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May 3, 2024

But, in 2022, Australia DID have a "brutal cold snap" & record cold.

Eastern Australia:  Sent by a close Aussie friend while she was "on holiday."

Perhaps you heard a certain interview where it was alleged, with confident theatrics, that Australia went through record heat in 2022 so much so that its survival is threatened ... and even its Great Barrier Reef is diminishing irreparably, to the point of skeletal remains.  Well, it would really help for interviewers to keep current on the news and on empirical science reports, before their end-of-the-world climate interviews.  

But of course, the reasonable person assumes that such interviews are orchestrated propaganda ploys ... done for the purposes of pushing for the "carbon tax", "carbon credit" sales, NGO funding to the U.N., Congressional funding to scientists and the U.N., and participation with whoever wants to ride the modern-day gravy train.   In as much, here's the response to the claim that Australia is presently in a state of climate doom:

See this video for starters:  7News Australia: "Brutal Cold Snap"

Australians shivered in 2022, in certain places, including Queensland.  

See the report of temps 8C to 12C below avg:  July 2022 record cold in Queensland

At this point, remember that Australia is the size of the United States, and it even has ski resorts.  Ironically, one resort that had reconstruction done on it was unable to finish two important elements of construction, due to too much snow in 2022, which impeded the construction crews from finishing the project.  

In fact, it was the Year 2022 when the official report came out, stating that the Great Barrier Reef had its most widespread coral cover in 36 years.  Such a thing was omitted in the unconscionable interview.  And such a thing sounds like the regeneration of Australia, and NOT the end-of-the-world for Australia.

See Great Barrier Reef Reports: Great Barrier Reef Reports Record Growth Levels ... 2022.

                                                  Report: Highest coral cover in 36 years.

                                             "Great news for Great Barrier Reef."

                                          "Continued coral recovery leads to 36 year highs" 

This is more proof that there certainly was cold temperatures on Planet Earth, in June & July of 2022; and that Australia isn't on its final stand.  The American Propaganda Outlets hyper-exaggerated a Northern Hemispheric Summer which was experienced multiple times before, as in the years 2012, 2003 (with tragedy in France), 1988, 1976 (with tragedy in France), 1954, 1936, 1935, 1934, 1922, 1921, 1910, 1896, 1878, and 1871, as well as the years of drought engraved on Elbe River hunger stones.  The dates of drought date back to 1417.   

To this list of similar weather conditions being experienced multiple times before, add the fact that the very costly American Civil War was fought during a long-term drought.  That drought came shortly after the end of the 550 year-long Little Ice Age (approximately 1300-1850) 

Also include the Great Chicago Heatwave of 1995.  More people died in that heatwave than in the Chicago Fire.  (500 deaths vs 300 deaths.)  The CO2 level at the time was 359.7 ppm; approximately 56 ppm LOWER than today.    None the less, the Australia which has been pictured as "on fire" actually does have ski resorts.

Observe further:  Large snowfall stops construction work on Aussie ski resort

In fact, I personally had a specific phone call with an Australian woman this year, in 2022, where she asked for tips on keeping herself warm in her house at night, due to the exceptionally cold winter, in her part of Australia.  All in all, in June of 2022, the whole world was NOT on fire as advertised . . . definitely not in Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, etc.   

See also: Australia 7News: Bitterly cold start to winter in Victoria

Just because someone says something during a mainstream media interview, it doesn't make it the truth.  You must test for cracks whatever an interviewed person states.  There are rigged interviews out there.  They are political liars and lying politicians.  And falsehoods don't become the truth IF you believe them.  It simply becomes a matter of you believing in lies.

Another 2022 report:  9News Australia, May 28: Major cold weather system hits parts of Australia

Consider this philosophy:  On a spherical Planet that has [1] seas of whatever liquid, and [2] solid landmasses of whatever material, as well as [3] overhead clouds of variable behavior, along with [4] a star's light that reaches the planet, the following should apply:

One man's flood is another man's drought.  One man's heatwave is another man's deep freeze.  One man's dry season is another man's Monsoon season.  Etc.

The true reason for weather events exists in the fact that there exists constant atmospheric turbulence between the Earth's air masses, as well as their gradual degrees of air pressure difference all the way down to the surface of the Earth.  

This is also this case, in relation to the fact that the surface of the Earth varies from ~large gyrating liquid basins called oceans to ~running streams called rivers to ~low ground to ~high ground to ~level earth to ~mounded earth of varying heights.  

This constant atmospheric turbulence is also the case, in relation to the fact that the Earth is tilted ... presently at/or around 23.5 degrees.  The tilt of the Earth is the sole reason for its four seasons.  And of course, the four seasons is evidence of the valid existence of Natural Climate Change.  So, think!  The Earth's middle latitudes go through climate change four times a year.

The Earth is constantly moving in a process that acts to "balance out" the whole Planet.  This results in the Great Irony of it all:  In the effort to balance everything out, so much turbulence transacts.  Yes, a lot of things cross paths throughout Planet Earth's atmosphere which create confrontational situations.  The confrontational situations lead to sweeping actions ... like a broom ... that sweeps away all in the way.  After the calamity, there are clear skis.  

The Earth's history of costly weather events might seem randomly chaotic, but it's not.  It's quite organized, and it has gotten really costly to the inhabitants of Planet Earth, time after time after time again.