for suicide in 2024 & 2025, electing Joe & Kamala in 2020 seems to also have been grounds for suicide then, according to the statistics.

The most important thing to state herein is that Biden was showcased in 2020 as the mature, adult "calming influence."  Well, there's nothing calming about being driven to suicide.  Now, suicide is the ultimate rejection.  Lots of people in America have ultimately rejected Joe, Kamala, the arrogant Biden Cabinet, and the Media Mouthpieces who don't allow those damned under the Biden Rule to defend themselves.  This included the aging "glamor star," Lesli S, who objected to Donald J.T. from stating that which became a forensic fact.

The following internet links are reports of the suicide rate under Biden.  Now, the rate reached a high in 2018, for the modern era.  It then decreased during the final two years of the Trump presidency.  None the less, as a duty to justice & honesty, it must be mentioned that the highest suicide rates in American history were during WWI and the Great Depression.  

As far as goes suicides during WWII, the Year 2022 had a suicide rate in a similar range.  None the less, during the Biden Years, the suicide rate went back on the rise.  Under Biden life became difficult to live.  It's very simple.  Joe, Kamala, and the Biden cabinet, as well as the viciously mean-spirited & dictatorial mainstream media, are killing us.  

There are people out there who would rather die than live under the Orwellian Rule of Biden, Harris, CNN, MSNBC, Maddow, Todd, etc, etc, etc.  After all, having to listen to Maddow's One-sided Mouth, day after day, with no fair & equal time being given to the people she endlessly condemns, is grounds for suicide.  Then, having to listen to Loaded-Dice Todd is something that accentuates the grounds for suicide.

Of course, the aforesaid is a sarcastic joke.  But, there is something today triggerring the rise in suicide, and it ever so coincidentally is occurring in lockstep with the Biden Presidency.  According to many people of recent, the Joe Biden & Kamala Harris Administration is a fate worse than death.  They chose death.  What a coincidence!  Kamala chose death, too --- for millions of humans who never get the opportunity to ever see sunlight.  

The Biden Death March

During the Biden years, smug arrogance & death was all around us.  It begin with the betrayal of Afghan natives who assisted Americans for years.  It then convened to multiple retail outlets, and even on to railroad tracks filled with discarded boxes left behind, after a modern-day train robbery.  It was then written into the contracts of the oil futures markets, followed by it being posted on the neighborhood gas pumps.

In fact, Death became imported by Biden policy, from the south.  It even infiltrated jogger trails and college campuses.  It had gotten to the point where no one was safe, except for career politicians who lived in mansions and who were wildly successful in their intangible asset investments, despite their denial of insider trading.

The Biden Death March certainly started to siphon-out the purchasing power of the working poor, while those who didn't work stayed in taxpayer-funded luxury hotels, turning those hotels into animal houses.  American vets simultaneously were made into second-class citizens.  Meanwhile, pharmaceutical pills became the makeshift revolvers in a new version of Russian Roulette --- of a roulette which actually came from China, through the southern border.

The Biden Death March Death was then delivered by train to Ohio.  It also floated over strategic parts of the United States, until it floated eastward, past the shoreline of Myrtle Beach.    

The Biden Death March also infiltrated the United States' traditional Bill of Rights, and Freedom of Speech was now regarded as UnAmerican activity.  In fact, death started spying on Traditional Catholics, starting in Richmond Virginia, the home of the former Capital of the Confederacy which was severely Anti-Catholic.  

Death was also delivered to Russia's southwestern border.  It then entered the military staging conference rooms of more than one nation, illustrating that the executive branch of the United States has NO "calming influence,.  Between 2021 and 2024 the "adults were" NOT "in the room," at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC.  At what destination will the Biden Death March finally end?