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May 22, 2023

The Great London Climate Deceit of July 2022; More Documentation

Hello there, boys and gargoyles.  Welcome to Pat the Wonder Rat's School for Figuring Stuff out Real Good ... or Really Well ... as in "Let's make this real."  Let's find out the truth, once and for all, about the topic at hand:  The July 2022 claim that fires around London County and elsewhere in England are ratcheting upwards in frequency, year after year, causing a perpetual climate crisis in the British Isles, Part 1.   

To start, Greater London comprises a landmass of 607 square miles.  On July 19, 2022, Greater London experienced a day of 100+ Fahrenheit weather.  It was NOT the first time this happened in England per se, but it was a very rare occurrence, none the less.  July 19 ended up being advertised as the hottest day in British history, topping off at 103+ F.  The day prior saw 98 F on British thermometers, and in the week prior, there were two days in the high 80s.  

Certain media outlets attributed the dry heat & low humidity in England to air which made its way from the Sahara Desert.  However, other media outlets reported the London heat in a very apocalyptic and theatrical fashion, claiming that, on that particular day, Planet Earth reached a tipping point of no-return.  It was now being claimed that Planet Earth was now in the midst of an Extinction Event and a Climate Crisis.  And of course, from the same media ranks came the claim that we will now experience "snow-free winters."  This was proven to be yet another FALSE prophecy from the climate crisis clan.  In less than eight months, England was getting record snowfall events.

The 2022 claim was that co2 was now drying out England so badly that all of London's wooden structures and trees were vulnerable to massive strings of fires.  In fact, a very common, dime-a-dozen building fire was being shown on TV, while the reporter proceeded to assert that the common type of wooden structure fire which previously occurred tens of thousands of times throughout Greater London was now being caused by the very non-flammable co2.  And of course, Americans absent of wisdom, including the giggling airhead extraordinaire who presently occupies the vice presidency of the United States, spoke in astonished amazement, as if the blatantly farcical report were divine revelation.  

The end-of-the-world narrative of July 2022 continued until the U.S. Congress appropriated 370 BILLION American taxpayer dollars to the climate activists who claimed that the world will soon end, unless massive amounts of US taxpayer dollars get into their hands.  This Congressional money appropriation occurred in August of 2022, merely one month after the media's climate hysteria reports of July 2022.  The reasonable person can conclude that the media hysteria of July 2022 was a concerted effort to bully the United States Congress into appropriating an obscenely high 370 billion taxpayer dollars, appropriated to all the people sounding the climate alarm.

Not the most incidents in its history

The most notable thing reported by the apocalyptic news agencies was that the London Fire Brigade had the most "incidents" (in any one day) in its history, on July 19, 2022.  This apocalyptic claim was easily proven to be a complete falsehood, pursuant to the London Fire Brigade's own records.  July 19, 2022 definitely was NOT a day of extraordinarily high "incidents."  The media lied to humanity.

Now, "incidents" are simply phone calls made to the London Fire Brigade.  Such incidents result in either [1] a false alarm, [2] a lift rescue (as in freeing people stuck in an elevator), [3] "special services,"  or [4] a fire (either primary or secondary), or [5] "water leak," or [6] "effecting entry, or [7] "no action taken."  

To start, you need to see how the number of fires drastically decreased throughout the years in Greater London.  The graph below shows the number of actual fires that transpired in Greater London, since record-keeping there began.   There was a tremendous decrease of fires, from 2004 to present, when comparing to the time span ranging from 1966 to 2003.  The most important thing to note is that atmospheric co2 was rising significantly throughout this time.  Yet, London Area fires were decreasing.  Thus, the graph below proves that added co2 does NOT cause added fires.  

Let's review.  In recent years, Greater London fires have become approximately half of what they used to be.  Observe: 1966 = 30,000 fires; with an avg of 82 fires per day .   1970 = 50,000+ fires; with an avg of 136 fires per day.   1976 = 60,000+ fires; with an avg of 164 fires per day.   1984 = 50,000+ fires; with an avg of 136 per day.   1989 = 55,000+ fires; with an avg of 150 fires per day.  1995 = 55,000+ fires; with an avg of 150 fires per day.   2001 = 55,000 fires; with an avg of 150 fires per day.   2005 = 40,000 fires; with an avg of 109 fires per day.   2008 = 30,000 fires; with an avg of 82 fires per day.  On July 19, 2022, there were 71 Greater London fires.  This number is less than all the daily averages in the years stated above.

In 2022, there were only 19,297 fires in the same landmass; with an avg of 53 fires per day.  In fact, in the Year 2021, there were only 14,929 of them; with an avg of 41 fires per day.  As co2 levels rose, Greater London fires significantly DECREASED.  This fact completely invalidates the claim that a rise in atmospheric co2 has been causing an increase in London Area fires.  Make sure that Greta Thunberg and all other emotionally terrorized youths see this graph and the LFB's own 2022 statistical illustration on Greater London incidents.

Take note that the 19,297 actual fires of 2022 made 2022 the year with the FOURTH LOWEST number of actual fires in Greater London, since record-keeping on Greater London fires began.  Record-keeping began in 1966.

Now compare 2022 to 2009:  Many more fires occurred in 2009 than in 2022.  Keep in mind that the Year 2022 was the year with the FOURTH LOWEST number of actual fires.  It was NOT the inferno that the media entities partially funded by Bill Gates made it out to be. 

Note:  The 2009 LFB statistical illustration appears here, because 2009 was the oldest year made readily available with a statistical illustration attached to it.  Likewise, the 2010 statistical illustration is also posted here, because 2010 is the second oldest year with a statistical illustration attached to it.  

Above is the Year 2009.  The Year 2022 had 10,000 LESS fires.  In fact, 2022 had 20,000 LESS FIRES than did 2005, and it had 35,000 LESS FIRES than did 2003, as well as having had 40,000 LESS FIRES than did 1976.

 Let us now view the fire "incident" stats for the Year 2010, twelve years prior to 2022.  According to the media & Michael Mann, there should have been much less "incidents" and much less actual fires in 2010 than in 2022.  This is because there is more co2 in the atmosphere today, and therefore, if the Al Gore Theory of Climate is true, then the rise in co2 would be accompanied by a rise in Greater London fires and "incidents."  Well, the number of "all incidents" is almost exactly the same for 2010 & 2022.  This means that 2022 did NOT have record-breaking increase in "fire-calls" in 2022.   

The fact is that, the average number of daily incidents of the Year 2022 was 348.  On July 19, 2022, there were 350 "incidents."  The doomsday news reports of July 19, 2022 were blatant falsehoods.

Moreover, the Year 2022 did have approximately 8,000 LESS FIRES (in Greater London) than did the Year 2010.  Plus, the Year 2022 certainly had 10,300 LESS FIRES then did the Year 2009. 

Now compare 2022 to the Years spanning from 1966 to 2003.  There were significantly more yearly fires each year, from 1966 to 2011, than in the Year 2022.  This 100% proves that an increase in co2 does NOT cause an increase of fires.  Certain members of the British media need to be fired.  

We now need to address the LFB log, itself, July 19, 2022.  It's posted below, in twelve pages of photographs.  This was the sole day in 2022 when London had reached 100+ degrees Fahrenheit.  The media claimed that there were more "incidents" (fire-calls) on that day than ever before.  Let us now take a look at the OFFICIAL London Fire Brigade statistical report for July 19, 2022.  It recorded every "incident" and the result thereof, including the false alarms made with honest intentions on that day.

Firstly, take note that the number of "all incidents" for 2022 was 125,390.  Divided by 12, this means that there was an average of  10,449 "incidents"  (calls made to the London Fire Brigade for help) per month.  Now divide this by 30.  There was an average 348 "incidents" per day everyday in 2022.   Keep in mind that, throughout the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, there were far more "incidents" and "fires" than in the 2010s & 2020s.

Now, below is the "incidents" for July 19, 2022.  If you take a quick view of that list, you will see that the number of "incidents" for July 19 was average for the Year 2022.  It was NOT more numerical than the average day of 2022.  The media lied.

In fact, let's compare this to the Year 2010:  All the statistics of 2010 and 2022 are basically the same except for the number of fires.  In 2010, there was an average of 76 actual fires per day in the 607 sq mile Greater London Area.  In 2022, there was an average of 53.  That's an average of 23 fires LESS per day, for 2022. 

Let's now view the 2009 stats and compare:   In 2009, there was an average of 373 "incidents" per day, compared to 2022's average of 348.  The Year 2022 had 25 LESS 'INCIDENTS' per day than did 2009.  In 2009, there was an average of  82 actual fires per day, compared to 2022's much less 53.  Thus, 2009 had 29 actual fires-per-day MORE than did the Year 2022.  Thus, as you can see, the Year 2022 was NOT the year of great fires.  Thus, it was NOT the year of any kind of climate crisis in London.  This shows that the media is operated by deliberate LIARS.

Now, on the LFB (London Fire Brigade) "Incident List" for July 19, 2022 you will repeatedly see "19072022."  This is 19 ... 07 ... 2022.  This means the 19th of July (the 7th month of the year) 2022.   19 is day.  07 is month (July). 2022 is the year.  

There were 71 actual fires on July 19, 2022.  There were also 92 False Alarms on that same July 19th day.  Plus, the number of INCIDENTS on July 19, 2022 was exactly 350, give or take 5 or 10, for human error in the counting of the stats. 

In 1966, there was an average of 82 actual fires per day.  In 1970, there was a daily average of 136.  In the Year 1976, there was an average of 169 per day.  In 1996, there also was an average of 136 fires per day in Greater London.  In the Year 2005, there was an average of 109 fires daily, in the same Greater London terrain.  You can continue the mathematics with the other years, being that the London Fire Brigade kept meticulous records on the issue, since 1966.

The obvious indication at the time that the July 19 reports were frauds:

The Great give-away that those July 19 London Doomsday reports were obvious frauds consisted in the observation that the news reporters equated heat with dryness, showing that they knew nothing about atmospheric science.  As a quick lesson, the air is always dry air when the temperature goes sub-freezing, as in "below zero" Fahrenheit.  This is is the case with the driest desert on Earth, namely Antarctica.  

Heat is equated with humidity.  After all, both Tropics are regarded as the "hot and humid zone," while England is regarded as being in the "temperature zone."   Moreover, 6,000 years ago, when northern Africa had plush and lush vegetation in what is now called the Sahara Desert, that era was called the African HUMID Period.

There is also the matter of adiabatic heating which involves air compressing as it rushes down the Leeward side of a mountain range, after it rose up the opposite side of the mountain range, drying out as it rose.  That rising of air is called Orographic Lifting.  When the dry air descends, it is called Santa Anna Winds, Foehn Winds, and Chinook Winds.  It has nothing to do with co2 levels --- or methane levels --- in the atmosphere.  

Plus, there is also the matter of convection cell drying which occurs at the 30th Parallel of both hemispheres.  The 30th parallel houses the major deserts of the Earth.  So, there are times when a northern European land will get hot & dry air from . . . from . . . the Sahara Desert; not because of the desert per se.  But rather, it's because air, at the ceiling of the Troposphere ... at the 30th Parallel ... becomes dry, as it descends, after having become weighted enough to descend to the surface of the Earth.  That particular dry and descending air is what caused the deserts.   Weighted air means High Pressure Air or a High Pressure System.

None the less, African desert air sometimes makes its way to England or Germany through a "barotropic" mechanism. Which see.  It's already explained at the Blue Marble Album, as is everything needed for you to realize that Al Gore and Michael Mann have been playing a deliberate con game, all along.  As far as goes Jim Hansen, it's not certain if he really believes or not believes his theories which lead to him being 100% wrong in all of his climate predictions.

As far as concerns July 19, 2022, the humidity on that London day was a very dry ... yet a very temporary ... 17%.  The following day (July 20), the humidity was an elevated 64%.  Now, climate is defined as "the weather trend;"  the habit of weather.  A mere one-day occurrence of 17% humidity is NOT climate and is NOT a determinant of climate.

Below is the case-by-case line-item report for each July 19, 2022 Greater London incident.  And remember, on that day there were 71 fires and 92 False Alarms, along with 350 'incidents' in all, including people getting stuck in elevators.  The average number of incidents for 2022 was 348, amking the 350 incidents of July 19 utterly average.  The London media lied to you, and the American media lied to you.  The undeniable truth, based on objective evidence, is here.  See for yourself.


The mainstream ... commercial ... media has been lying to you, all along, about a lot of things.

Let us review the climate fraudsters who governed the media's mind since 2006 and who then told us all what to think in the Summer of 2022.  The fraudsters were regarded as the 97% consensus of highly academic experts, even though, in one census taking undertaking, only 26% of the polled scientists responded ... and even though the more known scientists were discovered to have been frauds in 2009 (via Climategate emails) . . . and even though NONE of their doomsday prophecies EVER came true.  This included prophecies about:

[1] the Maldives submerging into the Indian Ocean by 2018,   [2] lower Manhattan (West Side Hwy) going underwater by 2018,   [3] the Great Barrier Reef whitewashing out, never being replenished, and soon becoming an oceanic desert --- and an underwater ghost town,   [4] the rainfall in Southwestern America becoming like that of the Sahara, when the truth is that the seasonal Monsoons came regularly,   [5], the uninterrupted depletion of snowpacks throughout California & Utah,   [6] the Summertime Arctic becoming ice-free by 2014 ... then by 2016 ... then by 2018,   [7] England-becoming-the-new-Siberia eventually,   [8] England-becoming-the-new-Sahara immediately,  [9] Famine-level crop yields throughout the world by 1975 ... and then multiple times before the end of the 20th Century,   [10] the extinction of the polar bear,  

[11] the 2005 prediction of the UN's Institute for Environment and Human Security which stated that, by 2020, there will have been 50 million "climate refugees,"   [12] the Glaciers of Glacier National Park entirely disappearing by 2020,   [13]  the UN's 1989 prediction that global warming will have caused "entire nations to be wiped off the face of the Earth by the Year 2000,"   [14] the emergence of the Category 6 hurricane, etc, etc, etc.   

Update on the Maldives which Jim Hansen and others claimed would be underwater by now

Concerning the Maldives doomsday prophecy that Jim Hansen began ... in a June 23, 1988 hearing conducted by the US Senate's Committee on Energy & Natural Resources, people in 2019 knew that the prophecy was completely invalid.  This is evidenced by the fact that, in 2019, the government of the Maldives opens FIVE new airports which where actually 5 separate air strips.  This is in addition to the Maldives' already-existent 11 airports, 3 of which are officially declared International Airports.  The government of the Maldives was making the 1,192 island nation ready for the arrival of many tourists ... NOT preparing for the evacuation of any climate refugees.  Thus, Jim Hansen, Michael Mann, & Al Gore were WRONG as usual.  They literally are always wrong.  Yet, outrageously high sums of money traveled into their direction.  Crime actually does pay, Superman ... and Batman ... and Mary Poppins ... at least in the form of Theft by Deception.

The "Climate Crisis" Doomsday Prophets entirely struck-out in all of their doomsday predictions.  They are false prophets, especially today, in light of the fast accumulation of record snowpacks and rapid dam replenishment of the American West, in early 2023. 

The Michael Manns, the Al Gores, & the Jim Hansens of this world had proven themselves to be Worthless & Wrong long ago.  Yet, in the Summer of 2022, Planet Earth was now declared to be in an irreversible state of climate feedback which now rendered it as trapped as a rat in a man-made trap.  Whuuuuuu. 

In the Summer of 2022, we were told that we were all gonna die from drought, global warming, and fire, with London being first on the death list.  The World was declared to be heating-up as never before.  London was declared to be burning like never before.  France was also declared to be heating-up like never before.  So too were Italy, Spain, France, Syria, and Iraq.   Even the ice mountain known as Antarctica was declared to be heating up & melting like never before.  Yet, Antarctica had its coldest winter in recorded history, in 2021 ... one year prior.  There was no extra-ordinary melting occurring at any time before the hysteric declaration of Antarctic doomsday melting which was declared to have begun in March of 2022 ... so done very shortly after the coldest Antarctic winter on record.

Then came July in London, 2022

A July 2022 video was posted online, claiming that the fire being viewed on that video was ignited by co2 drying out London wood.  It was a simple fire of a small building.  Concerning it, Kamala Harris later responded on camera that she was actually seeing co2 set London on fire.  Of course, she is not regarded as a deep-thinking sage.

In the Summer of 2022, the Al Gore People were declared as having been 100% on target in their doomsday predictions which dated back to his 2006 movie --- and even Jim Hansen's 1988 apocalyptic predictions made before a US Senate subcommittee.  Michael Mann was now seen as the "confirmed" wizard of climate prognosticating.  Jim Hansen was now the climate prophet who was "right-on" all along.  And of course, the tightly robotic John Kerry was now the Marquis of Meteorology, far surpassing every other man of Earth in importance.

Those who were too lazy to read even one page of an Atmospheric Science lesson all conceded to the media's declaratory statements of "climate crisis."  They now assumed that Al Gore was right all along, and that we are one step away from the End of World, unless we ban all automobiles and gas stoves, while handing over hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to the Michael Mann faction. 

The Summer of 2022 simultaneously looked like the Gotcha Moment that was going to forever invalidate all individuals who stated that there is no such thing as a "man-made co2-driven Climate Crisis." All such people were written-off ... regarded as completely wrong ... as summarily ignored.  That includes the author of this Blue Marble Album who composed 37 Atmospheric & Oceanography lessons in the Summer of 2022, designed to show in detail how the hyper-theatrical Al Gore, the lawsuit-obsessed Michael Mann, the fairy tale narrator David Attenborough, and the mainstream media was deceiving humanity squared & cubed.  So, the Summer 2002 closed the door on anyone who would not cow-kow to the Gore-Mann-Kerry climate doctrine, meaning that 37 detailed & illustrated Climate Discourses proving Michael Mann & Al Gore to be con artist mostly went unread ... and unviewed in its illustration content.

Even in January of 2023, the European media ... and certain Bill-Gates-funded "entities" ... claimed that January 2023 was the most summerlike winter in memory.  The claim was that the planet was continuing in its Summer of 2022 climate crisis.  This insinuated that unending drought and record heat was enveloping Planet Earth more and more each month.  And of course, the author of this site stated in 2022 that the Gore-Mann-Kerry-Attenborough doctrine was an insult to human intelligence, and that the climate would act like a roller coaster ride, in cyclical fashion.  That is to say, the Blue Marble Album author stated that history would repeat itself in matters of climate and weather.  This meant that rain and large snowpacks would summarily return.  

Well, it only took 5 and a half months for the Blue Marble Album author to be proven true.  Meanwhile, the people who were granted billions of taxpayer dollars all ended up wrong.  And the irony is that the one who was correct never got payed as much as a penny writing or speaking about Atmospheric Science, Oceanography, & Climate.  Not as much as a penny was ever payed to him.  Neither by pro-global-warming activists nor by global-warming-skeptics.

Let us review

In 2022, the world once again is coming to an end.  The Bill-Gates-funded media (partial funding only, of course) ever-so-coincidentally ring out the warning about climate ... for the 16th consecutive year.  The occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and his next-in-line sound the alarm like myna birds, along with a certain congressional member from New York who was called a "pompous little twit,", by Greenpeace co-founder, Dr. Patrick Moore.  It was the end of world, etc, etc, etc.  We heard it all before.

Then, during the exact same Summer, the US Congress appropriated 370 BILLION taxpayer dollars to the Climate Hysteria People.  Thus, all the doomsday press hysteria was a propaganda ploy, to get $370 billion taken away from the heavily indebted US taxpayer, into the hands of those who doomsday prophecies never came true.  It was a con game.

Then came February and March of 2023.  Every assertion made by the Blue Marble Album author in the Summer of 2022 came true ... all at once ... 5 and a half months later.  Not 5 years later.  Not 5 decades later.  Rather, it only took 5 months for him to be certified by Planet Earth's atmosphere, itself.

Now absorb this into your mind.  The predictions of a total nobody came true in less than one-half of one year ... in less than 6 months.  Meanwhile, after 16 years of doomsday predictions, Al Gore is still wrong.  None of his predictions came true thus far.  

As for Jim Hansen (formerly of NASA) it has been a matter of 34 YEARS of predictions which NEVER came true.  

As far as concerns John Kerry and David Attenborough, they provide no substantive lessons on Atmospheric Physics or Oceanography.  They are too vague to even matter.   They show no masterful understanding of the subject.  They are worthless.

As for Michael Mann, his Australian doomsday predictions were easily refuted in 2022, by the Blue Marble Album author, for starters.  After all, the closest friend of the Blue Marble Album author is an Australian Outback Gal.  This means that he gets privileged disclosures that others don't get about Australia.  

All in all, the Blue Marble Album author went into sufficient detail in 2022, to show the world that Michael Mann is NOT anywhere near the most honest man in either America or anywhere else on Earth.  Mann is certainly NOT impressive in any capacity.  And of course, his predictions thus far are failed predictions.  

In as much, the only person mentioned in this post who was correct in his predictions was the only person  who does NOT and who never did get payed for writing or speaking about climate.  

BTW, he is one of those people who personally knows what it is to work outdoors, year after year after year, learning through firsthand experience how climate operates.  The other people spent too much time indoors, having a very comfortable life.  Yet, they get the repeated attention, even though they have nothing new to say.  And the author of this site who refused to fall in line and to chant out the Summer of 2022 doomday diatribe ... and whose writings were quickly accompanied by dam replenishment and snowpack replenishment continues to go ignored and unknown.

The lesson here is that there are a number of people out there who have decisive answers to the tragic consequences of having followed the wrongest people in the past 20 years.  You should be open for the possibility of coming across their findings and their answers.  Or else you can continue in this Shakespearean Tragedy, called modern life.